Thursday, May 16, 2013

51613/Benghazi was the "worst disaster

51613/Daily we see ethnic slurs by the chosen, Yahoo is doing its job-Specializing in fraud and thievery, your enemy must pay more than $2.5 million to an investor who alleged the firm recommended an unsuitable investment in a private equity fund, a securities arbitration panel has ruled, the firm made unauthorized trades in her account, among other things. Goldman, but not the broker, liable and ordered the firm to pay Landow $1.6 million and roughly $1 million in interest, and other fees-countless cases without any justice, could this just be for show?-As the tank ran over Rachel corrie In Israel the GS tank plans to run all over you-chosen holding all the cards right now-You do mean the money used to buy the free pass from the consequences of poor choices-chosen must improve on accountability-Notice Goy talk remains on board, why? You would have been cenosred but for a free pass-OECD report; 1 in 5 Israelis and 1 in 3 Israeli children live in poverty-Many pray that their prayers are unananswered-JEB BUSH IN 2016? That's what this country needs is another secret #$%$ in the White House-Skull and bones forever ygs/Texas has never had a tornado before God calls home at least 6 global warming deniers from Texas yhal/I have no problem with a nativity set in public property, complaining about it is just intolerant. And I see where they're coming from, they see believing in god a stubborn, wrong and even childish thing. It's easy to paint someone who bitches about a nativity set as a hate-monger. Education is key to cleaning the world of gods, not force yt/Forbes:Fannie Fraud sarc on Screw the taxpayer, great! Taxpayers Could Foot Bill For Fannie Mae Fraud Settlement/abc played wingnutz? GOP BS Fail: Benghazi White House Emails were Doctored, they had to try to implicate the State Department, designed to hurt Hillary, Cheney, coincidentally said Benghazi was the "worst disaster in his lifetime", maybe has some 'splainin' to do- lawyers for the IRS say that since these groups identified themselves with a party, the IRS assumed that their reason for being would be primarily political, and so not tax exempt. Also since that party, Taxed Enough Already, was fundamentally anti tax, the IRS felt there was an elevated likelihood that such groups would interpret tax exempt criteria in an excessively broad manner, because avoiding tax is one of their main preoccupations, if the Democrats handled this properly, the coming inquests could be converted into an exposure of corporate shilling and political money laundering, important context is emerging, like the fact that liberal groups were targeted as well, and in fact the only group to have its application denied was a liberal group, Emerge America, saw its tax exempt status denied, forcing it to disclose its donors and pay some taxes. None of the Republican groups have said their applications were rejected. Missing from much coverage is the relevant recent history ussc 2010 prompted a deluge of requests from new organizations seeking tax exempt status under tax code Section 501(c)(4) as social welfare organizations despite the fact that many of these are blatantly political operations, Republicans could be biting off more than they can chew if it causes a bright light to be shone on how politically partisan organizations, like Rove's, are exploiting the law. Deficit Reduction, Just Code for Social Security & Medicare Cuts, do these old idiots who vote republican realize who they vote for want to slash their earned benefits??? Are they really that stupid to vote against their own self interest?? Wake the frig up, old republicans-Republican party is an alliance between the plutocrats and the preachers, plus some opportunists along for the ride, about low taxes at the top (and low benefits for the rest), plus conservative social values and putting religion in the schools; it has no other reason for being, should we make of Republicans who appear to be on a self-examination path? Not much, true that there are some Republican intellectuals and pundits who seem to be truly open-minded about both economic and social issues. open-minded, professional seemers. Yes, folks: meet the new party, same as the old party. Just more defeated Krugman's having none of it-Republicans are simply batsheet crazy self righteous FREAKS Arizona out crazies other contraception bills, education was cut a half-billion dollars last year, and 100,000 people were just kicked off the state's Medicaid program, Use birth control, get fired-Rush's plummeting advertising power, thanks in large part to the efforts of the Flush Rush Facebook community. Clear Channel, saying We've had concerned advertisers, and some have requested they not be placed in the Limbaugh show, pretty obvious as a listener. You hear the same national ads over and over, like LifeLock and Dick Morris ObamaCare Survival Guide. Just a few emails, tweets, or Facebook messages a week to Limbaugh's advertisers can go a long way toward making hatred less profitable. It is our collective voice that makes us strong-rbg/keep your feet on the ground, reach for the stars, deepokhomebase video game, emanuscript 100word synaposis nacson
