Tuesday, March 5, 2013


OBAMIE IS NOTHING -The Richest 1 Percent Have Captured 121 Percent Of
Income Gains During The Recovery, Meanwhile they claim to be "broke" and
demand blood sacrifices of the elderly, the poor, children and the sick.
And Republicans guard the carried interest and private jet loopholes for
"everyone" like junk yard dogs-Should have told low life friends to get a
job & invested years ago'''& smart people don't make kids & expect folks
like omama to take care of them-doom hopes you are beginning to realize
that Democrats have no interest in lifting up the poor-you're math
challenged as well as an imbecile. There can only be 100% of the gains,
not 121%. BTW, how can the NRA decide who can bring a gun to a Capitol
building?-  You idiot!! Boy, you ARE stuuuupid!!! Haha- Corporate profits
at all time higns. Stock market soaring to new heights. The wealthy's
share is increasing more and more, pukes whine about the bottom 20%, who
have nothing, not paying anything? These a*&clowns stretch believability,
I just couldn't believe people so God D*&(med Stupid!- Now you see why it
was so necessary to raise their taxes. They have all the money-survey of
voters found they supported gay marriage and universal health care by 10
percentage points more than their own politicians had estimated in a
separate survey. For conservative politicians, the spread was near 20
percentage points. The authors conclude: "Most politicians appear to
believe they are representing constituents who are considerably different
than their actual constituents-Somalia has a minimum of Regulations,
Income taxes (and infrastructure), no SSI, no medicare, no Choice, no
FDA, no Dept of Education, no Unemployment Insurance, no Obamacare, etc.
Why don't you pukes move THERE?-Board Poll: I'm in favor of the sequester
thumbs up; I'm NOT in favor of the sequester thumbs down-seems like the
conservative entertainment complex hasn't told them what to think yet-If
they can blame Obama they are for it. If they look at the policies and
what is being cut and ignore who is to blame they are against it.
Austerity right now is terrible policy so I've been against it from the
beginning. I don't care who you want to blame. Yes, the DEATH of the GOP.
Especailly when those disproportinal MILITARY cuts hit, like in Joe
Wilson's, Jim DeMints and Sissy Graham's South Carolina! There are NO
Fortune 500 companies in the state and Fort Jackson is THE largest
employer and BACKBONE of that state. What a bunch of dunces! They will
come crawling to Obama--BREAKING: Obama says don't worry, the sequester
won't cause an economic apocalypse Guess he's "evolving" again, I'm in
favor of a giant sinkhole occuring in D.C. while Congress is in session,
wiping out every elected official in the House and Senate, and every
Supreme Court Justice that's been appointed lib_scare_tactics-It very
well could double dip the USA Back into the Bush depression, certainly
back into a recession. can we really afford another GOP economic snowball
like the one we had in 2007 08-I reported you to the FBI for threatening
Congress with violence to cause death. Expect a knock on your door soon,
puke. SO MANY traitorous T-baggers and Repukes want to weaken the US for
partisan political gain....and maybe some underlying racism as well. Very
sad. yhal/Reagan tripled national debt and the imbecile G W Bush doubled
it ! Obama only add 50% to it-you have to compliment G W on the effort it
took to completely dismantle a balanced budget created by Clinton, in his
very first term. And, it takes a streak of pure Genius to start two wars
without funding, and then have an innocent Democratic President blamed 6
or 8 years later for that debacle and its impact on the debt. I mean
clearly, G W was, and maybe still is a genius second only to Einstein.
He added more debt than all former presidents together-Obama hates you!
