Monday, August 11, 2014

81114/I accept premise, question evidence

81114/I accept your premise but question your evidence Do you suggest that Ukraine was planned or that ISIL was supported by this administration?- We're still trillions in debt for 2 simultaneous wars for over a decade that Republicans couldn't get out of, in fear of looking like we lost those wars. Well we did lose those wars and now we have an even bigger mess with ISIS. When Saddam was in charge he kept all the extremist in check with fear. Now there are even more groups all splintered and even more destructive after his capture and execution. Makes a lot of sense huh? You probably never served a day in your life. Many that know the devastation that war brings only use it when it is necessary- It’s really hard, I don’t think you can judge how he did right now, admitted. We’re almost in an impossible situation. The America people really have no appetite for America to reengage. They don’t want us to go into Syria. now reluctantly seeing the perils of inaction, continued. If we do nothing here, then what? I mean, let’s say Iraq does fall, which I think is a possibility. Iraq may fall. If, indeed, there are no boots on the ground, not going to happen, can’t happen, Ingraham added that she was not saying she wanted to see U.S. forces return to Iraq: I don’t know if there’s a good solution right now, which is a horrible thing to say for the United States of America, Ingraham pointed out that al Qaeda, through its ISIS offshoot group, was becoming the Islamic state. We tried to do all these things in Iraq, now Iraq is worse off! I mean, I hate to say that, but Iraq is worse than before we went in to Iraq. Christians are gone, there’s no sense of order at all. Saddam Hussein is gone. That’s a good thing, but what’s left? A more embolden Islamic state-Does anyone know why Malki won't give up power?- He thinks his Shiite don't stink! LOL-He doesn't want the Kurds to take over. He wants the Shitte whey! Curds and whey, get it! LOL rbh/another fine group of barbarian ammosexual gundalmentalists you got us into Ollie! fb/ evidence that pot is associated with adverse heart complications, two young men in Germany 23 and 28 with no drugs other than THC in their systems and no known health issues, both died due to complications from abnormal heart rhythms, or arrhythmias aibafs/ Ukraine Rockets slammed into a high security prison Monday in the rebel-held city of Donetsk, igniting a riot that allowed more than 100 prisoners to flee AP-overton reoccuring nightmare with all the usual suspects loser always say both sides are the same, stephie/fired o&a bigot gets gig as white nationist dppv/ baker at snooze worried about shiaastan imus/war on moms pv/ shoes 4 jooz, curtis assuming iraq incubation murders like it was true, more americans die on 4th of july than izzy lost in 5k rocket attacks, kcwabc/savage attacks friedman nyt early stage of refusal
81014/Zionism didn't just steal Palestine, They stole the Jewish identity, the Jewish name and the holy name of Israel. They dont represent Jewish people and they dont represent humans at all fb/ sarah word salady they’re like of the Devil or somethin’ I was. Liberals, you want to send those evil employees who would dare work at a fast food joint then ya just don’t believe in, thought you wanted to, I dunno, send them to Purgatory or somethin’ so they all go VEGAN and, uh, wages and picket lines I dunno they’re not often discussed in Purgatory, are they? I dunno why are you even worried about fast food wages dbtr/ Joan Rivers: Low IQ Palestinians Deserve To Be Dead-glad to finally hear someone speak out for isreal, though I am not Jewish, FOR the life of me the Jewish people as a whole do not make one ounce of sense to me, living thru what Hitler did to the Jews over 50 year ago, haven’t learned their lesson, continue to vote DUMD O CRATS and OBOZZO with his continued history against the Jewish people and pro Muslim who are definitely enemies of Jewish people- WAKE UP JEWISH PEOPLE, keep voting liberal and keep signing your rights away-American Jews who should be the most Conservative of Americans are as a group liberal and support the filth in the White House who hates them. Only one word comest to mind: STUPID. Just like blacks who as a group support the filth though he has hurt the good ones. The n* are just like all of their simian kind back in Africa, lazy shiftless parasitic trash. Look what they did to Detroit and that will happen to every city where blacks control the government. I strongly support Israel and decent black people like Allen West and many others, but have no use for free loaders and those too stupid to learn-I’ve see a lot of prominent kykenvermin come out for mass genocide. They plan it for us Christians next. Yet a lot of Firster Xtards love them, Reagan administration halted its cluster munitions sales to Israel between 1982 and 1988 in response to Israel’s disproportionate and indiscriminate attack on civilians in Beirut. In 1991, the George H.W. Bush administration conditioned its loan guarantees to Israel on the cessation of its settlement expansion in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, slaughter in Gaza reaches 