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51813/rasberry ants

51813/Police Investigate Student Shooting Death a masked gunman while her twin sister was in the house, The gunman was also killed in a firefight with police.cops told nyp-Fort Worth Girl Killed in Robbery Was Allegedly the Heist's Mastermind-Teenage Sociopath Murders 9-Year-Old Neighbor-Woman Who Killed Boyfriend Has Ties to Another Murder Investigation-Bad News For Best-Selling Author In Waterboarding Case-Feds Need More Time To Indict Bombing Suspect-Rod Stewart's Steroid Use Shrunk His Penis MSNNOW-bbjoker Allegedly Wrote Confession In Boat, retaliations for the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. "When you attack one Muslim, you attack all MuslimsCBS hp/in northern Argentina and southern Brazil, where the ants are native, populations are likely held in check by other ant species and a variety of natural enemiesThe crazy ants were first discovered in the U.S. in 2002 by a pest control operator in a suburb of Houston, and have since established populations in 21 counties in Texas, 20 counties in Florida, and a few sites in southern Mississippi and southern Louisiana, species was formally identified as Nylanderia fulva, which is native to northern Argentina and southern Brazil. Frequently referred to as Rasberry crazy ants, these ants recently have been given the official common name “Tawny crazy ants. The Argentine ant invaded through the port of New Orleans in about 1891. In 1918 the black imported fire ant showed up in Mobile, Ala. Then in the 1930s, the red imported fire ant arrived in the U.S. and began displacing the black fire ant and the Argentine ants, the biggest deal is the displacement of the fire ant, which is the 300 pound gorilla in Texas ecosystems these days,” said LeBrun. “The whole system has changed around fire ants. Things that can’t tolerate fire ants are gone. Many that can have flourished. New things have come in. Now we are going to go through and whack the fire ants and put something in its place that has a very different biology. There are going to be a lot of changes that come from that. remains unknown, including their potential range. So far, most of the colonies are in fairly wet environments with mild winters, near the coast, so it may be the case that they can’t thrive in drier or colder climates, and that fire ants will remain dominant in those areas. videos on YouTube of people sweeping out dustpans full of these ants from their bathroom. You have to call pest control operators every three or four months just to keep the infestation under control. It’s very expensive utex/
51713/American Family Runs out of Money The name of the game is to socialize the gains and capitalize the losses, Nothing new about that thievery, To be more precise,Socialize the gains for the 1%'er and the too bigg to fail croud, capitalism for all the rest-If they poorly manage their finance, yes-that would be ok if the table was level. If the 1% run out of money, they get bailouts-ygs/Kelly Blasts Liberal Guest Over Carney's False Benghazi Claims-EXPLOSIVE DEBATE: Was IRS Working to Re-Elect Obama?-Obama Hedges on Whether WH Knew About IRS Targeting Conservatives in News Conference-Rubio: "Obama Doesn't Have Clean Hands in This-Boehner on IRS Scandal: 'Who's Going to Jail for This?-Bolling: 'I Was Audited in 2011, Coincidence?-bama's Half-Brother Gets "Sweetheart Deal" From IRS-Tea Party Leader Tells Greta: 'It's Creepy to Be on the Govt's Enemies List' -fni/Six hundred and sixty million dollars, to counter potential bids from billionaires Rupert Murdoch and Charles and David Koch Corporate media is ruining the integrity of news, the organization wrote on the campaign's Indiegogo page. "Winning the Tribune Company back might just start moving the tide in a different direction. Consider this an experiment that could have an enormous positive ripple effect for democracy, prospect of their ownership of the newspapers has prompted protests by readers and raised alarm among staffers. Half of the staff at the Los Angeles Times, for example, said they would quit if the Koch brothers bought the paper. hp/FUN FACT: Obama won both elections with only 1% avg White Racist votes. tw/Goolsbee claimed during an interview on “Hannity” last night the IRS’ politically motivated targeting of conservative nonprofit groups was the most troubling of the major scandals, tax status of Koch Industries during a conference call with reporters in 2010. The company is private and its tax status and structure is not public information. The White House was in the midst of a politically motivated public relations fight with Charles and David Koch and the Koch-affiliated Americans for Prosperity, unclear if the White House requested to view Koch Industries’ tax returns-Matthews: President Runs IRS, Treasury-Feds Investigating Former Education Dept Official-IRS Ducks GOP Softballs fbeacon/katrina: Why it's important to separate the underlying facts from political event. CJR Covering facts versus the 'narrative-Beltway narrative schizophrenia-Alan West is a geat fit at FOX & fiends: paranoid, hateful, fact-free whacko-GOP lies covered by NRA or whatever they need cover on-RepublicanSwine GOP `Jihad' on Obama reveals serious derangement that a `black man' is The President-Scandal Illegal ?? Media silence..CONFIRMED GOP sources altered Benghazi e-mails to suggest a coverup-fineman Will the FBI investigate altered classified documents released to congress & leaked to the media by GOP or is that TARGETING tw/Acting IRS Commissioner: Employees Made 'Foolish Mistakes,' But They Weren't Politically Motivated-Official in Charge During Tea Party Targeting Now Heads Health Care Office-Inside Jodi Arias' Jail Cell-Bob Beckel's Cameo on '24'-IRS Handed Out Nearly $100 Million in Bonuses Since 2009-Parents of Murdered NYC Children Expecting a Baby-Bachmann on WH Scandals: "There's This Freaky Coincidence fni/(leakoptomy continues) obstructiontopia?