Monday, April 28, 2014

42814/investigative journalists?

42814/ Where are the investigative journalists?- British Intelligence Adviser; Ann Dunham Not Obama's Real Mother, Stanley Shrimpton says that the CIA is in possession of a photograph that proves that Dunham could not be Obama's birth mother-GWB was a good president, Reagan was great, Try and keep up yhal/endorsing karl 4 faux though he doesn't like the show, humping porter for sean, juan's wife's lexus hijacked, on imus/
42714/SARAH sez: I'D BAPTIZE TERRORISTS WITH WATERBOARDING-terrorists like pirates, not covered under any convention or treaties of war.
there is no protection of law for them-point the dimwit to AZ so she can baptize that domestic terrorist moocher bundy-at the end of ww2 war criminals were tried and executed for war crimes, waterboarding" torturing prisoners?-COLBERT REALLY GETTING TO THE LOON FOX OREILLY & BOLLING LIVID, actually controlling those 2 self absorbed loons-Puke hero Raygun's DOJ prosecuted a Texas Sheriff for waterboarding prisoners. Pukes are dumber than a box of rocks-I'D SEE THEM ALL SITTING ON THE PORCH WITH NOTHING TO DO, THEY NEVER LEARNT TO PICK COTTON-Questions about who owns or has the right to benefit from Indigenous heritage are at the core of ongoing political, economic, and ethical debates taking place at local, national, and international levels. When it comes to research in this area, Indigenous peoples have typically had little say in how studies related to their heritage are managed. Increasingly though, efforts are being made to decolonize research practices by fostering more equitable relationships between researchers and Indigenous peoples, based on mutual trust and collaboration yhal/
42614/lefty dictionary, describing today’s American Army, rainbow helmeted, battle weary, sex compatriots, freedom will be displayed by storm troopers visiting the Bundy Ranch, shooting his cattle. Pro choice, mangled bya photo of a gang of teens with their pants hanging down to about ankle level, Pro choice is not universal; only a few can have it, must show an x’d out Bible along with a large welcoming sign at your friendly local abortion clinic-majer Even atheists make me roll my eyes sometimes, Like when they sued to have a cross taken down from a building. atheists not vampires. If you can’t handle seeing a cross now and then, you picked the wrong country, liberals can be obnoxious, lots of Americans say, We don’t want politicians nagging about what we can name our football team, or how big our soda can be, what we can eat, or who we’ve offended. We have wives for that, But don’t cut off your nose to spite your face, One of the Republicans’ strongest voting blocks is low income whites who didn’t go to college. These are people who desperately need a minimum wage hike, need unions, they need health care, but not if it’s got Obama’s name on it, for every liberal with a cause, who makes you go ‘oh just shoot me,’ there’s a conservative with a gun who will-a melting pot for anti Semites, obviously to rouse up a generation of Hitler Youth. Get them while they’re young coming to a college near you-aibafs/
42514/Everything Steve Doocy Got Wrong About Obamacare This Morning, Chris Wallace’s generous phrasing, not an unmitigated disaster, turning to how conservatives will deal with the cognitive dissonance of a law they swore would collapse functioning about according to plan. While lawmakers are stepping slowly back from repeal rhetoric to find an alternative, some pundits are going with the pound the table strategy and amplifying their original, now disproven, claims, brings us to Steve Doocy, who managed to cram about as much untruth as humanly possible into one monologue on Fox & Friends this morning-People still defending Criminal and Bigot Cliven Bundy? Sadly highlights our National Ignorant Trash problem-rich that Cliven Bundy rails against "The Negro" sponging off govt when he's been doing the same thing with his cattle. tw/too quick to abandon it now. thuggish government not such a big problem now that Cliven Bundy is a racist g+/yb170g12.8 22.7f146c/gg145.5c2.5 4.5fb169.3/ NAACP president: Black people worse off under Obama-no racism there-whatever message Clive was trying to convey is now completely lost now because of his racism?-right wingers on this board would do well to learn a lesson from that ybac/ Another school kILLING in Ct., with you know who's in charge! never stops, under this leadership- I'd be willing to bet you're actually ignorant enough to believe thats why this stuff keeps happening-blaming every bad thing on Bush, even acts of nature. So how does it feel LIbtard?