Sunday, August 5, 2012

8512/Private Prisons Spend $45 Million Lobbying, Rake in $5.1 Billion for Immigrant Detention Alone "Nearly half of all immigrants run by private prison companies, cost is $166 a night

Fox "news" is not news. It is the propaganda arm of the Republican
party. It caters to the uneducated and malleable with lies and
distortions. It should be taken off the air for the slander it has
perpetrated. It has also hurt its viewers by standing in the way of the
truth fb/Accounts of Syria Rebels Executing Prisoners Raise New Human
Rights Concerns "Syrian insurgents fighting to unseat President Bashar
Assad face a growing list of accusations that they’ve carried out
executions and torture, muddying the Western narrative of a heroic
resistance force struggling against a vicious regime Hannah Allam and
Austin Tice, McClatchy Newspapers-Private Prisons Spend $45 Million on
Lobbying, Rake in $5.1 Billion for Immigrant Detention Alone "Nearly half
of all immigrants detained by federal officials are held in facilities
run by private prison companies, at an average cost for each detained
immigrant is $166 a night Aviva Shen, ThinkProgress-The  Bank of America
for Its Role in the LIBOR Scandal, and More In today's On the News
segment: DOJ Is Investigating Bank of America has received subpoenas from
the Department of Justice looking into what role the bank may have played
in the LIBOR scandal; gay rights activists held a "same-sex kiss day" at
Chick-fil-A; "social welfare" organizations are the new SuperPACs Thom
Hartmann-Why Mitt echoed those neocon sentiments, disparaging the
Palestinians: "A favorite neocon theme is that the superiority of Western
culture explains the world’s wealth disparities, not the accident of
natural resources and the aggressive use of military force. Insulted the
Palestinians Robert Parry, Consortium News-Is It Our Fault We Get
Sick?"Corporate wellness programs, according to critics, would rather
place the blame solely on the plate of individual workers. The worst
plans actually infer workers are unhealthy because of bad attitudes
Carl Finamore, BeyondChron: to/cruz (cuban tx teaparty), never sayw a
mexican panhandler, heart monitors on zoo apes, on faux snooze sunday
8412/tad chubby......must be all the Chicka-fil-a waffles fries
smothered in that hate sauce-Faux News. Rich People telling middle class
people to bkame poor people-There you go again, bothering Republicans
with Facts and Statistics, you know they don't care for that.-fb/"I can
list my complete philosophical view of the entire universe on a bumper
sticker. I am willing and have the means to kill you over my religious
beliefs, even if I can't prove they are true-How about a Bible passage
supporting post-birth abortion? That is, the deliberate killing of a baby
born alive after a botched abortion. It would be hard to find any
religion that supports it, but Obama does, though pretending to be a
Christian- dude the bible has god killing many babies. maybe you should
actually read it-yc/Eastwood said he first saw Romney when shooting
Mystic River in Boston and Romney was running for governor. He joked that
he kept thinking "he's too handsome to be governor, but he does look like
he could be president." The staunch Republican created a bit of confusion
after Chrysler's "Halftime in America" ad that aired during the
Superbowl. Many saw it an endorsement of President Obama, forcing
Eastwood to state on Fox News that he was "certainly not affiliated with
Mr. Obama ybac/Zimmerman’s Aspiron laptop is admitted into evidence at
the trial’s opening arguments. generated a rift in the initial search of
Zimmerman’s property. Among facebook messenger, eBay biddings, and Bank
of America online banking, also dwelt a Firefox Mozilla browser history
containing URLs to several pornographic websites aimed toward gay Black
men/numbers only tell one story: Middle-class families with children will
pay an average of $2,000 more in taxes under Romney. multi millionaires
would see an average $250,000 tax cut. Obama is working to extend the
middle-class tax cuts worth $2,220 a year to a typical family. But Mitt
Romney and his allies in Congress oppose these tax cuts unless they are
attached to even more large tax cuts for the most fortunate families,
putting the middle class at risk of another tax increase at the end of
this year. The Romney campaign disputes this new nonpartisan report
fb/Claims from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac represented a little less than
half of the total. Claims from private investors that bought loans from
the bank also jumped. The bank's executives have cautioned that the $22.7
billion in claims does not represent potential losses for the bank but
simply the unpaid balances of the loans in question. Those loans are
backed by collateral, and in settlement agreements the bank has typically
paid pennies on the dollar of actual losses Bank of America has about $16
billion in reserves set aside for these claims, which include money to
cover an $8.5 billion settlement reached in 2011 with private investors
that bought securities backed by Countrywide loans. That agreement still
needs court approval.msn/modification programs could charitably be termed
timid, incremental, and largely ineffectual. One in five mortgage
