Thursday, December 5, 2013

12513/Billionaires Reap Farm Subsidy Cash

Billionaires Reap a Cornucopia of Farm Subsidy Cash-Life on Another Planet Would Have a Lot to Teach Us BuzzFlash/clintons hacked presidential note doodles gawker/ Bernie Sanders recently announced that he's considering entering the 2016 presidential race if a strong progressive doesn't, also mentioned that he likes Elizabeth Warren. He's not alone dn Jim Hightower/ The Men Who Leaked the Secrets and Broke the Story of the Year Snowden and Greenwald Rolling Stone/Detroit Bankruptcy Bankrupts Democracy TheNation/The Lies Behind This Transatlantic Trade Deal-ALEC Facing Funding Crisis From Donor Exodus in Wake of Trayvon Martin Row Guardian/ Abrupt Climate Change Tipping Points Could Spell Surprising Disasters for Future-The Mystery Of How The Earth Got Its Moon ScienceWorld/ Inside RADICAL Israel's Kill List one by one, the Mossad's campaign to off its most dangerous foes,  foreignpolicy/ADDICTED TO FLAME Why Do Firefighters Commit Arson? theawl/IN YOUR COFFEE Adderall Is Showing Up In The Workplace Now aljazeera-The prescription ADHD medication is becoming a popular resource as a performance-enhancing drug for the brain/I post a lot about how the GOP hates women, even Pukes Can Never Accept Defeat!,. They Live In Perpetual Competition!-Come to my house, people like you and me are dumba-, lower class white trash and, that we try to maintain some attitude of superiority. That's the funny part-dems /libs cried about big business and vilified them,over regulated them tried to close down coal with all its jobs ecoterrorists strangled growth for the sake of mice and snail darters didn't want drilling in ANWR or ANyWheRe bathroom confusion over chix w/dix impact studies ad infinitum-illegitimate kenyan is a disgrace not only to america but to his native kenya as well-Do Not Throw The Baby Out With The Bath Water!,. The ACA Can Be Cleaned Up!-Do You Know The Temperance Movement Was Funded By J.D. Rockefeller Because Henry Ford Wanted His Model T To Run On Ethanol!yhal/ Dimocrats and Obama will PAY for Taking Away My Insurance and Doctor, About 10 Million others as well, and that is so far. It is a huge plan to nationalize health care. Same same for banks, etc. BIG GOVERNMENT,..just like Karl Marx., Stalin as well. Is there anyone out there so challenged as to believe ANYTHING coming out of the mouth of Obuma??!! A commie liar, plain and simple. Over 11 MILLION have stopped looking for work, another 8.9 MILLION lowered to under 30 hours per week. ALL this so He can insure the lazy parasites on welfare!! get them votes that way. DemocRaps are destroying this great Country. BAC is not even close to where the PPS should be ybac/monica defends attack mode on imus/ jeffersonian 501 super pac latest koch dodge, on stephanie/
12413/Boy 5 With Spinal Condition Sworn in as Honorary Police Officer-Truck Carrying Radioactive Materials Stolen in Mexico-Banned From Selling Mistletoe, Told She 11 Can Beg Instead-Man Rescued After Surviving 3 Days Trapped in Sunken Ship-Admin Using Honor System to Pay Insurance Companies-TX Restaurant Closed Because Employees Need 'Attitude Adjustment-Krauthammer: Obama Rhetoric Cannot Stop Health Care 'Fiasco-Cavuto Takes on Dem Over Gas Tax-You Look Like a Succulent Baby Lamb': Ron Burgundy Interviews Peyton Manning/ Kanye West made during an interview with the New York City radio station 105.1 FM. In an attempt to explain why President Obama’s presidency, suggesting that cartel like behavior among Jews and oil magnates gave members of those groups more power than African Americans, let me tell you something about George Bush and oil money and Obama and no money. People say Obama can’t make these moves or he’s not executing. That’s because he ain’t got those connections. Black people don’t have the same level of connections as Jewish people. Black people don’t have the same connection as oil people. You know we don’t know nobody that got a nice house. You know we don’t know nobody with paper like that we can go to when we down. You know they can just put us back or put us in a corporation. You know we ain’t in situation. Can you guarantee that your daughter can get a job at this radio station? But if you own this radio station, you could guarantee that. That’s what I’m talking about iapb/My neighbor was having a birthday party for their son and one of the guests parked their car and put a wheel on my grass. I wanted to have them arrested for trespassing, but the officer just had them move their car. Do you think the officer was impressed when I told him that I'm a republican and just had granite counters installed in my garage?-Sadly, both parties are as corrupt as each other. I am happy I am neither, and also not a tea bagger.I wisely have no belief in any party. Wish the Clinton days were back. I liked him. The last 13 years have been messed up for all of us, due to politicians trying to divide us as people. Pelosi and McConnell both pray to the same wickedness and the rest of themObama: Income gap threatens our 'way of life-Do you not think that income gap is a problem? Who will buy alll that stupid #$%$ that the rich produce? What about their stock portfolios, how will they appreciate without all the Mom-and-Pop stock amateurs so easy to fleece? Greed leads to self destruction, which I wouldnt mind folks doing as long as they dont destroy everything with it-Lately at Starbucks After I order my drink, I like to inconvenience other people. It makes us feel powerful, go and stand immediately in front of where the baristas place the prepared drinks. Whenever someone else's drink is ready, they have to reach around me to get it. I just stand there looking at one of my iPhone 5's or my Rolex. I have 10 iPhone 5s's Do you think