Those who support him are in for a rude awakening ybac/dhs buying 54
tanks per state, on geraldo
by wall even the pathetic racists who have no job as evident by there
daily spewing of hate are able to use this board in a moronic attempt to
relieve themselves of there filth. Hopefully heaven has something special
waiting for them-the chosen Shouting anti=semitism while raping the
country financially-You continue to show that you are merely another
anti semite and disgusting bigot like the other useless and idiotic trash
found here, Another conspiracy theory brought by a poster hiding behind a
fake name on an obscure useless finance message board. you should
continue spinning in circles and chasing your tail, All of your
neonazicrap anti semitic postings have been forwarded-all your anti
Christian rants are being reported! you zio dog! ygs/Oblamer's ability to
con along with his charisma outweigh his competence by tenfold AT LEAST,
He is the master of deception. He signed the Budget Control Act of 2011
(sequestration). This week he attempts to foist blame, that he somehow
was unable to veto the act and to look elsewhere for whom to blame. When
he leads (signing that into law) AND fails he blames others. His
administration this week issues at the very least issues a veiled threat
to Bob Woodward. He didn't actually feel threatened by Sperling, he still
believed the White House was "inappropriate" in its dealings with the
media.(suckers4counterpunch) "The problem is, there are all kinds of
reporters who are less experienced, younger, and they, [shouldn't] get
roughed up in this way," he said. "I am flooded with emails from people
in the press saying this is exactly the way that the White House works;
they are trying to control, they don't want to be challenged or crossed.
yoo/back to work House Republicans seek to block welfare work waivers-
Obama lied about this statement- when doesnt he lie, The Bible Series, it
was okay-The last post on this MB would fittingly be made by- It must be
Obsma's fault. The right must be winning the hearts and minds of the left
on this board so the left wing is having it shut down. Bottom line is "we
win"- obama can be blamed for many things like the sequester for example
but he had little to do with the downsizing of yahoo features other then
the tightening of the belt that most businesses are going through in this
down economy-Welcome to Egypt… Protesters Torch & Stomp on Images,
Some held up cartoons of Kerry, portraying him with an Islamic beard,
saying “Kerry – member of the Brotherhood”. Others banners said “Kerry,
you are not welcome here” and showed the characteristic mustache and
fringe of Adolf Hitler superimposed on pictures of Morsi. The protest is
due to meet Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr later, was peaceful.
However, youths fought interior ministry police on Saturday in the Nile
Delta city of Mansoura, where one protester was killed and dozens
injured. In the Suez Canal city of Port Said, protesters torched a police
station- maybe we should not give these folks our hard earned borrowed
dollars instead of letting the children eat lead paint chips since the
sequester has gone through, "Screaming Goat" Version Of Obama's Dire
Sequester Warning youtube-It's not quite dead, it's on life support with
a feeding tube and a trach-y2k/LIB MALES BEG THEIR DENTISTS FOR
FACT!bylibs_munch_shit-Tos Hoes-The sane and reasonable will go elsewhere
because they're looking for adult conversations- Who gets to decide what
is sane and reasonable? I tried on several occasions to have an adult
conversation with you but you threw crap at the wall simply because you
didn't have your facts straight. Yes or no, is Israel using mini-nukes on
their neighbors?-t CAD software- argue with his superiors and possibly be
sent packing?-A lot of doctors have the "god complex" where their
decisions can't be questioned--What will the GOP be doing while Obama
golfs, eats Lobster & smoke cigars- They'll be crying about how Obama
makes them look like idiots-NIST FRAUD WTC7- Boehner has lost it!!
Letting ILLEAGAL immigrants go? Boehner let them go. At least that's what
72% of the voters will think in November 2014 Anybody here ever had
VERTIGO? It sucks, pray to Allah you never get it-YOU LOST BECAUSE OF
YOUR LAME CAMPAIGN! Quit whining, and take some personal responsibility!
You're money can't buy you everything! teabaggedcon-Three words why Obama
was re-elected Thaanks to Fox News, we know what democrats are up to
babyface-Is everyone here watching Evil self destruct today? Well trust
me, if any mental patiens over at MY board talk about "children thinking
about sex" snuf-Dennis Rodman is an perfect example of an Obama voter,
completely clueless to whats going on in this country and the world.
