Friday, August 15, 2014

81614/b0 Blocks Israel Missile Shipment

81614/Reportedly Blocks Israel Missile Shipment. OBAMA DOESN'T WANT A GENOCIDE BY ISRAEL- Can't make this up. ISIL terrorists advertising for mechanics to help maintain the U.S tanks and weaponry they took from Iraqi's. First businesses leaving U.S because Obama keeps out bus. tax rate at highest in world Now folks gonna leave to join the Islamo Natzi's offering high paying jobs because they stole billions from the banks in the towns they have overrun-Obama finally helping unemployment situation!-BAMA SAVE THE MOUNTAIN PEOPLE WITHOUT ANY MERICAN LOSS. WHILE GOP BOEHNER DRINKING-so he waves his magic wand, and puff, all things are fixed huh? Hardly, he generates headlines to distract from the failure he is-WHY ISRAEL DOESN'T ATTACK ISIS WITH THE 25 BILLIONS THEY GET FROM US. THEY DO NOTHING To help us any where in the world. only building real state with our money-Limbaugh says mainstream media misquoted his Robin Williams remarks. OBAMA LIBERALS KILLED HIM- ybac/ Brown is the lead suspect in a robbery that took place just moments before he was shot and killed, hp-Republican Tom Coburn One Who Isn't Exactly A Fan Of Fox News- robbery is punishable by immediate death- SECURITY CAMERA SHOWS BROWN ROUGHING UP AN ELEDERLY 5'5" CLERK!-Let's assume for a second Mike Brown committed a robbery. Let's assume he threatened the convenience story owner. If that's true *and* 3 eye witness accounts of how he was killed are true, Wilson should still be charged- impotent rage is all they have press conferences send the teabilly pukes into a frenzy!-wingers cling to their hate so stubbornly is because they sense, once the hate is gone they will be empty yhal/ Russia has massed 75,000 troops on its border, supported by 460 tanks, 1,360 armoured vehicles- I LOVE PUTIN. STRONGER THAN THE TALIBANS ALCAEDA AMND ISIS. WHAT A GUY- Russia does not accept cow chips ygs/Israel, dissent against the war in Gaza is bitterly quashed. It has been Israel's deadliest conflict in years.Haaretz decried a witch hunt against leftists and civil rights organisations AFP /Gold going to $5,000 per ounce: CNBC/YOU are responsible for yourselves and your actions. And once again, an African American began this tragic story by robbing cigars from a Convenience Store, Wonderful- Here is a perfect display of the way the mentally ill, authoritarian neocon thinks. The police say therefore it must be true. The mentally-ill, authoritarian neocon requires no evidence. If the police say it then that is all that is required for them to assign guilt. It's hard not to imagine them goosestepping along-When I met President Reagan, I felt inspired. I want to feel inspired again. Like Reagan, I think the time has come for me to leave the party not ready to become a Republican yet (although despite their lack of solutions, I’m maintaining the independent (dare I say, libertarian?) mindedness and patriotism that my parents endowed me with. For the country’s sake and for their own, I hope the Democrats wake up wt joe piscopos confessions-aibafs/ Israel gets what it wants from the US Government more than Obama gets what he wants, Israel Took U.S. Weapons Without Approval-fb/ Chicago police officer charged with sexually assaulting fellow cop’s daughter 9-Florida man brutally rapes woman then calls 911 Take me to jail- Woman goes bonkers on f*cking Muslim-sovereign citizen describes ambush on cops, a get out the vote campaign-Black blasts Limbaugh: F*CK YOU-Brand: riots make O’Reilly’s racism come bubbling out-Reiner compares the Tea Party stranglehold on Congress to Hamas-Cops gun down headphones- wearing Utah man-Jeb speaks out against popular medical marijuana-Scientist discovers new language spoken by plants-Snowden files: The real Men in Black, and the great UFO false flag-Ten Commandments display has nothing to do with religion: Alabama county official-monster sentenced to life for raping and killing teen- Dawkins: I don’t mind being disliked by complete idiots, like creationists-Robin Williams suffer early stages of Parkinson- Ohio kids devastated after officer shoots my best friend tame deer in front of them-FL school board candidate keeps accidentally saying he supports creationism in science class-KKK raising money for hero Ferguson cop who shot Jewish controlled black thug-Atheist activist: Separation of church and state protects Christians from state-sponsored Islam- Mall cop ignores racist harassing Seattle protesters