Friday, May 30, 2014

53014/GOP House clears $287B business taxbreaks

53014/Republican House GOP clears $287B business taxbreaks, Why America Is Failing WordPress-Democrat Turns The Tables and Blasts House Republican for Voting Against VA Funding-Sudans Radical Govmt will die by the sword, 55 Bombs dropped on a village nubareports-The little corruption problem he just can’t shake Scott Walker falling apart salon-tw/Fresh from its new-found concern for American diplomats, you’ll recall that up until 911, 2012, Republicans hated the State Department and regularly accused American diplomats of all being communists, the Republican party has now discovered Veterans! One pines for the day that the GOP also discovers women, gays, blacks, Latinos, and immigrants. But I digress, let’s not forget the way the GOP viscerally loathed NYC until 911 when suddenly, after 3,000 Americans were dead, the Republican party’s vocal disdain for New York went down the memory hole, there are more ways than body armor to care about the troops. You can show you care by not sending them into a war based on a lie, for example-Congress GOP politicizes everything and is only interested in blaming, not fixing! handed bO a sow's ear and now blames him for not magically turning it into a silk purse! rbg/ if the payments are not blocked, countless awards totaling potentially hundreds of millions of dollars will be irreparably scattered to claimants that suffered no injury traceable to BP's conduct asks Scalia to allow the company to avoid making payments to businesses demanding compensation R- ruled that corporations are people recently. So how about the US attorney general trying them for the murder of those that lost their lives in the explosion. Furthermore, BP should have used the $100,000,000.00 it spent on Washington, D.C. lobbyists to pay claims-Exxon was able to hold off compensating Alaska fishermen for 20 years! And they got the compensation cut in half to 500 million! I used to earn 7k every year packing herring from Prince William Sound. 24 years X 7k = $168,000! My settlement? BIG FAT ZERO! There has not been one commercially fished herring out of Prince William Sound since 1993! While salmon fishing there two years ago, I dug on the beach and watched as the hole was filled with water with rainbow colors across the top! The last year we tried fishing herring, (1993) the fish were diseased with open lesions, goiters on the throat and crooked spines y/ disposable caths ads better than paltrow, imus/tony listening, no qualifications just the name like w, miller goldwater resurgence of the good gop they call us noah cause we can handle the flood, parenting basics, stephie without would be sand/fretting 4 vets geraldo/
52914/Friedman said Ariel Sharon was the personification of three phases of Israeli political life, the struggle for survival, the fantasy of strength and power, and the realist who recognized that Israel had to negotiate with the Palestinians 6 13-blonde on blonde, the babes discussed the overuse of antibiotics-mixed results in yesterday’s Texas Runoffs. Babin won! Kinky, however, did not. There goes the I-Man’s campaign contribution, not to mention that long, Hemp Green he was going to make once Kinky legalized marijuana. Kinky, unfortunately, lost to former Dairy Farmer and sometime Insurance Salesman, Jim Hogan. We’re not sure if he sold insurance from Nashville Casualty and Life…but sadly, Kinky, is now, an Austin Casualty in Life-a report about Google’s Driverless Car, Which, from what we’ve observed, already exist. At least, at first, when all you see are the wrinkled, gnarled fingers on the steering wheel on many of the highways in Southern Florida-Varney reminded of what life would be like here at Fox without Imus. A glimpse into what a Varney in the Morning would be. It’s not pretty. Na Na dare I ask, Madame, but are your peaches covered in fuzz?, THIS COWBOY IS WEARING WHITE SOCKS AND SANDALS INSTEAD OF BOOTS-Dietl finds the Lying Limey is on camera instead of him. Bo’s especially upset, as today is National Hamburger Day, or, as Deirdre likes to call, Enjoy Your Dead Animal Sandwich Day-A Best of Imus clip where Connell, Dagen, Bernard and Lou make fun of the IMan’s hair. It’s hurtful. But what we’re curious about is, how did Bigfoot choose this particular one from the approximately 37,000 similar ones saved in the digital banks. Either that, or some programmer has come up with a Bad Hair Day Generator- imus/ Clueless Stacey Dash joining FoxNews in cultural, but the move isn’t going over well with black liberals who think she is being hijacked as the network’s token black, who is also part Hispanic, quickly became a celebrity favorite among conservatives after she endorsed Mitt, received such a wave of racial criticism that then vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan personally called and thanked her for her courage-All that venom over a mediocre actress aibafs/Ratings Plunge 27% Benghazi Scandal Destroying FoxNews-murdock plans to turn