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12313/the bending curve

12313/Follow the bending cost curve and you will find that the slowdown in health costs has been dramatic is Obamacare’s Secret Success krugman-Palin's miserable hackish attempt to profit off Christmas totally bombed on Black Friday to the point where it was outsold by comedian Rob Delaney's book tw/Is ObamaCare Income Redistribution?-Bishop Shocks Congregation By Disguising Himself as a Homeless Man-Sea Eagle Steals Camera and Takes a Selfie! Fni/
12213/Bankers are the root problem behind all of the poverty and war and destruction of our world. Then the greedy mega corporations, financed by the bankers. Then our government, which is controlled by bankers and corporations. Our founding fathers did not want international bankers doing business in this country. They got a foothold by financing both sides of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. During both wars, they had operatives in our country fueling division and stirring up trouble. They've financed both sides of every war we've ever been involved in. War is for the profits of a very few, at the expense of very many-We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid, Benjamin Franklin-I'll be back, arnold 66, former governor of California and action movie star might very well be back in the game of politics if he gets his way, and run for the White House in 2016 fb/Think Racism is Dead? Earl Sampson has Been Arrested 62 Times for Trespassing...At His Own Jobsite-12 Ridiculous Anti Woman Myths From The Dark Ages That Conservatives STILL Believe-imprison gordon fpr bringing this all about-you defend the #Tories? Definitely in the #MINORITY- UK daughters miner grandfather recd "fit to work" from WCB-in Canada-he died a month later from advanced schleroderma-abusue wont make blind bit of diffrence to them but it wont do you any good bile rots the soul-This is why they have to go now not 18mths time. It can happen peacefully-Israeli army accused, Foreign Press Association claims troops directly targeted photographers covering unrest at crossing between Jerusalem and Ramallah tuk- tw/Vaccine Hoax is Over. Documents from UK reveal 30 Years of Coverup Freedom of Information Act in the UK/chimeras mixtures of two or more individuals in a single body, human animal hybrids, Pigs are being born with human blood in their veins, Sheeps with livers and hearts that are largely human, cells, found in 5 day old human embryos, multiply prolifically and, unlike adult cells, have the potential to turn into any of the body's 200 or so cell types-Reliable, verifiable information on major cover ups WantToKnow/Since the publication of the documents regarding Prince Rupert security, asked for further information on the means and sources used in open source intelligence gathering from social media, knowledge of the NEB’s activities have negatively underscored the participation of individuals and advocacy groups in the continued hearing process. “Knowledge that this is occurring is sure to have a chilling effect on participation in Board proceedings, Garber, “NEB Group Leader of Security”. Robinson has questioned if the board members were aware that the NEB was collecting or had collected information on anti oil sands organizations. Legget appears to have had some knowledge of the intelligence gathering, seems to be asking for less surveillance and police presence and she tells NEB staff: “It sounds like we are in vehement agreement that, at this point, there is no indication of a requirement for an on site police presence. Let’s proceed on this basis and amend if Gord’s on the ground assessment and any further intelligence indicated that this presence is required, vo- we know they were checking FaceBook posts because, as a test, I related the specifics on FB about how and where we were going to protest at the second round of NEB hearings here in Comox BC after determining the set up during the first. There was a handicap ramp with a switchback corner reminiscent of Douglas Channel right in front of the window in plain sight of the Head Table. I explained where we would be with our cardboard boats in relation to the commissioners inside and when we would commence our protest so as to not disturb the presentations but before the hearings had been adjourned for lunch so as to not be in contempt. At the second hearing the position of the 3 NEB people had been shifted around the room so that their backs were to us outside and the windows of the hearing room had been haphazardly plastered over with butcher paper in a fashion as if it had been haste fully done at the last minute. Does it prove anything? No but ya gotta wonder, It did seem to