Monday, May 12, 2014

51214/Bill's Blocked 7 times

51214/Bill's Blocked By Republican's Since President Obama Took Office at least 7 times. mtp, and the media aren't covering this story so we have to GOP has voted TO NOT SUPPORT THE TROOPS, sufficient to call the GOP House Hypocrites and Phonies-a real leader would have gone on prime tv the very day each bill was shut down and said, WE ARE KILLING OUR VETS-GOP world, supporting the troops means sending them to go fight and then phuck em-we don't care about them, we don't care about their wounds or afflictions from war or otherwise, they cost too much to fix and look at all the money we're saving-Boys and their toys, can't seem to worry about the poor saps that leave the playing field-Dereliction of duty, on behalf of the military & civilian leadership-Voting against more redundant government slush funds makes you an easy target for propagandists- rbg/ big butt rodeo, shaq on board, genucell will make butt crack disappear, mnm, on imus/gop blames bo 4 bengazi investigation, sterling tries to blame magic, samphobia on stephanie/tiring of idiots, on geraldo/
51114/How many fetus's stated they were gay when questioned on their sexuality-anti abortionists only care about the fetus, once it's an actual human, turns into a moocher-doesn't really matter what "individuals" think, kinda part of the national GOP's platform, and you hear it nonstop from the politicians AND see it in their legislation-All you have to do, anytime your stances are called into question, is shout "OBAMA! DEMOCRATS! SEE! LOOK OVER THERE AND IGNORE MY SHITTY VIEWS!- When you have no facts, use only partisan websites as your source, watch Fox News and listen to the Limbaughs of the world, it's to be expected you'd resort to denigration and name calling fb/Zimmerman defender now says he was guilty, racially profiled black-How the Wal Mart heirs got their wealth-Rubio: Human activity is not causing these dramatic changes to our climate-Jindal religious liberty is a war over free speech-Texas man 41 arrested for suspected premarital sex with wife 16-Man’s random gunfire from his porch hits boy 8 riding by on bicycle- Gowdy: Democrats hypocrisy not helpful in stopping GOP Benghazi fundraisers rsy/the oldest town in Englandjust 2 miles from Stonehenge, dates to 8820 BC aol/NBC Threatens Celebs, It's Fallon or the Highway tmz/An Indiana man was arrested making serious threats I’m going to rip Boehners expletive head off-1500 yr old Bible Says Jesus Was Never Crucified-Wilmore To Replace Colbert-Francis called for not only income equality, but for world governments to redistribute their wealth to the poor- alan/
51014has reached a landmark with 400 billion webpages indexed/Arkansas Clerk Issues 1st Gay Marriage License-emboldening wingnutz North Korea uses shocking racist language to lash out at Obama hp/heroin and vet treatment, with backup billy stunned at hagel pounds home wingnut bengazi talkpoints and is willing to yell about it donna perrys easily, on abc/
5914/loling@ pipeline propaganda /7 Republicans Will Serve On The Benghazi Select Committee, Gowdy (R-SC), Chairman, Brooks (R-IN), Jordan (R-OH), Pompeo (R-KS), Roby (R-AL), (R-IL), Westmoreland (R-GA)-Anyone else thinking....Doc, Dopey, Bashful, Grumpy, Sneezy, Sleepy, and Happy? obvious that the primary purpose of these hearings is to preemptively try to bring down Hillary Clinton's poll numbers, which consistently show her with a decided edge over all possible GOP presidential candidates. That's all there is to it. Democrats should boycott the entire proceedings, and not play the foil for the conservative echo chamber-They cover the whole political spectrum from wing to nut-FAT CANCKLED HOAR HILLARY CLINTON LIED The old crone is an empty Pantsuit, 4 BRAVE AMERICANS DIED yhal/Republican baptist preacher among the group 14 that had marched with the marriage is one man & one woman march & he has been convicted of molesting 7 boys-hypocrites trying to suppress others for being true to themselves-the enemy within, always the most dangerous. methinks the lady doth protest too much!-Ken Melhman, diplorable behavior bashing gays during the Bush reelection-Thanks Rutgers.students-nix war criminal rice speech freespeech/Gun Purchases With Food Stamps Should Be Legal-Families Protest Plan to Move 9/11 Remains, Making It a Tourist Attraction-Principal, Teachers Charged in PA Elementary School Cheating Scheme-Convicted Domestic Terrorist Teaching at U. of Illinois-70% Would Risk Harm to Retrieve a Stolen Cell Phone-Sequestration Has Led to One Job Loss Across 23 Federal Agencies-Montana Man Fatally Shoots Exchange Student During Break In-Pundits Go Berserk in Jordanian TV Debate-Krauthammer: GOP Entering Dangerous New Benghazi Waters-Who's the Enemy? NSA's Secret War-TX Judge Says Teen Who Was Raped Wasn't the Victim She Claimed to Be- fni/Nigerian government knew Boko Haram planned to abduct girls but did nothing-Taliban slur at Muslim woman during interview about NM candidate-Benham twins: We love homosexuals, but not their agenda-death threats, intimidation, and weapons violations at Bundy ranch-Mississippi deputy charged with murder beating man to death over basketball game-CNN guest denies calling Michelle Obama's Nigerian girl tweets cheap-Colbert mocks Tea Party Jack Rush and vampire alter ego Chazz Darling-CNN guest denies calling Obama's Nigerian girl tweets cheap-Krauthammer: Climate change is superstition like rain dance-Rogan mocks Christian f*ckheads with tattoos: Read the entire Bible!