Sunday, November 3, 2013

11313/aca lies

11313/a lot of you RWNJ's don't want women to have contraception either-Why Paul Ciancia HAS TO BE A RIGHT WING NUT!-the reasons for this Lib Retard Excrement deceit again, thank you again" for the exercise in exposing the Lies, Fraud, Hypocrisies and Arrogance of Modern Day Lib Retardism, on a daily basis-Your delusional rants aside, but do really believe that only "liberals" have abortions?-Liberals" who want to legitimize abortion to advance their self-interests, make everyone pay for it, then pretend it has no consequence for humanity aibafs/ O-bots "patriots-We know who the patriots are. They're the flag wavers who cried "Love or Leave It" and who prolonged the Viet Nam war costing 1000s of American lives, pissed their pants when they heard stories of Saddam's WMD and believed a mushroom cloud would erupt over NYC. They waved their flags as we threw away $3-6 trillion and 1000s more American lives, support deregulation and the subsidizing of industries so they can rape the environment and rip off the people for an improved quarterly profit. And call it capitalism, try to shut down mosques in the name of religious freedom. They raise their fists and scream God and Country, not realizing they're doing a disservice to both, paranoid fools who stockpile weapons fantasizing about killing US Marines and restoring America, revolt against words like socialism. communism, marxism while not understanding the meaning of the words or their concepts, love to be called patriots and will believe virtually anything they're told as long as they're told they're patriots, take rifles to airports and shoot hourly wage flunkies who have no power over the things they're upset about. for nothing, juddsfarm-True patriots do not support America right or wrong, true patriots support America when America is right - like Obamacare, ending Bush's wars and trying to rebuild the economy that the Republicans destroyed. I have my own definition of what a patriot is and patriot and America hating Republican TeaBaggers have nothing in common.The same GOP who just cut food subsidies for the old and crippled fought and won to keep subsidies for oil baron billionaires- Count down to blaming Obama for food stamp cuts begins-Reds won't be happy until thirteen year-old kids have to prostitute themselves for a meal rbh/
11213/30 years ago, 241 Americans died at the hands of a terrorist attack. Reagan did NOTHING to help save them. In fact, because the guards were not allowed to be armed they couldn't defend themselves and they died fb/Israel miffed at Obama admin for leaking news of strike-catholic girl who blamed Israel for 911, explained to her in bin laden Manifesto did not mention Israel but the fact we had troops on Saudi soil, She then said it has to be Israel's fault, just because. mentality of the racists-I hope you break your head while bobbing and weaving against the wailing wall-Careful buddy that's bad karma-Never again! Easy to make starving helpless civilians go to the left not so easy with Uzi toting patriots who fight back Why in the Warsaw ghetto the few Js there held off Germany's best fighter call in heavy artillery with homemade weapons- ygs/five US Representatives in attendance, a Pakistani school teacher and his two children brought tears to the House this week describing the drone attack that killed his mother and injured and traumatized his children to/One Million Wounded: VA Stops Releasing Data on Injured Vets as Total Reaches Grim Milestone International Business Times/Krugman War on the Poor nyt/ Plenty of Time to Fix Obamacare BuzzFlash/ALEC "Is a Corporate Lobby Masquerading as a Charity PR Watch/House Passes Finance Bill Written by Citigroup Lobbyists MotherJones/following a bite from a Brazil Police Department K9 officer at the Red Ribbon Awareness week kick-off event at the Clay County Courthouse, the officer and his K9 partner, Max, as well as another K9 team were requested by Clay County Superior Court Judge J. Blaine Akers to [insanely] carry out a simulated raid of a party with actors in place to help "educate Clay County fifth graders on drug awareness-From the 'people' who brought you 9/11, North American wide distributed play exercise Executive 'policy trigger' table top exercise on 14 November Drill Will Simulate a Knockout Blow of Power Grid, Aurora, Sandy Hook, and miscellaneous minor false flags-dhs candy bowl," a pot of overtime money they have long dipped into to pad their pay even if they haven’t earned it, whistleblowers say. This practice, which can add up to 25 percent to a p*ycheck-Senate Committee Votes in Favor of NSA Phone-Records Snooping-The average family of four will see a *36 cut in their monthly benefits, bringing the average per person benefit from $1.50 a meal to $1.40 a meal- clg/The GOP tactic here is to issue a subpoena solely to cast a stigma over the ACA. They are not interested in the numbers themselves (although I'm sure that they will spin them into the most negative terms they can Limbaughize), they are simply trying to create the illusion that the Administration is hiding something, when in actuality the Admin is following the timetable they had laid out months in advance, like the dolt who orders something in the mail, then bitches when he has to wait a few days to receive it. My advice? Ignore the subpoena, deliver the information in mid November as intended all along, and let the latest gotcha du jour sink back into the Republican swamp-americanthinker take some solace from his calculation that America has not (yet) tipped from the constitutional republic it still is (partly) to the Euro style social welfare state that he is trying to create. He seems to feel that he needs to trick us, rather than lead us to where he wants to take us. If he is wrong, and the society does indeed long for the socialist nirvana that is his goal, then he is lying for nothing. If he is right, then it's time to stop countenancing the lies and for the American people to hold him accountable-aibafs/leon talk cheap, we may very well have to use military force to back up our policy iapb/
