Sunday, May 4, 2014

5414/concept leftists do not understand

5414/concept leftists do not understand. All of nothing. IS NOTHING. rbg/now, 4 dead Americans due to a MAJOR $%#$@ UP by Obama, just a talking point-We've had the answers about #Benghazi for more than a year but Republicans refuse to read it-We've had lies, falsehoods, and obfuscations from day one of the incident and these emalis showing the level of coordination between the White House and State Department in promoting what they knew were lies would shock any normal, decent American, you and your ilk, ever desperate to shield your pathetic foreign occupier from any possible criticisms-What else could you possibly expect from a Liberal? What was a surprise was that Obama avoided making jokes about Benghazi in his little talk at the Correspondents Dinner last evening-Let's be honest. Boy Obongo, who liberals tell us led the SEAL team which supposedly killed OBL, was nowhere to be found the night of Benghazi ("Die Furher geschlaften"). I personally believe this mutant was so stoned out of his mind that they couldn't wake the guy and Hitlery managed to hit her head so she forgot everything as well. But the truth WILL come out, sooner or later-We still have in America the last vestiges of decent society who admire courage in the face of PC jerkoffs and people who honestly speak their minds to these denizens of the sewer-What else could you possibly expect from a Liberal? What was a surprise was that Obama avoided making jokes about Benghazi in his little talk at the Correspondents Dinner last evening-Why are you calling him Boy Obongo?-It took a long time for Watergate to get moving but Woodward and Bernstein hung in there and pushed until they got the right people to listen. Thank God for FOX who have stuck with it and will until those responsible for those 4 deaths are named and the same punishment Nixon received is brought down on Obama-tapper benghazi responses dissembling-Carney's most recent sparring match with journalists, in which he repeated specious talking points and fired churlish insults at skeptical reporters. In spite of his sanctimonious deception-Dude, Vietor sneered, addressing Baier, Benghazi was, like, two years ago. That disrespectful and flippant answer would look bad enough if it were simply a case of Vietor losing his cool. Not so. It appears as though it was a rehearsed line-aibafs/Assclown Sarah attacked the White House Correspondents Dinner, despite the fact that it is a charity event that raises money for scholarships, The queen of bitter jealousy had reared her ugly head-bo sez, Let's face it Fox, you'll miss me when I'm gone. It'll be harder to convince the American people that Hillary was born in Kenya, Koch brothers bought a table at the dinner but as usual they used a shadowy right wing organization as a front, orange is the new black, took a jab at the right for their crush on Putin, and called out Huckabee and Hannity-pusa/willy reminds the faithful about begazi talk points, on fns/
5314/Turkey: Erdogan Criminalizes Leaks, Seeks Extradition of US Cleric Gulen, while the government plans to pass a bill that would sentence journalists to ten years in prison for publishing leakssome science behind the recently popular argument that the United States isn't a democracy any more. And princeton found that in fact, America is basically an oligarchy, where power is effectively wielded by a small number of individuals defined by their status called oligarchs. Members of the oligarchy are the rich, the well connected and the politically powerful, as well as particularly well placed individuals in institutions like banking and finance or the military-Massive fire after Lynchburg, Va., train derailment, plumes of black smoke over downtown, as a freight train carrying thousands of gallons of crude oil jumped the track- rbh/Harlequin is going to join News Corp, Its holdings include the prestigious The Wall Street Journal and The Times in London, tabloids like The Sun-Oh, Rupert, she breathed. That barrel is soo long. It's a 454., he replied confidently. He noticed her heaving breasts and leaned in closer, and it's unregistered. She couldn't resist any longer. Take me! Take me you magnificent, white Christian male! Cut me like foodstamps! Subsidize me like an oil company/ Racist liberal students at rutgers winullied Rice Withdraws from Commencement-Another day, another vile liberal racist eruption of hate-MERS belongs to the coronavirus family that includes the common cold and SARS, or severe acute respiratory syndrome, which caused some 800 deaths globally in 2003, found in camels, but don't know how it is spreading to humans-
