Thursday, July 26, 2012

72612/General Motors Donates To Politicians Who Voted Against Auto Industry Bailout

72612/advisor, it's a white thing obama can't understand, mitt and anglo
saxons special relationship is special-The last thing that big pharma
wants is to CURE something. The last thing arms makers want is PEACE-
it's OK to allow that child, once born, to go hungry?-same logic that
says a pregnant teenager isn't mature enough to decide for herself
whether to have an abortion (and needs a judge or parent to decide)-
Underneath thinking like this is contempt, arrogance, thinly veiled
bigotry, intolerance and a sense of entitlement that is beyond belief-I'm
Conservative, Pro-Life, and I do NOT think like this, extremely hateful,
offensive and full of lies. I can be considered Low Income, and I'll
gladly bring and/or cook food for those who have less than me whenever I
can. How often do you Progressives do that out of your own pantry-famous
oxymoron. Killing a unborn child is wrong. Killing a criminal is right?
WTF I liked america better when religious nuts were found only in church-
How many of you Fox defenders are "work at home from your computer"
folks...that are instructed to go to selected websites, polls, and news
feeds with a "script" or instructions on how to respond?-In this country,
you can be as ignorant as you want. If faux floats your boat then you
have noone to blame but yourself-Rush, Beck, Hannity and O'Reiley are all
money whores who should be arrested for impersonating journalists-Iceland
and Ireland have arrested the CEO's of their largest banks; we need to
see justice done in the U.S., the U.K. and elsewhere too. The banks may
be too big to fail, but the banksters are not too big for
jail!-republiCONS sign a pledge with him to damage our country. I believe
the contract also stated to destroy President Obama. Now is not the time
for austerity. It is the time for us to invest in our country while rates
are so low,we lost our 3 star rating, have had to pay 2 billion more in
what we owe due to the downgrade. We need a new House in the Congress.
This is so un-american what this 112th Congress has done these past 2
years. Down right disgraceful to this nation.People remember the "HOUSE"
controls the money...not the President!- Have you got three minutes.
Because that's all you need to learn how to defeat the Republican Right.
Just read through this handy guide and you'll have everything you need to
successfully debunk right-wing propaganda. -tea
party is nothing more than white supremacist scum-if you don't regulate,
the cartels and monopolies that form will "regulate" by creating barriers
to entry for new firms, price fixing, and creating the standard of
treating their workers like trash and lowering their standard of living.
A "free market" is a hypothetical entity which cannot exist. It explains
quite well why every line on economics floated by the rich and powerful
was actually a lie, a complete manipulation meant to take advantage of
the overall lack of education and anti-intellectualism in our population.
Even worse, it makes sure that people like you spout things that you
don't understand-sinegal at Costco fought a battle with his shareholders
over paying his employees less, he was AGAINST paying them less. They
think "gainful employment" is supposed to only be "gainful" for them
Maximizing profit is their ONLY goal. They would make plenty in most
cases paying their employees a decent wage, but they think the profit
only needs to be in it on their side.-a great boss too.. You go Jim..