/obama lemmings protecting him, making excuses and blaming everyone but obama. really, you think he had nothing to do with the re-writes of the bengazi lies? you think that he did not know about the intimidation and collecting of reporters phone information (of only the AP - the ones that had negative comments about this administration). when Nixon was president the IRS abuses were laid at his feet but with obama 'governments too big for him to know about it-wow, sounds like the obama propaganda ministry must be putting in overtime, especially the mainstream cheerleader media, who would have ever thought that obama would be able to make nixon look honest and carter look competent?? Go figure-Or do they reveal a government so big and sprawling that inevitably no President can micromanage every misjudgment and misstep that will be blown into scandal by hysterical Republicans. They don't reveal anything about Obama's vision or managerial skill wp/dilemma for journalists this week: How should you cover a series of proto-scandals with seemingly little in common? What links these events together, of course, is a new political reality: the administration is embattled by scandal for the first time since President Obama took office. Given the political circumstances, that pattern appears likely to continue. So what should reporters do? Many are covering the new “narrative” of Obama’s administration, which is reflective of the way that political and media elites coordinate on interpretations of events as scandalous. As I argue in my academic research, media scandals are a “co-production” of the opposition party and the press. When both groups portray an event like the IRS allegations as a scandal, it often generates strong perceptions of wrongdoing among elites in other words, a narrative of misconduct, Others, like the Post’s Ezra Klein, have noted the contradiction between the narrative of scandal and the lack of evidence of high level misconduct. The strength of evidence matters, of course, but it does not solely determine what does or does not become a media scandal; these are political events, not courtroom trials. Reporters could start by taking more responsibility for their role in creating and sustaining the media narratives, even as they acknowledge the role and importance of elite perceptions, reporters can do more to help readers separate the political event from the underlying facts. It’s much easier to pontificate about the “narrative” or engage in armchair punditry about scandal response tactics-kudos to Professor Nyhan for identifying Greg Sargent as a liberal writer. True dat. But how in the world did Ezra Klein (he of JournoList fame) get off without his liberal slant being noted?-allegations? Who says- you? The hypocritical ourage from the right & the media's deliberately ignoring it is laughable if it weren't so sad. Susan Collins said it was "chilling" that the IRS was targeting organizations, & SHE actally signed a letter to IRS in 2004 requesting it do just that to the NAACP, it's truly difficult to take the right seriously when they complain about Obama's administration & all that has happened while he serves his SECOND term when they themselves did the EXACT (not similar) same thing. Seems the ears with those finger plugs are on the heads of the right-DOJ had a subpoena, signed by a federal judge, for phone records (just the numbers) to find a leak in the government. AP wasn't the target, it was a conduit for information. The 1st Amendment was never in danger, but an MI-6 agent was. The leak was the problem & AP should have been cooperative. Perhaps you could follow your own advice and reserve judgment-"Republicans Agree to Stop Using Word “Scandal” in Every Sentence If Obama Resigns newyorker-GOP narrative, Obama could be an incompetent and ineffective master plotter who had managed to move us almost all the way to a complete government takeover of everything-reveal a president who is weak and unable to control the government he presides over- AP: Boo-hoo. The poor, poor, put upon press! helped out a secret agent, and put the agent, and his family in danger! No big deal! bama should also push for a very strong shield law, that protects classified information, and secret agents from big mouths in the media who abuse their right to freedom of speech. There should be a law stating that the press must immediately report any leaks of classified information that they receive, instead of sitting on the information so that they can stir up trouble, later. Despite the whining from the media- libs are so smart, of course Obama can't be both a ineffective leader and a tyrant. I don't know how us conservatives could have been so silly. So I defer to you and your vast brain power... which one is he?