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73012/the facts in terms of sanctions on Iran, which is important to Israel

73012/many of the Republicans are using Israel as an excuse.” “It is both
patronizing and deeply insulting for Nancy Pelosi to suggest any J[e]w is
'exploited' for their political beliefs or that support for Israel is
somehow an 'excuse' for anything," Cantor (R-Va.) Republican Jewish
supporters are very politically active and that Jewish voters are
intelligent enough to understand the situation.they’re being exploited,”
she said. “And they’re smart people. They follow these issues. But they
have to know the facts in terms of sanctions on Iran, which is important
to Israel, that’s how -ypi/Panetta said on Sunday
attacks on Aleppo were putting the nail in the coffin of Assad's
government, showing he lacks the legitimacy to rule. "If they continue
this kind of tragic attack on their own people in Aleppo, I think it
ultimately will be a nail in Assad's own coffin, The deputy police chief
of Syria's western Latakia city defected and fled to Turkey overnight
with 11 other Syrian officers, a Turkish official said on Monday, adding
that another 600 Syrians had arrived in the last 24 hours, bringing the
total number of Syrian refugees in Turkey to around 43,500-heney on his
heart pump and Obama's record-Syrians are deciding, and the decision is
going against Assad. Are you still fantacizing that Assad is a popular
leader when he is left to defending the two largest cities using his
airforce to attack his own people? OR do you really think that some
foreign country has already invaded Syria, one of the most repressive and
tightly controlled countries in the world? How did they sneak in without
any of the Syrians noticing? Disguized as tourists? Really?-running
around in the street while the Syrian Army is pounding them with Tanks
and Jets, like a bunch of scared drug dealers in some ghetto when the ATF
shows up-friends and family members are the richest people in the
country, owning private businesses protected by his autocratic rule and
policies to promote family and friends. There is no law or open criticism
to even moderate this corruption. There is nothing progressive about
exploiting your own people for personal benefit. Gaddafi did it, and
Mubarake did it, and they were tossed out-They are working for the
US/NATO/Israel so how can they be furthering the cause of Muslims and
Islam? I’m sure Mossad, Arab Hood Rats League and NATO sharing
intelligence between jihadist groups that operate in Syria-Sunnis are al
qeada. America betrayed Iran who was on Americans side against Al qeada
until Israel told Bush to squash THAT noise. A curse be upon Israel for
fomenting World War.-by promoting "regime change" instead of having World
War a NATO nation they could have had the whole alliance
retaliate. Much more satisfying to support the rebels instead and much
less messy. This way the Syrians have to fight it out with their own
people instead of drawing NATO and Iran into it. An intelligent move on
the Turks part that boosts their own influence. If Assad does attack
Turkish soil however...all bets are off-In the street of Salehedine i saw
a dozen Islamistist brandishing AK47, cooking and eating the remain of
one of their slain comrade and drinking urine from the slain comrade's
bladder-demon cratic-Whatever the outcome of Syrian conflict. Wahington,
Israel and Europe wont stop there and keep moving until they force WW3 on
the world. They are bankrupt and have false misconception that WW3 can
only revive their economies-America is formed by two unequal and
different parts; 99% working for the 1% Elite. I am afraid your duty is
to work hard and pay your taxes (and any high prices) with a smile. On
the other hand, the 1% US Elite decide on what they should attack now and
later for the glory of America. But they, supposed being genius, are not
naive doing it as if they were simple minded barbarians ;) Fortunately by
audio/visual scenes anything... yes anything... can be covered up as long
they have laws over all individual necks-    if majority of people were
against the regime there wouldn't be president Bashar Assad now, after
several months of war. The only thing that we can see is some mercenaries
who use anything even innocent children to earn money-i cant believe i
actually agreed with an iranian, if you werent out to murder all of us i
would be even so bold as to give you a high five for your logical post- 
 "the lightly armed rebels.." I have to wonder how long b4 some of those
20,000 missing sa-9/sa13's from Libya start showing up. Some news rags
were claiming at the time that the black market in Egypt-innocents, with
guns and bombs? Hmm, Innocent?-Bound for Gaza... what an idiot... on what
proof? Stop reading the Haaretz... that's Israeli propaganda- Israel can
destroy Gaza without aircraft-mitt sez<; no option should be excluded. We
recognize Israel's right to defend itself, and that it is right for
America to stand with you, the threat of military action would put more
pressure on the ayatollahs in Iran, whom he accused of "testing our moral
defenses ,pushed back against criticism that those arguing in favor of
leaving the military option open are "reckless and provocative and
inviting war." "The opposite is true. We are the true peacemakers," . He
argued that-No option should be excluded??? Good, let's train all the
politicians in hand to hand combat and send them and their kids to Iran-
cheny are all ready planning to go into Iran. Be prepared cheny has a
way-seeking campaign funds in Israel. I thought that was illegal-Does
no option excluded mean that his 5 sons are included-pass the Iranian war
tax increase for the wealthy. That would stop any war-lefty syllogism."