me that they had previous knowledge and they only way they could have gotten that was to monitor the Facebook pages about the protest at the hearing-Chinese energy giant Sinopec's leaking oil pipeline exploded and killed 55 people in Qingdao last Friday, the accident hit a nerve for some BC residents. Harvard University divested holdings in Sinopec stock in 2006 after finding that the company was complicit in genocide in Darfur and found to have violated human rights as it acquired assets in developing countries in Africa and the Middle East. Sinopec has invested billions in Alberta's tar sands and holds a five per cent stake in the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline. The Chinese state-owned company is also discussing investments in Kitimat LNG projects with Apache and Chevron and has plans to expand its shale gas operations in BC, a group of residents who came together during the 2012 Enbridge hearings, said Kitimat would stand no chance if an accident like the blast in Qingdao took place, If an oil spill happened further down our valley and the pipeline caught on fire, we'd be trapped," he said. "There's only one road out of here, he didn't know about Sinopec's safety standards in China, but that Enbridge's safety record is "pathetic, 2007, two Chinese temporary foreign workers brought to work in Alberta’s oil sands by Sinopec were killed when a tank’s structure collapsed on them, pleaded guilty to three out of an unprecedented 53 charges laid by the Alberta government for breaching safety measures. Two years later, Sinopec was fined $1.5 million for the deaths, Police detained nine Sinopec employees after the pipeline erupted. vo/We can't do anything about highway congestion, but we can make sure you have the information you need to answer a bonkers question about President Obama's record on jobs or the perfect fact to respond to a ridiculous argument about the Affordable Care Act, make sure you get that information whenever you need it, we designed YourRepublicanUncle/Amazon is working on drones that can deliver packages up to five pounds, to your house in less than half an hour digg/Christmas lights have been turned on at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, in front of a crowd of thousands. Pilgrims from all over the world gathered to see the tree, decorated with some 45,000 lights and more than 6,000 baubles, outside the church where Jesus is believed to have been born-Palestinians are being squeezed and killed for me, not for you, Michael Neumann-Bashar al Assad praised Iran for nuclear agreement with the West, if Assad likes it, must be a good thing for everyone-Lying isn’t incidental to a liberal. Liberal is another word for liar Daniel Greenfield-When asked whether Israel should seek new allies, 49 percent of Israeli Jews said yes, 45% said no and the remainder had no opinion, whether Israel would succeed in finding new allies, 70% of Jewish Israelis believe Israel will not find any. Of those polled, 71% believe the US is Israel’s most loyal and important ally, while 26% believe it is not. Self described left wing Israeli Jews were more likely to call America Israel’s closest ally than those on the Right jpost-iapb/you are still Allfuckedup AFU. Your old fashion way is probably screwing people over and your justification was you called it business, which is really a way that you could justify your actions to yourself but it is still MORALLY WRONG to treat people that way. I am a Strong Right Wing Conservative but I am not a Republican-USAA INSURANCE = Piggyy bank for generals at the expense of members. If your house burns you get nothing up front (no full payment option) with USAA. This is reason enough to leave USAA. The service is worse, in a deadly accident we got 2k for permanent brain injury, the LAWYERS got 47k on a 500k policy-If you get the mirror out and look at it miltz you'll see the imbecile, yes you private miltz. I agree with smith that I am tired of his message but he is right, USAA is over priced and they screw the home owner every way they can. They were good many years ago but they have changed yc/Bank of America Isn’t Out of the Woods Yet! how it is different than the record $13 billion settlement, The golden age of banking is dead. But if you want to learn how to take advantage of the impending bank renaissance, click below to discover the one company leading the way. You see, this fast-growing company is poised to disrupt big banking's centuries-old practices. And stands to make early investors like YOU a fortune... if you act now. Our brand new investor alert Big Banking's Little $20.8 Trillion Secret lays bare every banker's darkest secret for the world to see-My Electric utility is charging a 17% increase in rates coming 2014, I have not and will not be buying any Xmas gifts. I never have been a Santa fan anyway. Even at a young age I could not comprehend how he could get to everyone's house in one night. Seemed to be a big lie, something I was not to do-Military budget early 2000s was 350 billion, 2014 military budget looking to break a trillion, that 650 billion would end the yearly deficit right now ! and that's not including the CIA,TSA ybac/sandyhook shooter 5th grade essay, hobbylobby falwel rejected by ussc, child buggery vs antigay church debate, and other douche baggery on stephanie/judge revokes zimmys gun with felony
