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8812/because you think you're being clever, it doesn't mean that anyone else will

8812/long since become about hurting Obama’s election chances and
discrediting clean energy.House Oversight and Government Reform Committee
held the four-gazillionth hearing on Solyndra badgering DOE Secretary
Steven Chu to give himself a letter grade. It’s a political disagreement
masquerading as a show trial, For all the talk over possible “smoking
guns, one Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio said that, smoking gun or not House
Republican acknowledged yesterday that multiple GOP probes on the subject
are in some ways a play for votes on Election Day-GOP base is comfortable
with scorched earth politics. Democrats better wise up and recognize that
they no longer have a rational partner in government- They know.  But
what exactly you do about that is another and more complicated matter- mainstream media-revolution go on and bring hamad and saudi
to death-now we are killing them in bahrain for the same reason, so the
sheaa do now in syria, we can't accept the other, that's all-sad to see
stupid people like you with brains washed by zionist mass media? Why do
you want a democracy in Syria and not in Bahrein and Saudia where
thousands of people are killed in silence? Zionist-salafist forces don't
care about democracy in arab countries, their goal is to enslave muslims
with their own religion-we dont need your help sending weapons and
terrorist here stop killing us stop killing our syrian army..go help them
in bahrain-Bahrain wants help from the US? oh boy-most bahrini ppl r
shi3a... how come gov ignore this?!!!!! they need more rights naturally,
im sunni... but as long as they r a majority there then they need rights
and not being treated like enemies in their homeland-More than 80% of the
bahrainian people are in this revolution, asking 4 freedom and social
justice .. no HRW, no U.N and no one cares-Saudi occupation to Bahrain
kills hundreds of civilian Ashia Muslims and the media doesnt mention
anything about this-The U.S government support the king in Bahrain and
tell him to kill the rebels, on the other hand, they support the
terrorist of FSA in syria against the government there-what Republicans
have done to hold our economy down,, governors are hard at work laying
off people, Republicans say no to help for small businesses, kill jobs
bill, say no to closing tax loopholes that help send our jobs overseas,
no to teachers, firefighters and police, no to Wall Street financial
reform bil, no to making college more affordable, kill fair pay for women
bill, block unemployment benefits, reward this kind of betrayal in
November?- Mitt to Olympic Athletes: You Didn’t Win That undercuts
his campaign's main message-linsey gram sucks down a slickafila-Four
Palestinian political prisoners currently imprisoned in Israeli military
jails under administrative detention orders, On Hunger Strike Abused by
Israeli Military presidential campaign has presented
the political world with an important test. will restore the work
requirement because it works- mitt's lying. He's not spinning the truth
to his advantage; he's not hiding in a gray area between fact and
fiction; he's just lying. The law hasn't been "gutted"; the work
requirement hasn't been "dropped." Stations that air this ad are
disseminating an obvious, demonstrable lie. Republican governors this
year asked the Obama administration for some new flexibility on welfare
standards I'm eager to see whether we pass or fail.The scandal behind
mitt's new attack ad, How are we to respond to a campaign that
deliberately deceives the public without shame? This lie about welfare
policy comes on the heels of Romney's lie about voting rights in Ohio,
which came on the heels of Romney's lies about the economy; which came on
the heels of Romney's lies about health care; which came on the heels of
Romney's lies about taxes, working under the assumption that he can make
transparently false claims, in writing and in campaign advertising, with
impunity. Romney is convinced that there are no consequences for
breathtaking dishonesty-Way to admit you really don't give a damn about
whether it's a fu king lie or not. And I guess we can dispense with the
"Concern" in Concern Troll, and just consider you an outright Troll. But
I guess Wingnut Troll is more accurate. And if you think that's this
issue is really something that's gonna turn those irresponsive
inattentive undecideds, then you're really searching, Fluff. It pretty
much shows you your Team Republican's desperation, too bad Wingnut World
is having to resort to manufactured lies as its sole campaign strategy to
try to compete. But I guess that what you boys have to do when the 30+
years of failed conservative economic ideas and policies have resulted in
