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3713/A ‘Perfect Storm’ Slam Taxpayers-We dont care! STOP THE SPENDING

3713/AP Efforts to stave off a late March government shutdown shifted to
the Senate after House Republicans swiftly passed legislation to keep
federal agencies running, while also easing some of the effects of $85B
in cuts. President Woos GOP to Seek Broad Deal-MarketWatch U.S. stocks
fall as China hits cyclical sectors Republicans insist spending cuts will
stay 15 ways to live well in a cheapskate retirement, Sequestration, the
fiscal cliff and a reduced IRS staff, A ‘Perfect Storm’ for IRS May Slam
Taxpayers-We dont care! STOP THE SPENDING! Planes grounded? Children on
the street? No food stamps? WE DONT CARE. STOP THE SPENDING! They cut 80
billion from a TRILLION DOLLAR BUDGET and they have to take it out on
fire, police, women, children. THEN DO IT! Stop the spending-thenwot?-
totally crash the economy. Republicans won't care, they are already rich.
They will just go on vacation to some other country, to avoid problems
here..THEY WILL GO VISIT wait... can't do that... Greece
is falling apart due to masive budget cuts.. OK, THEY WILL GO TO
SPAIN...ooops... more budget cuts... more very angry people.. ITALY,
THEN??? more bad news due to more budget cuts... IRELAND... ARGENTINA???
BRAZIL?? dang... more budget cuts, fewer important services and a LOT
more angry people. HMMM... CAN'T STAY HOME HERE IN THE USA... I know,
Republicans can go to China and visit their Communist business
partners... or maybe they can go to the Middle East and see what REAL
CONSERVATIVES are like... if they don't get used for target practice...
Those Conservatives are the most heavily armed bunch of criminals on the
DON'T YOU VISIT THE MIDDLE EAST.. you can see what real Conservatives are
like, get to see what a truly heavILy armed society is like, get to see
how REAL Conservatives abuse their women, AND YOU CAN EVEN SEE HOW THE
what is wrong with running things a lot more efficiently. You need to
grow up, the government was not built to continually change your diapers.
Stop wetting the bed, get a real job, move out of your mama's basement,
and maybe you can finally afford that new video game you want.-5,000
employees at $100,000 yearly per employee (pay and fringe benefits)
equals $50,000,000 dollars, right? Does anyone really think that the IRS
yearly budget has dropped by $50 billion dollars? Kinda strains the mind,
doesn't it... If so, lay off another 5,000 and declare the sequestration
solved!!! Does the MEDIA ever ask any questions of their labor
supporters? or just drink the kool aide-the president shold be able to
live, and work where he wants, however, flying is for people that need to
go somewhere, which he does not j/s-At $180,000 per hour for Air Force
One, how many jobs would that save?-get all the money that Romney (and
the like) hides abroad, and the IRS does not have to cut hours-Another
liberal rant, from one unable to put together a post remotely connected
to reality-people like you like to blame every one except the same
liberals you voted into office and who keep raising the national debt-an
example why that lying clown is in the White House and our economy is
tanking-Only imbeciles fail to understand that the fact that Romney's
finances are within the law IS the problem. We need laws that send the
Romneys to prison-send a guy to prison who created tens of thousands of
well paying jobs in the private sector while Obama never created a single
private sector job? You truly are in an elliptical orbit around the
planet Bizaro World!-Nothing new here... Republicans have bankrupted the
Federal government by giving massive freebies to the rich... meanwhile,
blame bama-Another nutjob conspiracy theorist! Tell us genius, how did
George W. Bush's fifth cousin plant all of those demolition charges in
the Twin Towers without anyone noticing why the walls on every floor were
taken down and that dynamite was fastened to all the support structures.
Oh, and what happened to all of the passengers on those "empty planes."
