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12211/Will the GOP Hook Up With Gingrich to "Newterize" America?

12211/hedge fund insider who while advocating his support for the OWS movement,
explains, in no uncertain terms, and in a somewhat more detailed and lucid
fashion, both how and why the market is not only broken, but rigged, and why it is
nothing but a wealth extraction mechanism in which the richest slowly but surely
steal the money from everyone else/Pocket a tomato from grocery store and end up
for five years in jail. Former Senator pockets millions and gets a subpoena/one of
the rat elites,you get off easy.This will be pinned on a unsuspecting worker bee
subordinate.Corzine and his pals will tap dance away into mega-rich obscurity,and
return a hero at a later date.Just like Oliver North/nothing to do with
preservation of ideology as much as to do with maintaining fantasy rw morons
are pushing for?/enjoy the surf in Hawaii courtesy of federal food stamps? Newt
Gingrich suggested you can/In Hawaii, Missouri EBT cardholders spent $2,737 on
food in January" 2011, the station reported, They give food stamps now to
millionaires, rate his statement Pants on Fire/what does newt mean by coupling
unemployment payments with job training? we the people pay for the unemployed and
they work without salary for the private companies/ability to detain and
assassinate u.s. citizens? slowly becoming a martial/fascist society, now with
unchecked paramilitary police forces, corporate influence/49 Sudden Deaths, 213
Permanent Disabilities - And the Silent Plan to Poison Your Child
aspx /UK‘s National Health Service paramedics are being issued body armor and
will undergo training in the treatment of the type of battlefield casualties that
would result from what Britain’s Home Office calls a "marauding terrorist gun
attack/Nothing like a good war to divert attention off the domestic scene and to
give the global jihad a kick-start as it is seemingly going down hill. So far we
haven't taken the bait and Iran has trouble recruiting/Nurses Union and Occupy
Wall Street, Pressure for Wall Street Speculation Tax Grows, the possibility of
a financial transaction tax is looking more likely/President of the Agriculture
Defense Coalition Rosalind Peterson says chemicals are being sprayed into the air
via jet planes, all in an attempt to combat global warming,"Chemicals like
aluminum oxides, barium, beryllium and sulfur/North American Weather Modification
Council website at - this is not a theory, its a
fact/'Indefinite Detention' Bill Passes Senate 93-7 Americans completely stripped
of all rights under Section 103/Obama Regime has already ordered the assassination
of American citizens overseas, with the drone killing of Anwar al-Awlaki/
prospects-for-a-european-bailout/249295/ This is a HUGE - no, make that
HHUUUUUUGGGEEEE!!!!!!! - structural problem.  How do they, overnight - increase
the, say, 5 to 18 year old population by 40%? industrialized countries who are
experiencing decreasing birth rates will have to confront something that has been
taboo in the west since the end of World War II: policies that promote birth rates
as a part of the national interest (taboo because of German policies to feed the
Third Reich with more children//
the Pontius Pilate of politics," freshman Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) said on G.
Gordon Liddy's radio show. "This is a president that just refuses to ever take
responsibility for a bad decision. ... He washes his hands of every decision that
he has to make and throws it in to Congress and says, 'Let them make the really
tough decisions/
12111/Ky. — A tiny all-white Appalachian church in rural Kentucky has voted to ban
interracial couples from joining its flock/Dog shoots Utah duck hunter in buttocks
after stepping on shotgun left in boat/serving as director of safety and security
for Cherry Creek Schools, former Arapahoe Sheriff Patrick J. Sullivan Jr.
self-described CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN, also a Christian who in 2001 was named the
National Sheriff Association's "Sheriff of the Year, was arrested on drug charges
and is now being detained in the Denver area jail that bears his name, has posted
bond for multiple suspects held in drug cases at jail facilities across the state,
agreed to meet a male informant, providing drugs in exchange for sex. arrested on
suspicion of trafficking methamphetamines/NASA isn't late on the news. Texans, as
well as most people who deny that climate change is a reality, are very slow on
the uptake and practically incapable of reasoned thinking/Gods messing with Texas.
Pretty soon they'll declare war on him/her for a water;
/States Fail In Fight Against Sex Trafficking/," /Van Jones, an activist who once
worked in the Obama White House and now heads an organization called Rebuild the
Dream, has been watching the Occupy movement closely. He has spoken at Occupy
encampments and has met with those who are working on the next steps. He thinks
the movement can work on multiple fronts. Protests and demonstrations are
important, he says, but so are elections.we have to be realistic that both the
Democratic and Republican parties are beholden to corporate and wealthy interests.