suffocating inequality not seen since the Great Depression. So it's
double down time, consequences to the nation be damned, and lie, lie,
lie. Good ethical, moral choice you've made as a member of Team
Republican, Fluffy. Displaying your delicate sensibilities over niceties
such as language is very touching. May I suggest a fainting couch.-People
like Robme are bottom feeders. They feed off the poor for their
wealth-are the majority of Americans really that stupid?-You really want
to know the answer to that question? Just watch a few hours of "Fox and
Friends," a few Faux News analysis shows, even their regular news (unless
you're watching Shepard Smith). You won't have to guess-. Seriously, just
because you think you're being clever, it doesn't mean that anyone else
will-it is so important to protect the core belief, they will
rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn't fit in with the
core belief Frantz Fanon-CBS National News this morning... Obama campaign
suit against Ohio early voting. Naturally, it was "the Obama campaign
says, the Romney campaign says, corporately owned media (other than the
republican propaganda channel Fox) would not want to appear biased by
stating the truth-NBC is willing to tell without pushback. It is all well
and good for us individual commenters to write letters and sign
petitions, but until someone in the MSM, and I include TRMS, takes the
risk we are being asked to take, nothing will change. When NBC buys a
Romney ad that is a blatant lie, even if it meets the FCC/FEC
regulations, they are perpetuating the lies, knowing that the "average"
viewer will take it as fact. Come on, Rachel, you have enough money to
survive a suspension from MSNBC/NBC, and I'm sure there are plenty of
other outlets that will pay you to comment. What is your tipping point?-
ANY shame? Take him all the way back to assaulting that kid at Cranbrook
Academy when Dubya Mitt was a teenager. Did he have any shame then? This
guy's a lying, soulless weasel. He has as much use for shame as a rabid
badger has for compassion. And his party, and the people who vote for its
candidates, are every bit as bad as he is. This isn't an election we're
engaged in. It's an existential war-Weasles feel insulted when you
compare Mitt to them-Welcome to the American Post-Truth Dystopia-Why do
the teapubs and Willard hate America so much?-governors who requested the
increased flexibility in complying with the law were Republicans: from
Nevada and Utah, no less-ultimate hypocrisy is RncPrBS calling Harry Reed
a "dirty liar". That one just about made my head explode-a political ad
with Clinton and the only thing said is, "Mitt is a bold faced
liar-maddowblog/obamalone, imus/
8712/OLIVER Cazard,who interrupted the women's olympic football match
between #France & Israel wearing a 'Free #Palestine' shirt-amazing how
when people hurl insults they more accurately describe themselves-DOes
seem strange that we can manage to shoot fire crackers at the moon while
children and adults die lingering deaths for want of a loaf of bread.
People in the future will look at this an wonder WTF we were doing-77% of
convicted poediphiles identify themselves as Christian. Shocking, when
one considers groups like the "Family" Research Counsel paints gays as
the culprits-contrived, accidental software problem, or intentional,
rightwingnutz bable virus strikes again-fb/Handmaidens to Barbarity,
science, industry and technology that made possible the 20th century's
industrial killing. These forces magnified innate human barbarity. They
served the immoral. And there are numerous scientists who continue to
work in labs across the country on weapons systems that have the capacity
to exterminate millions of human beings." Chris Hedges, Truthdig- Sikh
Temple Shooter Part of Growing Trend of Anti-Sikh Violence Wade Michael
Page, the army veteran who is suspected of killing six and injuring three
at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, WI, over the weekend, was a white
supremacist and a 'skinhead.' According to the Southern Poverty Law
Center, Page, who was killed in a firefight with police, played in
a white power band that had ties to neo-Nazis." Annie-Rose Strasser,
ThinkProgress- Public sector employment is at its lowest level since
1968, Texas is preparing to execute a mentally disabled man tomorrow, new
report tallies teaching job losses at 200,000-300,000 Thom Hartmann-
Monsanto's Quiet Coup: Will Congress Limit Scope and Time for GMO
Reviews? The scene was initially set before the first genetically
engineered crops existed, when the pro-industry Reagan administration
crafted a lax regulatory framework ... requiring no new laws to regulate
genetically engineered crops and animals, thus avoiding any public
national debate on the issue Jill Richardson, PR Watch-A congressional