11113/Israel has not acknowledged carrying out the strike, one of half a dozen such attacks widely ascribed to Israel in recent months, but an Obama administration official told CNN on Thursday that Israeli warplanes had indeed attacked the Syrian base toi/Hannity Takes on Juan Williams: 'You're Justifying a Major Lie' by President fni/Teabags Whine and Cry about Losing Health Insurance-Suck it up you filthy teabags and bow down to your master-It's great sport watching them cry. Look at all the neo n@zi teabag rats squeal, screech, scream, and cry!-Far right jackasses quote non-stop from their "Little Red State Book" of pat lies and BS-If a teabagger ever had an orignal thought, its head would explode-Economist Harry Dent Dow Jones to Drop to 3,300 The Man Who Predicted Japan’s Lost Decade… The Recession of 1990-92… The Biggest Bull Market Run in U.S. History… and Most Recently, the 2008 Credit Crisis and Stock Market Crash… Now Predicts:, I’ve used the Science of Demographics to predict major economic and market shifts with uncanny accuracy… decades ahead of time. I see the Dow Jones Average winding down, week after week… falling through the 12,000 mark… below 10,000, then 9,000, 8,000… to 6,440, where it’s likely to rally briefly… before ultimately dropping as low as 3,300-Harvard Professor Niall Ferguson S&P 500 Index go to 418, Scenario: Top Income-Tax Rate of 45%, The Standard & Poor's 500 Index at 418 where it was in December 1982-No sense in having a saving account..BAC is garbage-China closing factories, Apple firing, Global Middle class tax payers in extinction-Bagger Bots, Are you losers losing it? None of you sack suckers copy and pasted Rush-gs Charles Nenner Dow eventually hitting 5000 in 2013- ybac/We have speciel thanks this Thanksgiving, to be givens us all Healfcare to everyones. Now we see soon more democrats be elected and we can look fowards to reparcations to all African Americans and hopely some confistacations of riches monies to be detributed to thems truly in need who can spend the monies and help stipulate the ecomy yc/YOUR LIZARD OVERLORDS How To Spot The Reptilians Running The U.S. Government, 12 million Americans "know," the United States government is run by lizard people (or, to be scientifically accurate, reptilians). But they never said which members of the government are the reptilians. So we're here to help atheatlanticwire-Shin bones decorate the ceiling, skulls line the walls and over 21,000 bodies are buried in the basement smithsonianmag digg/Obama Should Use Simple Charts and Anecdotes to Persuade TV Addle Brained Americans-The Shallow Absurdity of a Billboard War Over Belief, BuzzFlash/Robin Hood Tax Comes to Washington CommonDreams/the richest country on the planet, yet 50 million Americans need federal help just to eat. And tomorrow, millions of them could lose access to that vital lifeline. That's because the House is expected to vote on a plan that would slash $5 billion from the federal food stamps program Stop the Cruelest Cuts! Hartmann/ Republican Infighting Over the Farm Bill Infuriates Farmers DailyBeast/Janet Yellen: The Economist's Economist Krugman/an off duty TSA agent. Don't believe anything in the beginning, wait until the end-Mythbusters, tweeted: "Heard gun shots then everyone starting running for the door. Not sure if anyone was hurt-dozens of offficers swarming the airport, also show a law enforcement officers being treated by paramedics. He appeared to be alert. Another officer had a bloody hand-noel sheppard healthy hos party obamacare registration drive prostitutes newsbusters-AP Rep. Peter King wants even the Boy Scouts to know he's upset with his Republican Party, a dozen members of Pack 690 from nearby Seaford, N.Y, declares that the partial government shutdown triggered partly by the demands of the GOP's right flank didn't accomplish anything. We're back where we started from, except we lost $24 billion-suddenly bo loves mitt romneyThe Boston trip is classic example of the Obama political method and why his Presidency is floundering only a year into his second term. Amid a crisis of government execution and policy design, Mr. Obama doesn't address the flaws or take responsibility, to spin new political fables to replace the old ones that even he can no longer utter with a straight face. On his current behavior, the only time Mr. Obama is going to act as if he's President is when he no longer is wsj-iapb/have vs havenot aca war tactics, mazziti the secret wars latin countries pist, poor insurance companies larry did not like the shutdown, on geraldo/lax shooting wkok/

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