and pepper sprays black bystander instead-Florida Planned Parenthood clinic to stop performing abortions and ultrasounds- Idaho’s Constitution Party was OK with gay governor candidate until he supported gays- Fox finds a way to blame Al Sharpton for Ferguson: People continue to riot if he comes-Sovereign citizen guilty in diplomatic ID scam he claims was authorized by Vatican- Man shoots daughter thinking she’s a burglar, crashes car driving her to ER-Rogan on War Machine: Domestic violence always evil-Missing Texas teen found living in Walmart, where he wore diapers to avoid restroom- New Jersey Muslim convert freaks out neighborhood by flying ISIS jihadi flag-Pentagon reverses course: Black soldiers won’t be punished for popular hairstyles-US jets strike Islamic State armored vehicles in Iraq-Democratic NY governor candidate arrested for menacing police officers with umbrella-Federal law forces elderly Colorado woman out of her apartment for possessing legal marijuana- Ok man arrested after threatening to kill Harry Reid for fraud and treason- Tea Party official opens Miss. meeting with prayer asking for violence against Republicans-LAPD fatally shot an unarmed black man lying face down in the street-governor begs wrong group of Satanists to cancel Oklahoma City lack mass-iPhone’s Siri thinks a swamp is a good place to hide a murdered roommate’s body-Hasselbeck links atheists forcing prayer out of school to Christian deaths in Iraq- Ferguson police gun down second black Missouri man- Cincinnati radio host shooting wife in back during argument-Cyber war program MonsterMind could ignite accidental conflicts-Perkins blasts the Republican Party for supporting three gay candidates in November- Teacher for coming late to motherf*cking class may get job back after calling students lazy n*ggers- CA man his destiny to fatally stab parents, sons, family dog- Conservative Christians infuriated that Navy orders Bibles removed from its lodges-New York man who keeps threatening Obama despite arrests gets messages from Jehovah- Kansas man shoots wife in the head after mistaking her for a burglar- rsy/ DeLay disgraced congressman believes this is what God intended Let's Bring Jesus Christ Back To Our Political System-sc it’s apparently illegal to drop the F Bomb-I Seceded From The Nation. This is Doug E Stan Right Here in a Dallas neighborhood- Republican Candidate’s New Ad Features Horse With Huge Erection-Texas police officer has been fired after using Facebook to call people on public assistance lazy turds-ll/ open carry blacks in houston, mitches wife having sex, darren wilson shooter? tonsel hockey 4 pizza, stephie diva cop abuse, asian jokes, maylee whoreoff/ zion geraldo wishing for the good ol days
81514/sounds like scripted reality show? CNN did not send reporters to embed with ISIS. The ISIS commander just calls, tells them stuff and CNN reports- Good riddance to another useless Hollywood bleeding wrist liberal. robin was funny at times, but a liberal puke ALL of the time-yc/ The world offering poignant tributes to Robin Williams, Not Rush says leftist ways killed Robin Williams- Off duty Dallas police officer Antonio Hudson shot and killed Andrew Scott Gaynier (caucasion), who was unarmed, after the Gaynier apparently charged the officer-how about those US border camps full of MS 13 gang bangers and who knows what else? Admit it Liberals you know full well Romney would have been a better choice and the world be far more stable. America and the world needed his experience and leadership and instead you voted in a smooth talking Community Organizer with no clue-Why do extremist right wing fanatics have an aversion to the truth?-Look at ISIS, Al Qaeda and the Taliban, none of them have any interest in truth. Merely hate, fear and the implementation of their religious doctrine, and theyre all uber conservative. Just like the tea baggers. And the right wingers on this MB. ybac/ @ABCWorld Waiting with baited breath. NOT At this point What Difference Does it Make?-Weird. The right wingers who were telling me not to trust the government on Ebola have full confidence in the Ferguson PD-if they do that to their own (white people) you know they would do worse to black & brown people-Police they are proving what the Black Community says is more than true-The Civil Rights Act is 50 years old. Behold our progress-RaceBaiters like Sharpton, Obama, Jackson. It's money in their pockets. MLK turning in his grave-Ferguson Police tear gas Aja TV camera crew, then dismantled their equipment slate- McCain: Enough talk, can we just go to WAR SOMEWHERE?