Tuesday, April 22, 2014


42214/ Billionaire Tom Steyer has offered Democrats up to $100 million in campaign money if they stop the Keystone Pipeline, Dems will take the $100 million payoff, more expensively, more slowly, and more dangerously, the rich will continue to get richer, and the kool aid board won't say a word, along with the useless left stream non news media yhal/ nbc fallon attacks entire clinton family, on imus/mtp, on billpress/ sexy liberal tours flying wheelwell to save money, on stephanie
42114/Tesla’s foray into China is being closely examined by industry peers, since Chinese consumers have been slow to respond to electric vehicle technology. The government hasn’t exactly been superb about fostering an atmosphere conducive for EVs, and the lack of a charging station and expensive prices for electric cars has seriously hindered their growth in the region, despite China’s desperate air quality issues- Bloomberg wscs/Today in 1871, Rs passed anti KKK act banning domestic terror groups. tw/ blackstone, commissioned a liquidation analysis of Fannie and Freddie by restructuring, projected the mortgage giants would be worth about $170 billion combined, today 28b-Countrywide Michael Bright wrote the Corker Warner Bill then they switched it to Johnson Crapo cause it would eliminate 8000 jobs in Warner's state of Virginia ts humping bogusFracking Study Colorado to Lose Billions-yfnm/mc 12b$ yfmc/Mortgage bankers argue alongside housing advocates for a private capital requirement of only 5 percent rather than 10. There is an irony in the apparent alliance, since groups that support affordable housing subsidies typically look skeptically at the role of large banks in the economy, left leaning groups supported a past legislative proposal to impose a 15 percent capital requirement on megabanks, with the aim of protecting taxpayers against bailing out institutions that are too big to fail econyt-Fundamentally, the complaint is that the new scheme will raise mortgage rates by 0.5%, depress house values, Using a bunch of assumptions, raising the interest rate to 4.77% and keeping the family's income at $94k, the house they can afford is now $408k. So their house has just lost $18k, or 4.2% of its former price. This wipes out 42% of the equity (at purchase time and for the first years of the mortgage-Please explain why this is the fault of borrowers? evidence shows that the lenders set up a system of fraudulent appraisals and fraudulent applications to push loans out the door. There is no evidence whatsoever of a vast conspiracy of borrowers to cheat lenders-an abomination that increases prices for consumers and puts the government on the hook for 90 100% of all potential losses, If you think increased costs for taxpayers and increased losses for taxpayers is a good thing, then get ready for the next Great Recession/able to deduce about the average Rush Limbaugh listener, has bad breath, feet hurt, stained teeth, can't get it up, bald, dirty, itchy, paranoid and stupid. Considering the avalanche of physical and emotional problems facing the average Dittohead, it's really not that surprising he lashes out at everyone around him, chronic resentment is a byproduct of self loathing. rbg/six states likely to legalize marijuana gnd/Desperation of Democrats, Reid isn’t backing down from his claim that rancher Cliven Bundy’s supporters are domestic terrorists, Pelosi said that GOP positions on immigration were motivated by racism, Steve Israel, a significant extent, the Republican base does have elements animated by racism, Democrats use of the equal pay to buttress claims that Republicans are waging war on women, The level of hyperbole, actually of demagoguery, engaged in here is revolting, Increasingly, journalists who cover the White House are concluding that the smears are part of a conscious strategy to distract voters from Obamacare, the sluggish economy, and foreign policy reverses; the attacks are intended, the thinking goes, to drive up resentment and hence turnout among the Democratic base patriotupdate- aibafs/live boston marathon, squacker on geraldo/nc terrorist shits in hotel lobby, powder talcahol coming next year, rush is #37, snowden dogpile, accused of counter racism, on wtfaux i'll tell you what stephanie/defending clive, droning rita on geraldo/yoho recognizes the rule of law, homegrown terror, clive commits to nevada, normal visits, potphobics fret, norquest reagan worship, mikerodgers on ed/Robertson: Jesus said an asteroid could destroy Earth next week-Cardinal defending Hobby Lobby tells female reporter: Women can get birth control at 711-NBC psychological consultant, what is wrong with mtp’s ratings-Texas Road raging driver shoots girl 3 on Easter rsy/far too many demagogues, shriekers and CTers, when confronted with the reality as compared to their accusing predictions, they always and without exception solemnly assure that all the worst WOULD have come to pass, were it not for their sky-is-falling warnings. It was only by exposing the plots and schemes that the miscreants were warned off - it was The People coming together and casting light on the darkness that kept the all-but-certain from coming to pass. Period. End of discussion-They are scared little boys and the women that love them. Scared because we all know them for exactly who and what they are. They have told me and I believe them-conservative challenge: Name anything sponsored by conservatives since Carter, that has benefited the masses of America-OCCUPY THE VOTING BOOTH CarmenJonze-there's no (good) excuse for my not having included "bigots and white supremacists" (though I guess one can't really be the latter without being the former). I wonder if, at any time since the era of slavery in the US, we've ever seen bigotry better used as a tool of manipulation by the forces of demagoguery, corporatism, greed, theocracy and the like. And for so many, it's simultaneously a tool, and a motivation-FM band in Los Angeles. Dead Air. AM is all Reichsradio nazi shit. The fascists have essentially killed terrestrial radio-rr/
