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7712/Libtards minorities can not read or write beyond a 4th grade level

7712/Christie Blows Up At Heckler on Boardwalk-Monroe's Last Purchase
Sheds Doubt on Suicide-"I'll arm-wrestle you for your vote," one man said
to Obama, after noting that the establishment was tuned to Fox News, "No,
I'll play basketball for your vote," the president replied. hp/bonobo
doesn't want you to go bankrupt just because you get sick, "You" the 5%
of the population that might experience a catastrophic illness. But he
couldn't care less if "you" go bankrupt because of his economic and
financial incompetence and negligence-(1) Libtards have NO personal
responsibilties..They are followers...They have no Moral compass...Over
half of Libtards are minorities who can not read or write beyond a 4th
grade level...With this mnake is not hard to understand thier
support of the BIGGEST FAILURE this country has had as
President-Imprisoned by their government dependency due to their lack of
preparation to succeed, in the country where success is the most easiest
to obtain, they have chosen to betray their fellow citizens and therefore
cause everyone to have to pay higher prices for everything. And libtards
promote this.yc/
Dont blame the chinks. Blame to greedy WS crooks. all about the Greed.
CEO Romney Helped Outsource Manufacturing Jobs To China
all chinese commies should stay in china u steal u copy u cheat u lie
american firms-leaders ( hawks in the Knesset) are horrible leaders and
they did indeed bear responsibility for Rachael being murdered.
Of course there are good jews. The ones in office are criminals, at least
many of them are-GS is pure evil. Rodents in limo's. neither side of the
political circus understands that GS and its cronies need to be put down
like rats-They use never again to cover up their own crimes. Why do
Brooklyn Rabbi's rape little boys? How about "never again" cover up child
abuse?-Israel kills in the name of religion-rachel Corrie was given every
oportunity to get out of the way , but she insisted on shutting down this
operation that was being connducted at the time. Admittedley running over
her with a bulldozer is a little sever, but all she had to do was just
get out of the way...should have been the end of story..But she did get
her point  ygs/LIBOR scandal grows even crazier, With
ex-Barclays CEO Bob Diamond testifying yesterday before parliament in
London, the company released a damning 2008 email in which a Bank of
England rep urged the CEO to fake his borrowing rates-rsMTaibbi/ Don't
Laugh: There Are a Few, Little Ledges of Common Ground With the Right
Wing and Gun Zealots Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash- Mexico Is Headed for a
Recount in Its Presidential Election Thom Hartmann:Truthout/GOP
Representative Tells Constituent Who Asks About Raising the Minimum Wage
to "Get a Job" ThinkProgress- Surprise: ExxonMobil Will Bid for Afghan
Oil Play Foreign Policy-Talk about stifling startups and inhibiting job
creation. Geeze. You can't recruit top talent, even if you can offer the
same salary and benefits, because your recruits will be forced to pay for
their pre-existing conditions out of pocket, I believe that this is one
of the BIGGEST reasons the 0.01% oppose Obamacare - they lose the health
insurance stranglehold their companies have on their employees- I would
have more heart if the so-called poor weren't almost entirely overweight,
with a significant number obese-Just reading your post made my skin
crawl. Speaking of humans being like animals, you're kind of like pond
scum mated with a dose of fecal bacteria. Are you enjoying this
irrelevant to-the-problem ad hominum attack? It's apparently all that a
creep like you understands. Idiot-great for the Climate Change Deniers
because it shifts the entire debate: "Yeah, it might be happening but
it's God doing it to send us a message, not US, so just relax, nothing we
can do about it but pray". Creationism (aka: MAKING SHIT UP) wins again!
After all, it worked in Iraq, "Trickle Down Economics", Tax Cuts Increase
Revenues-Lamborn who represents the Colorado Springs area to cut Federal
funding for preventing and putting out wildfires by $512 million in the
last 2 years but maintain the $10 billion a year of our tax dollars for.
