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71412/Race Baiting at the NAACP

71412/Penn State to JPMorgan Chase and Barclays: Destroying Higher
Education, Savaging Children and Extinguishing Democracy Henry A.
Giroux-Banksters Take Us to the Brink Bill Moyers-Forceful Drugging of Detainees Alyona Minkovski- Truthout
71312/two years he now claims he wasn't running the firm. According to
legal documents Mitt Romney signed and filed with the Securities and
Exchange Commission, he was the sole owner, chairman of the board, CEO,
and president of Bain, what's the purpose of having a corporation in a
known tax haven like Bermuda in the first place? Even his closest allies,
Boehner, can't explain why any American running for president would have
ever kept his money in a secretive Swiss bank account/A Prophet Crying in
the Wilderness: Montana's Governor Vows to Continue His Fight Against
Citizens United Richard Schiffman-Dennis Kucinich: "We don't know just
how deep this scandal goes. But the fact is that if a fundamental
component of our financial system has been or is being manipulated, we
have the right to know about it-Congress Considers Prosecutions of
Reporters Over Leaked Information Ken Allard testified to a House
Judiciary subcommittee that the extent of national security leaks is
'unprecedented' in American history Annika McGinnis, McClatchy
Newspapers- questions about whether or not June's recall election was
rigged hartman-Blame Politics, Not Economics, for This Enduring Crisis
Krugman-mitt Caught Lying by SEC Forms: He was CEO, President, Chairman
and Owner of Bain When He Claims He Wasn't Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash-Not
Again! How Our Voting System Is Ripe for Theft and Meltdown in 2012
AlterNet- Romney Invested Millions in Chinese Firm That Profited on US
Outsourcing Mother Jones-If We're Headed Toward Greece, Republicans Are
Driving Us There National Memo Mitt the Race Baiter at the NAACP Daily
Beast- Truthout/Presidential rivals trade charges of lying, Romney calls
for apology-fn/DO those who have the gold make the rules??? Or It is this
really a democracy???? So they don't call it a CH 11... does it matter
what they call it when they play with the books or control the ststem to
make it the way they want/4400 words in the document that restrains our
government. There are an estimated 50 million words designed to restrain
you and I, Jörg Guido Hülsmann/ask yourself this question, if both
parties were the same, why would the republicans want to repeal a
healthcare law on a mandate that was originally introduced by a
republican, why would republicans make voter suppression laws, why would
republicans want to kill unions, why would republicans want to make
social security medicare and medicaid and veterans benefits and
unemployment benefits privitized and for profit? on the flip side why
would democrats want taxes on the 1% why would democrats fight to keep
unions, why would democrats and the president repeal the dont ask dont
tell law?-Must be one of those Commie, terrorist loving, God hating,
unpatriotic, unAmerica radicals the corporations and their corrupt
politicians warned us about-I have been called "terrorist", "leftist" and
"communist"-Koch brothers are staging 400m$ gathering of super-wealthy
right-wing donors-if you make $2 million per year income, then you
currently have to survive on a paltry $26,540 PER WEEK. If taxes were to
go back up to the Pre-Bush levels(Clinton Era taxes) then the exact same
person woud then be forced to somehow figure out how they can make it
through life on only $25,000 per week. Poor poor rich people-Right to
work states are a breeding ground for Corrupt Conservative Racist Zealots
waiting to hold up the train and leave the country as has been proved by
the Koch Brothers, Mitt-not about taxes; it's about bigotry, racism and
old fashioned greed-GOP needs to adopt a more parasitic anthropomorphic
animal-blocked for three days by Face Book: The truth must hurt Obama ~
LBJ. Sean Trende's excellent book The Lost Majority observes the turn
from the LBJ of the 1950s:“These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity
these days, and that’s a problem for us, since they’ve got something now
they never had before: the political pull to back up their uppityness.
Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a
little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a
difference.” to the LBJ of 1965: President Johnson … informed skeptical
southern governors that his plan for the Great Society was “to have them
n___ers voting Democratic for the next two hundred years-1973  The term
"trickle-down" became much discussed during Reagan's presidency when
Johnson was long dead. leo janos on lbj in retirement-somebody who sent
25.000 american boys to die is not gonna preach to me about hell-so busy
manageing trickle down everything goes to hell in a handbasket-Biggest
most powerful murderous gangsters arent the police or even the military,
its the corporations they work for-“I'm a Christian first, and a
mean-spirited, bigoted conservative second, and don't you ever forget it.
coulter-Epic Fail Newt Gingrich Autographs Bohemian Grove Picture-GOP
Mac Thornberry (R-TX) even though one quarter of the instructors there
have been charged or are being investigated for sexual misconduct There’s
‘No Evidence Of  Sexual Assault At Airforce Base fb/ Another Nasty
Putback- regulators, congress, F&F, and banks are in discussions to come
up with more acceptable/predictable rules on putbacks. They are way out
of hand and are considered to be impacting our economy indirectly yff/
Mitt is either a crook or a liar, a
third possibility, as the “controlling person” in these investments did
not legally require him to have any actual control. Other contemporaneous
documents obtained by Fortune magazine show that Bain was telling
investors at the same time as the SEC filings that Romney was not a
manager of the funds in question, responded to the Obama bunker buster
with ordinance of its own, demanded that Cutter apologize for calling
Romney a potential crook, a new low today reckless and unsubstantiated
charge to reporters about Mitt that was so over the top that it
calls into question the integrity of their entire campaign. President
Obama ought to apologize for the out-of-control behavior of his staff,
which demeans the office he holds. Campaigns are supposed to be hard
71212/Not only was Arthur C. Clarke one of the greatest science fiction
writers of all time, Fifty Years Ago Accurately Predicted We'd Be Able To
Work Online in Our Pajamas/Right-wingers' $1.2 trillion annual deficit,
the problem with this country; that's why the country is going bankrupt:
because right-wingers run up massive debts, and when they are asked about
when they're going to pay up, they babble about Obama, or Hillary
1980 AFL-CIO SAID/Around 20  Palestinians people were injured in an
explosion at a wedding hall near Ramallah late Thursday night,
One possible cause of the explosion was the use of pyrotechnics inside
the wedding hall, yc/Mixed trash. "Joos are a people". Yeah
right so you have Russian ones, Spanish ones, black ones, white ones... A
people? Hey, the worlds not color blind. Your all mutts.- Joos claim to
be a racially pure group like say the Germans. It is their bases for
their claims on Palistine. Joos are as racially pure as a Mexican street
dog. ygs/
71112/The Economist writes that what has been revealed here is “the
rotten heart of finance,” a “culture of casual dishonesty.” Once more the
big banks are revealed to have allowed greed to trample any concern about
trust, respect or legality.all the usual suspects: JPMorgan Chase,
Citibank, UBS, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, UBS and others. This wasn’t rogue
trading, as the Economist concludes; it was more like a cartel-GOP
congressman David Dreier, People with 'massive tumors' should be denied
health insurance One of the most popular provisions in the Affordable
Care Act, or "Obamacare -this from a man who lives large on
the government with free health care for life. How many ways to spell
hypocrite?-a "massive tumor-Is this congressman's "brain death" a
pre-existing condition?-Houston Chronicle has just reported on a women
who lost her job and has no health insurance and who had a small tumor
that has become massive while she waits-HE is Your Best Friend. Hey, is
it raining, or did someone just pee on Your Shoes-dear satan, Please stop
having idiots claim to speak for Me. Every time that they open their
mouths, it really makes Me look ridiculous. I know it's your business to
do that, but it really is annoying as well-If you vote for Obama you are
a total idiot. Four more years of this dumbo president, another 5
trillion in debt and no jobs. Wake up you liberals !!! This guy excluded
thousands of labor unions from his wonderful healthcare legislation. The
middle class is going to have to foot the bill or pay a penalty if they
don't go along. The rich can afford their health insurance, and millions
of illegal immigrants will ride along at our expense. This president is a
total failur-fucking republicans. They bitch about Obama doing nothing
and they spent the last 4 years stonewalling and blocking everything he
done. You're a cocksucker if you vote for the republican do nothing
congress-how's the handsoffy, nonregulatedy thing working 4u?-São Paulo,
became the first city outside of the communist world to put into effect a
