Friday, December 9, 2011

12911/"Stand Up To Obama" petition.

12911/Americans trying to out do one another with their outside X-mis lights.
Would the spirit of true brotherhood be better served if they'd donate (what they
thought the extra cost of electricity might be) to the needy/drone was supposed to
be so advanced that it could make its own decisions against a general battle plan,
where they would look for and find targets and then ask control for permission to
kill, recognition systems are very advanced, facial,weapon type and structure etc
etc. Basically you can tell to go some where and kill these types of things/
christmas? only one day a year? why not do it year round and stop calling it
socialism?/1510AM WLAC, Nashville, wherein Glenn Beck says, Progressives Must
Die!, Shoot Nancy Pelosi!, Cut Michael Moore's Head off!/Concerned Women for
America (CWA) revealed exactly how little concern they have for actual women, much less for America, this week when they sent out a letter attacking women who defend our country for having the nerve to believe they deserve full medical care after being raped. fewer than 20 percent of military sexual assaults are reported, and only 8 percent of assailants are prosecuted — in no small part because of the
military’s pervasive blame-the-victim culture. rampant in the military, with
nearly one in three women sexually assaulted while serving. Yet the Senate
declined to vote on Sen. Jeanne Shaheen’s (D-NH) amendment that would restore abortion coverage and give military rape victims the same options as civilians and prisoners/to advance his dangerous liberal agenda is the Executive Order, Barack Obama relishes the idea of side-stepping Congress through the use of Executive Orders! We have news for you, Mr. President! We will not let you rule by fiat! We've launched our "Stand Up To Obama" petition. do know operation
gunrunner started back then, don't you? Bush started the gun running, why ignore
that?/Bushie kicked off the inept and poorly planned invasion of Baghdad, (the
fools) sent those spiffy new B-2 flying wing stealth bombers to perform the
hostilities. EACH bomber was refueled in mid-air SIX times at 10,000 gallons each
time/Republican Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner,suggested that impeachment of
administration officials involved with Operation Fast and Furious may be the only
way to bring the scandal to a close/    
12811/boehner-INSIDER TRADING KING OF THE HILL, Second only to dennis "the pig" hastert who took his local citizens for $200 million/Georgia's Richards family,
owners of Southwire Corporate ($1.3 billion/year) The Richards lent and donated
money and office space to Gingrich from his earliest days in politics. They have
given over $100,000, and Gingrich was the first recipient of donations from
Southwire's PAC. By coincidence, Gingrich has changed from an environmentalist
critic of Southwire to a staunch anti-environmentalist/We had oral sex. He prefers
that modus operandi because then he can say, 'I never slept with her.'" - Anne
Manning/Wall Street Journal, a company hired Marianne Gingrich (Newt's wife) for
$2,500 a month plus commissions in September 1994 after he announced support for a free trade zone in Israel that they are trying to build. Her "job" for Israel
Export Development Co. is to find tenants for the trade zone/He stooped so low as
to hijack not one but two charities for poor inner city kids and use their
donations for his personal goals, incredible hypocrisy, this crusader against
taxes obtained taxpayer subsidies for his personal and political goals, by
misusuing these tax-exempt groups. Newt's book scandal. He was offered first $2.5
million, then $4.5 million by Harper Collins, a publishing company owned by Rupert
Murdoch, who also owns the Fox TV network and newspapers and TV stations around the world. Murdoch has been having problems with a complaint by NBC that Fox is a foreign owned TV network, which is against US law. relentlessly pushes military spending and talks like a bigtime hawk, Gingrich avoided the Vietnam War through a combination of student and family deferments. (He married one of his teachers at age 19/newt, just put the swastika on and get it over with!!!  We all know who and what you are a tragic throw-back to the 1930s
and 1940s/Roses are reddish Violets are bluish If it weren't for Christmas We'd
all be Jewish/Carpet Bombing Gaza Is The Answer the
families of our dead soldiers that fought Bush war in Iraq. Don't start another
one unless you will go and send all your children including your mama and daddy/it
shouldn't be in their possession. It's still property of the USA and technically
has to be returned. The likelihood of that happening is slim to none. They are
calling on the Swiss to intervene. This buys more time for illegal "inspection".
