Tuesday, May 14, 2013

51413/Texas cowboys need to go Bushwacking and clean up their dirty old state

51413/Portman working in concert with McConnell in Congress and later becoming Bush's Budget Director and Trade Advisor Elaine Chao being George Bush's longest serving cabinet member as his Labor Secretary, and "Lobbying" for trade with her friends in China, hiring former Mitch McConnell aides to work in the Department of Labor, while complaining about U.S. workers and praising Chinese workers. Rob Portman worked closely with China when he owned a machinery business that sold the Chinese made Equipment. What A glob of Fudge that smells too fishy to put Portman in the Senate. WE HAVE BEEN SOLD OUT, PROPAGANDA MEDIA ALL OWNED, CONTROLLED BY SAME CROOKS-lone fascist is a fine representative of fascists everywhere! a perfect example of how the skinhead right absolutely brain washes it's followers.. he is using every tactic from the fascist neoNazi playbook, everything from re-posting his utter nonsense and idiocy to name calling to out right lies, from fascist propaganda to pure CULTservaTARD rhetoric- Rapeublicans: Wasting time on repealing affordable healthcare, (IGNORING JOBS!-The only way to reduce the number of nuclear weapons is to use them.  Limbaugh-quit feeding stray animals. You know why? Because they breed. You're facilitating the problem if you give an animal or a person ample food supply. They will reproduce, especially ones that don't think too much further than that. And so what you've got to do is you've got to curtail that type of behavior. They don't know any better sc ltgv Andre Bauer, arguing against government food assistance for poor residents-The ACLU is to Christians what the American Nazi party is to Jews Falwell-Facts are stupid things Reagan-Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we, I think I was unprepared for war W-sexual orgies eliminate social tensions and ought to be encouraged Scalia cl/Stunning Under reported news that Texas EMT who responded to fertilizer blast arrested for having pipe bombs. 12 died. Imagine if Muslim!" Geraldo Rivera- that Travis Alexander was the VICTIM of domestic violence and stalking, If you had, Geraldo, I might have maintained a modicum of respect for you and your ability to report accurate news. * Disappointing -Republicans and conservatives have called themselves "job creators" and want to promote "incentive" for Americans to work hard. Republicans have voted to end overtime pay. They've also voted against a job bill for vets. To top it off, they've not budged to raise minimum wage. I now have the incentive to do my job in NOT voting Republican next November-guess you didnt see the you tube video that was shot while the fire raged, CLEARLY ,DISTINCTLY SHOWS A MISSLE !! HITTING THAT BUILDING-Justice Department secretly obtains two months of telephone records of reporters and editors for the Associated Press in what an organization executive calls an 'unprecedented intrusion' into how groups collect news-Texas is home of Corruption...jfk assassination, Blackwater, Bush criminal Cartel Compound is there, etc,etc. Texas cowboys need to go Bushwacking and clean up their dirty old state. fb/It doesn't matter when Obama learned about the IRS scandal, he still bears some blame. McConnell-Pelosi condemned the IRS for targeting conservatives. But she blamed the Supreme Court for the IRS scandal. It was the Citizens' United decision-abc/Biggest "Takers" and Societal Parasites Are the Rich, Not the Working Class and Poor BuzzFlash/Defending the Right to Bodily Integrity: The Reproductive Justice Movement and Force-Feeding at Guantanamo Reality Check/Bangladesh Will Allow Garment Workers To Form Unions Without Factory Owners' Consent ap/The Washington Post Revives Its Plame-Gate Smear Consortium/Oil Boom Threatens Amazon Tribe NBC/purchasing American products has been a tradition since George Washington's era. So why is it that the politicians would rather protect their own pockets than invest in policies that will truly restore America to its former glory?-Supreme Court sided with Monsanto to protect the "genetic patent" on their seeds; victims of the West Texas fertilizer plant explosion are forced to pay property taxes on their decimated homes- hartmann/OFA volunteers and three gun violence survivors as they delivered petition to Congress with more than 1.4 million signatures. It was an amazing day, and a reminder that we're nowhere near done with this fight/
51313/God Bless and Assad and his anti Al-Qaeda forces!-Ever since Obama has become the unofficial Commander In Chief of the rebels-Obama ordered it.. He has an agenda and it's with the Muslim Brotherhoods. Hundreds of MILLIONS of US tax payer $$ were just handed to Al Qaeda.. But we can't afford jet fuel for the Blue angels air show on the 4th of July-Primitive inbred, Obama never took command of the rebels. McCain, Graham and most of the GOP want him to do just that and are on his case for not intervening. Then when things go south, they'll blame him like they did with Benghazi. Good thing the GOP won't ever win another election in this country again--Bangladesh rescue operation near end; collapse death toll at 1,127-- yn-Israeli TV report revealed $127,000 of public money was spent by having four walls and door installed around a double bed, and 22 business class seats fitted on a