Are they still being held in a secret location by Karl Rove? Double GOOD
GRIEF!-(almost perfectly backassward)I.R.S. & E.P.A. along with the rest
of the federal government is destroying the backbone of American society
and they could care less because the laws they enforce against U.S.
citizens and for some strange reason they are immune from these
laws-unfortunately they have to exist, just to get people to pay their
taxes and follow the rules-who keeps these federal agencies in check to
follow the rules. Basicly they have put themselves above the law. They
can place charges on any individual as they please and basicly bankrupt
them. They have the resources laid in their laps when a private
individual has to struggle for the resources to fight them-the IRS serves
a function. the EPA, on the other hand, is an unconstitutional political
tool of the far left-Past history can show that politicians have used
these branchs of goverment as a retaliation tool against anyone who
opposes or challenge their authority. y/Record number of anti-government
militias in USA TODAY by Donna Leinwand Leger-Libyan national
congress attacked by rogue militias-Donald Rumsfeld must be indicted over
Iraq militias Guardian-Several hundred militiamen attacked building in
protest against proposed isolation law to purge Gaddafi era officials.
militia generally refers to an army or other fighting force that is
composed of non-professional fighters; citizens of a nation or subjects
of a state. wiki/Jobs to Fill, Employers Wait for Perfection (@ minimum
wage) nyt/ jama never worked 4 a living, maliticawife attack weekly
standard crystal, now wise 2 bernake bs trips4zion/ fighting the great
society, rudy does the bama bawl taxcut tears, sequester scream, failed
kenyian, anonyomus sdsspearm baby, on geraldo/ joy sleeping wo bra
defends dennis, the girls discuss the implications of "i love u"on the
view/blackhole theory, does ignorance, racism, bigotry or religious faith
have mass ie: natural material?
3613/there was huge results. the military industrial complex made
billions!-Iraq war was a knee-jerk reaction, based on an emotional need o
feel like w could regain control after 9/11 (a tragedy that we had no
control over). This same kind of reaction is happening right now with all
the gun-control legislation. Al Qaeda is correct in their assessment of
Americans being predictable, and we are evidently not smart enough to see
the cycle of our own behavior--actual statistics prove this woman wrong.
Only 6% of rapists have used a firearm in the commission of their crime,
but 550 rapes A DAY are prevented by the use of a firearm. Ergo, this
woman is either a liar, or willfully ignorant of the facts. So you have
to ask yourself...why would government officials, who all tend to own
firearms and have armed security, want to disarm the victim?--es Teds
just a nut and during the Dixie Chicks flap Fox and the conservative
radio talking heads continuously talked about how un-American they were
and urged viewers and listeners to stop supporting them.Anyone remember
freedom fries? That was how the right reacted when anyone questioned W
from 2001 to 2006- ted is a true American!-Now if you support the
president you are un-American-O'Reilly completely went off yesterday on
Alan Colmes cuz Billo couldn't handle the facts!-WHAT PROGRAMS COLMES
TELL ME ONE DAMN PEOGRAMS! damn even i felt bad for colmes lastnight-s
I'm waiting for Teds new album. "Pants pooper"- fb/Cardholders who also
have a Bank of America bank account get another $5 each quarter, bringing
the total to $120 a year just for staying on top of their bills and
making an effort to bringing down their debt. likely to be aimed at
lower-income consumers with fair credit. means you could wind up getting
$120 in bonuses on $240 of spending, a tidy 50% cash-back rate.
