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61812/without his teleprompter? odumbo's dumber than we thought

61812/TRADE WAR: How 12 Major Economies Have Closed Up Since The
CrisisBIG Governments" around the World are going to Blow OFF the DUST of
the 1930s Play Book for "BIG Government Ignorance when BROKE" and Sure
Nough, LIKE Clock Work, they are HEADING Down the SAME Path to
Destruction kinds of milestones we are looking
for in a prez Bo plays his 100th round of golf as prez-he can multitask,
unlike his buffoon predecessor-Have you seen Obama speak without his
teleprompter? What a riot. He's dumber than we thought- Eisenhower played
his 100th round somewhere in his first year (800 rounds in 8 years in
office) Wilson - around August of his first year (1200 rounds in 8 years,
the last year-plus of which he spent paralysed). Both Bushes - 'played
often', although Jr did stop after 2003-to all you bigoted goy trash that
post hear have the following traits: 1-broken and abusive homes 2-you are
unemployed 3-you are on welfare 4-you hate life because you were dealt
defficient genes. 5-you have nothing but hate your mouth's will be wide
open when you are punished by a horrible demise and the shock your savior
POSTER.REPORTED TO YAHOO!- you are right on but don't let the stereotypes
blacken your view of the truth because a lot of the type you describe
include even the 1%'er
Bottom line if the filthy rich wasn't getting filthier richer
off food stamp people would be starving in the streets on a
daily basis ALL hypocrites shall get what they deserve guaranteed-No
RIOTS Here? Treasury says $20 TRILLION Govt. Sanctioned STOLEN / "Wealth
Transferred" as a result of the 2008 "crisis". FED reporting Americans
(Upper & Middle Classes) "LOST" / "STOLEN" 40% of Networth 2007 to 2010!
Combined with 25% "loss" of Dollar's buying power. 90% of Americans don't
know oil/gas & food are not a part of govt. inflation statistics...but
they know America's Got Talent! Latest ponzi scammer / Drug Money
Launderer R. Allen Stanford gets 110 years...but the SEC official who
protected him and undermined SEC investigations CO-CONSPIRATOR Spencer
Bararasch with warnings about Stanford starting in 1989 got a $50k fine
and can't practice law in front of SEC for 12 months...sound like Madoff,
LEH, FNM, AIG, Bear Stearns etc., etc., etc.? Does that sound like
justice? Should the SEC (Selective Enforcement Commission) and the DOJ be
trusted? MF- Global, JPM, FaceBook...all classic Securities FRAUDS!, wait
until people learn their Pension Fund is GONE-Willard, the SEC was a joke
under Cox, and it just keeps getting murkier. Lloyd looking fearless, as
he knows where the bones are buried, Sick clean hands- The SEC
(Selective Enforcement Commission) under Barack Obama / Mary Schapiro IS
WORSE THAN SEC UNDER BUSH/COX!! Schapiro is a well documented Serial
Financial Felon (Lied on Proxy Statements that formed FINRA & Front
Running / unloading FINRA's ARS position before that collapsed
(insider)leaving everyone else locked up and frozen...and MORE. And the
DOJ is too busy attacking whistleblowers rather than putting banksters in they keep lying to Congress w/o fear or concern-y/Vietnam Era
Memoir Shows Working Class History of Anti-War Organizing John Maher,
Charles Street Press-Biggest Problem With Traditional Schooling. So much
random, disorganized, disconnected information is dumped on them they
can't come even close to coping with it. collect 'A's and ace
standardized tests, can be misleading. They've learned to play the simple
Marion Brady, The Washington Post-Supreme Court Should Rule With the
People. Medicare for all saves lives and saves money. Say 'No' to
Romney/Obama health care and 'Yes' to Medicare for all now Margaret
Flowers and Kevin Zeese, The Real News-Jungles of Resistance: says her
country's government has declared war on its own people Arundhati Roy,
Making Contact-Israel Upside Down David Swanson, "Miko
Peled has written a perfect book for people, including Israelis, who have
always heard that the Israeli government can do no wrong. The General's
Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine, who turned against the