radical, near-complete ban on outdoor advertising-Mahmoud Sarsak has
finally been released and is now back in Gaza. Mahmoud spent 3 years in
an Israeli prison without charge, and endured a 94 day Hunger Strike in
protest at his illegal detention-feed into that corporate greed and
prescribed those meds-lies...My mother...4 children all with
'ADHD'...This all falls down to discipline...If my mother were to bring
us up telling us we have ADHD-this day, 11th July 1995, at the height of
the 1992-1995 War in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Army of Republika Srpska
(VRS), held some 40,000 Bosnian Muslim refugees from surrounding towns
and villages that had fled or had been expelled following the Serb
occupation. Over a period of 10 days that followed the UN handover of
Srebrenica to the Bosnian Serb army, their soldiers engaged in systematic
mass killings of thousands of Bosnian Muslim civilians, mostly men and
boys - with some as young as 11. They took them to fields, school
gymnasiums, warehouses and abandoned factories for their execution. the
worst mass killings of civilians in Europe since the Holocaust of the
Second World War. It became known as the Srebrenica Genocide, and so far
8,373 victims have been identified from the hundreds of mass graves that
have been uncovered thus far. 520 newly identified remains will be buried
today-Quarter Of Bankers Say Illegal Activity Vital For Success:
In a survey of 500 financial service workers in the UK and U.S., a
quarter said they would need to engage in illegal conduct to be
successful, while 16 percent said they would commit a crime - insider
trading, if they could get away with it, many of them outwardly
admitted in a recent survey that they “need” to break the law in order to
be successful in their line of work. Business
Corruption Pays Off, Financial Executives: Sure, We Lie and Cheat Ugandan
anti-corruption sign-Forbes-, 24% said they believed unethical and
illegal activities are key to success-$800 Million Tar Sands Oil Spill in
Michigan Blamed on Corporate Neglect and ‘Weak Federal Regulatio
The National Transportation Safety Board blamed multiple corrosion cracks
and “pervasive organizational failures” at the Calgary-based Enbridge
pipeline company more-than-20,000-barrel oil spill
few yrs ago in NC it was raised incrementally to end at minimum wage. a
few months later I received a letter from them saying that 'it didn't
help the small biz owner like they had hoped it would.', and to lower the
wage back down-fb/ Mitt to hold a fundraiser in Yerushalayim-San
Bernardino becomes third California city seeking bankruptcy, soon the
whole state yip/They keep this part of this neighborhood safe- That was
the FDA meeting with the Outlaw sales force. They met and worked out a
agreement to provide CME prior to selling bath salts and Risperdal.
yc/Helen Thomas fired for stating a fact?     38 minutes ago    That the
Kahazars should go back to Europe? Isn't that where they came from? Fact
or fiction? more important why is the constitution being ignored? Did
they buy the constitution? Right of free speech is being trampled on
every day by this Israel-GS coalition whose only goal is to perpetrate
their financial agenda-ygs/Citigroup is still a 2 dollar stock 3 years
later. Worst of all big banks! This stock goes nowhere and we will be
back in the same double-dip recession. Obama sure knows how to fix
things!yc/Katrina vanden Heuvel Time for "Banksters" to Be Prosecuted wp/
NAACP Crowd Boos Romney's Promise to Repeal "Obamacare" tpm/jess jackson
appearent suicide attempt, geraldo
71012/Zіonism is the movement for the return of the Јewish people to
their homeland and the resumption of Јewish sovereignty in Israel-more
stpuid garbage for stupid people who want to fantasize about some idiotic
fairy tale-now the fascist march to the Fourth Reich is faster then ever.
The ROMAN EMPIRE CHURCH and the Nazis colluded .. with the Zionists and
the house of Sauds .a long time ago. .it is all just being PLAYED OUt-
you have to see what lines up with their agenda.. extortion is the least
dirt on the obama's so i'm not surprised.. it's par for the course.. if
you were smarter/correctly educated you might understand it and learn a
thing or two instead of googling "whatever is posted" then add "hoax" or
"conspiracy" at the end then post it here to try to "debunk" all the
truths that are posted.. you think you're so smart kid, i got you all
figured out you big pussy.. i'd love to meet you one on one and see how
smart your fucking pussy ass it then faggot fuck. go die, no one cares
about you. you provoking disinformationalist sad sorry alone soul of a
pathetic excuse for a human being-soon as we do away with that nasty
regulatory restriction called the minimum wage law, then they will start
hiring 50 cents per hour, cuz they feel that's all we are all
worth-Jobs? They are in the banks on the Cayman Islands-rather die for a
cause, then live a worthless life-Ihab Mishaal, 14 year-old-Palestinian
boy who was sentenced to 8 years in prison today fb /    The Assassination
of Yasser Arafat had been Ordered by the Israeli Cabinet - by Prof.