Ha! Ha! Syllogism should be required of braindead Republicans for whom up
is down and down is up, good is bad and bad is good. The same hypocrites
who fill churches on Sundays-When we are fed up, and I mean really fed
up, and sick and tired of these senseless wars, we will finally put aside
our differences long enough to clean up Washington and fix our country.
But we better do it now, because time is running out.-They knew there
were no WMDS that's everyone at that time. As for Iran & Syria they are
not our problems. If Israel wants to attack Iran so be it. But we do not
have to be involved. Let others in NATO do it. Tired of our kids dying
for others can profit off of the wars we should not be in. Cheney is the
problem and you can take that to the bank-APOCALYPSE NOW is Romney's new
slogan?-because mittens & the tea baggers have NO REAL plans to FIX
America! all they do is yammer about Obama-just itching for another war
so he and halliburton can clean up again. i am sure he and karl rove
control mitt, just like they controlled dubya.--y/German court has handed
a 20-year-old apprentice a 227,000-euro ($280,000) bill to cover police
costs after he organized an illegal party through the Facebook social
network r/ Republicans don't hate America. They hate minorities, women,
and the poor. They vote for a party that does not have their best
intrests at heart. They are out of touch, greedy, sexist, and racist but
they love America sean Boyer-friend and Department of Homeland Security
official revealed to him “…the uppermost echelon of the DHS is actively
preparing for massive social unrest inside the United States-hey war for
profit (lockheed,northrop,boeing.) the mystery industrial we
don't need the bomb when we can use lasers and vapourize our opponents
who disagree with wesayso conmpany-mitt wimp factor nwk-Plague in Africa
called Ebola attacks blood vessels until all orifices bleed-says Newsweek
cover is first time he’s been called a ‘wimp,’ shrugs it off, Mitt says
that if he worried about what reporters thought of him, he wouldn’t get
much sleep-I cannot believe that headline. It's disgraceful. And I'm a
liberal-Narcissistic Personality Disorder is more like it-£30,000,000,000
was spent on the 2012 London Olympics. Now think about the people who are
starving to death in many countries around the world. How many countries
do you think they could of fed?-..-fb/Mitt Romney what he thought of
Newsweek's cover depicting him as a "wimp," he said, "They tried that on
George Herbert Walker Bush, he was a pretty great President-Mitt! Move to
China, where you still have friends. After all, you did give em our
jobs!-."cbs/ Mitt comments in Israel outrage Palestinians Guardian
72912/"Obama's most grievous political wounds were self-inflicted,
starting even before his election when he rushed back to Washington to
help rescue Bush's Wall Street bailout. yearning to be embraced by the
nation's political and financial elites. Instead of meeting with the
victims of Wall Street predators or their advocates … Obama schmoozed
with the crème de la crème of K Street corporate lobbyists.”Jeffrey St.
Clair and Joshua Frank, AK Press-Mitt's Foreign Faux Pas, flubs his first
international trip as a Presidential candidate; Capital One was the first
bank to be hit by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for
defrauding consumers and ordered to pay $165 million to customers in
refunds; Greece may be heading for an exit from the European Union; the
list of those who support Congresswoman Michele Bachmann's McCarthy-esque
witch hunt against the State Department is growing, Thom Hartmann-As if
world hunger, poverty, class inequality, sickness and disease, permanent
war and ecological ruination weren't enough to present a critical case
against capitalism, then consider the following. In relative terms to the
rest of the entire universe, quantum mechanics shows us just how narrow,
constrictive and destructive the system of capitalism actually is Michael
Ortiz, Truthout/A123 has not received Federal loans or funds from the
State of California. It was, however, the second largest recipient of
ARRA Battery Manufacturing grants, scoring $249.1 million in Federal
matching funds that it doesn't have to pay back sa/After hearing your
comment that Hurricane Katrina might be an expression of my anger over
abortions and before you said anything about Hurricane Rita, I thought it
was time for us to have a “come to Jesus” discussion. (You get it!) This
Katrina nonsense just doesn’t make sense. Why would I hit two Gulf states
that have low abortion rates to express my fury over abortions? If I was
mad at Louisiana and Mississippi it was for things you don’t want to hear
about, such as these states having the second and third highest rate of
families in poverty or their use of the death penalty. That explanation
makes far more sense; because haven’t you noticed that during hurricane
and tornado season I mainly stick it to what you call “red states”?