borrowers owe more than their homes are worth, the same level as when
Obama came into office. Many still pay high interest rates because they
can’t refinance bw/The president’s sermon struck a nerve in part because
it marked a sharp departure from the traditional Democratic criticism of
financiers and big corporations. Josh Barro, “You don’t have to make over
$250,000 a year to be annoyed when the president mocks people for taking
credit for their achievements-there is some truth to "yes, you have been
successful, a lot of people and circumstances have contributed to your
success". There is a big benefit to being a country where police is
keeping the order-Far from dissolving into anarchy, American government
under these conditions could become as oppressive as any cruel European
monarchy. Americans would end up having equality through slavery-“we can
tax you because you didn’t deserve this anyway-apathy of his most ardent
supporters has everything to do with the President's policies,
notwithstanding President Bush, the only Congress to have used
obstructionist tactics, Europe, Japan, tsunamis, inherited recessions and
all the other straw men being put forth to distract agitated voters. The
jobless even include Democrats who are fighting for their survival and
are beginning to realize that any alternative is an improvement-Religious
folks can and generally do concern themselves with "this-worldly"
affairs, now, during teh "enlightenment" and before-He wasn't dissing
small businessmen at all: he was standing up for them-This is why Obama's
presence in the White House continues to discourage creation of wealth
and jobs-When you have to explain/justify something at such length, the
overwhelming likelihood is that you are obscuring rather than
enlightening. the same totalitarian mentality that asserts that by
allowing citizens to keep *their* earnings, the government is somehow
doing them a favor-Obama is clearly mocking the successful. Something
he's done relentlessly since being elected. The transformation he keeps
talking about is taking the wealth earned by risk takers and handing it
to the have nots-By continuing to fuel their motivation to vote AGAINST
Obama, and what better way to do that then to keep drilling, drilling,
drilling away at this ludicrous idea that Obama's statement was some sort
of accidental peek-a-boo into his secret Marxist agenda, the reason
this story is still being pimped is because it's part of a loss
minimization strategy, and Postrel is simply doing her bit as a paid
shill for the oligarchy-His point is that "We" is really first person
"singular" as in the Government build it-construction of public highways
is one of the most socialistic endeavers in which the U.S. engages-sure
spends a lot of time explaining what he meant to say. The tone of that
speech was sneering.  To have to listen to a man with zero business
experience admonish successful business people explains a great deal
about our current economic situation-Comrad Obama and the left in general
have absolutely no idea of what it takes to start with an idea and then
build a business.  To quit your job, mortgage your house, and put your
children's future at risk for a dream of creating an enterprise, is
something for which there is no concept in the leftist repertoire of
despair.  Obama, himself never having accomplished anything-I’m always
struck by people, well, it must be because I was just so smart. There are
a lot of smart people out there. It must be because I worked harder than
everybody else-as a business owner I was well aware of what he meant. You
all only make yourselves more absurd by trying to deny the obvious-It's
fine if you don't like Obama, but just own up to it. Your attempt to
change the meaning of what Obama meant so that you can justify your
irrational anger is pathetic-really glad that there aren't fascist
systems that give government loans to small businesses in the USA.
Imagine what our world would be like if people weren't expected to build
everything by hand from whole cloth!  It would be terrifying!  I truly
admire all of the people like * who never had to rely on anyone else
in their whole lives.  Truly, these are the inheritors of the brave
pioneers who never received land grants or protection from the horrible
oppressive government of the USA.  Carry on!  You make us all proud-You
sir are obviously a ... Progressive! Close minded and not very bright,
but self righteous and arrogant in holding unto your discredited ,
specious beliefs-you need look no further than Solyndra for an example-
blindly defending a comment that is indefensible-quit blindly attacking a
speech that means the opposite of what you say it means. That, or admit
you're a Koch-do watch the entire speech, and appreciate how it has been
re-edited for improper context, you can't help but think how desperate,
vile and worthless Romney's people are-ATTITUDE comes in to play----if
your attitude is that government made you successful---you are drunk on
the socialistic Kool-aid!-taxes of the producers NOT the parasites.  And
everybody has access to it, but only the smart, innovative, hard-working,
self-sacrificing, risk-takers made it productive and contributed to the
greater prosperity of America-he declared about twenty million dollars.
