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62312/Obampot Soetoro involved in FALSE FLAG TERRORIST OPERATIONS for MONEY

62312/Hit a man in the face, He'll always seek revenge. Hit a man in the
pocket, He'll avoid you forever-stop looking for someone to blame and BE
the CHANGE ~ STOP feeding the system ~ leave the job that is contributing
to this way of life... become self sufficient... don't use money (join
trade and barter organisations)... every tax dollar you pay is feeding
the system... (government is a corporation established to make profits
from you the slave)... every time you buy a product you are feeding the
system (empowering a company)... everytime you use money you are fueling
a bank or the economy of the corporation!!) You really want change? ~
then take some responcibility for your own actions-Bolschevick Jews
Killed 100 Million Mainly White Christians -Woman Dressed in Giant Birth Control Costume
Will Follow Romney on the Campaign Trail Op-Ed News- Ron Paul Admits He's
on Social Security, Even Though He Believes It's Unconstitutional hp-
Three Companies, One P.O. Box and a $1 Million Super PAC Gift Mother
Jones- Liberals Urge Obama to Go After Wall Street Harder ap- Where the
Holder Contempt Resolution Goes Next tpm-ermany Swaps Nuclear for Solar
and Wind Power- Oliver Lazenby, Yes!-Agent Orange to "Kill Lists":
"Brilliant" Psy-Ops Become the News "In 1970, a US Senate report revealed
that 'the US has dumped [on South Vietnam] a quantity of toxic chemical
amounting to six pounds per head of population, including woman and
children.' The code name for this weapon of mass destruction, Operation
Hades, was changed to the friendlier Operation Ranch Hand. Today, an
estimated 4.8 million victims of Agent Orange are children John Pilger-
Domestic Violence Survivors Battle Within the Courts: Confronting
Retaliatory LitigationCourts, and in particular family courts, must begin
to recognize the patterns of abusive litigation-Injection Wells: The
Poison Beneath Us "Over the past several decades, US industries have
injected more than 30 trillion gallons of toxic liquid deep into the
earth." Antoinette Bonsignore- Abrahm Lustgarten, ProPublica-Sandusky
Trial and Child Sexual Abuse's Walking Wounded UK: "Those of us who work
to fight crimes against children use the Jerry Sandusky trial as a
platform  to understand the consequences of looking the other way. While
we wait for the outcome of this latest national scandal, we are missing
the bigger discussion. I understand why. It's an ugly topic nobody really
wants to talk about." Ellen Magnis, The Guardian- On the News With Thom
Hartmann: Evidence Shows That Austerity Is Hurting the US Economy 15 Big
Banks"Already grappling with weak profits and global economic turmoil
Peter Eavis and Susanne Craig, The New York Times News Service-Republican
War on Food Stamps Is Just More Race Baiting for Votes Mark Karlin,
BuzzFlash at Truthout: "Of course, there is one big problem with the
racially coded language of the GOP war on food stamps - and it's a big
problem for the racial hog callers: whites outnumber blacks on food
stamps. And whites outnumber blacks on welfare by about a 2-1 margin. So,
what the Republicans are engaged in with their latest farm bill attack on
food stamps is not even just racial coding; it's just plain racist."
American Patriotism in Hyperdrive With Flags Made in China BuzzFlash-
Romney Invested in Bain Capital as Firm Pioneered Practice of Moving Jobs
Overseas wp- Drone Industry Becomes a Booming Business RT- Nearly
Two-Thirds of Republicans Still Believe Iraq Had Weapons of Mass
Destruction Rockford Register Star - Truthout/ “There’s no excuse for
Congress to stand by and do nothing while so many families are struggling
Obama-except the fact that congress cares NOTHING for the american public
and only cares for the richest of the rich, and making them riche
-practical excuse...most of them represent the special interest that
funded most of there campaign-criminals care very little about that, all
they care about is how to money laundry their illegal income and since
they already had established organizations they can manage to manipulate
inside politics and bureaucratic business, no matter how important it is
for Americans-Republicans have made it their mission to undermine his
presidency, and not work together to solve the problems. Now you are
seeing the results of that effort-like a politician. Blame one group,
pretend you understand the down trodden. In the end do nothing while
washing your hands-lier. Just take the money back from BANKS they stole
befor and everything is fine-guantanamo bay is still open put opama there
and give him some waterboarding-GOP controlled legislature is only
concerned about protecting their wealthy special interests and getting
re-elected. Just look at who they nominated to run for President. A
wealthy aristocrat. The GOP has no interest in helping the average
American-will go down in history as one of the most memorable presidents
ever. Low moral, zero transparency, double talking, flip flopping,
hypocrite, walking special interest group (The Great Deceptor)-no excuse
for any President of the United States to make so many excuses in the
form of blaming others- u r a fucking devil run by corporate cock sucking
dipshits-If the US were a corporation, the ongoing failure would not be
rewarded-g+/J e w Jerry Sandusky found guilty of child sex abuse-wife
and Graham Spanier knew high level doners of the 2nd Mile Foundation.
