Wednesday, December 7, 2011

12711/having no water is ok for the unwashed America Hating democrats

12711/GOP faithful in Iowa will eat a big bowl of stupid, the only way to actually
believe the modern G.O.P. catechism is to be completely clueless krugman/15 times
the mortality rate of 9/11 die every year in our country for want of health
insurance/story of the millenium, $75 trillion in toxic derivatives Merrill
transferred to Bank of America's book in order to gain FDIC protection. Five times
the US debt generated by a single firm that is essentially non-productive gambling
debts/a simple theory — one that speaks to our rugged individualism and healthy
skepticism of too much government. It fits well on a bumper sticker. Here’s the
problem: It doesn’t work,” Obama said of supply-side economics, drawing extended
applause. “It’s never worked/"Everybody, out of the cesspool," I'm sure there
won't be time to thank the goonbats whose racist and women-hating posts made it
embarrassing to have ads alongside them when searching/8 year old stumps Bachmann on gays, Bachmann leaning in to listen closely as the youngster whispers, "My mommy's gay, but she doesn't need fixing/not some superstitious twit taking advantage of other superstitious twits. No sir, baggers have SUPERIOR
judgment/courts convicted Republicans of attempting to deny the right to vote to
minorities, lies about the President being a Communist or Socialist (the lies
Republicans used against FDR in the 1930s) and a continuation of birtherism
(racism/fascist plutocracy and/or oligarchy as some like to call it. The root of
the problem is all the criminals and their lobbyists/worthless democrat moves his
family into an abandoned house with no water, heat or electricity, and of course
the utility companies will not provide services!!;; of course having no water is
ok for the unwashed America Hating democrats!!/We already bailed those
Motherfuçklers out/Greedy coal mine owners pay massive fine for workers' deaths,
the fine doesn't stop any criminal charges from being lodged against them/rick
perry took cashish from merck just b4 he insisted on injecting little girls with
an effectively unknown vaccine/The Family Research Council and CNS News both
reported a 93-to-7 U.S. Senate vote to approve a defense authorization bill that,
quote, "includes a provision which not only repeals the military law on sodomy,
but also repeals the military ban on sex with animals, or beastiality, AND THEY
ALL PROBABLY HEARD IT ON FOX/sodomy is defined (in the bible) as oral sex/all the
slime and #$%$ that the R=party of hate have .The KKK crowd just love to prove how ignorant ,rude and disrespectful and un american they can be .The rest of the
world really get to see the ugly racist american for what they are.They are even
lower than any Muslim terrorist and are the embarrassment of our country .They
have no shame to their ignorance/ya have to wonder why they aren't satisfied with
their gay lovers and meth, but NO, they have to pretend it's a liberal thing and
waste time asking nonsensical questions with no merit. Pull the dillweeds
credentials and get a serious journalist/Walters asked Assad if he regretted the
violence that has wracked his country, left thousands dead and make Syria a pariah
state. "I did my best to protect the people," he said. "I cannot feel guilty when
you do your best. You feel sorry for the lives that have been lost. But you don't
feel guilty when you don't kill people. So it's not about guilty."/they believe
the left is critiquing this dictatorship or supporting their Occupy style protests
(cept they die for it), now they actually support Assad and other Muslim
dictators/an idiot trying to compare oranges to apples.. Torturing, raping,
killing children is not even in the same league/comparing a child being shot
burned and castrated to some dumbass protesters being tazed and pepper
sprayed/Radical Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood have inacted their best plan yet.