-conservatives are the Hindenburg of intellect. Oh, the stupidty-cons are sooo loony. Tyrant? You should go to NK and see what tyranny is REALLY about. Then maybe you'd ST FU-Conservatives have no trouble with this conundrum because they live in a state of cognitive dissonance all the time. It makes perfect sense to the--cjr/Inducted Into American Academy of Arts, "I look forward to meeting all of you sometime soon," wrote Bob Dylan, who was unable to attend his induction into the American Academy of Arts rs/Mike Ludwig, Truthout: Industry has repeatedly lobbied to death labor and environmental groups' push for tighter regs. And as long as the McCarthy confirmation standoff continues, an executive order to prevent more disasters like the West, Texas, explosion is unlikely-Yves Smith, Naked Capitalism: Corporate control over health care will make the horrors falsely attributed to socialized medicine look pale-Ellen Dannin and Ann C. Hodges, Truthout: How the ideal that Congress envisioned for the NLRA has evolved into maneuvering for advantage using judge-made rules at odds with the purpose of the law-Democracy NOW!: Pullitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges says that the governments intrusion on freedom of the press is resulting in a deep freeze on whistleblowers who are now even more terrified to come forward-Valerie Tarico, Truthout: What happens when religious institutions get to manage public funds, absorb secular hospitals and put theology above medical science and individual patient conscience? Individual freedom of conscience, and health suffers- 5 words that matter to conservatives: Perjury, Fraud, Felony, Subpoena, Impeachment, forgot one: jail-What about murder? RT-Allen West...ROFL... @FoxNews Always Reminding Us Why THEY ARE PURE CABLE TRASH!-GOP obstruction of GOVERNING. A congress that favors the rich & attacks women, poor-tw/Zionism says Jews have a right to Israel but do they have the right to control America? Do they have the right to rule all the major institutions in USA as if they are not a political group. So are they not a political group actively controlling the political structure of the U.S Government and dictating its foreign and domestic policy to some degree as only the politicians and Government officials are meant to? Is that not a type of defacto Government? Hell they print America's money and control its economy from the Federal Reserve Bank. How much power one must have before they should be deemed accountable for it or responsible as a Government official is?-0I haven't called you an anti-Semite-Zionist are atheist like me they don't care about religion.-I think Israel should do whatever they like. I like their laws on voting and citizenship and things like that-Israel should pursue their national ambitions is one thing. Saying we should finance their their defense and go to war for them is another. I care about Israel as much as I care about Guatemala. Zionists scream loudly and as often as possible to any criticism of Israel and Jews because they know their arguments could never hold up under any examination of the facts fb/Ohio Republicans Push Law to Penalize Colleges for Helping Students Vote tpm/When U.S. personnel were airlifted from Benghazi the night of the attack, there were seven Foreign Service and State Department officers and 23 CIA officers onboard. This fact alone indicates that the consulate was primarily diplomatic cover for an intelligence operation that was known to Libyan militia groups. After the attack, the long delay in debriefing evacuated personnel contributed to the confusing assessments to/If Obama went Bulworth, this new fake outrage of Republicans. They constantly lie to and deceive the American people. Their outrage on Benghazi is feigned. Has anyone asked why the building was attacked? The US has actively been funding and supplying arms to various groups in Libya. The US played their part in overthrowing the Qaddafi regime - as with Egypt, the country has fallen into disarray with militias exerting control. Many of these militias are opposed to what they see as a US-backed regime. Common sense tells us that an attack was always plausible. Obama knows this. So do the Republicans. They both deceive the US populace routinely on the subject, the only difference here is that for political reasons, the Reps decided to call out the Democrats on Benghazi. Clearly they were counting on a poorly-informed public actually taking such a debate seriously. it has worked. In part because Republicans will lap up anything to discredit Obama - no matter how self-contradictory and deluded. chiefly because of the Democrats inability to show just how ludicrous the whole debate is, Did Republicans demanding hearings into the Iraq War?