42014/Rubin Hurricane Carter, the wrongly imprisoned boxer memorialized by Bob Dylan, dies 76/nearly 100 people in the last five years have been murdered by frequent users of one white supremacist website, Stormfront White Nationalists and, embattled White minority-US Troops Going to Poland as Russia Tension Grows-Warren Skewers White House Boys Club rsy/Fox Executive Fired Over Flight 370 Charity Email-FBI Takes Wendy Davis Documents Scope of Probe Unclear nm/kentucky theist park finance debate, dave admits they're nuts urging tolerance 4 easter, on nbc/bloomberg 50m vs guns, domestic terroer, bill sez change the law, stiring russian and gay rights war, on abc/
41914/more-evil-koch-brothers#As the Supreme Court continues to remind us, it’s called free speech. And we fail to see why either the Koch brothers or Mike Bloomberg should be condemned for exercising their First Amendment rights. question: What’s the difference between the Koch brothers using their money to advance their political views and Bloomberg’s use of his money to advance his? Isn’t Bloomberg trying to buy the Congress he wants by funding his Everytown for Gun Safety initiative? truth is, there is no difference-nypost-iapb/freightwingers-How did anyone miss the outrageous title of that phony bill? Only the intellectually challenged and those obsessively eager to throw a nugget of Reight Wing trash out would be so giggly with excitement as to miss that F.U.C.K.V.E.T.S. acronym, will the gullible Reightists feel the least bit embarrassed at their lack of scrutiny?-bundy Traitorous? I find your outrage strange you being a Canadian and all-Republican Rep. Dennis Ross admitted that the party isn't going to offer up their replacement before the election, we’re going to go into an election, we’re not going to address health care aibafs/There's a reason for that. A pet health care reform idea among the GOP is changes to medical malpractice lawsuits, the only problem is tort reform doesn't do anything to lower health care spending. But it shows that as the law continues to do better, Republicans have to reshape their talking points beyond ending it. Here's how the GOP is talking about Obamacare (and the movement to repeal and replace it) now. Notice how they've moved from broadly talking about ending it to smaller complaints about how well it's working-health care professionals and providers in this country are practicing law as much as medicine. This is, they are building files with documentation and tests to prove they did a competent job and this cost money. In a sense the trial lawyers are involved in the Patient/Doctor relationship. While this may insure the patient gets competent care, some balance may be needed. Health care providers are a deep pocket and we all pay the price for DEFENSIVE MEDICINE. I don't mind paying, but not everybody may feel the same-great articles to try and placate the liberal left. The democrats are going to loose big in November and its because of BOcare and the horrid economy the democrats have 'managed'. We are in year 5 of the summer of recovery, people have lost their health plans, they've lost their doctors, they've lost all hope-your Democrat congressman probably didn't mention that employers, medicaid, parents plan ect. are going to be cut to pay for Barrycare-How much cheaper would everything be in this country. We have corporate America buying off all local, and state governments, plus 545 federal government, and anyone person or policicans in congress, they need to buy off to get what they want. Corporations give billions in contributions to political campaign funds, and who ever they need to get what they want, where do they get that money do that, it don't come out of the pockets of those who donate that money. All that money is added into the cost of everything we purchase. It don't matter what we buy today, if a dollar is given to a politician or anyone else by a candy company, that dollar is added into the cost of producing that candy, and we the people pay the higher price when we purchase that candy, You heard the saying nothing comes free. and that is true today. Donations are not free money to give away it going to cost someone and that someone is the American people-to get doctors, and hospitals, to stop committing malpractice. Then patients will have nothing to sue over, and law suits will cease-They probably spend at least part of their time talking about how to overcome the misinformation being spread by dimocRAT Crime Syndicate propaganda outlets like Yahoo News. leftist pukes-wireyn/