Which of these board members were recipients of the boys Sandusky was
pimping out will likely never be investigated by the corporate media. y/
62212/He or any of his patriarch would have sold any one of us down the
river-great hair too-I truly hope we don't have that many ignorant and
stupid people in this country, but after suffering through two bushes and
Reagan, I'm getting less and less hopeful every day-Sadly enough there is
no wonder left in the question... YES, Humans, & more specifically
Americans ARE that damn dumb. Because voting against your best interests
is somehow "patriotic"!? Personally I think it's just idiotic! Unless
you're a multi-billionaire, why would any mentally competent individual
willingly elect anybody who claims to be republican is beyond my
comprehension of human mental disorders-used to think nobody could be
worse than Bush but this twat, this Romney train wreck sure could. I can
only hope that there aren't enough morons to vote for him-Fuck that
asshat. He is loyal to MONEY, and nothing else-I'm afraid we are-He will
be stealing the election, just like George "The Smirking Chimp" Bush did
2 times-please tell me when tax evasion stopped being a felony, making
ol' Mittens ineligible-Republicans call themselves "patriots" (as if
Democrats aren't?) yet this photo is exactly right. How do you call
yourself a patriot when your actions and nothing you actually believe in
benefits America?-Scam Wall Street Learned From the Mafia Chances are you
heard nothing about U.S vs. Carollo, Goldberg and Grimm,
who were just convicted of obscure antitrust violations. Yet the case
revealed the astonishing inner workings of the nation's biggest crime
syndicate - not in Little Italy or Vegas, but on Wall Street
How America's biggest banks took part in a nationwide bid-rigging
conspiracy - until they were caught on tape Taibbi-In addition
to countless illegal foreclosures, America's biggest banks have been
engaging in systematic criminal activity for decades. They have been
robbing us blind. You hear a lot of talk about 'personal responsibility'
when the subjects of home foreclosures and other issues come up, but how
about holding these crooks accountable for their rampant fraud,
collusion, and ILLEGAL business practices? fb./Exposed: The Other ALECs'
Corporate Playbook"As it turns out, the answer is relatively simple. Big
business in the United States has perfected a legislative 'playbook' - a
methodical strategy for turning the wish list of multinational
corporations into a state-level policy agenda with bipartisan support.
The specific details of legislative processes are many and intricate, yet
the corporate playbook for exploiting state-level policy is
straightforward and critical to understand Steve Horn and Sarah Blaskey -
The World's 99% Knows Capitalism Is Failing and Believes That Change Is
Possible"There are moments in history when people all over the world seem
to rise up, to say that something is wrong, to ask for change. This is
what happened in the tumultuous years 1848 and 1968. Each of these years
of upheaval marked the beginning of a new era. The year 2011 may prove to
be another such moment Joseph E. Stiglitz, W.W. Norton & Company, Inc-
NATO 3 Indictment Shows Increased Terrorism Charges"The case of the
missing indictment for the three NATO protesters charged with terrorism
has been solved by the group's lawyers, who discovered the documents at
the Cook County Court clerk's office and released them Wednesday. Lawyers
of the NATO 3 were initially denied access to the charges, which include
material support for terrorism, possession of an incendiary device,
conspiracy to commit terrorism, solicitation to commit arson, attempted
arson and two counts of unlawful use of a weapon." Yana Kunichoff-
Welcome to the 1930s
Paul Krugman-The Myth of the Postal Service's Finances "The health of the
Postal Service lies largely in the hands of Congress, which has made a
tremendous accounting strategy error. In 2006, President George W. Bush
signed the Postal Accountability Act that
strategy could bankrupt the post office as early as this year.
