Wednesday, November 6, 2013

11613/bo's weasel words

11613/1917 Lenin lead the revolution of the peasants against the Czar, where fifty million white Christians were sent if they opposed the Bolshevik Communist Jewish swindle called Communism. In , and then they raped Russia till this day, In all the death camps of Germany only 373,804 died ygs/McAuliffe knocked 12 points off his lead. That's a referendum, a bunch of north virginian gay supporting tards conducting a mass petition drive to outlaw same sex sodomy, The New Jersey win for Lard Fatwad Sissy Chrissy is not a referendum on republicans turning into tards. New Pussey is a tard state. Lard Fatwad Sissy Chrissy couldn't win a red state if he could take back all of the BJ's he gave bonobo after thunderstorm sandy blew through yc/The Goebbels / Rove tactics of LYING and smearing ensured a Dem. win in Virginia-Keep on LYING Teabag JACKASSES ! You're the progressive voters best friend. The hate and lies you IDIOTS spew, the more you elect Democrats. LMAO at the STUPID, STUPID Teabag FOOLS!-McCauliffe will be in jail within three years-Learn from Christie: he is NOT a frothing at the bung lying POS Teabag trash-ybac/Wendy Davis (D) Will Waste A Lot Of KRAP Money And Effort In Texas GOV RACE go down in a stunning defeat to the shotgun toting guy in the wheelchair, You gotta see Abbott's picture Texas Monthly a pro slavery secessionist rag?-She doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell-true dat, but the KRAPS will waste vast resources proving this-Wendy is a ONE ISSUE candidate: She is pro-Late Term Abortion-JAKE SILVERSTEIN: Let’s start with the health care law. You were one of 26 governors and state attorneys general who participated in the lawsuit. Were you surprised by the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision? GREG ABBOTT: I was stunned. We can see victories on some battlegrounds but still feel the pain of having lost the war, Cold comfort. But I can expand on what you were saying. We really had a kind of landmark achievement in reining in the expansion of the Commerce Clause. the first meaningful curtailment of Congress’s power under the clause since the time of FDR. And it’s the first decision by the Supreme Court since Medicaid was created that said there are outer limits to what Congress can force Americans to do. The Medicaid component of the decision is filled with references to the imperative of states’ rights in the US Constitution. So there were several significant victories along the pathway to defeat in this case-easy to dismiss eye witnesses on the plaza and assorted nutballs who have posited bizarre conspiracy theories for profit over the years, Connelly was a combat vet and an avid hunter, and his testimony is very difficult to ignore. He always insisted that Kennedy was struck by the first shot, that he (Connelly) turned in his seat to look behind him, and was in the process of turning back to the front when he (Connelly) was struck-Teenaper Sheboon gets a medical exam in preparation for gastric bypass surgery: A new Government-funded study has found that surgery is perfectly safe for severely obese teenapers. niggopotamus sheboon lost any weight yet? feasible for taxpayers. You know Oprah tried it once, but it went back to niggopotamus again within a day! yhal/perrynation is pretty much a loser. Look at his post history. Guys that are wrong that much have been wiped out long ago yms/
Financial Times wondered about a "repeat Libor scandal"), the manipulation of interest rates via the gaming of the London Interbank Offered Rate, or Libor. The foreign exchange or FX market is the largest financial market in the world, with a daily trading volume nearly $5 trillion- One of the allegations is that traders have been gambling heavily before and after the release of the WM/Reuters rates, which like Libor are benchmark rates calculated privately by a small subset of financial companies that are perfectly positioned to take advantage of their own foreknowledge of pricing one friend of mine put it, "Whatever those morons put aside for settlements, they'd better double it, widespread, manipulation of currencies for years on end. mtrsyfnma/FYI, Koch Bros DENIED in Coralville! an aggressive campaign, mailing fliers, advertising in newspapers, calling voters and knocking on their doors. Its latest leaflet hit mailboxes last week, denouncing the town’s growing debt and comparing it to the financial woes of Detroit. “Coralville is fast becoming Iowa’s version of Detroit, Their candidate for Mayor, lost. Their candidates for council, lost. Americans for Prosperity, Suck it!-Lundell said he received a surprise phone call from Vice President Joe Biden. “He indicated that he was very proud of our city, that we took on the Koch brothers and successfully beat them buy such a huge margin cedar rapids gazette-GOP base isn't smart enough to follow all that information and nuance. They just want screaming lies from Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck and Oreilly. They don't want the truth. They want only what fits into their disminformation bubble, to just scream things paranoid simpletons will get riled about. The GOP base isn't smart enough to follow all that information and nuance. They just want screaming lies from Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck and Oreilly. They don't want the truth. They want only what fits into their disminformation bubble. It's why all the GOP candidates need to just scream things paranoid simpletons will get riled about-results of those facts about the Repo behavior is damaging to the nation and harmful to America's future for sure. rbg/syrian Inspections have been conducted at 17 sites, At 14 sites the inspectors carried out activities related to the destruction of