Tuesday, August 19, 2014

81914/-Amnesty International publicity hounds in Ferguson get spanked

81914/ sources tell me more than a dozen witnesses have corroborated cop's version of events in shooting Ferguson BOMBSHELL FROM ST LOUIS REPORTER! Malkin-Amnesty International publicity hounds in #Ferguson get spanked-Fav Racist History is George Lincoln Rockwell shot by dark skinned white 4 arguing lite skinned white is superior tw/WaPo: Large number of people arrested for looting in Ferguson have addresses listed in Illinois or Texas, Imagine that-NY, CHICAGO & CA too-good news Large number of people arrested for looting-being bused in from Chicago and some of them where coming in with fire arms-probably unemployed union stooges the same rent a mob they would bus around to all of hussein's campaign stops, savvy?-like terrorists in the M.E. ybac/ African American man stole a package of muffins and two energy drinks from a convenience store. The man was reportedly acting erratically, and pulled a knife out of his waistband when officers arrived, said Shoot me now, kill me now. When the suspect 23 came within three to four feet of the officers, both officers fired their weapons, killing the man-CNN’s Lemon pushed around by St. Louis cops, Now you see why people are so upset-O’Reilly Ferguson protesters don’t want justice-Claire Ogilvie, 36, attacked Nancy Tramontin, the wife of Virginia House of Delegates, struck the woman several times in the head, friends until the woman developed what she described as an unsettling interest after Semester at Sea, which allows students to take college courses on a cruise ship-Perry to turn himself in- Klan To Guard White Businesses And Protect Innocent Whites, back shooting n*gger criminals-Mississippi man accused of shooting mother’s boyfriend over mixed race grandkids-Limbaugh: Democrats are spreading myth police shoot and kill Black men-fla Scott pulls campaign ad in which convicted human trafficker endorses him-bo sends Holder to Ferguson-Georgia county won’t pay medical bills for toddler burned by grenade in botched drug raid -Florida woman shoots grandson 7 she mistook for an intruder-Ingraham Thugs are thugs-Gohmert’s birthday party: Liberals think our wealth is stolen Nazi art- Pasadena teenage boys accused of plotting mass high school shooting spree -White supremacist reeking of booze arrested after profane tirade against Washington deputy rsy-KKK Heads To Ferguson Who said the tea party didn't care, Obviously they do and this is proof-Why It's Not Shocking To See Impeachment Now Billboard With Giant Black Testicles- Hedy Epstein, a Holocaust survivor, was arrested protesting at Governor Jay Nixon’s office- PD Video Backfires; Brown Seen Paying For Cigarillos- Perry Facing Up To 109 Years In Prison After Being Indicted ll/ You know it's bad when colburn calls out lies and misinformation. rips Fox News as totally not fair and totally not balanced examiner/ gun phones? if protestors had rpgs, copicide, wondering if zion would ever be sated? media vigalanties justify headshot/Leif Babin is a Finnochio Jenna Lee’s F**king husband, you dumb bastard! Maybe that’s a little strong. Perhaps Mr. Babin should pay Mr. Varney a visit to introduce himself, along with those canned hams he has that he calls Fists ROB, IN HIS DOUBLE WIDE COFFIN, hollering at Deirdre for something or other, the I Man says he feels dizzy, gone back up to the Hacienda to get some oxygen. We realize how difficult it is to breathe at 7000 feet above sea level for anybody who, normally, has no problem breathing, let alone someone who has emphysema and has just drunk coffee laced with some kind of Moroccan powder that shrinks the alveoli in the lungs. Damn you, Leif Babin! You will not get away with this! we immediately go to commercial spots. We are all concerned, except, of course, for Riedel, who starts offering his services as Guest Host until Don Feels Better RIEDEL IN THE MORNING? WE DON’T THINK SO. Wow. We’re all for Blind Ambition, that’s just Creepy. Would the opportunistic little theater camp counselor jump into the Boss grave that quickly? I almost die on the f*cking air and these two motherf*ckers think it's funny. You know what's not funny? Rob and Tony. They are not funny. They are fat and stupid. Wish I had a better line, you know one that was clever, not mean and insulting, relying on cheap physical humor, how about, uh a**holes? telling mary to send pills asap imus / dowd attacks bo, conspiracies abound, charlieisms find life agreeing something is definetly up with the losers willing to paying anything not to lose jackboot power, including employing professionsal rioters delay capitolizing mugshot specials, dallas tx worker deaths, perry mugshot decision woes, huckabee upset about espn cow turd coward sez the south is eye 4 eyeish refering to racetrack death, militarized police trained to shoot to kill to eliminate wittnesses turn to kill the disabled, crowd control experiments, jims fan jackinthebox, stjoe murderer(s) skipping town, authorities confused, exporting weapons bad business model, cop kills woman having trouble in the hospital, optics and antimatter weapons ceo steph blowing twitter wad early and 3way/grandsonicide wabc bp/ importing rioteers for policing and crowd control experiments? geraldo/no justice, no peace, a little too familar hands up shoot back, salute the jews at 6flags, kcwabc/tom takes forensic investigator building strawmen and other falacies to task
