Tuesday, June 10, 2014

61014/liberal wingnuts

61014/liberal wingnut posters will not respond with a direct or straight answer when called on their b.s. cannot document, chickenschiit, too much tinfoil- When the lie is not a lie and the truth doesn't matter, We are all witnesses of a great cover up, a president who refuses to even except the opinions of those he chose to assist him in decision making. He loves to fly by the seat of his pants and then blame some one else for why it happened. It sounded good that he got this man back but at what cost. Not just as to what the future might bring as a result of it, but by the tainting of this country with the broad brush of being stupid and mealy mouth. Those that defend the indefensible are now found out on a limb because of his distorted view of himself. As emperor he has no clothes and he has exposed himself as being the real fool that he is, constitutional professor is also a stretch to far. He has slaughtered and chopped to pieces the constitution by his do it alone process for which he should be impeached. Even a senator in his part stated that his action were far more grievious that that of Nixon. His actions are causing the nation untold anxiety. This next election is so important and needs to demonstrate that the nation is sick and tired of those who think they know better the all the rest of us- you claim to be a constitutional expert? just another contrarian asshole crapping out right wing pablum. the fact that the repubs haven't been able to bring up any prosecutable charges proves my point it's obama's fault they're so mentally discombobulated. screeching all the time, never mind for all the good he's done to restore us from the bush era calamity, does anyone remember the word quagmire? finally disentangled us from that hot mess in the middle east that bush led us into, brought down the years of deficit spending and led us to an economic recovery independent of the bubbles his two predecessors took advantage of, expanded consumer protections, civil rights and shone light on the various disparities that still divide us, like it or not, he's awoken a new progressive movement that concerns itself with rebuilding our infrastructure, becoming energy independent with renewable sources, taking care of our sick, economically oppressed and otherwise disenfranchised citizens of this nation from the american dream. in their zeal to castrate obama, it's attack, attack, attack with every breaking story. nevermind the subsequent release of facts, testimony or reasonable analysis, it's all about framing the narrative and digging in their political hooks into his flesh. rbh
6914/We must keep rich people happy, because if they're happy they MIGHT, just might invest in something that will give you a job, The Militarization of Science and Space Chomsky- a person who doesn't like living in a society where people have unelected, unaccountable social power over others-if someone else decides to concede authority to someone, you should be subject to that authority? Huh?-Don't be so critical!-Which person gets to decide which people the cudgel of the government hammer will be used to suppress their liberties?- We should live in a democracy. I'd rather suffer the whims of the majority than the whims of the rich rentier minority.-Why does the rich person get to use the cudgel of economic power over others and that is ok? But Democracy is wrong?-Also you will need a job from one of these unelected, unaccountable people here when you graduate. So please make sure you address them as such when you get on the job so they know their place with you-I don't get it-democracy is only right when it supports your cause. you dont like it either, power= money= your fucking paycheck-that means you didn't have the spine to make the other choice-The Left was recently angry koch 25m$ gift to uncf-I don't see anybody complaining about it. I see righties bragging that they donated. So what? It's chump change to them-fuding an urban ambulance service to get help to those in need-funny that people think they are being generous. They are worth $100 billion. Donating $25 million what they lose in their couch cushions to them would be like donating $5 for regular folks-They do lots of evil things with their money too. Which IMO outweighs any thing good they might do-a multimillionaire who kills women and children for fun. and you love him-Lol. He is a mediocre president at best-He's a sociopathic killer. and you don't care, because he's also a socialist-one thing the Kochs DON"T do? Kill innocent people in endless wars-NAACP of California was forced to return a donation from The Clippers owner, So, yes, there are those who complain-Koch's tend to give money to colleges with strings attached. That could be what lefties are complaining about-No, The Left is always slamming the Koch Brothers as always being greedy old men out to take over the world! The Koch Brothers only care about the Republican Politicians"..So then the Right posts this to show where the Koch Brothers donated, and now it's bragging?? I didn't know posting facts was considered bragging fb/Texas GOP recognizes the legitimacy and efficacy of counseling, which offers reparative therapy and treatment for those patients seeking healing and wholeness from their homosexual lifestyle, The platform reflects what the people in the Republican Party have asked for, and that should be no surprise: family values, protection of marriage between one man and one woman and everything that goes along with that, American Psychological Association and other major health organizations have condemned such counseling, which generally try to change a person's sexual orientation or to lessen their interest in engaging in same sex sexual activity. The groups say the practice should not be used on minors because of the danger of serious psychological harm. Gay conservatives did come away with a rare victory at the convention: Winning the removal of decades-old language in the state party platform that states, homosexuality tears at the fabric of society aibafs/ WHY AREN'T THE RIGHT WING FREAKS CALLING THIS AN ACT OF TERROR?