They claim human rights issues to get the backing of liberal entities and our
muslim president enlisting their help to take over countries/so stupid and so
criminal . his days are numbered i guess like others before him and after him .it
seems Arab leaders learn these hard lessons only after their butts get
kicked/Where is your proof?" ...Its never about the truth, just about the
ratings/Why don't walter interview israel PM and ask him about the war crimes
committed in palestine each and every day by israel/Israelites and Palestinians
kill each other like in war.but Assad is killing his own unarmed people just like
Hitler/When the Iranian President says the Holocaust never happened and was made
up by American and Jewish propagandists that ultimately makes the point. They want
their own holocaust of Jews. Every day by any means. That is the goal some
have/the rest of the world. Even the Arab League knows he is killing his own
citizens. His father did the same thing. Denying these things are happening
promotes more violence. Please, don't be an idiot/Why don't the jewness walters
interview the israel PM on war crimes committed by israel in palestine each and
everyday. And the stealing of land and homes ripping up olives rip burn down holy
places and shooting innocent woman and children All done by the israeli zionist
jews. In the place of god israel or satan/such incredible hypocrites in this
country it's maddening, we all have blood on our hands: our tax dollars have
funded so many inhumane acts for so very long/Christians and Jews are always
forgiven after they repent according to the bible, thus they can repeat
killing/sinning. Just continuing the crusading days, he who wins the war writes
history/Citigroup began a round of layoffs among its London-based investment
bankers this week, with jobs in advisory, equities and fixed income set to go as
the bank readies 4,500 redundancies worldwide, 10,000 of those staff are in
London, rivals are cutting up to 10 percent of staff. Several Citi insiders said
they expected further cuts
ayoffs/#ixzz1fs3HI8EX /
12611/Republican economic policies. The word ´trickle´ accurately describes the
amount of economic benefits that the common people receive from these policies.
Trickle implies a very small amount. Trickle is synonymous with little, not much,
insignificant, minute, diminutive, undersized, unimportant, trivial, slight and
trifling. These words all describe the amount of benefits that the public receives
from these one-sided policies,Shrinking family food budgets are forcing many
shoppers to buy generic brand low price foods which are often less healthy. A
recent news broadcast showed people lining up to buy groceries at a local 99 cent
store, Fascism is a state controlled by an elite few-FOX says the Muppets are
communist. Raise your hand if you get your "news" only from Murdoch the phone
hacker's shill station GOP is pushing for here.Captain Planet Evil/Figures never
lie but liars often figure/Bank of America (BAC) to put its legal issues behind
it,315m. Just in the first half of the year, the bank put up $12.7 billion to
settle similar claim/Company to pay $210M in W.Va. mine disaster deal. Settlement
announced in the Upper Big Branch Mine disaster that killed 29/So what are you
going to do on a cloudy day? The rest of the alternative energy sources all have
drawbacks that ultra-environmental zealots have successfully blocked/how creepy
and flawed the GOP is. The evidence is all around/Romney's spokesmen emphasize
BUYING UP HARD DRIVES  that he followed the law and precedent in deleting
the emails, installing new computers in the governor's office and buying up hard
drivesThey acknowledge, however, that state law on maintaining and disclosing
official records is vague and has not been updated to deal with issues related to
digital records and other modern technology. The issue is clouded by a 1997 state
court ruling that could be interpreted to mean that records of the Massachusetts
governor are not subject to disclosure. Romney has asserted that his records are
exempt from disclosure, details of Romney's request to remove paper records, such
as what specific documents he wanted to destroy, could be made public only in
response to a request under the state's freedom of information law. Reuters has
filed/$7.7 TRILLION SECRET FED NUCLEAR BOMB THAT DID NOT SAVE THE MARKET ECONOMIC DOOMSDAY CLOCK JUST STRUCK 12! Plus the $16 TRILLION. As a result of this audit, we now know that the Federal Reserve provided more than $16 trillion in total financial assistance to some of the largest financial institutions and
corporations in the United States and throughout the world," said Sanders. "This
is a clear case of socialism for the rich and rugged, you're-on-your-own
individualism for everyone else /imus cia-nsa
insider-mike baker dilligence llc/police have no duty to protect individual
citizens (see the court case) ..45ACP.. BP Plc accused a unit of Halliburton Co.
of intentionally destroying evidence that could be used to prove the oilfield
services firm shares blame for the blowout that caused the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil
spill. destroyed test results that showed samples of the cement used to seal
London-based BP’s Macondo well, which exploded off the Louisiana coast last year,
were unstable.