Michel Chossudovsky y/Mitt in the Hamptons: Let Them Eat Road Kill "This
past weekend in the Hamptons, the gluttonous orgy of Romney campaign
fundraising among America's Marie Antoinette crowd was so brazenly
contemptuous of non-millionaires! Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash-Wall Street
Executives Believe Employees Need to Engage in Illegal Behavior to
Succeed ThinkProgress- Without GOP, Unemployment Would Be Under 6 Percent
7912/I_sraLiARS have the legal right to steal in and of itself, be
considered illegal,” same panel that Hittler appointed to
study if more concentration camps were legal!-if if only the israthieves
could bribe just one itty bitty country of idiots who would agree THAT
STEALING IS LEGAL!-Are you sure you are justE insecure and hebrew? From
here, you look, sound and smell like lowbrow philistine. Any relation to
soon-coming-back-by-popular-philistine-demand Rais?-ERNEST BORGNINE,
R.I.P 95 yip/Common folk don't know whats going on-Fight Against US
Liberals and Their Communist Masters!-Capitalism finances communism in
accordance with the Hegelian dialectic of PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION. The
planets ultimate power structure, the Covertly Ruling Super Criminal
Plutocracy antcipates its opposition, organizes and finances it and
places their agents at the top to insure failure. "The best way to
control the opposition is to lead it." Joseph Stalin-Obama Has Huge Love
Affair With Himself- How DARE a candidate tell people what he stands for
or what he will work towards-Even Fox calls Romney a liar How many times
has he flip flopped back and forth about how the economy is growing too
slowly-reporter Maeve Reston caught up with a donor on her way into one
of the events, recommended contribution for the event she was attending
was $25,000, I don’t think the common person is getting it…my college
kid, the baby sitters, the nails ladies, everybody who’s got the right
to vote, they don’t understand what’s going on. I just think if you’re
lower income, one, you’re not as educated, two, they don’t understand
how it works, they don’t understand how the systems work, they don’t
understand the impact-Unemployment Drops in 17 Republican States- A
family of four with both parents working 40 hour weeks at minimum wage is
30 thousand dollars rounded off. Now what is their rent or mortgage
payment? $350 a month subtract from the 30 thou = $26,000 a year subtract
from that food say $55 a week times 52 = $2900 subtracted from 26,000 =
$23,000 Now subtract that health insurance for 4 then their is car
insurance, transportation to and from work school activities, Christmas
etc boy that minimum wage really has become a negative figure. You and
the rest of you gang of moral deviants suck on that for awhile-yfs/LiBs
Attend Koch brothers' fundraiser for Romney draws protest- But Bobo`s
$35k per plate fundraisers don`t draw protests from the same phony crew.
It`s not money they dislike, it`s anyone who disagrees with them.
Incipient little fascist baxtirds-yc/Israel a financial albatross on the
USA, We just can't afford Israel any longer, Israel depleted out trasury
and no return on our investment- treasury is spelled this way retard, no
wonder your on welfare-israel has been on "welfare" since 1947- only two
things exist in kentucky hillbilly steers and queers-I think the reason
we do do much for Israel Is the collective shame and guilt over the
Holocaust That we did not lift a finger to help.... Ditto Vatican-why
didnt the church excommunicate hitler? gutless hypocritical child
molesting adulterers at the vatican- qaddafi had over 200 tons of gold,
plus the lybian oil; did the eu want it? Israel suggested they would
place a military base on site of the gold, to help with humanitarian
efforts. This is the world we live in ygs/a tiled closed lodge it has
always been a no-no to discuss or argue about religion, sectarian or
general except it has been okay to mention the GAOTU or God (generic) and
by necessity some of Freemasonry's history with religion in it, we preach
Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth. and we are sworn to obligations-ycl/
robini  there is "virtually zero chance" that
pump-priming by central banks will succeed, suggesting that policymakers
should instead let the economic bust work itself through the system CNBC
What do you expect, when you build a house of cards, based upon unbridled
corruption and exploitation? 155 Replies-    then pass the results to a
democratic President in 2008 to clean up the mess?-banking institutions
are more dangerous to our liberty than standing armies. If the American
people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency,
first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that
will grow up around (the banks) will deprive the people of all property
until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers
conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored
to the people, to whom it properly belongs." Thomas Jefferson-    dems
idea of cleaning up is grow the governmen-You are joking, right? When and
who was President when CRA passed? Who handled oversight of Fannie and
Freddie before the collapse - assuring the public that they were fine?
