Sunday, December 4, 2011

12411/Protesters Being Charged for the Pepper Spray Used Against Them

12411/ One by one, they were handcuffed, pulled from the grass and loaded into a
police van olice arrest 29 Occupy Tampa protesters after asking them to vacate
park-U.S. citizens do not have immunity when they are at war with the United
States. [Taking up arms with al-Qaeda? In that case, the CIA will be at war with Duke is? How about Donald Kohn or Kevin Warsh? No?
Well - you should. Because while Congress was debating back in 2008 whether or not
to bailout banksters with a $700 billion blank check - these guys and girls were
just doing it. They were funneling $7.7 trillion to Wall Street under the
table-Members of Congress spend between 30 and 70 percent of their time campaign
fundraising. Unavoidably, they get hooked on loyalty to funders rather than the
public they are elected to serve-synthetic sanity' - a condition of pseudo-sanity
that can be palmed off as competency…. Eventually the Supreme Court will probably
rule on forcibly medicating inmates for the purpose of executing them-Rasmus
proposes ways to do this, including eliminating offshore tax havens and taxing the
big industries-Walker's New Policy May Result in Protesters Being Charged for the
Pepper Spray Used Against Them-labor, religious and social justice groups that say
Congress cares more about America's wealthiest 1 percent than it does the masses
of struggling middle-class-Finding a job is hard enough for the many millions of
unemployed American workers. But, believe it or not, the fact that they are
jobless keeps many employers from hiring
12311/'Christmas season' has gone from being a fairly quaint time of family
celebration to an orgy of unbridled commercialism that, quite literally, kills
people-Singer,speaking for romney call was clear: to smear the reporter
whose broadcasts from Africa for BBC Newsnight, The Guardian and Democracy Now!
had identified Singer as a "Vulture," a speculator profiteering from misery,
mayhem, corruption and civil war,on to Peru where Singer had, through a brilliant
financial-legal maneuver too questionable for others to attempt, grabbed control
of the entire financial system of Peru. Most important, he seized the President's
jet. When the scamp of a President, Alberto Fujimori, decided it was a good idea
to flee his country (ahead of his arrest on murder charges), Singer, Peru's lawyer
told me, let Fujimori escape in return for the Murderer-in-Chief ordering Peru's
treasury to pay Singer $58 million-Vulture Funds, [they] are nothing short of
scandalous." Britain has outlawed Singer's re-po man seizures (after all, it's
ultimately the aid money we give Africa-USA Today the Republican Presidential
front-runner would prefer his sugar-daddies be known as "job creators," not
predators, an unsubtle threat, "Palast has been sued before-Occupy Singer! Hold
his claws to the fire! Make him squirm! Tell all, and then some; don't let these
vultures and vipers rest, while children starve, leaders (leaders!) are
intimidated, and he reaps the tainted bounty! BRAVO for Greg Palast!!! Where do I
sign the petition to put Singer in jail?-how do we get the general public to
understand that these repubs are all funded by totally evil people?-MOORES
AND THE MILITARY WITHDRAWS ITS SUPPORT.-everybody that supports him, works for
him, sleeps with him, serves him or has anything to do with these demonic
monsters. Keep identifying these enemies so we can take care of them at
Guantanamo-Thom Hartmann$7.7 Trillion to Wall Street, Anything to Keep the
Banksters Happy!/Stephen Lendman, War Is A CrimeAmerica's Illegal Chemical Weapons
Stockpile/Zaid Jilani, ThinkProgressGOP Strategist Admits He’s "Scared" of Occupy
Wall Street Because It’s "Having an Impact"/
1322771585embedded journalism provides the cover for the killing of "the hundreds
of civilians killed by British forces when they had custody of them, [often
subjecting them] to the most extraordinary, brutal things, involving sexual acts,
embedded journalism is never ever going to get close to hearing their story." It
is hardly surprising that the Ministry of Defence, in a 2,000-page document leaked
to WikiLeaks, describes investigative journalists - journalists who do their job -
as a "threat" greater than terrorism/OWS needs to take a pre-emptive strike
against this Christmas present to the world being prepared by the demonic elite in
Washington and Tel Aviv. It is time for OWS to go into second gear and stop this
war before it happens. More importantly, it is time for ALL OF US to take radical
action wherever we are to stop this psychopathic madness by the demons from hell.
We marched a million strong in many cities in the dead of winter against Bush's
genocidal nightmares in 2002-3 before those escapees from hell sent us into Iraq
but we didn't have the advantage of the Occupy Movements' consciousness raising
mechanisms and influence. Let's do it again!! Let's take on the killers and the
genocidal whores and the filthy assassins and the demonic life killers and filthy
rich as they try once again to make more money off of death and suffering/The
immorality of our assistance to Iraq against Iran at the same time as selling them
arms and then a former sec. of state muttering we hope they kill each other off is
just the more reprehensible after they threw out the Shah and our CIA trained
secret police that was installed after Mossedegh was overthrown to save BP from
1322835731 Occupy Boston librarian John Ford jokingly asked if this is the most
any municipality has ever spent for a kitchen sink. Boston Police have
consistently prevented Occupy Boston from bringing in winterized tents, insulation
materials, and other safety equipment, calling it “contraband.”/absurd actions of
desperation of the demonic elite and their imbecile agents provocateur are
HILARIOUS!! Since all of this will be studied by billions of people 100 years from
now as the beginning of the revolution that restored the human race's
dignity/midnight, 1,400 members of the Los Angeles Police Department had massed on
the park, announcing that it was closed and — after giving demonstrators three
10-minute warnings to leave peacefully — moved in. Most people left, but nearly
300 people were arrested/go-slow policy in trying to deal with the demonstrators.
“A peaceful and orderly conclusion to that encampment at City Hall,” is the way
Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa put it. police in Philadelphia raided that city’s
encampment at Dilworth Plaza, adjacent to City Hall — more than two days after a
city-imposed deadline for the protesters to yield the land they had held for two
months. At least 50 people were arrested and three officers sustained minor
injuries/Phoenix on Wednesday, police officers clad in riot gear twice used pepper
spray to disperse protesters gathered outside an upscale resort. The Occupy
Phoenix protesters moved from the downtown park where they had been camping for
weeks to the Westin Kierland Resort and Spa, where an annual meeting of the
American Legislative Exchange Council brought together lawmakers and corporate
executives, seven protesters had been arrested outside the hotel on charges
ranging from criminal trespass to aggravated assault on an officer.Sgt. Trent
Crump, a police spokesman, said a small group of “anarchists” dressed in black had
charged police lines/GOP Bill Would Force Approval of Keystone XL Pipeline from
Canada-The Winnipeg Free Press/If it wasn't for the people on the factory floor
most of the idle rich would be having trouble pouring piss out of a boot, if the
written instructions were on the heel, because most of them got there because
their Daddies had factories/Banksters and the International Monetary Fascists
(IMF) under the guise of "austerity" are busy swindling the 99% out of the VALUE
of their 99% LABOUR for phoney( l%)"debts"
europe-should-beware-leaders-peddling-austerity/1322597310/ GOP Votes to End
Public Financing of Presidential Races/-truthout /Zaid Jilani, ThinkProgress
Movers and Sheriff’s Deputies Refuse Bank’s Order to Evict 103-Year-Old Atlanta
Woman/American Traffic Solutions spent over $1.3 million on lobbying activities in
the past four years.  Since 2006, Redflex hired over 100 registered lobbyists to
represent their interests in 18 states/despite Iowa bs "SOMETHING GOOD IS
debate-invitation/ wsmax and Donald Trump are teaming up for a GOP debate in Iowa
and Ron Paul is the second candidate to turn the Donald down. “The selection of a
reality television personality to host a presidential debate that voters
nationwide will be watching/- Media reports say Los Angeles police used nearly a
dozen undercover detectives to infiltrate the Occupy LA encampment in the weeks
before Wednesday's raid to gather information on protesters' intentions/the
PATHETIC thought process of a warmonger/may be a miscalculation if Obama decides
his best bet for re-election is to be in the middle of a war come next November. I
can see the posters now, "Don't Change Horses in the Middle of the Stream,
especially when there is a war on/a large gamma ray burst – the cause of which has
been a puzzle to astrophysicists. Gamma ray bursts are large, high energy
explosions that last only a short period of time. In just a few seconds, though,
they emit more energy than the Sun will throughout its entire
html "We the people." It's "You the person."I didn't give them permission to speak
for me and I doubt they hold a power of attorney to speak for anyone else. I have
found that it's a pretty good rule of thumb that when someone claims to speak for
you without permission, they rarely have your best interests at heart/Anger
Management/Ad Week is reporting that one in every 11 people walks out the door
with at least one item they didn’t pay for. With shoplifting up six percent this
year, retailers stand to lose a whopping $119 billion of merchandise to
shoplifters in 2011/U.S. citizens do not have immunity when they are at war with
the United States. [Taking up arms with al-Qaeda? In that case, the CIA will be at
war with itself-
12211/pursuing the American Dream who, through a romantic relationship, ends up
exposing the financial fraud of a major Wall Street firm in the midst of the 1929
stock market crash-Everybody but Me Has Their Head Up Their Ass": Yes, Bill Maher
is "politically incorrect." But his "New New Rules" does make you laugh heartily
at his provocative, ironic observations. Like Jon Stewart, Maher manages to get at
the resonating truth of the news through a comic zing much more effectively than
"neutral" news reporting. Managing to offend everybody at some point, Maher
remains the mischief-maker-in-chief of hip liberals-Palast connects the dots of
corruption between the oil industry, the financial sector, and the
government-truthout/Right-wingers enraged as Obama brings down Bush-era
unemployment!/Do me a favor. Please explain why imbeciles like yourslef derive
pleasure from public displays/as Democrats continue to live off excessive taxation
of working people/wait to after the Christmas season is over and all the temporary
help selling chines imports are laid off/Gingrich thinks Iran will be a
cakewalk/Just like a long as someone else does the bleeding and
dying/he has to support his masters in the militarhy industrial complex for whom
non stop war equals huge profits/ How does it feel to be the
STUPIDEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD?!?private Federal Reserve Corporation's military
industrial complex will summarily execute you if you resist their Totalitarian
Global Government (New World Order), country was dissolved in 1933 by the private
Federal Reserve Corporation and you have not the slightest clue
has been attacked relentlessly by our COMMANDER in CHIEF/Does Boehner actually
believe in extending the payroll tax holiday for the middle class,”as turning
“chicken-sh — into chicken salad? An extension of the payroll tax holiday would
help 95 percent of working families, but would disproportionately benefit working
and middle-class people, as there’s a cap that prevents wealthy people from being
taxed on anything they make over about $100,000, Republicans in the Senate killed
a Democratic bill that would have extended the middle-class tax holiday while
raising taxes slightly on just the wealthiest 0.4 percent/There is no light until
every single hurtful human being feels remorse. A deep and overwhelmingly painful
remorse, Then, it ends/Do you ever have a thought that is not feed to you through
hate groups, Rush and POX Spews?/OCCUPY [WALL STREET] MOVEMENT,
nation after nation is starting to take the stance that helping or aiding our
western interest is like selling oneself like a destitute prostitute to a demon/

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