41814/It always cracks me up when the President says brain washed-Hootenanny for Hatriots, Where Sarah and Bristol Palin cutouts picture of themselves with you, Pray Away The Gay with The Bachman Family, Shiturdrawers with Ted Nugent, and if that isn't exciting enough, Pat Robertson will be performing exorcisms for the low price of $666.00. The first 100 pregnant girls to show up will receive an abstinence only key chain courtesy of the Palins-This isn't to give me a win, It's about health care for millions of people who can't otherwise afford it. I'm not the one winning: America is fb/AP Israeli police stormed a sensitive holy site in Jerusalem on Wednesday, firing tear gas to disperse a protest by Palestinian Muslim worshippers/kerry condemns ukrainian jew register, guess the Good Sisters were right when they warned us about the Russians-uh oh run jooo aibafs/Free Your Mind From Right Wingers General Insanity Here it comes. John Birch Society Promises More Violent Anti Government Standoffs, The Bundy situation in Nevada has raised the possibility of a chilling new chapter in America. No longer are the domestic terrorists masquerading as militias aattp/chelsea brings news, senate porn, , on stephanie's best katherine hepburn impression/
41714/Why Rich People Feel Poor, gross income of $389,000 puts you in the top 1 percent of earners-good deeds and his anti gun advocacy effort Bloomberg/As in past years, I have spent more money than I wanted to spend to hire an accounting firm to prepare our tax returns, absolutely no idea whether our tax returns and our tax payments are accurate, Rumsfeld declares war on IRS That's a known unknown CNBC- considering "Mr" Rumsfeld experience as wartime consiglieri during the War on Terror, fled his post when the Pentagon was bombed and helped the injured or so he says so Darth Vader Cheney gave the orders, Bush reading fairy tales to a kindergarten class when all this happened, sat thru the 2nd airliner crash, go back to sipping tea, sir, less people would have died, 5K dead American soldiers and 20K maimed is a whole lot different number than the unfortunate luck of 1 Us Ambassador and a few BlackRock contract security guards who gladly signed up for the $200K 6 mo salary The IRS has nothing to worry about Russian president condemns Kiev for sending in troops, as diplomats gather in Geneva for talks-Pro Russia activists killed in fighting in Ukraine-talks on Ukraine crisis-EU intensifies Russian-sanction plans-NATO responds to Russian threat to Ukraine-Putin calls Ukrainian push-back a serious crime R/Elizabeth, fnf shareholder since 2008, has felt the ups and downs of owning the stock, willing to wait for the government to come to their senses. She compared the current situation to Alexander Hamilton's decision to repay debt holders from the revolutionary war to maintain and establish confidence in the financial system of a new United States and Woodrow Wilson's nationalization of the railroads for the first World War, after the war was over he handed [the companies] back to shareholders, to delisting of the stock from the NYSE, it just made me sick, willing to hold her shares another five years, if it comes down to that. Antonia Burger and Wendy Hottman of Toledo Ohio bought into the companies several years ago and said they believe the government should not take 100% of the profits and the current system has turned to communism-the US homeowner is instituting their own QE2-sa/Bundy threatens violence against federal agents as Sean Hannity eggs him on-Headline News erroneously identifies Jewish host as former neo Nazi-9/11 truther Mike Ruppert kills himself after finishing his radio show-rsy/ stunning to watch those who are constantly voting the interests of America's Corporate Masters over their own interests-considering the money that's being paid to executives to 'walk away', we've already arrived at the dark ages, and its only a matter of time before large corporation collapse on their own weight, at which time, true capitalism will again begin to flourish-Universities will have to find a way out of the present situation because if they don't replace intellectual imbecility with true academic and intellectual freedom, a new Dark Ages will descend. freedomoutpost breeding intellectual imbeciles-Might we also consider that the current inbreeding of Korrupt Korporate Konservatives might be leading to a new Dark Ages of intellectually deficit market stooges aibafs/karl's appendectomy dares anyone to dis aca, victory project have lunch with rove for 5$, more airline excuses, poking cnn 102 yrs since titanic sunk breaking news, ausi teen paralizes cyclist while texting with 7, ks shooter respected elders, while watching crimea comenting on kim un's hair constitutes war, la sodomy law this is hard get in the ring as ann sez, top ten reasons clive problems, on burp stephanie/wingnutz comparing clive to rosa parks, on randi/
41614/O'Reilly reacts to CBS choosing Colbert to succeed Letterman aol/MORMON Bundy: Cliven's claim, I abide by all of Nevada state laws. But I don’t recognize the United States government as even existing, at odds with Nevada's law, specifically the state's constitution. Framed during the Civil War, Nevada's constitution specifically mentions the rights of the Federal Government, stating at Article 1, Section 2, The Paramount Allegiance of every citizen is due to the Federal Government in the exercise of all its Constitutional powers as the same have been or may be defined by the Supreme Court of the United States, whensoever any portion of the States, or people thereof attempt to secede from the Federal Union, or forcibly resist the Execution of its laws, the Federal Government may, by warrant of the Constitution, employ armed force in compelling obedience to its Authority. The Salt Lake City Tribune published an editorial on 15 April entitled Bundy is a lawbreaker, not a hero, in which they said Don't let him get away with it, The only winner in this was a scofflaw who has twice lost in the courts for running cattle where they don’t belong and skipping