occupation of Palestine. Largely, however, the book is an account of Miko
Peled's own life, and the evolution of his thinking-Roberto Unger,
Obama's Former Harvard Law School Professor, Says the President "Must Be
Defeated-Did Scott Walker Write the Obit of the US Middle Class?hp-
Romney Family's Horse-Related Tax Deductions Last Year Exceeded Median US
Household Income The Political Carnival- Five Millions Brazilian Farmers
Take on Biotech Giant Monsanto Time of India- Italy, a Deadly Recession
and Austerity Fuel Suicides Read the Article at The Daily Beast-NYPD)
refused to turn over a single document to me pertaining to OWS, claiming
that if the records were disclosed it "would interfere with law
enforcement investigations or judicial proceedings-Fighting for
transparency, exposing corruption and covering the global revolution are
critical elements of what we do at Truthout. But these efforts are tied
together by something that is hard to verbalize-Vagina isn't the only
V-word anti-choice politicians don't want us to use to/we must all stop
agreeing to being the corporate (PERSON) and state to so called authority
that one is a JNatural Person" in order to be protected by the de jure
constitution that list our inalienable rights. then the bank has no power
-With the community as a backbone, they sure have a better chance to
fight the banks. Always happy to hear the voices of courage and strength-
you would think that 42000 could have gone to help the people stay in
thier house... instead it goes to help corporations steal... if i was a
police officer i would have turned in my badge before i helped the bank
evict someone-Syria Hula Massacre, a CIA Death Squad False Flag Attack
The recent horrific hula massacre of 90 civilians, 25 of which are
children, is the hallmark of CIA the CIA Ran Crack to the
Streets of America It has now been openly admitted that a “secret army”
in conjunction with the CIA actually was responsible for spreading crack
cocaine onto the streets of America -une 17, 2011 marks
the 40th Anniversary of Nixon's War on Drugs. Ever wonder what it costs
and if it's worth it?-Hashashin Known as Assassins Regarded as one of the
most fearful of all secret societies, the Hashashin, the Assassins,
seemed capable of penetrating any security, of striking down any victim
regardless of the body of men who might guard him. They moved as if they
were deadly horse deduction, 3 times median income-the
horse Ann Romney co-owns and provides to the US Olympic competitor, Jan
Ebeling. It isn't a pet, nor a causal raiding horse. Mrs. Romney is in
the horse business with Ebeling. Could also consider it a charitable
contribution to the US Equestrian Team. I'm NO fan of the Romney's  fb/
rodney king, cant we get along, rip@48, carlson stooge whipped by jama,
mike breen comedy, imus
61712/Psychopaths, Politicians Bankers Business Leaders, Without A
Conscience, Parts Of Brain Colder, Manipulative, Stunning Lack Of
Empathy, Looking At Other People As Mere Objects, Egotistical,
Self-Centered, Manipulating Other For Their Own Ends, You See The Mask,
Are 1% Of The General Population, Greater Education, Talk The Language,
Corporate Psychopaths, (2000) The Richest 1% Own 40% Of Global Assets/The
Richest 10% Own 85% Of Global Assets/The Bottom Half Own Barely 1% Of
Global Assets, Corporatocracy-Class Warfare-103, GOP Corruption, Koch
Qaeda GOP Treason, Sabotaging the Obama Presidency, Sabatoging The Entire
American Economy For 4 Years, Koch Qaeda Obstructing President Obama From
Inauguration Day-fb/Will A $3 Trillion 'Redemption Pact' Be Enough To Fix
Europe?-how does shifting around $3 tr in debt or printing more worthless
paper solve anything? Oh that's right we get a market boost for a few
weeks so the banksters can get out whole before the collapse-Notice the
nasty, hateful terms from the Conservative austerity fans vs. the
generally patient attempts by the Liberal stimulus crowd to explain
things to them? This is the problem with America - coddling these
nimrods! If the Liberals want to win this election they need to realize
how intractable the Right is and get just as nasty as they are.
