Thursday, September 25, 2014

92514/ Capitalism Is Stupid

92514/ Capitalism Is Stupid, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate, extractivism, activism and the way to change hearts and minds around climate change-Mass Incarceration Can Learn From the Struggle, activists engagement with governments, global organizations and corporations holds many lessons in fighting for justice in the criminal legal system.We also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military has changed. Obama’s famous quip, in the final debate of 2012, was celebrated at the time for making Mitt Romney look foolish (not the most difficult of tasks), two years later, one can’t help but think the president accidentally let slip a line, mainly to downplay the actual fact that we are at war. Now, wars are not real unless there are boots on the ground. Drones don’t count. Bombs don’t count. No boots, no war. All of which has the effect of making too many people accept or ignore the latest expression of US military force-bombing Syria, using the $700 billion F22 Raptor stealth fighter for the first time. Your tax dollars at work!- The Police and Media Control Fascism 101, you are welcome to attend a seminar titled OFFICER INVOLVED SHOOTING YOU CAN WIN WITH THE MEDIA Truthout/ All Hands on Deck Declares Ban Ki moon at UN Climate Summit-We Have Met the Existential Threat, and It Is Us-Nearly Annihilating Native Americans Led to Abandoning a Respect for Nature's Limits-Climate Riders Roll to Fight the Corporate Climate Killers- Rich Old White Men Are Taking Lunch Money Away From Inner City Black Kids- Holder Basically Tells Wall Street to Beware of Moles, therefore, by implication, alerting financial firms to take more secure measures not to get caught? BuzzFlash/ FBI Gags State and Local Police on Capabilities of Cellphone Spy Gear wt/ Syrians Say Civilians Killed in US Airstrikes lat/nc Prison, Reports Eight Month Lockdown, SolitaryWatch/ap Pentagon Allows Police Accused of Civil Rights Abuses to Apply for Military Gear/rapidly growing church, Ignite, promises red blooded young men that it will never be boring Pastor Heath Mooneyham wants to kick you in the nuts with Christ, sex. And guns plus free assault rifles vocativ- The globe challenges global warming, Dowd learns how to smoke weed from the best-ONE HAPPY CUSTOMER AT A TIME How Prozac Conquered America-digg/feugalsang tired like reagan's second term and smelling like a porchgese whorehouse at stephanie's
92414/BOtus is making a new batch of terrorists bombing Syria-Irony: whining argument that russia condemns isis airstrikes y-smshow caller’s question of the day: Who lit the fuse on Lindsey Graham’s tampon? tw/-everyone is busy going crazy over ISIS, 18,000+ Palestinians in Yarmouk camp are dying. Day 8, no water-fb/Colorado students walk out to protest conservative censorship-NYPD slams visibly pregnant woman on pavement, uses stun gun on her belly-Louisiana police shoot boy 14 dead- Costco worker broke man's leg with martial arts kick for refusing to show receipt-Christians are clueless about Jesus, who wanted the rich to be poor- krokodil rise and fall of Russia’s flesh eating zombie drug-Montana Catholic church bans aging gay couple after they marry to protect assets- They're all dead Florida family massacre 911 call- Ebola could infect 1.4 million by 2015- New Hampshire grandma shot by cops after reaching for infant during DEA raid-Stewart on GOP climate change like pushing a million pounds of idiot up a mountain-OK trooper: follow the law Best way not to get raped by cops-while outside smoking, Officer steps back, guns down man outside liquor store-checking Facebook man shot to death by police California-toddler drowned in church’s Alabama baptismal water- woman accused of running grand daughter 9 to death- Cavuto helping to minimize climate change protests- Texas soldier beats toddler daughter to death over soiled diaper-CA Republicans clash after candidate’s homeless stunt Felony stupid- pro pot activist in Alaska epic on air resignation F*ck it, I quit-fla deputies gun down man in towing dispute as son tried to explain he was deaf- Limbaugh’s black sidekick, Snerdley: Segregation was the good old days-border shutdown militia, 5 show blame threat of mass blood shed by cartels- Fox News priest demands in the name of free speech government ban Satanic masses-Switzerland Physicists set distance record in quantum teleportation- Perry if NYC had strict Texas abortion law Joan Rivers might still be alive rsy/rebirth of Occupy movement floods Wall Street to protest climate change vo/ admitting no one reads them, hiring pinheads to edit, bill explains professional writing to a core wingnut audience idude helps, jeeter used socks sold 400$ ea, /geraldo attemps to explain atheist or anti religious isis is a good reason to target them/ stephie clearly having box problems, wiping her ass with forbes explains leading from behind with reacharound never satisfied linsey and mcstain want more bombs to give the threat credibility, carlos guesses isis is after the oil, 4.6 billion split between boeing and spacex dp/