- If Republicans hadn't voted AGAINST the legislation that could have helped prevent this maybe they'd be worth listening to-can't complain about gun deaths and then DO NOTHING about the gun deaths if they want to be taken seriously, Knife ban is the only way to stop these attacks-female student 16 at a Connecticut high school died Friday after she was attacked and stabbed inside the school's hallway adjacent to a stairwell, a junior at Jonathan Law High School in Milford, was pronounced dead about 30 minutes after the 7:14 a.m. Sanchez was attacked because she refused to go to the prom with the attacker later in the evening. Yhal/ Maddow Grimm (RN.Y.) will apparently be indicted fb/cnn man of loth endures monkey suit, on imus correctly guessing about most christians/sean dogpile, nbc humping french antipot study? 600kga5%80ksbig gun bill, medicare medicade cuts, real horror whore stories, cliven wellfare queen in cowboy boots, on stephanie/ bringing a fresh brave face to hardcore wingnutz, ecigs, pot, rita4 geraldo to unclearwire still humping rupert satellitetv/
42414/Hannity Fires Back At Cheap Apologists DailyShow-Choosing Laws to Enforce-Cop Trips, Pushes Students During Victory Celebration-States Quietly Plan Hacking the Constitution to Ditch Electoral College-Watters Goes to CO Pot Rally alerted revelers to a new study that found marijuana can damage your brain, the popular 420 celebration, tens of thousands attended, late afternoon, 47 citations for public marijuana consumption and 16 arrests, paramedics treated 14 people, three taken to detox-Burger Chain's Ad Shows Jesus Holding a Joint-MD Gov. Candidate, Iraq War Vet Not Up for Real Job-Krauthammer Why Should Hillary Become President?-Colorado 4th-Graders Caught Selling Pot at School-Kelly Reacts to Making Time's 100 Most Influential List, hume nearly break his arm patting himself of the back-Fighting for Military Families Poisoned By Toxic Water in NC-IRS Hypocrisy? Media Matters Keeps Its Tax-Exempt Status-NYPD's Twitter Campaign Goes Horribly Wrong-NJ Doctor Refuses to Pay Huge Strip Club Bill, Claims He Was Drugged-America Should Damn Well Get Back to Capitalism-Krauthammer on Aid to Ukraine: $50M 'Can't Get You a Duplex Apartment in Manhattan- Satellite Data Shows No Global Warming For More Than 17 Years-Prep School Grads Busted for Allegedly Running PA Drug Ring Kidnapper Releases male 10 Who Won't Stop Singing Gospel Song-TSA Gives Full Body Pat Downs to Siblings 2 & 6-Professor Apologizes After Audio of Anti GOP Rant in Class-SWAT Team Descend on Home After Video Game Hoax-AZ Mom Go to Jail for Allegedly Leaving Kids in Car During Job Interview? fni/Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt was made by the Dynastic Egyptians about 4500 years ago, compelling evidence that massive saws were used to cut many of the blocks-Fluoride is Poison Brainwash Update-repeated efforts have failed to bring under control the problem, radioactive water, eight months after Shinzo Abe told the world the matter had been resolved-cb/D’Souza knew he broke campaign laws-Texas lawmaker defends 19 inmate deaths: Texans don’t want air conditioned prisons-Stewart destroys anti Clinton sexism It’s OK to be a p*ssy, as long as you’ve got a d*ck-Maddow: Oklahoma’s sun tax law a threat to Koch Brothers allies-Stewart, Hannity has now made Glenn Beck the voice of reason-rips hypocritical, corrosive Hannity, the Arby’s of news- NC deputy goes berserk, snatches phones from family after recording proves she lied-Chris Christie, New Jersey doesn’t want Colorado’s quality of life-Chomsky Fox Effect film Brainwashing of my Dad-Indiana man fatally shoots wife, then self in church school parking lot after rape charges-NASA chief: We can only survive if we are a multi planet species-Burning Man anything goes Bundyfest to mock scofflaw rancher-records cast doubt on Cliven Bundy’s ancestral claims to disputed federal land-MIT professors warn tech fueled inequality could end in bleak dystopia-Fox Letting voters harm minorities is the beauty of affirmative action ban-fertilizer explosion in West, Texas was preventable-Baptist conference, Gay people have the morality of biblical extortionists-Louisiana Republican withdraws bill to make Bible the state book-Calif. developer finds, then paves over ancient Indian village to build $55 million project-defending Cliven Negro remarks, demand video-Fugelsang: Hannity is an IV drip for denial-villagers, business people who travel to Israel, and they try not to show their identity card. Unfortunately named, small Spanish town of Castrillo Matajudios, town of Kill Jews, vote on name change, 1035 when Jews who had been stripped of their possessions and exiled