plane takes about five-and-a-half hours, aircraft cost about $300,000 to use, before the custom fittings, to attend Thatcher's funeral, Bibi is king, and in a monarchy, when the king and queen fly, price is no object--Cyprus is expected to get approval for the first 3bn euros (£2.5bn; $3.9bn) of its bailout package, Meanwhile, Greece is expected to receive as much as 7.5bn euros in the latest payment of its massive 240bn euro bailout, first agreed in 2010 bbc/liberal media have done no more than pay lip service to these revelations-Teabaggers are brain dead, the idiots are feverishly trying to use tragedy to gain short term political brownie points. There is nothing new from all the attempts by GOP to dig up dirt. Everybody already knows Benghazi is a tragedy, obviously a failure but so is other events like 9/11. After the fact 20/20 analysis shows the Bush administration has plenty of warnings about these attacks months before the event. Why didn't the Bush administration act on these warnings? why did the Bush administration tried to cover up investigation of 9/11 attacks by effectively creating a slush fund to pay off victims of the 9/11 attacks so they won't sue? A long drawn out trial would obviously cause many more embarrassing details to be reveal about the incompetence in the Bush administration yc/Supercommittee Fails, Obama will veto any efforts to get rid of the automatic spending cuts abc/Republican political elites, engaged in a successful effort to pacify their donor base. Unquestioning donor allegiance, irrespective of results, Karl Rove, for instance, is fighting, perhaps successfully, for his political life by weaving a counter-narrative that exculpates himself and blames the Tea Party and conservative activists, Westmoreland had been relieved of duty, kicked upstairs for a final tour as Chief of Staff of the Army, and retired to civilian life during which he gave hundreds of speeches insisting that he had not backed a losing strategy, had not lost the war, and was not to blame for the demoralized and confused United States Army. While the GOP rationalizes its defeats, 21st century insurgency strategists like Wes Boyd and Joan Blades, the founders of MoveOn.org, have built a new model for the Democrats. These two brilliant strategists are playing the role of the General Giap of 21st century politics. MoveOn, CREDO, and OFA, among others, are the political equivalent of the Vietcong. And are winning, repeatedly. Graham and Fox News Channel in particular are each crapping their cages over new allegations from an alleged whistleblower, while they continue to deal in previously debunked falsehoods about the sequence of events during and following the attacks. Fox News is predictably helming the biggest raft of hooey, turning its attention to Hillary Clinton, no one, including and especially the traditional press, intends to ask any of these obnoxious, opportunistic liars about why they're so obsessed by this one attack yet they entirely ignored the dozen-plus consulate/embassy attacks that occurred when George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were allegedly "keeping us safe. Obama shot back at Republicans trying to create a scandal handling of the Benghazi terror attacks after tried and failed to turn up new evidence of some kind of administration cover up-Republicans blew it harder than their mascot, Republican Toe-tapper, Larry Craig-GOP Plans To Carry On Benghazi Witch-Hunt ThinkProgress-ya think?? It's all the GOP has, nothing else. They're bankrupt-teahadists are home grown terrorists-Issa even accused General David Petraeus of lying for the administration. As soon as Gregory would call Issa on one thing, he'd say he was investigating something else. Issa accused Tom Pickering of refusing to testify when in fact, Issa had not invited him to speak and Pickering was told that the Republican majority did not want him there rbg/tax dollars spent in Israel, not wise at all, Israel spends USA money like it is water ygs/Rubio is so busy plotting his 2016 presidential campaign asked for the resignation IRS commissioner, turns out that the previous IRS commissioner was appointed by Bush, resigned last November. IRS scandal that the Republican Party is blaming Obama for happened while a Bush appointee was in charge. This really does keep getting worse- the very folks in dc that are screaming the loudest for blood and pointing fingers are the same that voted 2 yrs previously to cut security funding for that outpost and others like it. hypocrisy  deflection self preservation slamobama-RePOS don't want anyone to dwell on that because it doesn't suite the false narrative and myth they tell. They are simply acting unpatriotic and pushing more important matters needing attention off the radar with their obsessive hypocritical witch-hunt and smear campaign rbn/w could've excused himself by saying something like "I'm sorry I have to leave because a pressing issue has just came to my attention" not sat there for the next 20 minutes reading a first grade book while Tricky Dick Cheney ordered a stand down-R.I.P. Dr. Joyce Brothers-Cons, can you figure it out? Iceland, there is no stigma for bastardy, twice as many children born out of wedlock as the USA, per capita, and half the abortion rate-frontpagemag They accuse, and provide no proof. Nothing but speculation, UN Gun Control Treaty