Sunday, December 1, 2013

12113/Racism Ended

12113/Racism Ended When Rushbo said one of his friends is black... some guy named Allen West-stop copying me you ugly ratchet ass whore sluts-UN rings in 'The Year Of Palestine' by passing six resolutions condemning Israel-Brewer attacked for neglecting to investigate over 6,000 reports of child abuse RawStory-Kansas is as bad! These Republican states are all in DENIAL!- Brownback's Crimes Against Humanity are as atrocious as anything Brewer or Walker has done.-fb/No Thanksgiving for Violence, Poverty and Injustice-The Benefits of Obama's Diplomatic Triumph on Iran BuzzFlash- Here's Why Wall Street Has a Hard Time Being Ethical Protesting Big Bank Financing of Toxic Industries May Get You a Year in Jail, While Execs Go Free BuzzFlash/Hollywood's Nightmare of Death, Injury and Secrecy Exposed/Want to Cut Government Waste? Find the $8.5 Trillion the Pentagon Can't Account For YahooNews Guardian/aca Will Meet Deadline for Fixes, White House Officials Say wp/Without Reagan's Treason, Iran Would Not Be a Problem DailyTake/Hartmann The biggest threat to an American Iranian accord comes from President Obama's enemies at home, Republicans, not from Iranian President Hassan Rouhani; Republican attempts to sabotage a Democratic president's deal with Iran are nothing new. Just ask Jimmy Carter. Catholics Ready for an Economic Revolution? (Maybe He Read Marx) AlterNet: As Pope Francis’ latest indictment against free market capitalism takes its cue from atheist economist Karl Marx, Lynne Parramore explains how this is not the first time the church has shaped its views with the words of this 19th century philosopher/Tilting at Gas Wells: What's the Best Way to Defend Your Community From Fracking? An increasing number of communities are passing anti fracking ordinances. But what kind of community fracking bans make sense? Counter intuitively, the most effective bans may make the fewest rights claims-New Satire Campaign Launches War Against Irrational Fear, inspired by Edward Snowden satirizes the "war on terror" and the surveillance state by highlighting statistics that show Americans are more likely to die from lightning strikes, dog attacks and playing football than domestic terrorism Truthout/WORSE THAN BOOK BURNING, Police enforcing Islamic law in Nigeria's city of Kano publicly destroyed some 240,000 bottles of beer on Wednesday, the latest move in a wider crackdown on behaviour deemed "immoral" in the area digg/ Netanyahu, I will not be silenced, As Prime Minister of Israel I have cautioned over and over again regarding the dangers associated with a nuclear Iran. And when I see an inherent danger to the people of Israel, Italy, made a statement implicitly referring to Ehud Olmert's criticism of his attitude towards the US vis a vis the signing of the agreement with Iran.-Olmert is the guy who "disengaged" from Gaza to please Condi and George, and got ROCKETS in exchangeiapb/drug war lives, bret sez bo is leading from behind, fns/rubio claims aca is actually hillary dare 93, on mtp
113013/Israel’s 10 year assistance agreement with the United States doesn’t expire until 2017 Beltway Wrangling Starts, not too far away for Israel to argue now for increasing aid levels when the agreement is renewed, Israel Pushes for Boost in U.S. Aid to More Than $3B a Year-(Did Kerry apologize yet? Everyone here should be ashamed of their rhetoric against Obama and the US. Israel should be ashamed to take aid from the US, but they're not-J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit asks, "Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning, or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on? Semantics is a branch of linguistics that studies meaning in language. Coupled with the interpretation of a "word, sentence or language form," it is the perfect tool for moral relativists to use when rationalizing the liberal agenda.Liberal Semantics and the Redefining of Death Panels, Or why liberals just can't help lying:americanthinker- Starving Syrian rebels besieged in Damascus suburbs signalled their desperation yesterday by killing and eating a zoo’s lion, butchering the visibly emaciated animal, said to have been taken from the Al-Qarya al-Shama Zoo, were widely disseminated on websites sympathetic to the rebels, although their authenticity could not be independently verified link shows the rebels butchering the lion thetimesuk-iapb/Military Commissions Stuck on Torture, pretrial hearings for the five men accused of plotting the 9/11 terrorist attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people took place but made little progress as the issue of torture, and the protective order preventing its discussion, dominated the hearings-Labor As Seen from Down Under: Fair Wages and Decent Benefits Profit Everyone, The idea that workers have to be beaten down at every turn just doesn't add up, as the industrial experience Down Under shows us every day of the year-Memory and Repression in El Salvador, many Latin American countries tell the stories of the victims of human rights violations perpetrated during the military regimes and dictatorships of the '60s, '70s and '80s through public trials and increased access to historical archives, in El Salvador, repression of alternative narratives intensifies-Black Thursday: Thanksgiving in the Consumer Wasteland Truthout/No Thanksgiving for Violence, Poverty and Injustice-When a Government Knows More About Its Citizens Than They Do About the Government, It Is Tyranny Buzzflash-Workers Defy Walmart Massive Black Friday Strike and Arrests Planned Salon/Pope Francis Understands Economics Better than Most Politicians RawStory/Despite Filibuster Limits, a Door Remains Open to Block Judge Nominees nyt/Army in Transition Awaits West Point Cadets as Wars End, Military Budgets Shrink-Francis addresses the widening gap of inequality that capitalism is creating around the globe and charges Christians to be accountable for their own worship of the false idol better known as money wp/Israel-Palestine: Enough