fossil fuel subsidies. Kind of makes you proud, doesn't it? bf/
7612/Walmart closes, Community builds a giant library
It appears where retail giants fail, public libraries succeed. McAllen,
Texas converted a 124,500 sqft "big box" into the largest single floor
library in the US.-lot of us are just plain folks, who speak regular
colloquial American English. We don't all talk like we swallowed a
dictionary, and to me that's a GOOD thing- Nobody cares that you have a
fancy vocabulary and talk like an upper class person - you're a 99%er
just like me, so get off your high horse!-How much shelfspace is
dedicated to creationism?-my only beef with them is that they are a non
union store - if they were unionized, I'd be perfectly OK with them,
because they have a wide variety of merchandise at very reasonable
prices-We need to force all corporations doing business in the USA to
operate under the ''Mondragon Corporate System,'' in this way the people
and the country are protected from the greed driven, and the criminal
types, that permeate the business world the
southernmost tip of Texas, on the Mexico border. "In a city like McAllen,
with cartel violence-DoD’s technological research arm, contractors note
that they have constructed “a prototype for automatically generating and
distributing believable misinformation … and then tracking access and
attempted misuse of it.” “We call this ‘disinformation technology-Human
genes engineered into experimental GMO rice being grown in Kansas pig blood is used in vaccines and
immunizations-Vitamin D3 kills the flu. The governments keep natural
medicine very quiet because there is no money in it.-HAARP was originally
planned and invented for TRULY peaceful usage by genious Nikola Tesla,
Berlin,Germany 3.000 lightning strikes pm, Mega Storms all across
Europe...unprecedented drought and wildfires across USA, tornadoes across
France, Germany and Hungary-quite baffled that my people in Kentucky keep
falling for the same con year after year after year, lining up to mark
the "Kick Me" box on the ballot. Mitch is an ogre a tyrant a liar and a
dinosaur and without a doubt if he runs again for this lifetime Senate
seat he'll be re-elected-Can we have a rally to remove this gas-bag from
office?-blathering buffoon thinks he is entitled- Cathy Baumgardner All I
want for Christmas is to see McConnel, Boehner and Cantor voted out of
office-South Carolina Circuit Court Judge Michael Nettles attached a
rather odd  provision to the eight year prison and unconstitutional
Sentences Drunk Driver To Bible Study rapists.
Banks don't have customers; only victims-LiborGate makes Bernie Madoff
look like a common shoplifter-.(for the best fixed rates)-we all can't be
1st world middle class consumers, that would defeat the purpose of having
a multidimensional experience in earth... Wake up people, serve all in
love... Forget religion, forget race, forget bickering, forget
judgement... Time to unite-'If you want to tell people the truth, make
them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you, Oscar Wild-Baby brains-he's
eating dead Pakistani and Yemeni children-Why compare Obama to Martin
Luther King? They're not both presidents. They're just both black. This
is racially insensitive-(i have a dream, i have a drone)-GMO fruit bit me
back-Fun and festive how you get all weepy and shit about the rights of
Palestinians, all over this wall. WHERE is mention of the rights of the
Hopi and Dineh, who's loss of rights you benefit from? Duke Energy is
building an energy plant on the site of the original Talaquah, the
original Cherokee capital. WHEN will you speak of it? how you play off
the rampant division in this country to gather support, yet can't be
MASK. stop kidding yourself, we don't need to see your face. we can smell
you from a mile off. you smell like trenchant and unrepentant hypocrisy.
like your parents, and your culture-How is it hate when someone tells the
truth? It is a common strategy of Israeli politicians to call every
criticism on their actions anti-semitism. Even they themselves admit,
"It's a Trick, We Always Use It." (calling people "anti-Semitic")
-zionism isnt religion , It is terrorism-Zio-fascist examples of Israeli
war crimes (like the use of white phosphorous grenades in Gaza), you will
be denounced racist and anti-semitist. Sad but true story. All the
butthurt Zionists hating against this post are further proof-Yes, Israel
isn't the goody 2 shoes saint in the story but neither is Egypt. Or
Palestine. They BOTH endorse hate towards the other nation(s) in their
media (just watch Al-Jazeera and Fox) and they BOTH pull stupid stunts on
the battlefield (you might call it self defense, another might call it
terrorism. Doesn't change the facts). But let's get one thing straight.
The reason this whole Arab Israeli thing even exists is because Arabs
hate Jews, . Palestine will never be happy with any land compromises and
BOTH sides will use stuff like "innocent people getting killed" as an
excuse to run Hamas, Hezbollah and Zion ops-what did the colonials think
and say after they won independence from england?.they were like, "What
now?..i 've got it! lets kill everyone that was already here! yeeay.!"