around fox's dismal ratings announces all nude news-Adds Soft Core Porn Actress as a Reporter-yhal/The conflict in Ukraine might be good to US economy, forced investors to flee into USD assets and relative safer assets such as Treasury securities, A wider conflict might be even better. Then you wonder who is the main instigator of the Ukrainian crisis. Putin? yc/Tokyo Electric Power Co. has made the "painful decision" to begin purposely dumping massive amounts of radioactive water currently being stored at the destroyed Fukushima nuclear facility directly into the Pacific. criticalbelievers/hb jfk97 tw/Here we have some mind numbing audio from some backwards ass podunk-GOP sc Lt. Governor Candidate: Public schools Pagan and Godless-Do these people feel more comfortable going back in time because they are less evolved and ill equipped to cope with the changes that come from moving forward through uncharted territory? theeverlastinggopstoppers-Maybe if men like this moron robertson learned the true value of sex they would not have to barter with their women by agreeing to do chores to get laid-Your charge, now, is not only to protect our country, but to do what is right and just. bo @ West Point-conservatism's flagship magazine, Wingnuts disrespect Maya Angelou: National Review’s shameful response to her death Salon-this idiot guy!-assholes are consistent-It is a mandatory part of becoming a right winger to check compassion, respect, intellect and comprehension at the door. fb/ 2012, Greenwald referred to Williams as NBC News top hagiographer, using his reverent, soothing, self important baritone” to deliver information in its “purest, most propagandistic, and most subservient form, worth noting at the outset that Greenwald flew all the way to Moscow specifically for the NBC News interview, and he appeared on camera with Snowden and Williams, answering questions from this so called hagiographer, Now, I’m not a Brian Williams hater. I think he’s a fine news anchor. But his interview with Ed Snowden was yet another in a long, long line of deferential, uninformed, unchallenging interviews. But it’s not a stretch to presume that Greenwald, the man who once aimed all of his wordy, caustic vitriol in Williams’ general direction, referring to him as possessing child like excitement over gaining access to a source, probably loved every minute of it. However, don’t break out the champagne just yet, NBC News; Greenwald will immediately shift gears sometime very soon and continue to indict any and all mainstream news outlets, including NBC, as being impotent, pernicious, drooling shills for President Obama and the D.C. elite, Government Exploiting 9/11 To Justify Spying, Ask The State Department Why I’m In Russia’, I Was Trained As A Spy, nra Doesn’t Give A Flying Rip About Mental Illnesses, The Constitution Or Your Civil Liberties, Greenwald To Name Americans Spied On By NSA, There Are Negotiations For Snowden To Return To U.S- Nikki Benz is from the same Toronto borough as the Ford brothers, but, unlike her opponent, she doesn’t smoke crack. Also unlike her opponent, she’s starred in 217 adult films and was Penthouse’s 2011 Pet of the Year-ll/Krauthammer: Obama's Troop Withdrawal, An Act of Personal Narcissism fni/ texas I like my beer like I like my violence: domestic-Rising sea levels will be too much, too fast for Florida-Beck airs rape comedy skit to mock sexual assaults in response to Calif. shootings rsy/bankers no honor among theives bernake, jhpv/putin using stalins ready for labor program segal putins love connection fluffer with oreilly wtfwpv/look up and out dr mayangela jwblue rip86 bp/denero at rickels roast not enough jews and frank is dead bbimus/ clipper buyout up to 2b$ opera out, dead under the chandelier, sterling where did the lady in the visor go?, royal duchess shows commando, nerds see violence flaw in rejection, medical sexism, stephie training 4 ms bates motel gig/the 2nd ammendment is stupid, rudy defends breast feeding? geraldo/ferets pulled from banned animals in nyc, curtis sucking up to rudy, ferets are dangerous attracted to lactat smells on babies, lying about going to the birthday party, pulling tastless knickknacks from 911 museum ccwabc/
52814/Let's engage in meaningful discourse with twisted Teabagger trolls. LMAO-I have a life. Try getting one. Get a job, find something worthwhile to do, and stop making a nuisance of yourself. Leave your troll life in the dust. Why keep pushing a failed agenda? And, why keep using tactics that have never worked, and will never work. Saturating public forums with lies, slander, and stupidity does not work. Your failed tactics have backfired. You have less support now for your failed agenda than ever. Teabaggers are not just considered a joke anymore, they are hated and despised-The classic teabagger retort: I know you are but what am I? Fitting given your intelligence levels-libs will ignore all you said, and again cry racist. Their cries will then rise top denial, and then descend to name calling. But you are correct and the liberals do not see what is about to happen to them, there will be a thinning of the herd-Liberal zero, you give the best advice. You should take it-ybac/gw suffered from drug and booze abuse and the fools voted for him not once but twice still refuse to hold him accountable for all the screw ups his failed policies are responsible for. now they want us to believe Hillary has brain damage and shouldn't be President, dam fools-Majority Back Clinton for President CONS FEAR HILLARY! they have every reason to-Plenty Of Idiots That Will Gladly Vote For Clinton! Got That White Trash?