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62812/ Obongo is a one percenter

62812/Rapid deterioration of the situation in Syria has given world
leaders a sense of urgency, but they seem no closer to finding common
ground Assad talks war, US and UN talk peace csm/If you believe in UFOs,
you may be in better company than you think. Thirty-six percent of
Americans, about 80 million people, believe UFOs exist, and a tenth
believe they have spotted one, a new National Geographic pol aBC/Blast
targeted at government building rocks Syria's capital-fbi would
investigate the cause of a raging wildfire that displaced thousands of
residents and an untold number of homes fn/JPM) bank's losses on a bad
trade may reach as much as $9 billion usat/Barclays, said the bank worked
to fix problems and cooperated with the authorities. bb/Consumer Bureau
Issues Warning on Reverse Mortgages wsj/Nine of the biggest banks,
including JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) and Bank of America Corp.
allow our big institutions to fail,” how their businesses could be
unwound, If a bank fails and needs FDIC money it “should be dismantled
after that, and the name should be buried in disgrace, after a collapse
as part of a U.S, a lot of boards recognize that they were kind of flying
blind, because they didn’t realize where the risk was coming from because
the interconnections were not known, his bank’s plan “has been drafted
and circulated and given to some of the regulators.Dimon Congress at
-dot-regulators -how-to-dismember-their-corpses/ Judge orders Utah mom to
chop off daughter’s ponytail in courtroom Mom found naked, eating ice
cream after leaving kids in wrecked car -The Most-Spoiled Children in the
U.S. Live in… (Women&Co.) A World of Underwater Opportunities- Another
Star Mug Shot! Jenna Jameson Arrested for Suspected DUI -Teen Punished
for Stopping Bullies From Harassing a Special Needs Girl -fn/
62712/flamenco troupe bursts into a bank branch in Seville in southern
Spain, lampooning bankers in dance and song. Galicia, 50 men dressed in
prison garb march into a bank shouting slogans against costly state
bailouts-Forty-four members of Zimbabwe's parliament were circumcised on
Friday as part of a national HIV/AIDS awareness campaign-Pakistan is
cracking down on portly policemen after only a quarter of the 19,000
officers in the Punjab province passed a fitness test- R/Barclays bank
will pay penalties of £290m for trying to rig key interest rates at which
banks lend money to each other in the financial markets, most senior
executives 'Utmost regret' have decided to forgo their bonuses for this
year "Making submissions to try to benefit trading positions is wholly
unacceptable," the FSA "Barclays' misconduct was serious and widespread
penalty from UK and US authorities includes a record £59.5m fine from the
Financial Services Authority. "Barclays' behaviour threatened the
integrity of the rates with the risk of serious harm to other market
participants FSA said. bc/Israel among the world's least popular
countries Only Iran, North Korea and Pakistan are viewed more negatively
in BBC survey, despite a 2% rise in positive opinion on Israel jp/Yahoo
Thought Police yahstapo busy-I'm glad we have the moral congress to
represent the people.....they never do anything wrong. -Members of
Congress trade in companies while making laws wp/against the bailouts.
The banks SHOULD have been allowed to fail. Jamie Dimon should be working
at McDonalds flipping burgers and supervising Lloyd Blanfein on mop duty
- the entire investment banks system should have been allowed to collapse
for the Ponzi scheme that it was and the Government should have stepped
right in and made all insured depositors whole and said "tough luck" to
the rest. It would have sucked but we would have survived. Now, not so
sure, I don't mean Zimbabwe 1,000,000,000% inflation - I mean back to the
70s 8-15% range. Run 10% inflation for 7 years, Inflation must be ground
up to work though - it has to be wage inflation driving price inflation
and not vs. vs. or it won't be pretty. That's why this trickle-down BS
must be stopped - it's a total disaster-not JUST the banksters who are
greedy, but the public unions as well! NO BAILOUTS! TEA Party
platform-sooner than later. I predict... Bankers will be pulled from
their offices and beaten in the streets-cannot keep stimulating forever.
Eventually the music is going to stop and there won't be any chairs left.