-no need to debate them God already decided LGBT issues-Ohio man fatally shoots family friend 22, for groundhog-Comedian Greg Proops blasts greedy telecom companies F*ck them-Gohmert Climate change was global freezing in the 1970s- NRA gun lobby taking blackmail to a new level-Republican blasted for saying primary opponent supports Sharia law-Yellen won’t tell Bernie Sanders whether U.S. is democracy or oligarchy- brawl that CNN might learn from-Sober woman arrested for DUI after WI deputy causes crash, breaking her neck-Oliver: Death penalty, like the McRib, is tantalizing yet epically wrong-Hume shouts down Democrat after she compares Benghazi to Area 51-Alabama man accidentally kills teen son while trying to scare boy during bizarre outburst rsy/House Republicans Owe Taxpayers $14 Million For Benghazi Investigations- Alabama: assholeoftheday Chief Justice Roy Moore, says. Constitution is for Christians only, Just like the Founders wanted:tw/The Party of No willingness to say no to everything has blocked 500 bills, bo said Republicans have been obstructionist since even before he took office-.Russian cosmonauts could be living on the Moon by 2030-Al Gehart, head of the Sooner Tea Party, Guilty Of Blackmail, Computer Crimes, God forbid they called it the Oklahoma Tea Party-Indianapolis man shot himself while trying to conceal a gun during a traffic stop-Wing Extremists Worry Obama Will Launch Drone Strike On DC protest- creating a new blogger’s law Idol Vladimir Quietly Passes Law to prohibit cursing in music, books, movies and at entertainment events throughout the country FreakOutNation-Fundraising Off Of #Benghazi Committee-Lynne been lucky enough to have a front row seat on it for a while with some political speculation about how commercial, for profit, magazines choose their cover stories-Red House voted to hold former IRS official Lois Lerner in contempt of Congress-ussc Fighting To Make America A Christian Theocracy, Jefferson said, Religious institutions that use government power in support of themselves and force their views on persons of other faiths, or of no faith, undermine all our civil rights-hermorphidite octogoat-Reid: Main Causes Of Climate Change, Koch Bros-trying to unseat Mitch Bevin, Kentucky Republican Denied Coverage Before Obamacare That He Now Has-A Clown Show To End All Clown Shows, Boehner’s new Benghazi stacked with seven Reds, 5 blue-Sterling Ex Being Criminally Investigated For Alleged Extortion With Recordings-New York State Candidate coughlan Calls msnbc Melissa Harris Perry An Ape-Bob Johonson Would Rather See Another Terrorist Attack Than Deal With TSA doing something really profound, indoctrinating generations of Americans to walk through a line and be prodded and probed like sheep-Kangas, who sold them a couch for $150, would break into their home to take it back.Kangas told the responding officer that he had no jurisdiction over him-Choose Purity event in Las Vegas Fear Mongering Girls Into Purity, The choice is clear, girls should remain a virgin until marriage or lead a life of sexual assault, gangs, drugs and prostitution-r, tenn Campfield said, Democrats bragging about the number of mandatory sign ups, like Germans bragging about sign up for Jew train rides in the 40s -alan/ 13.6 24.5yf/sc and north korea join forces against bo, putin flipflops with the approval of wingnutz, new tape surface, heritage takes a hand in debunk liberal newson stephanie/oil train bombs increase 4k%, on gnbb/bigots defending private racism, on geraldo/cubby attempts to justify 911, curtis beret admits lax homo attraction, jahadist encouraging participants to bring children, to hunt rabbits to feed the family, on wabc/exocist school, on savage sucking until dry/