12113/Since Exxon's Pegasus pipeline ruptured March 29 and spilled the oil in the Mayflower community about 30 miles northwest of Little Rock, there have been at least 17 lawsuits/son of billionaire investor Warren Buffett, Peter, on the conflict between capitalism and humanism, You can't have both grittv/MintPress, The State Department approved $44.28 billion in arms shipments to 173 nations in the last fiscal year, has anyone asked where these weapons will ultimately end up?/Cayman Islands to Report US Citizens' Offshore Assets Under Controversial Law RT/Will Massachusetts Become the Second State to Ban Fracking? Grist/Washington stabbed the Saudis in the back, and why the Iran deal will start a nuclear arms race in the Persian Gulf. Pundits and policymakers are missing the big worry about the Obama administration's Iranian nuclear deal: its greatest impact is not ensuring that Iran doesn't get the bomb, but that the Saudis will.Fear and Loathing in the KingdomIndeed, the risk of arms race in the Middle East, on a nuclear hair trigger, just went up rather dramatically. And it increasingly looks like the coming Sunni Shiite war will be nuclearized, Whether or not President Obama fully appreciates that distinction, the Saudis most definitely do foreignpolicy iapb/yahoo legal fallout continues arkansas-Hey let's build the Keystone pipeline. Arkansas pipeline spill. North Dakota spill. Greenville, Texas spill. What could go wrong?-Hey lets stop all planes, trains,cars and trucks, what can go wrong. Freezing in the dark that is the solution-build a pipeline in * backyard so he won't have to freeze in the dark. What were you thinking monkeyboy!-clearly thinks the only possible way to generate energy is though fossil fuels. Seems like *'s been brainwashed-Red States are so dumb. I know...I live in one (Oklahoma). Those of us who advocate for strong environmental protections are called all sorts of names around these parts. BUT, then something like this happens and guess who looks to liberals for help? I say build the damn XL pipeline and any and all oil and chemical #$%$ you want. JUST DON'T ASK FOR ANY FEDERAL DOLLARS TO CLEAN UP THE #$%$ THAT THEY PRODUCE, RED STATES! morons, want to poison their lands and their water and their food, why the #$%$ do liberals, like me, try to stop them? Let them learn their lesson, residents in that area of Arkansas are going to listen to liberals now!-Right wing propaganda machine knows just what buttons to push, Its "head shaking nonsense" to liberals, but these folks are wired different, One thing's for sure Allure of deep pockets and a potential windfall payout is catnip, they claim to hate most, big government, is seen as indispensable-When doing their bidding-Now they want a lawyer-Do you think the natural gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno, California was because of the regulations of a Red state-maybe the one in Allentown, Pa. was because of Red states, or was it the one in Hanoverton, ohio that was caused by a Red state-you sure make a good argument AGAINST pipelines, thanks for pointing out all those states with pipeline problems-take out all the pipelines Will, you can cut wood and burn it to keep warm this winter-Some of us do dennis, the thing is why did you only mention pipeline spillage in blue states when there are as many or more in red states, and the point being made in the original post was when any state gets a spill call the government for help, don't hold the corporations responsible that would hurt their bottom line-I guess you missed the first thing Blacknagus posted, was that just liberal blindness ? Thank you for making my point that stuff happens in both red and blue states. What's it going to look like when everyone in New York is burning wood to keep warm/FCA Faces Calls for More Disclosure on Currency Rigging, U.K.’s Investment Management Association, whose members oversee about 4.5 trillion pounds ($7.4 trillion) of assets, is pressing regulators to provide more information Bloomberg

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