Compromise is pointless with people who refuse to listen. If you people
on the Left want to "give peace a chance" - you're going to have to go to
war for it. Don't let 2012 turn into 2000, when we were stunned that Al
Gore's perfectly rational views were overrun but the "don't tax and spend
like psychopaths" policies of Bush II, who took a very successful economy
and destroyed in in less than 8 years. It's not enough to just want Obama
to win - every single one of the obstructionist Corporate puppets in
Congress and the Senate need to go as well because these Conservatives
are loud and proud and dead wrong and will destroy this country if we let
them. Thought for the day-prediction for you: It's too late for Obama to
win. I think simple electioneering will dictate this, not "the will of
the people" or any such romantic notions that will be claimed by either
winner. The Romney campaign will out-spend the Obama campaign probably by
at least 50%. I'll bet you a beer that this will be the case.-spot on.
One party only attacks, attack and attacks they other responds, responds
and responds staying for ever on defense. Wisconsin's Walker & Ohio's
Kasich came in with guns blazing. time to turn the tables-
pact-be-enough-to-fix-europe?source=email_authors_alerts&ifp=0 /Michigan
. "Vaginagate."-CONSPIRACIÓN (1997) VOZ ESPAÑOL /Dimon Is Not Alone. More than $4
trillion in near zero-interest Federal Reserve loans and other financial
assistance went to the banks and businesses of at least 18 current and
former Federal Reserve regional bank directors in the aftermath of the
2008 financial collapse-You’ve got to ask yourself: “Do I feel lucky?”
Well, do ya, punk? Well, you should since it’s Sunday, which means… MORE
CHURCH SIGN EPIC FAILS!-fb/with approximately $24,900,000,000 has just
promised "limitless" support of the Republican nominee for president.
Literally. Casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson is ready to crush any
opposition to Romney-For-Profit Colleges Are Bankrolling Romney to Keep
Student Loan Money Flowing Charles M. Smith and Dina Rasor-Republican
staffer in the House told the Army Times that House Republicans plan to
restrict military women's access to abortion in cases of rape and incest
thartman-Cozy Connections Between JPMorgan and the Senate Banking
Committee Cora Currier, ProPublica-Chicago Tribune sues Occupy Chicago,
Political consultant Julius Henson was sentenced to 60 days in prison
Wednesday for his role in sending automated robocalls to curb voters from
heading to the polls in Marylandv-House GOP Blocking Abortion Access for
Raped Soldiers Mother Jones- Is Homophobia Curable? BuzzFlash-Rand Paul
Bill to Cut Food Stamps Read the Article at Talking Points Memo-Veteran
Suicides: A Predictable Epidemic: "Last month I was riding BART to SF and
read a statistic in TIME: 18 veterans die by suicide every day - that's
one every 80 minutes Rae Abileah, AlterNet-US Leadership Based on
Meritocracy Becomes Another Form of Elitism- Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash-GOP
Begins Blockade of Judicial Nominees Roll Call-Romney Adviser:
Republicans Are "Rooting Against the Economy ThinkProgress- Truthout
61612/Iceland is showing the world what real independence from the
bankers means. Continues Economic Rejuvenation by Purging Financial
Parasites Former Prime Minister Geir Haarde, 73, was found guilty of
“failing to adequately inform no match for
Obama. All he can do is Bash,-one online poll that shows Ron Paul has 94%
support and Mitt has about 3 % support. Ron Paul is the ONLY one who can
beat Obama. We all need to chose Ron Paul over Mitt or else we will all
go into the abyse of no return You guys just keep telling yourselves
that... Somewhere between wishful thinking and deluded- Obama is a dirty
little rat and Americans know it. We will get him out.