I disagree that housing will bounce back when interest rates rise. It is
all about the monthly payment. If rates rise, prices have to drop to keep
the payment the same, Then you have the small problem of the down payment
and finding a bank that will provide the mortgage. 2 options. 1.
Inflate the debt away. 2. A combination of debt restructuring( writing
off the debt that cannot be repaid,, close failing banks and let the bank
shareholders and bondholders take the losses), austerity, tax reduction
and structural reform. sa/progressives have been terrible, ever since
expanding civil rights and managing to balance the books on several
occasions-memo which technically is legal but ethically wrong. Telling
employees to vote for a republican (Walker) without directly saying "Vote
for Scott Walker" because they will get more in profit sharing if the
company isn't taxed as much-fb /How
the US Government, Banks, Prison-Industrial Complex, Corrupt Officials,
Businesses, Law Enforcement, Racists and the CIA Profit From Illegal
Drugs"Minus the gruesome violence in their host
countries, drug cartels are just illegal businessmen, so the business
class in the US can relate to them, as can the CIA. They are aggressive,
ruthless and greedy, not unlike some of their bankers on Wall Street-W.
Bush Pet Goat "Dereliction of Duty" Video From 9/11 That Won't Go
Away-Republican War on Food Stamps Is Just More Race Baiting for Votes,
Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash-Philadelphia City Council Says Stop Funding the
War Machine, by a vote of 15-2 Jane Dugdale, War Is A Crime-Kansas Board
of Health Revokes License of Doctor for Not Forcing Ten-Year-Olds to Give
Birth Robin Marty, RH Reality Check:--Monsanto Trumps Food Safety and
Democracy (Again) Charlotte Silver, Inter Press Service-White House to
Issue Executive Orders if Health Care Reform Act Overturned Wonkwire-How
to Fix Health Care Without the Mandate: "In spite of all the fear about
government involvement in health care, Medicare is enormously popular; in
a recent poll, two-thirds of Americans oppose changing Medicare to
something more like private insurance. In the Medicare model, as in
Canada's single-payer system, health care providers are in private
practice, but the government acts as insurer, covering everyone. The
money for the program comes from payroll taxes." Sarah van Gelder, Yes!
Magazine Justice Scalia Should Quit: "Justice Antonin Scalia needs to
resign from the Supreme Court. He'd have a lot of things to do. He's a
fine public speaker and teacher. He'd be a heck of a columnist and
blogger. But he really seems to aspire to being a politician - and that's
the problem. So often, Scalia has chosen to ignore the obligation of a
Supreme Court justice to be, and appear to be, impartial E.J. Dionne Jr.,
Washington Post Writers Group -Truthout: geraldo agast calls nra nutz
62612/"Spoofing a GPS receiver on a UAV is just another way of hijacking
a plane, with the right equipment, anyone can take control of a
GPS-guided drone and make it do anything they want it to-Scores of
demonstrators clashed with police, smashed bank windows and blocked roads
in Israel's commercial capital Tel Aviv-Syria has reportedly arrested
more than 40 German nationals for attempting to smuggle arms into the
country-Jan. 23, 08 Boehner (R-Ohio) met Paulson for breakfast. Boehner
would later report the rearrangement of a portion of his own financial
portfolio made on that same day. He sold between $50,000 and $100,000
from a more aggressive mutual fund and moved money into a safer
investment-clg/53 Cents of Your Tax $ Goes to War, Killing and
Destruction, support each other or be washed away in a flood of
propaganda and lies told on behalf of a corrupted government, supported
by a valueless corporate culture that desires profits at any cost/ended
her talk with a shout-out to the former Massachusetts governor will be a
terrific president." - and--without calling him by name Obama for
announcing that his administration would selectively enforce immigration
laws. you can come from humble circumstances and do great things, which
is why we need an immigration policy that works," we need to do something
about access to education." increasingly coming up as a possible
candidate to become Romney's running mate, grew up in the segregated
South whose parents encouraged her to seek an education. Rice lamented
what he sees as changing attitudes about opportunities for success in the
United States-.kinda sleezy-only thing people fear about Obama is he's a
loose cannon with an even looser brain. He would sell out his own family
just to keep in the White House. Obama screams and throws the race card