entire nations erased FOREVER, extreme genocide.course, some butthole
round here will call it shit like 'conquest' or even worse, 'manifest
destiny-BALTIMORE COUNTY, MD -- A anti-Obama float, featuring two people
wearing masks of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama,
rolled along a local Independence Day parade route, a cutting criticism
of the president. One sign read, "Obamanomics Spreading the Wealth,"
while another included the attributed Thomas Jefferson quote: "The
democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are
willing to work and give to those who would not."But it also came as an
unpleasant surprise to Kingsville parade organizers, who asserted that
the content of the float had not been approved by the planning committee
in advance. Follow Perry Hall Patch on Facebook and Twitter.-fb /
Freedom of speech. (BTW, woman wearing Michelle mask not fat enough.) I
wonder if, while the float moved, the woman was telling everyone what to
eat-come on, whats the big deal, they are standing in a restored farm
sh#t spreader, sort of what out Pres is doing to us, spreading the sh#t,
if you can't see the fun in this float you need to get some funnies in
your life, cause that is some funny sh#t-The Pres and First Lady probably
would laugh it off. The mentality to display it was one of questionable
taste but that freedom must be allowed. I would love to see what you call
fit if she is not regarded as such. Your prejudices are blinding you, get
real. From your handle, you have been angry for quite a while!
The float was the most honest thing we have heard this 4th of July.
Yes, typical patriots. BravoJuJu Eyeballs, Wasn't the parade dishonest to
begin with? Not allowing our freedoms (including the right to disagree or
have an opposing view) goes against the very nature of independence day.
Why do people fear and loathe opposing opinions? I want to find these
people and thank them personally for their act of bravery, independence
and creativity. This is some of what being American is all about, or have
you forgotten?-cowards hiding behind masks making a political statement
much like the KKK hooded thugs. It is disrespectful of the Office of
President of the US. They duped the parade organizers because they knew
it was wrong and they embarrassed their neighbors-the parade chairman
knew about the float and it is incredibly disrespectful. no other
president has been treated in such horrible manner, all simply because of
the color of his skin. shame on you-an anti-Obama float is as appropriate
as having a pro-Osama Bin Laden float. Only the deranged would think it
okay- These malefactors have dishonored this holiday of freedom and
independence, and there is no amount of shaming that could be meted out
that would or could make up for the embarrassment that they are to this
country-Do the Republicans have any manners? I am voting a straight
democratic ticket. We have to stop this right wing kook fest-
Disgraceful, tasteless and shameful. I know of people like these, they
crawled out from under rocks and swamps when a black man was elected
President of the US by the majority of American voters. A flagrant
display of shameful ignorance-lack of dishonesty is apparent by the masks
and the fact that they didn't wear their white sheets and pointy hats.
Comment_arrow- you bleeding heart liberals disgust me. I have been
unemployed for over 2 years, partially due to a recurring back injury. I
don't want a free handout, I want to work, so I don't wan my hard earned
money to go to people that would rather sit on their butts. Tim, you say
lack of class, yet we have the most classless president in the history of
this great nation. one way or another, he needs to go. Norma, it is
called free speech, our constitution gives them the right to gather and
voice THEIR beliefs. your so-called president is not immune from protests
and such. I don't regard him as mine, because he craps all over MY
constitution-the float itself was poetic. Obama has tramped on our
constitution since he has been in office. He has treated the American
people with disrespect. As Americans we should see that we are now being
told what to eat, how to raise our kids. telling what we are allowed to
say etc..... Democracy is destroyed from the inside, by eroding our
Freedoms and President Obama is doing this- Countrywide Financial Corp.
gave discount loans to former and current members of the U.S. Congress
and executives at Fannie Mae (FNMA) (FNMA) as it lobbied to scuttle
legislation that would have diminished its sale of sub-prime mortgages
bwk/mossad denies polium22 poisoning arafat, ultraorthedox vs secular,
preaching peace in israel, on geraldo/faux snooze national security
expert stirring arab pot, hfc gawd particle expert, on imus/
7512/Israel's hate for Iran-How is that a anti-semitic post??? Israel is
a secular state... and the US a FREE state fuxxss- the only one worse is
the Vatican corrupt bingo parlor hoodlums-Iran gave the world chess and
the handshake. They have great people. Lousy gov, but name a gov that is
not on the take. Is_rael is one of the worst- If Americans were not
allowed to question Is_Rael Imagine if every time you questioned Izzy,
you got reported. That would be fascist or worse  would be scary-feel so
sorry for the unwashed unmarried garbage because their whole life with
their vile hate- Big divisions in Israel on how to survive, young
people rapidly leaving as a future cannot be assured. Internet will unite
those who see Israel deluding the world with propaganda-What a sleazy,
tax-evading job destroyer! Elect such a man to be President of the United
States? about Romney's secret offshore, tax-avoiding investment fund? You
know, the one he transferred ownership of to his wife the day before he
took office as governor of Massechusetts. Oh, you didn't know about it?
