Saturday, July 20, 2013

71913/perry's texas womb raiders

71913/Perry and other politicians have cut more than 130,000 Texas women off from basic preventive health care, including lifesaving cancer screenings and well-woman check-ups, and this new law will severely limit access to safe and legal abortion, which will cause women to resort to desperate and dangerous measures-Surrounded by a bunch of burly males, including one in a ten gallon hat. Bet he had a couple of six shooters on his hips, too! Reminds me of the all male panel discussing women's issues that blowhard Issa ran-Just what we need a theocratic based party of hate War on Women continues as Perry and the GOP screams " Full Speed Ahead-The only thing Texas did was show their contempt for women and the extent of their cowardice-just pro-male chauvinist, who live their life to be RULERS of the lives of WOMEN. They are not concerned with access to health care, for the mother or the baby, before, or after birth. Once those babies leave the womb, they too are forgotten wp/Truthout: A Southern jury, none of them black, prohibited from considering race, instructed only on the parts of self defense law that helped Zimmerman-California's Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation tortures those inmates unwilling to snitch-book Too High to Fail and the coming drug peace era/Not only are large corporations raking in record breaking profits, they are also paying a smaller percentage of taxes. This leaves US working class citizens to pick up the slack in paying the price for freedom-Why Not Limit a Man's Right to Choose? Let's Start With Making Vasectomies and Masturbation Illegal-Richest 300 Persons on Earth Have More Money Than Poorest 3 Billion-dhs sent out a memo forbidding employees from reading articles about classified information published in the mainstream media-BuzzFlash/CIA Backs $630,000 Scientific Study on Controlling Global Climate- Mother Jones/McConnell's Grip on the GOP Slips-Daily Beast/Deer Trail, Colorado, which boasts that it held the world's first rodeo in 1869, is now considering starting a 21st century tradition, paying bounties to anyone who shoots down an unmanned drone- Alito and his wife, Martha Ann, inherited dozens of stocks when her father, Bobby Gene Bomgardner, died last year. Many of the cases in which Alito did not take part involved companies in which the Alitos now own shares ap/
71813/'I Will Die Young': The Eerie Subtext of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on Social Media, New Photos Show the Moment Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Was Captured a tactical officer for the Massachusetts State Police Sean Murphy, how many would apparently prefer to see joker: bloody, covered in dirt, with the red circle of a laser target trained on his forehead. "This guy is evil," Rolling Stone cover has kept many of them up again. It’s irritated the wounds that will never heal again. There is nothing glamorous in bringing more pain to a grieving family-one of the "actors" happens to be from my home town. I've seen his legs. It's horrible. And you are a very sad human being to believe such a stupid, made up story-Fox news show photos of Osama Bin Laden?-If you're referring to the amputee actors, they have moved on to their next gig. They should have been fined for leaving all those empty 'fake blood' containers all over the sidewalks.-like a true left wing nut job!-not a victim he is a dirty muslim-So, all of you would just boycott the magazine, cancel subscriptions, etc without even reading the article? reminds me too much of Nazi book burnings in the public square in the 1930's. they were showing Bin Laden because he was the mastermind behind 9/11. But you're correct, Iraq had NOTHING to do w/ 9/11. Every one of the those terrorists was from Saudi Arabia....but the Saudi Royals are close friends, generations of the Bush family, so we couldn't declare war THERE!)-to these fa&&ot liberal pukes that is graphic!-With a muzzie in the WH, why would we stoop so low as to kill one on our soil who just murdered and maimed hundreds. I mean, with all due respect, won't we offend someone? Some bleeding heart liberal? Personally? This punk is a poster child for abortion, he should have been, and I hate abortion. In his case, however? Would have been a great thing. Can't help but wonder when the Obamas will have him to the WH for a special dinner-You people must believe in the tooth ferry! How do you know he committed the bombing? The truth is you don't. Grow up-The ONLY REASON evil white people supporting Syrian rebels because they want to BREAK the friendship between "Hasbullah” and Evil Bashar al Assad and Iran for zionists israel, If Syrian rebels take over Syria than Syrian rebels will not support Iran nor Hasbullah if Israel attact Iran or Lebanon, Do you see plan of evil white race? Soon in coming civil war in the west, evil white race will put jews in gas chamber AGAIN not muslims-Let it go for gods' sakes-I thought he was shot in the throat??? and that part of his tongue was damaged??? where's the blood from that injury?