(prewarned) dailyfinance/THE PRESS never mad Repo candidates say the
dumb ass stuff they said in the last election campaign. Right wing
candidates SHOT THEMSELVES in the foot with NO HELP from the press who
simply ran with it-What is really in store by Obamma, promoted by
deceitful, unthinking agenda driven morons sez about BO that..."This jerk
thinks by giving things away to the lazy asses of this country it will
continue to be great-Is one of the dumbest things Americans politics has
ever promoted and come up with. I hope the RePOS KEEP crawling down this
path. It will only harm them because of it's falsehoodrbg/Roger Ailes
clearly concerned with what will happen to a 12-year-old son after he
passes away) and of his battle with hemophilia Called Obama 'Lazy, never
earned a penny that wasn’t public money. How many fund-raisers does he
attend every week? How often does he play basketball and golf? I wish I
had that kind of time. He’s lazy, but the media won’t report that.” He
noticed my arched eyebrows and added, “I didn’t come up with that. Obama
said that, to Barbara Walters.” (What Obama said was that he feels a
laziness in himself that he attributes to his laid-back upbringing in
Hawaii.),' Newt Gingrich A 'Prick,' New Biography Says-Fox News' Liz
Trotta On Women Raped In Military: 'What Did They Expect?'-Karl Rove
Argues With Fox News About 2012 Election Night Call-Bolling courted
allegations of racism when he criticized Obama's visit with the president
of Gabon, saying, "It's not the first time he's had a hoodlum in the
hizzouse.-Coulter told Fox News. "To become a black Republican, you don't
just roll into it. You're not going with the flow. You have fought
against probably your family members, probably your neighbors-Bolton,
former U.N. ambassador and Fox News contributor, alleged that Hillary
Clinton was faking a "diplomatic illness" to avoid testifying about
Benghazi-hp/Rand Paul filibustering Brennan nomination to lead CIA-
USAT/ House votes to fund government through end of fiscal year wp/
Syrian Rebels Abduct 20 UN Soldiers in the Golan Heights nyt/Milky Way's
Black Hole to Gobble Space Cloud This Year space/ 231 CIA Agents Killed
In Overt Ops Mission- Jets Say Tim Tebow May Still Have Prominent Role As
Scapegoat- onion He is restraining businesses from growing, he is causing
those that want to start up a business to wait. And he is taxing the crap
out of those that are making money. A design for callasp of the economic
engine of this country. Thats he M.O. Kill industry, put everyone on
wellfare and foodstamps and make sure you win the next election by
letting in all th free loaders you can. A recipe for total disaster. This
plan by Obamma is working- rbg/Obstruct and Delay, By DAVID FIRESTONE
Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has been speaking on the Senate floor for
about three-and-a-half hours, self-indulging in an old-school filibuster
against John Brennan, President Obama’s choice to run the C.I.A. At 3
p.m., Senator Mike Lee of Utah jumped in to help him, asking Mr. Paul
questions so he could keep the floor. Then Ted Cruz of Texas and Jerry
Moran of Kansas joined in the tirade nyt/House approves bill preventing
shutdown March 27 ap, Mike Simpson of Idaho said, there was concern among
some Republicans that incumbents and candidates in swing seats could be
harmed in the 2014 elections. "You've told people you'd be doing one
thing" and then changing the pledge, Democrats are poised to attack
Republicans over their plans regardless. Reid told reporters,
"Republicans plan to make more extreme cuts to Medicare and Medicaid,
education, medical research. They are in an untenable position." Obama
has proposed cuts totaling $400 billion or more to Medicare and other
health care benefit programs but has refused to accept the type of change
that Republicans seek, impose higher costs on wealthier seniors and make
payments to providers based on "the quality of care seniors receive"
rather than the number of tests. "I am open to additional reforms from
both parties, so long as they don't violate the guarantee of a secure
retirement-Refukicans don't mind cutting funding to Social Security and
Medicare for seniors but will happily prop up spending to the most
bloated military in the world. The only thing they will pay taxes for is
killing brown people overseas and incarcerating them here-Democrats who
opposed the measure protested the embedded spending cuts and criticized
Republicans for refusing to replace some of them with tax loophole
closings. You got your tax revenue, now start cutting you
knuckleheads-Republican "compromise": let's cut social programs and
INCREASE military spending. And neither approach increases taxes (for
everybody), which is necessary if we're ever gonna get out of this mess.