Give me a break y/hospitals, insurance companies and
drug companies who backed it are really going to regret it (the ones that
don't file Chapter 7 anyway). An explicit aim of the Democratic Party is
to have socialized medicine; Obamacare was designed to destroy private
healthcare corporations- Oh, please.-sa/ Lessons From Occupy Wall
Street's First Political Prisoner "Mark Adams, a long-term fixture in New
York's Occupy Wall Street community, woke up this morning in Riker's
Island prison, where last week he began a 45-day sentence and earned the
unenviable title as Occupy's first sentenced political prisoner." Natasha
Lennard-Top Former Tax Code Enforcer Files Letter Asking IRS to Strip
ALEC's Nonprofit Status "The American Legislative Exchange Council, a
right-wing group responsible for state voter suppression laws, 'stand
your ground' laws and other far right initiatives Ian Millhiser,
ThinkProgress-Thom Hartmann: Supreme Court Strikes Down Montana Law
Against Corporate Political Spending-Rupert Murdoch May Be a Convenient
Demon, but the Media Is a Junta John Pilger-Big Pharma Company Gets Fined
$3 Billion Dollars for Marketing Abuse of Drugs, but No Criminal Charges,
Drone Makers Urge US to Let Them Sell More Overseas lat Some Outrageous
Facts About Inequality-Your Local News May Be Written in the Philippines
for Slave Wages, "Sam Zell made a splashy entrance to the traditional
journalistic world of the Tribune Company when he lambasted a Tribune
reporter for asking, in essence, if he was going to turn the Tribune into
a tabloid. His response was brief. It ended with 'F*ck You!-This Is the
Most Important Thing We Could Do for the Economy Read the Article at The
Atlantic' Mark Karlin-Twitter Told to Give Up Occupy Protester's Tweets
ap- The Dog Who Voted, and Other Election-Fraud Yarns mj- Mexico's Old
"Rotating Dictator" Rulers Claim Presidential Election Win: The PRI Is
Back in Power in Mexico City r- Jim Yong Kim to Face the World Bank's
Culture of Economists - Let's Hope it Won’t Be Pretty wp-Challenging the
Surveillance State Glenn Greenwald Salon| National Occupy Gathering Kicks
Off in Philadelphia The Nation-US Adds Forces in Persian Gulf, a Signal
to Iran Thom Shanker, David E. Sanger and Eric Schmitt nyt- Eight Ways
America Is Headed Back to the Robber-Baron Era Erik Loomis, AlterNet-
Obama's Pro-Corporate Approach to Foreign Policy"With recent revelations
about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement, it is now safe
to say that President Obama has surpassed George W. Bush as a champion of
the flawed and offensive ideology of corporate globalization Mark Engler,
Dissent Magazine-Mystery Bermuda-Based Company and Other Undisclosed
Romney Assets Hint at Larger Wealth wp- Concerned Oahu Citizens Demand
That Monsanto Stop Poisoning Hawaii ENews Park Forest- Nicolas Sarkozy's
Home Raided by French Police as Part of Investigation Into Illegal
Campaign Financing g- Obama Calls Romney Potential "Outsourcer in Chief"
nyt Truthout/ARUNDHATI ROY" ‘Terrorism Isn’t The Disease; Egregious
Injustice Is’ On laws like AFSPA, Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act,
sedition, democracy, terrorism and more as The Reality of india-"WOLVES
Sick Mirth: Judaism is not the same as Zionism. Rothschilds are zionists,
they created israel. Rosthschilds aren't even real jews they're
Khazars-America didn't used to be run like an old Southern slave
plantation, but we're headed that way now. How a Brutal Strain of
American Aristocrats Have Come to Rule AmericaIn today’s world it’s
called corporate enslavement. The elite in the USA has set a very ugly
tone that's corrupted how people with power and money behave in every
corner of our culture. Here's what happened, and how it happened, and
what it means for America now = All Bullshit Channel
AP = Associated Propaganda CBS = Channel of Bull Shit, FOX = Full of
Xenophobia, BBC = British Brainwashing Corporation, CNN = Crap Not News,
NBC = Nothing But Crap-You'd Think $122 Million Would Buy You A Better
Campaign Than This Get your middle school level diagrams down first, then
talk to me about being president-Because we need to laugh and THIS is
very funny-Did Romney outsource his campaign to Amercia? The company I
work for has an "off site" art department in India, and these are the
sorts of errors they make-If we put "Republican Blockades to Obama's
Proposals" in the red circle, then it works-Rupert says ROmney should
fire his campaign staff. Not because they are not hair on fire bat sh!t
crazy, that is Limbaugh's issue, becausee they are inept. After all,
Obama will get over 300 electoral votes....I am guessing 320ish. 4 more
years to watch Mitch McConnel stew in his own urine-Miitens reveals his
true intellect (or rather the lack thereof) the more I am looking forward
to the presidential debates - what a smack down it is likely to be - but
I predict the mainstream media will go out of their way to score the
debates as a virtual tie-Frick'in Idiots! They should peddle crazy some
place else washingtons full up!-I think he was beating up kids with long
hair-did mitt pass junior high?-is dumber than The Shrub-those who
created this "Venn Diagram" are also paid to slander public school
teachers.-all elitists find it necessary to mock a perfectly good
illustration-if O's promises were anti-matter and today's reality matter,
then they would cancel each other out in the area in the middle, and...