from their homes decided to settled on a mota, in the area, until 1492 when the Catholic Monarchs, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, expelled the Jews from Spain, the town hall wants to commission an archaeological study and excavations to unearth the Jewish history of the site and even to attract visitors to the area, Many burned at stake, the first mention of the name Castrillo Matajudios appeared in 1623-Child star turned sovereign citizen Unger told the judge he forgave him and two other federal judges and asked God to bless them and anyone else involved in the case. held a Bible as he delivered a rambling speech about his devotion to Jesus Christ, whose death he described in graphic detail, and called his criminal prosecution the best experience in his life, who worked as an orthodontist, a hypocrite for refusing to pay taxes that others must pay, espouses his love for people who are under privileged willfully stealing from them, Greed is this man’s central character sentenced the maximum 97 month sentence and to spend three years on probation after his release from federal prison in tax scam following bizarre Jesus diatribe- Kidnapper releases boy nine annoyed him by endlessly singing off key-parents want dead daughter untreated faith healing beliefs kept from jury-Georgia special ed teacher catches abuse of autistic kids on camera-Indiana man on synthetic pot allegedly punched out child 4 and threatened Obama-Missouri GOP begins impeachment of governor for giving gay couples equal tax breaks-Colbert mocks Fox's Earth Day coverage: Solar panels made from clubbed baby seals-Led Zeppelin unveil two previously unheard recordings-D’Souza prepares targeting Chomsky-NH Women deserve less pay because they don’t work hard like men-host shuts down mention of Cliven Bundy after silence on Negro remarks-Plain clothes Philly cops shoot hoodie wearing pizza man being robbed-Chase Bank exploiting FDIC warning to close accounts of adult entertainers, sex workers-Robertson: Stop the church state separation nonsense before atheists take over everything-rsy/Harper dismisses missing Indigenous women If you'd like to donate to animals, we'd love to take your money, shot back at an audience member who interrupted her speech at an cat video festival in Toronto-getting harder for those who benefit from fossil fuels to shirk any and all responsibility for the climate damage that results. The greater the climate damage the more extreme the measures are becoming to avoid taking any responsibility, the case with Kinder Morgan's recent push to build a gigantic new Trans Mountain XL (TMX) pipeline from the tar sands of Alberta to the Pacific Ocean shoreline at the Port of Vancouver vo/honorary white card will soon be revoked!-Republican Birther D'Souza is blaming President Obama for the federal fraud indictment against the conservative, claims he's being targeted PoliticusUSA fb/The Disgusting Rape of BAC by Obama, money destined for Democrat Special Interest Groups. If you want to invest in radical communists like Obama and his illegal regime-What more people asking for handouts!!! Is this how the government deals with how inequality is growing in society. What the puck is this bullshirt? Pokerface liar-Obama makes Lawyers rich coming and going. He sued a bank in Chicago in the 90s claiming they needed to make more loans to inner city folks and now he is collecting from the other end. What a joke ybac/ secret list was part of an elaborate scheme designed by Veterans Affairs managers in Phoenix who were trying to hide that 1,400 to 1,600 sick veterans were forced to wait months to see a doctor, At least 40 U.S. veterans died waiting for appointments at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care system, many of whom were placed on a secret waiting list.CNN/clive sez negroes forgot how to pick cotton were better off as slaves, bernie correctly pronounces thermerisol, welsh polution, guns tries to help, on imus/ted jumps on the bundy train, koch democrat attack indicates how low he can go, 20 hasids attack 1 gay in brooklyn, stone cold stands up, drunken red it's the troof, the squeeky tweet gets the grease, jensen pushes with aca, h8n munchies cristy attacks colorado pot, beck dises mitt 4 30$ book, snowden problems db, dryfus with clown baby,on stephanie/with dr degree seeing bo and 150 lb nazi police dogs fails to connect his rickets, admiring tech that figured out how to control pacemakers remotely, on savage/moronic lawyers, jon's wing nut word turd, on randi/g4.6 2.5f 146c 72g 172b-b yc12.8 22.9f146g74b172b