This can be one of the biggest movements in the history of the country,"/O.bama's
W.hores of S.ocialism /lynched black people. Joe McCarthy was selling America on
the red scare., and white folk had their own drinking fountain. " The Good ol
days" were not all that good, unless you were white and male. Sure you liked those
days. The KKK were not burning your church
/ html
/Reagan became the first of many morally unambiguous dimwits to warm the cockles
of conservative heart, Quayle, who promptly showed his latent stupidity by public
misspelling potato as “potatoe” … in front of a sixth-grade, G.W. Bush – who
exemplified the adage, “Never ascribe to malice what can adequately be explained
by stupidity. This subtlety of purpose, this nuance, is anathema to politically
and morally unambiguous conservatives, who see the world in great big
Murdoch-style tabloid dualism./ As a Republican
President, will you be doing more of the same as our current Republican controlled
Congress?You are all against the recent health care changes. Because of a
pre-existing condition, I was unable to get insurance until this legislation
passed. Now, you want to do away with it. What am I supposed to do then?//When you
do the bidding of corporate America and the wealthy, do you feel like a whore?/The
People Who Created the Crisis Will Not Be the Ones That Come Up With a
Solution/Jan Schakowsky's (D-Illinois) attempt to end the multimillion dollar
business of outsourcing in Iraq and Afghanistan doesn't sit well with the former
CEO of the notorious Blackwater company, Erik Prince, who sent a hand-delivered
cease-and-desist letter to the Congresswoman threatening legal action-stop
demanding a list of demands, Your malice cannot be questioned. You have a
multi-year history of making derogatory comments about Mr. Prince and his former
company, Blackwater. You have abused your Congressional power to request that Mr.
Prince be investigated. The demand for demands is an attempt to shoehorn the
Occupy gatherings into conventional politics, to force the energy of these
gatherings into a form that people in power recognize, so that they can roll out
strategies to divert, co-opt, buy off, or - if those tactics fail - squash any
challenge to business as usual-Unions Beat GOP Candidates as New Hampshire Blocks
Anti-Labor Law-Winter, the Poor Will Find It More Difficult to Stay Warm, and More
In today's On the News segment: Global markets surge as central banks around the
world step up to bail out the euro, more and more poor people won't be able stay
warm in America during the winter, a new study shows that military spending
actually KILLS jobs-official violence that had very recently been wrought on Wall
Street occupiers ... around the country. Civilians beaten with clubs, dragged by
their hair, subject to tear gas, watching their tents demolished ... all that
spoke well of and distinguished American police-Koch-funded Americans for
Prosperity (AFP) has teamed up with Wisconsin's right-wing John K. MacIver
Institute on a website and TV ad to support Governor Scott Walker as he faces
recall-need to translate their organizing muscle into political power. And that
means looking at electoral strategies in a new way-States Seek Drug Tests for
Welfare Recipients-Olbermann talks with Jesse Hagopian, a Garfield High history
teacher and Truthout author, about being arrested while protesting school budget
cuts in Washington-dealing with the national debt and economic crisis is to reduce
taxes on the rich and reduce benefits to the poor. The focus is still on
'trickle-down' economics, which simply doesn't that we are
seeing this war on voting around the country," Norden says, "it would be a
terrible message that Congress would be sending to get rid of the one federal
agency left to make sure our elections are actually working." The story originally
said that a congressional committee would be taking up the bill /More corporate scam
sanctioned by the repubs to undermine the people! Nothing new here!  Shameless but
old news/Private institutions should NEVER be in control of  our vote and
republicans should never be in charge of our governing bodies considering they
hate government so much. The fact that "We the People" are the fundamental
foundation of our government and the fact that republicans are taking a sledge
hammer to that very foundation should qualify that whole party a one way ticket to
Gitmo with all of the other terrorist that want to destroy Americas founding
principals. both words and you find them almost interchangeable.. Republic refers
to a "Land of Laws" and Democracy refers to "A Free People"..  We CANNOT live Free
if our votes are being stolen or our right to vote is being stripped away.
republicans are masters of finger pointing especially when it comes to covering up
crimes that they are responsible for committing/guilty of conspiracy to violate
the civil rights of millions of Americans.  This is generally considered a
felony/Private GOP election machine makers get mandate to manufacture black box
crooked GOP guaranteed victory machines. Public airwaves (and broadband) go to
highest bidder. Amerika the Beautiful!/THEY are the Fraud. THEY are the criminals.