-Every time I see this guy, I start humming Generals and Majors XTC, so unhappy unless they got a war-Give me the beautiful brilliant tormented depressed souls over the Cheneys & Limbaughs who never knew an anguished day or sleepless night tw/Man Made Global Warming Liars offer a new and disgusting example They can always be found hypocritically partaking of the very things they condemn, will NEVER put their money where their mouths are. Disgusting, arrogantly maintain their mansions, limo's and private jets while lecturing everyone else that they shall go without, Oh how they whine about all the damage man is allegedly doing to the planet with his current procurement of energy. They then pick and choose what energy indulgences they want to continue using based on the convenience and comfort they desire-Media Matters types and the American left, including Politico and Mediaite, just revel in taking me out of context and misrepresenting me purposely and on purpose because it feeds their template or narrative about me. Russell Brand: Robin Williams Divine Madness Will No Longer Disrupt the Sadness of the World, and this is a well written piece. This is a heartfelt piece aibafs/Bryan P. Willman. He is the cop who may have shot Michael Brown fb/ riots, norman recalls robin joking about joo suit salesman stephie/ninja cop plays dressup with the help of dod illegal to use in war cs gas, national guard inroute, with papintonio hartmann wingnut hicks tries to justify hiring illegals to undercut americans/geraldo calling american zion to arms, losing ground in love/crawl vandals use explosives on 3 mailmboxes, wife kills husband with car/ bo helps zitti stuck on zinjar while protecting interest in iraq/
81314/hamas double war crimes palestinian un human rights council ambassador inquisitr/1,939 Palestinian lives lost, 9,886 wounded, over 200,000 displaced, and more than 10,000 Palestinian housing units severely damaged or completely ruined-Mass protests Targeted for Israeli critics of the war and occupation, unleashed a fury of pro war, ultra nationalist sentiment within Israel, escalating intimidation and violence towards those who dissent, firing of journalists, beating of protesters, a feeling in the air: it is dangerous to be outspoken against the war, an Israeli journalist. Being Palestinian harassment of Palestinian citizens throughout the West Bank against Israel's attacks on Gaza have been met with severe Israeli repression, with at least three Palestinians killed by Israeli fire. The Alternative Information Center recently reported that over the past month, more than 450 Palestinians from East Jerusalem have been detained in protests, and over 150 indictments have been filed, killings and arrests are in keeping with a well documented history of Israel's deadly attacks on Palestinian protests, citizens of Israel, who comprise 20 percent of Israel's population, already face second class status in their own society, including legal discrimination, home demolitions, detentions without due process-Hamas Executed 20 Palestinian Anti War Protestors in Gaza breitbart-Israel has seven million of the right people, a million of the wrong kind, and another five million untouchables it hasn't finished robbing and killing yet-very simple to lift the Gaza blockade: All that needs to be done to this effect is that Hamas stops rocket attacks and puts down the arms. The ball is in the Arab court-That's all that needs to be done to return to normal? please remind me what normal is for thieving Jews-See, your tenor does not spell any intention of peace with the Jews. But, since you've asked, I'll gladly remind you: For the Jews, normal would be a peaceful coexistence with the Pali Arabs within the bona fide negotiated borders, What is normal for Hamas, then? Have Gaza population routinely slaughtered, for the sake of holding on to their own power, and, on the top level, Swiss banks millions worth personal accounts?