Thursday, March 6, 2014

3614/Lucky Dragon tragedy

3614/didn't you dems bitch when Ted Cruz wanted to delay the light skinned african negro with no negro dialect care?- Elijah Cummings erupts at Darrell Issa over one sided, un American’ IRS probe, accused Issa of providing Fox News with details of the investigation which were not provided to the committee, when he (Issa) appeared on Fox News to discuss a Republican staff report, claiming that Miss Lerner was to target conservative groups. he provided a copy of his report to Fox. He refused my request to provide it to the members of the committee-Japanese fishing boat Daigo Fukuryu Maru, Lucky Dragon, and its 23 man crew. 1954 The Lucky Dragon tragedy sparked worldwide protests and a movement that eventually won an atmospheric test ban, saving millions of lives. But her crew paid a heavy price, $4.3 billion carrier is now docked in San Diego, USS Ronald Reagan The crew was warned not to drink or bathe in water being desalinated from a contaminated sea. Many reported being engulfed in a warm cloud with a metallic taste was close off shore to the Fukushima, when three reactors there began to melt, followed by four explosions and a deluge of radioactive water into the Pacific. Prevailing winds could well have dumped Fukushima’s worst fallout on the Reagan’s 5,500 sailors. One sailor, pregnant that March, gave birth in September to a child with multiple birth defects. Tokyo Electric Power Company and the Navy now say the doses that engulfed the Ronald Reagan and her sister ships in the area at the time were all perfectly safe-crazed republican from S.C. who tried to drown her children in Daytona will no doubt use the jesus told me to do it and the stand your ground in the ocean defense at her trial. No doubt Florida will let her go free rbg/Unfortunately for those ill of the campaign cycle filled with television commercials, lawn signs, and ugly Facebook arguments, lefty crybabies know they can’t win arguments on things like healthcare reform or economic policy, so they do what they do best: play the victim to an imagined evil, deviant conservative movement. It sets the stage for the double-standards liberals are so well known for, and manage to drag much of the media along on their roller coaster ride of victimization libertyalliance-aibafs/wsj sponsered by fracking Pussy Riot Flogged by Cossacks in Sochi/bluestones used in Stonehenge's construction are native to southwest Wales, some 100 150 miles away-No matter where the bluestones come from, they must have taken a huge effort to move and place-if they had "help", or the place was built for them out of available materials as a place where good little earthlings could gather and worship their newly arrived, all powerful Gods-nine tiny scrolls, which date back to about 2,000 years ago, were hidden inside three leather tefillin cases, also known as phylacteries, traditionally carried by observant Jewish men, Italian news agency Ansa Mediterranean reported. These cases were first pulled out of the caves in the 1950s, but their contents apparently were not examined until now criticalbelievers/ Russian troops and gunmen in unmarked uniforms fan out across Crimea, seizing two airports in an apparent bid to assert dominance over the region/bo warns Russia there would be costs for any military intervention-conducting excavations at an ancient tomb in Luoyang, Henan Province, China, found Monday a gold coin from the East Roman era estimated to be over 1,500 years old cb/Scott Walker’s little known scandal: When he was county executive, how he handled programs for Milwaukee’s poor will shock and amaze you, he treated welfare recipients like dogs tw/Fox News warns IRS official: Testify if you want the death threats to stop-Healthy fear of getting shot keeps lawmakers and Piers Morgan in line-Bible says cockpit is no place for a woman-Mass court rules Upskirt legal, Peeping Toms are jumping for joy-Bachmann: Veto of AZ bill means ‘terrible intolerance afoot’ against Christians-Florida man has sex with pit bull in his yard as neighbors beg him to stop-Oklahoma’s Dr. Mike allowed to continue injecting miraculous Jesus shot for $300 a pop-New Jersey archbishop sells church assets to build himself an indoor swimming pool-Florida man accidentally shoots passing child 12, then immediately shoots himself-FL man flying KKK flag assures community We don’t beat up on f*ggots or blacks-Stewart mocks Fox’s spite based obsession with food stamp recipients eating ‘f*cking fish-Ryan stuns CNN, Keystone pipeline will solve Russia’s Ukraine invasion- TX police blockade parking lot at child’s birthday party, tase couple for not leaving-Ala. Democrat to GOP: You’d favor abortion if your daughter was pregnant with black baby-Maddow: Why would Chris Christie care that his ex staffer calls people idiot?