Friday, June 13, 2014

61314/feeling like the Rodney Dangerfield

61314/feeling like the Rodney Dangerfield Underappreciated Eric Cantor of American politics: no respect. fn/new debtors prisons: Pennsylvania mother dies while jailed for truancy fines dailykos/Gun Phobia Is A Serious Problem Time For Gun Therapy for Liberals! barracuda brigade/ Warren virtually declared war on Mitch McConnell after he blocked her student loan bill, to donate money to Alison Lundergan Grimes, going to Kentucky for the Democrat. faux snooze wargasm suni shia conflict, mccstain wants betrayus back? gayle erst takes wife beating as opposed to castration, even with aligator wisperer gomert still dumbest in the land, faux blocker tv? fixing w's fuckups. linsey gets 58%, stephie/steve give bernie civics lesson believing spreading oil democracy a ccwabc/
61214/ICE Is Facilitating Human Smuggling and Child Trafficking-RICK PERRY WARNED FEDS ABOUT WAREHOUSED CHILDREN SINCE 2012-Scientists have recreated the Spanish Flu virus that killed 50 million people WhatCouldGoWong-hw skydives on 90th birthday-teabag flag don't read to me-tw/ Boeing lost a friend Falling On Eric Cantor's Shocking Defeat ybi/no doubt that banks were greedy and took way to much risk. People were greedy also. In hindsight, I wish I would have thought of it. A legal way to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from the banks and make the taxpayers pay for it. I bought my house for 200,000. Probably could have borrowed 400,000 against it at the height of the market. That's like 40,000 a year tax free income. The worse that can happen to you is you cannot borrow huge sums of money for 7 years. Not to mention living cost free for several years while trying to sue the banks-Tell Holder to tell Obama where to go, the bank should be able to claim their assets. Being stupid, black, or overly optimistic is NO EXCUSE. QUIT BLAMING THE BANKS!-1.2b boa settlement deadlock-Any fines the big 5 criminal banks have to pay will come from the 0% rates on which small savers, retirees, and small businesses are taxed, is what ZIRP is all about, true owners of the capital get 0 while the criminal banks are free to charge usurious rates for credit cards- BOA's top 25 executives INCLUDING the criminal CEO need long prison sentences, They have destroyed millions of families and threw them on the streets by fraud deception and robo forclosure signings-Too many people with sound bytes and not able to think for themselves. I have had many mortgages (including from Bank of America) and no sign of any attempts at fraud, but hey, I actually read my documents, ask questions, and honor my commitments-Attempted to foreclose on the loan. No they were not successful in the attempt but it did cost me, money, time and much stress. I did get a certified letter from them stating they were going to foreclose but it was about two months after they did the attempt. You may have had a good experience with them but every one did not, you are a jackass. Oh and after the court was over I received a small amount of money, not even enough to cover what the cost for getting it straightened out. Put the crooks in jail!-ynyt/ USA has a dumb unqualified Baboon as President of the Nation!-Bonobo sexual behavior-a total failure. Period. Unfortunately, he has harmed this country big time from an economic to foreign affair policies. It will take years to recover-w harmed this country more than any president I know. You must be 8 years old! You don't remember George? Invaded Iraq; caused the deaths of over 5,000 American Service members (over 100,000 civilian deaths); spent 8 trillion dollars in a war that clearly was not in involved in 9/11; caused economic destruction of the auto industry, banks, housing, transportation, insurance, stock market, etc; as a result of bad management from George Bush's administration, it will take 50 years or more to get out of; invaded Afganistan knowing Bin Laden was in Pakistan wasting billions of dollars and lives. Granted, Obama like most presidents are stupid, but George Bush (the only American president with a criminal record) beats them all. George Bush--Record of Shame!yc/Texas da lost his job after he boots black juror, likens to a white supremacist for NAACP ties rsy- Oklahoma Republican Scott Esk Believes Homosexuals Should Be Stoned To Death PUSA-if the Islamic radicals and the right-wing extremists ever come to terms on the whole Jesus thing, we could be in for some real trouble-fallout from getting the reaction to the ACA entirely wrong, Republicans are being handcuffed by their dysfunction. The more time that passes the worst it get for the GOP. Nightmares Have Come True as 66% Of Americans Want To Keep Their Obamacare bb-fb/ the last republican jew didn't vote, weird cat stories with jackie, stephie pushing gop interfight/ bp negotiations denied, false flagisms jones conspiracyisms gnbb/corp media fascists justifing glorious iraq opening the gates of hell invasion, ringoffire, koch 700m$ to levin, resurgenct reight, teabag tactics, brat quoting warner and occupy wall st economic populism laced with semitic cathlicisms, hartmann/