Finally, stop using my name to convince people to hate other people or to
justify war or killing. That’s the one thing that peeves me off the most.
I made all of you – male, female, black, white, gay, straight, Catholics,
Protestants, Jews, Muslims and even right-wing ministers. What concerns
me most is not the battle over gay marriage or the war in Iraq, but the
battle between love and hate. Far too often, you have been on the wrong
side in this fight. It still puzzles me how you can make such a fuss
about the Ten Commandments but then simply ignore the Golden Rule. If you
want to use my name, use it to promote love, generosity, peace and
kindness and not violence, hate or bigotry.  I hope this gets through
those blasted spam filters. If not, I’ll have Rev. Jackson drop it off
with you. Please share this with your colleagues, especially Rev.
Falwell, since it’s time they got the message too, signed gawd to p.
robertson-Here is a fact that will get your attention: More Americans
participated in the election for Fox’s “American Idol” than in the 2002
midterm mid-term  election- bennetkelly/Cheney: Palin Pick Was 'A
Mistake' Vietnam Could Be First Asian Country To Legalize Gay Marriage-
Activists Allegedly Deface U.S. Nuclear Weapons Stockpile Building-hp/
"We simply cannot continue to sow the seeds of a 'culture of violence'
any longer. The almost daily explosion of some disaffected soul Randall
Amster, New Clear Vision-Unlike Mitt Romney, Most Americans Want to Cut
US Military Spending Lawrence S. Wittner, History News Network to/
chickfila knows better, cause gawd sez so/
72812/Limbaugh responded to losing advertisers The Gap, SarahCare, and
Sam's Club by doing the exact thing that is causing the advertisers to
leave. He continues to attack women, 3 More Advertisers Dump His Show-
Santorum Defends Penn State, long
positioned himself as a champion of family values, so one might think he
would be the strongest advocate for children who had been sexually
assaulted by trusted adults-- fb/America Hating democrat leaders that
gave them all the free advertisment, and caused their business to
increase OVER 100%!! They are having to hire more help to keep up with
the HUGE INCREASE of customers!CHICK-FIL-A Wants To THANK All The IDIOTs
!y66/The hexagram was brought to the Jewish people by Solomon when he
turned to witchcraft and idolatry after his marriage to Pharaoh's
daughter in 922B.C. It became known as the Seal of Solomon in Egyptian
magic and witchcraft. David had absolutely nothing to do with the
hexagram and that star most certainly did not, in any way, represent
God's people. Solomon gave himself up to satanic worship and built altars
to Ashtoreth and Moloch (Saturn) PURE EVIL!!HEXAGRAM IS THE SIGN OF THE
DEVILygs/everyone of us is capable of change- doing evil destroyS a piece
inside us and it really makes us feel empty... i don't think power and
money is in itself evil when directed with the right spirit and that
justifications of evil are never TTrue. I follow orders from myself
because I chose to- so just admit and don't make excuse to why you do the
things you do in the name of security because everyone of us is your
brother and sister, and by hurting us you are hurting yourself... May the
True Gods continue to bless youyc/Lew Research Foundation found that 100%
of Shadow Oaks Trailer Park residence vehemently oppose the right to
abortion. The same survey found that 100% of the residents also attended
a professional wrestling event within the past 12 months. Reached for
comment, park resident Kyle Zimmons elaborated on the survey, "My daddy
told me two things before he died. First, he said don't abort no babies.
Second, he said ain't nobody gonna ever top the Nature Boy on account of
his figure four leglock-Keep up the racist #$%$ coward repugs, ignorant
white trash tea baggers are so incensed that a man of mixed race is
president that they will probably riot and burn down their trailer parks
when Obama is re-elected ybac/elected to follow the demons and therefore
deserves nothing. It's a note of explanation. Do not look for his
behavior to change because he is so totally enslaved to his demons he no
longer has the ability to change yce/Mitt Romney has captured the world's
attention. He has always been known for his expert FLIP FLOP but he has
stolen the show with his execution of a perfect Triple FLIP FLOP with two
and a half twists. Mitt himself invented this move and so far he is the
only human being to complete it without missing a single FLIP or FLOP.