wait that still wouldn't make sense. Mitt is a great Amercian!-Is Mitt
mentally sound he opposes his own programs like Health care and sending
jobs outside the country? It scares the hell out of me a guy like him in
White! fb/Roger Hayes Arrested, in scenes reminiscent
of Stasi East Germany, 2 police cars and 4 policemen from Merseyside
Police arrested British Constitution Group Chairman at his Wirral home
and drove away, Tried In Secret Court, Imprisoned.
SAYS MITT ROMNEY IS 'DUMB' wsj  nation's most conservative & influential
papers hammered the presumptive GOP nominee. hp/Alot of nonsense talk
from a cheap 2 dollar suit, you think Persia will be easy? Is Afghanistan
easy? Is any war easy? Big dog is a big mouth. -no logic in giving out
military strategy so that the other will be ready. This is a war of
fear-Herp better nuke em. What could go wrong!? Morons Derp.-leaders in
iran, ARE RIGHT WING RELIGIOUS RETARDS. Much like the nuke iran crowd on
this board-With all the rhetoric on these pages, it wouldn't surprise me
if good-hearted Iranian people do not have a favorable opinion about
Americans-Are you willing to send your kid off to fight on behalf of BP
oil? Is that all your kid is worth to you?-Who's killing all of their
scientists? Who's destroying their computer systems with sophisticated
worms and viruses. Don't try to tell me it's the Taliban-Send your own
kids, No one else should have to pay for your ignorance nor
arrogance-proclamations are mostly for internal consumption. Keep the
population stirred up so they don't notice their economy is going falling
part-Keep them hungry and keep them ignorant. They will do anything and
believe anything for a loaf of bread-. -abc y/
7412/. But if that ever happened, who's the best person to lead
the for a UFO welcoming party? About 65 percent said they'd rather have
Barack Obama than Mitt Romney handle the situation-    Scientists set to
show how they hacked into Stephen Hawking's brain- That big asteroid was
even bigger- msnbc/ Air-Breathing Batteries Promise To Unlock The
500-Mile Electric Car (Fast Company)- GE Halts Work On The U.S.'s Biggest
Solar Factory To Return To The Lab, we’re focusing our efforts on
developing the next generation of cad-tel module technology so that we
can reach higher efficiency levels and a more competitive cost position,”
Danielle Merfeld, GE’s general manager for solar technologies, That
decision will result in layoffs, declined to say how many workers would
lose their jobs. The move to halt construction of the 400-megawatt
Aurora, Colo, Competitors like Colorado startup Abound Solar simply ran
out of time. Abound, which had received a $400 million federal loan
guarantee to build factories to produce its cadmium-telluride panels, had
stopped work on its plant. Of course, there’s a big difference between a
cash-strapped startup and a global conglomerate like GE (F/ American Nazi party leader turns out to
be JewishC: Diamond Says Barclays Libor Rates Were Highest, Points The
Finger At Other Banks y/overnments are too busy giving our money to their
masters, the zionist banksters! That is why they don't make any profits.
The aim of the Zionists is to destroy us all, even their gentile
supporters!-would rather have a guy who out-sourced thousands of jobs AND
FIRED thousands of middle-class workers and keeps his money in a Swiss
bank account and not here in the USA? Interesting...Happy Birthday Malia,
I WILL vote for your father AGAIN because I am NOT a racist and I don't
watch Faux Noise or listen to AM NEo-ConFederate BS!-Please, sir, educate
yourself before embarrassing yourself in posting the wrong message. Obama
DID NoT grant permission for illegals to work, he simply granted 2 years
for young people 16-30, not to be deported, and be aloud to study! Long
overdue! Illegals, and immigrants HAVE done, and WILL DO the work that
natural citizens WON"T DO!! Read the newspapers, and LISTEN to the news!
