Tuesday, June 3, 2014

6314/Cruz Wins, Too Bad Straws don't vote

6314/Cruz Wins, Too Bad Straws don't vote-Duck Dynasty Star To Speak At Rlc Lower Standards Apply, Hawks Fear Rand Pauone left behind-I am sorry for everything here disillusionment-This whole deal may have been a test to see how far the administration can actually push it, and if Congress doesn’t fight back they will feel more empowered Emptying Gitmo Worries Rebs-Cain says, he’ll throw his hat in the 2016 presidential ring. I trust in God I know who holds the future-NRA Treats A Gun Like a Hot, Sexy Woman In Creepy New Ad, yeah, this is the way to get millennials hooked on guns. And putting out this video right after the Isla Vista tragedy is in really good taste-San Diego trans boy, 6, that has exploded in popularity and vexed critics-Alabama Bible school puts Hitler quote on billboard to encourage youth indoctrination-PA man kills 9 months pregnant girlfriend with shotgun blast to face, says it was an accident-Something wrong on the inside Jackson rips LGBT people at Rand Paul event-Cruz: Fahrenheit 451 Democrats want to set fire to the First Amendment-McConnell proposes bill to block EPA’s new clean energy rules-fischer: Ruling on same-sex marriage cake proves ‘gay Gestapo’ enslaves Christians-Judge orders Florida sovereign citizen to send his daughter to school or go to jail-Reid: American politics is currently just a war between billionaires-Graduate 17 Fatally Shot Coming Home, In Random Shooting Spree-Bolton: bo Despicable For Negotiating Release Of American POW-ll/Do you advocate drinking toxic sludge? Boehner Don’t know, I’m not a scientist? thinkprogress/Marine gets death threats after confronting Texas assault rifle activists on public street-CA baptist church changes view on homosexuality after pastor’s son comes out-Failed GOP candidate changes name to Cesar Chavez, switches parties to run in Hispanic district-FL judge goes bonkers in court, challenges attorney I’ll beat your *ss-deGrasse Tyson: When the rich start losing money, they’ll take climate change seriously-Catholic school teachers in Ohio leaving their jobs rather than sign anti LGBT morality clause-GOP shows little enthusiasm for new leaders at Rlc Conference-NRA slams downright scary Open Carry Texas gun lovers: They crossed the line-Fellow soldiers tell CNN Bergdahl should face military trial for desertion-Oliver: Cable company f*ckery' is going to ruin your Internet-TN man sues Red Lobster for $1 million after waitress accused him of leaving racist receipt-Teen suspended for wearing shorts slams school for shaming girls for their bodies-Piketty: One of the benefits of civilization should be working less-Gun rights group organizing delegates to open carry assault rifles at Texas GOP convention- Seth Rogen mocks F*cking genius conservative morons for attacking him-Whites in England feel like second class citizens surrounded by minorities- Cruz: Some people in the Republican Party act like Soviets-Veteran’s tragic suicide note leaves CNN host speechless: Forgive me, this is tough-Staind singer stops concert to berate f*cking *ssholes molesting crowd surfing teenage girl-TX school board official sorry for freaking out about Muslim getting elected as her colleague-Student at competitive NYC high school commits suicide after being caught cheating-Professor epic beard on beer can fired from Christian university-NSA intercepting millions of images to fill facial recognition database-Tenn. cotton gin boss caught on tape: We hang blacks for drinking white people only water-WI middle schoolers say bizarre Internet meme made them stab friend 19 times- Beck claims Watch Dogs video game is turning children into dangerous hackers-Napolitano adds Bowe Bergdahl release to reasons Obama should be impeached-Virginia group hoists second huge Confederate flag along interstate-Fox trashes father of returning POW: Find a razor; you look like a member of the Taliban-Republican primary in Mississippi gives the Tea Party another chance to defeat the establishment-Astronomers surprised by discovery of planet twice as big as Earth but 17 times as heavy-Transgender man sues NYC over locker room access: They harassed and humiliated me-FCC website crashes thanks to John Oliver’s call to action on net neutrality-The Daily Show blames wealthy, white liberal enclaves for anti vaxxer disinfo-MN man pulls shotgun on neighbor teaching daughter to ride bike: ‘I should have shot him-Operation American Spring returns, gathering in the tens to yell Benghazi at the White House- NJ diocese: We’re not liable for sex abuse, because molesting boys not part of priest’s official duties-Texas woman shoots and abandons caged mother dog as puppies still try to suckle-Homeschooling expert make kids watch guinea pigs do it instead: Sex ed is a liberal plot-Atheists attack public high school principal for praying to God during graduation ceremony-Supreme Court: Poisoning your husband’s lover doesn’t violate chemical weapons treaty-Ohio police chief facing felony charges for harboring, dating fugitive heroin addict-Effigy of President Obama found hanging from Missouri bridge-insurance carrier says CA man’s treatment for dozens of tumors not medically necessary-Exene