If all of that was capital gains, he only paid $3,000,000 in federal
income tax-The left is claiming it's a fake controversy because it blew
up in Obama's face.  The qualifications and full context of his speech
makes Obama's statements even worse-Republicans snatch a sentence
fragment out of context and deliberately distort its meaning; the big GOP
Noise Machine swings into action, their presidential candidate repeats
the lie over and over again-Nonsense. He expressed a very traditional
commonwealth ideal that until recently nobody but lunatics would object
to: that we're all in it together, that we do better by pulling together,
and that those who've benefited materially from society's investments
need to (a) admit that, rather than pretending they're an island and owe
nothing to anybody; and (b) give something back, it goes back to
Aristotle. The reason it inflamed the FauxRage is simple: GOP
spinmeisters decided it was grist for their Obama-hate mill. The rubes,
as always, swallowed it hook line and sinker. nobody raised any
objections about this speech initially; it was only after the Noise
Machine got programmed and turned on that Republicans around the US
suddenly decided to misinterpret Obama's statement and treat it as an
insult to business owners. That fact is undeniably relevant to
interpreting what you and other conservatives claim you believe in your
souls about Obama-liberals don't believe that being successful requires
special skills. They don't mind a guy getting paid $25,000,000 to hit a
baseball because that takes "skill" but they don't see how starting a
business out of one's garage and turning it into a multi-billion dollar
business takes any skill. That's what Obama's speech did is finally
reveal the attitude of liberals to all of us who own a business or have
worked are way from the bottom up. And that attitude will cost Obama and
lots of D's the election in a few months-No Big Boy Pants for Banks That
Whine Over Rules-simple answer to the whining is "Why does it cost extra
to have the information on tap showing you aren't a fraud?"  We shouldn't
have to explain that to a guy who collects a big salary because he is
smart. Jamie Dimon doesn't seem to get it, why does anybody invest in his
"bank"?  Investors need to get hardball with their investments.  How
pension funds invest and vote on executive salaries needs to be made
public information, easily accessible.  JP Morgan would be worthless
tomorrow if anybody demanded to see how many Brooklyn Bridges they have
in their derivative book-key part of the problem that what we "should do"
moral objectives  is most commonly defined solely in terms of
maximum monetary profit.  "The pursuit of happiness" is considered
effectively identical to "pursuit of profit", because more surplus does
allow more satisfaction-Break up the Big Banks and send the Financial
Big Guys who are ruining the USA to jail.  Lord Bank-Fine, Dimon, Corzine
are Banksters who should be investigated-two different legal systems: one
for the common man and one for the 'untouchables'.  If someone in
Anytown, USA was found to have donated a few hundred dollars to some
Islamic charity with reputed ties to terrorist groups, that individual
could face many years behind bars and would at least find life as he knew
it, ruined, let it be discovered that a major financial institution
laundered large sums of money for criminal activities and named terrorist
organizations and the punishment is a relatively small fine and a slap on
the wrist. No one does the perp walk and any officer who might resign as
a result of airing the issue, usually walks away with generous
compensation. Anyone else see something wrong here?-bb/McCain stated last
Tuesday that his VP list included Romney, but he picked Palin- Republican
heavyweights aren't mute about showing no love for Wayward Willard.
Meanwhile, rectal drip dumpobamie continues to "make a splashybac/
November 21, 1995? It wasn't Halley's Comet. some parts of the world, an
acceptable answer might be "those annoying 17-year cicadas sa/MK Ben-Ari
could be extradited to US?-"MK Ben-Ari's extremist views and actions are
outrageous," said AJC Executive Director David Harris. "The photograph of
MK Ben-Ari tearing up the *hr1$tian ß1ßle, holy to many around the world,
is a sacrilegious outrage, an abominable assault on an entire religion."