Thanks to all the POS unamerican lib media, NOBODY is getting REAL info
about what this admin is doing. We are going down in flames and nobody
can figure out why this man is doing this to our country other than he
may be an anti American muslem sleeper cell-He's taking the country off
the cliff. I do believe his staff are all communist. running the country
into the ground, trying to take guns away AND is fully involved in the
Benghazi cover-yfs/pathetic excuse of human filth continues his racist
agenda! apoplectichun=Transatlantic2011 his racist moronic pathetic
attempt to hide behind id's that i encourage YAHOO to investigate. Yahoo
if you look under apoplectichun you will notice a similar use of the
english language. He is is a manipulator with no life who spits out hate
every day of his miserable life. To all who read this message please
report me as soon as possible to YAHOO. Transatlantic make my day please
report this you coward!-Je-wi-sh Gangster Holds $80,000 Party In Jail-
ygs/ Mission America These directives and executive orders by the
President are methods to go , claims that gay rights supporters have
tried “to make up , when we start to see a new angle on homosexuality
suddenly pop up in, Christian counselors around the country are alarmed
at this ferocious assault rightwingwatch American Atheists take up where
Christian Coalition left off- Seven Last Plagues (Wrath of God) The
symbols used involve the curses sent from the sanctuary to those who
rejected them, Christ has already suffered this punishment for those
who accept Him, Then I heard a loud voice form the temple saying to
the seven angels, "Go to persecute the saints will turn against the great
whore in a cannibalistic frenzy teachinghearts /All the news anchors for
those FICTIOUS NEWS NETWORKS repeated his words and did NOT mention who
put it together. Obamas not at fault at all, right? He and his party had
nothing to do with this, right? Why lie to yourself? He has already won
the election...you can start hating the crooked politician now. FOX may
not be 100% accurate all the time but they sure as Hell aren't wrong on
this issue g+/Florida Sinkhole: Strawberry Growers Pumped Billions of
Gallons of Water Out of Aquifer Near Sinkhole DailyKos/the biggest single
donor in political history during the 2012 presidential election, giving
more than $60 million to eight Republican candidates, including Newt
Gingrich and Mitt Romney, through “super PACs.” informed the Securities
and Exchange Commission that it likely violated a federal law against
bribing foreign officials. adelson Casino Operator Admits Likely
Violation of an Antibribery Law his push into China over a decade ago,
after the authorities began offering a limited number of gambling
licenses in Macau, a semiautonomous archipelago in the Pearl River Delta
that is the only place in the country where casino gambling is legal, in
China, the gambling industry on Macau is laced with corruption. Companies
must rely on the good will of Chinese officials to secure licenses and
contracts. Officials control even the flow of visitors, many of whom come
on government-run junkets from the mainland. nyt/Thinking about it china
and republicans should team up china is already killing us by taking our
jobs and making us slaves of cheaper goods without us knowing and the
republican media is making our citizens numb to reality and blaming the
total opposites of the cause of the shitty economy while praising the
very destructors of the economy, people that are already riping benefits
of China and other entities that are far away from America Big Oil and
such, reminds me of the other post where a gop half brain tells someone
that Obama is hurting small businesses, while they were shopping at
walmart-GOP probably outsourced the task to China as they don't have to
pay hackers a living wage there fb/bama signed an order that starts
putting into place federal spending cuts that could begin forcing layoffs
of federal workers. Virginia and Maryland will likely feel the worst of
the impact. States heavily reliant on federal spending, as far away as
New Mexico, are also in for some rough weather, entitled "Sequestration
Order for Fiscal Year 2013," after he and congressional leaders failed to
come up with an alternative budget plan nbc/KING MITT AND QUEEN ANN
Republicans believe Obama is the Anti Christ-Rush Limbaugh another
Retardican draft dodging ,drug addict, yellow belly like G W Bush- Taxes,
work and fighting wars are for the middle class and poor. You got that
right. It is amazing how GOP powers sell the imbecile Teabaggers on
policies against their own interests!-y pukes_r_freakin_stupid, post
nitwit! Your claptrap is very amusing! I heard that urwife was banging an
auto mechanic while you were spinning around in your hoveround and
overloaded diaper, poo flying everywhere. SPIN PHREAK SPIN! His diaper
exploded at the golden corral?-ybac/Boehner 8, 1, 2011 : I got 98 percent
of what I wanted In The Sequester!,  Now He Says It Was President Obama's