Cervenka claims Santa Barbara shooting a false flag hoax-Beck vows to fight for the truth by continuing to push lies about rape stats-boy’s 6 kills grandfather with AK47 left unattended by uncle at Florida family picnic-Gay Republican advocacy organization shut out of Texas GOP state convention-NPR’s Chicago gun violence report interrupted by semi automatic rifle fire-Carson: The Lord told me to call for flat tax at bO’s non partisan prayer breakfast- Appeals court rules First Amendment protects cell phone video of cops on duty-Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld all committed war crimes sez Bush counterterrorism czar-rsy/Graham Taliban Dream Team Prisoner Swap: US Released the fnc/My Democrat Friend called Obama Raw Sewage-Liar. Democrats don't have slandering sludge eating maggot POS for friends-My Democrat Friend called Obama Raw Sewage-you should hear what allot of the black community are calling him, not pretty-I got a big laugh since he voted for him-When will Yahoo flush this board of all this stinking, steaming right-wing Teabag filth?-When will Yahoo flush this board of all this stinking, steaming right wing Teabag filth?-true just place the trash on ignore, so much quieter the best- Calm down, rabid rat, or we'll re lobotomize you-Lol Do you have a man crush on Obama or something? ybac/DuhhHERP! I ams a TEABAGGER! DuuHUH! YUPPERS! I ams Gots my GOD Aen my GUNZ!-Ignorant, inbred and always wrong. Typical Christo teabagger-Just when we've hit the bottom of the barrel, we go & look underneath it-in the 11 commandments you mean? The ignorance around this whole issue is gob smackingly stupid. NOBODY has ever said ANYBODY is coming to take away your freaking dicks, I mean guns! This is a meme conjured out of the air by the NRA, and sold repeatedly by FOX and other right wing radio shock jocks. If you guys keep saying this you're definitely going to be classed as mentally disturbed and you actually MIGHT lose your guns-sadly, what you see above is the prevailing attitude of the Gun Nuts-the gun Commandments I am thy lord, thy Gun, and thou shalt have no others before me, nuts worship their AR-15s. The next person who refers to the Bill of Rights as the Ten Commandments in my presence is getting a balpene hammer between the eyes!- William F spinning in his grave!-SECRET SERVICE SOFTWARE WILL 'DETECT SARCASM' IN SOCIAL MEDIA USERS about to score a huge self sustaining Government contract to identify itself! Dear Leader's own Secret Service (known for its abilities to find abundance in liquor and lustful debauchery in the remotest parts ofthe world peoplescube-fb/Reintegration: Military hides Bergdahl from public view, FLASHBACK: 'Converted to Islam And Taught Captors Bomb Making Skills, Pentagon knew whereabouts but didn't risk rescue for deserter, Never Officially Listed as POW, CHARGE: Soldiers died searching for him, Former fed prosecutor: Release of Gitmo terrorists impeachable offense, Freed Taliban leaders given hero's welcome, Obama Clearly Broke Law, FATHER: still working to free all Guantanamo prisoners, WAS HILLARY IN ON IT? Any one of them has plenty of food for thought-you chose to hide the identity of the source, first one, Drudge Report, End of credibility-really? wasn't it the drudge report that broke the monica lewinsky, national enquirer that broke the john edwards (my wife is dying of cancer, so vote for me) and reille hunter (would-be, first skank)? sometimes, important news comes from unimportant source-signing statement, Legally, the President signs the bil into law. However, a 'signing statement' is an additional document NOT part of the original bill as passed by Congress, explaining why the Pesident is not bound by the law he just signed, usually under the separation of powers concept, surprised you're ignorant of these matters, the Bush Gang spent eight years doing what you now describe as breaking the law, and the practice goes back at least to the Reagan administration, under this exact legal justification. You can't say we didn't try to warn you, Thanks for the precedent- Pentagon on several occasions had ground-level intelligence on where ArmySgt. Bowe Bergdahl was being held captive at various times, down to how many gunmen were guarding him, special operations commanders repeatedly shelved rescue missions because they didn’t want to risk casualties for a man they believed to be a deserter, debated whether to pull the trigger on a rescue several times in recent years, the conclusion each time was that the prospect of losing highly trained troops was too high a price to pay for rescuing a soldier who walked away from his unit before being captured by the enemy, convinced that the Taliban and the militant Haqqani network, whose operatives were holding Sgt. Bergdahl, were eager to cut a deal conservative byte-The sky isn't falling, chicken little-the irony, P.s. I'm not the one bitching-Why should you? It'll be other people paying the price for your global warming scam-I'm not an alarmist. I'm merely a realist. So there is no irony, I'm already paying the price for your scientific ignorance. It's time for you to pay, too-How about you and your Bolshevik [Green] buddies just minding your own business and leaving sane America alone?