51513/hypocrisy of Benghazi is that more people are dying in the USA daily, Congress had an opportunity to initiate laws that would have helped and did nothing about it. Now for the second time they are up in arms about Benghazi where only 4 peopled died ybac/this old game "not getting along" going, that's how they will get the Stupid US Gov. Money Israel is our greatest supporters and cheerleaders finding a new war for USA, Syria next, Only American lives are lost-da*mn Bloodsuckers, every last one of them-It's all about the "Free Money" everyone is looking for without having to work for it, Hard Working Class Citizens" are the ones are getting the shaft yc/Christians Gone Wild! SC sued for removing male genitals of 'hermaphrodite' toddler when he was 16-months-old rbg/ It seems Bush is smarter than Cheney, both of them are stupid, but at least Bush know's when to shut up, unlike Palin and other's. Cheney should be great full that he wasn't pressed criminal charges when he was in office-Dubya's been painting horsies and puppies and stuff to amuse himself now. All that lying, stealing, cheating, and killing is probably eating at his mental state- fb/Our financial system is kind of rigged, They made a lot of money, but Americans lost trillions of dollars, they lost their homes, lost their businesses, they lost their pension savings, they lost their jobs,” Franken said of the failure of the ratings process that contributed to the financial collapse of 2008-Cry me a river. And GROW UP. nobody is responsible for their own problems, their own failures, their own financial mismanagement. It's always someone else's fault. "Wall Street". Or "banks". Or "fat cats". No, it's never YOUR fault. Always someone else. Your entire pathetic reply epitomizes the pussy politics blamegame of the left-Bachmann: 9/11, Benghazi are a ‘judgment’ from God-Fox News host confronted over ‘slanderous’ remarks linking Obama daughters to Benghazi-Please ‘like’ me McConnell (R-KY) An over-sized Mitch McConnell dances alone outside the Kentucky Derby racetrack. The beat drops and suddenly he is surrounded by Uncle Sam, campaign staffers with American flags, Rosie the Riveter, and Abraham Lincoln, just used the Harlem Shake in his campaign, heads into a 2014 reelection race in Kentucky with no challenger yet except for his own extremely low approval ratings. just 36% of voters in his state approve of the job he’s doing. And so he’s kicking off his campaign as aggressively as he’s working to thwart anything that hints at gun control, sent out an inflammatory email declaring that Democrats were “coming for your guns.”-When MSNBC and other leftist propaganda sites like Media Matters, and the like engage in political criticism, they employ mock-superiority, condescension, character assassination, distrotions, half-truths, distraction, blame-shifting, petty schoolyard bullying tactics and just plain juvenile belligerence. They offer only those facts that support their prejudice, avoid stories or perspectives that invalidate their ideological myopia (that would be reality, the Constitution, the laws of economics, the laws of nature and nature's God) msnbc/William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: Perhaps the AP's sudden inclusion in the ranks of spied-upon journalists will inspire it to more truthfully and factually inform the American people about what has been happening to our country right under its nose/Andrew Cuomo has a rare opportunity to push common sense reforms to get money out of our politics. But, instead, he's seized the moment to push a “reform” that would leave our state’s politics even more dominated by the wealthy and well connected kvn/Israel has a population of approximately 7.7 million, Yet, Israel receives more of America’s foreign aid budget than any other nation. The US has, in fact, given more aid to Israel than it has to all the countries of sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean combined—which have a total population of over a billion people ygs/South Carolina to criminalize implementation of Obamacare; showdown with feds inevitable wordpress/military judge found Army Sgt. John Russell guilty of premeditated murder Monday in the 2009 killings of five fellow service members at a combat stress clinic in Iraq-Hunger-strikers being force fed at Guantánamo Bay are shackled to a chair, fitted with a mask and have tubes inserted through their nose and into their stomachs for up to two hours at a time, according to revised guidelines in use at the camp. The guidelines, which were updated after the latest protest by inmates began in February, detail the process of involuntary feeding and how after the sessions, detainees are kept in a "dry cell" to prevent them vomiting clg/Happy Now You Ignorant White Trash Baby Robbing Filth?28 Years Of Reaganomics Racist Filth Finally Noticed The National Debt! yhal/
51413/1990’s Israel was established as a destination country for trafficking, and international sex trafficking victims had replaced the local market. Israel’s flesh trade was booming and making between half a billion to three quarters of a billion dollars a year. It was a particularly desirable market for traffickers because the purchase of sexual services was, and still is, legal in Israel. This protects traffickers because it makes it difficult to prosecute them and to identify their victims. Throughout the 1990’s traffickers acted with impunity and, according to the Hotline for Migrant Workers, smuggled 3,000 women annually into Israel, Traffickers promised women work as au pairs, waitresses, or medical masseuses. A few were told that they would work as exotic dancers and fewer were told that they would be prostituted. No one was told that upon arriving in Israel their documents would be confiscated and they would be bought, raped, and transported to brothels where they would service between 15 to 20 men a day, Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act, Tier 3 nations would be subjected to strict economic sanctions. As Israel receives $3.1 billion in annual assistance from the U.S., the fallout would have been explosive, sources agree that sex trafficking in Israel has been reduced. Yet, though Israel was recently awarded Tier 1 status, many would argue that it has not gone far enough in its efforts to reduce sex trafficking and prostitution. In 2011, SAAR was disbanded, and many victims of trafficking find themselves in prison instead shelters because the two state-funded shelters are overflowing, legislation had the potential to drastically reduce demand and assist the 15,000-prostituted persons, a third of whom are children, trapped in Israel’s sex trade. However, it was ultimately not passed into law. Israel must recognize prostitution, as well as sex trafficking, as the form of modern slavery that it is-What else is new in the pitiful, illegal Zionist, hateful State of ISRA-HELL? LOOOL I am NOT AT ALL surprised-the war should really be against this trafficking of poor souls so that they can experience a taste of equality-will not stop unless the organisers and customers are seen as the criminals and the women are treated as the victims-- Russian President Vladimir Putin, In talks with Netanyahu, Putin urges restraint on Syria AP/Egypt’s parliament follows Jordan’s in call to expel Israeli envoy/‘Manipulated’ prize-winning Gaza photo being investigated Paul Hansen snapped a powerful image depicting the funeral of two Palestinian children. “The strength of the picture of the year, contrasts the anger and sorrow of the adults with the innocence of the children. It’s a picture I will not forget/Coptic priest Father Arsanios interacts with several Israeli policemen in Jerusalem's Old City, shows police choking Coptic leader, 85, in Old City/five female Mossad agents, who all hold ranks of commander or higher (the equivalent of brigadier generals or colonels in the IDF), have been involved in some of the agency’s most daring and important operations went public this week, in interviews with the Hebrew-language Lady Globes newspaper, giving readers a tiny glimpse, from the female perspective, of the clandestine activities of Israel’s secret service. No matter how vital the mission, there are some lengths, they made clear, to which they will not go, and will not be asked to go, Flirting is fair game when it comes to national security. ‘A man who wants to gain access to a forbidden area has less chance of being allowed in… A smiling woman has a bigger chance of success. Women agents are not used for sexual purposes. We flirt, but the line is drawn at sex. she knows her “life is over” if she is caught-Is Paula Broadwell a jewish spy? We know that under Lyndon Johnson his mistress was a jewish spy, which is why the USS Liberty bombing by Israel was not reported-timesofisrael/barak the "superstar" is just another filthy politician, hurts when the truth comes crashing home. this is the dirtiest bunch of amateurs to ever reside in the white house-The worst and the most STUPID THUGS-fascism (fash'iz em) n. Any authoritarian system characterized by state economic control, militaristic nationalism, propaganda, and the crushing of opposition yc/disgrace and a low class,journalism pandering, narcissistic, incompetent and dishonesty by the media Republican jews ygs/Based on net worth of $62.4 billion Senior preferred stock outstanding and held by Treasury remained $117.1 billion ywfc/nothing conservative about Republicans. They are simply ideologically warped and twisted fascist goons-They let the Tea Baggers infect them with fascist stupidity, and it has proved to be their undoing. No great loss. Name one Republican with ANY character excepting Colin Powell-cannot wait to see you leftards deep throat a 12 gauge after the GOP takes the House and Senate. At some point in time, probably by 2016, we will be in a position to assist the Lumpen and the crazy delusional, like yourself, who cannot quite summon the courage to do the honourable thing-Look kids...THAT is the Psycho Right-Winger. Always a zoo favorite...just stay back, they tend to throw their feces-You are one angry chicken hawk and what does the GOP know about honor ybac/ I would not say that the future is necessarily less predictable than the past. I think the past was not predictable when it started. Rumsfeld/"She wears little eye-patch underwear. So, the other day she came here with her underwear, we had made love a lot! And so she'll, she's all, 'I am going up and down the stairs, and you're dripping out of me!' So messy! Duvall (R-Calif.) on a live mic with a lobbyist/Benghazi Bombshell: Turns out the press got played again by Republicans. Jake Tapper has the smoking gun of the original email from the Obama administration which differs significantly from the emails ABC ran with, Leaked Emails Were Edited to Make Obama Look Bad, whomever (sic) leaked it did so in a way that made it appear that the White House primarily concerned with the State Department’s desire to remove references and warnings about specific terrorist groups so as to not bring criticism to the department,” Tapper concludes, obtained by CNN from a U.S. government source. Ironically, the email, which were “paraphrased” “inaccurately” and “inventing the notion”, points out that there is a “ton of wrong information” coming from Congress and people who are not particularly informed (waving hello to Congressional Republicans and Mitt Romney) the new shiny ball IRS scandal story), it has turned out that the stories