1,752 people, including ten persons killed on Sunday morning when Israel once again bombed a United Nations-run school being used as a shelter, Snowden, has revealed that the British and American intelligence and the Mossad worked together to create the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) intelligence services of three countries created a terrorist organisation that is able to attract all extremists of the world to one place, using a strategy called the hornet’s nest, The only solution for the protection of the Jewish state is to create an enemy near its borders, refer to recent implementation of the hornet’s nest to protect the Zionist entity by creating religious and Islamic slogans, Jews may gloat over the imprisonment of Irving for Holocaust Denial. Or their recent persecution of a Catholic Bishop who dared to question the Holocaust. The Jews demanded that the pope throw this Bishop out of the Church. Talk about chutzpah-Haaretz reported. petition signed by 525 Italians, mainly academics, The signees say they are dismayed by the events in Gaza and accuse Israel of pursuing colonial policies and ethnic cleansing slow genocide of the Palestinians, also blames the US for supporting Israel, calls for Israel to face an international tribunal, a Nuremberg like trial, for its war crimes and the slow genocide of the Palestinian people. Italian activists believe that not only the Israeli military and the government, but also the entire state of Israel and its accomplices should be brought to trial over current events, as well as those in the past and the foreseeable future, demanding a Nuremberg trial for Israel over the destruction of Palestine 99vta/Posters an epidemic in Rome: Do not buy from Jews!: The only thing missing is Mussolini tw/patti smith emasculates sexist anti gay dirt bag punk rocker ted aattp/ Persecuted Christian Cheerleaders Take Bible Banners Fight to Texas-You would have no problems spitting on an Arab Christian, I take it. Allah is Arabic-RW Christian Lunatic Bryan Fischer Sides With ISIS-praising ISIS for slaughtering and raping non Christians?-Crazy Woman Sarah Conflates Fast Food, Elizabeth Warren-people are going to pay to watch and listen to this looney who went to five colleges-Fox News Failure Claims Guns are More Empowering/without makeup, slightly haggered linsey pist about iraq and isis slaughtering christians then promising coming to america, laura concerned for 3m possible hydodamn flood fns/
8914/a massive pro Zionist Evangelical revival in Latin America, especially strong in Guatemala, Chile, and Brazil. Guatemala is 40% Protestant; Chile 15%, and Brazil 22%. What on earth is happening? history flabbergasts us. Arab Latins fled Muslims. How on earth are these nations supporting an Islamist regime like Hamas in Gaza, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Peru have already recalled their ambassadors Haaretz, El Salvador recalled its Israeli ambassador from Tel Aviv on Wednesday to protest the military operation in Gaza, making it the fifth Latin American country to do so. an enormous flight to Latin America from the Mideast after a series of genocidal anti Christian pogroms occurred in Syria and Lebanon from 1840 60. By 1890, floods of Arabs went to South America. Over 80% of all Arabs who immigrated were Christian. Those few Muslims who did arrive either converted or married into Christianity, Latin Culture is based on the Reconquista; the war against Islam. Why on earth would they support Islamist Hamas? Chile, and El Salvador. Both have elite, very influential Palestinian populations. Chile and El Salvador might have been expected to do something, Or maybe not? are almost all Christian. Yes, El Salvador had a Palestinian president, Antonio Saca, but he was an Evangelical Christian-The demonization of Israelis by the United Nations is similarly venomous, regardless of the diplomatic facade-people involved told the U.N. Human Rights Council, accused Israel of attacking sleeping children Israel exhibited disregard for the right to life, shockingly evident for all to see in the apparent targeting of children playing, crimes included attacks against civilians, Alleging that Israelis are baby killers is not some throwaway line. It’s incitement, hand in hand with the repeated blood libel that Jews use the blood of the innocent for religious rituals has been only slightly modified in U.N. circles, where Jews are portrayed as simply out for blood, period, Following his effusive praise for Hamas financial backer, Qatar, Ban Ki moon, Gaza is an open wound. We must stop the bleeding now. The people of Gaza have bled enough, special session of the General Assembly, speakers from more than two dozen countries railed about “the shedding of innocent Palestinian blood, Claiming that Israelis are bloodthirsty is not idle chatter. It’s anti Semitism. Where is the Obama administration in this sickening perversion of first principles? Working hand in glove with the U.N, agreed to a unanimous Security Council on Gaza against the strong objections of Israel. The statement doesn’t mention Hamas, or rockets, or tunnels. It doesn’t identify the only party that has rejected or broken every cease fire. And it lumps