Who promised the American public that the stimulus would work and that it
would all be spent on saving industries and creating jobs? Both sides
share the blame but at least be honest about it-.Obuma has screwed up
more in 3 1/2 years then even Bush the idiot did in 8. Obuma's over his
head. He needs to stay on his "vacations" until he's replaced this
fall-Thank God we didn't pass the economy to the Republicans who caused
the crash in the first place- what a bunch of whiners.....stop blaming
everyone else because you forgot to save your money!-once US consumers go
down they take the whole world with them. After all, who buys more stuff
they don't need than the US consumer? Thing is, since 2007 US Consumer's
buying habits have been changing since millions are out of work. So, it
kind of makes sense that Asia & Europe are hurting for business now. One
bad thing about a global economy is that when one country falls hard it
starts a chain reaction-"The end of democracy is when the people realize
they can vote themselves money-You couldn't make this stuff up! And we
pay for the whole thing through taxes and inflation. Absolutely Amazing
that this is allowed to happen-This will all end under a new world order.
The U.S. and the world will become an autocratic oligarchy and the
plutocracy made up of the super rich and the mega corporations will run
the world-y/Finally, some outcry for holding corrupt financial executives
more accountable, Gretchen Morgenson has called for American regulators
to take the scandal as seriously as their British counterparts Matt
Taibbi rs/Are Biotech Companies About to Gain Immunity from Federal
Law?"A so-called 'Monsanto rider,' quietly slipped into the multi-billion
dollar FY 2013 Agricultural Appropriations bill, would require, not just
allow, but require the Secretary of Agriculture to grant a temporary
permit for the planting or cultivation of a genetically engineered crop
Alexis Baden-Mayer-Hot Air and the Stench of Brimstone Mikey Weinstein,
AlterNet- today's Election Countdown 2012 news: Iowa's governor announced
he does not intend to go along with the planned Medicaid expansion under
Obama's health care bill, Lambert Strether, Naked Capitalism-Colorado
Firefighters Take on the Fight for Health Insurance Daily Kos-
Afghanistan Offered $16 Billion in Aid, With Strings Attached ap-
California Legislature Considers "Anti-Arizona" Immigration Measure
ThinkProgress- Police Reform Activists Targeted By NYPD Won't Give In to
Threats AlterNet-Wall Street Scandal of All Scandals Robert Reich-
Pennsylvania Mayor Cuts Police and Firefighter Pay to Minimum Wage Thom
Hartmann-to/land was given to them by England. It wasn't theirs to give.