-you are too partisan to see the truth. The truth is that this President
tried to compromise repeatedly. Too much. The insincerity of the
Republicans finally became apparent after they tried to kill the health
care reform, and after that idiot McConnell admitted that all he wanted
to do is obstruct and make him "a 1-term president." Sorry, but I'm not
buying your fantasy argument-Anybody paying attention knows that the
wealth transfer over the last couple of decades has been TO the top, not
from the top. You don't get to make up your own facts, and that is a
fact.-foreclosures, record number of people who lost all their savings,
record number of repossessions ynews/Monte Paschi's spokesman David Rossi
found dead, his body, which had been covered with a sheet, lay beneath an
open window overlooking a courtyard outside the building, a restored 14th
century fortress. head of the bank's communications unit, not under
investigation himself, was among several people whose homes and offices
were searched last month as part of a probe into the lender's purchase of
Antonveneta in 2007 and subsequent losses linked to complex derivatives
deals. ryn/carlson going to poll numbers dailycaller talks to
prostitutes, colmbs orreilley fisticuffs neoslapping tucker,
3513/Politicians in Forbes Billionaires List/This Week in History 26
Years Ago, Reagan Addressed the U.S. on Iran Contra-American Mustache
Institute Pushes for Congressional Facial-Hair Caucus, Spurred by a
whiff of news that Sen. Angus King, I(?)Maine abc/ "Shave Gove of Down
South" called the haters out: "Given that the man, the legend, has
released 35 studio LPs, what did you want him to do? Ask for requests?
And you reckon THEY were self indulgent? This was a 'Neil Young with
Crazy Horse' event. That's what ya got. The set lists of the Alchemy Tour
concerts thus far are all available to view on the internet, starting in
October 2012, before tickets for the Australian leg went on sale, or is
that concept waaaay too modern for you? Yes, better stay home next time
and listen to Harvest again. Damn those nasty electric gee tars."- Angelo
Mozilo's growth strategy for 2006." Here's how Winston described the rest
of the story to PBS i.e. what happened when he asked the man to
elaborate: "What if the person doesn't have a job?" "Fund 'em," the guy
said. And I said, "What if he has no income?" "Fund 'em." "What if he has
no assets?" And he said, "Fund 'em." Later on, Winston would hear that
the company's unofficial policy was that if a loan applicant could "fog a
mirror," he would be given a loan. This kind of information is absolutely
crucial to understanding what caused the subprime crisis. There are
people out there still willing to argue that the government somehow
"forced the banks to lend" to unworthy applicants. In reality, it was
unscrupulous companies like Countrywide that were cranking out loans en
masse, knowing that these loans would be unloaded down the line, first to
banks and then to sucker investors like pension funds and foreign trade
unions, almost as soon as they were created. Fallout from 'Untouchables'
Documentary: Another Wall Street Whistleblower Gets Reamed taibblog- Two
things nailed Me hard. Michael Winston getting spanked with a claw, back,
and " potential collateral consequences of enforcement actions " which
explains just about everything We'll need to know about the DOJ. Surreal-
when there's no other option, when the law and the courts and the
government agencies are flooded with people who are doing the opposite of
their purpose, it's pitchfork time. It's tragic, but that's the only
choice. The citizens of this country have enabled the correct outcomes in
every legal way possible, only to be thwarted by corporate benefactors
like Breuer. At that point, all bets are off and the correct outcomes
must be achieved in extra-legal terms. The Lanny Breuers of the world are
the cause of that unfortunate strategy, but it's the only way. Else,
Americans shouldn't complain about being indentured servants in a country
that is no longer anything close to a Democracy-through extensive social
engineering, the average american is fat, dumb, distracted and does not
have the expertise or courage to use the pitchforks he owns. there will
be no storming of the castle by mr. morbidly obese and mrs. diabetic
coma-Yeah, I know. I like to indulge in a little fantasy from time to
time-Mozilo belongs in prison, but making loans to people who couldn't
repay is the least of the reasons-We have a "Family Values" crowd on the