Israel together with a terrorist organization by demanding the same from all parties. Why should Palestinian and other Arab terrorists end their six decade long campaign to destroy the state of Israel when this global monstrosity has their back? canadafreepress-iapb/death toll in Gaza has now reached 1,895, with 9,816 aja-Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine-1468 names have been confirmed actual death toll-Israel Resumes Indiscriminate Killings in Gaza-Health officials in Gaza have put the death toll from one month of Operation Protective Edge, the official title of the Israeli bombing, artillery-ISRAEL'S LIES vs THE FACTS-new scam to avoid Uprooted Palestinians are at the heart of the conflict in the M.E Palestinians uprooted by force of arms. Yet faced, war to declare Gaza enemy territory to avoid payouts-‎UN says child death toll in Gaza exceeds 400-Irish senator condemns Gaza massacre, Holocaust Israel Nazi talk-G/media constantly intone that Hamas is dedicated to the destruction of Israel. In reality, Hamas leaders have repeatedly made it clear that Hamas would accept a two-state settlement in accord with the international consensus that has been blocked by the U.S. and Israel for 40 years-relentless siege and savage attacks are punctuated by episodes of mowing the lawn, to borrow Israel’s cheery expression for its periodic exercises in shooting fish in a pond as part of what it calls a war of defense-The practice is sadism, sanctimoniously disguising itself as mercy, in the words of Israeli journalist Amira Hass: A recorded message demanding hundreds of thousands of people leave their already targeted homes, for another place, equally dangerous, 10 kilometers away-Kerry called for, eliciting hysterical condemnation in Israel because the phrase could be interpreted as calling for an end to Israel’s siege and regular attacks. And, horror of horrors, the phrase might even be interpreted calling for implementation of international law in the rest of the occupied territories-In fact, there is no place in the prison of Gaza safe from Israeli sadism, which may even exceed the terrible crimes of Operation Cast Lead-IDF policy Shoot to CRIPPLE, It was shoot to kill at first, We had eight to ten extremely critical cases. It was amazing that they made it. One had a bullet in the heart. The other had a bullet in the major vessels in the neck. Then after the first injuries it shifted, it was shoot to cripple. We had more than 100 injuries in the femur and the knee. Many of the injured will suffer for life, They have metal in their legs; many will definitely have problems walking if not be crippled 100%. Many won’t be able to run or walk long distances without pain. Doctors at the Palestinian Medical Center have recently begun treating critical wounds inflicted by dum dum bullets. Banned under customary human rights law, the ammunition is designed to cause extreme damage to tissue by expanding outwards upon entry, thereby preventing the bullet from exiting-Tell the Richies to go F themselves-rbh/
8814/hypocrisy? Mitch's wife sits on the board of a group working to kill the coal industry, serves an advisory and oversight, earned $9,400 for her efforts on behalf of the group. All board members were paid that amount, except for one artist Maya Lin who received $18,500, at Wells Fargo would divest from surface mining of coal in Appalachia due to environmental concerns. no longer lend to coal companies that participate in Mountain Top Removal (MTR), in which miners extract coal from mountain summits, received $332,350 in 2011 through compensation, stock and fees, according to a Wells Fargo stockholder report from March 2012- bo found his Big Boy Pants so lets hope it is not to little to late. God Bless America, Just wait. As soon as he finds out ISIS has weapons of mass destruction he will make Cheney Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. then we will find out if any of our old nukes actually work-baiting Republicans, to smart to bite. If they did move forward with impeachment, it would launch a race war that would end with martial law, right before the elections. Since the Republicans haven't taken the bait, the Democrats now yell impeachment, impeachment, the republicans are going to impeach Obama, Why would that be their mantra? Could it be because their plan is falling apart? The world is blowing up around him? Democrats are becoming very desperate. Desperation causes reckless behavior has made the world a very dangerous place with his dereliction of duty Rs need to stay the course & keep pounding on the misguided policys put in place by the administration. If the moderates & tea party can kiss and make up, IMHO this mess can be turned around. What wrong with a little compromise between these 2. Dole believes this, Only time will tell yhal/fIGHTING IN IRAQ WHILE THE GOP ON VACATION cheneybushcriminals Drinking cocktails, sitting on the beach. Stroking their hairy bellies as they get sandy service for a refill. Staring out over those beautiful blue waters wondering if they want lobster tonight, or shark fin soup. Life is good in their mind ybac/W"s strategy: 4,489 U.S. soldiers killed, 32,021 U.S. soldiers wounded, 200,000 innocent Iraqis killed, $2 TRILLION flushed down Iraq sewers ygs/Five Palestinians dead, at least 30 hurt as IAF strikes jpost-Viewers upset about breaking news uproxx- Hamas leaders decided to continue its terror activities and take you with them again. The IDF will continue the campaign-innocents are manning checkpoints in West Bank, attacking Gaza and settling on confiscated land-Gaza who attacked Israel, checkpoints are set for the sole purpose of Israel's security, since the Arabs are known to carry explosives an murder Israeli citizens, are you totally mad, or just pretend dumb in order to bully Israel?