Negotiations Already! Palestinians should not lend their name to a charade of endless negotiations; Shamoo instead demands that they "let negotiations go, and find other means of achieving Palestinian rights and statehoodfpf/Delicious Food Is Not An Indulgence, It's a Way to Solve Our Ecological Crises Over the past few decades, the slow food movement has flourished into an endless garden of possibilities. Now, food that is good for our bodies and the planet might also be the key to addressing climate change YesMag/Courageous Boeing Workers Say No to Corporate ExtortionBy rejecting a contract that amounted to corporate extortion, the Machinists Local 751 at Boeing have taken a stand for middle-class workers all over the country NextNewDeal/Struggles of Younger US Workers Ripple Through Economy, unable to find full time work, continue to live with their parents for extended periods of time McClatchy/Cop's History an Issue in Toy-Gun SlayingIt has been discovered that a Sonoma County Deputy Sheriff, who shot and killed a popular Latino eighth-grader who was holding a toy gun, has a history of overreaction that dates back years as the incident has sparked a series of interviews with neighbors and community members who have all had negative interactions with the officer Consortium/
112913/Thomas Ritter, a fifth-grade school teacher from Irving, Texas, has sent, This bill has caused such a ­divisive, derisive and toxic environment… The reality is that any citizen that disagrees with your ­administration is targeted and ridiculed, bo used a sexually charged derogatory term the controversial law offering health care to the uninsured, which has become the butt of jokes following a disastrous launch last month. referring to members of the Tea Party movement. Refers as Tea Baggers in Letter clashdaily-at the Western Wall for a Hanukkah ceremony, Netanyahu compared Iran’s nuclear program to a darkness that would be forced out by Israel, We came to drive out the darkness, and the largest darkness that threatens the world today is a nuclear Iran, We are bound to do all we can to prevent this darkness. If possible we will do this diplomatically, if not we will act as ‘a light unto the nations, referencing part of a popular holiday children’s song, denounced a deal signed Sunday between Iran and six world powers that eases sanctions in return for limits on uranium enrichment and a more intrusive inspections regime timesofisrael-Gingrich, no stranger to political doozies says nothing that happened back then can match the Democrats latest power grab. The Death of the Senate, No one should be confused about what happened [last Thursday]. The Obama Democrats killed the United States Senate as a deliberative body 226 years after the Founding Fathers created it-aibafs/Another day, another 100 new IDs from the right wing jerk off goon squad, a routine. Watch Fox, sign up a new ID, post a Fox copy and paste, jerk off, tea bag, and repeat.ybac/PEOPLE LIVING IN POVERTY BLASTS THRU 50 MILLION-Census data shows that in 2001, 32m 11.7 percent, 2008, 39.8m 13.2 percent, 2011, 46m 15 percent rate of poverty- SNAP) keep about five million people out of poverty, Without Social Security more than half of all Americans 65 and over would be in poverty. Both supplemental and traditional poverty measures include Social Security benefits-Boosh expanded the food stamp program. He knew people would need it when his fake economy crashed-Americans in Poverty FELL from 1994 to 2001-W Bush was elected and the number of Americans in Poverty INCREASED from 11% to 14.2%-deflect...and try to change the subject to Bush...a favorite tactic of you and your ilk-* sucks on Barry's salty, slimey sack loves to suck mens teabags has dimples on her chin where he rest his balls, The poor girl has to make a living somehow-if you need work get a job at Walmart. But then of course you'll need food stamps to supplement your meager wages-Walmart does more to employ the poor and enable them to buy things they wouldn't be able to on the Gubmint welfare plantation-So, then don't take a WallyJob. Get a real job and quit suckling off Josephine Taxpayer's tea.yhal/Michael Robert Milken is a prominent American financier and philanthropist, almost single-handedly created the market for junk bonds, indicted on 98 counts of racketeering and securities fraud in 1989 as the result of an insider trading investigation. After a plea bargain, Milken pled guilty to six securities and reporting violations. He was sentenced to ten years in prison, but was released after less than two years. He then launched a public relations campaign to highlight his role as a financial innovator, particularly with regard to popularizing higher risk alternative investments. YOU HAVE TO BE A J TO GET 2 YEARS IN CLUB FED FOR STEALING $800 MILLION DOLLARS-Is the justice system in the USA corrupt, Why does the Wej get away with such light prison sentences, because the Wej run the system or is it because it is their right to steal from goyim-Sure they will. Joe Kennedy was never even charged. Was made ambassador to Gr. Britain and pushed for U S to support the Nazis-good one next granny the widow will make another tall tale her father did business with Joe Kennedy sad old fat bag-Well actually he did have sex with a queen-J's declared war on Germans in 1933? Not too smart-They will make the same mistake with Iran-Oh how the Germans cheered on their conquering heroes-Mass murder? All is fair in love and war. You do realize the J's had declared war on the Germans in the 30's right? I guess that wasn't too smart. They got tired of rat, they only eat caviar now-please only post facts, not opinions or conspiracy theories-Nobody respects or likes Israel. They are terrorists. Obama tells obnoxious Netty to stick a sock in it, idiot can't keep his mouth shut on Iran, like a child who didn't get his way, Great leader, no wonder they all want too be (nazi)Germany.
ygs/trying to gloss over katrina and bp oil spill to attack aca, on geraldo/

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