right that simultaneously are some of the most immoral (or maybe amoral)
people in history. It's a particularly sad time to be alive in the USA-
Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement-the US rapidly
becomes more and more sociopathic. Sociopathy isn't a mental illness, per
se, it's a disease of the character. It's the ascendence of the animal
part of us, eclipsing and overshadowing our humanistic potential. As a
culture, the US is developing an increasing preference for the basic
animal qualities of aggression, dominance, and survival instincts over
our capacity for our humanity: fairness, empathy, justice, reason, and
beauty. Being an animal in human skin is easy, as long as you have no
human qualities like guilt, remorse, or empathy holding you back. Being
an animal is what we start out as (ask any parent of toddlers!); we have
to make an effort to become human. Lots of Americans, because of their
relative dominance, can literally buy or force alternate realities onto
others. When people learn how to completely sidestep what's human and
embrace only what's physical. they are, by definition, sociopaths- rs/
Sequester Is President Obama's Fault Dean Baker, Truthout: The GOP shares
a huge portion of the blame, but Obama didn't have to play their deficit
reduction games- "BP Stands for Bad People": Film Brings Heartbreaking
Stories From Residents of Louisiana Bayou Eleanor Bader, Truthout: Bayou
residents are critical not only of BP, but of government capitulation to
the corporate giant/ Hoyer was responding to comments Boehner, a
Republican from Ohio, made Feb. 28 in opposing President Barack Obama's
call for higher taxes as part of a bill to replace sequestration. "How
much more money do we want to steal from the American people to fund more
government?" Boehner asked. "I’m for no more."Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer
pushed back Tuesday against remarks made  Boehner in which he suggested
taxes were akin to stealing, calling Boehner's comments "extraordinarily
unfortunate." "We're not stealing anybody's money, They send us to
Congress to try to make a determination of how we can pool our resources
as a nation and as a people to invest in making our country better."
ynews/basaro bush President Jeb Bush picks Nathan Cheney as his Vice
President and Rufus Rumsfeld as his Defense Secretary idf/rip at 58 hugo
alj/ Robert Gibbs talks about why he couldn't talk about drones, John
Hodgman champions "too big to fail" corporate strategies, and R.J. Cutler
discusses Dick Cheney-Two ideas one cut the House of Representatives and
the Senate in half. We don't need 435. We can easily get away with 220...
and one Senator per state is enough... we pay less and get more done...
idea two... have a 'None of the above' on all ballots. If 'None of the
above' gets more votes than the candidates, the elected position goes
vacant we vote again and we keep voting until someone wins otherwise, the
seat goes vacant-dailyshow/The White House cancelled all White House
tours. That seems innocuous until you realize that it'll be Capitol Hill
lawmakers whose offices will be calling their constituents to say their
upcoming vacation might be in jeopardy. One Republican on Capitol Hill
called the move "vindictive and unnecessary-Eric Holder added in a letter
to Rand Paul, "The question you have posed is therefore entirely
hypothetical, unlikely to occur, and one we hope no President will ever
have to confront. It is possible, I suppose to imagine an extraordinary
circumstance in which it would be necessary and appropriate under the
Constitution and applicable laws of the United States for the President
to authorize the military to use lethal force within the territory of the
United States." abc/Are Walmart Billionaires Bankrolling Phony School
"Reform" In LA? Peter Dreier, Moyers & Company: The "school choice"
movement is code for privatizing our public education system. Why are
billionaires such as the the Walton family some of the biggest
contributors to this push to treat schools like for profit businesses?-
Republican lawmakers in Texas don't care if low income residents have
health care; hartmann/nyt finally admits the reality of the two economies
in America: one is booming, like the roaring 20s, for the rich; the other
one is filled with stagnant wages and the unemployed. bf-Transocean
Accuses BP of Cover Up That Prolonged Gulf Spill by Two Months Courthouse

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