Tuesday, November 5, 2013

11513/Took 4 tries to vote for Cuccinelli

11513/We can follow wisdom and live together as humans, or we can perish together stuck in our apathy, our ignorance and our national allegiances-WikiLeaks has undeniably had a huge impact on the world, and unlike the Disney turkey The Fifth Estate, the internally produced documentary Mediastan helps put the history into a more accurate context- Truthout/ Inside the Psyche of the 1%, The unsuccessful psychopath might go to jail for swindling dozens of people with home improvement scams while successful psychopaths might swindle millions with bank deals, get bailed out by friends in government and never spend a day in jail s&r/EU-funded project is developing a network of sensors that could sniff out bomb-makers from the substances they flush into sewers.motherboard/Lasers could prove to be the key in eliminating brain diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's theverge/Heroic President Obama Responds to Rep. Pete Sessions’ Ugly Insult with Dignity and Grace-Sarah Palin Mocks the Pregnant Diabetic Who Fainted at Obama’s Speech-Republicans Deliberately Sabotaged the ACA Website, Hoping the Law Would Implode-Mitch McConnell Declares War on Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, and Tea Party Outside Groups-A Journey to the Dark Heart of Christian Extremism-Ted Cruz’s Father is a Dangerous Religious Fanatic-Don’t Forget to Respect Your Elders; Unless Their Names are Charles and David Koch-Reds Have Grown To Hate America As Much As They Hate President Obama-Darrell Issa Should Investigate CBS’ Benghazi Witness Over His Admitted Lies 30 Senate Republicans Vote For Legalized Workplace Discrimination Against Gays pusa/contentious House oversight hearings last week of the NSA’s surveillance activities highlighted two opposing interpretations of what constitutes legal activity. House Intelligence Committee chair Mike Rogers (R-MI) explored this disconnect while questioning American University law professor Stephen Vladeck, eventually coming to the logical conclusion that a woman could not be raped if she was not aware that she was being raped. pressed Rogers to explain how far his concept of “it’s not illegal if you don’t get caught” would go. “If nobody knows you’ve done anything wrong, what’s the harm?” Rogers responded. “I’d say pretty much the sky’s the limit. Stalking, burglary, even rape.” “Rape?” asked a clearly stunned Vladeck. “Sure. If a guy has sex with a woman who doesn’t know they’re having sex, it’s not really rape, is it? She doesn’t know what’s happening, so she’s not creating any bad memories or experiencing any trauma, Say a woman’s in a coma. What does she care if some guy has sex with her? That’s not rape. Hell, It might even snap her out of her coma and she’d be grateful-Another Idiot GOP Man to make ANOTHER Stunningly Ignorant, and Again Revealing of the True Values.Morals and Beliefs of the GOp Not just the repig men say this. Repig women also endorse rape. They enable the rapists. I genuinely never thought that something like rape could ever be a right vs left issue. But protecting the planet has become thus so I guess nothing is off limits-newslo/Col. Morris Davis ‏ Col-Took 4 tries to vote for McCauliffe. I'd touch his name but it would mark Cuccinelli. Had to touch above the name to get mark in right box. tw/O keeps digging-He didn't lie. He communicates creatively and sometimes his advanced diction might produce factual shortcuts in the ears of unsophisticated folks. They wouldn't use the word "Lie" if he was white Schultz-it's easy for you to say that, but most likely was uninformed and really regrets having said it, just as he regrets having a tech oblivious team launch his website. They should have worked with people in the Insurance and IT business, but they obviously did not, and are having to learn now, He didn't say it once off the cuff. He has been preaching this for YEARS. He didn't misspeak. He lied-How many times did Bush state there were WMDs in Iraq? Did he lie? Does a creationist lie if they say the world is less than 10,000 years old? I would say none of the above were lies, but faulty statements based on bad information-You people are off your fucking rocker-He's right, Ocare will benefit tens of millions of ordinary Americans who have no lobbies and no money in the Caymans, and the more your boys in Congress bïtch about that, the less popular they'll become-U.S. Jews must say No to Obama to ask any U.S. organization to