RT-iapb/two years following the 9/11 attacks, the Bush administration made 935 false statements about the threat Iraq posed-state owned by Charles and David Koch is in financial trouble. Who would have guessed? Moody’s downgraded Kansas credit rating on Thursday, citing Kansas’ sluggish economy-SEAL, Angel Martinez-Ramos, Smuggled 10 Kilos Of Cocaine Into Miami, worked on covert anti drug operations pleaded guilty to conspiracy in the smuggling of 10 kilos of cocaine into the U.S.The SEALeft active duty in 2010 but continued to deploy on missions as a reservist-alan/Obama’s ‘slave mentality’ prevents him from working with Republicans-When all you’ve got is #Benghazi, everything looks like #Benghazi TBogg-South Dakota Republican thinks about gay men having anal sex a whole lot-Alabama’s chief justice: Buddha didn’t create us so First Amendment only protects Christians-Teen beaten, falsely arrested by cop husband of teacher who sexually abused him- Angela McGlowan Obama’s slave mentality prevents him from working with Republicans-Cenk Uygur blasts GOP and Fox, move the f*ck on rsy/
5214/Lockett was shocked with a Taser, slashed his own arm and had a catheter inserted in the hours leading up to a botched execution attempt nyt/Sick of business as usual, Rep. Alan Grayson bigamist Filibluster trying something new: saying pretty much whatever he feels like. Teabagger Patriots descend, comparing Obama to Hitler and griping about Marxism-Apologizing to the Dead gives GOP an apology-Liberal Moralism-What Grayson can teach liberals about moral rhetoric-mj-aibafs/Santelli thinks a major bank is going to fail and this will usher in a Red Bat Crash ( technical term for uncontrolled spike up and then crash down/22.2,8 12.4,8fy/ 4.5 2.5yg/sterling wife implicated, fugelsine catichism, rush 40m$ per yr #37, on stephanie#2/
5114/Media Will Cover Up the Cover Up of the Cover Up Gutfeld-Proof the Dishonest O'Reilly Slams Media for Ignoring Benghazi-fni/elaborate array of linear stone lanes and V shaped structures discovered on an underwater ridge in Lake Huron-criticalbelievers/Space debris washes up in the Amazon from a European space launch/Krugman slams the parade of billionaires whining because people are criticizing them- atheists barred from placing Founding Father quotes next to Florida religious monument-GM depicted man as suicidal murderer to cover up problem that prompted recall-$40 kits sold by its president’s brotherOhio school plans to drug test every student-Militia leader to Cliven Bundy supporters, threatens to rip Reid’s b*lls off-Nye the Science Guy has no patience for your candy assed science illiteracy-AZ Childless women on birth control have destroyed the U.S. with whoredom-NC pastor turned GOP candidate may be breaking law by taking church love offerings-Scalia has been thinking about lesbian threesomes since 2003 Colbert-Fox smears science editor as a coward-Pink Floyd calls for Rolling Stones to boycott Israel-GOP upset at Obama marijuana comment, lashes out-Texas judge sentences rapist to work with victims-three teens he is accused of molesting: CA golf coach tried to hire hitman-KY coroner held infant remains as collateral until funeral home bill paid-Hobby Lobby’s public school Bible class treats Moses magic wand as historical fact-Robertson: Don’t try to prove God exists to atheist swine on Facebook and Twitter-Exlawmaker who fought child porn bragged about molestation: 12 is about as old as i can handle-Iowa Central College gives accused rapist choice: Expulsion or not walking at graduation-Bundy supporters are settting up checkpoints against residents-Maher: Slamming Cliven Bundy and Donald Sterling doesn't accomplish much-Maddow guest: Botched Oklahoma execution was like watching medieval torture-Stewart rips GOP’s hilarious and misguided fear mongering at NRA event-Colbert: Clemency for crack offenders unfair to GOP because bankers only snort cocaine-Scalia decision runs counter to a unanimous ruling by the court in 2001, mistakenly claiming that the court struck down the agency’s ability to override cost considerations when setting