-Beck: Why are we still not calling it terrorism?-Limbaugh: He will not say it’s terrorism. Who knows why?- Cavuto: Why is it so hard to call them terrorists? Levy: I think they’re that stupid if they’re refusing to call them terrorists anymore- Herridge: After he shouted God is great the administration did not call it terrorism- Hannity (Karl Rove ad): Obama and his administration wouldn’t call it terrorism for 14 days- Wallace: How do you explain, then, the continued refusal to call it terrorism?-The shooters reportedly draped the familiar symbol of the Tea Party and other extremist right-wing groups the bright yellow Don’t Tread on Me Gadsden flag over their victims bodies-And the Walls Came Tumbling Down: How the Jews Opened America's Borders truthinourtime fb/the EPA’s plan to regulate carbon emissions in existing power plants will increase electric bills by $17 billion every year, potentially put an average of 224,000 more people out of work every year: Boehner-politifact rates his statement False aibafs/44 percent disagreed with the statement that trading Taliban prisoners for Bergdahl was the right thing to do with 26 % strongly disagreeing-overwhelmingly agreed the United States should make every effort to recover prisoners of war, with 78 percent agreeing with that statement, including 48 percent strongly agreeing, silly right wing empty heads love editing the facts-Rupert's business model when he created fox comedy tv news: haha-What a puke riot-Facts absent of context, when the polls said mitt would win in 2012?-yhal/BAC mystifies once again, glad its going up, but it just doesn't make any sense. Govt has NOT accepted 12 billion settlement they want more. Still other legal issues pending including the AIG 10 billion case flying under the radar-you asked for it: a 1% angler sez Remember whenever the river won't deliver your simplest wish, Ten percent of the fishermen, Catch ninety percent of the fish. What, were you expecting The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner?-DOJ $5B+ to lower the principal mortgage balances of irresponsible homeowners and it really p****s me off. Why are these people getting special treatment? They're probably underwater because they put nothing down to begin with. What about my mortgage? I saved and sacrificed for years to put down 20% and that's why I'm not underwater. Once again the government is telling irresponsible people to act irresponsibly and they'll just get bailed out-Irresponsible homeowners? Hmmmm, I'd be a bit more generous and spread the criticism around to a host of others, other than the owners, who as industry professionals should have known better. What about the irresponsibility of those who sold those mortgage instruments in the first place, eh? Those in whom the homeowners placed their trust to understand the merits of the situation and make the proper recommendation? Those who QUALIFIED the buyer before hand? Face it. You expect the "experts" to provide the proper guidance, be aligned more with the purchasers interests and less aligned to get bonus monies for every rube, err, bonefide and qualified customer I can get to sign on the dotted line. They do NOT, imho, get a free pass in this mess. There is plenty of criticism to go round-What about the politicians that forced the banks to make these risky NINJA loans. How about the community organizers that threatened bankers that would not make the loans, picketed the bank, etc. We were told by Barney Frank etal. that there were no such possible problems. Lets make sure we include all of the people that deserve blame, namely POLITICIANS!-The $5 billion is a non-cash penalty which should require the write down of assets on the books but not affect cash reserves- ybac/ 14.5 26.5yf/ corporationalism international franchise h8ers will stop at nothing bp-dipv/ seattle takes the lead against poverty wages jhpv/ guns tries his hand at fashion, i really would look good on you-imus/pet owners opting 4 euthenasia over doctor care wabc/craig and marcus in big mn gay dream-should've traded w 4 bergdahl unlike rand wanting to trade democrats, texas takes wide stance on guns in public via rude pundent, vegas shooters nra neonazi teabagger bundyites, impeachable offence in blue idaho? wingnutz attack bergdahl family hypocracy in print mmeb, cnn greenroom full of pow h8ers, hard men make hard choices, bob villa terrorist beard, mccstain thinks bergdahl would make a good congressman, faux snooze pulling news from ass and ecliptics security firm, jim jingle, meth?(24 hrs awake walmart driver crashes tracy's limo, ucmj fukwit calls, maxiumum and full mookage, cia twitter spooky scamps, drinking dribblers, excessive masturbation source of fiddy's bad opening pitch, palin stepping back in the frey, redstate rosetta stone course, judge overrides scalia, bachmann preying for end times to johova gawd, stephie crazy 4 chrome, owner apologizes to wife, izzy lesbian tank instructor nose problems/chaz sez ellen is 2 gay? hilly and billy better than bo playing middle ground, geraldo/
