Thursday, October 2, 2014

10214/ the left wing media

10214/ the left wing alleged media. Emotionally charged voters voted many times over. We had overly liberal women, CA & NY libs as well, and on top of this all the parasites seeking more promised welfare. Next was the mess'icans who were promised amnesty. Yes, the left joke of a group of mediums are largely responsible, but 3 Million GOP voters failed to vote! Disgraceful at least, but that was the approx. amount by which Obama won, precincts reported voter fraud, but it was too late. Remember, in Minn. a cop found over 4,000 votes for Al Franken in a car trunk. Reid got more votes in Las Vegas County alone than there is population in the State of Nevada. SO we have these pieces of squat doing so much damage and it is ongoing. Extortion of the banks as this is what commies do best. TAKE CONTROL of the masses ybac/ ebola sure sounds alot like bird flu scare/ bernie humping to destroy cities/ bracing 4 100 degree weekend, joanne and reporting 4 aa steph talk dogs, boxes and happyness, jackies being serious despite birthday suit accepts whorebag, still a felony most threatened president could fill the prizons with them still manages to ruffle feathers, investigating possible grand jury misconduct with a Twitter post claiming that those hearing evidence in the police shooting of an unarmed black haven’t seen enough evidence to justify prosecuting the officer, my anaconda don't want one if ya got no buns hon, bill is sure bo will be obstructed 4 at least 2 years, geraldo asks who he will kill next, hugh new (KOCH?) bestseller/
10114/Isis Provides Sticker Shock to American Taxpayers According to Hagel, roughly $7 million to $10 million per day has been spent on U.S. operations against the Islamic State (ISIS) since June 16, to nearly a billion dollars thus far, with an expected $2.4 billion to $3.8 billion price tag for the year if air and ground operations continue as planned. These expected budget cost analysis by the non partisan think tank, Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, with annual costs possibly reaching $13 billion or even $22 billion, 290 air strikes have been carried out in Iraq and Syria, with 1600 U.S. troops are being deployed in Iraq and U.S. planes are flying an average of 60 attacks a day, currently costs between $200 million and $320 million a month freedomout post/ dod spent 691b$ 2012/ ifamericansknew U.S. provides the largest annual recipient Israel $8.5 million in military aid each day/ Not many houses or auto's are going to be bought with 250 THOUNSAND PART TIME DOOR GREETERS. Keep pumping your non existent economy and corrupt price fraud markets CONS, it's your only hope- Carson Thinks New AP U.S. History Course Will Make Students Join ISIS- HILARIOUS!-rnc deliberately distorts or edits out important historical events-Carson has just outed himself as a right wing zionist- racist POS, libs like you get very nervous when smart conservative African American speaks-smart conservative is an OXYMORON! yhal/faux going cheap making them trade dresses everyweek, imus thinks he's funny, deidra uses the l and bs word, ebola mutations, cdc wash ur hands, hawkins going to hell? 4 no leap of faith, entitled to opinion gawd damit i need light, back it up, no means no, college kid sex law, dead roadent, groundhog murder, lunar watch 4 women, whss pr person in a pickle wingnutz want blood, pro domocracy occupy hong kong setting lines, fallon attacks bo, admiting nra having a lot of pull in dc gifford and spaceman kelly gun control election cycles/sequester cuts and whss, protecting agency be4 b0, country roads shelly agrees, steph cussing and drinking is her best assest, carlos discovers fun playing with stephys box, deducing would be a good lead for rivers film/even apes know being greedy isn't good, hartmannpv
93014/Documents reveal that Security Intelligence Review Committee member Yves Fortier is a shareholder in TransCanada Corporation, behind the Keystone XL pipeline vo/2014 Election Business as Usual, a dud. Hardly a sweat is broken in the rarified air of partisan politics punditry. The only consistent factor that can always be counted upon to amuse is the reams of paper wasted on the false promises and prevarication made by the esteemed party regulars, easy to simply blame the entrenched incumbents or the current crop of insurgents, but it goes much deeper when an entire nation remains mute in the face of the worse run and most condemnable conduct, coming out of the District of Criminals in decades. The party in power traditionally will suffer huge losses in Congress BATR/Man Ejected from Eatery After Revealing he is Jewish-Visiting Israel Amid Anti Semitism Uproar-Bennett: No Jews Will Be Afraid to Walk French Streets-Police Hunt For Man Who Spewed Hate Tirade on London Bus-Obama, Cameron Wish Jews Happy New Year-Top Medical Journal Hijacked by Anti-Israel