regulations, Scalia’s dissent refers to the Court’s earlier decision in American Trucking as involving an effort by EPA to smuggle cost considerations into the statute. exactly backwards-revising his own previous words. What a doofus-forced to live with the real embarrassment of having both he and Thomas on the bench until that glorious day when they shuffle off this mortal coil-Scaley is a moron-so glad we have a Supreme Court Justice that believes the Devil is a real person. Certainly want a guy with that kind of mental capacity interpreting our laws-bet that nobody in his office tells him he is wrong about anything. He seems the type that would boil over and go postal on your ass if you told him he was wrong-another in a long line of republican bullies-Paranoia and ineptitude and no talk of impeachment yet?-Clarence ("Uncle") Thomas is not a "fellow right-leaning justice"; Thomas is Fat Tony's trained lap dog-rsy/ Republican propaganda, nobody ever got rich without aid from society-I want @SenWarren to be in charge of everything DailyShow tw/historian and christian lunatic revisionist extraordinaire Barton explained biblical principles to keep the family together, not sexism behind not allowing women to vote prior 1920, since the women’s suffrage, hurts the entire culture and society, movement succeeded we've moved into more of a family anarchy kind of thing fb/v too dumb not to be palin protector? delusion stuff, creep calls, welder maskisms in 1%er gop circles, on stephanie/ don blames alan 4 bengazi, diedra becomes delusion expert, guns volentares to be excutionior, on imus/
43014/Sterling has stated that he's a diehard Republican because they think the same way he does. clive sez, My heart is with the Republican party because I know they support my beliefs and concerns, We think the same way, those Republicans in Congress and me. That's why I always vote for them, Both are active registered Republicans and donate gop. Bundy and Donald Sterling are our kind of people Tea Party leader, We respect their Constitutional rights of free speech and support what they say Palin said. We stand by their right to speak the truth said one Republican supporter, we support them every step of the way. wt- aibafs/12.6,5 22.5,2yf/2.5 4.4fg/companies and people with concealed contempt and disdain for certain people? ferengi and trumps behave and prosper? Fortunately happy thoughts seem to cure everything. All praise thehumans-finally, a crime I'm not guilty of! My dog loves ME, although I must confess she never was a particularly good judge of character and is now old and infirm and nearly deaf and pretty close to blind and always could be bribed into doing pretty much anything for table scraps. Still, I am like a god to her, and her food supply is holding out OK. My daughter, however, may be doing well in the Game Of Life, but her performance must be deemed average since she is an only child-The problem of course is that the religion of self worship just invites more hypocrysy and posing than any religion involving the supernatural. This being the opposite of problem solving, actual progress or science. As long as I'm a trump and all the climate theories are above average, the food supply should be ok huh?-159.8yb/morality police in your checking account: Chase shuts down accounts of adult entertainers, Banks are so moral don't ya know?-idiots who saddle up to ride to the rescue of a rich rancher who has been in obvious violation of the law aren't cowboys I respect. These guys aren't John Wayne; they're more like John Wayne Gacy, anarchists and wanna be murderers of their fellow citizens, losers, malcontents, and slack jawed consumers of pre digested right wing thinking served up by people who use them for an agenda that has nothing to do with benefiting people like them, aren't patriots, and they're about as dumb as cow dung rbh/go figure Fox News Offers Donald Sterling Weekly Talk Show, may be losing control of his NBA franchise, but he’s already got at least one firm job offer fb/Fox censored Scientific American editor discussion of climate change rsy/bang me santorem, snot crazy, wedding shooting after an agument about who would be the designated driver, on stephanie/hb willy Red Headed Stranger turns 81 today, earned a fifth degree black belt on imus/railing against gov targeting businesses paying under the table practice, on geraldo/levin nutz as usual, wabc/ porn problems proportional to pot? gitar ballad this country song makes me sick, , on alan/geraldo plays sin goat 4 bigot basketball? on ccwabc/ lesbian sex in the oval office beck fantasy, on randi/