were being planted in the press-jake, please accept my apology thinking you were just another rightwingnut hack.....on faux snooze imus politicususa/There are more krooks in WS per square inch than in Vegas, most of them are jews you guys know them-true and accurate from A to Z they are j^ws The board schnorrer will not be pleased and will have more j^wish whine-ygs/Netanyahu's expenses have soared nearly 80 percent since he took office in 2009, totaling about $905,000 last year, according to a civil liberties group that obtained government figures after filing a freedom of information request, catering, housekeeping, cleaning, furniture, clothing and makeup all doubled during the four-year period, according to the group, called the Movement for Freedom of Information The uproar, which began with a TV station's report that Netanyahu spent $127,000 in public funds for a special sleeping cabin on a recent five-hour flight to London, fuels criticism that he is out of touch with average Israelis who are struggling with tax increases amid a huge budget deficit. Netanyahu and his family split their time among three homes, including an official Jerusalem residence, a private apartment in Jerusalem and a villa in the upscale coastal town of Caesarea. a protest movement against Israel's high cost of living and widening gaps between rich and poor, and the campaign focused largely on domestic economic issues, increases income, sales and real estate taxes while cutting family subsidies and medical benefits. Additional taxes were also slapped on cigarettes, alcohol and luxury goods, veteran Israeli political reporter Shimon Shiffer recounted in the Yediot Ahronot daily that Netanyahu and his wife Sara are always accompanied abroad by hairdressers and makeup artists. On a recent flight with Netanyahu, he said he saw two young men holding large bags. "For a moment, under the influence of movies I'd seen about things that can happen in the American president's plane, I thought that it might be the suitcase containing the codes to operate the nuclear weapons that Israel allegedly possesses, A brief investigation turned up slightly less heroic results: The two men were hairdressers who had been flown ... to make sure his hair was properly styled and brushed, Reflecting the public mood, famed Israeli photographer David Rubinger published a photo he took in the early 1980s of then-Prime Minister Menachem Begin slouched across two seats in a plane, sound asleep, his legs covered by a simple red blanket. In an accompanying essay, he said the image highlighted how leaders have since abandoned their role of setting personal examples-American taxpayers provide for their Israeli friends-JewHater, please elaborate-people need to understand most politicians regardless of nationality, party, ideology or whatever are all a bunch of self serving elitist punks all while the middle class and the poor take most of the hit during the recession-I find it unacceptable that yahoo ignores the chief spendocrat and his first Wookie taking vacation after vacation, while the average American struggles with putting food on the table. How much was his last golf fun in the sun tour? 19 vacations and counting, yet they are micro scoping the leader of another country and his spending habits. Who cares-Netanyahu has always been a peckerhead. No country has a monopoly on corrupt politicians- educated at the same time and in the same place as our own neo-cons, went back to Israel and did the same things-Truly our greatest allies lol-it's all US taxpayer money anyway. They now have a higher standard of living than the US but they continue to leach off of us-With friends like that, who needs enemies?--Russia says CIA agent caught trying to recruit spy-Gunmen attack Baghdad liquor store 12 killed-Italy's Berlusconi questioned in prostitution probe yn/FBI to Investigate IRS Targeting of Tea Party Groups, All officials stated that the criteria were not influenced by any individual or organization outside the IRS. Instead, the Determinations Unit developed and implemented inappropriate criteria in part due to insufficient oversight provided by management, only first line management approved references to the Tea Party in the BOLO listing criteria before it was implemented. As a result, inappropriate criteria remained in place for more than 18 months abc/ jamafix (irsgate) wkok/jenny, considering suing the govt, martin, constitution bill of teabagpatriot never endorsed mitt, seeking tax exempt status, could take years rsenwilf chasing all leads, ellsburg office breakin bengazi butthurt, gen boinkin gosnell triple abortion conviction, tyt leftwing radio personality: obama establishment loving elitist ruling the masses, walsh irs nazi tactics learned from bush, on geraldo humping jolie disease/irs target halfass attack kosinich pariee metaphores irs and jama tie patriot conspiracy etc, crystal america has awaken from the 70's with a public hearing national security (libitarian chicken) hawk, moving goal posts, backing out of the source of rices orginal statement coverup pikering, tom jones sings out barbra, on the view/dhs correspondent ineptitude herridge admitting petreus baggage will not help blowing in the phone blames hillary, on dennis/at 6 after big lead in elaine stritch, here's to looking up your address, thought niagra falls was a woman having a baby, first tv gig acted with mathow, first play with curt douglas, first orgasm on stage, on talent is the greatest aphodesac baldwin's tal here's the thing/

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