lf-spill-case/2011/12/05/gIQA7CsJZO_story.html?fb_ref=NetworkNews /newt's a
perfect placeholder for Jeb in 16/Gingrich is just better at lying to the rubes
than Romney. Gingrich dazzles with bs and covers his flip flops with pseudo
intellectual bs much more smoothly/t 6 years ago he was for 100% insurance
coverage through a mandate with govt subsidies of the insurance based on income
Newt also calls for many more insurance pools to be created in every state. Newt
even goes further in mandating that companies won't be able to cherry pick their
customers. In short the health care reform in place is closer to what Newt wanted
6 years ago than what Obama advocated/400 sex-crimes reported to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office during a three-year period ending in 2007 — including dozens of alleged child molestations — that were inadequately investigated and in some instances were not worked at all,at least 32 reported child molestations
with victims as young as 2 years old — where the sheriff's office failed to follow
through, even though suspects were known in all but six cases. The botched
sex-crimes investigations have served as an embarrassment to a department whose
sheriff is the self-described "America's Toughest Sheriff" and a national hero to
conservatives's the missing 3 and 1/4 trillion dollars at.
The public along with The Government has a right to know. Where's it at? What did
you do with it? The missing 3 and 1/4 trillion dollars that you reduced the
company's portfolio. assests. holdings by and now claim that you don't have. Don't
you think The IRS needs to know where its at. What happened to it. Don't you have
to pay taxes on this 3 and 1/4 trillion dollars that you now say that you don't
have?/the story of the plot to financially strangle Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in
the run-up to take over FnF if Treasury determines “emergency” It seems to me,
you’ve got to cut the guy some slack, even if he tipped his hand,” William Poole
says. “How do you prepare the market for the fact that policy has changed without
triggering the very crisis that you’re trying to avoid? What is he supposed to say
without misleading these people?/ Baker, Described As “Former CIA
Agent,” Has Close Bush Administration Ties – “Fair and Balanced? justified torture
in “select cases” – including waterboarding (which the US executed Japanese war
criminals for – something that doesn’t seem to get mentioned on Fox News but which Jon Stewart  said that “the far left” feels that anything beyond the Army Field Manual is torture and how silly is that because you couldn’t even break a teenager with sissy Army Field Manual techniques. (Hmm, how does Baker know that?). Showing a little partisanship (quelle surprise!), Jarrett said “I’m with you on that.” (Note: Obama has directed the CIA to use the Army Field Manual – a small step toward reestablishing the international respect the US once had before the Bush administration thugs took over. Invited to Obama’s signing statement were 16 retired generals and admirals who oppose torture. Prescience LLC partnered with New Bridge Strategies which paid Neil Bush to procure contracts for work in Iraq. Connected to New Bridge are right wingers Joe Albaugh, Mike Rogers, and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour/Obama will be a welcome guest in
Israel, Maybe he'll be lucky enough to visit Gaza, so that he Michelle and the
kids might see the world's only river entirely composed of human feces./Hamas has
figured out a way create low cost beach front property! Who said they do nothing
good?/why we are broke, will send hundreds of billions overseas to promote gays in
Islamabad/What the hell are you talking about? Are you on crystal meth? You can't
be that stupid or brainwashed/Republicans have sworn an oath never to raise taxes
for as long as they live,” the president said in remarks to assembled reporters in
the White House briefing room. “How can it be the only time there’s a catch is
when it comes to raising taxes on middle class families?”/At some point the lies
and hypocrisy of the GOP have got to get the media’s attention/After a year of
tough negotiations, Germany has agreed to pay pensions to about 16,000 additional
Holocaust victims worldwide — mostly survivors who were once starving children in
Nazi ghettos, or were forced to live in hiding for fear of death, 5,000 live in
the United States/jews have been kicked out of at least 100 countries since the
2nd Century. I wonder why. If I get kicked out of a bar, maybe it wasn't my fault.