Idea?,.. Maybe A Racist Moron Would Buy It!? yhal/BANKERS KILL GOLD AGAIN
TODAY, Every day thousand of people enter poverty as wallstreet ceo's
party on. If your not part of this group your kids and grand kids will
get at frist hand look at what 1930 looked like. They better learn the
chinese because thats who they sold out to. Gold going to $5000 with in
the next 3 year the big reset is coming ygs/Biden incorrectly told a
pro-Israel group that President Obama’s $3.1 billion request for military
aid to Israel last year was “the most in history.” The record was set in
fiscal 2000, when the Clinton administration secured $3.12 billion for
Israel — which is not only slightly more in nominal dollars but much more
in inflation-adjusted dollars. blog post on the White House website said:
“Our overall security assistance to Israel has gone up every year since
2009, with $3.1 billion requested for 2013 — a $25 million increase from
2012 Biden is also taking credit for a level of spending that was set by
the Bush administration as part of a 10 year, $30 billion a non-binding
memorandum of understanding in 2007 on a 10-year, $30 billion military
aid package that would “raise Israel’s annual Foreign Military Financing
grant from a baseline of nearly $2.55 billion in FY2009 to approximately
$3.1 billion for FY2013 through FY2018, Obama was honoring agreement. In
addition to being slightly more in raw dollars, the $3.12 billion given
to Israel in 2000 has the buying power of nearly $4.2 billion in today’s
dollars when adjusted for inflation-So Israel agreed to accept $30
billion? What did we have to do in exchange?-Why do we have to give the
#$%$ israeli's anything?? who the hell are they? why do they keep begging
us for money? What the hell are they doing with it?? We have people
hurting here!!!! We need that damn money! Why the hell are the israelis'
getting it?? Why??-listen really carefully you stupid dem bloodsucker, we
have no intention of listenting to your #$%$ about the only dep[endable
ally we have in the mid east while the stupid #$%$ bag in the white house
send millions to the camel kissers-to kiss the @$$es of Rich and
influential Jewish Americans and AIPAC. It's been going on a long time
now-seems to me that was when ahhh Bush Cheney were at the helm-3.1
billion, for what? yet if we spend it here its socialism-The U.S. better
never turn it's back on Israel!-You know something we don't know? Maybe
another false flag 911 event?-They are not god chosen people! They are
terrorist! U evil brainwashed ja$ka$$-wheres the teatard outrage?-may be
the tea party supports Israel unlike the #$%$ on the left-so its cool to
blow money there, but spending it here is bad, makes perfect teatard
sense--Dennis Rodman: Kim Jong Un Wants President Obama to 'Call Him-
ynewws/under the code name Ragtime, and are divided into several
subcomponents, according to the new book Deep State: Inside the
Government Secrecy Industry, by Marc Ambinder and D.B. Grady... Ragtime,
which appears in official reports by the abbreviation RT, consists of
four parts. Ragtime A involves US based interception of all foreign to
foreign counterterrorism related data; Ragtime B deals with data from
foreign governments that transits through the US; Ragtime C deals with
counterproliferation activities; and Ragtime P. P stands for Patriot Act.
Ragtime P is the remnant of the original President's Surveillance
Program, the name given to so-called "warrantless wiretapping" activities
after 9/11, in which one end of a phone call or an e-mail terminated
inside the United States-'Homeland security' has received $791 billion
since 9/11 01 Mar 2013 In addition to the funds pouring into the
Bush-founded Department of Homeland Security, Congress has allocated vast
sums for "homeland security" expenditures in other departments, most
notably at the Pentagon. In fact, according to new investigation from the
Nation Institute's Tomdispatch, $791 billion dollars in federal funding
have gone to homeland security-AIPAC) will be sending thousands of its
citizen lobbyists to Capitol Hill next week to make sure Israel is
exempted from any spending cuts. This could prove a very risky strategy
at a time when millions of Americans will be feeling the bite of the
sequestration debacle, from the defense budget to the school lunch
program. But not aid to Israel, which will be untouched if AIPAC gets its
way. The 13,000 expected AIPAC activists will be telling Congress not to
touch Israel's $3-billion-plus annual security assistance and to vote for
legislation declaring the Jewish state a "major strategic ally- Lebanese
news website says it has obtained a documentary movie revealing a plot
hatched by French and Turkish spy agencies to assassinate Syrian
President Bashar al-Assad-former CIA contractor who triggered an
international incident in 2011 when he killed two men in Pakistan pleaded
guilty on Friday to assaulting a Colorado man in a dispute over a parking
spot, ordered to take anger management classes and write a letter of
apology to the victim, and 2 yr probation-if the sociopath shoe fits...]