(reverse engineering and offering bids to other countries to send engineers to
study it) Ain't international law fun
/ Shi'ite men flagellate themeselves during a ceremony marking the Ashura procession in Baghdad's Sadr City December 5, 2011. Shi'ite Muslims beat themselves during Ashura with steel-tipped flails or slash their bodies with knives to mark the death anniversary of Imam Hussein, a grandson of the Prophet Mohammad, who was killed in the 7th century battle of Kerbala/doesn't want to talk about the Right dumping dead soldiers ashes in the dumpster.during the Bush admin...good christian/CORZINE???? tell us where the 23 Trillion that the FED gave to banks is........Explain just how much on the hook in EUROPE are the banks actually with funds that were given to them under the table by the Feds/did obama give the drone to iran to make it "fair"/Completely safe even in a crash. Any can of worms that is opened will be done so voluntarily.U.S. drones carrying bubonic plague in the event of seizure /Joule Unlimited, which
claims it can use modified E. coli bacteria to create diesel fuel at a
$30/barrel-Cella Energy has developed a synthetic fuel that could lead to US$1.50
per gallon gasoline/Samples taken from two deep-water monitoring wells in
Pavillion, west-central Wyoming, showed synthetic chemicals such as glycols and
alcohols “consistent with gas production and hydraulic fracturing fluids,” the
agency said today in an e-mailed statement/Fight Club expressed the desire, from
within American culture to attack the towers and bring them down through acts of
domestic terrorism, the most successful mythologizing of tower hatred came when
Americans could ascribe this rage to an outsider, an enemy who could attack these
architectural monuments in sympathy with the terrorist fantasies of our own
culture. We could have our towers destroyed, and claim to mourn them,
too./dependent on constant infusions of 'new blood'. it ain't happening for the
repubs. the way things are going for them, they have perhaps another two or three
election cycles before they go the way of the dinosaur/whodafuk built this
country? okay for a ceo to make 400x over his workers?  okay to celebrate
vulture corporate raiders and hedge fund managers.  okay to diminish wages and
influence of working folk by demonizing them as overpaid commies?/Perry continues
to revive his campaign by picking culture war fights with President Obama,
releasing an ad that decries, among other things, that ” our kids can’t openly
celebrate Christmas or pray in school. Pledges To End Obama’s ‘War On
Religion,’ Dings ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell OReilly Does Epic Segment On
The ‘War On Christmas™’, But it’s Perry’s invocation of the War On
Christmas™ that provides the entertainment value in Perry’s ad. While he tries
to get in on the Yulepocalypse Now! fervor, his own past shows he was on the
“Happy Holidays” team as recently as 2008…and as far back as 1992, long
before anyone knew the War was coming/serving divorce papers on Wife 1 while she was hospitalized for cancer in favor of Wife 2, whom he subsequently abandoned for the bejeweled Callista, his mistress of the Clinton years, who, as Wife 3, hovers over him relentless as a bird of prey. A 68-year-old Catholic convert, Gingrich once blamed his misbehavior on too much hard work motivated by patriotism. They practically dare you to laugh/hierarchical view of society, where success is always deserved and lack of success is moral failure. The rich are the moral, and they not only deserve their wealth, they also deserve the power it brings/National Popular Vote movement is “getting dangerously close to achieving their goal of eliminating the Electoral College without actually amending the Constitution, without anybody even noticing, a compact among state legislatures under which they pledge that they’ll award their electoral votes to the presidential candidate who wins the most popular votes nationwide, even if that candidate was not the majority choice of their states, California, seven other states, and the District of Columbia (all of which have large Democratic majorities) have passed legislation taking the National Popular Vote pledge. Those states and D.C. account for 132 electoral votes. The compact says it is to take effect when states with a total of at least 270 electoral votes have agreed to it/Nitwit Newt will attack
weak countries to line the pockets of war-profiteers and thus bankrupt the
US/mantra that democratic rule exists in the realm of governmental affairs has
proven false. The fact that deficit spending is commonplace and acceptable to
their populace links the social democracies in a feudal structure that most are
unwilling to acknowledge. The practice of debt created bank money underlies every
social policy and expenditure. The notion that paying for public projects, based
upon popular support and taxes, is extinct. Destroying domestic currencies and
obligating future generations to the debt slavery of past failed projects, has
replaced the work ethic. Democracies pledge subsidies without labor and security
absent of personal freedom/Corzine’s MF Global goes belly up after losing $600+ of
clients money after going long on European bonds on the advice of Bill Clinton’s
think tank. $1.2 Bil missing
ney.html /in 2008 ole’ Newt had a wacky sense of humor. He joked that the
government should allows terror attack to happen on occasion lest we forget
why they’ve repealed the Constitution. It’s not funny and it’s also true/Pentagon
arms police departments with free heavy weaponry When JP Morgan learned of the true
capabilities of Wardenclyffe, the ability to harness an almost infinite amount of
power and freely broadcast it wirelessly to anyone who had the proper antenna
(with no way to monitor energy consumption) he immediately canceled all of Tesla's
funding / let IRANIANS, not right-wing war-profiteers
and bloodthirsty hate-mongers take care of their political situation/just
business, nothing more to it Mystery company buying up U.S. gun manufacturers Some gun enthusiasts have claimed that the power behind the company is actually
George Soros, the hedge-fund billionaire and liberal activist. Soros/Al Qaeda
hates gays and liberals EXACTLY like some of the posters/a closet communist?