-watch us taking it back and have a nice hart attack-Yes, you can do it for sure, You and Yahweh, and the Pentagon-watch us clean the jihad trolls you support, Hamas in the Gaza Strip is dragging its residents to the same depths the Japanese government dragged millions of its citizens, isis and hamas are the same you are simply idiot-iapb/Porch shooter guilty on all charges-it's time to throw the gun nut who thought it was just peachy keen to shoot a texter to death in a Fla movie theater aibafs/Ebola declared a public-health emergency Tiny water worlds float in oil reservoirs-Humans have tripled mercury levels in upper ocean-Fish flourish on anxiety drug naturec/ Antisemitism on rise across Europe since the Nazis-Washington man set ablaze by wife over alleged child abuse could face molestation charge-Cops gun down Ohio man holding toy rifle in Walmart like he was not even human-Colbert tries to outdo Fox News’ Ben Carson for most outlandish Ebola panic-Russell Brand rips O’Reilly turning to communist East Germany immigration ideas-SNL ditz Victoria Jackson loses TN race, vows to annoy winners with conspiracy theories-Mother files suit after her son 8 Tasered by police for wielding a knife-55 bodies found at notorious FL reform school-for arranging dog sex encounter on Craigslist CEO of Baptist center fired after arrest-Man posed as immigration doctor guilty of raping Colorado girl 9-White duo behind app to avoid sketchy neighborhoods is shocked to hear it’s racist-Six month old baby dies after being stabbed by family member near Sacramento-Nugent mocks unclean dipsh*t Native Americans: Whites stole their land is bullsh*t- Rove super PAC pushes another fake Obamacare horror story in Colorado ad-ridiculed open carry kids book say they get death threats-Husband of CT Democratic candidate maintains pro white blog supporting Aryan Skynet-Minnesota GOP’s Supreme Court nominee can’t stop running into trouble with traffic cops-TN Democratic candidate wants voters to join the NRA, put Bible back in school rsy /Michelle sez you might be facing challenges in your family that make it hard for you to focus in class. But if girls across the globe can walk hours each day from their villages to attend school, or work two or three jobs to pay their school fees, or even risk their lives to attend school, then I know you can overcome any obstacles you face hp-She continues to care about education and healthy eating for our children in spite of how much the right has put her family through for 6 yrs. They still have not got over the fact that they lost the election. Their hatred will ensure that they never again win an election. If they do it is because they have had to resort to citizens united and voter suppression!- humble Christian just humbly spreadin the Gospel rick wiles ebola could solve americas problems atheism and homosexuality Operation American Jesus ‎Project Blasphemy rightwingwatch-pseudo-Christian cult-Multi-Chem is a Halliburton business. They mix fracking and oilfield chemicals. After their plant blew up in 2011, OSHA gave them a fine of $49,000 ($7,000 per worker onsite at the time) and the state of Louisiana gave them a $1.8 million tax break-fb/ fugalsangisms bitch slapping trolls, dick lies, stephie/wingnutz setting up for suni shia showdown 4 bagdad hoping for a big body count but don't want to cheer bo protecting embassy/ geraldo dogs of war/ babtismal water boarding jhpv/stephie liquid courage to deal with little germ wagons defence, 4 month countdown in afgan/17b$ payoff for greed and abuse, bernie sez obstruction worse than ever on hartmann/ kubby tries to quell the delusional, finishing strong, while wingnut standin tries to justify izzy afraid of pipebombs need to kill children otherwise grass cutting-nypost popular homeless squeegy people rags uppsetting the rich that don't want their cars touched, on wabc/ savage wiht disreali gears suggests dropping booze, porn, and male enhancement products to quell the new arab spring movement/
8714/Committed Assassinations and Massacres: Wasn't He a Terrorist? israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir was a member of the Stern Gang sent Jewish fighters out to kill British officers whom he saw as occupiers. a wanted man then; to the British rulers of Palestine he was a terrorist, an assassin BuzzFlash/War of Words Israel's PR campaign rivals the IDF military campaign in its relentless use of disinformation and repeated untruths, which the US media too regularly echoes without question Truthout/Hartmann: Americans Are Drowning in Debt/

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