Lucky we have you because you are so smart.. His customers are seniors
and poor and middle class .. they are the 99%-voting republican, cut my
hrs. pay, retirement, and benies joe hill-crazy actually... Catholics are
pro life... but mostly republican. So they are pro life.. but pro death
penalty, pro life ..but against health care after the child is born, pro
life but for GUNS, I am catholic.. but choose to believe that God isn't
that much of a flip flopper.. Looking into it-two kinds of repubs,
millionaires and suckers-Right wing assholes love the fetus but they hate
the child....why is that?-fucking bible for the most part False, phony
christians-conservatives have such better creativity, Because all the
conservatives do is LIE-Straw man followed by ad-absurdum. You have every
right to be an idiot, as soon as you put it on a poster it becomes
propaganda-fb Thieves stole a man's penis while he slept, Fei Lin, 41, of
the Niqiao village near Wenling City, in east China’s Zhejiang province,
told police he was asleep when the thieves burst into his room and put a
bag over his head, according to CEN/EUROPICS. "They put something over my
head and pulled down my trousers and then they ran off," Lin said. "I was
so shocked I didn't feel a thing - then I saw I was bleeding and my penis
was gone, Emergency workers and police searched for Lin's anatomy but
turned up nothing. The penis thieves are nowhere to be found, but police
said they're looking for the jealous lovers. Jonah Falcon, The Man With
The World's Largest Penis sorry pubs no pictures for you  Daily
Star.y/Hebrews 9:27) states, "Man is destined to die once, and after that
to face judgment." This is a Christian myth borrowed from Iranian
mythology. It plays no part in the Hebrew Bible or scriptures-why do you
blaspheme? God will soon make things clear to you, heretic. Be calm-
ycve/ussc healthcare 36%-64% r/zynga and fb scam-Good for insiders -
schmucks who buy these grossly overhyped stocks deserve to see 75%
haircuts for their stupidity. Anyone who followed the space with half a
brain cell could see how well the "growth" was timed to coincide with the
IPO and that the "growth" was a one-time event, not a sustainable
business model. That anyone is "shocked" by the collapse beggars belief-
anyone idiotic enough to invest in a fad platform like Fakeville and FB
deserve to be lit up like a pinball machine. These"companies" are run by
toddlers in flip flops and add zero value. They are merely advertising
tools that become brittle and stale in 18 months or less. Both Fakeville
and FB shriek pump 'n dump. a fool and his money are soon parted.
yblogs/I srael declares independence, Paliatinians suffer, Between 1947
through 1949, 750,000 Palistinians expelled from there homeland. Media
portrays Palistinians as wondering Arabs. Actually they are a people who
had there own culture and well functioning society. Joos took a playbook
from the N azis. ygs/Ivy League Eugenics Advocates in the US Supported
Aryan Purity Just Like Hitler Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash-Mitt Romney Is
Hiding in Plain Sight at Dowd: Truthout/christian philips would'ver
better had a manag'edwarf joy, 14 year old uwashington football deal,
osama bin of colorado, wp on the view
jagger 69, 50 drought, robs chick filet anti gay, lighting, two
jackson hits in one day video, carl ripkins mother 74 taken for joyride,
zion hump, richard haas private foreign relations councle, in bahrain,
humping iran scare, national security paki osamaleak traitor, special
forces, partizan politics, mitt to the chosen land, to benifit in public,
or private, conan still rightwing hump, coal lobby, stupid question on
the boil, with kerry, iman will vote 4 mitt twice if possible, ales crush
on beckell, brilliant horses, on imus 25 yrs sober, rolley coaster
72512/same crap as Anders Brievik, it was a Mossad job drugged up patsy
in place to take the fall- Mk ultra and multi shooters, all staged. I am
not sure if there were ANY casuaties. Where were all the ambulances and
footage for 71 victims? 200 cops in 90 seconds? Lol,try getting 2 in 10
minutes-Are you homeless, jobless, hungry? Under the influence of
MK-Ultra drugs and indoctrination? Then, you may be susceptible to a
contrived terror plot! How to Foil Your
Own Terror Plot-Happiness is a choice. Don't be a miserable prick your
whole life, okay?-After cashing in all of the kids college funds to pay
for entrance into the disney park and putting up a third mortgage on the
house to pay for food, i'd be pretty upset too. Just go camping....its
much cheaper and your anus doesn't bleed afterwards-Lenovo CEO Yang
Yuanqing donates entire $3 million bonus to thousands of lowest-paid
employees. American CEO of Caterpillar demands workers take a 6-year pay
freeze-Greedy bastard! Caterpillar is a notorious union-busting company.