Reagan , talking about his TERFA, which raised taxes on the wealthy, because, as
he claimed many of them were paying less than bus drivers-"And what about fairness for families? It's in our families that America's most important work gets done: raising our next generation?/ PERRY: No
room for bipartisanship. The American people are tired of Washington not getting
things done. GRETA:  Do you mean partisanship, Governor? PERRY:  I mean that the
American people want a leader not a breeder, (Looks to the side with his hand
behind his ear) Huh? There’s a what? A border emergency? Say no more! (Gets up and
puts his coat on) That’s right and the American people would expect me to drop
everything and lead. So I’m going to go lead because the American people want that
in uh….a leader, who leads, Perry ran from the studio to lead in an emergency/Law
enforcement is beginning to look increasingly like a civilian branch of the
military and local government officials trample upon the rights of citizens and
doing so in ways that are becoming more violent-a unanimous resolution calling for
a constitutional amendment to end corporate personhood. Today, the City Council of
Los Angeles also voted, also unanimously, for a resolution making the same appeal
... When L.A. and Occupy L.A. are making the same unanimous demand-turned out that claims about national security were often an excuse to prevent us from seeing our government engaged in unethical, unconstitutional and, sometimes, illegal
practices-what is the future of the American police state? If history tells us
anything about police states, it is that they all eventually crumble, in large
part, because over time, they become /
12711/dumbest tactic ever, when republicans can't answer the question , they
attact your spelling, this gives them time to think about a question they never
thought of. So they never really took the time to think about the issue seriously
enough. Their thought is only 1 step deep . If it's not independent it's not a
good idea. So when you ask them , should my child chose his educational plan since
k, then they are stumped. They need time to think about this . But me, being the
genius that I am ,am already ahead 10 step at the very least. I know dead end
answers and republicans have plenty of them/They are good at diverting the subject
that matters and have a mouthful of useless slogans and talking points. Selective
amnesia or just plain stupidity as I've witnessed their painful ignorance during
the GOP debates/no attention span/H.R. 1148, the "Stop Trading on Congressional
Knowledge Act"/Emergency Committee for Israel (ECI)  made a splash on the
political scene by touting themselves as Americans solely concerned for Israel’s
security. But a quick rundown of their leadership—Republican luminaries Gary
Bauer, William Kristol, and Rachel Abrams..Drop the Charade/Gingrich: Master
Debater./More like Master megalomaniac. He may look green now but the chameleon
will look red when immersed in natural element of the Statist in Mordor on the
Potomac/warmongering part of the Republican base is down to about 20% of the
population. Reagan and no other Republican would ever had been elected without big
numbers of Independents and Disaffected Democrats. Ron Paul also has a huge
following among the young. He is also the only pricipled conservative runnning/I
don't know who these "Bush republicans" are, but I am not so certain they should
be listened to for advice/newt made millions working behind the scenes lobbying
his former colleagues. There's nothing wrong with his making millions but the
public is sick of Washington's revolving door, other Republican candidates are
also embraced in the big government love fest. It will be difficult if not
impossible for any of them to convince the public/Newt is an improvement over
Obama, so what? My dog is an improvement over Obama/If Romney keeps up with all this war talk, he will be trounced. Of course if he is the nominee he will move to
the peace side immediatly. There is no way in hell he is going to let one of his
five sons die in one of these stupid wars. I think you Zionists know that/Zell
Miller, more recent experience than that lard-ass Ging-rich, sent more Criminals
to the Electric Chair than "W", Perry, and Jeb Bush combined, Ah've got sum pride,
I'm not comin out from my Nawth Jah Jah cabin till somebody calls/Perry:"yeah, I
stepped in it."/Romney Staff Spent Nearly $100,000 to Hide Records-"Do-Nothing"
Congress Really Did Nothing This Year-London Police Include Occupy Movement on