Harris, praising today's remarks by Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin, and by
Mark Regev, spokesman for 1r.z♫æli Prime Minister Netanyahu, urged other
1r.z♫æli leaders to speak out and take appropriate action against
Ben-Ari. "I condemn all disrespect of holy writings, including the
tearing of the New *3stament by an MK last night. Imagine a foreign
parliament member tore the ß1ßle, relating to it as a provocation,"
Rivlin said at today's Knesset session in Jerusalem. "Democracy means
freedom of speech but not freedom to disrespect other religions. A
foundation of the state is freedom of worship and belief. ypi/
-what-god’s-love-feels-like/ cola "caramel colorant" that is used to
colorize all major brands of cola is not natural dye candy at all. made
by reaction of sugars with ammonia and sulfites at elevated temperatures.
This reaction results in the formation of 2-metilimidazol-4 metilimidazol
which chemical substances are documented by the U.S. Government.UU. to
cause cancer in mammals-Many Americans want to live in a world where one
man has the moral calling and clarity and is touched by God to bring
about destiny. Great movie script. However, this is the real world with
real nuances, not so cut and dry and I'm wearing my black hat.time-Reagan
did not know anything about the economy.....he delegated that to Fed
Chief Paul Volcker...who used Keynesian principles to create an economic
boom.....yet to this day....GOPers always say "see lowering taxes for the
wealthy works-Lowering taxes on the people who pay 1,000,00 percent more
than you do has helped Obummers so called recovery. Why do you think he
keeps singing it. Duhh! And shut your mouth about Reagan if you dont know
the facts Im sick of union ignoramouses like all of you that listen to
CNN or NBC and believe it without knowing the facts for your selfs-He's
right. Facts do get in the way of fantasy-Reagan was the reason we were
not nuked? Again, conservative foreign policy realists-bacman "GOP
think", the Intelligence Committee is in charge of finding some
intelligence, hacking it to pieces and then burying it-She is not a
stupid as she appears to be - much of her ignorance is intentional and
planned so she can appease the pea-brained tea party mob-Pride of The G O
Piss Gals, What n Idiot, Ignorant, Moron! Therefore, a Perfect RUINING
Mate for Will-Herd!-I for 1 see the genius in this. Bachman was in favor
of trading Chickens for healthcare. Now with Chic fil a going all anti
gay the plot deepens-the highest IQ than the rest of them. 50-I don't
really think the Swedes are making things up, Atheist or not, i hold them
as very Educated people as a whole-In the eyes of the atheist, nature is
sacred. We would never destroy it. Christians think the world Wwas
created for us to fuck up. Their all arrogant. A nation of atheists would
flourish because logic is on the forefront of our way of thinking. We
need nature and we'll protect it. When the time is right. When religion
is finally dead-Calling Obama "the lesser of 2 evils" and saying that
"one party is just as bad as the other" is such a cop-out. History bares
out who has the best interests of the aveage citizen in mind, and it sure
isn't the "tax breaks will trickle down" crowd-mitt paid 13.9% in taxes
in 2010, he admits that much. How much does the average citizen pay,
percentage wise? More than twice that, why is that ok?-What's the
difference with the demo. They are lobbied mostly by the same interest
Sure. You both suck. Politics in USA are so deeply set-up it's not even
funny anymore-The demo are doing the baillouts, rep are cutting the taxes
and social prog. What a great team they make together-obeyed the golden
rule, never read a book or learn anything but how to shoot a gun-
Xavier Goodman Justifying each others existance till we realize nothing
is left in the country for the people actually living in it-tea party
platform is "Waaahhhhh.... my taxes are too high! Lower them and get rid
of big bad government... except for enforcing strict immigration laws and
outlawing abortion and contraception and having a big ass army." They
justify tax cuts for the rich because, well, they're stupid. As long as
they have low taxes personally, tea baggers don't seem to mind if the
rich pay no taxes at all-delusional conservatives that belong to the
middle class but feel like they're one-percenters!-the catch 22:The GOP
has whipped the base into such an anti Obama socialist Muslim Kenyan fear
frenzy that they don't even care what Romney plans to do. Most of them
have no idea he is planning on raising taxes on the middle class and
lowering taxes on the wealthy--that's his plan to help the economy. If
Obama wins, they'll hate us for it and never admit anything is
better--ever and only focus on "how much better" Romney would have made
things--though they'll be paying lower taxes under Obama and won't know
the doom we've saved them from. You can't beat crazy-Seriously, though,
when have facts and logic ever convinced a Teabagger?-Outsource the 1%!-
problem with the GOP is the Tea Klux Klan has taken them over and their
moto, Our Way, or the HighWay And they mean it!-They've already out
sourced their trust funds into Swiss bank accounts, so why not follow
them?-vote republican and give up your medicare. All rebulicans are full
of poop> they just can't stand a black man being president. They want
wars but run away when its their turn to fight for their country. They
don't want taxes. but wanr nice hiways. pay up-businesses are losing
money. You can't put people on the street without a paycheck then ask
them to shop at your stores! They don't have any money-President and COO
Dan Cathy has repeatedly made disparaging remarks about same-sex
marriage. Chick-Fil-A CEO S. Truett Cathy is quoted in a 2007 Forbes
profile stating he would probably fire someone who has been sinning- I
don't feel welcome there so I'm going to complain about it all day."