investigation has revealed a top U.S. general in Afghanistan sought to
stall an investigation into abuse at a U.S.-funded hospital in Kabul that
kept patients in, quote, 'Auschwitz-like' conditions. Army whistleblowers
revealed photographs taken in 2010 which show severely neglected,
starving patients at Dawood Hospital, considered the crown jewel of the
Afghan medical system, where the country's military personnel are treated
Nermeen Shaikh and Amy Goodman, Democracy NOW!-to/an amazing act of
heroism, but it's also exactly who he was," Amardeep Kaleka told CNN
Milwaukee affiliate WTMJ. "There was no way in God's green Earth that he
would allow somebody to come in and do that without trying his best to
stop it, was not surprised his father got in a "blood struggle" to try to
stop a shooter who killed six people, including his father...Gunman
talked of 'racial holy war'-definitely not a conservative.. he is
actually a skinhead racist socialist.. HOWEVER I do agree that when it
comes to political affiliations there will all vote for the Republican
party moreso when a black guy on the Democratic ticket-TAXPAYERS WOULD
LIVE BY THE SWORD...DIE BY THE SWORD-look forward to the day when people
stop indulging themselves with their caps-lock key-McVeigh was NOT a
democrat, he was a registered republican.  FACT- UNFACT. only takes three
seconds on google to see he was a registered Dem and called himself an
atheist. but thanks for your input, Harry Reid-Manson was a registered
democrat. You're point? cnn/Big Banks Throwing Each Other Under Bus Over
Libor Scandal- Goldman Still Working to Unwind Knight Trades- Congress
Skips Town Despite Unfinished Business-christy key note speaker of rnc
gloteny and greed-politics and crime are the same m. corleone-anger is
like drinking poison, and expecting enemies to die budda-Is Romney
sabotaging his own campaign?-you realize that he makes about $2 Billion
either way right-Mc Cain was the throwaway candidate in '08 when
the GOP let him nominate Caribou Barbie, I don't think the GOP brass
wanted Romey or if they did had no idea what a total douche he is-Being
illiterate, stupid/and or superstitious, is a requirement to run for the
republican ticket nowadays. Makes their base feel, he is one of us. Oh,
and don't underestimate people with those characteristics. They do get
elected. -fb/Chick-fil-A stumbles on a strategy to help struggling
businesses: associate your product with a divisive political position and
wait for the cash to roll in, gay/homosexual, fast food, controversies,
same-sex marriage, discrimination, food, Christian, religion, business,
restaurants, Mike Huckabee, friend of the show, economy, slogans, family,
Jesus-Legendary folk artist Pete Seeger talks about formerly joining the
Communist Party, having a socialist-musician father, and selling the
rights to his songs-Fox News's Judith Miller explains why the Obama
administration's leaks are jeopardizingly injurious to national security
in a way Dick Cheney's WMD leaks were no colbert/How big a dick do you
have to be for Osama bin Laden to not want to work with you? Jon Stewart
on Al Qaeda refusing to do business with Saddam Hussein June 12, 2003
dailyshow/14 Wacky "Facts" Kids Will Learn in Louisiana's Voucher Schools
Slave masters were nice, the KKK is A-Ok, and the Great Depression is a
liberal fantasy. Thanks, Gov. Jindal-Slavery was a Global "economic
commodity"...still is in some Sudan-fb/jama coins reverse
robinhood, romneyhood, newsmax flunky attempts ownership  
8612/"Are US taxpayers funding a losing war on drugs? How the Militarized
War on Drugs in Latin America Benefits Transnational Corporations and
Undermines Democracy as a means of expanding military influence and
increasing political dominance Mark Karlin-SEC Shows Abject Incompetence
in Case Against Citi Staffer "If anyone was really serious about going
after bank misdeeds, the path of action would be to go after how bankers
pay for drugs and prostitutes on the company dime Yves Smith, Naked
Capitalism-a lot of cybercrime, cyberespionage and even acts of cyberwar
are occurring, but the exact scale is unclear Peter Maass and Megha
Rajagopalan, ProPublica- Truthout/Forget anabolic steroids in
easy-to-swallow tablets, or EPO in clean syringes. Ancient Olympic dopers
got their pre-Games hormone boost from chewing on raw animal testicles-
Berlin's main modern art museum this summer should take care not to step
on piles of horse manure, placed as a reminder of art that was stolen,
destroyed or went missing under Nazi rule-Air intruders must be shot
down, Belarus leader saysBelarussian President Alexander Lukashenko,
smarting after a pro-democracy stunt in which teddy bears were dropped
into Belarusr MINSK-German court has handed a 20-year-old apprentice a
227,000-euro ($280,000) bill to cover police costs after he organized an