Israel has tortured over 300,000 Palestinians, stolen their land, killed
THOUSANDS of others and risks being punished for it themselves. The Torah
makes it PERFECTLY clear that the Jews are never to receive Israel-fb
scared of pali's and egyptians, bernie finally removes tongue from
smoolie's anus, on geraldo
7812/Shots at Romney Play Out to Conservative Core To hear Rupert, Mitt
Romney lacks stomach and heart. He “seems to play everything safe.” And
he is not nearly as tough as he needs to be on President Obama./ Estelle
Ellis Rubinstein pioneering marketing executive who helped start
Seventeen magazine in 1944 has died at age 92-Thousands Could Lose
Internet Monday After Malware Attack Internet users scanning their
Twitter feeds or Facebook accounts Sunday might want to add one more
quick click to check their computer for malware wsjap/ Barclays paid $450
million in fines last week to settle accusations that it helped rig the
Libor rate. The rate is used to set interest rates in more than $350
trillion of contracts globally, ranging from home mortgages to
complicated financial swaps +/ The unfolding libor scandal will drag all
the US banks down, as well as the Fed, into a mire of civil and criminal
lawsuits. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of financial market
manipulation by the banks and central banks. Cry for your Fed bailout but
all that Tsar Bernanke can do is try and talk the market up with whispers
of more QE. The real fireworks will come in 2013 when the Fed moves to
devalue the dollar sa/Romney Helped Outsource Manufacturing Jobs To
China, Bain “invested in a series of firms that specialized in relocating
jobs done by American workers to new facilities in low-wage countries
like China and India.” In one example, Bain was the largest shareholder
in a company called Modus Media, which “specialized in helping companies
outsource their manufacturing-Dont blame the chinks. Blame to greedy WS
crooks. all about the Greed- Fourteen year olds in China working 80 hours
a week. Hopefully your daughter or sister competes with that-
ygs/ Colorado Dems State Conventions I cried I felt so honored to be able
to hear her once in my life time. Thank you Ann Richards fo setting the
standard for brave strong women everywhere We will also endure and we
always work hard-described Dan Quayle as being "born with a silver foot
in his mouth"-Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did, she
just did it backwards and in high heels- Nugent stuck in the good ole
days?- Possible VP pick? Do it NItt Witt Mitt-See,the South WAS right all
along-WTF? You are saying because we are
liberals and tolerant of all good and normal people, no matter their
color or sexual preference, we should be tolerant of an ass who basically
threatened our great president and is a bold faced bigot? No, liberals
may like to tree-hug and have generous hearts for those among us who
can't (not won't) help themsleves but we are NOT passive doormats. The
days of us laying down and just taking the crap from the right is OVER!
Liberals are now standing shoulder to shoulder and ready to take on the
buffoonish CRAZY that is now the right-I'm happy, obama keep up the good
work driving this racist moron insane-has never drank, smoked, or done
drugs of any kind! Which if true, means that his vile, racist,
misogynist, homophobic hate-spew is the product of a clean and sober
mind. I find it pretty scarey that we can't dismiss his rants as the
babblings of a raging alcoholic-drug addict, the stereotypical '70's
rockstar-Clinton 'first pardoned federal felon ever to serve as President
of the U.S.'?-Rich Repub politicians love to start wars but they make
sure that their own children don't have to fight in them-at the time the
"Draft" was still in effect, Obuma, was in Afghanistan, being taught, how
to "Fly "a Jet Airliner full of innocent people. He failed at it, because
his Ears were to big to fit in the "Cockpit". So, he was sent to
"AMERICA" to watch it happen from the front row. STUFF THAT IN YOUR "POT
PIPES" and suck it up "Liberal".!!! And that goes for you Republcans too,
if it fits. I hate Politicans, no party excluded!!-Center for Media and
Democracy has EXPOSED over 800 "model" bills and resolutions secretly
voted on by corporations and politicians through the American Legislative
Exchange Council (ALEC-for gods sake...Obama is a puppet...don't you get
that yet-Happy 72nd Birthday Ringo!-Destruction, Death and fractured
souls for what? Corporate Profit and Republican fullfillment?-Atheist
Taliban, just gotta put down those who believe any chance you
can-Roosevelt & Johnson were both subjected to some of the same right
wing braying about socialism and how the programs they signed into law
were the death knell and ruination of the country, etc. etc. Except that
the right wing today is even more vocal and have now added personal
vitriol to their low life objections.-All of your leftist politicians,
such as Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank and your list goes on and on are
liars. And in the case of Pelosi, IN-FRIGGING-SANE-Google Announces
Worldwide Campaign to Legalize Same-Sex “Legalize Love” campaign
officially launches in Poland and Singapore-fb
7712/Aftermath of Occupy Will Surpass the Gains of 1960s Activism Bill
Zimmerman-Texas GOP Declares: "No More Teaching of 'Critical Thinking
Skills' in Texas Public Schools" Danny Weil-Major Church's Near Move to
Divest Signals Beginning of the End for Status Quo in Israel Robert
Naiman- /Sudan constitution to be "100 percent Islamic:" Bashir- Truthout
I will vote for the Mormon American all day long. And I I strongly
recommend you do the same. We cannot take any more of the talking

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