Monday, July 22, 2013

72213/GM Bt corn actually kills livestock

72213/bama Goes After GOP Over ObamaCare Delays-federal charges could change everything for George Zimmerman-Hannity Guest Berates Juan Williams Over Zimmerman Case You Are Embarrassing Yourself! fni/major biotech company known as Syngenta has been criminally charged for denying knowledge that its GM Bt corn actually kills livestock.-unearthed in a field at Crathes Castle, Aberdeenshire. believed to be the world's oldest lunar calendar. Twelve pits, said to have been created by hunter gatherers almost 10,000 years ago criticalbelievers/being ironic is that everytime an anti-Israel proponent posts an electronic message, they are relying on one or more critical pieces of Israeli technology, be it from their desktop, laptop or smart phone. Nobody buys Israeli technology because they want to-true. And yes, that is also ironic. My issue has always been to expose the zionist and being just as bad as the fundamentalist muslim, There are many good Jews, as there are many good Muslims and Christians, But when one religion finds it can use oppression in the name of religion, that is where I speak out. Peace ygs/Eyewitness said gay zimmerman was man-hunting Trayvon for a little extracurricular activity-ZIMMY WAS ACTUALLY COMING ON TO TRAYVON WHEN TRAYVON HAULED OFF & DECKED HIM? OMFG ZIIMMY THE NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH QUEEF??laura infected_clit-a preference for black guys and Scotts Lawn Care employees-MCCAIN (R) WE MUST REVIEW THESE STAND YOUR GROUND LAWS" ANY TRUTH ZIMMY WAS ACTUALLY TRYING TO PICK UP TRAYVON FOR A LITTLE LIQUORICE STICK LICK mayers rash-limbaughs_pharmacist conservative combo hand guns and p hags-wingers hero couldn't stand his ground like a man, hell the zimmy #$%$ even attacks women-NOW DESPERATE ZIMMY IS STAGING RESCUE EFFORTS TO TRY AND BOOST HIS SUB ZERO IMAGE?-prove that it was staged Numbnutz?-What are the current Vegas odds that Zimmy truck crash was staged?-feels he must save 10 lives now to make up for the one life he ended!-rescues 10 Cabbage Patch Kids from the Cabbage Patch Orphanage!-Marvel Comics- New Superhero- Superman, Batman, Aquaman, and now Zimmerman-Who knows how many he saved from that thug TrayGone-Fox News details he has so far "rescued" 48 people.....ZIMMY for PRESIDENT!-yhal/trolling for calk-Zimmerman was one of two men who came to the aid of a family of four parents and two children, trapped inside a blue Ford Explorer SUV that had rolled over after traveling off the highway, I-4 and route Route 46, less than a mile from where Zimmerman shot Martin, No one was reported to be injured-anti American, anti government, anti democracy, pro revolution, assault weapon ammo hoarding considered a danger to himself and his neighbors, insisted that the president was a Marxist, Muslim Dictator the alarms went off. He is unstable and well armed. I hope that this one doesn't slip through the cracks like McVeigh-Registered Democrat Hispanic, Obama voter Zimmerman under constant threats by DEMOCRATS, should tell Hispanics something.-rbg/Goldman Made $5 Billion By Manipulating Aluminum Inventories What sexual favors were exchanged so that the New York Times blunted the impact of an important, detailed investigative story on Goldman profiteering, this time in the aluminum market nakedcapitalism/newly reopened and renamed South Wind Woman's Center continues the fight for reproductive justice in the conservative state of Kansas-Crisis of Finance Capitalism and the Exhaustion of NeoliberalismIn the five years since the Global Financial Crisis, no policies have been developed to effectively ensure against another systemic failure of banking and insurance systems-One of the most common and enduring criticisms of The Feminine Mystique is that Friedan does not say anything about working class women or minorities. Ironically, these issues were at the forefront during Friedan's former years as a labor journalist-solitary confinement, the nature of time and why the humane treatment of prisoners is integral to the preservation of human rights- Truthout/Billions of dollars could be saved by cutting subsidies while still protecting vital nutrition programs for the poor, if policymakers are willing to make them ceg/Republicans want to get rid of food stamps, AND outlaw panhandling. What are poor people supposed to do? What are poor people supposed to do to survive?-Republican congress should come with a final solution for the poor , maybe work camps-IDIOT ..... that's the OBAMACRATS formula in ObamaCare for anyone over 76-Good. They can get a job just like the rich. ARe you afraid of acting white and doing the right thing? Do you have a problem with working and taking care of your kids?-Go ask their master leftist democrap prez, for a job.... Or, never vote for another leftist democrap.....this alone would increase employment big time ybac/Whether I'm "lying to myself" and "wasting as much of my life chasing a wild goose" or not doesn't change TRUTH and certainly, your bullshit doesn't either. So I'll just keep on "lying to myself" and "waste much of my life chasing as wild goose" if that's ok with you or even if it's not. It won't change the TRUTH, which is exactly what I'm looking for aibafs/ newswhore #1/selena gomez 21, brent gop declares war on the liberal media, on laura insist being able to stand question, suggesting the i don't recall reaganism worked so well, /wingnuts label al as the biggest racist, lewis santiago father gunpowder residue in jail for stalking exwife, of GA face shot toddler, supposedly shot by two blacks, apologist callers recall 09 black killing 16 yr old thief, suits upset about being profiled, on geraldo/bradblog affirms obama derangment syndrome, on stephanie/