-Americans fear Hillary, but as we saw in the last two elections, there are more than enough stupid people in the country to elect a President based not on qualifications-your understanding of americans is myopic. as for qualifications, well you voted for w twice, so you don't have much of a record-REAL American's don't fear Hillary, what real American's fear is the possibility rightwing #$%$ will steal another election like they did in 2000-I prefer someone qualified to run the country and uphold the Constitution, unlike Barry or Hillary-Typical teahincks Praise the lord one tells the other, I finally got my 21 year old daughter signed up on Medicaid NO she won't work' so she can get free birth control pills. Her and her boy friend live with and off his parents he gets a small disability check. The one talking didn't have any front teeth, and both were at least 40 pounds over weight. Both are white by the way, over heard the other morning while and friend and I were having a cup of coffee, pretty common in the south teahickis on food stamps, welfare, housing subsidies etc. While voting GOP against their own well being and America's best interest. It's a good thing our state accepted medicaid expansion where would the teahickies be without it?-Noonan wrote: As for speaking truthfully, well, he speaks, in many venues and sometimes at great length. But rather than persuade the other side, he knocks down a lot of straw men and deploys no affection or regard for those who disagree with him. He says the great signature program of his presidency will do one thing and it turns out to do another. He is evasive about Benghazi and the other scandals. He winds up with polls showing Americans do not see him as a truth teller. It is an unavoidable conclusion that Barack Obama is symbolic of America’s attitude about truth in this country. He was elected twice. He is symbolic evidence that truth, as a core value, is dying in American culture. Today lies are commonplace; we have developed euphemisms for them. They are called narratives and maintaining the lie is called preserving the narrative. Spin and spin doctors are shiny euphemisms that mask ugly deceit and deceivers. Ironically, we are not ignorant of the lies. As seen here, in a Gallup poll, said they do not trust Congress, and only 23% of viewers trust the mainstream media television news, the two institutions upon which we rely on for truth in leadership and information. If telling the truth is not a core, motivating principle for these institutions, then there must have been a decision penetrating their rank and file that it is somehow better to lie. When you decide it is somehow beneficial to lie, you impair your soul-financed by Charly Charitable Foundation, the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Randa attended the all expenses paid judicial seminars are privately-funded, and the backers also include corporations like BP, Exxon Mobil, and Dow Chemical, ordering Wisconsin prosecutors to halt a secret investigation targeting illegal campaign coordination between Walker's campaign and outside conservative groups. Judge Rudolph Randa, a regular attendee at judicial junkets organized Mason University, Koch Charitable Foundation has given millions of dollars to George Mason university, contributed $51,000 to the university's Law and Economics Center. The Bradley Foundation, meanwhile, has contributed tens of thousands, including $40,000 in 2010 for educational programs for judges conducted by the Law and Economics Center. The Center for Media and Democracy reports that Michael Grebe, the president and CEO of the Bradley Foundation, chaired Walker's 2010 and 2010 gubernatorial campaigns yhal/Live tweeting the painfully slow demise of the GOP as a national party-tw/Kerry would testify, but that in complying with Issa's demands, would remove any need for the secretary to appear before the select committee on the Benghazi attacks, Trey Gowdy will not be sitting with Darrell Issa at recess any time soon The whole thing is a farce, albeit a farce disgracefully being flogged for its politics with the bodies of four brave Americans. This is Kerry's very polite way of pointing out what a farce it is. I'll talk to him, the crazy felon guy, but not to him, the Cackalacky rube with the fratboy name and the Conehead haircut esq/GOP’s new Obamacare strategy: As benefits take hold, Republicans' message falls