Robert Weiner and George Clingan, Des Moines Register-Obama Morphing Into
Dick Cheney? "As recent events have demonstrated,
Obama's energy policies globally bear an eerie likeness to Cheney's,
especially in the way he has engaged in the geopolitics of oil as part of
an American global struggle for future dominance Michael T. Klare,
TomDispatch- Hope Dies at Guantanamo"Of the 800 men and boys held at
Guantanamo since 2002, 169 languish in the prison camp." Marjorie Cohn,
The Jurist- If High Court Upholds Arizona's SB 1070, Priests and Rabbis
Could Be Prosecuted for Providing Humanitarian Aid: "On April 25, 2012,
the US Supreme Court heard oral argument on legal challenges to Arizona's
immigration law. Under SB 1070, police officers must determine an
individual's immigration status during a lawful stop, which some have
concluded is a recipe for racial profiling. Those found to be without
proof of legal presence face arrest and state criminal charges Ediberto
Roman and Sahar Aziz- Truthout/Germany, one of the patriot organizations
is the "National Zeitung". Gerhard Frey is one of the Z^^io^nists
pretending to be a German patriot. Christopher Bollyn says that this
organization is another Z^^ionist organization. It is the German
equivalent to the American Free Press and The Barnes Review. y/Why do we
Occupy Wall Street? Because Wall Street Occupies our government:
62112/Covertly Ruling Super Criminal Plutocracy is attempting to take
over the world through their corrupt monetary system, and are now
orchestrating WWIII with the help of Deep Cover CIA Manchurian Candidate
Barry Obampot Soetoro to accomplish their goal, look at who is deeply
More proof those you trust the most are in reality YOUR DEADLIEST ENEMIES Rove, the Koch brothers, and every
other shadow player with secret, undisclosed donors potentially have a
big problem, they're going to have to step up and own it g/House
Republican Budget Would Raise Taxes for Middle Class, Cut Them for
Millionaires Pat Garofalo, ThinkProgress-The newly released declassified
CIA documents, sought by the National Security Archives under Freedom of
Information (FOIA) requests, make the case that the US was betrayed by
laziness (including Bush on his month-long vacation interrupted by photo
ops of him clearing brush) and egregious incompetence Mark Karlin,
BuzzFlash- Truthout/marajuana is a gateway drug???? That is like saying
that if you take aspirin you are on your way to becoming an oxycodone
junkie! That is like saying that if you ever looked at anything under a
microscope you are on your way to becoming a meth manufacturer!! That is
like saying that bicycle riding is a gateway to becoming a HELL'S ANGEL
The MYTH that marajuana is a gateway drug is just that A MYTH!!!! Do some
research......! Statistically, people try alcohol and nicotine BEFORE,
(alcolol and nicotine) are the gateway drugs! BEFORE you can get a MMJ
card, you have to have at the VERY LEAST, 5 years of documented issues
from a QUALIFIED phasician. You should have exhausted all other drug
therapies and treatments BEFORE you can get the card and in odred to KEEP
the card, you should continue to have regular documentations from your
physician every 3 months cl/End game of DEFLATION is a Central Bank and
government that owns EVERYTHING and paper FIAT that is worth NOTHING-
Greed killed the golden goose. The Golden Age is gone. The Silver Age
will be more pretending. The Bronze Age will be nasty, with a lot of
stumbling, falling, and political attempts at solution, with the Master's
of the Universe running and hiding or being sent to jail. And then comes
the Iron Age, which is never pretty- Q. Are you at all concerned that
Operation Twist could affect banks' earnings and their willingness to
lend? Does it undercut your ability to increase credit to consumers? A.
No, I don't think so. I've heard the argument that, by lowering interest
rates, you make it unattractive to lend. I don't think that's quite
right, pushed down more by safe haven flows and other factors. That being
said, I think we can lower interest rates more-indeed costs for this,
just where is the Fed going to get this capital to add to the economy and
thus create more supply and thus lower interest rates? If they had a
genie in a bottle, they could just wish these assets into existence and
thus create capital as if, dare I say it, by voodoo.-. sa/
62012/Bobo on TV lying again this evening if Bobo is afraid that economic
contagion from Europe will harm his chances in the election. He replied
that he is not concerned about the election, only about jobs for American
workers. His nose grew three inches in the next 30 seconds.... Geezus H.