Mitt has set a standard which I predict will be unmatched for many
yearsyusb/jail worker told the Daily News in a previous report that
Holmes wanted to know how the movie ended. yfs/The Vancouver Sun of
Canada headlined a story, 'Team Romney earns gaffe gold in Britain:
Criticism of Olympics rankles British PM, while one blog Tweets Romney
"kind of like Mr. Bean."' A Daily Mail UK reporter also tweeted that
Whitehall sources called Romney's performance 'worse than Sarah Palin'
and a 'total car crash Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash-"In private prisons around
the country, immigrants languishing in detention centers are being put to
work by profit-making companies like the Corrections Corporation of
America (CCA) for far below the minimum wage. For doing a range of manual
labor in the facility, the immigrants, many of whom are not legally
permitted to work in the United States, are paid between $1-$3 a day at
Yana Kunichoff, Truthout/Since the 24-year-old PhD dropout was accused of
killing 12 theatergoers and wounding 58 at a midnight screening of "The
Dark Knight Rises" last Friday, the media has lavished attention on
Holmes' odd behavior, Romney, Palin, Cain, Perry, Pat Robertson,
Gingrich, Bachmann, Santorum, etc., may need to keep this defense as a
possibility to explain their odd behavior and weird declaration Hp yfs/
Truthout/Britain's Deputy Prime Minister 11712 Israheli settlement
construction is 'vandalism-Brits are amazing! No wonder they were chosen
for the olympics while the apartheid cesspool israhe11 is chosen for
getting pushed into the sea ypi/Oh come you facists support anti military
presidents? -What Could be More Anti Military in a Commander in Chief
Than NEEDLESSLY sending 5,000 American Troops to their deaths.
NEEDLESSLY-Bush was as anti Military as any President. He killed our
troops for a Hobby- Repairing Bush Damage doesn't come cheap-What Chick
Fil A Flap Says about Freedom of Religion Idiot facists like you should
go to hell-It's a restaurant, not a church. Moron.y2k/
72612/alex jones staged batman attack/England calls Mitt a Twitt-
Lol remember the outcry over Obama being like a rock star overseas by
cons?/Amazon’s Founder Pledges $2.5 Million in Support of Same-Sex
Marriage-Chick Fil A not so much-Obama's knowledge of God couldn't fill a
thimble y/FACK AWWWF. And all the rich in their 5 star hotels riding
around in their olympic lanes, dribbling caviar and cake down their
chins. And faaack the mcdonalds and all the corporate whores and docile
masses. And faaack that stupid thing that looks like someones taken a
crane off a building site and tried to turn it into a helter skelter.
Fuck it. Fuck em!-Don't people know by now that Michelle Bachmann is just
a bit wacked? Giving her any publicity is akin to slapping all Americans
What is southern strategy, acting like a stupid hillbilly?