-The press and our government has been known to slip out a little white lie now and then- yn/hilighted in the news by yahoo, caught in manipulating the market down. Why are gs posters upset at jews when the market goes up and happy wgen the market goes down. Are they members of the syrian electronic army profiting on down moves in the market? ygs/a consistent recipient of Federal Welfare money. That he was born in the Caribbean and can't stand the color of his skin, which he takes out on others. He has been detained and spent much time in the Bronx Work House and hates the government. He thinks he should get more Welfare money and blames Obama-You are obviously a real "sicko" so we are sending this libelous Post to Yahoo for prosecution. Are you a minority? No one in their right mind would be so obsessed with a personal attack as you are. Your lies are laughable. Never been anywhere near the "South Bronx" where you "Indians " live and work, if at all. Have no "previous employer" as am CEO. ybac/Debunking the Debunkers, Private Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden's revelations along with the revelations of British Hacker Gary McKinnon reveal much about the USA but do not reveal anything new about 9/11-The only thing these people might have in common with 9/11 is that they reveal that crimes committed by the US government are always kept secret under the pretense of "national security-Carter criticized the NSA's domestic spying as damaging to the core of the nation's principles, America does not have a functioning democracy at this point in time-extra-curricular history program taught in Carroll County, Baltimore, USA, is warning students not to get sucked in to 9/11 conspiracy theorizing and that the official Government approved narrative is the only version with any “credence, hopes his students will “become little torchbearers to teach about 9/11,” though it seems they will only be regurgitating the contextless and bias story cherry-picked and spun together by the Bush, class that ignores the Bush Administration’s pre-planned invasion of Afghanistan, and the vast amount of data that shows that elements of the Government had foreknowledge of the attacks and “failed” to prevent the plot at key points, such as the granting of the alleged hijacker’s US Visas despite them failing to correctly fill out applications, alternative information is considered dangerous by Western Governments, with Obama’s information Tsar Cass Sunstein advocating “cognitive infiltration”, and the UK’s DEMOS think tank suggesting so called “critical thinking” be taught in schools so children can counter the “radicalizing” conspiracy theories, if true “critical thinking” is to form the basis of children’s education, Government theories should be put under just as much scrutiny as the alternatives- when Trayvon Martin was first shot, I said that this could have been my son,” Obama said somberly during a surprise appearance in the White House briefing room. “Another way of saying that is Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago. I've issued beatdowns to several creepy ass crackers who I thought were gay pervs in my day-aibafs/the Romneys of the country who have devastated Detroit. They killed the unions and slashed wages. They bought up companies, stripped them bare, stole the meat and threw the bones back on the street. They petitioned the government for trade agreements to send jobs off shore and did just that. They lobbied for tax loopholes to prevent reinvestment in the communities where they made their money. And as they visit their money in the Cayman Islands, they blame poor and powerless people for their own fate ... which seems perfectly reasonable to FOXwads. When there were good jobs in Detroit, Detroit was fine. Maybe the issue is the Class Warfare that is eliminating the middle class. Ya know? The class warfare that middle class conservatives fight for on the billionaires side. juddsfarm-There is a lot of money involved in keeping you sick and dependent on synthetic drugs. Free dependent lifetime control care programs for all!