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72513/War profiteering, prisons the great American cash cow

72413/America Is on a Path to Turn into Detroit, and Republicans Are Cool with That alternet/ ERECTION UPDATE: WEINER STAYS IN-If only there were more like Anthony and Huma!- he tell pukes like it is/God help the F'rs who did America in-when the middle and working class figure out who did it to them they will hunt you pig f'rs on your streets and give it to you like you deserve, you'll never get all the guns..... and they are awakened already-By the time the working class figure it out the jwe parasites will have moved to greener pastures to fleece the new victims-Kate is Jewish!Jewish Baby is now the HEIR TO THE THRONE in ENGLAND ygs/rubbed raw by this whole experience. This scandal was a lot for her to swallow. ERECTION UPDATE: WEINER STAYS IN, HE DOESNT LIKE TO PULL OUT, HUma chocked on Weiner again, Check drudge for 'balls to the wall coverage, You southern fat people need northerners like me. We bring ethnicity and good food to the bland south. It all works out-Looks like printing money just stopped working, Printing monetary units right out of thin air works, but only for a little while. The clown president just drove the economy off a cliff, to the glee of the news media-careful. A lot of people can't handle the truth yc/This is a real reckoning, battle for financial ideologies.Hopefully we can come upon a great consummation where the highhanded and the greedy criminals will be reduced and our world will once again be made safe for democracy and capital can be infused into the markets with confidence-Big Banks Lloyd, Jamie, tag along Brian and Banker Geithner VS The Rule Of Law-yfnm/the UNDECLARED War President, Class warfare, War on coal, War on oil and gas, War on conservatives, War in Libya, Syria- Great Americans who helped save this country from right wing disaster. Without truly Great American Patriots like these, America would have gone into a severe decline caused by right wing extremism and low education floundering-Obama will go down in history as America's greatest president , Even better than Lincoln and Washington, America's and the world's savior and is here for the second time-more like Franklin Pierce-or george washington carver, the peanut butter guy ybac/David Firestone notes, how can the GOP be acting this crazy again? This time around, it’s hard to see Obama caving in. So why the brinksmanship? leading Republicans seem to have a hearing problem; they are so deep into their worldview that when, say, Ben Bernanke refutes that view they simply hear him saying the opposite of what he actually said, my guess is that despite being drenched in reality repellent, beginning to suspect an inconvenient truth: Obamacare is not going to be a self destroying train wreck. Instead, it’s going to work, not perfectly, not as well as it should, but well enough to help far more people than it hurts. And if that’s how it turns out, it will be irreversible. So here comes a last ditch effort to stop it, at all costs, the cause for which the GOP is willing to go to the brink, breaking all political norms, threatening the US and world economies with incalculable damage, is the cause of preventing people with preexisting conditions and or low incomes from getting health insurance. Apparently, the prospect that their fellow citizens might receive this help is so horrifying that nothing else matters" Republicans are once again willing to push America into default and or shut down the government if they don’t get their way-more than one half of the state legislatures. control to ram through legislation driving the country so far to the right that it is almost unrecognizable, disenfrancise many potential Democratic voters and will gerrymander the remaining into irrelevance, distract us from this coup d'etat by shrill and absurd positions at the national level. They are counting on the fact that the collective memory of the American public, especially in the red states, is so short that, come November 2014, they can pretend that they are not radicals, but instead are rational and acting for the good of their constituents, Given the fact that their constiutents get most of their information from just one, fair and balanced source, they might succeed. fb nyt friedman, helping eu boycotts zionism, warner mid east peasce with conditions, prince peabody bestowed 1B (crown?)olivar scores with fun facts, @72 a rare moment of clairity, on jose jepardy wife proves the only gop hopeful, imusworking 4theman/nyc goes weinerblue/ full court weiner watch, faux snooze/Jesus Christ" got Vincent Violence. Leandro Evil-Pascual Sly, I'll take it-Jamie Kill. I like it-Diego Jeopardy!-Ricardo Catastrophe-Ernesto Hazard-would be funny, if the names weren't so racist. Why is everyone Ernesto or Manuel or some other Hispanic name?-casual racism is on Weiner, not the designers of the widget. It's called "snark- perpetuating racism by using this brand of "snark-Richard Noggin? NOT a D***head.? WTF!-"Andrew Breitbart" converts to "Manuel Death", conclusion: Anthony Weiner murdered Andrew Breitbart. slate/cokie admonishing the job creators? on mtp/