Extremists inn/GOP Nuclear Option Filibuster Plan Would Ruin Obama's Final Two Years Strengthening obstruction tw/Walmart doesn’t want to pay because SNL star Tracy Morgan wasn’t wearing a seatbelt-Boston cop with racist, homophobic, pro rape Facebook page busted- Muslim NFL player penalized for praying after touchdown-Pennsylvania couple faces homicide charged in autistic son 9- Iran executes man for doubting tale of Jonah and the fish-Minister who ran Canada’s largest Protestant church comes out as atheist- Women’s group: Louisiana billing rape victims is political extortion to stop prosecutions-accused of roughing up pot suspect Darren Wilson skips court- NYC cop Sometimes I’m a bad guy, accused of breaking into woman’s home, beating her- Reza Aslan slams not very sophisticated Maher’s facile attacks on Islam: His thinking is- Stewart blasts motherf*ckers in Congress for avoiding debate on ISIS- O’Reilly: Stephen Colbert no bleeping clue how to fight Islamic State-Vermont cop seizes man’s car because he saw eye drops and dog smelled pot-Obama’s gun control push could lead to more beheadings- Iran executes man for doubting tale of Jonah and the fish rsy/iman jew by design kid rock's amen song, unfunny fallon dr evil voice, and ignorant slut emogene, security breach reveals secret service weaknesses, baseball without steroids, patriots lose 21.14 blowout warner? other nfl shortcomings, angus won't be with the ac dc tour due to stroke, wh watchman disables security and misses congress's sand in vagina, steph got the beat, and chris agree car thief alarm expert issa well suited for investigation obstructionist can't sidestep, another school shooting, gq gets the scoop on zimmerman's paranoia code brown paid by cnn, charlie goes over koch fortune bypassing laws for regular people, mtp same circle, different jerks, stoner theif trades 160k$ diamond for 20$ bag of weed, fla cops mistake dried spaggetti o's for meth
92914/Satanic Cult of Clinton Dropped on its head in the barn spawned another one this weekend by hookers and booze-Weekend Was A Disaster For Senate Democrats GOP needs a net gain of six seats to control the Senate, and that appears increasingly likely- yhal/Pastor Anderson expressed his extreme hatred of the President and prayed for his death, Wants Women To Shut Up In Church using the Bible to justify his twisted stance. This kinda thing is happening in churches all across America, In some highly religious circles, the general opinion is that women should be in the kitchen making sandwiches the majority of the time aattp fb/ PA police officers burst into home, arrest woman for filming them with cellphone- NM cop threatened to shoot f*cking lunatic in the penis 2 hours before killing him-Oliver: The enduring influence of selfish *sshole Ayn Rand- Ingraham loses it after Bush aide says Reagan’s attorney general worse than Holder-Maher: A cop’s job isn’t that dangerous they need to stop going mental-Wire creator David Simon: Corporations the cancer are slowly killing American middle class-SNL mocks NFL’s response to domestic violence scandals-Santorum You don’t see Baptist ministers going on jihad-Tucker rants about poor people who litter-FL County Commissioner walks out to avoid hearing pagan’s satanic invocation- Arrested Catholic Archbishop’s computer contained over 100,000 images of children rsy/ 2008, House Reds triggered the largest stock market collapse in history when they voted against their own President's bailout plan bgk/ Syrian ISIS fighter defector Talha said the militant group has been preparing for such attacks. We've been ready for this for some time, We know that our bases are known because they're tracking us with radars and satellites, so we had backup locations cnn/ neti calls UNHRC an oxymoron Its policies are an extension of the oldest prejudice in the world. It's a function of diseased minds: it's called anti Semitism, which is spreading in polite society, which is being legitimized as a form of criticism against Israel, defends Israel the most moral army in the world, noted the hypocrisy of public opinion, many people in the world applauded US for joining the fight against ISIS, The same countries complained against Israel for fighting Hamas inn/ Americans forced to give Israel $10 Million per day to fund Racism and Apartheid in the name of God- Netanyahu is saying that Israel is a force for Good. I am choking & wondering if its REALLY good 2 Murder SMALL Children with HUGE bombs?- White Jewish European ancestry uses religious text to justify land theft in Middle East- Rest of world will not bow down for your murdering supremacism, WHAT kind of Cult Meetings is this guy running? Tw/ dakish = isis, lamborn homegrown colorado taitor hartmann/ struggling with her box, stephies birthday brings out good wishes/ savage misdefines fascism/unhackable iphone gnbb/ nete compares iran to jeeter, leslie sez wot?