81814/My scripts are a focus of my will. My strength is my knowledge. My weapons are my skills- RWNJ don;t get it isn't Left v Right, it's all of us vs their fox gop kkkult-Judge Jeanine Panel, ISIS Coming For Us!-Ark freight trains carrying toxic chemicals collided head, killing two AP- Iron Dome Patriot Missiles Sold To Chinaby Israel seized Ally or Enemy? JohnBolton Not Kosher! veteranstoday-Jason Riley, one of the more lucid voices on race relations in America, and his frank citation of black crime statistics befuddled Meet the Press panel who just randomly interrupted him to get him to shut up already! fn- Ferguson Curfew Cancelled As National Guard Arrives; Holder Demands To Remove The Damn Tanks zerohedge-tw/peaceful protest quickly deteriorated after marchers pushed toward one end of a street. Police attempted to push them back by firing tear gas and shouting over a bullhorn that the protest was no longer peaceful ap/ My Ordeal With the Israel Lobby and UC, Repression that included techniques Hasbara handbook by the Israel lobby in contravention of academic freedom and university rulesEscalates on US Campuses- IMF and World Bank aid packages contingent on austerity reforms will have a devastating impact on Ukrainians' standard of living and increase poverty in the country- Truthout/ The initial contact between the officer and Michael Brown was not related to the robbery. Brown was walking down the middle of the street stopping traffic bbc/uncertain why the right wing somehow enjoys brutality, the most anti war elements on our political spectrum are conservative. The misnamed neocons have diminished in power, as has the religious right, I'm a libertarian leaning conservative and a Christian. I abhor the militarization of police and the suppression of peaceful protest. Ironically, suppressing peaceful protest becomes justification in the minds of those looking for an excuse to riot and loot, which ALWAYS damages the goals and purposes behind peaceful protests, as well as the local community they victimize by falsely claiming they seek the justice actually sought by the peaceful protesters.fb/Brazile mocks GOP pollster for insisting hipster glasses saved Rick Perry’s campaign-kkk raising money for ferguson cop hero shot jewish controlled black thug-guest shuts up Liz Cheney on Bill Clinton’s cheating: He’s as popular as the Pope-Westboro Church to picket funeral of Robin Williams carcass worship fest- Dubai deports world’s most pierced man because he practices Black Magic-rsy/ if the man was just standing there with his hands up-2 shots to the head- Witnesses said he was shot in the back multiple times yhal/ What's the real crime?-our new legal system? Steal cigars? Sell loose cigarettes? Bang on someone's door in the middle of the night? Death sentence-Cognitive Dissonance, the feeling of uncomfortable tension which comes from holding two conflicting thoughts in the mind at the same time, freedom v rules, ok to kill v not ok to kill, ok to steal v not ok to steal, for v against, beliefs v facts, faith v critical thinking yc/stealing wine 4 love, babsie austrian church porn with bible and rosary, siberian puppy saves girl lost 11 days, kurds reclaim damn, drunken lawn furniture sex show with pissing finali, prior to poisoning exlover sexoligist gave the clapp to german shepards, theorist caller recommends ax handles to quell protests wiffle balls and bags of shit thrown at police, 6 possible murder concuring executions, rude eyeshot copicide deepens, 3 inside r arm, ham sandwich perry's prison blues rmm careful not drop the soap, gop hopefulls president not indicted pool shrinking? isis already here in the desert, jack wagon appreciation day, utter chaos sarahisms go big or go home? like being chained in steph's sex dungeon always considering what sarah would do if she were vp/zion geraldo claiming dad gave him humility, shooting to kill looters ok 4 shop owners, (zion needs?) als ice bucket challenge mania reaches clearwire-savage invents social vandals of which sharpton is one that are anti police wabc/ blue flowerpot tactics geraldo/
81714/needed president testicular fortitude-five years ago where we unveiled The cool thing about the monument to Limbaugh, the Koch Brothers, Ayn Rand and Dick Cheney, twice the size of Rushmore, made entirely of gold, we cut our gardener’s wages by 5 percent for a week to come up with the precious metal, the mouth of Ayn Rand opens up to house the headquarters of Team America, which now includes the newest team member: Sarah, We included Cheney because we knew it would make you mad aibafs/Stifling debate on the Nakba the Arabic word for catastrophe and how Palestinians refer-Israel’s founding prevents a free and open discussion of the historical record-your upcoming marriage to George Clooney is one of the hottest tickets around, The celebrity stuff aside, being charming and beautiful and having captured