- iapb/So liberal obama lovers doing today? Golfing, or at Jay-Z rapper party or on another vacation?? Putin grabbing more land or shotting down planes, Hamas devils firing missles daily, the US borders wide open ISIS killing Christians by the thousands in Iraq and incompetent vacation boy Barry does nothing. Just the facts- The art of war is not new, nor are there any new tactics for keeping peace and resolving discord. Force works. Talk and liberal cowardice and populist propaganda fantasy for the low information votards doesn't. Ever. And nothing, no resolution, is ever permanent, but force has the highest success rate. While liberal morons seem to believe that their groupthinking, self anointed professors will come up with a new solution, the end results are consistent and as predictable as the approach, It's Always And Forevermore Just Another obama Failure-will republicans be satisfied when we are at war with all countries that have bullies, thugs, and criminals. Wow, you are screwed up dude, maybe over medicated?-now we have become World Police and protectors of every foreign country and religious group the republican conservative freaks in our country seem to like. You sound very sick with a desire to use America's power. Get a life dude- ybac/rigging riots, what happens to the type of personality willing to pay for smiling and other overtonisms, reguration of lies rush clearchannel and the rest of the gang pushed further away, robins final joke unrevealed media complicit, stephie/methane, exxon putin link, bo nixes xl pipeline, gnpv
81214/The Tea Klux Pukes Has Done $Trillions More Damage To America Than ISIS Ever Will! I Would Like To See EVERY Republican Covered In Burning Napalm- i think your words describe the vile nature of Democrat leftists, such as yourself in a VERY accurate manner-Obama let's ISIS bury 500 women and children alive, so he can play golf- they're rioting in Fergusonover one death aren't they?- yhal/usps shackling by obstructionist, dancing to varney watching faxnooze or golf, hollywood and vine, godfather attacks jenny hubby babin seal back injury, trading drugs, fax machine work, former friends of robin rip (appearent suicide with no note?) sad and horrible, throwing megan under the bus,
81114/Destroy minimum wage and addictive welfare Charles Koch’s plan-Marxist Lincoln enslaved us all by ending Southern slavery-Ohio strippers take topless protest to church that harassed them as whores, tramps for nine years-Robertson Intervene, Lord! discusses impeach plan-Reagan appointee sides with Wiccans: NM town must remove Ten Commandments monument- NC Klan rally drowned out by protesters who always wanted to talk trash to a grand dragon-Utah girl 15 killed by older sister in truck while sunbathing in driveway-arrest 32 in chaotic riots after cop kills black teen in Ferguson, Missouri-Pennsylvania boy 15 dies in manure pit-NC woman upset to find Nazi swastika burned into bun of her McDonald’s chicken sandwich-Silverman and Oliver hammer payday loan industry motherf*ckers- Texas court rules against homeschoolers who expected rapture and stopped teaching kids-Burn in hell: Christians respond on Facebook to AL atheist with death threats, hatred-Obsessed mom sent nude photos of her teen daughters to instructor-Christian college cites Hobby Lobby in lawsuit over abortion causing- Duggar warns conservative Christians of Obama’s gay friendly agenda-Philadelphia man confesses to strangling his wife to death during evening jog-FL man arrested for beating girlfriend, because he dreamed she was cheating on him- Lennox Lewis mentor undergoing sex change- flying saucer goes for a test spin 180,000 ft above Earth-GA teacher plans to sue students who caused her firing by posting her nude photos online-alcohol at gun shows, and guns rights groups aren’t happy-Irish senator blasts Israel as right wing regime in epic rant-Maher on Ayn It’s all stuff that seems very deep when you’re 19 years old-Uygur rips the Nyt finally using the word torture to describe it-Fischer unhinged: Obama going into Iraq to save devil worshipers from ISIS-NC stiff voting restrictions allowed to proceed- Atlantic City hotel security caught on video beating guests bloody-Minnesota GOP’s Supreme Court nominee can’t stop running into trouble with traffic cops- rsy/bo attacked modern conservatism, sez Democrats Are Generally Fact Based, Reason Based While The GOP Denies Science nyt/ McCain Attacks bo says the airstrikes initiated by Obama in Iraq are a pinpick ineffective and worse than nothing-Crew Tests App Identifying Sketchy Neighborhoods, Promptly Robbed- Ex cali GOP Candidate Shooting Indiscriminately, Shoots Neighbor, Kills Horse-Lavoro could be in tx jail for the rest of his life for cooking up a batch of pot brownies-Richard Woods, Georgia Republican To Black Democrat: You Can Dust Off The Color Purple But You Won't Win ll

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