Kreist, how can he keep a straight face? -Rusty Hardin, Roger Clements
lawyer on Clements chief accuser.." if his lips are moving he is
lying".....what is amazing is how big Bobos lies are...they are humungous
The problem with sending a sockpuppet to the G20 is that a teleprompter
is of little value in face to face conversations. It's better to keep the
clown president here on TV being interviewed by journalists. y/Before I
leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot.
to-enslave-every-man-woman-and-child-JFK 7 days befor assasination/
Citigroup’s Chief Executive Officer, earned $14,857,103 in 2011 Barack Obama, Russian President Vladimir
Putin and other world leaders were locked in tense discussions on
everything from the violence in Syria to trade policies, adults-only
Desire Resort and Spa combined business and pleasure as usual, even as
leaders from the world's biggest economies took over Mexico's Los Cabos
beach resort, troops patrolled the streets and beaches and Navy vessels
sat just off the coast. clothing is optional and guests are encouraged to
indulge their fantasies with their partners or other like-minded couples.
guests were said to be delighted by the extra security. stands hundreds
of yards from the main press center at the G20 summit and just a stone's
throw from where negotiators drew up a communiqué that lays out ambitious
plans to accelerate the move toward banking and fiscal union in Europe.-
can you imagine trying to eat your scrambled eggs when a pot bellied
naked guy walks past ??-r/OWS receives first jail sentence at behest of
Trinity Church, Sciarrino denied motions made by the defense to adjourn
sentencing, and with little hesitation he sentenced Mark Adams to 45 days
in jail. (The district attorney had requested 30 days, plus probation.)
Adams was led out of the courtroom immediately, and the sentencing
continued. The other defendants — including an Episcopal bishop, George
Packard — were sentenced to four days of community service. One
defendant, Jack Boyle, who is currently refusing to take his HIV
medication and was on hunger strike for 21 days, was told that if he did
not complete the community service he would also serve 45 days in
jail seven Occupy Wall Street protesters were convicted for trespassing
on property allegedly owned by Trinity Wall Street, an Episcopal church
and powerful Lower Manhattan landlord, the trial was troubling for many
in the audience.  A court officer with a photograph in hand of an
activist who was observing the trial. He showed it to the other court
officers, saying “that’s the one,” pointing, fostering paranoia in a way
that seemed to be intentional. For the rest of the day the officers
circled around this particular spectator. Admin Ignores Bank Of America Crimes
‎"Days before Bank of America shareholders approved the bank's $50
billion purchase of Merrill Lynch in December 2008-Pubic SERVANTS
Traitors did in our Parents Generation, the same thing that is going on
now... Government/Pubic Servants Protecting The BANKS AND CORPORATIONS,
all the while Select and Choose who to squeeze and apply the "Rule of
Law" Arbitrarily. I know, that's an "Oxymoron" ... just like a Common
Street Gang WITH A BADGE!!!  fb
61912/District Attorney Hynes announces that he will release the names of
all defendants, including those of ultra orthodox Jews charged with child
abuse, sexual or otherwise, and will pursue criminally anyone who engages
Operation Cyclone. Somewhere between $3--$20 billion in U.S. funds were
funneled into the country to train and equip troops with weapons.[43][44]
Together with similar programs by Saudi Arabia, Britain's MI6 and SAS,
Egypt, Iran, and the People's Republic of China,[45] the arms included
Stinger missiles, shoulder-fired, antiaircraft weapons that they used
against Soviet helicopters and that later were in circulation among
terrorists who have fired such weapons at commercial airliners. Osama bin
Laden was allegedly among the recipients of U.S. arms, although the US
denies this and claims it did not support the "Afghan Arabs".[42]
Pakistan's secret service, Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), was used as
an intermediary for most of these activities to disguise the sources of
support for the resistance. With U.S. and other funding, the ISI armed
and trained over 100,000 insurgents - Wiki /WHO and Big Pharma
Collaborate to Create Gonorrhea Epidemic œthe key ingredient in the
vaccine is a protein fragment that appears to provide protection against
gonorrhea- causing bacteria. Our vaccine appears to work by preventing
gonococcal bacteria from using pili, or specialized tiny hairlike
appendages, to latch onto cells lining the urogenital tract. The pili
enable the bacteria to adhere to cells, the first step in infection The
United Nations (UN), through the World Health Organization (WHO) is
decrying about a drug-resistant strain of gonorrhea. This virus is such a
threat, according to WHO, that without preventative measures, millions of
people will die
gonorrhea-epidemic g/ Massive Crowd Gathers For Reading Of Vagina
Monologues At Michigan Capitol After two female legislators were banned
from the Michigan House floor last week after saying “vagina” /Newsflash, this just in! If you cannot find a job
after 73 weeks of unemployment (that's almost a year and a half for those
of you having trouble with math) AND you are having trouble affording
things despite the number of public assistance programs available, the
system is not the problem. YOU are the problem! More on this late
breaking story at 11-true marker is going to be this years elections ...