illegal party through the Facebook social network-R/ stephanie pratts
boyfriend runs over officers foot a/ sihk temple domestic terror active
duty,shootout in wis 6 dead-westbourgo responds to wis-2 UFO Crashes At
Roswell- Teacher Tries To Skip Work By Saying He Killed A Girl- Robbers
Claimed They Were Filming Reality TV Show-Cops Say Preacher Faces
Backlash For Kicking, Punching Sick People- 65-year-old Woman
Singlehandedly Thwarts Robbery- UNDER WRAPS: Scientists Use Mummies To
Unlock Medical Secrets- PHOTO: The 'Penis Snake' Looks Exactly As You'd
Think-CitiMortgage is suing to foreclose on Steven and Ileana Lochte. The
bank is seeking to recoup $250,000. Both parents have been in London
recently to watch their son compete. Ryan Lochte has won five medals,
including two gold medals, in swimming events at the London Olympics-that
is why I always read Drudge first for the news and then the huffington
puffington post for my comic relief. After that 3 hours of Rush to help
me stay focused-notice the 'Obama haters' have to blame this 'event' on
him-At first glance, you think of two forgotten parents, struggling to
survive, soon to be homeless-mortgage companies are crooks. I have seen
first hand where the misapply payments, add bogus charges. I work in the
consumer bankruptcy and I have seen where mortgage note were satisfied
but the mortgage company never had it recorded, or they put it up for
auction for $93,000 but told the consumer the balance was $193,000hp/may
have been a white supremacist-cnn/Wade Michael Page, a 40-year-old former
member of the U.S. Army-52 assaults on Palistinians in the West Bank last
month-mind you, these settler carry machine guns and are protected by the
IDF. We can send them some brown shirts so they appear more organized
They would make H itler proud! Occupy land that does not belong to you,
then patrol it with armed psychos against a defenseless population at
least the Germans didn't call them terrorists when they resisted, a good
one to keep in mind for the next war. y/Romney-Backed Solar Company Fails
Days After He Faulted Solyndra bb/dumpobamie's changing the definition of
the president to one of the harshest practitioners of the “politics of
personal destruction.” launches personal attacks on Romney ObamaCraps are
thicker than THIEVES !7bac/ entirely possible, the market is rigged. too
many folks doing insider trading including our lawmakers in congress...
that guy from virginia, cantor, watered down the bill so that their
spouse is not included. read more about cantor, where he comes from,
associations, you will know what i mean. this whole thing is completely
rigged and GS is at its hip ygs/How many medals has Isra3l won so
far-dont think they really cherish olympics or science , its all a big
war to them and we are filthy expendable goyim , they dont want to see
their cattle having too much fun ,getting along or getting wise ypi/right
wing cons' character traits Dr. Lawrence Britt has examined the fascist
regimes of Hitler (Germany), Mussolini (Italy), Franco (Spain), Suharto
(Indonesia) and several Latin American regimes. Britt found 14 defining
characteristics common to each: 1. Powerful and Continuing Nationalism -
Fascist regimes tend to make constant use of patriotic mottos, slogans,
symbols, songs, and other paraphernalia. Flags are seen everywhere, as
are flag symbols on clothing and in public displays y66/Why don't
rednecklicans like it that Bin Laden is dead? Do they like Al Quaeda
terrorists and hate America?-rednecklicans don't like anything that can
be construed as an Obama victory, whether it's good for America or not-I
thank George Bush and the navy seal every day for what they accomplished-
Bush couldn't even find oil in Texas! The only way they can win is to
blame everything bad that happens on President Obama and ignore
everything good that happens-republicans hate anything that hurts them
from getting back in power, regardless of whether it's good for the
country or not. Their ultimate goal is to get back in power. If they
could, they'd make the whole US economy collapse and make unemployment to
skyrocket because it would help them win the election- It's worth
remembering that Al Qaeda and many/most rightwingers are religious
conservatives-Rednecklicans like to wade in the BS. They think it smells
good-right wing hopes Bin Laden is still alive-marines not lieing only
following orders and the few who they had doubts about were outed and
killed in afghanistan a bit later- yfs/longtime religious and civic
leader who committed suicide by jumping from the Penobscot Narrows Bridge
on Nov. 13, 2011, shortly after learning detectives were looking into
allegations of sex abuse involving him and a boBob Carlson  helped found
and was president of Penobscot Community Health Care, It appears that it
occurred over many years and it caused a lot of trauma to many people.