6814/now stupid, ignorant RWNJ's believe Taliban propaganda. That's too precious!-Taliban commanders were at first suspicious that it was an American ploy to entrap the Taliban. They thought Sgt. Bergdahl’s actions couldn’t be explained any other way, as there was no precedent for an American seemingly wandering off base to seek out Afghan society and possibly the Taliban. The fact that Bergdahl was out in the open, on his lonesome, seemed implausible conservative byte- Are you able to draw any distinction, intellectually, legally, millitarily, or otherwise, between a deserter and a POW? Are you that intellectually corrupt that you will continue this charade for your Brown Clown?-we should be EXPANDING gitmo to include seditious SCUM-bob bergdahl terrorist cheerleader SCUM also said he intends to fight for the release of all GITMO guests aibafs/Little girl ran for her life as gunman shouted he would kill everyone survived Las Vegas walmart shooter wanted revolution, commits suicide after killing police-Billionaire who confessed to sexually assaulting teen stepdaughter gets four month sentence rsy-Karachi IA Attacked By Heavily Armed Gunmen launched an attack, 6 Pakistani security personnel been killed and 4 Aircrafts Damaged, firing going on, Up to 10 heavily armed assailants have reportedly killed at least five Airport Security Force, 3 of 8 attackers killed so far, including one who blew himself up: Express TV-A certain Emirates Plane is center of attraction of terrorist. The fight is on for this plane with pessangers-reminiscent of Mumbai-tw/ Marshall Islands, coffins and 26 skeletons dead people being washed away from graves of World War II soldiers because of rising sea levels-Reagan Advisor Bruce Bartlett Calls Tea Partiers Morons, Stupid Ignormases, Bigots, Dying Off The Ed Show-Jon Meis 22 is the Seattle student credited with single handedly stopping gunman Aaro Tbara at Seattle Pacific University by tackling and pepper spraying him-RWNJ's Outraged That Obama Masticated In Public, chewed gum at D-Day ceremonies in France, and so he must be impeached! Even worser, the walking nicotine addicted shamebucket that is our putative President also insulted our British allies by openly masticating in public while applauding the arrival of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II- Tennessee man James McKenzie, 49 the son of former long time sheriff, only a mile away from his home, accidentally shot himself while driving, died from his injuries-Shootout At Georgia Courthouse, Dennis Marx, copicide, explosives and an assault rifle wounded a deputy outside courthouse-Conservative prayer brawler and retired brain surgeon Dr. Actually Did Say Obamacare Worse Than 911-Soldier Josh Korder Trashing Bergdahl Received Other Than Honorable Discharge -ll/ Carlson defends trucker after Tracy Morgan crash: Sleep driving not always reckless-I’ll give you something to cry about Florida man throws crying baby across room- Despite dire predictions, Denver crime falls over 10 percent in wake of pot legalization-MO cop arrested for filming men he lured into unusual oral sex acts, videos were linked Craigslist advertisement placed by Cerna, admitted to having placed the advertisement, and told police that over 60 men had responded to it, in which he invited straight men to his home to have sex through a barrier. the six year veteran, was immediately dismissed, victims cooperating with investigators said they did not know that it was a man on the other side of that barrier, recorded the encounters, and placed many of these videos on the Internet-Maddow to GOP blowhards who skipped the Bergdahl hearings We’re laughing at you- This isn’t the Wild West anymore, Maher destroys Open Carry Texas ammosexuals-rsy/ half a million IMPEACH OBAMA FOR LEAVING AN AMERICAN BEHIND IN AFGHANISTAN found-azstarnet/ denver murder rate drops 50% sinc3 legalizing pot-Bergdahl Unit Known For Troubles, in many ways reflected the problems of the Pentagon’s strategy writ large across Afghanistan at that moment of the war nyt-fb/
6714/information is power, a lie, no matter how manny times repeated, is still a lie-gunny bobo boo maher-ObamaZombies going to go to war with them also to protect the treasonous Bergdahl. I guess this is the new call out to all those shackled to the Obama CULT-fb/oathsome politicians want to leave soldiers behind just to stick it to Obama?