victim to the inevitable and Why their repeal cries have suddenly shifted Salon/from an undisclosed location southern Philippine island of Mindanao, indigenous elders spoke about resisting timber and mineral interests Liberty Beat-fb/white judge moonlight bigot security gig, storming nomandy with knives, stuck at 13, like oj, sports will save the world, it was porns fault, Fun Fun Fun (Till He Has To Put His Penis Away, utah #1 in porn and drugs, undatable visits, joe not the plumber, only homos ask you out for diner and a movie, pushing guns markets to the herion and coke dealers, consider the source malady nra cooked facts, the bundy bunch, what about the 1st ammendment? lifer calls, 8$ chocolate heist nets 6 mos, on stephie tm guncanes/abdula is a friend, pagic & patune on geraldo/
52714/28 countries saw unprecedented gains for Extreme Right anti immigration and anti EU political parties that caught the wave of voter disillusionment and rode it to parliamentary seats-Pro Western candy tycoon Poroshenko promises to bring a swift end to the country's dispute with Russia ts-Can you imagine if like AlQaeda bought a Cable News network and did the EXACT same thing Fox does? It would start a WAR-vandenHeuvel GOP's not so stealth campaign, But Privatization won’t fix the VA bostonGlobe- The right’s new horror show: What reform conservatives are really peddling Salon-IMF chief says banks haven't changed since financial crisis Democratic Underground-Cyberthreats, Obama's diversion de jour BarracudaMama-two whistle blower hackers walk-Use your religion as the basis for doing good among others, not an excuse to be bigoted, racist, homophobic or misogynistic #justsaying-GOP: We can't do anything about gun violence or climate change but we won't just sit back and let women get birth control-tw/Cruz seems to believe the road to Pennsylvania Avenue runs through Jerusalem, widely believed to have presidential ambitions mondoweiss-fb/IT'S PRETTY #$%$ SICK WHEN 1 AMERICAN TELLS ANOTHER AMERICAN YOUR DEAD KIDS DONT TRUMP MY GI JOE GUN RIGHTS, TIME TO REPEAL THE 2ND CANCEROUS AMENDMENT-Yeah, sick. But, it's Joe the Idiot, a nickname that could apply to most any Republican, even those not named Joe yhal/As Veterans Die, Couch Potatos are Getting their Free ObamaCare, I used to think that a Middle Class American like me, seeing his Health Insurance premium increase from $196 in 2009 (The first provisions of ObamaCare began in 2010) to $444 today was a real Shocker, if I want to see the same Doctor I had in 2009, I have to pay $509 a month, because the $444 policy Severely Restricts you to the worst Doctors in town, now, while Obama forces me to pay so much, so that his Couch Potato Supporters can sit at home and get their ObamaCare for FREE, we're hearing that our Brave Veterans are DYING, because of the horrible, health care that Obama is providing for them, That's HORRIBLE! He hates the Military, he hates Corporations and Capitalism, and now his neglect of our Veterans is KILLING THEM, while he lavishes Free Obamacare on the people who elected him, basically the 46% of Americans who pay no Federal Income Tax, Worst president of my LIFETIME, Obama. HORRIBLE President-What could be worse? in 1993, Hillary Clinton almost succeeded in getting an even MORE, Draconian, health care bill passed into law. Hers would have been a COMPLETE government takeover, with even MORE problems than Obamacare has wrought, Socialism is ruining our once, great country. It's fast becoming the land of equal outcomes instead of the land of equal opportunity We voted for change and change we got. It is a great change from a cost of $196 to $444. We must always be careful for what we ask, we just might get it. We should have specified what we wanted. Reminds me of the elections in the middle east. Our idiot reps screamed democratic elections. This we got. Then I heard the idiots say, But what they voted for is not what we want. The idiots thought that democracy and democratic meant the same thing. They don't-yc/male 16 to Utah prison for 15 years after judge changes terms of plea deal- Likely Nebraska Senator wrote dissertation at Yale advocating populist Christian uprisings-Anti woman website predicts more Elliott Rogers if society doesn’t provide them with sex-Franklin Graham warns gays to change their ways or it’s the flames of hell for you-Breitbart blames deadly shooting spree on sex education and hippies-Memphis cop accused of molesting and raping girl for years, starting when she was 12-NE mayor challenges atheists over faith based event: Take me to f&cking court, I don’t care rsy/bo sez war wind down 98k, smart articulate callers laughing, thinking man with ciniphile gun conspiracy, cherry picking nra rights like the bible, death, white on steroids gone crazy, a curious war indeed, when will this insanity stop, on stephie for the days of being armed with popcicle sticks hit the lights america is done/absolutly no side effects geraldo wabc

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