-Ventura rips b*tchy billionaires: The poor work just as hard as you do-Texas school puts date rape drug detectors in drink coasters for spring break-GOP lawmakers react to phony Fox News report with ‘No Welfare For Weed’ bill-Ala. Democrat to GOP: You’d favor abortion if your daughter was pregnant with black baby/subjects suffered from terminal cancer, and several died within a year of the trial, psychedelic drug apparently eased their fears as they faced the unknown, anxiety went down and stayed down, each session would be right here, in a safe environment, I can’t guarantee you won’t have intense distress, but I can tell you that if you do, it will pass-Many patients wept, and most experienced some discomfort, One 67-year-old man said he encountered his long-dead, estranged father during his trip and was granted his nodding approval. rsy/No One Tracking the $1.8 Trillion in Projected ObamaCare Costs -Mommy's Trying to Kill Us': Pregnant Mom Drives Minivan With 3 Kids Into the Ocean-Hotel Guest Leaves Nasty Letter for Parents of Crying Baby-PA Law Shields Unions From Stalking, Harassment Charges-George W. Is My Hero': Barbara Bush Praises Her Son-Suck It': Girl's Facebook Post Costs Her Family $80K-Basically Raised the White Flag': Paul Ryan Blasts 2015 Spending-Krauthammer You've Got to Wonder What Cosmos' Obama and Kerry Are Living In-My America With Elisabeth Hasselbeck': Can Darrell Wallace Race His Way to the Top? fni/sherrif standing behind mj deaths mistake but hold to info packman/ massive solar spill, gnbb/vibrator assault, on bb/dirty deeds done dirt cheap, deidra schools cavuto, female impersonator linsey, whining gunselmen sexually attracted to putin, we don't have a republican so we are for hillary, on im/peniscakephobia, lesnadians, skeeter writes, issa takes the fifth continues investigation at fauxsnooze, on stephanie/
3514/tytn Have you ever met a war you didn’t love? Maher Slaughters Neocon Kristol, over the consequences of U.S. miltary intervention in a time when the Pentagon is proposing budgetary cuts on Real Time Maher pressing Kristol on his history of supporting armed responses/Talk about a brainwashing propaganda campaign! A pesky species of algae, sometimes called "rock snot, is infiltrating parts of eastern Canada due to global warming and not accidental introductions from humans tromping around, a new study suggests, Outbreaks of didymo, reported in the United States, New Zealand, Europe and Canada in recent decades, yn- aibafs/Keep it up RePOS, keep it up, and I predict Texas will turn BLUE War on Women stuff today, two women's health clinics CLOSED today in the Rio Grand Valley Texas, because of Draconian Republican legislation . Forcing women to go for significant distances now to get health services/teens banging hot pockets, swiss cheeze, on stephanie/enjoying nazi engieneering, on savage/
3414/Rush Limbaugh asshole of the day for saying slave is a magic word’s why 12 Years A Slave won? asshole oftheday- Examiner Palin: Putin known for wrestling bears, bo known for mom jeans-anti Obama for so long, that they no longer can even venture a solution. They are bankrupt and broken, TEAR INTO THEM, Best thing about engaging #RWNJ #GOP #TCOT etc is ppl see how empty of ideas they r. Governing takes ideas & they CAN'T offer ANY. #Bankrupt, It's time to kick it up a notch and go after #RWNJ #GOP fools. They offer nothing, they refuse to govern, they CAN'T debate politics anymore, forgot that #Putin invaded Georgia when W was prez and he saber rattled, for nothing. Oh but that's different, he's White-Why don't they just call "feminine wash" what it really is skank soap, The truth will set you free. Or get get your ass locked up, whichever. tw/Putin =Hilter, How hard is it NOT to see it that clear! Same #$%$ sales pitch when they took over someone's territory! WWIII coming-More like Stalin. Hitler was a religious nut who believed the German race could regain godlike powers if they purified the gene pool-You been sucking on too many elephant #$%$, i told you, to get away from that- ybac/ White House wants $1 billion put in affordable housing fund-Let the extortion begin-Paulson and Bair [FDIC chair on '08] should both be in prison with lengthly sentences for what they did to WAMU as well as FnF. Instead they get rewarded with huge lifelong pensions and book deals. Only in America [puke]- yfmn/very good at protecting his personal interests and must know that economic instability in Russia isn't good for his financial or political prospects,-Putin's Ukraine gambit meant nothing-Stocks Rise as Putin Comments Ease Ukraine Tension DailyTicker-Nader America’s 30M hourly workers deserve a raise: Ralph AtlanticWire-Another Bitcoin Site Gets Completely Wiped Out by Thieves r-Obama to offer new tax breaks for workers in budget pitch-fy/Dad, Gun Store Cause Stir With Photo of Baby and Rifle-Obama Mocks Romney for His Concerns About Putin, Russia-K.T. McFarland: 'Putin Never Thought U.S. Leaders Would Become This Weak-MD Cop Tells Student He Lost Right to Freedom of Speech-Americans Turning to Christian Alternative to ObamaCare fni/Conservative loyalists would "rather Ford on crack than Miller back-Sixth Annual Manning Networking Conference-Youth risk arrest in large scale protest against proposed Keystone XL pipeline. Hundreds tie themselves to White House fence-If Stephen Harper believes in God, why is he indifferent to the environment? relentlessly inclined to political acts that harm the environment. Do his beliefs have anything to do with it?