92814/found her husband dead in the garage, hands and feet were tied and the body had been decapitated due to suicide krmg iapb/Six billionaires who moved to a neighborhood and ruined it AP CO school board member proposing patriotic curriculum was following TX example-Maher blasts GOP You know that Bush did it with a dog, right?- Neil deGrasse Tyson to play super intelligent pig on Gravity Falls-Rochester researchers invisibility cloak cost just $1,000 to make- Maher mocks Fox and Ted for complaining about badass Holder-Palin: Christian conservatives most slandered group in America- Fugelsang Twitter trolls Limbaugh fans by strafing them with Rush’s racist quotes-central Japan Mount Ontake volcano erupts, eight injured, hikers stranded- Native says Washington football fans threatened him at game-Chelsea Clinton gives birth to daughter Charlotte rsy/ Replacing veterans pills with pot Fox21/ Lambron under fire for controversial comments on Obama's military policies-Texas Schools believe that Moses was one of the Founding Fathers. Seriously db tw/
92714/Three firefighters who worked in the ruins of the World Trade Centre after the September 11 attacks have died of cancer within hours of each other- More than 50 geoglyphs with various shapes and sizes, including a massive swastika, have been discovered across northern Kazakhstan in Central Asia, say archaeologists- Buses collected them in groups of around 100, took them to Damietta, Nile Delta, several hundred migrants from Egypt, the Gaza Strip, Sudan and Syria, bound for Italy. Smugglers threw into the sea-critical believers/ The drums of war follow a very well- rehearsed strategy, where slowly but surely the public is sold the idea of the need for violence to cure the world's ills, despite our responsibility for creating those ills- Truthout/Koch Tied Judge Randa's Reversed, Walker Probe Rests With Conflicted Wisconsin Supreme Court PR Watch: A federal appellate court has shut down Judge Rudolph decision halting the criminal probe/Ebola Is Winning Sierra Leone Quarantines 1.2 Million People Common Dreams/Limbaugh Must Be in Real Trouble cnl/ The impact on ALEC as a result of the desertion of large corporations weakens it as an entity that sponsors and passes widespread destructive legislation at almost every level of government-some of the wealthiest people in the United States think that they do. California surfers, however, are successfully challenging that sense of entitlement BuzzFlash/A GOP Senate's First Target: Elizabeth Warren's Consumer Protection Agency-$26 Billion in US Aid Later, the Iraqi Military Is a Total Disaster mj/ How Bad Policies and Worse Ideology Ruined American Dream Now a Myth Salon/ 300,000 US Students Live in Shelters, Motels or on the Street AllGov/ A chilling voice ISIS Abu Muhammad al Adnani. He calls on ISIS allies to kill Canadians among other western non believers, you can kill a disbelieving American encourages supporters to kill Canadians vo/5day infant accidentally shot in head by nearby hunter while sitting with dad on couch-Bachmann the problem and you need to declare war on it- Colbert rips Fox & Friends for idiotic response to latte salute-in whole or in part Penn AG blames victim: Female prison clerk caused her own rape- Private paramilitary force targeting CA pot growers has local sheriff predicting disaster-no death penalty for Georgia man who left son to die in hot car- Denver Post: Okay AP, you’ve had your fun, now STFU and go back to school-California school celebrates Banned Book Week by banning Fault In Our Stars-
ESPN suspended for ripping NFL commissioner’s f*cking bullsh*t-Dirty tricks: Koch- backed group mails out misleading NC voters- possible Islamic link to Oklahoma food plant beheading-Up to half of Earth’s water is older than the sun and came here from space-Rabbi claims ‘soup Nazi, Jews are cheap and small kicked him out of gyro shop- he takes his wife hostage Louisiana pd, kill on duty fellow officer-de Liberian paper: Ebola is a US plot rsy/Nice people gotta give'em credit for not cutting heads off tho-injuries suffered in Tel Aviv not from rocket fire but from a premeditated assault by a group of extremist Israeli Jews. Chanting Death to Arabs and Death to leftists, attacked protesters with clubs, several demonstrators were beaten and required medical attention, the police made no arrests, how israel silences dissent nyt- aipb