i credit all the behind the scene efforts and think tanks who succeeded
in 2000 to rig the presidential election and maybe other elections ...
money does have it's advantages ... it's also why it is better to have a
distribution of wealth rather than have it in the hands of a few ... and
as elections go ... most of the money once again trickles up to the same
groups and entities that support either candidates ... it doesn't create
new jobs or go to common employees fb/amazed at all the dither about the
FED! They're in a box - We're in a box. It all looks frightfully like
re-arranging the chairs on the Titanic. the really big money coming will
be on the downside. Let's face it! There's no room for error
sa/ultimately, the breeding of genetically "superior" children will more
than likely lead to a genetically superior class of humans that looks
down on those with inferior genetic traits. This is exactly what occurred
in the movie Gattaca, as "inferior" humans with natural imperfections
were denied jobs and treated like second-class citizens. Instead,
researchers should be looking for ways to eliminate the thousands of
untested chemicals that are added to the food supply"When it comes to the vast, corrupting influence of money
in politics, historian Thomas Frank  'It's a Rich Man's World,'
concentrated money has subverted professions, destroyed small investors,
wrecked the regulatory state, corrupted legislators en masse, and
repeatedly put the economy through the wringer. Now it has come for our
democracy itself Moyers & Co-Occupy Will Return "In every conflict,
insurgency, uprising and revolution I have covered as a foreign
correspondent, the power elite used periods of dormancy, lulls and
setbacks to write off the opposition. This is why obituaries for the
Occupy movement are in vogue. And this is why the next groundswell of
popular protest will be labeled as 'unexpected,' a 'shock' and a
'surprise Chris Hedges-1.9 Million American Transportation Workers Are
Being Held Hostage by Republicans-Health Care and Scalia's Broken Moral
Compass The Nation- Frank Rich | Nuke 'Em New York Magazine- The Real Job
Creators: Consumers Forbes Bullet-Riddled "Obama Library" Outhouse
Appears at Montana GOP Convention Raw Story-Throughout Israel, young
Jewish men are forming vigilante groups to end interracial relationships
between Arab men and Jewish women, which are occurring with increased
frequency as Jewish settlements dig deeper into Arab territory. The
vigilantes say Arabs lure Jewish women with money and "bad boy"
personalities." y
61812/Google wound up at least partially complying with 42 percent of the
content removal requests in the U.S. and 54 percent in the Brazil.
Germany (103 content-removal requests, down 18 percent from the previous
six-month period), and India (101 requests, a 49 percent increase). At
least four countries—Bolivia, the Czech Republic, Jordan and Ukraine—
asked Google to remove content censorship report doesn't include China
and Iran because those countries deploy filters to block content that
their governments have deemed objectionable. Governments also are leaning
Google more frequently for information about people suspected of breaking
the law or engaging in other mischief. The U.S. government filed 6,321
requests with Google for user data during the final six months of the
year. That was far more than any other country, according to Google, and
a 6 percent increase from the previous six months. Google complied with
93 percent of the U.S. requests for user data, encompassing more than
12,200 accounts. A third great recession or Depression on
the way: "The only result from the failed policies Romney is selling:
Recession" Syngenta Criminally Charged For
Covering Up Livestock Deaths From GM Corn /accept being disabled
cause the alleged Drs left me to rot from HFCS, I accept beinng forced to
live in poverty while the zionistssssss get $8.4000.000.oo per day while
the zionistsssss banks take away My Fellow Americans Homes

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