-infowars. CIA project will run for 21 months at a cost of $630,000 to determine the feasibility of altering the planet's climate in order to stave off climate change- not only is the Middle Class raped by the ruling class, but to relieve the ruling class of governing in an appropriate manner they have also enslaved the middle class to provide for the lazy and those in poverty. They have solved the problem of poverty and uneducated and keep their coffers full. We are the serfs of the 21st century-local politicians in Detroit didn't have a dang thing to do with it's demise. It wasn't local progressive policies that shipped jobs to China. It wasn't local progressives who broke unions and robbed retirement accounts, like when you guys blamed Greece's problems on it's socialist policies when it's a proven fact that it was US style corrupt bankers who have the means and power to fuckover the whole world and they screwed Greece, always side with corrupt bankers and fascist corporations over the American people is a mystery to me. Do you think you'll get paid at some point? rbg/ wannabe viet vet from conneticutt, warren on assignment in israel, radio77 felate, cnn tapper spitzer slapfight hannity and bernie tell king, herman, and bachmann can be president. iman pushing hardon pills, sez joker will be president b4 they are/geraldo justifies zimmy and profiling
71813/Kews are disliked for stealing your money-AMERICA'S OFF B/S DEBT IS THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY! 125 TRILLION DOLLARS OF UNFUNDED LIABities, A phoney medical industry supported by phoney fiat dollars and unfunded debt that will never be paid! I will enjoy the collapse of it all! And it will happen all in good time-Has America become a slave to its own debt?TAXED UP THE ?SS ALREADY THE ANTI LIBERAL ZONE Debt Slavery 30 Facts About Debt In America That Will Blow Your Mind ygs/1,000 libertarians at #FreedomFest, "the world's largest gathering of free minds STOSSEL-Actual anarchists would be too busy jerking off and alienating people to take advantage of the changed societal rules. They'd die quickly-Not a joke. If actual anarchy hit, I'd make Genghis Khan look like Jimmy Carter. I prefer the rule of law-oh you would? So the only reason you don't rape and murder is because someone has a bigger gun than you?-Hell no. I respect the rule of law. But if lawlessness prevailed, I'd brutally and efficiently dispatch all potential adversaries tw/ Red States Are The Real Welfare States, also not a secret that when Republicans are in office; Reagan, Bush Sr, w, spend the most and run up the most debt, blowing cash like drunken sailors, sabotaging America's economy, knowing that when the Democrats hold office, the cry from the Republicans would change to be a deafening one to reduce federal spending. They are nothing but hypocrites and downright liars, especially when it comes to their willingness to hate others in one way or another for one religious reason or another, and their gullibility and nearsightedness while listening to and believing the lies of their Republican politicians, who tout that a fictitious freedom is worth depriving women, immigrants and the downtrodden of the dignity and respect they deserve rbg/barry you've done it again, clinton noise network, or as i call it, faux snooze lite is attempting some slight of hand to convince teabaggs, neocons are still in control, and total failure of the whole nation is just around the corner wtf? zimmy invokes the zion vs arab law, on steph/ speaking of gloryfied half rate mallcop loopy sez joker doesn't meet superstar status, mensa meeting alan defends free press rolling stone joker against wingnutz deidra, bernie, wheeler, then with a pleasing reversal of wingnut attitude, funny juan clip, on imus thinks zimmy anything but a racist/sam considers zimmy implications quotes rodney king, caller sez looking for kkk is counterprodutive, on geraldo still betting riots/neocons quoting alternate juror54 justifing zimmy verdict, on inside edition/