72313/Michael Dunn, trial Shooter ordered pizza, left after killing the boy charged with first degree murder-Florida refuses to do to help the disabled, elderly and mentally ill is criminal actually. Rick Scott should be prosecuted as a criminal in addition to civil prosecution- rpg/O’Reilly blames unwed black mothers for violent crime-900 faith leaders arrested in North Carolina protesting radical state policies, including big tax hike on the poor tw/American Greed: Sholam Weiss is a consultant to con men and the brains behind one of the largest insurance scams in history ygs/full-fledged assault on Abu Ghraib. “Suicide bombers drove cars with explosives into the gates of the prison on the outskirts of Baghdad on Sunday night, while gunmen attacked guards with mortar fire as well as rocket propelled grenades,” Russia Today reports, adding that additional assailants wearing suicide vests entered the prison to help convicts make their escape. At least 14 Iraqi security forces died in the attack, which only ended when military helicopters arrived to provide back-up. A simultaneous attack, a hallmark of Al Qaeda strategy, took place at a prison 12 miles north of Baghdad, Cheney, in a June 2003 speech said, "If there is anyone in the world today who doubts the seriousness of the Bush Doctrine, I would urge that person to consider the fate of the Taliban in Afghanistan, and of Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq-fallout from the feckless administration-War profiteering is extending out into the great American cash cow that is prisons-thinkprogress/Make no mistake, neither the Democrats, Republicans, nor state/federal government bureaucrats/employees have come to serve the people. They only come to serve themselves at the government/taxpayer trough. And they promise freebies for anyone who'll let them continue stealing from and abusing the American people. But the American people keep demanding more and more government services and more and more subservience from the citizens of this country yc/young men, some in Israeli army fatigues or apparently carrying guns, is the caption “Afternoon of ‘rachel corrie’ Pancakes and fun!” Rachel Corrie is the young American woman murdered by an Israeli soldier who crushed her to death with a bulldozer as she tried to prevent the demolition of a Palestinian family home in the occupied Gaza Strip 2003. The depraved joke that these men were presumably making is a play on the English idiom “flat as a pancake.” Their celebration and joking about Rachel Corrie’s death is utterly vile and reflects the culture of dehumanization inculcated into Israeli soldier ybac/southerns act like someone lost a chicken, gregory points to last year 1M$ payout, and other obvious points, kwkc will have none of that action, fbi informat boston drug supplier bulger trial on imus/penn sees fit to outlaw menthol ciggarettes, wot else, health concerns wkok/Death by Corporation, Part II: Companies as Cancer Cells The financial industry, chemical industry, drug companies, nuclear industrial complex and dirty energy empire work like tumor cells for the relentless destruction of the environment. And the rest of us stand by and watch it happen Truthout/ Egypt is quick to shut its border with Gaza at the first sign of duress: Turmoil Brings Greater Suffering in Gaza Pink Tank/North Carolina Republicans Push Extreme Voter Suppression Measures The Nation/ Military Involvement in Syria Could Cost $1 Billion a Month tpm/ 70 years as a journalist. No issue was too inconvenient, no person too precious for Thomas’s interrogations. As she put it, “I don’t think there are any rude questions, Unfortunately, her long and storied career was overshadowed, and terminated, by a controversy set off by offensive comments she offhandedly made about Jews and Israel, too much of the same mainstream media that swallowed the Bush Cheney talking points continue their unhealthy deference to the powerful, most recently by attacking Glenn Greenwald, whose “crime” was to report leaks of classified material-Thomas fairly, squarely and above the disgusting din of the usual hate merchants-blown away at how fast the press turned on the great Helen Thomas for saying what most of us were thinking anyway. Why is Israel in Palenstinian occupied lands? And how is one an anti-semite for disagreeing with the policy of the government, not the people themselves? The Jews living in Palestine should go home! Back to Europe, Russia and America. These folks shouting Holocaust need to put it to rest...the last Jews massacred in Europe happened nearly 70 years ago. They have not been ostracized since, in fact, they have been GLADLY accepted back into those societies since the fall of the Third Reich. Thomas told the truth and you cannot cross the invisible third rail in American society in which you criticize Israel. Question the president's birth certificate? Absolutely! Let all Wall Street criminals off the hook for tanking the global economy? Sure thing! Let a President lead us off to war under false pretenses which has led to the death of thousands of US soldiers? Of course. Criticize Israel?? She was done for in Washington. RIP Helen, already missed