61114/shocking cantor loss, 2nd ranking Republican in the House goes down, and no one saw it coming caught totally off guard aibafs/, Cantor outspent Brat by nearly $5 million-What a canard! so out of touch with reality, the People are sick of Washington and the high stink coming from it- whether you think like some pundits like to think or not, the Tea Party isn't done-Its good that the people are starting to clean house. my hope is that none not a one of the traitors that have disgraced this nation and its people should remain in any form of office. I believe a good many of these republican and democrat alike need a cell in one of them prisons. I find it interesting the use of the words insurgent tea party. Is the next step going to be to call it the terrorist tea party should we call our people terrorist too and just dispense with the formality. is this truly a free press or is it a programed press-Are You Nutz? They shouldn't have been caught off guard! The writing is on the walls the Repubs ignored it! They though they were the all mighty and didn't have to listen to the people(That goes for the Dems even more so). Well the real people aren't going away and in fact it has made us even more inspired and motivated. We the people want simple things like getting out of our pockets, close the dam border, deport all illegals,and deport trouble makers from other countries(you know who you are). Plus reduce the size of govt. and your salaries and benefits. The only way you should be getting pay increases is if you earn it and we approve it by voting on a ballot measure-The left has been attacking our culture since the 1960's and stuff we used to laugh off when we were young. Did anyone think of gay marriage in 1985?- bonehead is next. this loser must go and we must take the senater, then impeach comrade obama for he is destroying our country-b0 went off script to eviscerate Republicans blocking Obama lashes Republicans, plans to ease the huge burdens in student debt many Americans carry, then heads to Starbucks AFP-on Mass Shootings: Calling it his biggest frustration, We Should Be Ashamed-y/GOP McLaughlin firm showed Cantor leading by 34 points, actually lost the election by 10 points: high turnout, Democratic meddling, stinging attacks, Primary turnout was 45,000 2 years ago. This time 65,000. This was an almost 50% increase probably not Republicans yhal/14.1 25.7yf/Brat Pulls Off primary Despite Raising Just $231,000 Cantor Upset wsj/Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible,” a King James translation will include branded features about the family, will focus on patriarch Phil Robertson’s five core values, faith, family, fellowship, forgiveness, and freedom Duck Dynasty clan has lent their celebrity to all sorts of merchandise including lighters, Cajun seasoning, smart phone apps, and firearms-Generals in charge and the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff along with the CIA saying one thing and teddy, FOXy girls and Hannity saying another. One of these groups is full of proven liars with a partisan political agenda. This same group made up a narrative that has been PROVEN false even before the facts were in. This group shall from here on be known as lyin' cocksuckers, how Obama was to profit politically by a deadly attack on our embassy? (sigh) I reckon in wingerworld anything is possible- rbh/LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE Award, Economics professor and political giant killer David Brat selling points, tested his rural values against the intellectual elite while at Princeton. appears to have done a little biographical inflation, padding his resume, to think he was a seminary student, guess he skipped the ethics portion of his studies! His Master of Divinity came from a wellregarded Princeton Theological Seminary, The two simply happen to be in the same town- fb/ cantor loses primary, linsey wins, paula dean tries bigotcook. com?, nhl devils down 3:0 playoff chances, bo takes a walk, wabc/school shooter, nsa illegal data undeleteable, jamaca takes the green step, cruz renounces canada, bill/mike lewis gs unnecessary ws activity replay-imus/texas pray away the gay based on sigmonds 1k hrs clinical research that never worked, stephie/