92614/ATSO Chris Christie is the Great White Hope for the GOP! LOL!-That beached whale is barely breathing!-First order for the country when Christie gets into the WH Dunkin Donuts for everyone-Christie has been losing weight. He had this stomach banding operation. This is no reason to not vote for him; the reason to not vote for the man is the fact that he is oppressive to his political opponents, and in a democracy this is regarded as bad form-NO! Dunkin Donuts for those states that voted for him. Those that didn't? Well, Christie got a surprise for you guys!-I dunno, he was waddling and shaking his gelatinous goo on stage with stubbs McStain, must have taken an extra helping of diet pills yhal/they torment peaceful people on here making endless stupid comments with nary a useful submission And they piss on computers and start fires crippling air travel for most of the country, Republicans abuse others in an ill conceived attempt to relieve their emotional problems rgh/Wall Street is about to be rocked by secretly recorded 45 hours capture former co workers, whose job was to keep banks like Goldman Sachs in line, instead deferring to the banks, showing a too cozy relationship between the New York Federal Reserve Bank and the financial institutions it is supposed to regulate ygs/ Ingraham Suggests Obama Is Willing To Expose American Troops To Ebola To Atone For Colonialism, Date Rape And Misogyny, Suggests Starting With How Girls Dress-Conservative Media Revive Death Panel Myth Amid Good News-WSJ's Misleading Defense Of ALEC Doesn't Disclose Its Parent Company's Membership-Sean And Dana Sponsored By Fracking Companies- Colbert Ridicules O'Reilly's Mercenary Fantasy Warfare League-Bolling Apologizes For Boobs On The Ground-Not Everything Is President Obama's Fault-Cherry Picking Immigration Data To Stoke Terrorism Fears-Fox Runs With Discredited Rumor Paris Subway Terror Plot i'm gw Bush the decider youre an merican. you need to speak like us in the south, and texas. like you have excrement in your mouth, new war? same as my old war, and you're paying for it- the hypocrisy of her gold crucifix is too loud-Anyone thinking that Hannity would make a good spokesman for anything other than waterproof underwear-mm/woman who was beaten by an officer along the side of a freeway in broad daylight receiving a $1.5 m$ settlement, and the officer is resigning abc7- fb/
92514/Twitter users mock Colorado school district's attempt to rewrite US history- scary pseudoscience taught at Christian fundamentalist creationist school- anti poor rant on hot mic: Get off government assistance and do your f*cking job- GOP ad insists Republicans drive hybrids, shop at Trader Joe’s, have feelings-Mo. family faces cancer, sickness after waste company refuses to clean up toxic soup leak- Holder stepping down-monarch butterflies responsible for unusual weather radar readings?-tyt Kasparian rips Fox f*ckers for trumped up anger over coffee- Grand jury declines to charge two officers fatal Walmart shooting- Pennsylvania police chief’s daughter among suspects charged in Philly gay bashing-Hawking comes out: I’m an atheist because science is more convincing than God-ISIS Algerian jihadists claim to be have beheaded captured Frenchman- Fox Global warming happens in fantasy world of scientists fair and balanced- shot male 14 four or five times in the back Louisiana-trying to woo female voters with ad calling Obama their stalker boyfriend-rsy/bo and Arab States are working together to fight ISIL and Jews and wannabes are ridiculing. Is it a surprise or is it Jews showing their paranoid jealousy. Why is Israel working with Syrian terrorists and not helping the US against ISIL? iapb/The CON men in Washington hired by WS are in panic mode. Their little fantasy of world hegemony through Central Banks and the endless creation of worthless paper while remaining as the WRC to buy resources is meeting resistance and it will only intensify. The rest of the globe has grown tired of our lawlessness and war crimes. This will come to a head and we will meet our match. GL CONS, a deer in the headlights when reality takes hold. Nothing pleases thecriminal CONS more than a stupefied Douchbag. Let me make one thing perfectly clear, I am more of a patriot of this country than those who live in denial, turn a blind eye or those who just don"t care who they hurt for profit. We now have a nation that has lost its way . We have a nation that has been hijacked by the criminals on WS and greedy Corporation who now own the narcisstic fools in Washington. These criminals have hijacked our financial markets and foreign policy that have only benefit 5% of the worlds population not to mention the murder of millions around the world as a cost of doing business. Israel and the US are the most murderous countries on the planet, now is that something to be proud of? Take your Pom poms and go salute The flag you salute contains a crescent moron. ygs/Fox News, male soldiers deserve respect, but female boobs on the ground, for Democrats, rnc outreach to women is going great-MOST of the women in those viagra and cialis commercials don't wear wedding rings? having UNPROTECTED, PREMARITAL SEX WITHOUT protection & WITH the OK from the BIG GUY? yhal/Kathy Griffin appeared on The View, Tuesday, to mock conservatives. Speaking of her elderly mom, she joked, Fox News is like porn for old people. I mean, they just keep it on a loop. Old people love Fox. They love mother is a super right wing conservative and loves her boyfriend Bill O'Reilly and her boyfriend Sean, Nicolle Wallace meekly offered that all the Republicans I know are in love with Megyn Kelly, Griffin's response, but it began with Well, my mother doesn't want to bang kelly, But she definitely wants to bang Bill O’Reilly, for sure

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