Romney does that well-vpresident is McBachmann-Democrats who had been
more and more dissatisfied with the Democratic Party probably since
Woodrow Wilson was elected, and definitely those who were unhappy with
FDR, Harry Truman, JFK and Lyndon Johnson. Anyway, that's the Southern
Strategy and Romney's really grasping at straws if he thinks that will
help his Titanic vs the iceberg chances about now-fucko, I will NEVER
stop blaming Bush for this mess, I will blame him for the rest of my
life! He blew that budget surplus BEFORE 9/11 happened. And that comment
about being "worse then Carter" is the DUMBEST comment yet, I remember
the Carter presidency very well (do you? were you even born yet?). Go
back to the Faux Noise forums where you belong. And learn to spell,
jerk-never played chess with a pigeon (disrupt peices, shit and leave
trimphant) But in political discourse I've played chess with republicans
for nearly 50 years and this has been an accurate description starting
with the Reagan Administration-Now the pigeons have become angry-pigeon's
defense, pigeon's may be WISER than Republicans.-England thinks he's a
skid mark. So do I-If you think dead Democrats voting in New Hampshire
was bad, in Washington D.C. Voter Fraud: Someone Uses Eric Holder's
Ballot, Katie Pavlich-NEVER SEEN this MUCH hatred towards someone and go
because of THEIR insecurities! #wow- Harry Patch, last surviving soldier
of World War I "War is organised murder, and nothing else."-Debater
Asked: Will the United States become the next Rome? "The arrogance of
officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and assistance to foreign
hands should be curtailed, lest Rome fall."...Marcus Tullius Cicero~~55
B.C “The budget should be balanced, the treasury should be refilled,
public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be
tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be
curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work,
instead of living on public assistance.” --Cicero , 55 B.C.-ONLY WITH THE
have discarded first amendment rights Wednesday, supporting Alderman of
Chicago’s 1st ward; attempting to block a Chik-fil-a restaurant from
being built in their location. Continuing to argue that Chik-fil-a is
prejudice towards gay equality-Reid (D-Nev.) triggered a rarely used
procedural option informally called the “nuclear option” to change the
Senate rules. Reid and 50 members of his caucus voted to change Senate
rules unilaterally to prevent Republicans from forcing votes on
uncomfortable amendments after the chamber has voted to move to final
passage of a bill. Reid’s coup passed by a vote of 51-48, leaving Senate
Republican leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) fuming. The surprise move
stunned Republicans-"overwhelming majority" is irrelevant, only
supermajority matters with the filibuster. The invocation of Hitler
happened early this time-There are about 10 blue dog democrats that
really need to just call themselves republicans since they mostly vote
with republicans-noah. Who here is actually dence enough to beleive the
word of a catholic? Anyway, id prefer the baath party to the republicans.
At least with the baathists, we know what to expect. If the republicans
were in the same position, things would be MUCH worse=p-speculation from
the fencepost-maybe Dems didn't use fillibuster during Bush because
enough of them had economic interests...thanks to lobbyist
encouragement to let things slide. It seems to me that deregulation
plus the tax breaks are what caused the meltdown. Is Bernie Maddock a
democrat or a republican or just a dirty rich crook? Goldman Sacks and
CitiCorp, are they into partisan politics or buying up both sides? I
don't have answers to these questions, only my lazy suspicions-Josh
Mandel’s wife owns an undisclosed amount of ProShares UltraShort 20+ Year
Treasury exchange-traded fund (ETF). This ETF aggressively 'shorts' U.S.
Treasury bills, meaning that it bets against U.S. debt and spikes when
Treasury bill values drop. If a default were to occur, the desirability
of Treasury bills would plummet and Mandel’s ETF would skyrocket in
value. "That precise scenario could become more likely if Mandel wins his
race against Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH). One of the top issues Mandel
lists on his website is to 'Stop increasing the debt ceiling.-fb Nominate
a new Olympic Venue-Currency Manipulation Hurling,Josh Mandel’s wife owns
an undisclosed amount of ProShares UltraShort 20+ Year Treasury
exchange-traded fund (ETF). This ETF aggressively 'shorts' U.S. Treasury
bills, meaning that it bets against U.S. debt and spikes when Treasury
bill values drop. If a default were to occur, the desirability of
Treasury bills would plummet and Mandel’s ETF would skyrocket in value.
"That precise scenario could become more likely if Mandel wins his race
against Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH). One of the top issues Mandel lists on
his website is to 'Stop increasing the debt ceiling-central bankers that
got us into this mess will no doubt be using the media to propagandize
the world into accepting a worldwide monopolized currency. This is
already being hinted at by politicians and finance tycoons in mainstream
interviews on an almost daily basis now. Their excuse for this move is
that it would stabilize the economy, but this is provably false-currency
by the name of “TEM” is being used locally by the city of Volos.
After creating an account, members do business with each other using TEM
credits. New members are allowed to deficit-spend up to 300 TEMs, which
is effectively an interest-free loan from the community. Only by offering
demanded goods and services in return can the new members replenish their
balances to keep making purchases to
Democratic histrionics about civility in the aftermath of Joe Wilson's
"liar" outburst-democrats Boo Bush During 2005 SOTU
The Democrats Starring Bill Clinton's HUD Secretary Andrew Cuomo caused
this crisis by forcing the banks to make affirmative action loans.
"Liberalism is a mental disorder.-fb/James Holmes' Claims to Not Recall
Shootings, attorneys revealed he'd been seeking help in the days leading
up to last week's massacre. Treatment they said he'd been receiving aol/
antiobama girl, food stamps, fbritian dog murder, tfredman walking shell
of pessimism on imus

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