Cover your tracks in plain sight. It's such a transparent grade school attempt at
trickery that it's embarrassing. Yet...they get away with it/seems as if
Republicans woke up on January 1, 2011 and decided that they were simply going to
go all-in on their dogmatic, right-wing nonsense regardless of the
consequences/Election fraud is the problem and it is ALWAYS republikans that are
complicit.. A good example of the election fraud happened in Shrub Juniors illegal
occupation of the White House/absolute immunity for free speech for Senators and
Congressmen/women is that many years before, an English King had attempted to
control Parliament by having its members arrested on various trumped up charges.
Prince and those who colluded to hire his corporation and its mercenaries have no
interest in the Constitution. Apparently, neither do his lawyers/What has he
accomplished that is good for America for all that money? He's a war
criminal/(Nixon not only was part of and ring master for Watergate but stole $30K
from his law partners in the 50's, set up Yellow Russians in jobs after smuggling
them into the US creating Radio Free Europe with WWII Holocaust war criminals
/Mass. sues big lenders over foreclosure practices BofA, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan
Chase, Citigroup and GMAC are accused of fraud. The lawsuit could serve as a road
map for other states, including California/Don't look at the CEOs, Boards of
Directors, or even Bush or Obama. There are a handful of the 535 people that
occupy offices on Capital Hill that ran a series of "banking regulations" through
on some bill that no one really looked at before voting into law/
worse I’ve been homeless 7 times in 30 years. I’ve lived in vehicles. I once lived
in a shack, in a salvage yard. The pipe for the wood stove went out the window.
I’ve woken up in rain and snow, on the ground, in a sleeping bag. In vehicles,
I’ve seen temps as low as -23 F. The best thing about a vehicle is that the doors
seal better than any house. It’s good to be indoors, in a warm place. I also know
the economic realities that most people don’t want to think about/
html /internal issues. Lowered production demand idled factories and contributed
to civil unrest. Chinese people want a paycheck, just like everybody
When investment firms talk about the effect of invasion on oil prices, the reality
is just around the corner. With what is going on in Iran, right now, the day is
young. Corporatism marches on and the central banks are having their way with
nations/If I don’t find the news, the guys at Patriot Trading Group,
over-by-protestors-building-on-fire/ A parallel real money system would eventually
eat the fiat system, alive. The big fly in the ointment is that we must put an end
to fractional banking. We would have to put an end to private banks. On those
points, private banks have demonsrated that they will start wars and kill people
to maintain their power/Italy’s 2451 tons of gold. The banks get real things.
People get worthless paper/Could it be that the banks are conquering nations with
a stroke of a pen?/irrational exuberance, going into Monday. This is like running
a pool on which end of the Titanic gets to the bottom, first/In Corporatism,
loyalty is measured by who an individual will lie, cheat, steal and commit murder
for. Apparently, this guy got in with some bad people. But then, we know what
banks are/the Fed is going to kick in 600B in seed money for Italy may keep the
Ponzi scheme going. It’s more likely that U. S. banks start turning turtle/Italian
bond yields more than doubled in a month. I was not alone in this very big
misread. I believe it has caught everyone flatfooted. Central bankers and finance
officials all over the globe are crapping in their pants/there will be a very big
crashing sound. It would end up taking out most of the global lenders, a fair
number of countries would follow into Italy’s vortex. In my opinion a default by
Italy is certain to bring a global depression; one that would take many years to
crawl out of/if the IMF shoulders a rescue eventually amounting to a trillion
dollars that would mean Americans would have to put up 177.7 billion of it/Italy
will get bailed out the most because the Mafia and the Vatican mainly lives
there. In Portugal, Spain, France, Britain, and Germany, not so much/The loud,
white noise sound you hear during market hours is the world economy coming
unzipped to the tune of $ 700 trillion USD/it is beneath you to act as the
messenger for the big bankster extortion. If we let the banking system fail, then
those parts of it that play a vital economic role will be recapitalized by the
market. The end of the world as you know it is really just the new dawn of the
meritorious system to evolve from your perception of anarchy/God's plan, is to
cast the 1%ers into the fires of hell/He might be planning to collect kickbacks
for re-directing traffic to heaven and/or heaven entrance fees/The 1%er's plan is
to arrive in Hell in fireproof Gucci suits and loafers!/fear mongering is not by
people who want to protect the rest of us. It's a trickle-down financial threat.