61014/SC gov. calls to ban black biker week after shootings, but not white Harley week-Three arrested for gruesome torture of enslaved transgender woman in Louisiana-Vegas revolution shooters ID’d as right wing conspiracy nuts with a deathwish kicked off Bundy ranch-FL official says he was protecting himself when he shouted n word at Publix shoppers-Will: Sexual assault victims enjoy coveted status on college campuses-Global warming is a hoax because dinosaurs went extinct without car pollution-Human faces evolved to be punched by human fists-Anti choice website supposedly chronicle pro choicers, actually displays anti choice propensity to lie-Indiana man pleads guilty to fatally shooting boy 3 in the head during gun game-Bribery alleged as VA senate Dem quits, giving GOP way to stop Medicaid expansion- Paris locks of love bridge evacuated due to partial collapse-FL woman sentenced for burning down 3,500 yr old tree so she could see her meth-Florida Man guns down 3 daughters, wife, himself in everyday USA mass killing-Fort Worth hospital fired employee who reported rape attempt by male nurse-Wsj: Don’t hike minimum wage because workers learn from poverty rsy/White House says Hagel made the call on prisoner swap, Jugears staged a Rose Garden celebration to announce it. Hagel was never mentioned. After it blows up in his face, Jugears runs for the hills. At least he didn't blame Boosh yc/Army Times says that the president was right in rescuing Bowe Bergdahl-And hypocrites like the left- are trying to convince people Bergdahl's platoon is at fault-I never said or implied that. You're simply just posting excrement now. Why lie? The right wing has tried and convicted Bergdahl in the media, there's no point in trying to convince people that stupid of anything.-When Bush Paid Terrorists a Ransom repukes didn't say a word, Bergdahl story moves to the hearing stage, treated to the sight of preening House trying to press Hagel that he, too, started hating America, speculation is growing about an alleged ransom may have paid, Ollie North, of all people, started this talk is one of those laugh, cry, or shoot the tv moments that now assault our synapses with such regularity, like Judas calling John or James a traitor, or Bernie Madoff aspersing Warren Buffett as a swindler, Fox reported a ransom was on the table last year. The Free Beacon the other day quoted a cash payoff to the Haqqani Network, Bergdahl’s captors-If We're Going to Tie Our Soldier's Hands in Afghanistan, requiring them to be under extreme threat of death before aerial backup is called in, GET THEM ALL OUT OF THERE NOW, MR PRESIDENT. To let Karzai dictate our military strategy is not only wrong it defies logic, deaths of the 5 special ops soldiers who died yesterday was totally avoidable if we let our troops do their GD jobs the way they need to and have some f*cking despot in a cloak and a karakul tell us what we can and can't do! yhal/ HANOI, AP court sentenced one of the country's richest men to 30 years in prison, guilty of financial crimes involving millions of dollars/New Hampshire's health insurance exchange will have a drastically different look during the Affordable Care Act's next open enrollment session, new developments look to provide consumers with more choices and, potentially, lower prices, insurers active in states had participated in the states' marketplaces, the second lowest priced silver premium (which is linked to federal subsidies) would be 11.1% lower. It also would have reduced federal subsidies by about $1.7 billion-Insurers are only allowed to profit 25% over the cost of their health care expenses under Obamacare. The price is tied to the price of care. Ready to have a discussion about the cost of health care yet?- meth doesn't specify the basis for that assertion Wal Mart trucker Kevin Roper charged with death by auto and four counts of assault remained free after posting $50,000 bond driver who triggered the weekend crash hadn't slept for more than 24 hours before the accident-we are going to discover Wal Mart treats its truckers as poorly as its store employees-all company's do. They won't admit to it, do their best to hide the fact-y/ don talks wes moore military with faux approved accountability humping knowing all war intracates like fighting to go home tbi pstd va wrote a best selling book that imus did'nt read/taliban attack paki ia wabc/i wish i had stephies squirrel, where can i find me a rodent like that rmm/redstate rosetta stone, drunk teabag nondemocrat? assults ssi office, moderate republican speaks, rude offers dime store phycology alternate nut punching instead of death threats, praying call to fall same as lbgt pride, show biz talk with ghetto clown lingazamo, tomaski 13 year war bergdahl wingnut crack, mitt handlers involved, bob sez wikiasange nsa spying with afgan business, wsj reports sos aca horror story, travis sez steph can wear her pony tail anytime, seperating gov policy get the out of personal lives and unless they are having sex religion stephie and cc looking to find the old goldwater gay, kick falwell in the ass insightful gopers just to party/geraldo recalling frozen mustash at job fair is anti diblazio cop citizen participation direction? kerry douchetastic fending obstructional chicken little wingnutz and badmouthing snowden 2:1 putin connection

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