everytime someone disagrees with him. Where was that whinning and crying
when the liberals made Dr. Rice look like a stupid step and fetch slave
to the Bush Administraion? Obama is a LIAR and a HYPOCRITE and so are all
the Kool-Aid drinkers who follow him. Typical liberal behavior they run
their mouths then cry when you throw the trash right back at them. Now
that is the definition of a COWARD and and immoral mud slingers is a low
life liberal PANSY!-Really? When did the President throw the race card? I
haven't heard him throw it once. However, there has has been a lot of
vindictive attitude toward him no matter which way he turns. There are
several things that bother me about this administration that have me on
the edge. It has nothing to do however with the mans race. However, the
attitude and I might add suttle wink and nod of Southern Repbublicans
like Mitch McConnell and the phrase like We don't want to do anything to
get this President re-elected, and another calling The President of The
United States a liar on the House Floor during a State of The Union
Address shows not only the distain but the total disrespect for President
Obama by a few in both the House and the Senate who happen to be in
leadership. As for Ms. Rice....I think this woman is one of the most
brilliant women in the country. She would be a great Republican choice as
a running mate with Romney. My only question is would he as President
give her the respect and open partisipation in this administration, or
dash her off to the side to make sure he doesn't lose clout with his
Southern Pals in the Senate and the House?-    Any time you liberals get
pushed into a corner, you either bring up Bush or you attemp to play the
race card. Sorry sport, but your "man" is finished, fini, gone, ONE &
DONE!- What the Obama haters fear is not that Obama will take their guns
or tax them to death....what they fear is Obama being successful. That
would simultaneously make an illuminating contrast with the failure of
the Bush years while guaranteeing the Republicans will remain in the
wilderness at least till 2016, SuperPACs are a cancerous disease full of
immoral mud slinging cowards-do us ALL a great service if you were to
SHUT THE F UP! and thank you for following my DIRECTIONS!-she's a
lightweight when it comes to policy and politics. She should go back to
teaching at Stanford-, please tell Mitt Romney to stop hiring Bush people
as his campaign advisers. Romney advocates Bush policies. You know, the
same ones that created this mess in the first place? And the ones that
the vast majority of Americans still blame for the crisis!0Newsweek's
Eleanor Clift and PBS's launched angry attacks over the weekend at
President Bush's wish to elevate Condoleezza Rice to Secretary of State.
Clift charged on the McLaughlin Group: "Rice didn't see terrorism coming,
she went out and really lied about what at she knew, denounced how "we
are to have a new Secretary of State who dreadfully misjudged the
terrorist threat leading up to 9/11 and then misled America and the world
about the case for invading Iraq-boehner comes out and acuses the white
house of witholding infromation on the fast and furious bush/mckasey
program.d.issa goes on fox and is ask if in fact the committee knows for
sure if what boehner said is true.or JUST ANOTHER LIE-this is a woman who
would get my vote if she ran as President or VP.. nision-man8 What kind
of drugs are you on? - Let the demons bring it on....she will totally
destroy them!!!- In your dreams, Condi is weak-get a new writer. You've
said the same thing repeatedly with reference to this article. You may be
going to an institution of higher education, but you certainly haven't
learned anything. If you're not part of the solution, you must be the
cause of the problem! No matter what...Da Bro Gotta Go!-you want back the
losers that allowed attacks on the trade centers to happen. After they
had been warned by Clinton-Obama is a rogue dictator who seeks to destroy
America! Yesterday he announced that Homeland Security will IGNORE the
Supreme Cout ruling, and in fact started a 800 number that ilegals can
call and report any cop that tries to enforce the ruling! Obama delcared
war on Arizona and every policeman!-obumbo has lost a little of his
arrogance cockiness he knows that he has been a total failure, and is
running scared..I totally agree with Ms Rice - only liberal democrap
fools would vote for this african clown this time!-without talking to
reporters waiting nearby... she had a scheduled appearance on Fox News.
So! The silent slytherin professor emerges as a paid contributor to the
FOX East-Side Kids; eh? Any educated person knows where this is headed.