92314/If those darn Israeli Jews develop a way to donate smart Jewish brain cells (those Jews are so brilliant, they WILL find a way (and then patent it, for the big $$$$, perhaps somone can donate to someone with not so smart brain cells 4 the benefit of such nice wingnut folk iapb/ Liberal thinking is based on emotion. Conservative thinking is based in logic and reason, truly objective, logical thinker you become a Conservative. Generally, when you are young there are many influences in your life that lead you to Liberalism. But if you are TRULY objective and logical you will reject Liberalism. It has nothing to do with being smart or dumb. It has everything to do with common sense-an oxymoron, moron. Today's conservatives are conservative in name only. Uneducated radical non thinking robots usurped the word and corrupted its meaning just as homosexuals did with the word gay-If Sense was common you wouldn't post such silly tripe. Lets not confuse republicans with conservatives either. They don't conserve the planet, the constitution nor money- Air striles hav little impact-So you've concluded that air strikes are ineffective and Obama is clueless based upon your extensive experience as what? Ball smuggler of The Year? The only visible credential you have is an old Yahoo ID riddled with racist comments, going out on a limb here, you haven't won any awards for spelling, have you?, Buy your empty sack a bus ticket and point it towards the 2016 RNC convention. I know, it's nearly two years away, but ROTFLMAO I'm guessing you never won any awards for orienteering or your sense of direction either ybac/UANI is coming after you traitors koch boys and rightwing home grown domestic terrorist beware devoted to tracking terrorist financing-you are mentally challenged- Kerry was BEGGING iran at the UN the other day to join the coalition being set up by homobama- No telling how many teabaggager bundy type supporters will end up in jail after their treasonous acts are exposed. Where is issa the witchhunt specialist?-bush crime family, probably yhal/ iman asks who goes in to find out how many children got killed after anti isis bombing, admitting age related problems while humping brett for bernie, white house fence jumper priors, suni bombing suni? faux still wanting boots, bernie wants razor wire around the wh, faux weiner war/wabc humping antib0 conspiracy book/ more wisconsin voting, tricks, wingnutz attack france, wh enterloper security breech wingnut tipoff, troll vaccine brainstorm, more boobs the better, eye headaches byproduct of derangment syndrome, /olive garden and owners clash over salt dp/
92214/kt 20 20 Hindsight, finding an audience with tx high school rodeo, I Man continues to ponder why the President insists of calling them ISIL the Terrorist Group now refers themselves as IS, As in We Just Is-Jesus We haven’t seen so much re branding since Madonna, gives a special shout out to his boy, Steve Schwartzman Shardon Schwanden The Boss can’t pronounce his good friend from AT&T’s name who is going to provide him with a new iPhone 6 Plus, Warner provides the correct pronunciation, Steve, on the other hand, has no problem pronouncing Imus name, I Man’s got something on his lip, He had something removed, and now has a stitch on the lower right corner of his mouth. We never heard anything about this surgery before, surprising that it’s not Roger Ailes ass. and so we suspect he made up the malady just so he could get some of those Personality Pills, The doctor tried to give Imus F*CKING TYLENOL! Didn’t that sh*t kill a bunch of people a few years ago?, Carley Shimkus answers the question Should NFL players be allowed to beat their spouses, their kids, their agents or their meat? the same way everyone else does, Except her perception Rocky in the Butcher Locker using a side of beef as a heavy bag. Um yeah, Carley. That’s it, Cavuto stops by for a visit, Neil does his Scottish Accent, which sounds suspiciously like Tom Brokaw trying to speak Mandarin Chinese, The I accuses him of being a suck up to Rupert, Has Imus ever spoken to Mr. Murdoch? No. Then YES, he DOES know he’s working for him-ISIS death threats against the Pope, BLONDE ON BLONDE Which begins with a heated debate about our Godless Society, ourselves are doubting the existence of a Supreme Being, as surely, Deirdre maintains that there was Prayer in Public Schools until 1963. Which was the year The Beatles became known, blame John, Paul and George for replacing St. John, St. Paul and St. George in schoolchildren’s lives. Of course, there was no St. Ringo, but we had something to do with the reduction of numbers in Hebrew School. We begin praying the hellish sound of the shrieking harpies will stop, now, listening to Bernie and Connell and Dagen run the show. He says they’re actually pretty good. Which makes us suspicious that he’s drinking again. Listening to them and Warner trying to keep the party going has the same effect as putting sand in your KY Jelly. ibts/wittnessing stephy going commando on wingnutz