Save me, or I will blow you up, punk/Black’s Law Dictionary for fun. I know the
legal meaning of the term, “constituent”. Why would anyone want to be property of
Newt Gingrich?/How many families with children will be living in homeless
shelters? Now that I think of it, living in tents might be good practice for the
OWS protesters. They may have to get used to it/comfortable with forced labor and
internment camps. Even considering the possibility of such legislation is anathema
to all things American. The preferred business model of the central banks has
always been slavery. They depend on shills and pultroons like Gingrich to run it
for them/Better late than never on pushing the abort button. Pushing this bailout
would just dig a deeper hole. You’ll thank them, later./It always takes a bigger
lie and more paper representations of the lie, to cover up the original lie. The
original lie is that fiat currency is a viable monetary system. In the end,
trouble comes because fiat currency depends on monetizing everything and everyone.
Yes, even people are for sale. The largest human trafficker is the labor system.
People are now human resources to be harvested, processed and packaged for resale.
Nations have earned this trouble. Hanging on to the paper lie will drag them down
with it/The future of the public trust hangs on this matter. If this goes under
the bridge without demand for accountability and restitution, there are no safe
investments. There would be no integrity in government or finance/That’s how
Corporatism works. Loyalty is measured by who an individual will lie, cheat, steal
and commit murder for.Allegiance to the “party” replaces the conscience. Failure
to “just follow orders” results in ending up on the wrong side of the fence, or
dead/banks are in too deep to back out. They have to keep pushing paper, or be
devoured. The ground is crumbling behind them/He and Karl Marx were penpals and
mutual admirers. Their correspondence is archived in the Lincoln Library. The
legacy he left is the 14th Amendment, making Federal property of everyone. With
the stroke of a pen, universal slavery was institutionalized/history will decide.
The evidence is that it was a straight “take the money and run” swindle/That’s how
the Company Store business model works. People are set up for a fall, behind on
the debt curve/banking crisis is like watching pro wrestling. Adversaries may
actually be friends, play-acting to deceive the simple. A good guy this week may
be the bad guy, next week. Watch out for the foreign object, hidden in the
waistband of the tights/Banks did what they do to cover their tracks. They
instigate wars. They follow up wars with insane inflation/how the scam works. The
Bait – And – Switch and The Shell Game have been honed to a fine edge/Albert Pike
in his handbook of Freemasonry, “Morals and Dogma” stated that a New World Order
would be established by three world wars. He named where they would begin. The
first in the Balkans. The second in Western Europe. The third in the Middle
East/Any legislation only finds a new depth of lawlessness/terms and conditions of
war. If we know these things, we must also know the tactics involved. “If we do
not know that there is a war …. we will lose”/like little kids, playing house. The
Monopoly money isn’t real, and they can’t buy penny candy with it. I don’t expect
any of them to step up and do the honorable thing. They deserve to bow out, in
disgrace/This circus isn’t done, yet. I don’t see how the Greek government can
deal with the civil unrest without playing musical chairs. They’re just sending in
clowns until they can find one that does really good balloon animals. To borrow a
line from “Blazing Saddles”, Slim Pickens said. “Somebody better go back and get a
s**tload of dimes”/delusion. Believing in two contradictory statements as truth is
the definition of madness. No man can serve two masters for either he will hate
the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the
other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” – Luke 16:13/My house shall be called of
all nations the house of prayer? but ye have made it a den of thieves.”/always
astounded by the left-handed switch-a-roos these guys can try that sometimes work
and always cause a brief rumor-rally/we are at war. Please do not give up your
civil liberties for food. Food resiliency is your greatest weapon. Work together,
take them out/Europe is in the process of being 'structurally readjusted' by a
private banking cartel. If its people are to resist this silent conquest, they
need to rise up/While those on the religious right wear their faith as a badge, at
the same time they also work to undermine programs such as health care, Social
Security and Medicare. It is an attempt to undermine all New Deal programs by
Franklin Roosevelt and undo the social progress for those less fortunate since
that time. How did America become a nation where party trumps morality and, in
fact, morality is defined by party? The abuse of religion by the right in this
country is hypocrisy-truthout/Wisconsin Recall Drive Surpasses 300,000 Signatures
The Nation/Will GOP Red Meat Sound Bite Guru Hook Up With Disgraced Gingrich to
"Newterize" America?BuzzFlash/Attack on the Middle Class: First They Came for Your
Paycheck. Then Your House. What's Next? Mother Jones/lawsuit against the city in
federal court The city has made life more difficult for the demonstrators by
ticketing cars that stop to give donations, even citing those that honk. “When
they are giving out tickets to people who are driving by Occupy Denver, honking
their horn, they’re doing it in retaliation for First Amendment-protected
speech/ / /

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