61512/Sugar Mama of Anti-Muslim Hate far-right Dutch Party of Freedom
leader—perhaps the world’s most prominent anti-Muslim populist—was poised
to release Marked for Death: Islam’s War Against the West
Philanthropist Nina Rosenwald has used her millions to cement the
alliance between the pro-Israel lobby and the Islamophobic fringe.The
Nation Obama Think He Is Above the Law? Drone
Killings, Cyber Attacks, War on Whistleblowers: g/Omg proof
that all those evil banker end of world reptilian annunaki sh*t on
YouTube is true. Can't believe we elected these leaders. That assw!pe
from Tennessee should by lynched/reportedly losing $7 billion on risky
investments, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon travels to Capitol Hill to
face the mighty Senate Banking Committee, r johanns thinks diamon is
hugh. bankers yankers-Can you believe just how happily they licked that
guys asshole right there on tv. It's obvious that judges and politicians
will do what ever they can for money. And they are the ones putting
things into law. I wonder how much the supreme court charges for their
rulings? Just like hospitals They should post their rates and fees per
procedure. Maybe I'll save up and buy a few laws too. Fucking bastards
run our lives and control our country for money. Aasif Mandvi uncovers a
far-reaching corporate conspiracy involving two-headed fish, a giant
agribusiness called Simplot, and the pollution of Idaho's rivers
tds- When scientists predict calamity, politicians plug their ears
lat- this Pope and former Popes have come out STRONGLY against the
climate change deniers-profoundly accurate I don't know whether to
continue laughing or start crying!-When a real humane Jew speaks the
truth about the zionist entity the zionist lobby sets out to defame them,
labelling them "self hating Jews" Such is the nature of the zionists,
unable to see beyond their own blind ignorance, emboldened by their
superiority complex, their avarice knows no end. It will be their own
actions that will bring about the eventual demise of the zionist entity-
a masquerade. Jews are zionists and zionists are jews, they are one and
the same wicked race. All he's doing is once again deceive people-Alabama
became the first state to adopt a tough law protecting private property
and due process by prohibiting any government involvement with or
participation in a controversial United Nations scheme known as Agenda
21. Activists from across the political spectrum celebrated the measure’s
approval as a significant victory against the UN “sustainability” plot-
we get lost in this insane American ethic of what we want and confuse it
with need... we love things and forget to love beings... that perfect
moment of joy costs nothing and if we must pay for it with our very souls
is it truly joy-The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer
somebody else up Mark Twain-fb
israelis to attack shias-ayran too?-did you know that silly joos would
love to help BOMB those other, silly loser joos?-Israhelis considered
Haredim the most hated group in Israhel y/I have walked in their shoes ,i
wanted to be a good one but was not allowed to be.So I resigned ,to many
bad apples spoiled the pie .Yes there are good ones and yes most are fair
but allot have turned bad and are out of control ,they have become as
their bosses want them be terrorists,predators and glorified revenue
collectors the good ones resign or quit-yeh cops run by big corparaions
useing them to fleece the public-Gates wants a Billion Dead! Vaccines and
Health Care will do the Job! Update: Vaccines & Infant Mortality (A
response to the 'Nothing to see here' trolls!) -he cares so
much! One drone strike at a time; one failure to abide by US Courts at a
time; one pen stroke to override Constitutional law at a time; one lie at
a time. It's all rhetorical bullshit and we should all as Americans see
what is going on here, but for some reason naive individuals continue to
worship like a God. It's cool to hate Republicans, but to think that the
Democrats are any better is a fallacy! This man really showed Bush how to
screw up a country. Welcome to the new political party known as the
"Republicrats." It has really been around for many many years, but people
live in their delusional bubbles thinking that things are different under
either party-(especially Obama) is fallacious and dishonest. Both will
kill innocents overseas, will restrict freedoms at home and bankrupt the
entire country (again)-Obama cares about funneling more customers to his
health insurance cronies... "Public Option" anyone?-He is all about
taking your money and giving it to the one's that don't work-now.i hate
the republican party they are nothing more than a bunch of nazis.obama by
far is the lesser of 2 evils over the republicans.if we get Romney this
country won't be here in a year or two- What kind? Democratic socialism?