42314/If you're rich enough you can start a fake wire service and get fake news networks to run your stories, Koch Brothers Front Group Feeds Fox News Phony Figures On Voter Fraud, alleges that Over 40,000 voters are registered in both Virginia and Maryland, shocking statistic stirs fears newscorpse fb/evil babies, communist car rentals that only turn left, blondes splurge key to life, on imus/earthday44, gnbb500/w is a dump truck, on stephanie namecalling only idiots, picking up wot ur puting down/ y1276:2261- 2273f7431g146c171b/
42214/the president can't get a big law to combat climate change, he doesn't want to upset those environmentalists who'd really be upset with him if he approved Keystone? mtp-Steyer, Multimillion dollar Obama campaign funder, is heavily involved in KINDER MORGAN, Keystone's largest competitor! nb/After Carter the deficits shot up during Reagan and Bush's time which Clinton fixed and then Dubya destroyed the surplus and gave us our first trillion dollar deficit , but all record breaking deficits belong to republicans. I know those poor billionaire's that have only doubled or tripled their money under Obama, if you having made a ton of money in the last few years check the mirror ybac/12 to 22 yffmc/cinco de mayo, Mexicans needed another reason to get drunk and miss work-Sotomexican & Kagan les Pizzing & moaning over the 5 to 4 decision to ban Mexicans & Blacks First And the beaners will be swimming back to ole mehico-Isn't that where bobo claims to be from ?-Chicago is comprised of 80% animal and 20% human-Has Herman Cain raped any more white women lately?- Sotomexican & Kagan les Pizzing & moaning over the 5 to 4 decision to ban Mexicans & Blacks First-who will be the FIRST to complain? white men who are not je wish yhal/Campbell, 48, became the seventh person to plead guilty with the antitrust investigation, resulted in numerous convictions and $743 million in settlements with Bank of America, UBS AG, General Electric Co, JPMorgan Chase & Co and Wells Fargo & Co. Bank of America's 2010 settlement was for $137.3 million. The bank agreed to pay $20 million to resolve a related class action, in the bid rigging scheme from at least 1998 until 2005, designating with others in advance who would be the winning bidder for investment agreements and municipal contracts David Rubin, who also cooperated, sentenced two years probation and ordered to pay up to $5.65 million in fines and restitution after pleading guilty to wire fraud and conspiracy-Koch-backed group is using a softer touch to try to win over part of the nation's booming Hispanic population, backed Democrats in recent elections. known as The Libre Initiative, is sponsoring English classes, driver's license workshops and other social programs to try to build relationships with Hispanic voters in cities from Arizona to Florida, even as the group targets Democratic lawmakers with hard-edged TV ads, Arizona Democratic Party has blasted Libre, fake Latino advocacy organization, doing the bidding of its wealthy donors who are paying for a blitz of ads against Democrats in the midterm elections, spent $1.4 million on the ads so far, but the full extent of its involvement in this year's elections, Libre is under social welfare section 501-never a word about the likes of George Soros or the consummate hypocrite Tom Steyer. we have become a nation or morons, sheep just love to follow along. Evil, evil Kochs. I can see why the Dems win-Who would be stupid enough to think any billionaire is on their side. They are on the side of money and power, if you get a few crumbs from them then good for you-yf/et another delay on whether or not to proceed with the Keystone XL pipeline. The Obama decision came in the wake of a new ABC News-Washington Post poll which found 65 percent of Americans support the construction of the pipeline with only 22 percent opposed, briefly mentioned on Meet the Press, CNBC’s Squawk Box was the only NBC program to mention Steyer pledge on the condition that Keystone not be approved-aibafs/ 90,000 acres along a 116 mile stretch of the Texas/Oklahoma boundary. The BLM is reviewing the possible federal takeover and ownership of privately-held lands which have been deeded property for generations of Texas landowners, the BLM is attempting a repeat of an action taken over 30 years ago along the Red River when Tommy Henderson lost a federal lawsuit. The Bureau of Land Management took 140 acres of his property and didn’t pay him one cent Breitbart- iapb/ biebergate, brooks questionss bo's manhood, clive kicking police dog, welfare cowboys, rupert robots, on stephanie are you in yet?/pledge under god discussed on ccwabc/jet luxury taxes, on ed with rsy/

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