92114/Israel lifted the mandatory requirement for water fluoridation that was put in place in 1970, now a nationwide ban on water fluoridation in Israel, a decision Israeli Health Minister Yael German said would allow Israeli parents and doctors to decide on their own whether to provide fluoride to children, in what doses, and in what manner iapb/Sick Texas hospital worker may have exposed 700 babies to TB-10 Republican red states that mooch off of coastal liberal states-32 Florida prison guards fired for alleged abuses- Nobel prizes From Jesus on toast to baby feces in sausages-Maher says Palin needs to stop wearing her mom genes, Graham and McCain should get a grip about ISIS-Proud mama defends Bristol's role in brawl-British Musuem scholars tell ISIS that holding hostage goes against Koran-Roger Goodell: cut me a break, will you?- Miami cops fleeced immigrant’s family for $2,400 before jailing him rsy/ Officer of the Year Using Police Resources to Stalk Women MintPress/ truthout: Restructuring through capitalist globalization has brought about an important shift in Palestinians relationship to Israel that make it easier for the Israeli right to raise the specter of genocide/ Failure to Look Into Saudi Role in 911 Has Helped ISIS ukI/ A MUCH SCARIER TERRORIST GROUP THAN ISIS RT- New and improved bogymen manufactured by the real terrorists, the US government. All to justify the CONtinued push into the ME for the expansion of the corrupt and fraudulent Central Banks, who print worthless paper that must be used in trade around the world. Criminals-If RT states it must be true- I assume you are a believer in the extension of the state department presstitute bought and paid for propaganda the spewed on a daily basis without any credible sources or proof in most western media ygs/Turkish authorities say they have freed 49 hostages from one of the world's most ruthless militant groups without firing a shot, paying a ransom or offering a quid pro quo newsmax rbh/Trolls who troll then whine that you trolled them? Fuck those ppl with chainsaws tw/
92014/Florida man shoots six grandkids, daughter before killing himself-Cops say they gunned down handcuffed man because he was armed-Houston fires four cops and dismisses 6,000 tickets in overtime scheme-fraternity dosed women with date rape drugs based on color coded hand stamps: police-raging bicyclist shoots Florida cab driver in neck in gas station dispute-Judges so angered by NCIS spying on civilians willing to let child sex offender go free-Coulter said she’d ‘drown’ if GOP doesn’t take Senate-Robertson loses it after Air Force nixes ‘God’ oath for atheists: ‘How can they fly?-Cliven Bundy blames state for faulty fence after woman sues him for interstate cow crash-Michigan school catches 5th grader with loaded gun and list of names-Guinea's national Ebola education team believed to be abducted or dead-Limbaugh: cheered for guts to yell f*ck her in the p*ssy-Australia raid prevents Islamic State from carrying out random beheading- Diet soda is probably making you fat and giving you diabetes-1 in 4 Americans open to secession- Doocy battles Geraldo over whether undocumented New Yorkers can vote-Miracle panda triplets open their eyes in Chinese zoo- Rachel Maddow rips Congress for giving itself two more months off-This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate-End of the party? UK’s political classes paranoid after Scotland referendum- Court hammers Florida sheriff’s office for SWAT style raid to check for barber licenses- DNA study reveals third group of ancient ancestors of modern Europeans-Bodies found after Ebola health workers go missing in Guinea rsy/ Ancient Stone Constructions 12,000 Years Old In Peru? -Saihuite is about 4 hours drive south of Cusco Peru and is rarely visited by tourists. Its claim to fame is a large heavily carved stone, but beyond this, and in the nearby valley are clear examples of megalithic lost ancient technology that the resident Inca could not have made. They may be what remains of a mysterious culture that lived there 12,000 plus years ago-Globalist Game