on Its Way, dictator and chief has issued over 190 executive orders,w had 292 executive orders... Obama 138. president’s approach is that we should work with Congress where possible, and administratively where allowed, to advance common sense measures that enhance our security, that keep deadly weapons out of the hands of criminals and others who shouldn’t have them. Is there something about where allowed that's not understood, calling out ONE quote by Carney hardly makes the case... and did you bother to read the quote? aibafs/In a startling revelation, a global news organization says Massive & unprecedented intrusion US GOV'T SECRETLY SPIED ON REPORTERS hp/Rove: 'Using Tax System to Go After Political Enemies Is Chilling to Any American' fni/Why would the White House be trying to cover up that Benghazi was a terrorist attack if he said Benghazi was an 'act of terror' on 9/12?-Issa is nothing more than a right wing troll he said that the hearing wasnt about Hillary yet mentioned Hillary 30 times an ‘act of terror’ is different than a ‘terrorist attack-Is there anybody, besides low-effort-thinkers like Wayout, who are going to take these clowns seriously anymore? This is a farcical partisan witch-hunt, where words no longer have any meaning. Benghazi circus was ridiculous before, but now they've really jumped the shark-Issa "I'm a salesman, I'm selling is the awareness of a product." By "product," Issa apparently intended to mean his committee's investigations. But clearly the main product he's selling is Darrell Issa- Pleaded guilty car thief Issa proves his functional illiteracy. Perhaps that's why he raised his buildings fire insurance just before it was torched. Coincidental arson cover-up?-Does Congress have a special 'crook' exemption?"-@Aire Bachmann proves they'res also a corrupt & kook exemption. I still want my handmade Tom DeLay TX dept of corrections license plate!- alan/Why Does the Press Still Take the Heritage Foundation Seriously? kv-Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS made it into the hands of ProPublica late last year, and now ProPublica reports that the IRS’ Cincinnati office was the source of the documents. “No unapproved applications from liberal groups were sent to ProPublica,” the site reports, while data from nine conservative groups was leaked. The independent investigative journalists at ProPublica went ahead and reported on Crossroads’ confidential application, somehow forgetting to investigate just how they came by confidential documents in the first place iw-tw/Looks like @ProPublica cozy w/criminals @IRS, not just low-level CO drug dealers and traffickers in stolen property. What say you now @AP? dc/mullen pickering, lies, huckabee moon walks, juan helps, on geraldo/
51213/There is an alternative to force, blood and suffering. It’s called democracy. Drop your weapons and celebrate that we live in a country where peaceful change is still possible, Moyers & Company/Laura Gottesdiener, Counterpunch: Almost no one openly discusses the ongoing foreclosure crisis in terms of domestic terrorism. But that’s exactly what it is, and we must recognize this if we want to prevent banks from causing more damage/ Who Can Stop the Koch Brothers From Buying the Tribune Papers? Unions Can, and Should Taibbi/Guantanamo Is Not an Anomaly - Prisoners in the US Are Force Fed Every Day Ann Neumann, Waging Nonviolence/Chris Hedges, Truthdig: "Corporate totalitarianism is spreading rapidly, and it's not just Julian Assange or Bradley Manning they want. It is all who dare to defy the official narrative/louisiana 12 shot at mothersday parade/Truth About the Right's Latest Benghazi Attacks Media Matters/Rand Paul: UN Has Secret Plot to "Confiscate and Destroy All" of America's Guns Raw Story/Ted Asregadoo, Truthout: Mike Ludwig how the accident in Texas was not an isolated incident. Rather, it was one of 1,000 chemically related accidents involving ammonium nitrate and anhydrous ammonia in the last 15 years/alex sez obama created arab spring, and figures out google is bilderberg cia, dhs orders 7000 lbs of c4/tpnn tea owns gop congress on rusty/Hartmann Despite BP's attempts to snooker the public via media blackouts and pricey advertising promotions, can't disguise the polluting oil and COREXIT filth/Hexavalent chromium (or chromium-6) gets into water supplies after being discharged from steel and pulp mills as well as metal-plating and leather-tanning facilities. It can also pollute water through erosion of soil and rock. In California, the only state that requires water utilities to test for hexavalent chromium, the state’s Environmental Protection Agency (California EPA) has proposed a “public health goal,” or maximum safe concentration, of 0.06 parts per billion (ppb) in tap water to protect against excess cancer risk. However, the state’s current testing protocols are significantly less sensitive than those of the independent laboratory hired by EWG and may identify only the most extreme cases of contamination. Chromium-6 levels in tap water in all four California cities tested by EWG exceeded the proposed public health goal/otherjewish_nation We really have communism, socialism, totalitarianism for the 1%... and capitalism for the rest of us, whatever falls off the cart for the rest of us. Thats exactly what we have- ygs

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