Marxist socialism? Judaic Socialism? Islamic Socialism? Trotskyist
socialism? Stalinist socialism? Leninist socialism? Christian Socialism?
Anarchist socialism? Maoist socialism? social democracy? eco-socialism?
Irish socialism? Buddhism Socialism? Hindu socialism? Arab
Socialism?-9/11 happened on your watch. And you retaliated by invading
the wrong country. And you lost a seven-year game of hide-and-go-seek
with Osama bin Laden, the man responsible for those attacks. And you're
responsible for running up most of the debt, which more than anything
makes us weak. You're supposed to be the party with killer instincts. But
it was a Democrat who put a bomb in Qaddafi's bedroom, a sock in Trump's
mouth, and a bullet in bin Laden's eye -- all in one week!-Holy bleep, so
many uninformed Moonbats here, stop the hating all you libs, doesn't make
your side look very good!-theyhave increased the number of doctors and
lowered the cost of health care by using some targetted laws. The most
critical was the capping of malpractice awards. Less healthcare expense,
lower cost to the user. If you wish to find more about Obamacre, please
read the bill passed-old accountant's joke asked what 2+2 =. He says 4
and gets told don't call us, we'll call you. The interviewee who got the
job was asked what 2+2= and he said, Tell me what you want it to be-fraud
is the lie that the republicans have successfully convinced their flock
exist. Republicans main goal is voter suppression. Over the last 10 years
the number of voter fraud cases amounts to .00001%. Hardly a problem in
this country. Republicans know the only road to the white house is to
cheat. It worked for Bush-Harpie is exactly what Jan Brewer is!- pointing
and yelling at the president, and I called him an ignorant Minotaur- try
telling the truth... imprison the treasonous obstructionists-Colo Mass
Arrests Innocent People2012/06/10/colorado-police-in-aurora-start-
constitutional-crisis/ -fb/thanks to the Supreme Court
John Boehner, in the linked example got $8.5M of $14.6M total
contribution dollars from PACs and "Other". Sure it seems like a lot of
money for a guy running for his 11th consecutive election and doesn't
stand a snowball's chance in Hell of losing his seat and sure it's almost
100 times his official salary and sure that doesn't include all the under
the table money and other perks he gets but we know that when Boehner
casts a vote - he's only got YOUR interest at heart, Until the sheeple
finally wake up and vote these crooks out of office, don't make your bets
based on Main Street's needs being met-Gupta is accused of passing
confidential information to disgraced Galleon Group founder Raj
Rajaratnam, and faces a maximum 25 years in prison if found guilty- Where
were all the hearings on the subprime mortgage scam? That was a much
bigger debacle that affected just about everyone who has/had a mortgage.
The guilty there were never really revealed - or punished. Everyone
walked away with their year-end bonuses, the era where people demand
accountability and accepting responsibility there seems to be some
exceptions. The people who screwed up the mortgage market should ALL be
in jail, Would you keep YOUR job if you made a $2+ Billion
mistake?-Federal Reserve Director's banks and businesses took $4 Trillion
in bailouts-Just think of what those trillions could have done.  Repair
our crumbling infrastrucure, new high speed rail, single payer health
care, truly free education from pre-K to Phd.  But instead we find
ourseves spwed with Limbaugh vomit and Fox diarrhea-a simple crime. It
requires little imagination, courage or intelligence. All it really takes
is the willingness to destory the lives of a billion people for money.
Obviously theses scumbags didn't even hesitate /
61312/Prime Minister David Cameron accidentally left his daughter behind
in a country pub after a Sunday lunch with friend-DAMNIML8 is OK, TOILET,
ILVTOFU, vegetarian ideals-The father of a key prosecution witness in the
sexual abuse trial of former Penn State University assistant football
coach Jerry Sandusky told jurors his son was "distraught" R/realized how
sad and silly the whole thing was and stopped playing them altogether.