"Terror" List-Ex-Countrywide Exec Blows the Lid Off the Systemic Fraud at the
Company-buzzflash/Occupy Wall Street for a national day of action to promote
foreclosure resistance, an event kicking off a project they call Occupy Our
Homes/ "We are not even twelve weeks old, yet Occupy Wall Street has grown so fast, so big, none of us can keep up with the hundreds of towns who have joined the movement, or the thousands of actions ... that have happened. The national conversation has been irreversibly changed.... People are no longer paralyzed by despair or apathy-Democracy is about citizens caring about each other and acting responsibly, both socially and personally.... What the Occupy
movement can't stand is the opposite 'moral' view, that democracy provides the
freedom to seek one's self-interest and ignore what is good for other Americans
and others in the world-Koch Political Group Brags About Bullying GOP
Lawmakers--truthout/Grover Norquist, one of the Republican Party's most
influential strategists. "Hippies elected Nixon. Occupy Wall Street will beat
Obama former chief of staff to Colin Powell. Obama's remarkable successes in
foreign policy, he adds – including the demise of both Osama bin Laden and Muammar Qaddafi – have panicked the GOP field into a reflexive hawkishness. "For the Republicans, that's their mantra," Wilkerson says. "The only thing they know is
war, war and more war. As long as the GOP insists on catering to the needs of the
ultrarich, Rep ublican veterans warn, it risks alienating the working-class
conservatives who ushered in the Age of Reagan. "The Republican Party is just
screwed up in its head," says David Stockman, who served as budget director under
Reagan. "It's behaving politically in a very irrational way, and policywise in a
nonsensical manner /Tell the banks they MUST restructure their terms to help out
homeowners like the homeowners, via taxes, helped out the banks, even if that
means it impacts their bottom line. I'm not saying they shouldn't make a profit,
but foreclosures shouldn't happen but in the rarest of instances. Lower payments
over five years. Lower the interest on the loan for the next 10 years. Require a
payment every other month. I dunno. Something. Anything/Newt? Really? Multiple
draft deferments during Vietnam. Multiple documented sexual improprieties
throughout his life. Co-sponsored Anti-First Amendment ‘Fairness Doctrine’ vetoed
by Reagan. Bounced 22 checks worth $26,000 during ‘Rubbergate’. 84 congressional ethics violations. $300,000 in congressional sanctions. Lead impeachment of Clinton over Lewinsky while having an affair. Resigns from Congress in disgrace uHoH5yV
/There's a definite threat from Islamic radicalization in various parts of our
society, including within the military, and we can't allow political correctness
to keep us from exposing this threat for what it is." Fox News chief intelligence
correspondent Catherine Herridge/Obama's SECRET 2012 WEAPON/Hannity and Limbaugh today on their shows. They were REALLY acting and talking DEFENSIVE about Obama's speech yesterday. From their remarks I get the distinct impression BOTH the $400 million salaried individual AND the $200 million salaried individual are beginning to realize that the MESSAGE Obama is using from the BULLY PULPIT resonates with the voters. Obama's MESSAGE is resonating wit THE AMERICAN PEOPLE/The media had originally reported that witnesses had seen between 3 and 5 gunmen. Then that number went to 3, with Hasan being wounded and taken in to custody, and two other suspects allegedly being taken into custody and later released after being “cleared” and jumping into a Crown Victoria with US Government license plates on it (and men in suits inside. portrayed as a radical unstable Muslim idealist who somehow passed screening into the Army, into Army medical school and psychiatry residency, and the lone gunman here, since Hasan has no immediate family and is single, with two so-called family members who appear to have all the media savvy of a PR man from the Rendon Group, he is the perfect patsy kept secret from families of the soldiers, and there are no plans to inform them now, disposals were never formally authorized by the military. A total of 976 body parts and fragments from 274 soldiers and more than 1,700 other unidentified remains
too badly burned or damaged to identify -- were landfilled. * The practice might
have occurred before the Air Force mortuary started its database in 2003

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