42914/GOING GO OVER THE PRESIDENT, 70% AMERICAN WAR ARE FOR THE X L PIPELINE C SPAN fb-in order to be Responsible, suddenly the deficit was all Republicans could think about. So sorry about your starving baby, but the DEFICIT, austerity for children, veterans, the elderly, and the sick claimed they were only cutting people off This is the same deficit that they told us didn’t matter when they were in charge, but then fled responsibility to clean up their mess in the wake of the 2008 crash as a Democratic President took over-CHINESE BLUE C0L0UR W0RKER'S within GL0BAL C0RP0RATE FACT0RY'S that CHINA at the time F0RCED WALLMART & DELL C0MPUTER to UNI0NIZE or GTF 0UT 0F CHINA 20 year GL0BAL C0RP0RATE_ANARCHY is N0T ACCEPTABLE in CHINA, Declare our communities Pesticide FREE Zones; exclaiming that the “Buck Stops Here” with Cancer in our children, Autism in our children, Chemical induced Alzheimer disease in OUR Elders, Environmentally Friendly Built homes & all Commercial & Industrial building, Convert the Farms & Livestock to Organic with GREEN STIMULUS Fund INVESTMENTS! UNIVERSITY'S, now has the incentive to open the COLLEGES OF THE ECOLOGICAL ARTS as We enter the GREEN DOOR to Trillion $ Economiesfb/ O Bow Lo doesn't want any wider conflict with Russia. The only enemies he sees are his fellow Americans Geezus, would you just stop it-A wider conflict between Russia and US in Ukraine is likely, A wider conflict over Ukraine will help to achieve two goals: weaken Russia, will help to achieve two goals: weaken Russia, one of member BRICS; and weaken EU economy and EUROIf US pushes too hard on economic sanction against Russia, EU might break off with US. We know that there is a tipping point. It is a million dollar question on where the tipping point it.-y145c/Florida man fires AK47 at cops investigating traffic accident near his house-Texas student hides AK47 in school bathroom for committing violence if demands aren’t met-CNN Money explains US and UK government warned everyone should stop using the Internet Explorer Web browser immediately, because of a massive security breach, specific version of Internet Explorer affected are versions 6 to 11-Republican bigots who resist law enforcement and court orders and threaten violence should be shot-It come to my mind real plain, the good Lord said, Bundy, it’s not your job, it’s THEIR job. This morning, I said a prayer, and this is what I received. I heard a voice say, Sheriff Gillespie, your work is not done. Every sheriff across the United States, take the guns away from the United States bureaucrats-I think his day is a comin-definitely and obviously has the right to his opinion and the freedom to express it, now, he's understanding that with freedom comes responsibility- I don't think that Hannity even believes his own bullshit. But his job description includes facilitating opinions held by dumbasses-Koch Brothers Used Cliven Bundy as Part Of Their Plan To Seize Public Land-God doesn't talk much, but when He does, it's always to rightwing whackos and GOP presidential candidates. Ha! God LOVES phuckin with these people! He's such a kidder! My favorite is when He tells 'em to run for office and then pulls the rug out from under them, that one never gets old!-rbg/Businesses trample the freedom of Christians by serving LGBT people-Oklahoma governor’s daughter mocks Native American protesters with war dance-Fox New to ask NBA if punishing racists is a slippery slope-asks torture backer John Yoo Obama manhood problem?