-through this hoax you flack for, are destroying the America I once knew and was proud of-You lost, American won, and you're just going to have to get used to it-Congratulations on you hard fought victory comrade. Perhaps we can dust off an Order of Lenin medal for you to wear when you report down at the welfare offices-Laughable dire predictions. Some will close, some will be updated, some will remain as they are. We are going to begin this transition with or without you, chicken little. Did you cry like this with the advent of the refrigerator when all those ice truck guys had to find new jobs? I don't need any medals, Adolph. I'm content with a cleaner planet-40,000 enormous wind turbines butcher 13 million to 39 million birds and bats every year, including eagles, hawks, whooping cranes and other essential and endangered species, while the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service refuses to prosecute industrial wind operators and even assists in their flagrant deception and cover up, With 23 million Americans unemployed or underemployed, 47 million on food stamps, 128 million dependent on various programs and the nation $16.5 trillion in debt, we clearly need oil sands petroleum and Keystone wt-as it stands today, Clearly, there is no measure, not even a deceptive nominal one, by which one can argue that fossil fuels enjoy a cost advantage over renewable energy because of subsidies. even in nominal terms subsidies for renewables are more than double those paid to fossil fuels. In relative terms, by unit of power produced, and by using the most generous assumptions (such as including hydroelectricity in renewables’ share of power produced), renewable subsidies are 12.5 times as high as fossil fuel subsidies-As is often the case, this assumes fossil fuels retain their huge subsidies in the form of externalities, which common citizens (and disproportionately the poor) pay through illness, early death, healthcare bills, higher health insurance premiums, disasters relief-aibafs/Just a democratic socialist in the heartland of America Life is beautiful. Let the future generations cleanse it of all evil, oppression, and violence, and enjoy it to the fullest tumblr/Fort McMurray raises questions about cancer rates near oil sands- On the eve of Ottawa's decision on Northern Gateway pipeline, 300 scientists say a recent federal review of the project was deeply flawed-Tutu calls tar sands the product of negligence and greed, oil sands are emblematic of an era that must end-vo/gop obviously angling to move past being the party that didn't get bin Laden to become the party that leaves POWs behind-tw/ megan gives us hope, old testament raw meat to rabid dogs, stephie poledancing for fstv and sexilibtour/
6214/Philadelphia Inquirer co owner Lewis Katz was killed along with six other people in a fiery plane crash in Massachusetts, just days after reaching a deal that many hoped would end months of infighting at the newspaper and restore it yap/Did the U.S. Just Release 5 Jihadists and Get a Jihad Convert in Trade? Thought provoking aibafs/throw the dog a bone, greasy white trash kid, journey imus/wingnut prisoner exchange fodder badmitten traitor passing for news-kerry eviscerates dick, 17k deaths denying the poor health care, stephie poledancing for fstv/antimatterpirates.arg
53114/You May Think It's Climate Change, But It's The Return Of Jesus Christ Hagee-Responsible Gun Store Employee Accidentally Shoots Himself With Gun He Thought Was Unloaded (via Americans Against The Tea Party) Tennessee man 69 accidentally shot himself in the hand-Oklahoma Cop shoots family dog after pointing gun at children FreakOutNation-Florida woman is behind bars after God spoke to Kimberly Dawn Lucas, who felt divinely inspired to murder her ex partner’s children after hearing the sermon that touched on the story, God did not tell her to stop as he did Abraham, but God never told me to stop, wrote in a suicide note ll/tea party twist, candidates have made gaffes before, but Mississippi Senate candidate Chris McDaniel is caught in a scandal: in trouble for offensive, over a secret video of his opponent's ill wife allegedly made by a supporter csm/The last execution by firing squad took place in Utah in 2010, five state police sharpshooters simultaneously aimed and fired at convicted killer Ronnie Lee Gardner, killing him with shots to the heart rbg/multiculturism at work? the wonder of it all, provide social equity, job opportunity and decent living standards and muslims can turn surprisingly docile-The elites are starting to worry about the developing sense globally that the capitalist economic system is tilted towards the richest and that the masses, the vase majority are laboring under an unequal economic playing field, people who played the game of Monopoly understand this DEVELOPING dynamic intuitively-EYEsuh close to eyesore is still accusing Kerry of obstructing the committee’s investigation, releasing Kerry from his obligation to testify because the secretary was using that appearance as a shield, twice subpoenaed Kerry to testify, Issa is continuing his probe while the select committee moves ahead with its investigation-staying