was their abuser, at least 18 people, including Carlson’s victims. Also
interviewed were the former president of Husson University, a Penobscot
County sheriff’s deputy and detective, a Bangor police officer and a
therapist who treated some of Carlson’s victims. They said they had
either received information about or witnessed Carlson engage in criminal
or inappropriate sexual behavior over the last four decades y/harrison
grabs first olympic judo, You get to the point where you decide that you
don't want to be a victim anymore and that you're not going to live your
life like that cnn/London Olympics provide a pretext to take a holiday
and party all night. The latest example of excess and self-absorbed
haughtiness, promotes an agenda of internationalism. The spirit of the
games is less about sportsmanship than promotion of indoctrination. The
cost to produce such an extravaganza approaches sums that necessitate a
bailout from the IMF./you haven't seen half the stor, pot calls the
kettle black: Two liars call Harry Reid a liar, Reid's claim that he
received a tip from an investor in Bain Capital that GOP presidential
candidate and former Bain CEO- Mitt July fundraising reveals 75% of
$101.3 million came from 6% of donors, doing one thing consistently
right, raising lots of money-another shining example of intelligent
Conservative debate, an oxymoron if there ever were one-Chick Fil A
holes!-Shit fil A-: HMS Romney : "She became caught up in the tensions
leading up to the outbreak of the American Revolution when she was sent
to support the Boston commissioners enforcing the Townshend Acts in 1768.
Her actions involved impressing local sailors, confiscating a vessel
belonging to John Hancock and providing a refuge for the unpopular
commissioners when rioting broke out-now we know what Romney's staffer
meant about appreciating our "special relationship" with Great Britain:
Lord Willard of Romney is a Tory-ran aground in November 1804-Five ships
of the Royal Navy have been named HMS Romney-it's true, people do
horrible things, when they're young and it's not entirely fair to judge
them on it. However, what bothers me the most of Romney past bullying, is
his reaction to it. He somewhat admitted it, but, didn't quite remember
it. It was a classic bullshit answer. He had the oppourtunity to address
the seriousness of bullying, how wrong it is and be an adult about it-
completely trashed his California dorm room and left it for “Mexican”
women to clean. It was so beyond the pale, including vomit, it brought
the hard-working women, who had no doubt seen messes every day, to
tears—in Barack Obama’s presence— Obama Made Mexican Maids Cry in College
but he did nothing and let the immigrant women clean up his vandalism and
destruction breitbart- fb/a former US Army "psychological operations
specialist," the Pentagon said Monday. Wade Michael Page, who was himself
shot dead by police-George Will compared Reid's comments to those of
Eugene McCarthy- clg/I used to be a part of occupy, but now I will laugh
every time the nypd beats your assses-The constitution is currently
manageable. But on its way to failure at our rate- The System Is Not Your
Friend. Joe Rogan-make this pic for mitt-ST@U Obama is the best just shut
up-it's made of hemp-Mitt isn't in charge of anything-powers that be are
pros at dividing the people they know full well who holds the real power
and it scares the shit out of them. It's why JFK RFK MLK Malcom X all had
to DIE. They were doing what needed doing unifying the people in PEACE
rather than war and hate-Many of the Occupy spammer sites push vioment or
vulgar spamming on sites. Just stand you ground & continue to be the
bigger People-Awareness is good..But wouldn't it bee better for the
government to just sit back and SHUT UP and just watch? I doubt if being
a bothersome troll is their style-It must be driving them crazy there is
no leader to pay off, you can not kill an idea. It makes me nervous when
people talk about groups and parties, we are ONE, throw off your labels
and join the human race. or 99.99999% of it anyway- T Dot Votes trolls,
hijacking OCCUPY fb sites, is a condideration, it happened w/ OCCUPY
CANADA'S fb page last week by trolls trained to annoy thru super
aggressive veral attacks. When, the troll's points get challenged, the