-substituting the word "negro" anytime words like "Patriot," "Tea Party," or "conservative" appear and substituting the word "God's chosen White Man" wherever "liberal" appears? Doing so reveals both that bigotry is truly alive in America and that Republicans of today wp/If eviscerating the American middle-class was their end-goal, President Bush and his corrupt administration succeeded with flying colors. The data is in, proving that, since 2007, the Bush Recession has decimated the income of working families, exacerbating poverty and socioeconomic inequality to unprecedented levels-bachmann crazy plain and simple. She's a lunatic. Just like Sarah Palin and the rest. They are all wacked out. I love how they voted ONE MORE time to defeat the Affordable Care Act. I love how they just cannot keep their hands to themselves. They just keep going after women even though there is not war on women! DOH! Of course not, that's why they decided on vaginal probes in 5 states-Hyperbole suits Batshit Barbie- fb/Krugman argues that the economic crisis was not a failure of theory, but rather a failure of observation-Walmart and Gap refuse to join major European retailers who announced their plans to implement a sweeping safety agreement to protect garment workers in Bangladesh; after legalizing same sex marriage in Minnesota, Democratic state senators voted to allow childcare and personal care workers to unionize/Eidelson, The Nation: Yesterday, fast-food employees and activists released a new report in which 84 percent of the industry's workers reported that their employer had committed some form of wage theft over the previous year-CounterPunch: When Congressional Republicans complete manipulating the Benghazi tragedy, it will be time for the virtually silent Senate Intelligence Committee to take up three major issues that have been largely ignored/1.4M$ hotel robbery, gnute sez obamacare and irs tied, with 300k$ bonus, apology not good enough 27 tea party groups denied tax free status-tronto mayor robford smokes crack on video-rtexgoodlock ap irs immagration leak jud chair step by step protecting freedoms, doesn't like presidential powers aleging drug cartels alciada connection, expressing the views of almost everyone in the country, hoping for good results from the gang of 8, fresk happy about jama problems, leaks national security issues, akin to bay of pigs, press freedoms, dhs be damned-rumsfield interview speech goes arwy discombobulation, perfect storm, pressure, misstatments confessions, leading by consent, seasoned leaders stay in town, leading from behind, in a hands off way, alciada protection, humping book rummy rules, with taxpayer money, looking fotrward to information leaks, eventually finding weather it was a big enough deal, to make a big deal out of it. during unknown known unknowns, political knife fight issa vs holder reclusion, neopoitano show concern about faux snooze phone records, burlisconi club with crossdressed women, for whc bias journalist terrorist security mixup, , sharing talking points, humping his latest book skillful dinosaur bildoe opium theory, hightech world changing shift in power by allowing the rulers to become passive know people really don't care, on whistleblower apocolypsgate (agreeing with rummy) everything is harder if ur a liar geraldo wkok 18 killed in kabel moske bomb, good lost cat story/ lovin white women jungle fever arsenio, braidy, and daultry on the view/levit sez like ground hog day/
51613/broad surveillance operation that started in 2005 with routine preparations for the scheduled executions of two men on death row, called a "waste of resources" by the current police superintendent and "undemocratic" by the governor, they inappropriately labeled 53 individuals as terrorists in their database, information that was shared with federal authorities. But the new documents reveal a far more expansive set of police targets and indicate that police did not close some files until late 2007. fears of civil liberties groups that have warned about domestic spying since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Interviews, e-mails, public records and an independent state review reveal that police in Maryland were motivated by something far narrower: Sept. 11 opened the door. "No one was thinking this was al-Qaeda," said Stephen H. Sachs, a former U.S. attorney and state attorney general appointed by Gov. Martin O'Malley (D) to review the case. "But 9/11 created an atmosphere where cutting corners was easier. several cities, including Denver in 2002 and New York before the 2004 Republican National Convention, also responded to the threat of terrorism by spying on activists aibafs/Jeremy Scahill, Blackwater, described as "a one man truth squad" by Bill Moyers. now Dirty Wars, follows the consequences of America's covert wars from Afghanistan to Yemen, Somalia, and beyond to uncover perhaps the most important foreign policy story, paint a bleak picture-as does Sabrina Jones and Marc Mauer, the truth about our "justice" system depicted in a new graphic retelling of Race To Incarcerate-the meaning of freedom? Angela Davis' life and work have been dedicated to examining this fundamental question and to ending all forms of oppression that deny people their political, cultural, and sexual freedom. confronts the interconnected issues of power, race, gender, class, and incarceration penetrating analysis- Former NAACP Chair: Julian Bond, Tea Party Is "Taliban Wing of American Politics hp/EU Probes Global Oil Price Rigging CNN/US Stands Idle as Oil Exploration Threatens Rain Forests With Obliteration BuzzFlash/Leftovers on FOX: Shut Up a bit hypocritical for Bush administration officials to go on FOX News and yell about how terrible the Obama administration Hartmann/Press freedom (nutjob) advocates say it's part of a larger ongoing battle for control of admitted to laundering $881 million for Mexican and Colombian drug cartels and also admitted to violating U.S. economic sanctions for Iran, Libya, Cuba, Burma, and Sudan. HSBC paid a fine, but no individual went to trial or was banned from the financial services industry, and there was no hearing to consider shutting down HSBC's activities, how many billions of dollars to you have to launder for drug lords and how many economic sanctions do you have to violate before someone will consider shutting down a financial institution like this?