the heart of Hollywood’s most eligible long term bachelor. You got a law degree from Oxford, clerked for Judge Sonia Sotomayor (pre Supreme Court), represented Julian Assange, and among other high profile cases, you worked on the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, investigating the murder of the former Prime Minister of Lebanon Rafiq al Hariri. horrified by the situation in the occupied Gaza Strip, particularly the civilian casualties that have been caused, there should be an independent investigation and accountability for crimes that have been committed. namely the Gaza Strip, but also to Lebanon, which is also held hostage by an Iranian sponsored terrorist organization that uses innocent men, women, and children as pawns to gratify the evil geopolitical schemes of a foreign power, compelled the U.N. Human Rights Council to pass a resolution condemning Israel for grave violations of human rights. Two years later, Goldstone published in the Washington Post a retraction of the report that bore his name. To be sure, Israeli strikes killed civilians in Gaza were not intentionally targeted as a matter of policy. In fact, no sane person thinks that tabletmag- iapb/ after curfew @Timcast documented shots coming NOT FROM POLICE, and a molotov being thrown (protesters stomped fire out-leaves a lot of OTHER places from which the shots might have come: any theories floating around?-a person in the crowd who shot someone else tw/george and wingnut ladies take turns dissing bo and hillary fns/ mtp warwagon complaining bo not doing enough/ double felon perry hoping trading hipster glasses 4 cowboy hat gives his presidential run legs with wingnutz abc/
81614/Perry becomes the state of Texas's first indicted governor in nearly a century, charged by a grand jury with abusing his powers of office using a veto cutting funds to a state anti corruption unit bbc/ferguson cops after they beat him charged black man bleeding on uniforms fb/ Buchanan has clashed with the Jews, told Reagan that he mustn't lay a wreath at a certain military cemetery in Germany at Bitburg, because some of the soldiers buried there were members of the SS, Buchanan advised him to go ahead and lay the wreath anyway. The war had been over for nearly 50 years, it was time for reconciliation. But the Jews motto is never forget and never forgive, and so again called Buchanan an anti Semite for not yielding to their pressure aibafs/ Limited Mission in Iraq NewYorker-Most Explosive Crude Oil Is in North Dakota, Transported on Trains That Are Bombs on Wheels BuzzFlash-Obstruction GOP Is Holding Up Funds to Catch Rapists mj/Message to Netanyahu: Weapons With Strings Attached-Pro Peace Rally Held in Tel Aviv Amid Gaza Truce Talks Haaretz-More Than 800 Egyptian Protesters Died: One Year Later, Remembering the Horrific Raba'a Massacre GlobalVoices/Christian Leader Blames Me for Air Force Academy Rape Epidemic, the American Family Association, is listed on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s index of domestic hate groups alongside the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazi organizations Bryan Fischer has parachuted well beyond the realm of error, attacking efforts to keep bullying by the religious right out of the Air Force AlterNet- The Disintegration of a Nation: Why It Is Happening and Who Is Responsible the history behind the chaos in Iraq. From PNAC to Bush Truthout/ Conquer and Divide through ISIS? harbored, trained, armed, and extensively funded by a coalition of NATO and Persian Gulf states within Turkey’s (NATO territory) borders, launched invasions into northern Syria with, at times, both Turkish artillery and air cover cbelievers/1968 Dnc Chicago. As tempers ran high because of the Vietnam War, a televised debate between Mr. Buckley and Mr. Vidal got very ugly in a hurry, with Vidal calling Buckley a crypto Nazi and Buckley attacking Vidal’s sexuality with a street slur cm/ Wall Street Journal: The Funny Papers of Modern Journalism BuzzFlash/israeli Discourse on Terrorism Seeks to Justify Blatant War Crimes Mondoweiss/ 100,000 people sign-up to support NYT reporter James Risen, who is facing jail- Dutch hero 91 returns Israeli WWII honor after six family members are killed in Gaza rsy/CNN reporting that the DOJ advised the chief pig not to release the video, that it would inflame the public. The chief pig released it anyway blaming reporters for requesting release of the video. This cop is as guilty as the killer cop. This chief apparently wants to incite riots because his attempts at cover up and blaming the victim are not working in his favor-Blaming the victim is a standard practice for dishonest players in conflicts it looks like. The perps believe it will confuse every one enough that they can get away with their egregious actions, look how Israel treats Palestine who Israel wants to blame, if ANYTHING, Palestinians are VICTIMS in a power play from numerous players-45 % of WHITE COLLAR JOBS now done by humans will be done by robots in the near future. Undocumented immigrants, and offshoring with the losing of jobs will seem like a distant pin prick- rbh/

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