in Habersham County after her family’s home burned down when a SWAT team burst into the home as part of a drug investigation, a multijurisdictional drug unit executed a search warrant at the home just before 3 a.m. One of the officers tossed a grenade that caused serious burns, cuts, and other injuries to her son, It landed in his playpen and exploded on his pillow, right in his face, taken to a burn unit for treatment and placed in a medically induced coma, He didn’t deserve any of this-Missouri House ended up passing a law that endorses use of deadly force by anyone pretty much anywhere. The bill allows for force by occupants of private property, conditions written so loosely that occupants could refer to a diner or a baseball game attendee or someone watching a movie, while invasion could mean anybody they feel intruding on whatever property they happen to be on ThinkProgress-Who would support such a bill? The ultra conservative advocacy group ALEC, which has framed people with solar panels as freeriders on the system, though they actually contribute to the city’s power resources. ALEC is in good with Fallin. this cozy relationship, Oklahoma is set to become the first state to pass a law of this kind. Where states have deals worked out between utility companies and individual power generators, ALEC is set on repealing them. They now have a template in a last minute sabotoage in Oklahoma high speed bus systems needed a dedicated line and traffic signal priority. This angered drivers. Wealthier residents complaining of the undesirable elements the transit system could bring through their neighborhood, with one expressing the fear that it could bring “burger flippers” through her neighborhood. Then a major auto-dealer began sponsoring lawn signs opposing the plan, fearing a functional mass transit system could hurt sales, the Koch Brothers got involved. Americans for Prosperity, Tennessee sprung into existence, staffed entirely with lobbyists and blessed with an undisclosed budget. Shortly thereafter, a bill appeared in the Tennessee legislature making it illegal for buses to pick up or drop off passengers in the center lane of a state road effectively outlawing the Amp and any transit system like it. The bill’s sponsor said he worried parking spaces might be sacrificed to make room for the line the ultimate expression of a car centered culture bewildered by the need, to say nothing of the desire, for public transportation. The bill passed the state Senate without much opposition. But in the end, this was too much, even for Tennessee-2013, fully 75 percent of the critical issues on Congress's agenda were blocked by gridlock, they mean polarization, and when talking polarization false equivalence is no virtue. Republicans have become a radical insurgency-ideologically extreme, contemptuous of the inherited policy regime, scornful of compromise, unpersuaded by conventional understanding of facts, evidence, and science; and dismissive of the legitimacy of their political opposition. evidence of this asymmetry is overwhelming, it sure does appear that Republicans are going to be handling that themselves. It's hard to see anyway around the need for the Republican Party as it currently exists in its extremism to be crushed, ground into dust from which it must be forced to reform, maybe the Democratic Senate could try to move that project along a bit, by reforming the filibuster and get some shit done, thereby putting more pressure on the Republicans to stop being a national embarrassment A girl can dream-there ain't nothing wrong with congress, they will move on just as soon as they defeat obamacare, hang a democrat for Benghazi and find that birth certificate-Lets go back to his first plan for the invasion or Iraq, got a lot of Publicity, but it was wrong, The reason is it was based on a WWII Patton Plan. Now if I understood his first plan it required over 200,000 soldiers, maybe that is where all the doctors and nurses are because apparently they are missing in action for his plan for the Vets- Bush Legacy: TOO MANY WOUNDED AND BLOWN APART SOLDIERS Doctor Shortage Is Cited in Delays at V.A. Hospitals-Sarah, The Retarded Palin, Pretty Sure V.A. Hospitals Death Panel The Troops While Illegal Aliens Get Golden Bedpans, with some help from Sean Hannity, that the best way to describe the V.A. hospital system is with a lie that she made up, That is what government run health care will result in, Our prisoners at Gitmo, Hannity said. There is one doctor for every 1.5 prisoners, We have one doctor for every 35 vets,-convinced that Bush, former Vice President Dick Cheney and former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld all committed war crimes during the Iraq war, Clarke agreed. Whether that would be productive or not, I think, is a discussion we could all have- Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, also said that he would be willing to testify -rbn/Jury Awards $3 Million, First Fracking Case pollution from natural gas production near the Parrs' Wise County home was so bad that they were forced to flee their 40-acre property for months at a time. DeSmog Blog-hundreds of civilians were killed in the massacre last week in Bentiu, the