None of them had any substance at all anyway. They were just mindless
time-wasters +/amazing stories you can tell, but they may not understand
this show is all to hide the mental juggling act you're performing behind
the curtain. Instead of going to such extreme measures, just take action
now to fix what's wrong-The State Department on Wednesday unequivocally
rejected Russia's accusation that the US is arming the Syrian opposition,
saying American support comes strictly in the form of "nonlethal" aidox
News-Bombs targeting Shiite pilgrims in Baghdad and police in southern
Iraq killed more than 70 people, Al-Qaida claims massive attack on Shiite
religious office in Baghdad msnbc-Debt crisis: Bailed-out Spain pleads
for aid from European Central Bank “battling” to get the eurozone's
central bankers to bring down the country's record borrowing costs, amid
predictions the state will need a second bail-out to save itself Tuk-
Alex Rodriguez hits 23rd career grand slam ATLANTA, matches Hall of Famer
Lou Gehrig CBS News- First lady Michelle Obama launched her Pinterest
page with 12 images - the latest effort by Obama's reelection team to
leverage her popularityChristian Science Monitor-Fish Oil Fails to Stave
Off Mental Decline By Nancy Walsh, Staff Writer, MedPage Today Reviewed
by Zalman S. Agus, MD; Emeritus Professor, Perelman School of Medicine at
the University of Pennsylvania. MedPage Today- g/sick of republican lies,
and voter obstruction. NEVER did I see liberals telling other liberals to
pose a republicans. It's become pathological lying, and now, they say to
beat up a young person who believes socialism is a better way. They've
become Nazis-cheap labor-institutionalized classism, and nepotism-No,
according to their belief system, they got rich through their own hard
work, had nothing to do with any other person(s) or thing(s), Seriously
greed of the 1% that crashed the economy and is destroying this great
country that they claim to love, the American economy is strongest when
there is a large middle class, if you were to keep wealth more equally
distributed then there would be less need for and dependency on social
programs like unemployment, medicare, and welfare. But no the 1% percent
chooses to hoard their money so it does nothing but sit in a bank or
invest it in risky securities and then cry bailout when they fuck up-
Clint Eastwood is super-duper gay-Republicans have declared a "War on
Education". They want more dumb fools who are educated just barely enough
to do their jobs but are ignorant enough to swallow their illogical crap-
Bombs ARE being thrown on children Cast lead Iraq war Obamas drones-
fb/Chris Donovan gaveled the chamber into special session, presided over
the prayer and pledge of allegiance, then walked off the dais. It was the
first time Donovan had been back in the House chamber since his
congressional Campaign Finance Director Robert Braddock Jr. was arrested
on conspiracy charges related to allegations he funneled straw donations
to the campaign in order to influence legislation. Asked if he thought
Braddock’s arrest put a black eye on the legislative process, Donovan
dodged the question. “Everybody wants to do legislative business. That’s
what we’re doing. We have a good bill that people worked hard on- living
in a time when committing widespread fraud is legal as long as you're a
banker, while people with tiny debts are held in jail. Anyone can pay off
politicians, while whistleblowers are hunted and locked up. The economy
is looking into the abyss, but our policy-makers refuse to take any
61212/hypocrites everywhere. I really don't know whats holding Issreal
back... Lets get this Armaggedon on the road already.. Its obvious
Irran's not going to stop their persuit of the nukkes... ;-) WTF are they
waiting for?... ;-)... good weather maybe??? I mean really???-I wissh de
Esraeli wuld hurri up & start THE ARMMAGGEDDION..pray daylee fa THE
ARMMAGGEDDION AMEN /Its WAR against the most criminal bonus fraud
wallstreet bank-70 years after the war, Trash joos still getting German