Plan: Conquer and Divide through ISIS? Saudi conspiracy stretching back as far as 2007 [when] US Saudi policymakers sought to ignite a region wide sectarian war to purge the Middle East of Iran’s arch of influence stretching from its borders, across Syria and Iraq, and as far west as Lebanon and the coast of the Mediterranean. ISIS has been harbored, trained, armed, and extensively funded by a coalition of NATO and Persian Gulf states within Turkey’s (NATO territory Turkish artillery and air cover, cross border invasion by Al Qaeda into Kasab village, Latikia province in northwest Syria-new evidence of mysterious pulses that appear to come from deep in outer space-DEVOLUTION devolved-Divide and Rule's The BBC Is Killing Democracy-cb/40 American ISIS fighters have already returned to the United States-Over 90% Of Troops Do Not Support Obama! Fmr. Navy SEAL Carl Higbie-like the coffee, in the deliciousness, and the bitterness and the addiction tw/Question for you idiot socialists If you are big on govt spending, and the military is part of the govt. Why is it so terrible to stimulate the economy by using govt. contractors to provide jobs?-I'd be glad to, little of it actually trickles down, Think $500 terlet seats, the overbilled Halliburton meals for the soldiers etc, spending does more political sponsors, cronies and CEO's than it does for the job at hand, defending the nation-Weird. Beings that the military is itself a socialist system, confused as ever, want to increase spending on the biggest socialist program that we have, while wanting to end spending on socialist programs, Logic never was your strong suit. You addressed this question to socialists (a presumably dirty name), while pimping for more military spending, wingers ain't much for thinkin, They make dang fine parrots though! -i'm tired of your kind of idiocy, a waste discussing anything with you because your responses invariably contain debunked or questionable info, coupled with your typical and juvenile insults-How can a community organizer send the military into battle then You are an f'ing hypocrite-Obama, cleaning another of Bush's messes ISIS! however never wanted to start a war for wars sake, will never go down in history as a great Amerikan like FDR or TR, distinguished in one respect, it is Bush bumbling that made ISIS what it is, the asshole failed to realize that taking out Saddam would cause a power vacuum in a very unstable cuntry-We Trained a Sunni Army, expected them to fight ISIS Sunnis. They joined ISIS instead, Now we are going to train the SFA who are allied with ISIS and expect them to flip and fight ISIS-a winger, McRambo strategy. Obama caved. Liberals are not happy with that decision but I see you think it's a great idea- It's not unusual for right wingers to double down on stupid rbh/depending on Faux Noise for information is like depending on an anvil to serve as a life jacket
91914/Yellen Should Stop Telling the Economically Exploited to Save Money They Don't Have in the greatest redistribution of money to the wealthy that the world has ever known-New Iraq War to a Nation With a Dead Imagination-jh Populist Movement Is on the Rise-Rapture Related Christian Movies Are More Popular Than Ever; Will the Trend Last? BuzzFlash/life size mannequin stands over the highly polluted Pinheiros River in Sao Paulo, Brazil, work aims to warn people about the pollution ap/ GOP Launches 18th Benghazi investigation, they aren't acting rational and attempting to understand what actually took place, they are about exposing the massive conspiracy that exists only in their head. But the conspiracy didn't and doesn't exist, which means they are asking questions which have no answe, already have a conclusion in their head which doesn't match reality so they ignore reality, facts, evidence, proof, and logic yhal/Corporate Personhood Is the Ebola Virus of Climate Chaos EcoWatch- Gore Is Still Trying to Save Us, One Graph at a Time Grist/Greenland's Dark Snow Should Worry You Slate/Dark Money Apocalypse Is Upon Us mj/Next Round of an Unwinnable War Beckons OtherWords/ FBI Rolls Out Biometric Database on Schedule, Accompanying Privacy Impact Assessment Still Nowhere to Be Found Techdirt/ Natural Disasters Displaced 22 Million People in 2013. Three Times More Than Wars RT/ la Officers Kill About One Person a Week hp/How to Make ISIS Fall on Its Own Sword Chelsea Manning/ Occupy Abolishes $4 Million in Other People's Student Loan Debt CNNMoney-Hannity Worries Peterson Will Prevent Parents From Teaching Kids That Being Gay Is Not Normal Salon/ saudi pooring 60b$ annually into military-Colombia Took On Its Drug Lords; Now It's Taking On Its Billionaires, Why Can't We? Hartmann

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