-Congress is about to let the interest rate charged for new student loans double to 6.8 percent at a time when the too-big-to-fail banks that caused the Great Recession continue to be bailed out at the rate of 0.75 percent. Yes, the banks pay less than 1 percent for money that we the taxpayers lend them. I know that such statistics are thought to be boring, but as Warren explained, the rate that students will have to pay “is nine times higher than the rate at which the government loans money to the big banks-a step further, offer the same rates to homeowners so they could provide some needed stability to families by keeping them in their homes. The strength of America is a stable family home life, more important by far than advanced education. I would sooner have stability at home with an excess of plumbers, carpenters and electricians then displaced and/or homeless families and an excess of bachelors degrees-and only offer it to companies which produce in the U.S.- a breath of fresh air in the corrupted miasma of the Senate and the House of Representatives. She should make a run for president-probably stay off small airplanes-I fear that to be true. ripples in the water attract darker forces-Warren isn't perfect, but she certainly embodies some of the principles public servants should embrace. The sad fact is, the government we have now totally neutralizes any populist efforts that Warren (or anyone else) might advocate. We all know her efforts will lead nowhere in the long run. The corporations and wealthy elites will side-step all that "moral hazard" the rest of us are supposed to avoid by paying our "obligations" and we will be left to struggle whilst the elites get away with murder- Jesus told the desciples to "sell their cloaks to buy a sword", when 2 were presented, Jesus said they will suffice. to use the "occupy" movement as some sort of example is laughable at best. a bunch of 60s wanna bes and has beens do not a movement make-BECAUSE the violence was perpetrated against them and they did not strike back, that they were reasonable, moral men who were standing for a just cause and being persecuted for that cause, that turned people's sympathies and support. It's also a good idea when paraphrasing Biblical passages to keep them in context, and to know when to read something figuratively (as in a metaphor or symbol) truthdig/all of this gushing, can't wait for when she becomes another jaded stuffed shirt looking out only for herself and her handlers. it'll be as humorous watching the left turn against her as it was watching the left wing turn against their last savior, B. Obama/Alberto, the Bush administration once considered issuing the type of subpoena that the Justice Department issued against the Associated Press, but ultimately opted against it MSNBCmj “And sometimes, the department finds itself in a situation where they have exhausted all means/vaccination exemptions for all states-Although MS still is an incurable disease of the central nervous system, scalp acupuncture provides an important complementary/alternative treatment approach for improving many MS symptoms and the patient's quality of life by slowing or reversing the progression of physical disability and reducing the number of relapses. By directly stimulating affected areas of the central nervous system, scalp acupuncture has showed more effective results compared to other acupuncture techniques. Our studies showed that 87 percent of the patients had instant improvements after only one scalp acupuncture treatment. The study also demonstrated that scalp acupuncture treatment for MS is accessible, less expensive, safer, more effective, and caused fewer side effects. Scalp acupuncture not only benefits patients with MS, but also significantly helps us to better understand the mechanisms that cause the condition. It may guide us to the discovery of new effective treatments and hopefully to a cure for this disease in the future./jfk 50 yrs ago warren commision commie sympathizer oswald cia report still classified no pictures in cuban or mexico embassies, conspiracy radio/astroidphobe buzz aldrin reems of information, mars mission tybor sifi gig, alberto correctly assumes, if during the bush years, any liberal organization was targeted, could be trouble for the gop baggers, jaun sez issa is cable king, dr krauthammer retouches all faux snooze talk points, on geraldo/ wkok humping house flip/gordon and gina irs culture of rotteness using liz apolitical keywords, spike in dui's, hard to dispell what children learn in school, indisputable, undefencable lingering pending investigations with a hugh amout of unknowns (rumsfieldesq), undermining administration successes. aaa electric cars useful, sez families will need an extra car for vacations, superstorm coaster, wsjpc /sf finance manipulation, on crosscurrents/

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