71713/Doug Fine, Given the passage of the recent statewide initiatives legalizing pot in Colorado and Washington state, Doug Fine's exploration of the Mendocino model provides insight into what is very possibly in store for many states in America, Legalizing Marijuana May Help Save the US Economy, Reduce the Prison Population, Stop the Drug War Death Toll/Exxon Still Owe Government Nearly $100 Million for Valdez Clean up Almost 25 Years Later BuzzFlash/hillary most important Democrat in America , Wendy Davis is the second-and Elizabeth Warren is the third- "important democrats"-your logic like most libs progs socialists is so convoluted that a pretzel would be jealous. You say dems are hungry for leaders who fight for principals yet what principles has wendy fought for other than to participate in the democrats "war on babies". Abortion is not a principle it's a human rights atrocity. Babies have a right to life. gunhumping racist teabagger-District 10 in Texas and Wendy is my senator, she'll be my next Governor thehill/corpwatch small farms in the isolated high plains of Vichada department in eastern Colombia were given to poor peasants in the 1990s under a scheme to convert “wasteland” in an area that had become a stronghold for the lucrative cocaine trade. Colombian law prohibits any one person or entity from owning more than one “agricultural family unit, Cargill, the world’s largest food company, has been secretly amassing land from small farmers in eastern Colombia, despite a law prohibiting the practice, Cargill emerged as the owner of 52,574 hectares where it grows corn and soybeans/Strict NSA rules prohibit Yahoo! or any other online message board from being an outlet of freedom and creative message exchange, deviation from said rules will result in disciplinary actions and or visits by men in black suits, carrying big laser beam like weapons, and running around with a small, dog like alien sidekick/ive seen old smokers, but never an old 300 lb person, on jay/idiot joe didn't realize bo's father is black, on dennis/wingnutz defend zimmy's murder, kasinich and blackburn, illistrate the importance of mutual respect, on geraldo tries to rebirth white and black wars via travon and oj/zimmy looks like chaz bono, on dennis/
71613/Zimmerman's Brother: We're Concerned Our Phones Are Tapped by the Obama Administration-the federal government's next move, DOJ Will Continue Probe of Trayvon Martin's Death-ALLEGATIONS: DOJ Helped Organize Anti Zimmerman Rallies-Rush Limbaugh Today on 'The Five!'-I look at the growing list of things Washington has made a mess of lately - immigration reform, food stamps, farm aid, student loans, deficit reductions, a tax system regardless of its fairness or unfairness so complex no one can understand it, a health care plan that even the administration that passed it can’t figure out how to administer, an Air Force where a third of the combat squadrons are grounded because Congress can’t figure out how to fund them - I have to wonder: who would want to be like that?” Schieffer added that he still believes the U.S. is the greatest country in the world, but argued "convincing others of that is probably a harder sell than it used to be-Our country has been destroyed by left wing universities & news media!-I can't wait until these 'college educated idiots' start to realize they have been duped. It is they who will be earning just enough money to NOT qualify for any of the obama freebies, and therefore will be carrying the majority of the financial burdens of future generations. I would like to be a fly on the wall when they begin to see they have gone to 'school' for 4, 5, maybe 6 years, owe thousands of dollars in student loans, are gainfully under employed, and now are having their paychecks robbed by their loving 'govment' to pay for health care, food stamps, houseing, and other social benefits of bumbs that were blistfully playing on the beaches and enjoying life while they were slaving away behind the books or for the millions of blood sucking illegal aliens this regime is allowing into our country.!! I wonder how they will react when they realize the water is boiling and, like the frog, it is too late to jump out of the pot!!-I sure hope this all comes around and bites them in their butts. When they look at their paychecks and their eyes pop outta their heads they may realize they have been fooled by the devil and his disciples.-I agree with Bob Schieffer which I rarely do. But, Obama said he was going to change this nation and he has done exactly what he said he would do. Nobody ever said it would be for the better. What will be for the better is the day Obama leaves office! BTW Chip, the people who watch FOX NEWS want to know all angles and opinions of the news unlike the liberals who only want to hear the liberal bent. They know it isn't truthful but don't want to admit it.-CBS and Schieffer supported Obama. He gets what he deserves. He asked for it. He is responsible for the problems.