welfare-Re: Y blame others 4 ur failure's? ich moche mit dir ausgehen-
Business/Wealthy Are Holding Back Job's (Blackmail) To Get What They
Want-you have to wonder why people don't respect wealth and management,
WE ALL KNOW THIS. We know and understand this point too, Market's keep
raiseing prices to take more of what wealth the average person has-
People aren't mad enough to come and get you all yet but, don't dangle
the message of "We Got Security Around Us" !!!!! That's just pure
foolishness to dangle that like a "Red Cloth" to the bull's out there,
don't be foolish. There is no person that can't be gotten to somehow,
"Think About That". Don't be stupid enough to think you can throw crap on
whoever you want just because you have a few good ole boyz watching you
and, some toy's that give you a smirk on your face-y/Don't give up young
people. It's your job to fix it. Stop electing jack-ass Republicans,
avoid as much as possible corporations that pollute and influence
governments. Replace 5 of the Supreme Court Justices that gave us the
decisions on Citizens United, limit lobbying, take corporate money out of
politics and boycott companies that ship jobs overseas-doctors hear a
patient's symptoms then put them on a laundry list of prescriptions and
line their pockets in the process, the judicial system will sometimes
twist things in their favor for personal gain or be influenced by outside
forces, give or take with some universities they'll teach certain info
while keeping the rest in the dark- Pray tonight for 25 year old DYING 2
LIVE, MAHMOUD SARSAK CRITICAL in an Israeli prison for the last 3 yrs
without being charged!-Israeli Interior Minister Yishai–Israel belongs to
‘the white man’ Until now, migrants caught by IDF have been transferred
to the Saharonim detention facility in the south fb/Why Do House Republicans Want to Keep Super
PAC TV Ad Files Offline? Mike Ludwig-Dear Bank of America, We're Not
Leaving Our Homes Amy Dean, YES! Magazine-Spain Will Be Fourth Euro Zone
Nation to Take a Bailout Thom Hartmann:-America Has an Industrial Policy
- It's Run by the Pentagon (Video) Paul Jay, Real News Network-Florida
Voters File Lawsuit to Stop New Attempt to Purge Voter Rolls, and More
Lambert Strether, Naked Capitalism-Krugman: Another Bailout for Banks and
Not the Unemployed nyt-Bob Dylan did, "Money doesn't talk, it swears."-
Pepper Spraying of Students in Santa Monica "Today, thirty students and a
four-year-old girl were pepper sprayed outside the meeting room David
Bacon-American Citizen Pressured to Become FBI Informant by Placement on
No-Fly List Shirin Sadeghi-Romney Confirms He Will Deny Insurance to
Millions With Pre-Existing Conditions if Health Care Law Is Struck Down
Igor Volsky, ThinkProgress-Did you know that in the recall election,
Scott Walker won the ten poorest counties in Wisconsin? There's something
wrong with this picture, isn't there? Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout:
" Truthout/Headlining the Republic of Texas Biker Rally Saturday, the
gun-toting firebrand Ted Nugent ended by reenacting the flag-planting at
Iwo Jima. Yet the first half of his 90-minute set was apolitical. Summer
is his busy season, he yelped: "The rest of the year, I just kill shit/
61112/Israel's deputy military chief has warned that Syria's large
chemical weapons stocks could be trained on Israel-a ballot initiative to
legalize limited possession of marijuana in Colorado have collected and
spent millions of dollars, much of it from out-of-state sources, just shy
of $2 million in combined monetary and in-kind contributions. That
includes about $1.8 million in monetary contributions. All but about
$16,500 of the monetary contributions have come from groups or
individuals listing out-of-state Stand Your
Ground? Texas Man Kills Teacher Over Noise Complaint Raw Story- Wage
Theft Epidemic: Bosses Pocket 15 Percent of Workers' Pay AlterNet-
Wal-Mart Workers Band Together for Better Wages and Affordable Benefits
USA Today- The Right's New Tactic to Pit the Middle Class Against Itself

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