(NOT Fox!!)-objectives of the ritual? Is it to keep people in
subservience? Or is it to keep the focus on humanity, cohesion, or it may
be awakening spiritually and perhaps for understanding the origin and
hence connectedness to the planet and all its other inhabitants?-dimwit
working for the prince of darkness-so many people play right into the
hands of propaganda without even bothering to enlighten themselves-
Bohemian Grove, and Moloch Worship of a place of high
jinx and nudity,although there is a darker undercurrent that certain
people will be aware of.More disturbing is the Yale frat Skull And
Bones.Three generations of the Bush family were members and they are the
biggest crime family to have ever American politics and as for claims of
their satanic practice Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Affairs and
Trilateral Commission. Do some research on there meeting's and
activities. I challenge you to Wake Up. The Patriot Party ‎"I Have Sworn
Upon the Altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny
over the mind of man." Thomas Jefferson-founding members of The John
Birch Society was Fred Koch - FATHER of David and Charles Koch. The Koch
brothers started and funded the Tea Party. It is all one in the same."
FYI, Ron Paul is an esteemed member and speaker at John Birch Society
events and meetings
50th-anniversary-of-jbs -Lot Detail - John F. Kennedy "Wanted for
Treason" Poster From The Day He Was Assassinated
-Koch Industries If convicted,  the company faced fines of up to $352
million,  plus possible jail time for company executives. After George W.
Bush became president,  however,  the U.S. Justice Departmentdropped 88
of the charges.  Two days before the trial,  John Ashcroft settled for a
plea bargain,  in which Koch pled guilty to falsifying documents.  All
major charges were dropped,  and Koch and Ashcroft settled the lawsuit
for a fraction of that amount.  Koch had contributed $800,000 to the Bush
election campaign and other Republican candidates A Nazi Past, Oil & The
Foundation of The Right Notorious Nazis Ilse Koch, her husband Karl Otto
Koch and Erich Koch are the ghosts of Koch Industries,  who seized the
U.S. conservative political agenda years ago-Buckley is widely credited
with founding the modern day conservative movement. The above rag piece
basically associates 2 seperate groups of people via only a common last
name. No other documentation is provided. Nice conspiracy theory, but
Nazis and the American right have nothing in common. Nazis were
socialists, big govt, autocratic, opposed to individual liberty and
traditional religious beliefs and values. The state, and the fuhrer were
the highest good- Bush's grandfather helped Hitler's
rise to power -America. Man America LOVES its nazis, I'm
surprised the nazi symbol isn't a part of our flag now. The bush and koch
families are just TWO of the skid-marks in Americas underwear that we
should deathly ashamed of. These kinds of posts can only educate or
infuriate, keep 'em up-Ron Paul started the true Tea Party, the Koch
brothers hijacked it. He doesn't associate with the current Tea Party,
they don't want anything to do with his supporters. Just like the
freemasons were hijacked. That's what these people do they infiltrate
good things then rot them out. Like Occupy Wallstreet was to be hijacked
by Soros and the democrats- Illinois blowhard Joe Walsh  America’s most
offensive congressman best known for falling roughly $100,000 behind in
child support to his ex-wife and then failing to show up in court attacks
his opponent for being a double amputee war veteran fb/the full effects
of Obamacare have yet to sink into the collective consciousness. Pending
the Supreme Court ruling it was a roll of the dice as to the fate of the
insurance companies. In the coming months as the sell side analysts and
consultants their reports to the decision makers, I believe the writing
on the wall will become more distinct. If it looks like Obama will be
re-elected, I believe that the health insurers stock prices will crater
7312/andy griffith rip@86/ The SCOTUS is notoriously secretive but rumors
of its inner workings have made it to press in the past...DOES THE
SUPREME COURT HAVE A MOLE?  leak Theories-Banks Reaping Billions Off
Colombian Cocaine Trade- Bomb Explodes Outside Home Of Top Mexican Police
Official- /syria-assad-jet-shot-down hp/managing director of the
International Monetary Fund, is encouraging U.S. lawmakers to focus on
boosting the economy now, and worry about cutting deficits later.
cnn/ostriches are trying to keep control, Backed by real estate
developers, the Republican-led oregon General Assembly passed a law
requiring that projected rates of sea level rise be calculated on
historical trends and not include accelerated rates of increase

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