Wish there was a way to boycott them, but the average consumer doesn't
use their products-corrupt and evil as the come. Congrats to the women of
South Carolina on having their healthcare & dignity protected!-At least
some have the courage to do the right thing. Bravo for those who defied
Haley's cut-in South Carolina. Maybe we'll start to see that draconian
"bottom up" cuts aren't going to be accepted. That this happened in the
South is especially heartening-Choosing to help women who have been raped
and beaten over millionaires? What is this country coming to?-a
distraction WTF?-Pick her Mitt ! Pick her- distraction from what?
Someone's fist hitting your face? What an ass!- book explaining how far
right business interests wants a coup de etat in 1934 to remove Franklin
Roosevelt. They were fearful of an increase in their income taxes! The
plot was exposed by retired marine general Smedley Butler-I know the
human being and fish can coexist peacefully, one from you Deity George W.
Bush-Beware the lonely group of men who would slay the democrat donkey
for its hide, just to make a lovely ass-hat. -Ronald Reagan at the treat
of Versailles-there surely exists such men....they're called CONGRESSMEN
of the republican selfish sort!!! Yes, I'm talkin' bout Cantor, Mitchell,
Boener and the rest of the selfish 1%-this IS wartime. We are under
attack by the self-interest of many greedy and amoral people. Every time
we let congress pass a law to promote one company's interests or we let
them get away with financially destroying us, we are appeasing
them-beware of small greedy men fdr-Boycott Rages On as eBay Dumps Rush
Limbaugh You may have forgotten about it, but Rush
Limbaugh is still losing advertisers. eBay announced that they are no
longer advertising-barry is a punk! you libs love all the destruction
done to the country just for your brainwashed vote. and you will stay on
the bottom cause you dont think for yourself. just trust barry to
actually give a damn despite the crap from his mouth. my world is America
and ebony is just a drone- typical brainwashed right winger you sir a a
bigoted racist cut off my nose to spite your face ASSCLOWN. I bet you
still think Bush was a GREAT potus. ALL of the shit this country is going
thru now is not as you say "barry's" fault. It's your buddy bush's fault.
How republicans get ppl. to vote aganist their own self intrest is beyond
me. Vote for Romney and YOU"LL be on that unemployment line
ASSHAT-fb/Insurance companys, doctors, lawyers, hospitals, pharmecutical
companys, politicians, all are responsible for the chaos that is erupting
in this country, all have their hand out, all want A piece of that big
pie, the one left hurting is the little guy, greed will always cause the
economy to fail, and no one makes these individual companys pay, always
the poor are to blame- an excuse for companies to further reduce wages,
benefits for employees while the CEO's and board members increase their
bonuses and profits- #1 trait of teatards. They take their talking points
from FOX News and rush them over here to Yahoo, and act like they've hit
a stroke of genius. In reality they're thugs, that keep repeating the
same dishonest attacks over and over again, hoping they'll become
reality-My insurance went from 250/month to 485/month in less than two
years for the same service- That's not anything to do with Obamacare -
it's what insurance companies have been able to get away with since the
beginning.... Please stop blaming "Obamacare"--ysurvey/Republicans block
transparency bill- Dislike for transparency something they have in common
yfs/super-rich are hiding at least $21 trillion in accounts outside their
home countries, according to a report by an activist group called the Tax
Justice Network.
The wealth hidden in these tax shelters is the equivalent of the United
States and Japanese economies combined yc/Mitt: Americans “sometimes hope
that just changing the law will make all bad things go away,” Mr. Romney
said. “It won’t. Changing the heart of the American people may well be
what’s essential, to improve the lots of the American people-someone
criticizes Israel somebody yells "thats anti-Semitic" but the irony is
since the Palestinans are a semitic people too that makes the Israelis an
anti-semitic apartheid nation themselves = ironic hypocrisy- cl/Did you
know that enough solar energy hits the earth in 8 minutes to power the
whole earth's needs for one year?-European Parliament decided whether
ACTA would be ultimately rejected In a 478 to 39 vote, to reject ACTA
once and for all. This means that the deceptive treaty is now dead
globally-Before I die, I would like to take a homeless person to anywhere
he/she wants to eat and pay for everything-fb/Citigroup engaged in fraud
on a massive scale, unfettered risk taking and then needed a massive
taxpayer bailout during the 2008 financial crisis because it was so big
it couldn't be managed. Yet only now does Weill say it was all a mistake.