Here's something you could do...NOT EAT THERE!-I believe Obama will do
and say anything to get a vote. Where was this kind of outrage back in
2008??!! I guess being a hateful anti-gay religious liberal is o.k. with
the gay community, F-ing Sheep!-This is what liberals do when one dares
to challange their beliefs. and then they have the big hairy balls
(stuffed into silk panties and fishnets) to call christians &
conservatives intolerant. What a group of hypocrates-let the hate roll
in, United we stand divided we fall. Everyone in the world is tired
of hearing the fighting going on lately-Send the warmongers themselves
and their families to the front lines. See how fast they stop the wars-
Don't ever think war is about freedom or ideology, that's what they tell
stupid people. War is about one thing and one thing only. You have it and
we want it. War is the well orchestrated robbery of an entire country. My
bank robbers need to eat, supplies, uniforms,'s just a
robbery. No more, no less-almost amusing to watch people be so deep in
denial about Mr. Romney and about the way the upper 2% generally is
treated differently from the rest of us. The denial would be amusing if
it weren't so sickening, scary and dangerous to the republic-right-wing
people who keep asking me if I am employed anytime they are on this site,
even on unrelated posts. I know the sinister intent behind it, because in
their little minds all liberals are welfare dependents. This is a FAUX
news talking point, not based on facts but based on ignorance and lies.
In fact most food stamps and welfare recipients live in predominantly
Republican States-Unfortunately, the ones who need to read this are the
ones who refuse to accept any reality other than their own. Frustrating-
moral delima cater to the rich fighting their wars, plunder the earth,
sell out working people, or agree with a hippy-Israel tumor malicious-
There is a difference between Jewish and Zionists- Ṡhiko Ṿ Ṁangami
religion makes you racist. shame on YOU-1970 Egypt ... Israel claims that
it had thought the school was an Egyptian military installation.[1][2]
The attack was carried out by Israeli Air Force F4 Phantom II fighter
bombers, at 9:20 am on Wednesday April 8. Five bombs and 2 air-to-ground
missiles struck the single-floor school, which consisted of 3 classrooms
result , Of the 130 school children who attended the school, 46 were
killed and over 50 wounded. The school itself was completely demolished,
and there is more-I am disgusted. If you are the voice of occupy wall
street (and are you?) I'm not longer willing to be attached to the
movement in any way-I guess, you won't vote for Romney, right? ;)-israel
kill 10 palestinians, when palestinians try to kill one israelian they
kill 1000, this is terrorism-gwTFb great or greatest president-a shit job
which is cool i guess if you're trying to fuck over an entire nation. he
didn't do shit except get america into another conflict that we shouldn't
be in and spend money. the president doesn't have any real lasting power
unless congress allows them, so putting all the blame on a single person
is absurd-you prefer the guy who created the diaster over the one who is
getting us out ( even with all the GOP obstructionism) I get you, war
mongering cowards who never served love a good war, but back then it
wasnt in the best interest of the country to start another one , and with
the Opec nations for christs sake. You know who have no balls was Reagan.
After our Marines were killed by terrorists in Lebanon , he cut and run .
