Friday, June 6, 2014

6614/dday 70/Gds Airtronic, to sell grenade launchers

6614/dday 70/Global Digital Solutions (an obscure Florida corporation that morphed from its founding in 1995 as a beauty product sales company into a wireless data company and then last year into a weapons maker worth the $1.3 million in stock options intended to buy Remington Arms for $1 billion, a claim greeted with derision by Remington and industry professionals since Global Digital has a total of 4 employees and a market cap of $40 million. A month after the company announced that Brown would be dispensing invaluable advice on their planned merger with Airtronic, a small, struggling firearms company, Global announced that its partner had a $95 million dollar deal to sell grenade launchers ybac/14.2 26.1yf/ G.M. response to a fatal flaw was to shrug r/Two tarnished retail titans turn to tech for a turnaround nyt/As bank fines soar, U.S. threatened $16 billion BNP penalty Bloomberg/Last Laugh: Tax Free $2 Billion Clippers Sale, Sterling seems to be sitting pretty, only paid $12.5 million for the Clippers in 1981.  Forbes /seattle yersterday afternoon, today norfolk, derangment is awful, thoughts and prayers recalled, stephie/humping traitor angle, imus/dday 4 freedoms fight renewed, obstruction, sedition, if not treason, hartmann/
6514/General* Gives Up  multiple misspellings in your post indicate that you responded hastily. You're rattled and drunk on cheap wine, I get that. The question about removing embedded gerbils was in response to some of the posts you made the other day on one of those other boards wherein you were asking about the best websites for ordering declawed gerbils anonymously online. I was just trying to make light of your inquiry is all-it'd be like taking a gerbil from a baby, molester, no challenge and certainly no fun-snuggled up with*? yc/14.5 26.6yf/Todd Kincannon will push for Bowe Bergdahl’s execution during the next Republican administration. And his dad too. Those who commit treason need to die These kids are there for one reason and one reason only, so the 1% can get MONEY from their DEATHS. Oil, Opium and Power Trips is the ONLY reason they start MOST wars. It has nothing to do with our Freedom. This man sat over there for 5 f*cking YEARS, and who knows what he has gone through. And now they (Republicans) have the audacity to say they want him executed? And the assholes at FAUX non news has these tinfoil hat wearing, self made, no good, son of bitch idiots stating their OPINION-nothing more worthless than a repiglican!-idiots in the Target, one of them left their penis extender in the toy aisle-Loaded Gun Found In Toy Aisle Of SC Target  everlastinggopstoppers-found sitting atop a superhero Playskool toy box, chock full of child killing goodness aattp/Another senseless shooting at Seattle Pacific University. This is just what the gun companies need to make their Q2 sales objectives-A terrified population makes for lots of gun sales. I suspect gun manufacturers are happy with stock price, value fb/linsey guesses gitmo shutdown tactics, wingnut lack of empathy, bergdahl less awol than w, stephie details european tour going 4 a big girl ride/bernie behind francis ending priest celebasy imus/dteradactyl update rand sicopaths pv/2t$ hidden off shore jhpv/h8ing cali anti chrome, curtis uneasy about presidential secret service agents-the mob or hellsangles should be in charge of sarcasm software, bay ridge wingnut libertine blames bo, irs, etc, wingnutz sez not enough bang 4 buck, prefer to leave one behind, ccwabc/17k annual deaths not using aca, hartmann/ amp.arg always op to sinking ship endless supply of negativity:
6414/Citi has made in the last several years in building a commodities business that is not only an industry leader but also the right business for Citi in the new regulatory environment, global head of commodities Stuart Staley. The awards were made on the basis of performance over 2013 and the early part of 2014, with a special emphasis placed on client feedback, chosen from an extensive list of contenders, participated with Energy Risk Since the financial crisis, Citi’s bold expansion in commodities has turned heads among many of its closest rivals cy/teabaggersrapedmyfarmanimals Why did the Teabaggers all of a sudden appear when black man elected after G W Bush already doubled US Debt from 5 to 11 Trillion? I don't remember seeing them when Duuuubya was destroying America!-Why can't Obama make a call to free the Marine held in a Mexican jail? I'm sure Congress would gladly approve authority for him to trade up to 50,000 illegals to get him back!-The Marine had three weapons, in the trunk of his car, only one of which was close to a military class weapon-If a Mexican soldier entered the U.S. by mistake, declared that at the border checkpoint and declared the weapons in the trunk of his car, I would have let him turn around and leave on the spot. That would be using your head, you idiot!