Bush will pop his head out soon too-Condi also predicted that Osama bin
Laden was less of an issue than Russia. Do you really want to listen to
someone whose track record includes 9/11?-huh...Well then she was right
Russia is waiting for the election so he can get word from Obama.-you
will notice that there have been many such attempts foiled since-dare I
say it- Pres. Bush put operatives back in the field. All you libocraps
are about is constant blame, denial, and name calling-conservatives must
be barfing in your mush each morning when you think about how Bush
started all these wars but didn't finish any, putting our soldiers at
risk and virtually bankrupting our nation hunting for WMDs that did not
exist. Then add to that the fact that President Obama got Bin Laden, and
several other al Qaeda scumbags that the Bush administration failed to
get and you have the perfect storm of bad karma for the GOP and its
toadies.- squawk...squawkRacist!homophobe...homophobe....bigot, Bush took
more vacations…Moochelle is pretty…. woman hater. Tax cuts for the rich
Repubs want to take away Medicare and Social Security….and we want Nanny
State Health Care … Birth control and abortions, Bush…Cheny…Haliburton,
Obongo is a one percenter …but I don’t care…I hate right to work states
and love Union Thugs….Fox News lies…..Rachael Madcow is hot…so is Hitlery
for 2016.…two wars that Dumbocrat Senators approvedI hate the Tea
Party!!! It’s Bush’s fault…it’s Bush’s fault!!… I'm a Dumbocrap Parrot
squawk squawk! -to end this argument with the uneducated right wingers is
easy. Please provide Govt facts how President Obama has failed this
country from the Great Recession? If you can't please go back and put tin
foil on your heads and watch Fox News-Rice should be in prison along with
George W. Bush and the rest of his "colleagues" for war crimes. She
shouldn't even be talking, let alone, commenting on the
elections.-kindofsleezya knows all that and more, all of their henchmen,
and anyone who helped will be discovered.... does cuntofsleazy know that?
obama-immigration-093226858.html -Scalia blasts 'evil effects of illegal
immigration' Egypt election turns U.S. policy on its head - kindofsleezya
knows all that and more, all of their henchmen, and anyone who helped
will be discovered.... does cuntofsleazy know that? t.hocorseck/ Israel
aparthed entity practicing discrimination Israel is for the chosen people
now depoerting large number of blacks unreported in the news.-Bernanke
put by hook or by CROOK printing Dow will be managed around 12,500 no
matter what.-obama hits new low, as once again, his goldfing habits are
revealed Turns out his gold game is worse than his economic plan, and
that s u c k s-The Hindenburg Was The Pride Of Germany In 1925, these
airships flew around the world. They would fly over the beaches of Rio
Janeiro, the rain forests of Amazon, Europe, the Middle-East. This was
Germany's greatest ambassador. This Air Ship Was Enormous It was the size
of the Queen Mary. Today's Goodyear blimp is approximately 22% of it's
size. International Zi_onism Orchestrated This Disaster World Je_wry had
declared war on Germany in 1934. After the Weimar swindle, Germany was
fed up with them, so Hitler passed the Nuremberg Laws, and gave them
their walking papers. An Economic War In June of 1933, there was a
worldwide Je_wish boycott of German goods. Hitler Protects The Fatherland
By 1935, the Zi_onists controlled the German judicial and educational
systems, and most of the professions. Berlin was such a sewer of
depravity that Germany passed the Nuremberg Laws. Sexual harassment was
so intense that Zi_onists were actually forbidden to hire a German
Fraulein under age 45 as domestic help. - Captain Max Pruss, and Ernst
Lehmann, were the Zeppelin Company’s most experienced pilots, with
hundreds of flights. Both said a bomb took the ship down. Dr. Hugo
Eckener Eckener was the head of the Zeppelin airship company, and he
blamed it on sabotage. NASA Engineer Addison Bain Bain contends it wasn't
the hydrogen, and something highly flammable, other than the hydrogen,
was aboard. If it was a gas explosion, the dirigible would immediately
sink, but footage shows the Hindenburg stayed aloft. Bain noticed the
fire was infernally hot and unmistakably orange, versus a hydrogen fire
which burns with a bluish-white flame.-Re: Homeland security is
responsible for BAC message board format- Now that is funny-Eliminate
boards and increase Server Speed- Get rid of the political posts, off
topic posts, by making it so frustrating they go somewhere else.......Man
I have no idea. I can't even figure out how to put people on ignore so I
just stay off and check it once in a while for posts I want to read and
learn from. Thoughts or ideas?- War in Syria--makes domestic oil
producers run large/kinda is mitts pick4vp, juan praise, go work out, 
62512/Greeks joining I srael as Germany's greatest welfare case. Within a
year, Egypt will attack Izzy-travesty considering chosen people hold
others responsible for their polight by the crime of silence, Nary a
world of condemnation.- Israel'a case returning stolen assets May not be
welfare-an essay to goy bigoted garbage- to all the goy garbage you may
like to slam the jewish people but most of you fit the following mold
1-on welfare 2-unmarried 3-unable to adapt to the world and thats why
they are unemployed 4-angry at the world 5-jealous at more intelligent
people because they cant cope with the world yet their bs gutter religion
preaches tolerance.hmmm its ok all you garbage go to confession and say 5
hail mary's and all is forgiven..just like the priests- You must be one
of those Brooklyn rabbi's who like young boys......Bressler is your name?