But he's your hero... You do know that Reagan Supplied, Trained, and
Financed BOTHE Saddam and Osama?-After invading iraq a country that posed
no threat to this country. Dick & bush put up a banner saying mission
accomplished. Bin laden moving from a cave to a mansion. Bush says that
was his mission. Worst president ever-debates will settle this, cannot
wait for Obama to crush Mitt Witt. He will not have a prayer. I am
already embarrassed for him. Deer in headlights, I hope you can watch
your candidate melt down in front of the nation-with regulations to
assure fairness, as men are not fair, they are greedy. Wall Street,
criminals all. Romney hiding his money, not investing in the country he
wants to be President of. People are not to be trusted, the fat white men
over 65, mostly southern. They are dangerous to our, my country- fb/A man
on a big farm tractor, angry about his recent arrest for resisting arrest
and marijuana possession, was rolling across their vehicles — five marked
cruisers, one unmarked car and a transport van. By the time they ran
outside, the tractor was down the driveway and out onto the road. With
their vehicles crushed, "We had nothing to pursue him with," Working in a
stout former bank building with windows closed and air conditioners
humming, Orleans County sheriff's deputies didn't know what was happening
in their parking lot until a neighbour called 911. ThursdayMONTPELIER,
Vt. afternoon's incident ended when city police in Newport, the county
seat of the northern Vermont county, caught up with Roger Pion, 34, a
short distance away-it sure isn't for public safety either it is all
about the $$$!! We don't like it,,,and most of us don't break the law and
certainly not any major laws...just #$%$ traffic tickets for their
pockets. Look at drunk drivers..long history of killing innocent people
and we all know it. Everyday same old story, drunk gets in his car and
somebody else pays the price...what does the justice system do...if he
has money he gets off...if he doesn't have money...he goes to jail.
Justice my #$%$-They just throw a bunch of statutes against the wall
(regardless of the statute's penal elements that need to be satisfied) to
see if anything will stick. The government DOES use deceit and fraudulent
craft in the course of "enforcing the law". Just as crooked as the
offender they're prosecuting, no difference, it's only that Americans
have government as their god and that "god" can do nothing wrong-As a
retired police officer I'm surprised you think that leaving an entire
department without vehicles to respond to emergency calls is funny...
your short sightedness indicates you were likely mediocre at best on the
streets yc/ "Today's the day we get our first glimpse into the deep, dark
pockets of major network TV broadcasters all across the nation. The FCC's
online political files database launches today Molly Buckley, Free Press-
Does Mitt Romney Think He Is a Son of Abraham and That the Land of Zion
Will Be His Inheritance?: "While in Jerusalem Mitt Romney made an
appearance at the Wailing Wall in a yarmulke. Was he just trying to pay
tribute to Orthodox tradition or does he think he's a Jew? Perhaps both
Valerie Tarico, AlterNet/peon drives tractor over police cars, children
singing happy birthday to jama, disengenous thinks on imus/
8212/came about after the Tax Reform Foundation released a simple study
on the tax implications of Olympic success. The USOC awards athletes
$25,000 for each gold medal, $15,000 for each silver and $10,000 for each
bronze. The value of the metal in the medal is also taxed. At current
commodities prices, a gold is worth $675, a silver is worth $385 and a
bronze less than $5. At the top income rate of 35 percent, that means a
gold medalist will owe Uncle Same $8,896. Each silver means a $5,385
bill, and each bronze is $3,502/defense Companies Use Congress to Save
Their Profits, No Matter WhatAll the members of Congress will talk a good
game when it comes to going after waste and fraud in the Pentagon in
their campaign literature to look tough when the next overpriced weapon
or spare part hits the press, but they are counting on the Pentagon
contractors to keep them fat in campaign contributions Dina
Rasor-Big Oil earns $342 million in  profit; the number of Americans in
low-wage jobs is expected to hold steady over the next decade; a
21-year-old in Arkansas is dead after he was mysteriously shot in the
head while handcuffed in the back of a police car Hartmann-How to Bring
the Major Oil Companies Ashore and Halt the Destruction of Our Oceans
Subhankar Banerjee, TomDispatch:  Truthout/
8112/a HUGE falacy to say that "we" bailed them out. So how much of
"your" money did you send them to bail them out? How much came out of
your pocket? Answer: ZERO! Stop with they "they owe me something because
I helped bail them out" crap. The government bailed them out by printing
money (not by taking it out of your pocket, and not by creating a debt
you had to repay). And since then, they paid the money back. So tell me
how, if not a cent came out of your pocket, and you did not loan them
anything, and the entity that did bail them out has been repaid, tell me
how that equates to you having even the slightest to do with their
bailout? They owe you NOTHING ybac/Sharp decline in terror attacks after
bin Laden death- Can Mittl, poles can kiss my ass, end the gaffe track?-
Cape Cod shark attack victim 911 calls released- Celebrated author Gore
Vidal dies at 86- y/Citigroup Stock To Go Ex-dividend Tomorrow ts/in the
history of the world every nation that stood against the jooooos has been
destroyed. every single one God has chosen the joos.-childish
imaginary bullsh1+ for retards! ypi/ The NREL study:
Solar power could provide 100 times the amount of current U.S.