offending party is kicked off & blocked from fb OCCUPY CANADA. It
confused the dickens out of everybody... divide & conquer, eh?-cute, now
that you have put up your strawman argument, care to share even ONE piece
of evidence of any attempt to destroy, deny the US COnstitution by Obama,
and I'm not looking for FOXual BS, I mean REAL evidence...I'll be waiting
and listening to the crickets/For God's sake, can't we be a little more
POSITIVE??? Jesus, all you guys ever talk about is gloom and doom and how
much you hate Obama. I'm all for what you stand for, but jeez, can't we
be the change we want to see? Can't we show a little, ya know,
COMPASSION?  A little HOPE??? Isn't there anyone who isn't 100% bitching
and negativity?-I'd like to point out Obama studied constitutional law
... most people thums upping this didn't it's kinda funny. That and all
the people bitching don't have to work within the legal frame work of
POTUS which cannot be easy. I think people need to calm down about what
Obama does and deal with what they can do to change their
situation-Occupy Marines. Always enjoy your posts. Best wishes from
Scotland- Jason Davenport The government is NOT dying..the right wing
troll are though-Let's all remember the days when intelligent people
disagreed with reasoned debate, referring to one another as "my esteemed
colleague." We can disagree, this is a republic and it is safe to express
an opinion. Let's all work to keep intimidation, shame, and bullying out
of the public debate-Obama Supports Renewing Assault Weapons Ban — But
Congress Won’t Act-Has he considered using the Executive Order device to
that end?-CONGRESS is full of COWARDS who don't have the brains or balls
enough to LEAD duh-mur-ick-uns OUT of the self-indulgent CHILDISHNESS
that they continually embrace tell folks what's REALLY GOOD FOR THEM and
trillion bank bailout go?- What about Wells Fargo spending their bailout
on private prisons-You will not attain true goodness until you give of
what you love Surah Al 'Imran, 92-soouix nation like Buddhism, but from
two parts of the world thought to have no connection-Smears Obama,
Falsely Claims He Filed Lawsuit To Restrict Military Voting In Ohio-
another Romney lie. The real story? Draft dodger Mitt is trying to make
it harder for 900,000 Ohio veterans (and every other eligible Ohioan) to
vote-he has the nerve to call Harry Reid a liar-Ohio Republicans passed
legislation to shut down early voting, which Democrats had benefitted
from in 2008. While the legislation was pending, someone pointed out that
it would hurt active duty service members, so the Republicans included an
exception for them. The Obama campaign wants to junk the legislation
entirely, restoring early voting for ALL voters.- Fox News Doesn’t Think
Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas Is Patriotic Enough, the topic du
jour for Olympic commentators throughout last week, but over the weekend,
she became a centerpiece in another manufactured controversy at Fox News,
America’s top outlet for manufactured controversies. Douglas’ pink
leotard, Fox host Alisyn Camerota lamented-cause she supports Obama-
baggers don't know what else to attack,they have too much time on their
empty lil life's-finds it sad that we have "lost" our "jingoistic
spirit." He clearly does not know the meaning of that word- probably
because she's black, a female and most likely a democrat (as are most
blacks). Three things the GOP either hates (women who are prosperous,
athletic, smart, independent) or want to keep down (Gays, blacks, the
middle class and minorities-no one mentioned that her father... An Iraq
war vet... Was in the stands, waving a US flag during the medal ceremony.
Wow-her skin color is an automatic cause for anything unpatriotic,
anything with ugly hair, and anything that wears bad outfits. Their
racism precedes them.- fb/beau gb nra, pumpuing guns, chong w hucklebee
at a titty bar, get high with faux and fiends, on imus
8512/money is empty... however, money seems to solve a lot of problems
for a lot of people that have it. Probably as many problems as it creates
for those who either have it or not. fb/enjoy the exquisitely delicious
paradox of life gh/

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