-Why would he,..LOL. he don't ant to up set the friggin' mess'icans because some of them vote! Illegal or not, they vote anyway. That's why Holder id fighting the VOTER ID initiative-If a well trained Mexican soldier entered the US loaded with multiple high caliber weapons, would you support releasing him? Use your head, you idiot! ybac/ deidra concerned about american fiber wheeler takes it like a man, hurrican arnold, imus/coulter sez bo's xa on coal and oil is mass genocide, bb/ evolution of revolution, high price retailers might consider portapoties to circumvent change booth poop bombers, dealing with delusional people carlos making sense and still funny, swiftboating prisoner swap, in the 80's cons didn't like jews, pernell bolton script cheering olympic losses and other treasonous activity, stephie/caller sez stabbing victims parents at fault, progressive policing  cop stop still allows abuse driver dead-geraldo/ not being able to handle her candy dowd od's a scary 8 hr shudder on pot, nicotine killing the bees, we are all strapped to mitts car, hartmann/Pope Francis pilgrimage to the Holy Land last week proved to be an unbalanced impossible mission. The pontiff failed to strike a balance of neutrality between contradictory and irreconcilable binaries like divinity and earth, religion and politics, justice and injustice and military occupation and peace. Such neutrality is viewed by the laity of Christian believers, let alone Muslim ones, in the Holy Land as religiously, morally and politically unacceptable. The 77 year old head of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics is stepping into a religious and political minefield, Naim Ateek, the Anglican priest who founded the Palestinian liberation theology movement Time the first day of the pope’s pilgrimage, Ironically, the symbolic moral and spiritual power of the Holy See was down to earth in Pope Francis subservient adaptation to the current realpolitik of the Holy Land in what the Catholic Online described as faith diplomacy global research/ 15.0 27.4yf/Mass Fish Deaths: suddenly dying all over the planet Millions Have Been Found Dead All Over The World themindunleashed/ We've reached the acceptance stage, like America has a dog that's always shitting inside the house, and we solved the problem by getting a brown rug," real victims of the violence: the news media who are still going to have to waste valuable time going through the motions of covering these inevitable clearly unstoppable everyday ordinary soul-destroying slaughters-Stewart/there will always be mass murder orreilly/
6314/like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest, or entering a battle of witt with a wittless person aibafs/the showdown between the homeless, the heartless, the heartless appear to be winning as if they were a disposable form of urban blight-Fukushima Forgotten but Not Gone-Climate Change Just Got Real-DC Ignores the Real Threats to Our National Security Including Guns, Global Warming and Wall Street- BuzzFlash/John McCain The Vacant Soul Esquire/ 800 Babies, Long Dead, Found in Septic Tank at Former Irish Home for Unwed Mothers wp/French Officials Twist US Arms in Bank Investigation nyt/Cn Transgender Girl in Adult Prison; No Charges, No Trial Colorlines/Weed for Votes in San Jose-Los Angeles Sues JPMorgan Chase, Alleges Predatory Home Loans to People of Color- lat/Geithner was the worst political mistake Obama misread the moment and missed a chance at instituting a series of regulations like in the wake of the Great Depression pp/One thing people surely shouldn't do is cling to the idealized free market model, makes lousy predictions. Maybe you could still justify treating health as a normal market if free markets in health care seemed, in practice, to work well. But they don't-Slower population growth indeed should be a good thing, but that which passes for sound economic policy is all too likely to turn this good development into a problem. Why? Because under the current rules, unless economies are moving forward sufficiently, they tend to collapse-European Economy: Still Weak, Still Faltering-Krugman/Social Security Administration recently disclosed plans for a major downsizing that will result in the closing of many more of its field offices, VA system is not the only part where essential services may be threatened by cutbacks- Americans only have a small window of opportunity to break the grip of moneyed interests on our government before an advancing oligarchy consolidates power and locks in tyranny-Guantánamo Force Feeding ReSanctions Torture- A sudden and extreme spike in neonatal mortality, Utah's rural Uinta Basin is most probably related to the toxic air pollution related to the fossil fuel drilling fracking, the local poobahs want to kill the messenger-Moral Robots for the Pentagon? Let's Work on Pentagon Morality First- to/ Truthdig: The Zapatistas form the most important resistance movement of the last two decades. Their transformation is one that is crucial to remember as we search for mechanisms to sever ourselves from the corporate state/ Hartmann-Ironically, people like Sarah Palin and Chuck Grassley, who warned us about death panels, were actually kind of right. All across the country right now, people are dying because conservative politicians are denying them the health care they need to survive- House Republicans Are Blocking the Pentagon From Taking Action on Climate Change-If the Law Is Bullsh*t, You Must Acquit-The Poor Are More Ethical Than the 1%/NRA, which has the nerve to call itself civil rights organization about freedom. Wrong. The bottom line is that it really is the bottom line: money-listening to 33 years of failed Reaganomics, and by buying into the idea that education should be a commodity and something that banksters can get rich off of instead of part of the commons. Students Now Indentured servants to the Banksters/ Moyers Doing Nothing to Fix Homelessness Is Actually Costing States Millions/ Transgender Caller Smacks Down Rush-Greenwald to Name Americans Spied On by NSA-Utah Man Facing Hate Crime Charges Says Threatening Black Child Was Just My Opinion-Crooks&Liars/bO's Escalating War on Journalism, Freedom of the Press Foundation calls the government's effort to force James Risen to reveal a source NormanSolomon/By far the most lasting image of the trip was the popemobile's seemingly unscripted halt its 24 ft high cement panels, Francis' seemingly impromptu prayer at Israel's apartheid wall and Bethlehem is like the Warsaw Ghetto hinted at a radical critique of Israel in an otherwise carefully orchestrated trip/Iraq Vet Killed in Gunfight With Police Was Turned Away by VA Hospital TIME/New Rule Could Deny as Many as 7.5 Million US Students Access to College Education RT/Spain is experiencing a resurgence of hemp, one of the species of cannabis with the lowest THC content, which has been used for millennia to produce textile, medicinal and food products IPS/Suddenly Freaking Out About Guillotines  People in the United States are under attack daily. The greedy rich know it, because they are the ones doing the attacking. Somewhere behind the gates of their private communities and the roped off areas, they fear that the aggression may one day be turned back on them-Warren: The game is rigged. The rich and the powerful have lobbyists and lawyers and plenty of friends in Congress. Everyone else, not so much caf/Everglades: A New Frontline for Fracking? Naples, Fla., had not spent much time worrying about fracking. Like most Floridians, they'd been repeatedly told it couldn't happen there. Until it did DeSmogBlog/White House recognized the mistake and quickly issued a revised list that did not include the individual, who had been identified on the initial release as the Chief of Station in Kabul, a designation used by the CIA for its highest ranking spy in a country-John Kiriakou should be released from prison now. He shared the name of one CIA person which was not printed. He exposed illegal immoral CIA torture-wingnuts are loving this. They should learn the difference between inadvertant and malicious-MUCH more serious than the Valarie Plame situation, for which Scooter Libby was convicted, even though everyone knew at the time that Armitage, and not Libby, was the leaker-wondering if he criticized Obama. Bad things happen to people who dare to criticize the brown skinned wonder kid who can stop the seas from rising-according to your theory, blaming the president theory, bush had this lady outed to dicredit her husband, deliberately, for criicizing bush's war-If by a Liberal they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people, their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights and their civil liberties, someone who believes we can break through the stalemate and suspicions that grip us in our policies abroad, if that is what they mean by a Liberal, then I'm proud to say I'm a Liberal: JFK wp/Stunning Avarice and Cruelty Reaches New Low Koch Brothers' Detroit Abomination-Salon/California Bans Dark Money in Elections After Undisclosed Koch Brothers Spending in 2012 BBlog/Republicans Turn On Each Other Ahead of Key Primaries PBS/I Confronted Trump A DICKHEAD SORRY, NO JOKE-Democrats Have A Problem With Science, Too, We shouldn't let them off the hook just because Republicans are worse-Audi's Nazi past, the world's most expensive fruits and why no one wants to host the Olympics anymore-Is the Pope wearing a Kippah, or is it the Jews who are wearing zucchetti?-Actavis, a multibillion dollar pharmaceutical company based in Dublin, produced the purple drank standard-digg/money 4 bold men, fucked up on several levels is that a Comedy show is the only one reporting this huge story. What would the rest of the country think that doesn't watch the news that the Republicans said Ok we will give them their benefits and fix this problem if you provoke a war with Iran?/More Than 500 Gitmo Detainees Released Under Bush, One Suspected In Benghazi Attack  As the right wing echo chamber ramps up about how horrible it is


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