wp/Fla, A 24 year old man has been charged with child abuse for allegedly sitting on his baby's head to try to stop him from crying. Jonathan Savas showed up at Irene Hossain's mobile home last Thursday with his 10-month-old child. When the baby wouldn't go to sleep, Deland police officers say Savas put him face down on the couch, sat on his head and held him down, Hossain tried to intervene but Savas told her the baby was his and he could "do whatever I want."cbs/ licensed child psychologist is told to stop writing because he's not licensed in Kentucky- They don't need no stinking parenting counseling, lots of guns and more requests for gun permits than any other state-Wis. - A 2-year-old Wisconsin boy who was found dead in the trunk of a car had the key to the vehicle with him, deputy found the boy in the trunk of a customer's car on his parents' property near Centuria, where the boy's father runs an auto repair business. Preliminary autopsy results released Friday said Isaiah likely died of hyperthermiadue to blistering heat a condition in which the body temperature spikes- aibafs/
72213/CPS to Lay Off 2,113 Teachers, Staff; Bloodbath Chicago Sun/Texas considers an even more restrictive abortion law than the one just passed, House Republicans finally stop using Federal funds to pass DOMA-Congress should be measured by the amount of laws it repeals is an echo of Reaganism; and just as Reagan's economic policies stripped Detroit to its bare bones, so will Boehner Brags About Turning America Into Detroit, strip American government to next to nothing-Ohio Gun Group Gathers Donations to Arm George Zimmerman- hartmann/Israel, Palestinians to Meet to Work Out Final Details for Relaunching Peace Talks wp/Pentagon Prepares Review Panels for 71 Guantanamo Detainees Miami Herald/If the allegations are true, JP Morgan Chase engaged in outright fraud in manipulating electricity markets. But the US government again doesn't appear to want to hold anyone on Wall Street personally responsible BuzzFlash/Exxon's Secrecy Over Ruptured Pipeline Could Mask National Dangers InsideClimate/Monsanto Virtually Gives Up on Growing GMO Crops in Europe Grist/US Fighter Jets Accidentally Bomb Great Barrier Reef During Training Exercise-Parody mocks Google’s support of climate deniers: We’re not evil, just ‘f*cking stupid’-Barbara Walters is mystified by the GOP candidate who wants to outlaw oral sex in Virginia-Tea party senator would rather shut down the government than implement Obamacare Mike Lee (R-UT) said he and a handful of fellow Republican senators are preparing to go all out to stop the implementation of the Affordable Care Act-Newt, saying that gang membership has increased “by 40 percent-Perino Sunday wondered why Barack would not give a speech after black teens allegedly shot a white baby in the face Raw Story/Now what don't you understand about this subject, CHECKOUT the fact's of year's gone by and see the TRUTH. We Had More Taxpayer's But The Business Wealthy Reduced Wages So, Wealthy Business Have To Pay More You people started this with "Your High Payed Bought Politician's" now face that fact, enough of your excuses bellyacheing crying "MAN UP TO YOUR CREATION" God Bless The USA. Credit card companies BANKSTERS destroyed this country. Knowing full well people would spend beyond their means, get trapped in debt ( DEBT SLAVES FOREVER) they could never afford to pay back. You can say people should have been more responsible. But when you pass out free drugs and get people hooked until they become addicts. All you ever saw in the media was advertising geared towards being wealthy. This was not by accident. Now what do you have? ygs/Fed Judge rules that Chevron can seize Americans' email data. Thanks to disclosures made by Edward Snowden, Americans have learned that their email records are not necessarily safe from the National Security Agency—but a new ruling shows that they're not safe from big oil companies, either, a federal court granted Chevron access to nine years of email metadata which includes names, time stamps, and detailed location data and login info, but not content belonging to activists, lawyers, and journalists who criticized the company for drilling in Ecuador and leaving behind a trail of toxic sludge and leaky pipelines. Since 1993, when the litigation began, Chevron has lost multiple appeals and has been ordered to pay plaintiffs from native communities about $19 billion to cover the cost of environmental damage. Chevron alleges that it is the victim of a mass extortion conspiracy, which is why the company is asking Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft, which owns Hotmail, to cough up the email data. When Lewis Kaplan, a federal judge in New York, granted the Microsoft subpoena last month, he ruled it didn't violate the First Amendment because Americans weren't among the people targeted, Mother Jones has learned that the targeted accounts do include Americans—a revelation that calls the validity of the subpoena into question. The First Amendment protects the right to speak anonymously, and in cases involving Americans, courts have often quashed subpoenas seeking to discover the identities and locations of anonymous internet users. Earlier this year, a different federal judge quashed Chevron's attempts to seize documents from Amazon Watch, one of the company's most vocal critics. That judge said the subpoena was a violation of the group's First Amendment rights. In this case, though, that same protection has not been extended to activists, journalists, and lawyers' email metadata-Hey Filth! Remember The Iranianasslicker Runny Raygun? Iran/Contra? Please Dear god Have Satan Destroy All Republicans!