critical equipment to make the facilities inoperable. OPCW said-Syria seems to be the first he is doing something right because he finally has somebody in there that knows what to hell is going on. The credit goes to Kerry in my opinion nobody else. Multi Syria seems to be the first he is doing something right because he finally has somebody in there that knows what to hell is going on. The credit goes to Kerry in my opinion nobody else-There should be enough credit for the two of them to share, along with Putin and Assad. There should be enough credit for the two of them to share, along with Putin and Assad-If someone pulls off a miraculous peace deal with Iran and the Arabs, now they would go down in history, for sure. If someone pulls off a miraculous peace deal with Iran and the Arabs, now they would go down in history, for sure-would likely stoke your fear of the caliphate-What were you thinking, peace with Israel, war with US? rbh/Hatch wants Sebelius to give Congress monthly progress reports on ObamaCare fn/Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has vowed to stay on and run for re-election next year, dismissing calls he resign after admitting he smoked crack cocaine bbc/Arafat's widow: We have proof of a political assassination Haaretz/SCIENCE and RELIGION AGREE! LIFE and man ARE made from CLAY, boffins say they have discovered that life, probably originated in ancient "clay hydrogels theRegister/As the wheels slowly come off-A lie repeated many times equals Fox News. Was Bush guilty of lying on the Medicare Part D debacle, or was he guilty of over promising? Was Obama guilty of lying, or did the insurance industry see an opportunity to dump a bunch of money losing policies? were deliberate lies told? I don't think so. Was/is the administration in over their heads on rolling out ACA? Without a doubt. And anyone who's been involved in large software rollouts was probably laughing when they heard the ACA website was opening... Do, does that constitute a deliberate effort to deceive? Sorry. IMHO, it doesn't rise to that level, or the level of "I did not have sex with that woman-teabaggers who live in a world of black and white and wonder why it doesn't their world doesn't work very well, But Bush didn't have 1 in 5 living in poverty, nor did he dig us $6 trillion in debt in only 4 years like your president did-Quit watching the Clinton Noise Network, or Gov't Electric's MSDNC-What else can a Modern Day Lib Retard do in light of the Obamacare Nuclear Disaster but talk about the wheels coming off everything but Modern Day Lib Retardism, Keep it up Einstein- I'm not surprised you can't tell the difference between liberals and moderates, I guess to a teabagger, everyone who's with you is against you, which is why we'll be talking about the tea party the same way we were talking about the evangelicals in '04. Irrelevant. And gone-Obama loving Liberal loser, STILL claims to be a "moderate"? LIKE that inbred shitlicker independent-in Virginia the Dems put their full weight behind McAuliff who out spent his opponent 10 to 1 and had all the dem heavy weights campaigning for him, Cucinelli getting help from the GOP not so much-fn wasn't sued for lying, you can't be sued for defending your first amendment rights, Fox defended its right to run stories that it knew were false, and for firing employees who refused to used said tainted facts- aibafs/former Israeli government spokesman, reiterated It was a government decision not to touch Arafat at all, Israel had no role in Arafat's death, if anyone poisoned him, it could have been someone from his close circle.-Israel has a history of denying things iapb/ insurance agent does 6 yrs for defrauding tom hanks, on stephanie/caller 24 red for 15 attempts to justify bo h8, martin incognito racial bully, on geraldo
11513/Former US House Speaker Jim Wright Denied Voter ID Card in Texas tpm/ALEC Fights to Put Workers Into Poverty, When Will Someone Put ALEC Out of Business?-when an island of toxic debris, possibly radiated by the Fukushima leaks, is potentially headed our way Pro Nuke Scientists Should Go to Fukushima BuzzFlash/The Real Story Behind the Phony Canceled Health Insurance Scandal Mother Jones-Still No One in JailHedge fund SAC advisers have admitted to insider trading. This is the first criminal confession from a Wall Street firm in a generation RealNews-All you need to see to understand just how poorly our level of voter turnout has been working out for each and every one of us is the front page of any newspaper in America Truthout/PLENTY of substance for truth seeking, progressive points of view, You obviously never watch maddow to make the claim she does otherwise. The most recent hammering of Rand Paul, destroying him over and over as he makes his plagiarism mess worse by the day is a recent obvious example of the detail of her substance in reporting the NEWS-liberals don't like Rush is because he is almost always right-rbh/Charlie Fuqua is a lawyer and former Arkansas state legislator running for reelection on the Republican ticket Endorses Death Penalty to Discipline Rebellious Children, must be permanently removed from society in a way that gives an example to all other children of the importance of respect for parents gawker fb/Obama is now trying to use weasel words to correct his lies. The only question is how many weasels there are who will echo his words. An evolving lie has no truth in it You're grandfathered in, although he again noted insurance companies had the power to change it themselves, If you had or have one of these plans before the Affordable Care Act came into law and you really like that plan, what we said was, you could keep it if hasn't changed since the law's passed politicalticker-

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