A top Democratic Party aide found that out Friday. Shortly after
prosecutors announced they closed the John Doe investigation of Gov.
Scott Walker's aides, Democratic Party spokesman Graeme Zielinski took to
Twitter to begin ripping the first-term Republican governor. It wasn't
long before he posted three tweets drawing comparisons between Walker and
Dahmer-lavish parties return for bankers 02 Mar 2013 Prior to the global
economic meltdown in 2007, Goldman Sachs's annual dinners were lavish
affairs when the banking behemoth spoiled its most profitable bankers and
their partners. These parties were mothballed following the financial
crisis when many banks were bailed out using taxpayers' dollars and
bankers were encouraged to show some modesty and not flaunt their massive
bonuses while other people were having their homes repossessed-legitgov/
Ben Emmerson, U.N. special rapporteur on the promotion and protection of
human rights while countering terrorism, voiced concern that while
President Barack Obama's administration has rejected Central Intelligence
Agency practices conducted under his predecessor George W. Bush, there
have been no prosecutions. "Despite this clear repudiation of the
unlawful actions carried out by the Bush-era CIA, using a "superior
orders defense" and invoking secrecy on national security grounds was
"perpetuating impunity for the public officials implicated in these
crimes, credible evidence to show that CIA 'black sites' were located on
the territory of Lithuania, Morocco, Poland, Romania and Thailand, and
that the officials of at least 49 other States allowed their airspace or
airports to be used for rendition flights-ynews/the rush to squander
public money is one of the few growth industries. The pitiful results of
the predictable bankruptcy are the common fate of this flawed business
model batr/ enabling bowling to badger spitzer with volume advantage,
judy gives tv lesson, on geraldo happy about greek wine drinking
admitting thunderbird manicheviz addiction (rightwingers suspicous, could
it be true?)/ send linsey ahead to make detailed izzy report, then
destroy credibility of the work in front of zion masters and world,
better, have joe do it/the growing equity gap in africa world view/rush
upset rodman more loved than he/150k cpu thrown out daily
france24/african baby cured of hiv lunzen dw/charlottesvill va, first
city to ban drones, airpac renews all proganda hoping to make it under
sequester cuts, rt/
3313/Joshua Stephens, Truthout:  In this first-hand report, Stephens
witnesses how anti-fascists in Greece are resisting austerity and Golden
Dawn while supporting their communities/Germany introduces "Jews Only"
bus line after complaints from Germans haaretz- This is dangerous step on
a very slippery slope..where will they stop? "Blacks only" or "Gays only"
or "women only" bus lines will be introduced next? germs cant complain,
they are lucky to have a country to call their own after what they did
christian_zionist-The humor part being that half witted cons want to go
back to economic catastrophe to have cheap commodity price-you sound like
a conservative hater again, It has something to do with being a nanny
state fascist. One hundred years ago they blamed jews, communists and
bankers. Toady they blame zionists, constitutional conservatives, and
bankers. Such is the march of 'progress - i've noticed that the lefties
on the board have become extremely agitated, of late, and it's extremely
difficult to talk to them without them simply responding and discussing.