turn against a democratic ally for the sake of appeasing and accommodating a dictatorship and longtime enemy. But it is morally disgraceful to pressure Jews to turn their backs on the Jewish state when Israel will be on the front line of possible nuclear annihilation by an enemy which has publicly stated its sinister intentions Horing barry israels best friend- ispb/FUN Apparel” Upsets Homosexuals Filed under Business, Christianity, Culture, Ethics, Homosexuality, Liberal Bullying, Religion, It’s sad in today’s culture when people from a perverse lifestyle latch onto a word or symbol that once meant or stood for something happy and wholesome and turn it into a trademark for their sinful lifestyle. For example, the rainbow has stood as the symbol of God’s promise to never again destroy the earth with water. But the LGBT movement has stolen the rainbow to represent their abominable and anti biblical lifestyle Dave Jolly-the first time "Gay" was used was in the movie "Bringing up baby" 1938. Cary Grant said "Because i just went Gay. on being asked why he was wearing a feather boa- aibafs/ New Jersey mall shooter holed up in a back room and shot himself in the head, Richard Shoop's body was found at 3:20 a.m. Tuesday in an obscure part of Westfield Garden State Plaza mall, hours after he fired at least six bullets without striking anyone in the massive shopping center, his intent was either suicide or to do something that would cause police to shoot him, which we call 'suicide by cop krdo/ACA Does NOT Take Away Anyone's Insurance! Employers Do That!, If The Insurance Is Inadequate & The Employers Or Insurers Refuse To Upgrade They Are To Blame NOT Obamacare!-Chick a boo logic-Who says its "INADEQUATE"? you? pinocchiobama? piglosi? Pinocchiobama said if I liked my insurance, I could keep it. PERIOD. He said if I liked my doctor, I could keep him. PERIOD-My insurance suited me fine for YEARS, it was MY CHOICE, a decision made after careful consideration and a look at the various options available to me. The company was regulated by the State of New York and found to be compliant with all state and federal laws. What makes the piglosi or the pinocchiobama think they know what's better for me than I know myself? If YOU need and want someone to hold your hand as you go through life, while I pity you, that's your choice. Not very American but still your choice-Why Don't You Cry To Someone Who Gives ashit?-if you have insurance sponsored by a company, it wont be changed by the ACA. Only individual policies are affected-When the government runs out of crimes to charge against the people, the tyrants simply secretly pass a number of civil statutes that carry severe sanctions (against which the accused has virtually no defenses or Constitutional protections), and then process the accused in a largely invisible civil ' justice ' system (orchestrated by government thugs and assassins) that is designed to lead to the imprisonment or death of the accused Sosbee-yhal/ catholic school nut shot up lax, on billpress/
11413/Why are Teabaggers so bitter and mad at the world and blame their own miserable lives on the blacks and browns?-Self loathing is a common trait of the less intelligent...which is why they spend so much time trying to take out that loathing on anyone different from themselves. It makes them feel more secure about their otherwise empty lives. Very sad-Teabaggers WILL NEED VISAS AFTER THEY SECEED-Teabaggers Must be Executed in a Gruesome manner visible to the public. The general public must know that Obama's Plans for Taking from the Rich and giving to the Poor MUST be instituted to Rid the Teabaggers of horrible Greed, Ignorance and Racism. Once enough Teabaggers have been terminated there will be peace and social justice as we finally achieve equality and the Greedy Rich Teabaggers are made poor and the poor are lifted out of poverty-a flaming anarchist and small minded conservative pretending to be some weird socialist that is not even in the picture. Obama is not a socialist and neither are his supporters. Socialism is just the boogie man of the radical conservatives and Tea Party crazies-the not so secret longing of the neocon mind for sharia law with a 700 Club spin, Taliban-style due process and judicial restraint, and deliberative legislators who aren't afraid to do critical thinking without following prepaid scripts, maybe David Duke can still be persuaded to throw his [pointy] hat in the ring ybac/

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