- politician deletes thoughtless tweet articles are the man bites dog stories of American journalism. So let's see what outrageous and offensive thing Sen. Thad Cochran wanted to hide from the world: Welcome home, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. A grateful America thanks you for your service @SenThadCochran, scrambling to hide the fact that they briefly thought an American gaining his freedom after a terrorist kidnapping in Afghanistan was a cause for celebration, Iowa's Joni Ernst, the Hawkeye State's newly minted U.S. Senate nominee. She removed this embarrassing display of humanity after just 25 minutes, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl freed after 5 yrs being reported missing in Afghanistan. Thoughts & prayers go out to Sgt. Bergdahl & his family, after bragging about her ability to castrate hogs (she then vowed to cut pork in Washington, seriously, ouch.) But apparently Ernst lacks the cojones to stick to her controversial thoughts and prayers-id coc people who actually know the Bergdahls, ecstatic over news of the release of the town's native son. Now, the victory celebration is canceled, to the town of about 8,000. Well, number one is, how dare we as a community support someone who in their mind they're thinking of as a deserter, a traitor. That they had plans to come here on their vacation, they're no longer coming, they're cancelling their reservations, I just find that shocking, we're Americans, and we need to act like Americans, yet they'd rather see their fellow human Bowe Bergdahl lose his freedom or even die all because of their blind hatred of the man in the Oval Office-with the millennials coming of age both socially and politically, the tattered cloak of reagan's conservatism will soon be cast off and a new age of progressivism will be upon us, credit obama with being the one who started it-The only thing wrong with it is the slime that it is, be thankful that your here and protected by the very laws you want to destroy-his character and his actions are two separate issues... dempsey, mccrystal and petraeus, all right leaning generals publicly stated, we leave no man behind and he will face investigation and possible punishment, so why do you keep harping as if he didn't deserve rescue because rumors have it that he was a muslim collaborator? btw no one portrayed him as a hero... only an american pow who was rescued-rbh/
6614/Perkins: Christians forced to bake cakes for gays like forcing Jews into Nazi ovens-Turns out the thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a hall monitor with pepper spray-Heavily armed sovereign citizen wounds deputy in doomed GA courthouse takeover plot-Colorado deputy arrested for repeatedly raping estranged wife after she tried to record abuse-Texas GOP convention’s Davy Crockett calls for war against dictator Obama-Florida disbars ex judge who called and texted prosecutor 1,400 times during death penalty trial-New Orleans cop suspended for leaving message in murder victim’s blood-Virginia youth pastor accused of trying to entice preteen girl in online sex sting-Mississippi cities rebel against state's new anti LGBT religious freedom law-Navy medical center in Virginia on lockdown after stabbing-Michigan lawmakers pose with women’s magazines to show they care. Guess which party-Bundy owes more fees to feds than all other U.S. ranchers-Open carry activists claim setup after loaded handgun found among toys at SC Target-White liberals like Neil deGrasse Tyson so much he could defecate on them-Glenn Beck: Schools allow kids to play with box of dildos, but not to celebrate Christmas-Vodafone exposes secret worldwide network of government wiretaps- Carlson: Whiny teen couldn’t have been raped by teacher because he’s a boy-Molecules have no morals: Ecstasy godfather Alexander Shulgin- Alabama chief justice Roy Moore warns that courts cannot function without God-Federal agent commits suicide in Pittsburgh Homeland Security office- at the intersection of open carry and stand your ground rsy/ Not a Hero': 6 of Bowe Bergdahl's Platoon Members Speak Out- Taliban Dream Team Living Life of Luxury in Qatar?-Fallen Soldier's Mom: No Doubt in My Mind He Died Looking for Bergdahl-Will Gitmo Grads Return to Terrorism?-fni/The girl’s family want answers as to why their special needs daughter 18 was shot and killed. The family called authorities because she wouldn’t take her medication and they were worried she would harm herself. Deputy Menh Trieu Fatally Shoots Special Needs Girl, claims that when they arrived at the home, Yanira was acting erratically-Greenwald Twitter kept in a cage for a decade no charges. fascinating how there’s so much sympathy for a US POW, but so little for GITMO detainees- ll/ Amazing. There Are Actually Democrats Defending Bergdahl Scandal, Not only did Obama slash Defense spending hugely, but the treatment of Veterans by VA hospitals is yet another indication of Obama's priorities. He appears to loathe the U.S. Military just as much as he demonstrates his hatred toward Capitalism, I don't see anything in Obama's actions that indicate any lack of favoritism toward radical Muslim interests. The true, Barack Obama that we were never allowed to see during the elections is now being revealed. Before the election, Benghazi was a video and Obamacare would allow us to keep our doctors. After the election, literally EVERYTHING is being done differently, including the marginalization of Congress, as long as Harry Reid runs the Senate and blocks any attempt to hold Obama accountable-Thank God for rational democrats like Diane Feinstein who CALL a spade a SPADE. This whole thing is more of an expose' on people like Harry Reid and Susan Rice, who would read their Pro Obama talking points even if Obama were to Blow somebody's head clean off with an AK47, NEVER negotiate with Terrorists like that, bo Actually Got ROLLED by them. The Taliban are Dancing in the STREETS over this, Now, Obama is talking about releasing MORE, Gitmo Terrorists. The Lunacy never STOPS yc/

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