-Iowa’s GOP vow to block judges who won’t follow biblical law-Gun enthusiasts stalk and threaten CEO after she develops weapon only owner can fire-Brannon insists Obamacare death panels-Beck message from God: I am coming and I will settle scores-Jon Stewart: Donald Sterling, Bundy, and the KKK illustrate the ‘mosaic of racism in America’-Mother of disabled son killed by police over $10 movie ticket-Ex cop’s stunning admission wins acquittal for man who admits drunkenly groping girl-Los Angeles deputies charged with planting drugs and guns at marijuana dispensary-Sterling: All racists are, at the end of the day, atheists rsy/Bank of America Finds a $4b Mistake-Grimm was charged with underreporting wages and payroll while running an Upper East Side restaurant-Three Contractors Sentenced to 20 Years in CityTime Corruption Case-nyt/Gov is still doing nothing to recover but just slap in the wrist to those BANKS who committed mortgage practice fraud(s) that cause the financial meltdown and hardship for majority of american grassroots teachers, firefighters, police, and just plain average hardworking middle class taxpaying citizen, instead, trying to cover their mistakes and continue lying- they have nothing left but to lie, like cheating on your wife with her best friend, then asking her to keep quiet while being interrogated-To quote #$%$ Cheney, the Gov is on its last throes in covering its past and current sins scandals self dealing on FnF. If we could have waited years, we could wait for another few months until the Congress is out on recess in summer. By then, there's no doubt the J/C bill will be completely dead y12.9, 7 22.8, 5f/Adam Silver announced Clippers owner sterling has been banned for life and fined $2.5 million, force Sterling to sell the franchise. But even in punishment, no matter how severe it appears, Sterling still wins g+/
42814/John XXIII, revered by Roman Catholic liberals, and John Paul II, beloved by cons, will be recognized as saints at a Mass on Sunday as Pope Francis pushes his own vision of a church under a big tent-Egypt sentences, Obama's friends, too bad, 683 Muslim Brotherhood terrorists to death in mass trial myfoxdc tw/Texas family plagued with ailments gets $3M in 1st fracking judgment FreakOutNation fb/ InfoWars: Bundy tape was edited to exclude his pro black, pro Mexican comments-Christians grabbed theocratic control over public schools in Louisiana-Colbert sings The Ballad of Cliven Bundy for Fox News’s fallen folk hero- Women cause 95 percent of divorces by loving their kids too much- Butt hurt ex Marine regrets crucifixion protest stunt after it backfires- CNN asks Cliven if he’s a welfare queen with a cowboy hat-Sterling smeared as racist for not giving Obama enough money-Buffalo police being investigated for slapping, kicking handcuffed man on the ground-Citing religious freedom, NC clergymen sue state for right to perform same sex marriages-boy 8 fires assault rifle over heads of pedestrians-Mystical visions induced by magic mushrooms help cancer patients conquer fear-Revolutionary advanced battery leaps theoretical maximum boundary-Donald Trump attacks Sterling girlfriend from hell-NY school cancels kindergarten show so kids can focus on college prep-witnesses dispute KY deputy’s account of teen’s fatal shooting after field party-Oldest found Jurassic pterodactyl, China's kryptodrakon fills gap in evolutionary record-TN deputy fired hours after photos show him choking compliant student during arrest-Chicago teen left newborn boy to die when she thought he resembled her ex-Pro Republican social welfare group blatantly violates election laws, and the IRS does nothing-Google claims its self driving cars have mastered the complexities of city driving-KY reporter’s hidden camera catches Tea Party candidate lying about cockfighting rally-following Raw Story report NC sheriff probing Kansas shooter’s ties to 1987 triple slaying rsy/Squatters Finally Move Out of Soldier's FL Home-Good Samaritan Leaves $1K Tip to Help Bartender Pay for Dog's Surgery-Tornadoes Devastate Arkansas, At Least 16 Killed-Whistleblower: Arizona VA Official Knew About Secret Waiting List-Charter School Charging Parents for Kids' Detention?-Brain Injury Turns College Dropout Into Math Marvel-Atheist Group Calls for Pentagon to Bar Service Members From Prayer Event--Oh, Don't Make Me Do It, Boehner Mocks GOP Colleagues on Immigration Reform-911 Museum Film Will Be Shown Despite Protests-Netanyahu: Palestinian Support of Hamas Is Killing Peace With Israel fni/Steyer challenges Koch Bros. to energy debate on Bill Maher show vo/Cruz Calls on Kerry to Resign After Apartheid Remark-NAACP WAS SCHEDULED TO GIVE DONALD STERLING THE 2014 LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD-tw/144c 12.2 21.6fy 4.3 2.4fg/sotomayer bitchslaps scalia and thomas, linsey takes a fall? sarah sez cops too heavy giving potentioal rape victims adice, nc town stands for lesbian sherriff from racist homophobic bigots, on stephanie

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