72113/acquittal of George Zimmerman is being used by the Zionist controlled media in a blatant, utterly false and that the incident in Florida was just another example of “white racism. diverting attention away from the real cause of so many problems in black society, namely, Jewish Supremacists ybac/hearing testimony by economic experts for the trade center owners and for the airlines linked to the planes that were hijacked in the attacks. The non-jury trial was held to decide whether the owners of the owners could collect more than the nearly $5bn they've already received toward reconstruction, ruling against developer Larry Silverstein and World Trade Center Properties, Hellerstein cited state laws that bar "windfalls and double recovery on the same loss-Only a coward would use a gun in a fist fight Gangsta" brought nothing but his fists to the fight and proved himself the better man. The "law abiding citizen" had to pull a gun because he got his ass kicked in a fair fight- my Resume: I am a Human Parasite Lib Retard and a worthless piece of American Crap. I am lazy, have a total lack of ambition, make chronic stupid mistakes, choices and have an irresponsible lifestyle. However, I absolve myself of as many of the responsibilities of life as possible I feel guilt for the prosperity I have obtained. I also have Personal GREED and Personal SELFISHNESS. I should be exterminated from the face of this earth. I am part of the "Human Parasite" Dependency Sub-Class of Human Filth, A.K.A Low Information Maggots. I want an easier and responsible free life at the expense of anyone who has a penny more in their pocket then I do. PROUD TO BE A MAGGOT! Yay Democrats, Yay Liberals. Just don't mess with my lady parts, you Godly Republicans! p.s. I worship Lord Obama Have a good day-We hold THESE truths to be self-evident. Although, I would also say that we DO have a puppet media, but not one controlled by the government, but rather one contolled by those who CONTROL the government, "We hold THESE truths to be self-evident, truth is self evident and irrefutable. Truth never changes, lies always do. Although, I would also say that we DO have a puppet media, but not one controlled by the government, but rather one contolled by those who CONTROL the government-So then if you believe the above, why on earth would you accept what you've been fed by government as truth? Regardless that you say you haven't seen anything compelling enough to reconsider the official story, you already stated more than enough reason to compel you to consider that it can't be truth or at the very least that it can't ALL be true. And if that's the case, everything must be reconsidered because you don't have enough to be able to sort out truth from fiction. This is simple logic-Not breaking news International Progressive, It should be no surprise to any of us who has closely followed the case of Trayvon Martin, according to Florida voter registration documents that George Michael Zimmerman, born Oct. 5, 1983, registered as a Republican in Seminole County, Fla., in August 2002, according to state voter registration documents. freebeacon, turns out that teabagging gun-toting white racist George Zimmerman is a Republican, to kill somebody for walking while black, according to Fux News' viewership. Why is it that it's only an obscure website reporting white racist Zimmerman's political affiliation, and meanwhile the white-owned media fails to tell us about this? Repukes inconsolable!-aibafs/bohner partician scar tissue on cbs/
71913/Helen Thomas, Rabbi David Nesenoff of RabbiLive questioned Thomas as she was leaving the White House asked for comments on Israel, she replied: "Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine." and "Remember, these people are occupied and it's their land. It's not German, it's not Poland..." When asked where Israeli Jews should go, she replied they could "go home" to Poland or Germany or "America and everywhere else. Why push people out of there who have lived there for centuries?" She also mentioned she was of "Arab background, Anti Semite Liberal Maggot, Finally Dead. liberalism and its adherents to be most uncivil, The least I can do is acknowledge them assuming room temperature-Most uncivil and hateful to speak of the late Helen Thomas that way, I actually found her amusing, albeit facially challenged-Thug Von was a THUG plain and simple, Piers Morgan is a condescending, stuffed shirt British a hole who's incensed that a black American didn't play the role expected by liberals of stepinfetchit, and dared to call it like it was-The worst of the 47% "Human Parasite" Dependency Sub-Class of Human Filth was on display at the OWS movement. Lib-Retardism is a LIE, It must be exterminated along with everyone who espouses it-aibafs/rip helen thomas @92 yc/

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