Sandy Weill: Too Little, Too Late Fox Business Network
contributor; Author, 'Bought and Paid For'/FEEDING THE HAND
THAT BITES YOUCharles Gasparino: -General Motors Donates To Politicians
Who Voted Against Auto Industry Bailout, Signed Its Death Sentence
'The Money Will Flow Where It Finds The Most Advantage'
72412/Factcheck on repups "didn't build this" campaign, "There’s no
question Obama inartfully phrased those two sentences..." That's liberal
hackspeak for "He should have kept his Commie mouth shut- as a
progressive, to be tolerant of those who are not tolerant. If I followed
the overly-simplistic logic of absolutists(and I'm using the term "logic"
rather loosely here), I'd also have to be tolerant of Nazis and people
who believe in human sacrifice(apologies to all the Mayans out there).
The very definition of tolerance is standing up to those who are
intolerant, those who seek to marginalize others, or deprive them of
equal rights. Really now, is it that difficult to figure out?-2 clowns
not even a brain cell between them and they claim to serve and protect
yeah right!!-a right pair of cunts if you had a go at either of them out
of uniform one on one they would fukin cry like little girls-Why do
sweatshop factories push wages down to the bare minimum? Greed. Why do
people buy gas-guzzling SUVs? Greed. Why do pharmaceutical companies
suppress research and sell drugs that they know are dangerous? Greed. Why
do tropical fish suppliers dynamite coral reefs? Why do factories pump
toxic waste into the rivers? Why do corporate raiders loot employee
pension funds? Greed, greed, greed, mentality of control. It says that
once final victory over evil is won, we will enter paradise. When we
eliminate all the terrorists or create an impenetrable barrier to them,
we will be safe. When we develop an irresistible antibiotic and
artificial regulation of body processes, we will have perfect health.
When we make crime impossible and have a law to govern everything, we
will have a perfect society. When you overcome your laziness, your
compulsions, your addictions, you will have a perfect life. Until then,
you are just going to have to try harder-What is SO shocking is the
NUMBER of people that support Obama -- Let’s face it -- They are
Democrat-- that cannot and will not accept the truth and are SO BLINDED I
would have to say they have no conscience, moral or ethical principles.
Their hearts are hardened and must be miserable people inside but yet
will declare to the world they are the happiest people on earth-cutting
funding for (or even privatizing) the Department of Veterans Affairs, to
endless war in Afghanistan, there’s a lot to fear about what a Romney
Presidency would mean for Veterans-
Batman Shooter Received $26,000 a Year from Fed Gov’t late-night shooting
spree at Century 16 in Aurora, there has been a mountain of information
revealed about James Holmes. Shockingly, information reported Monday by could provide some clue as to how Holmes afforded the
firearms. Spread Liberty News -fb/Police Brutality in Anaheim Sparks
Outrage After Two Latinos Shot Dead and Demonstrators Attacked
Amy Goodman, Democracy NOW!: "Police in the California city of Anaheim
are facing allegations of murder and brutality after the fatally shooting
two Latino men over the weekend and firing rubber bullets at crowds of
protesters.  Anaheim police shot and killed 24-year-old Manuel Diaz after
he reportedly ran away from a group of officers who confronted him in the
street. Diaz was unarmed. Hours after his death, a chaotic scene broke
out when police fired rubber bullets and tear gas at a crowd of local
residents protesting the shooting-Israel Pins Bombing on Hezbollah to Get
EU Terror Ruling Gareth Porter, Inter Press Service-US Government Gives
Wink and Nod to Banks Laundering Money for Drug Lords, Terrorist
Affiliated Banks and Rogue Nations Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash- Truthout/

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