-Reid hammers McConnell "He tried to make love to the tea party and they didn't like it" by obama kicked repubass -george is selling his feces on ebay-pukes are buying it and eating the stuff, O'mara says it give you super hero powers-if he runs low i have a diaper full-Breaking: Zimerman not in Florida the day of crash, no fire, no smoke , and no injuries....... but puke have fun with it-Zim dives into "tons of smoke" saving two small children and parents-did zim collect his tire spike strips?-did thurman's darkie limbs fall off the family tree, you know he couldnt just stop with one sweet young chocolate drop. its a southern tradition by oj_zimmerman-Bevin is going to drop kick McTurtle's shell, too bad he spent all that money on a phantom democrat...when he is getting primaried-"There was tons of smoke ... people were starting to rush towards the vehicle," one caller said. All the Libs and the racist blacks (Obama included) can do is hound this honest citizen and try to convict him on false charges-has he filibustered himself lately? yhal/Do right wing racists as a group contribute anything positive to this country?-Why is Ann Coulter's neck 24" long-Right wing racist? Since when does political view =racism? bucko-They contribute humor, if you enjoy laughing at total jackarrrses.-LOL are you kidding?-They contribute excrement, like that zevoter who posts night and day, just nonsense and uneducated bull-Not sure if he made it through elementary school-he does have a really tiny peni. But that should not be held against zevoter. George W Bush had a very tiny peni also. And look what a wonderful President he was. btw, I was with zevoter last night and so that is how I know. Please don't mention any more about his peni, he is very sensitive about it. Especially since his wife is very friendly (wink! wink!) with a black man who naturally has a really formidable one. He puts up with it because her family owns a private equity firm and zevoter is the Purchasing Agent there although he tells everyone he is the CEO-They contribute drivel and useless spam, and returded nonsense-Of course not. They are a waste of sperm and egg-Most of them complain about welfare, foodstamps, etc. all day long, and then turn around and accept all of those. Hypocrits. ybac/More than 70 percent of African Americans are born to single parents, more than 60 percent of African American males will end up in jail and millions are disenfranchised because of felony convictions, to name but a few of the biggest issues. Why has this sea change come about? Rather than blaming European-Americans, the media would have them do African Americans should look at who has promoted drugs and the gangster lifestyle as “cool” and the “norm” among their young people. It is not European-Americans who are responsible for this, the Jewish Supremacists who control the mass media and Hollywood who have promoted all these ills. yc/voted as the person who has told the most lies and exaggerated stories. Now, go clean your stove, not satisfied with lying about Z, so know your going to lie about yourself. Fat people like you can't run a half block and you have to be fat, that is the only kind black guys-Some people would rather lie and degrade there selves than to admit they are wrong that Zimmerman was the cause of the confrontation. Sick, truly sick- a huge difference between confronting and ATTACKING. TM planned to attack. Otherwise he would have run away, or hung up on the girl and dialed 911-Martin was high on a ghetto drug called “lean” which is a concoction of Arizona watermelon fruit juice cocktail and Skittles combined with cough medicine. The drug causes disorientation and high aggression. His autopsy indicated that he had liver damage that was typical of people that used this drug regularly. There is a video on youtube that shows Travon's disoriented behavior at the 7-11 just before he was killed-Barkley needs acceptance from the white community and will say silly things to get their approval. He is rich, due exclusively to his physical prowess, not his intelligence. Everything he spews out of his mouth is nonsense and only crazies and nuts will think him intelligent. How, did a man stalk a child, approach him and when the child took every effort to defend himself, the creep killed him. Now, this stupid former, not great ballplayer, wants is acceptance from the same people who like me think his is a nut. Some will say, he has my respect only because we always have an Uncle Tom and Steppin Fetchit to carry the water-Zimmerman Emerged From Hiding for Truck Crash Rescue How quickly this story went from rescue to rehash. No bias here ym/

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