pure attack mode. in fact, they are acting like fully automated attack
weapons. i wonder if there are progressive shahids?  yip/ bengazi leading
from behind time honored tradition linsey sequestration extemptions,
mccstain's be afraid of alciada, on cbs/fauxsnooze thinks jama is playing
with american jobs to make them look bad, crystal sez jama is
overconfindent, roneys show off elenore and winston grandchildren, on
fns/washington fails, rodman asked if your friend's a murder, is he still
your friend, propaganda coup, on abc/boner walked out of "polite
disscussion" corrected by gregory, on cbs/ /
3213fine Sequestered Morning, which is exactly what conservatives
wanted.- Your premise is an illusion you dopes who label themselves
conservatives just because you hate liberals aren't even remotely close
to being conservative; in fact you're further from being conservative
then the liberals you hate-$11 billion in Medicare cuts, the report found
that: •Hospitals' Medicare reimbursements would be reduced by more than
$5.8 billion; and •Prescription drug benefits would be cut by $591
million. In addition, the cuts would reduce FDA's budget by 8%, or $318
million, while NIH would face cuts exceeding $2.5 billion yfs/Fat tony
scalia believes that voting is an ENTITLEMENT .more then 200 attempts to
disenfranchise minority voters in those states have been stopped-racists
like YOU are still actively trying to harm minority voting rights! y2k/
Sean Duffy (R-WI) declined to take a position last week during a town
hall meeting on whether transvaginal ultrasounds should be mandatory for
women seeking abortions, saying he has never heard of the practice and
couldn’t weigh in on it because “I haven’t had one-I'm guessing that
legislating is what he does for a living. Either he's LYING or he is
unaware of what his job is. In either case, he should be fired -Maddow:
Scalia Is Like An Internet ‘Troll’ Who’s Using The N Word-tpm/NY State AG
Iinvestigating BAC Over Purchase, Securitization, and Underwrirting of
Home Loans, An excellent reason to keep "beating up" BAC is that
taxpayers continue to prop up this company, along with the other large
financials, to the tune of $85 Billion a month with no end in sight. Even
if BAC's share of this taxpayer largesse is only a billion or two a month
ybac/Lords of Disorder: Billions for Wall Street, Sacrifice for Everyone
Else, collecting nothing from the big banks; instead demanding sacrifice
from the elderly, the disabled, the poor, the young, the middle class,
pretty much everybody, in fact, who isn’t “too big to fail. Richard
Eskow, Campaign for America's Future/Occupy the SEC Files Lawsuit Against
Wall Street Regulators for Failure to Implement the Law Addicting Info/
New Political Prisoners: Leakers, Hackers and Activists rs/Jewish Russian
Defrauds America A Brooklyn man doned a wig, nail polish and dresses to
impersonate his dead mom and collect $115,000 in Social Security and rent
subsidies. For six years, Thomas Prusik-Parkin hoodwinked a stunning
array of government agencies with his elaborate charade - using a cane,
heavy makeup, fake ID and a phony "nephew," law enforcement sources said.
He began collecting $700 a month in Social Security in her name, in
addition to his own disability checks, sources said. He's accused of
posing as Irene to file for bankruptcy so "she" would be eligible for
$39,000 in city subsidies to help pay rent on a Park Slope apartment ygs/
Rove said Saturday that rebuilding the Republican brand in California
will be a tough task that will require them to diversify and create a
strategy to spread their message to a wider audience.
Referring to the state party's deep losses in recent years, Rove said it
needs to focus on larger themes of restoring jobs y2k/
3113/Clapton: 'When I'm 70, I'll Stop Touring' Set to release his 21st
solo album rs/Scalia Legislates From the Bench, Contemptuously Dismisses
Congress on Passage of Voting Rights Act Mark Karlin,-as a symbol of
arrogance and oppression, a steel calling card from a corporation that
could not care less about our health, safety or organic well-being. 1974,
the project was estimated at $1.35 billion, as much as double the entire
assessed value of all the real estate in this rural Connecticut Valley
town, 90 miles west of Boston 39 years ago this week. Sam Lovejoy knocked
it down. Lovejoy lived at the old Liberation News Service farm, four
miles from the site. Montague’s population of about 7500 included a
growing number of “hippie communes.” born of a radical news service that
had been infiltrated by the FBI, promoting a legendary split that led the
founding faction to flee to rural Massachusetts. And thus J. Edgar Hoover
may spin in his grave over this one, became an inadvertent godfather to
the movement against nuclear power. The No Nukes movement continues to
succeed with an epic commitment to creative non-violence. In terms of
technology, cost and do-ability, Solartopia is within our grasp.