If I get kicked out of every bar in town, then maybe, just maybe there's something
wrong with my behavior/never a mention of the non-jewish prisoners whom suffered
the same, or worse, in these camps.s whoops, there were 13 million/when do the
Millions of Palestinians being forced to live in Ghetto's start getting their
payments?/Why does the US give Israel 3-4 billion in aid every year?/a Trove of
Over 800 "Model" Bills Secretly Voted on by Corporations to Rewrite Your
Rights/co-founder of Diligence Coca-Cola
serves on the corporate governing board of ALEC, along with Koch Industries/ALEC
is a one-stop shop for corporations looking to identify friendly state legislators
and work with them to get special-interest legislation introduced. It’s win-win
for corporations, their lobbyists, and right-wing legislators. But the big losers
are citizens whose rights and interests are sold off to the highest bidder.
founded in 1973 by Paul Weyrich, who helped build a nationwide right-wing
political infrastructure following the reelection of Richard Nixon. In the same
year, he helped establish the Heritage Foundation, now one of the most prominent
right-wing policy institutes in the country. One year later, Weyrich founded the
Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress, the predecessor of the Free
Congress Foundation. In 1979, he co-founded and coined the Moral Majority with
Jerry Falwell, and in 1981 he helped establish the ultraconservative Council on
National Policy. “the nuts and bolts of lobbying and crafting legislation is done
by large corporate defense firm Shook Hardy & Bacon. of the 826 “model bills” that
were introduced in state legislatures, 115 of those bills were enacted into law.
helped one of its clients, the Corrections Corporations of America (CCA),
influence the state’s new immigration law. The CCA is a for-profit prison company
whose “executives believe immigrant detention is their next big market,
ures /to Lay Off 4500 Workers chief of Citigroup, said the bank would take a $400
million charge to cover severanceNYTimes/GOP Bible on the Poor: "The Spirit of the
LORD is upon Me, because He appointed Me to preach the gospel to the rich. He has
sent Me to proclaim release to the white-collar criminals, and collect tax dollars
to bail out corporate thieves if they face negative returns, to set free those who
have stolen billions, to proclaim the favorable dominance of GOP greed-mongers.
Today this Scripture has been fulfilled in America, praise Ayn Rand." Blessed are
you who are rich, for yours is the kingdom of Republicanism. Blessed are you who
are greedy pigs now, for you shall never be made to suffer but be classified too
big to fail so taxpayers are forced to bail your fat aszes out. Blessed are you
who laugh now at the expense of the underprivileged, for you shall laugh later
when cashing in foreclosed properties from the same. "Cling to your possessions
and give nothing away; Tear down your mansions and build bigger. For where your
treasure is, there will your heart be also." "If you wish to obey the Republican
god's commands, go and hoard possessions and give nothing to the poor, and you
shall have treasure in heaven; and come to be known as a Party loyalist to greedy
pigs. For greed is good and godly/we got Obama as President is because asshats
like you supported Palin. And now you same clowns sucked the Cain slong and next
week you be sucking on backman teat. Pretty soon you give Trump a BJ while
craddling Netws ball sack with your hands/Obama, in a statement, said he was
"deeply disappointed" with the "Republican pattern of obstructionism that puts
party ahead of country. Today's vote dramatically lowers the bar used to justify a
filibuster/Groups in more than 25 cities held protests Tuesday on behalf of
homeowners facing evictions. In Atlanta, protesters held a boisterous rally at a
county courthouse and used whistles and sirens to disrupt an auction of seized
houses. In New York, they marched through a residential neighborhood in Brooklyn
carrying signs that read "Foreclose on banks, not people." Southern California
protesters rallied around a family of six that reclaimed the home they lost six
months ago in foreclosure. "It's pretty clear that the fight is against the banks,
and the Occupy movement is about occupying spaces. So occupying a space that
should belong to homeowners but belongs to the banks seems like the logical next