5814/Personal Wants Buried in Immigration Bill GRAHAM ADDS MEAT INDUSTRY VISAS; COLO. SENATOR HELPS SKI RESORTS-LINDSEY RUBIO IMMIGRATION Lindsey, R-SC, Gang of Eight. (NEWSER) The Senate's immigration reform bill could make sweeping changes for some 11 million undocumented workers, Lindsey added a provision for up to 20,000 extra visas for meat cutters and trimmers, though a labor union says the industry has plenty of eligible workers-Obama at Hollywood Fundraiser: Politics Needs to Break Out of Cycle of Dysfunction-LOL Just as soon as we get you out of Office Obama elect a Republican and break the strangle hold that Horrible Harry has on the Senate is the obvious reply. Of course he was in Hollywood-Some people can't wait to get back to the days of depression, recession, economic disaster and perpetual war. That's Gods plan-the lack of logic is so significant that it makes one pause and shake their head. I suppose if we look a little deeper and follow this line of logic we can lay blame squarely at gods feet- aibafs/CIA workers don't protect consulates, Marines do that job. The Embassy was 300 miles away. Why is this falling on the State Department when it was a CIA issue? Ex SEALs Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty: CIA workers, not State Dept. The CIA was the real commanding agency-fb/lynne suggests such a move described by Lynne Cheney would be to inoculate mediaite-O'Reilly Factor-Christian Science Monitor-Daughter Running For Congress hp 52,500,000 results (0.48 seconds)g /bengazi watchdog donors wanted, on bp/ Republicans, are Teabaggers? Wow, what $%#$@ing stupidity-just the GOP's rabid base-DNC is the most HATEMONGERING, ranting, backstabbing, hypocritical, flip flopping bunch of idiot-Face it, the tea Party never existed. It is more accurate to call it the Fox News sheep-aibafs/AUSTIN Texas police officer suspended for shooting dead Pearlie Golden, womana 93 in her home, The same officer was placed on leave about a year ago for shooting dead a suspect when responding to a call of an unruly crowd gathering in an apartment complex parking lot-Wanna bet Stephen Stem was white and Pearlie Golden was black? rbg/urinalism, semen proof, arkivist v should get hit by a car lasortaism, crackerbarrel, schlopsies, piggly wiggly, traderjoes, conservatives, pew helps, caucuses, caffine and alcolhol addictions, on stephanie and nattering naybobs of negativism/attacking demos, como, with wingnutz help, on ziofaux geraldo/ lameass sterotyped drugfree america ad on 1260 ktrc/bubble kids, mucinex clairidon meths, defending king getto cat real life topcat trial peers of defendant not victim, with chickens clucking, still gay eating at chickfilet ripoff of freedom restriction chicken dance comming home to roost, 18k$ preschool, on ccwabc/
5714/The struggle for survival must be waged, media, infested with corporate money and party sponsorships, can't challenge the power structures that are driving this collective suicide-Clown Car or Trojan Horse? ongoing saga of freeloading Nevada rancher Cliven, on the surface, a perfect masterpiece of right wing, clown car stupidity. But his most dedicated supporters, Charley and Dave Backing Taxes on Solar Energy-Neoliberalism's War on Democracy-the worst kind of issue exploitation and something we proudly stand against offensive to see ads for things that are part of the problem, like fossil fuel companies and other big corporations, alongside articles that claim to be part of the solution- James Risen is in a waiting game with the Department of Justice and the Supreme Court, and the fate of a journalist's right to protect sources lies in the balance-BP: Four Years On, No Restoration in Sight, could start bidding on lucrative new oil leases in the Gulf of Mexico after having been suspended since the fatal 2010 Deepwater Horizon explosion-The last time it was 6 degrees Celsius hotter on Earth, there were snakes the size of yellow school buses in the Amazon and the largest mammal was the size of a shrew.-Truthout/Krugman nyt Why Economics Failed/Men Who Poisoned Charleston's Drinking Water Now Have a New Business Grist/the Nation Faces a Larger Battle With Embedded Racism-Sunday morning DC pundit shows, you know they are usually little more than filler between commercials (or maybe that’s why you don’t watch them). This kind of corporate news is noxious to democracy, putting the goal of revenue over any pretence of enlightenment-US 26th in Life Expectancy, but Number One in Spending-BuzzFlash/fringe nuts and religious fundamentalists Geocentrism was disproven 500 years ago, denying climate change is about as mainstream as it gets, Republicans default position-thom/Insiders Posing as Grassroots Members of the NRA mj/American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap Taibbi/ cliven and the Entitlement of the Privileged Kvh wt/13.2 23.7yf/The GOP is a one trick pony. Get Obama, And for all their effort, they failed at the one thing they put their minds to2 years later they still haven't lifted a finger to fix it. That should be painfully obvious, even to FOXwads, RePOS CUT embassy security spending ($120 Million Republican cut) after Hillary warned of consequences rbh/Why now Monica? now being handled fondled used by Republican handlers?