the manager at Starbucks is impressed when he see's me with 5 iPhones 5s's? I told him that they are all the 64G model, I keep two at my house, one at the condo, one in my $118,500 BMW and I wear 5 on me at all times. I wear four on my belt (two on each side) and carry the last one in my hand. Republicans like to impress people-Do you not think that income gap is a problem? Who will buy alll that stupid #$%$ that the rich produce? What about their stock will they appreciate without all the Mom-and-Pop stock amateurs so easy to fleece? Greed leads to self destruction, which I wouldnt mind folks doing as long as they dont destroy everything with it-ybac/ In reality, Consumer Reports’ position has always been more nuanced than conservative activists and lawmakers would have us believe. The consumer advocates, defended the Obama administration from criticism on canceled plans through the individual market, rejecting Republican talking points altogether. Consumer Reports also played a role in debunking some of the ACA horror stories that the right has been so invested in msnbc-Companies That Pay High Tax Rates Create More Jobs Than Tax Evaders Paying high tax rates doesn’t stifle job creation at the country’s biggest, most profitable companies and low tax rates seem to be more correlated with job losses, according to a new report from the Center for Effective Government PAST TIME to get rid of the Reagan Tax cuts and move back to a 74% upper tax bracket to help solve many of the nations economic woes. This austerity crap is essentially that from an economic perspective, crap. the 30 companies with the lowest actual tax rates in that time frame shed a collective 51,289 jobsThink Progress-The 30 Fortune 500 companies that paid the highest tax rates from 2008 to 2010 created about 200,000 jobs from 2008 to 2012, the researchers found. contrast, Corporations aren't pulling their weight in this economy by any measure. Tax havens and pathetic taxation rules for corporations and individuals like the Mormon Bishop, allowing them to defer, completely avoid taxation or pay at a much reduced rate like Mittie the Mormon does has to end... plain and simple-broker Neil Crosby told the Examiner that "65 to 70 percent of the providers have declined the reimbursement schedules the carriers are offering. They will not be providers in the exchange marketplace. Here's a link to the lying bullshit here. It contains such gems as "Gregg Westcott, an agent in Grand Rapids, Mich., said his customers are seeing $300-per-month premiums mushrooming to $900 and $1,400. sodahead 7 of 10 doctors ovomitcare-how did he get to be an Obamacare expert? established in 1999 and incorporated in Michigan, current estimates show westcott insurance has an annual revenue of $65,000 and employs a staff of approximately 1 manta, You guys can shove your lying rightwing propaganda bullshit up your asses. If your case was strong you wouldn't have to lie. Suckers! You sir, are disqualified-The Fake Obamacare Site That Is Trying To Trick Californians, Despite the GOP’s effort to dissuade Californians from purchasing coverage, however, nearly 80,000 people signed up for health insurance in the state’s new exchange as of late November, with approximately 2,7000 people enrolling daily cnl-Hal Nickle filed a proposed ballot initiative in California which would change the way that state allocates electoral votes to ensure that a large chunk of California’s 55 electors go to the GOP, even though Californians consistently prefer Democratic candidates to Republicans. Rather than allocating all of California’s electoral votes to the winner of the state as a whole, as nearly all states currently award their votes, the election-rigging initiative would allocate the states votes proportionally according to the percentage of votes won by each candidate. Thus, if this plan had been in effect in 2012, Mitt Romney would have received 37.12 percent of California’s electors, adding 20 to his overall total. The trick behind this proposal is that if would only change the law in California, while leaving red states free to award all of their electors to the Republicans- Maybe Democrats should step up and counter act the proposal for awarding electoral college votes, based on percentages, by introducing a law that says one man, one vote for Presidential races and the majority vote getter wins, that would sink their ship in most elections-America is just waiting to go out and vote for those mental giants Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin, and for that moron Ted Cruz, There is not a Republican in sight that anyone would want for President, except maybe Chris Christie and outside of New Jersey, I am not sure he would do so well... besides, I think he will look into the mirror and discover that he is actually a Democrat-big money boys can see where all of this is headed: either the developed world's middle classes start learning to live with a lot less, or their tax rates are going back up to Eisenhower levels. Or there will be a revolution and dramatic re-ordering of the social and economic contract. The next few decades are going to be a very interesting time, particularly with climate change thrown into the mix. It's going to entail a dramatic battle of ideas between two very different solutions to a vexing problem complex human societies have never really faced before. In that battle, the neoliberal "New Democrats" aren't that different from the hardcore conservatives. When you have 25% real unemployment underemployment and massive climate disruption, all of a sudden a bunch of other issues that separate the corporate New Dems from the Bible-thumping Republicans start to become trivial by comparison rbh/

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