step for the Occupy movement/do you see wealth as butter and society as a piece of bread?/OWS protesters are calling for more government intervention in the economy. The TP protesteors have been calling for less/new seeds to Obama's anarchy. Hitler had his brown shirts, Obama has his OWS/OWS people are trying to get you neocons to understand what humanity is all about, but you're so self-centered, it's no wonder we had a Republican Great Recession/Washington warned of the danger partisanship as the undoing of our nation. This is why Cronyism is not Capitalism. Cronyism is an attempt to usurp our representative government and undermines the principle of free enterprise/competition. The principle of a Constitutional (fiscally conservative) Government prevents tyranny by big government and limits its encroachment and the erosion of our freedoms guaranteed in the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights/how many of these posters are hostile to a movement that is standing for them...or maybe all these "shoot trespassers on sight" a-holes are in the 1%/    wallstreet IS lining the pockets of congress to pass what they desire. How does a poor congressmanturn his congressional salary into MULTI MILLIONS...............pure corruption!/There's a new Sheriff in town, and the crooks on Wall Street better take note./if the bbanks did nothing wrong why are they settling lawsuits for $ Billions ?/posting for the Kosh Brothers. Your doing a great job. Lonnie is right. The GOP will never let any kind of rules pass like this. Like it or not. Hell they don't even want clean air and water
rules. Why would they want a fair Wall Street/Fraud produces profits, profits make
for big salaries and bonuses, and shareholders of publicly owned companies get
nothing. It's awesome/Too often, we've seen Wall Street firms violating major
anti-fraud laws because the penalties are too weak and there's no price for being
a repeat offender. No more," Obama, sec can penalize individuals up to $150,000
per violation and up to $725,000 per entity. Under Schapiro's proposed changes,
those numbers would go up to $1 million and $10 million, respectively./Romney said
Obama has "repeatedly thrown Israel under the bus" — an accusation the Republican National Committee repeated Monday/international law which disallows the occupation of land siezed by force in an armed conflict/Most Jews are liberals.
Because we are normally more intelligent, we embrace a more liberal attitude. I
have found most Republicans are anti Semitic. Especially here, on these posts. I
do not believe the list of horrible candidates the GOP has offered. Even if I
wanted to vote against Obama, I could not. There is no one to vote for. I see
liars, cheats and thieves in the GOP corner/Jews go to Isreal and stay out of
America's buisness, you leaches/ethics committee that investigated Gingrich for
tax cheating and campaign finance violations in the late ’90s./GOP = Guaranteeing
Obama's Presidency/russia's been supplying iran with mobile based radar units that
are effective drone killers via transmission of directive signals/
12511/"I Know How to Beat Republicans": Mike Lofgren, Leslie Thatcher, Truthout:
"Establishment liberals just don't understand what's happening and are too often
supercilious, condescending and off-topic-Iraq and Afghan Wars End, Costs Mount on Pace to Exceed Vietnam/News may take a long time to reach Tennessee, surely the Post knows about privately issued mortgage-backed securities and their role in the bubble. It even published a very good column by Barry Ritholz a couple of weeks
back outlining the story. So why does it allow Corker to publish something that it
knows is not true? Would it print an opinion column blaming President Bush for
actually doing the World Trade Center bombing? their failure to be heros does not
make them the prime villians.Washington Post Helps Senator Corker Spread the Big
Lie on Fannie and Freddie/Krugman the only way to actually believe the modern
G.O.P. catechism is to be completely clueless. in particular of Rick Perry, a
conservative true believer who seemingly had everything it took to clinch the
nomination - until he opened his mouth. among many Republicans, intelligence is
something to be viewed as suspicious, a tool of "subversives" who seek to "fool"
the true believers. These Republican apostles are the political equivalent of
people who believe that snake oil is a cure for cancer/Zuccotti Park Owners -
Brookfield Properties - Owe City $139,000 in Back Taxes/Madonna to Perform at
Super Bowl Halftime/Jimi Hendrix Park to Open Next Year in Seattle/bankster
thieves declared war on germany march 24 1933 the same z.ionic bankster thieves
were condemned by UN RESOLUTION 3379 .IS THAT CONJOBBER NAZI STYLED RACIST GIGRINCH JUST ANOTHER GOZUCKIN WHORE FOR WAR? or just con peddling $5k self-inflating plastic gavels? you decide/deleted for hatred and plain nasty antisemtic racist junk you spew.say hi for me, have a nice life/If they have
salary less than 100K annually, then no tax cuts for them. This will encourage
them to work harder, or even work 2 jobs to earn tax cuts/  ufostuff


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