y/Fukushima victims have filed just 20 lawsuits against Tokyo Electric
Power Co., compared with the several hundred suits filed against BP
within weeks of the 2010 Gulf oil spill wp-fb/For the United States to
claim Syria has failed to protect it population while simultaneously
fueling the very armed conflict it claims it is seeking to end is not
only hypocrisy of the highest order, but a crime against world peace
punishable under the Nuremberg precedent
62412/ Ayn Rand collected Social Security to expose Ayn Rand for the
hypocrite and fraud she was. Ayn Rand was a so many other
right wing nut jobs. Ayn Rand was a dangerous sociopath and children's
author whose simplistic ideas are routinely confused with serious
philosophy. Her elementary and frivolous ideology deserves nary a glance,
much less the diligent consideration-Rajoy called the Paraguay coup
d'etat? CRISIS-Blowing up London!-The Jew World Order, they have been at
war with the human race from the beginning-Jews are not Zionists. Please
lets not hate our brothers and sisters, that is what they want us to do.
Compassion, love and Peace. Zionism/Nazism/Neoliberalism is not being
Jewish-better expect the shit hitting the fan if he signs this bullshit
have-all-gun-owners-up-in-arms/ fb/Over the last 10 days of this month
alone, GOP outside groups will spend $20 million attacking jama/Berkshire
announced a deal to buy 63 newspapers from Media General Inc. for $142
million. Berkshire also is lending $445 million to Media General. In
return, Berkshire is getting a 19.9 percent stake in Media General and a
seat on its board-Mandatory Meetings. If people won't come to your
meetings voluntarily it means one of more of the following - you don't
provide any useful information, people don't want to hear your
'philosophy' again, you haven't earned their respect, you lie to them and
they hate you. Mandatory meetings are a sign of very weak management
skills-No one admits it but the blame has to go up the ladder, not down!
cbs/Mitt Romney has spent considerately less -- only $13,000 -- on
Spanish-language media since he clinched his nomination, perhaps because
of President Obama's consistent lead with Latino voters (34% in the
latest NBC/Wall Street Journal/Telemundo poll hp/    Reality check
continuously displays paranoid comments about those that support Israel.
Seriously the truth is we want to support civilized Israel against
terrorist run entities-Israel is a "terrorist run entity". How can you
reconcile this with yourself? God is watching, so be careful what you
say.-    no good will come from this for Israel..........Israel get ready
for the comming Red Dawn-WOLVERINES-Everything will be fine noone wants
to send their children off to fight a sensless war-    Go Get The Zionist
P Jews...-So when the palestinians and other muslims call for the total
destruction of Israel and for killing Jews anywhere they can be found
Israel should do nothing? Benton you are truly an racist and a hater.-
Muslim or Jewish. But the Israelis argue that they are victims rather
than perpetrators of violence, which is simply not true- The world would
be a better place if Israel were to embrace democracy and the rule of law
when dealing with those suffering under occupation. Clearly, what they
have done for generations has only exacerbated the problem.-    Israel
says it will defend itself against every attack. Wow Israel must be the
most stupid nation on earth. Lets look at some facts. Israel keeps
building illegal settlements causing attacks. So Israel treats the
symptoms not the cause which is self inflicted by illegal settlements-We
could be friends with every nation in the mid east. or we could back
Israeli crime of stealing palestine land. Whats better for America? next
time some elected member of our Government says israel is our friend ask
them why?=inda has their own numerals ! and jews according to them
invented EVERYTHING lololol pathetic how they have to steal from everyone
!-Zionists! Why you complaining? The world should complain about you.