out on grazing fees. Some 20,000 ranchers in Western states abide by BLM regulations, so what makes Bundy special? To sum it up, the Tribune said When some manage to avoid justice by extralegal means, the rule of law is weakened for all Americans. neighbors aren't impressed by his actions. I feel that the rule of law supersedes armed militias coming in from all over the country to stand with a law breaking rancher, which is what he is Mesquite resident Elaine Hurd told local television station KLAS. FILE A JUDGMENT & LIEN ON ALL OF HIS PROPERTY, NO ONE will want to fight over clear title so he won't be able to SELL ANYTHING Less-another Right wing religious fanatic, would fit in well with the Iranains-Any wingding can thumb his nose at the Feds once. To do so repeatedly invites a visit from federal marshals to the courthouse when the Bundy is least prepared. Bundy will then reveal where his money is stored, or prepare for a long stay in fed lockup-Bundy might want to consult with Willie Nelson, Wesley Snipes, Dionne Warwick and Stephen Baldwin about what happens to people who owe the Feds a LOT of money yhal/US Press Once Again Declines to Call White Terrorism in Kansas, Nevada, White Terrorism/what would the economic impact of widespread legalization be? There are dozens of factors to consider, particularly on the revenue side of the equation: How many people will be consuming marijuana, and how much? What states stand to benefit most from growing it? Will big business take over its production and sale, or will it remain in the hands of independent growers and dealers? And how large, in dollar terms, might this whole sector end up? currently estimates that a fully legalized cannabis market could be as large as $46 billion per year, while more conservative observers peg it at anywhere between $10 billion and $40 billion. five states (California, Tennessee, Kentucky, Hawaii and Washington) had marijuana crops worth over $1 billion,” with the national pot crop worth more than our national soybean and wheat crops combined. So for anyone with an alternative view of what the future landscape ought to look like—whether informal, independent growers and sellers, nonprofit and community—oriented organizations, or a small business—the time is ripe to get ahead of the would-be cannabis carpetbaggers Truthout/Putting Heroin Users in Jail Won't Help Louisiana's Crime Rate/It is not draconian prison sentences for drug offenders that "win" the war on drugs, but addiction treatment. Unfortunately, some in Louisiana, with the nation's highest incarceration rate, still moving backward Brennan Center for Justice /The greatest dangers for the United States do not lurk in terrorist cells in the mountains surrounding Kandahar that are planning on assaults on American targets. Rather, our vulnerabilities are homegrown. The United States plays host to thousands of nuclear weapons, toxic chemical dumps, radioactive waste storage facilities, complex pipelines and refineries, offshore oil rigs and many other potentially dangerous facilities that require constant maintenance and highly trained and motivated experts to keep them running safely. The United States currently lacks safety protocols and effective inspection regimes for the dangerous materials it has amassed over the last 60 years. We don’t have enough inspectors and regulators to engage in the work of assessing the safety and security of ports, bridges, pipelines, power plants and railways. The rapid decline in the financial, educational and institutional infrastructure of the United States represents the greatest threat to the safety of Americans today, U.S. right wing extremists more deadly than jihadists CNN-Because we are focused on jihad, a great number of complex plots have been broken up that would have resulted in mass casualties, had they gone to fruition-Could you list a few? All I can remember is a few retards that the FBI talked into mischief and facilitated it-The Pinocchio Test, We obviously cannot assess the accuracy of Gohmert’s comments about the purged documents, except to note that Durbin’s staff had reached the exact opposite impression. But while Gohmert has the right to jump to conclusions, he has no right to invent his own factsWe see with the new FBI terminology and the new intelligence terminology, they can’t talk about the enemy. They can’t talk about jihad. They can’t talk about Muslim. They can’t talk about Islam Louie Gohmert-As a matter of fact, when I was a kid you actually read about them, and I can’t imagine in many of the history books, which have also kind of forgotten evolution is a real thing, that socialism is even really discussed historically, Black explained why he believed in the merits of socialism, Part of the reason I believe in socialism is because if you are going to have a Christian philosophy, if that is going to be the basis of the country that you live in, and it is a Christian philosophy, and I know this because I’m a Jew, that you might want socialism, because what it is is enforced Christianity. You put your money where your mouth is and shut up. We are not going to wait on you to help the poor, you’re going to help the poor, like it or not-enforced Christianity is an oxymoron. Not surprising when a Jew explains Christianity. Like me explaining Judiasm-rbg/sarah too busy to run in 12 but will get back to ya, nword tirade, claw machine baby, laura goes to abc, on stephanie/burlasconi tax cheat, on ccwabc/white point system supremist rat, faces 3 murders, on randi

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