capital of South Sudan's oil producing Unity state, a tragic reflection of longstanding ethnic hostilities Piles and Piles of Bodies in South Sudan Slaughter- fb/sees some duty to understand where the conservatives are coming from, by understanding we, as liberals, can find some way to communicate with conservatives. Communication might then lead to compromise in the current political arguments raging all around us. Or at least we might find common ground, which would be a starting place for political compromise, Fat fucking chance, Conservatives are in their own world, no matter of facts or reasons on the parts of liberals will ever drag them into political compromise- showing the observer just how fucking unhinged these wingnuts are. Daylight is the best antidote to hate, and I'm all for shining the sun on these belligerent fucks dk/ BarracudaMama Krauthammer Buries Obama, Dem's, GOP & Lame Stream Media-News flash: White Privilege Causes Brain Damage Over at MSNBC! half Asian, with serious mental issues-tw/Alan Webber of New Mexico says of his likely political opponent, that We need to send Susana Martinez back to wherever she really came from fn/You should go to Canada and talk to Canadians about their health care system. The vast majority of them are very pleased with the quality of care and appreciate the fact that their system views health care access as a right, not a privelege of the rich. I think the US would be a much better country if we could get past the rampant F*** you, I got mine attitude-should be called the unaffordable care act. chaos we see already is just the beginning. Costs are escalating across the board and physicians are leaving practice. Our options will be limited to what the aca decides we need. Sad days in America-The chaos you describe has been happening for over a decade, and was probably the driving force in the passage of the ACA. Sad days will only persist if you adhere to these distorted views isw/in 141 pages, the worst thing anyone ever did to him was not say hi back, making out or passionately kissing are probably hallucinatory. In the Starbucks line? At family dinners? They were probably holding hands, Rodger hallucinated something resembling a live sex act, a couple in a Starbucks line were kissing passionately, rubbing their bodies together and tongue kissing in front of everyone. Livid, Rodger followed them to their car and threw his hot coffee on them. Utterly self pitying, I cursed the world for condemning me to such suffering. Then he spent five days alone in his room, Another couple Rodger says were kissing passionately in the food court outside Domino's pizza enraged him so much he followed them in his car and splashed my iced tea all over them, to fight against the injustice, Rodger's allegation that his stepmother bragged to him that his stepbrother, Jazz, her own son 6, would be a success with girls and probably lose his virginity early, common to schizophrenics, saying he couldn't look at you straight in the eye and looked at your feet. It was unbearable, It's hard to feel sorry for a mass murderer, but it was cruel to Elliot Rodger to allow him to refuse medication and turn himself into a monster, beyond cruel to his innocent victims,  But liberals are more worried about stigmatizing the mentally ill than the occasional mass murder ANN COULTER- 31 states a rapist can sue a victim for custody but you fools worry about a baker being paid to bake-Keep your demented feminazi propaganda to yourself please -aibafs/
53014/Pay My Health Ins Increase and I will vote Democrat otherwise #$%$! $442 mo now, $570 mo-Are you really that stupid?-Rats jumping from a sinking ship-Just Got Bad News My Health Ins Premiums Just Shot up 25%!-Without Obamacare they probably would have shot up even more. If you've been paying attention, and are not a lyin', biased anti American scumbag, then you would have noticed that premium increases have lessened since Obamacare. That's a fact, and even a tool like you should be able to look it up- to be President He has no qualifications. nothing more than a phony slick talking Ghetto community organizer. West Point should have denied Obuma attendance- ybac/Homeowners and developers installed 1.33 gigawatts of solar panels, Total installations may reach 6.6 gigawatts this year, driven by residential rooftop systems and more than 12 gigawatts, Solar Power Rises 79% Bloomberg/GOP Hypocrites Call Vets Benefits Too Expensive But Want a $600 Billion Tax Cut for Business politicususa-French Protesters Take Stand Against #Hate + #Fascism of Far Right National Front-Argentina Reaches Agreement with Paris Preventing IMF Austerity common dreams-Texas family wins $2.9 million fracking lawsuit, setting stage for more lawsuits to follow rawstory tw/stupid things like bird killing solar power instead of caring for our wounded heroes!-Cops threw a flashbang device into a toddler's playpen, critically injuring the child. Bou Bou Phonesavanh, has been given a 50% chance of survival. The child is 19 months old. Critically Injure Toddler in No Knock Raid with Flashbang Grenade: He’s in the burn unit, his whole face is ripped open Atlanta Journal aibafs

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