electricity needs /Aurora Holds the Nation's Attention,
Police Shootings Are a Daily Routine Stephen Salisbury, TomDispatch-
Warning: Dick Cheney Can Constitutionally Be Vice President, Mark
Karlin, BuzzFlash-War on Workers' Religious Liberty Amanda  Marcotte, RH
Reality Check: "The war on women advanced dramatically on  Friday, when a
judge in Colorado issued a preliminary injunction on  behalf of an air
conditioning and heating business owner who doesn't want  his employees
to use contraception-Mitt Romney "Didn't Pay Any Taxes for 10 Years
Truthout/perment low tide bildoe bb, stfu dl huely, mitt aid altracation,
judas obama, on imus
73112/Head for the Mountains? Or think in moderation? With the Bush
Administration heady about tax cuts and hawkish foreign affairs, sober
Republicans might have the answers. A chorus of Democrats is declaring
that the Bush administration is among the most reckless, radical and
deceitful administrations in modern history, but has had limited success
in convincing  benj/I hadd de wetdreem last nite, Must b sign dat sumthin
gr-8 bout ta happin, I pray daylee fa THE ARMMAGGEDDION. ;-)ygs/STOOPID
AND ALL THE EVIL KKK SPEW OF REPUBLICANS-Hate mongering fringe right
morons (SW's Rectal Drips) give themselves away. Look at their screen
names. It's all about hate, lies, racism, fascism, and stupidity, Fringe
right idiots cannot dodge this issue. It is at the core of Romney's
character, or better, his total LACK of character- Veterans will not
support draft dodging Chickenhawk Willard ybac/Buying Banks Is a Horrible
Idea, I like banks and bankers, generally. I worked for Barclays (NYS:
BCS) UK Retail for a few years and didn't meet a single member of
management who was willing to overlook customers' needs DailyFinance/
Rebels in Syria's Largest City Claim to Seize Important Police Stations
nyt/new strain has been named avian H3N8, and is blamed for the deaths of
162 seals along the US coastlines last year, said the study in mBio, a
journal of the American Society for Microbiology/WILLARD DID NOT
PAY TAXES FOR 10 YRS-REPUCANS still support with a straight face. Talk
about hypocrites-Does Mitt think he is too special to do what all others
before him have done and continue to do? ybac//katy griffin via bernie,
sez bristol palin is a dirty hoar, on imus
73012/bama said Friday he is releasing an additional $70 million in
military aid for Israel-Israel they are as bad as the nazis thinking they
are gods favored . FYI I have Jewish friends that say the same and in no
way want to be associated with Israel and their murdering ways -Occupy
Rothschild Boulevard" in Tel Aviv, Israel /these
elite super soldiers were none to happy about being used for a staged
deception and a political fabricated stunt, and had been threatening to
go public, and expose the fraudulent Obama and his cronies, but an
exploding helicopter was over packed with team 6 members who had
participated in the operation and they were silenced for all time-Irish
Rugby legend, Ronan O'Gara refuses to shake the hand of Queen Elizabeth
of Britain, aka "Crusty Drawls". He was denounced in the British press,
and hailed as a hero of Irish independence-Nazi-style genocide has always
been at the heart of House of Windsor policy, and long after the
abdication of Edward VIII, the Merry Windsors maintained their direct
Nazi links.-the queen stripped a banker of his knighthood because of his
roll in the 2008 financial crisis?- fb/

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