-BOB IS RIGHT THIS COUNTRY HAS NOTHING BUT GOV. WASTE, CORRUPTION, AND A PRESIDENT, AND CABINET, THAT IF THEY WERE ANY MORE RACIEST WHO KNOWS WHAT KIND OF A BIGGER MESS WE WOULD BE IN-Obama has done this on purpose. If he had Cabinet Heads and Guru in each dept. this could have only happened on purpose. There has been no administration of Washing\ton at all. Why dose Obama think he can become the First American Dictator.-not 1 thing better in our country now, than it was prior to 2008. That in my opinion, was the year of destruction. It seems to me that this man espouses NO MORAL VALUES, and has no noble ethics-We are reaping what we sew and are experiencing the wrath of God. It will only get worse!-At first I thought he was the anti -Christ but that hasn't panned out. I think by the end of his term we will really be in chaos with all his laws and not enough good paying jobs (part time) and now this race thing he has started. Our standing in the world is pitiful, our military he's messing with and if we get another Dem. as president it will continue to roll downhill.- Obama is part of the judgment and that we are under judgment because we as Christians have abandoned our fundamental convictions. If we would get right with God he would heal our land- fni/Texas male officer, his words verbatim were, ‘We’re gonna get familiar with your womanly parts, troopers under fire for another roadside stripsearch ct/BDS has nothing to do with Yahoo. It is a global movement to shine a light on the gestapo settler slime bag rats in East Jerusalem and the West Bank ygs/Strict NSA rules prohibit Yahoo! or any other online message board from being an outlet of freedom and creative message exchange,Any deviation from said rules will result in disciplinary actions and/or visits by men in black suits, carrying big laser beam like weapons, and running around with a small, dog-like alien sidekick-you may need asylum in Canada now with that attitude of yours... I may need just an asylum yabk/USA FEDERAL/State Government's-Since We're All 1 Country, Every State Should Have The Same Tax Law-California has the "Bankrupty Title For The Whole Country And It Has More People On Assistance Program's Than There Are Citizen's", do you want to take that response back now or debate it ????? God Bless-1973 Market Investor's In Oil Have Been Paying These Countries People Off When They Act Up-Check-Anybody that know's any kind of manipulation can see this, how come nobody has the "Brass" to SAY IT ygs/-Beating up homeless people and taking pictures on his cell phone, instructed his friends on how to beat up the homeless while taking those pictures. drug use, stolen goods in his back-pack, kicked out of school, kicked out of his own mother home and fanied himself as a MMA fighter. All things innocent young adults look forward to as they grow up. There has also been indications that the breakins have stopped in the community since the mishap-The kid wasnt a remotely close to a saint (frankly, a bit of a douche), but the homeless bashing is complete BS and the lack of breakins could be argued to be due to the CONSTANT presence of the press. Dont try to state facts that arent there-Wasn't he trying to kill Zimmerman when he was shot?- You people either don't want to know the truth or don't have the intellectual capacity to understand anything. I think it's both! ybac/Soon Zimmy will be smelling like a walking corpse I bet and wearing a diaper to boot. yhal/ the trial was afarce. Jury nullification worked. And they haven't even the decency to admit it, even to themselves.-Your opinion is worthless and meaningless. You're too fk'n stupid to see this was a railroad job from the start. Your heroes got their asses kicked good, you must be proud with your skanky illiterate pos star witness All you douchebags did was waste taxpayer money-Not even an ATTEMPT to argue the facts the jury ignored?- B37 - "She be white, what do you expect" racist Jeantel says, "Why, it's like they come from two different worlds" says Wolf I'm Bliztered No shit Sherlock! libs crack me up!-On Dennis Miller’s radio show Nugent says lesson in Trayvon Martin incident: ‘Teach your children not to attack people, relieved and hopeful that there is justice in America the ‘not guilty’ verdict came in because when we the people do get all the evidence, we see self defense as the pure thing that it is-twisted sister reminds republicans ted pooped pants to dodge vietnam aibafs/justice in floriduh Blacks get 20 years for firing warning shots and whites can walk if you kill an unarmed Black kid rbg/ 

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