- winners and losers, but for some reason Republicans have trouble finding the losers thewire- rbg/Last year he was cleared of apostasy, which could have carried a death sentence. Badawi, the co founder of a website called the Liberal Saudi Network, was arrested in 2012. sentence was increased after he appealed against an earlier verdict, more lenient sentence of seven years and three months in jail and 600 lashes, 10 years for insulting Islam and setting up a liberal web forum, also sentenced to 1,000 lashes and ordered to pay a fine of 1 million riyals ($266,000; £133,000, Amnesty International called the prisoner of conscience, verdict outrageous and urged the authorities to quash the verdict. bbc/juan stops by for some fun, dowd backing wingnutz, bernie fails to be funny, wingnutz estatic with monica's resurgence beating puppy with sledge hammer, on imus telling gop it won't work/thinking monica had blown over ales propaganda resurfaces, i'll tell you what, mitch low vol toilets, lynn steps in, charisma, clinton derangment syndrome resurgence, dubai bids for world cup, lynn and laura using same talk points, on scratch and sniff stephanie/blowjob outrage, on geraldo/incompetent big pharma experiments with death drugs 4 some interesting video proof dp/
5614/all pretty much due to tyne repeal of there Glass-Steagall Act. This allowed Banks to make bad loans and then promptly sell the off as CDO's to everything from big pension funds to German and Greek Banks. Until then if a Bank lent you money THEY had to hold the loan for the 15 30 years and were responsible for that loan. They made sure that when they issued a loan it was a sound one and wouldn't turn around and bite them. Now, the American Public has to bail out these criminals and none even went to jail after damn near ruining this country! It's an outrage really and a complete travesty of justice. Now, big banks can donate and the wealthy can contribute UNLIMITED amounts to any Political Campaign, so IMO, this is only going to get worse before we have to take this country back the hard way-last I saw Obama was IN favor of raising the minimum wage and has always had a consistent message about the need for job growth, Step away from Fox News and learn something yn/ HERE'S WHY THE GOP IS FIRED UP ABOUT ‪#‎BENGHAZI, AND WHY THEY'RE WRONG If you're a Republican, especially one who watches Fox and is exposed messages—you're outraged by the #Benghazi scandal and you're thrilled by the news that House Speaker John Boehner has scheduled a vote to create a House Select Committee to investigate the coverup fb/Attacks under W '02 Consulate, Pakistan '04 Embassy, Uzbekistan '06 Embassy, Syria '07 Embasyy, Athens '08 Embassy Serbia '08 Embassy Yemen tw/Rick Santorum Files for Divorce, Blames the Gays fb/13.1 23.8yf/miley attacks rjerimy, reangry about dhs 911 intelligence oxymoron and patriot act, on stephanie wakethefup/
5514/wingnut rumor is that Harry Reid owns 93 acres next door to Bundy that is slated for future development, total bullshit. Even Breitbart site debunked this fb/Pelosi, targeted by Republicans because she’s effective. said personal attacks against her mean nothing, Republicans are suffering from a poverty of ideas, They have none, and that’s where they had to go-Police caught him in 2011 with more than 200 pounds of cocaine on Interstate 94, although it wasn't the first haul for the Michigan City, Ind, Sharp was a World War II hero who was awarded the Bronze Star, man, drug dealers liked to call him the old man, putting him in prison would be an expensive burden- aibafs/East Antarctica more risk thought long term thaw, more vulnerable than expected to a thaw that could trigger an unstoppable slide of ice into the ocean and raise world sea levels for thousands of years-bundy ranch militia wearing welcome-Anybody want to bet that Republicans don't pick up gains in BOTH houses in this year's election?-reelected Bush even after it was revealed that he lied us into Iraq, was giving sweetheart deals to Halliburton and friends, was spending borrowing trillions on unnecessary wars and crashing the economy, wouldn't bet against them sending GOP do nothings and corporate whores back to Washington-Benghazi, RePOS whipping a dead horse they think they can ride into the 2014 election-Fox News Saturday business show entertained the thought of a hypothetical assassination of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton-rbp/12.6 22.5yf/up for a liberal circle jerk always, fending off delusional wingnutz yet giving them enough time to show full court ass, just bring money, if everyone would follow rush everything would be fine, tillman, broadwills cia annex prison, on stephie with hairy fans/prefering ejaculation to ukrain, thinking the old wives tail is true because liberals 50% do nothings are so shallow, really wonders why prostrate cancer effects more of his ilk, on hemotologist savage disliking being ironic/
5414/One day after The White House released 100 pages of Benghazi emails, hp, Republicans released a set with altered text fb/1970, Ohio National Guardsmen opened fire on antiwar protesters at Kent State University, killing four students and wounding nine

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