Politically, our ultimate challenge comes with the demand to sustain the
daring, wisdom and organic zeal needed to win a green-powered Earth. For
that, we’ll do well to remember the sound of one tower crashing.
harveywasserman BuzzFlash/Manning Pleads Guilty to Leaking Secret
Government Documents, Will Serve 20 Years in Prison lat/Scalia Describes
Key Provision in Voting Rights Act as a "Perpetuation of Racial
Entitlement Hartmann/Lina Sankari, l'Humanite: Resistance fighter,
deportee, diplomat and co-author of the Declaration of Human Rights
Stéphane Hessel died at the age of 95 years/crazy little nut jobs keep on
saying how your guns keep government in check and it keeps the
tyrannicals out etc etc. How do you plan on doing this? Are you gonna
march on Washington? Are you gonna wait until they come door to door for
your guns then ambush em? Cause I'm thinking gonna be more like this.
First you'll be labeled as terrorists. Along with all your closest
friends and family, All this without even firing a shot and this only if
they decide not to Drone your ass first. sounds to me like the only ones
in check are the cowards cl/Clint Eastwood and Barack Obama Support Gay
Marriage mspot/Federal Workers Brace for Furloughs, Vent Anger at
Politicians Lindsay Wise, McClatchy Newspapers: Even though many are
aware of the effects they would (or do) feel due to budget cuts, only 25
percent of Americans say they’re following the debate in the nation’s
capital very closely- Locked Out of Jobs, Formerly Incarcerated Struggle
to Reintegrate Michelle Chen, In These Time: The plight of those released
back into society after doing time reveals the underlying collateral
damage: a gaping economic hole/Eirik Vold "It's shameful," Assange says,
"that a handful of activists in WikiLeaks have published more secret
documents than the entire establishment press, with all its billion
dollar budgets, technical competence and human resources, altogether.-Why
Johnny Can't Read or Win Wars William J. Astore Meaningless metrics,
characterized by endless quantification with little regard to essential
qualities drive military and educational strategies in the United States.
In consequence, we lose not only the goals we purportedly seek but also
ethical purpose and moral virtue- Fleeing His Own War on Drugs, Felipe
Calderón Finds Refuge at Harvard Andalusia Knoll: Citizens of Mexico and
the United States question the appropriateness of Harvard's Kennedy
School of Government offering former Mexican president Felipe Calderón a
prestigious and lucrative fellowship, given the dramatic increases in
drug violence and human rights violations during his tenure-Mark Karlin,
BuzzFlash If you are hoping that gun control will finally advance in the
United States, Justice Antonin Scalia has other plans-Peter Dreier,
Generations of progressive activists may not trace their political views
to their early exposure to Dr. Seuss, but without doubt this shy,
brilliant genius played a role in sensitizing them to abuses of power.,
Truthout/ Bradley Manning Deserves a Medal Guardian UK/ Boehner Halts
Talks on Sequester Cuts, and House GOP Cheers nyt/ The Gun Industry's
Deadly Addiction rs/ How Private Prisons Game the Immigration System The
Nation/Zionism comments "objectionable" Turkey's prime minister likening
Zionism to crimes against humanity r/SEFFNER, Fla. (AP) — A huge sinkhole
opened up under a man's bedroom and swallowed him as he screamed for
help/egyptian queen kiki wins miss israel competition jn1/Romney:
Washington letting 'golden moment just slip away' with sequester, this
huge opportunity and it's being squandered by politics, by people who are
more interested in a political victory than they are in doing what's
right for the country fn/Mitt Romney Says the Election was Like a Roller
Coaster That You Can Lose Gawker/do you think these Italian Californians
were secretly JOOZ as part of the secret plan of
those zionists to undermine American morals with cheap hooch?-They were
far too smart to have been Zionists. Zionism attracts the underbellies of
society, those prepared to do whatever for their criminal enterprise. Let
me add, including seeing the Jewish people perish in the pursuit of their
delusional dreams of empire. Trust them as you would a rabid dog! yip/
MANNing the true cost of war, sick of bloodlust: war on whistleblowers
scapegoat rt/zionism argues is not racism jn1/

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