Just pack your bags and go back to RPG (Russia, Poland and Germany)-There
is NO STATE CALLED ISRAEL. LEAVE PALESTINE! Only if you had shame!- now
that Egypt won't be looking the other way when Chuckie's ZioNazis steal
more land. . What's a zio Joo to do?-    wonder why only some people in
America like Israel . on one else in the world like them ? why do the few
people who like Israel feel they are rite ? let us go with what the world
thinks they all cannot be wrong-yes they can. The world has been trying
to exterminate the Jewish race for the last 3-4 thousand years. You want
to back the losers, fine. I'm going with Gods chosen people, the Jews-  
muslims = shameless = prideless = bottom feeders- clearly u mean
isrealis-"The Jews have a disproportionate number of mental defectives,
idiots, and imbeciles." Dr. Maurice Fishburg, Jewish Life.-Seig
heil Johnny, you're really around the bend, ya know that?- It's like
Israel WANTS... ENEMIES!-    Israel should be. The muslim Brotherhood has
nothing but evil in their hearts and a burning hatred for Irael and Jews.
Now more than ever the United States needs a President committed to the
safety of Israel. Obama is NOT that President and has got to go in
November-Why do we Americans need to elect a president committed to
Israel? One would think it would be better for America to elect a
government that is committed to America. Going to war over Israeli
generated hate caused by Israeli war crimes and crimes against humanity
is not good for America.-Israel is the cause of all of Israel's problems
maybe when they respect other countries and not be the whinning bully it
is maybe then more people may have respect for Israel... Israel thinks
the world should bow down to it but sorry to disturb you its doesn't work
that way. AIPAC could, they do have the funds to buy all the congressmen.
I see another free airfare paid, wining and dining in Israel for all USA
Congressmen. PLUS plenty of campaign financeing. THANKS AIPAC! We always
wanted to be the US OF ISRAEL html
62312/Dick Cheney's Daughter Marries Longtime Partner
npr/ /Life
on Refinery Row: "For three generations the Foster family has worked for
the petrochemical refineries of Corpus Christi, Texas, but the demolition
itself can be risky for communities caught in the crosswinds Stephanie
Elizondo Griest, Earth Island Journal- Mississippi’s Only Abortion Clinic
at Risk Campbell Robertson- When a Woman Goes Out to Struggle: National
Confederation of Women Farmers (CONAMUCA) in the Dominican Republic,
making slow but steady headway. As for physical violence against women,
Via Campesina has made an aggressive commitment to eliminate it- Beverly
Bell, Other Worlds: Barrio Defense: How Arizona’s Immigrants are Standing
Up to SB 1070 Shortly after the 2010 passage of SB 1070,, based on an
age-old model of community organizing, was born." B. Loewe, YES!
Magazine-Occupy is Not Dead, Occupy Continues to Work for Justice: "The
U.S. media has been writing an obituary for Occupy, but in fact Occupy is
active all over the country and is just being ignored by the corporate
media. This weekly installment of Occupy news highlights families
occupying schools in Oakland to prevent their closure, Occupiers across
the country working to prevent evictions and foreclosures, Occupiers
confronting Jamie Dimon about JPMorgan Chase's foreclosure policies and
asking Dimon some tough questions. Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Profits Just Hit an All-Time High; Wages
Just Hit an All-Time Low Business Insider- Spain to Make Bank Bailout
Request by Monda Guardian UK- If the Supreme Court Rejects Health Care,
Me and Millions Like Me are Screwed AlterNet- Killings Curb Reporting of
Mexican Crime Wave nyt- Bernanke Bails Out Europe Salon- Impeachment of
Paraguay's President Reveals Underlying Injustice in Latin America Time-

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