-Al Jazeera and media worldwide launch campaign to free journalists threatened in Egypt vo/new federal guidelines say the size of a grow operation should not be factored in to a decision to prosecute, US Attorney Benjamin Wagner indicted Duncan, 31, and others involved in the collective, on the grounds that it had grown too large, I was charged with the manufacturing of marijuana. I've been trying to keep quiet through that and not upset the feds and try to keep a low profile... I wasn't even an owner, didn't have any stake in the company, didn't have any ownership of anything, I took a plea deal. My plea bargain was written in such a way that I could negotiate down to just probation with the judge. So early on, I was kind of led to believe that was a realistic possibility. But as the case progressed and I learned how conservative the judge and the prosecutor were, that seemed less and less likely, It boils down to the feds wanting to make an example out of us. There's no rhyme or reason, President Obama saying that marijuana is like a vice similar to alcohol, maybe there's a bigger strategy there and he's trying to ramp up for a bigger policy change. But the snapshot of right now, it couldn't be a more insulting slap in the face, the process of reporting to prison is deeply daunting and fraught with uncertainty, It's kind of like falling into a black hole. I'm going to be very out of water. hp-More insane and stupid conservative judge-Obama, make up your damned mind. Just goes to show how powerless his message is about just about everything-It's how you listen to Obama because half the time he's talking out his arse and the other half he has not idea where his ramblings are going to take him- still giving funds to fight the 'war on drugs' while simultaneously saying they are more leniant on weed. There seems to be too much bureaucracy in the middle thats getting mixed signals on how to proceed with medical marijuana dispensaries-millions of other Americans in the same situation and even those who got off with a "misdemeanor" that still makes them ineligible for government benefits, like student loans, and the clean background check necessary for any number of private jobs, as in healthcare-the DA in LA, she was constantly fighting against state law on medical marijuana even when she was supposed to support it. Personally, I'd rather see a lot of meth labs shut down-It doesn't help that the head of the DEA is rabid on the subject of marijuana and has no intention of backing down to state laws/Christian lawmakers fall for ‘Ponzi schemer’ who said he’d found Noah’s Ark-WTF: Pope Francis drops Italian swear word into Sunday blessing-Kentucky Baptist churches giving away guns to lure unchurched men to Jesus-Louisiana father allowed pastor to rape his mentally disabled daughter-fb COO Sheryl Sandberg into 2016 California Senate race- Florida senator files legalizing marijuana for recreational use-Georgia approves Ten Commandments monument for capitol-Third collapse in three days in ancient Roman city of Pompeii-Texas Republican hotzie, Founding fathers would never allow sodomites to marryfni/Radio Shack after $191 million loss shutter 1,100 stores-Addison Mikkelson, 17, made headlines last year after he filmed police arresting him for jaywalking, he asked officers what he was being charged with and his camera was thrown to the ground. Officers said he was obstructing justice, though the video seemed to suggest they were unhappy with his recording the incident, Monday, he plead not guilty to new charges, he filmed a patrol car allegedly speeding and failing to use a turn signal, and then was pulled over for what police say was inattentive driving, he made the film to protect himself, Photography is not a crime. I’m trying to hold people accountable for their actions. the Kansas teen didn’t display particular tact, he told one of the officers. You are a loser. It’s pure harassment, his mother added-Patrick Stewart performs Shakespearean death scene to help Stephen Colbert fight Obamacare-2015 budget will seek $60 billion tax credit by closing ‘Gingrich loophole- Three male teens sexually assault Calif. transgender student in boy’s restroom-Founding fathers would never allow ‘sodomites’ to marry-Palin: Obama wears ‘mom jeans’ while Putin wrestles bears and drills for oil-Catholic school boycotts Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade over ‘gravely immoral’ gay veterans-Greg Proops rips whiny billionaires: Time to sharpen our metaphorical guillotines-Obama using gay NFL prospect Michael Sam to distract from Benghazi- Right wing columnist urges GOP to abandon outreach: ‘Colorblind conservatism’ is futile-Trail Life scouts protest AP photo showing Nazi like gesture rsy/700 Club, Robertson: the Bible does not prohibit first cousins from marrying, but advised prospective first cousin spouses to speak first to a genetic counselor-First Cousins Can Marry As Long As They Avoid Having 'Some Mongoloid Child rightwingwatch-the result of white guilt.. White people are scared to death that all of the things they have done to others will be done to them. It's actually kind of funny when you think about it. Never in a million years would I have predicted that electing a black President would induce this kind of paranoia. fb/Krauthammer Obama 'Is Living in a Fantasy World-Obama Says 'Putin Is Not Fooling Anybody-Kerry in Kiev: 'There's Nothing Strong About What Russia Is Doing-McCain Predicts China Will Follow Putin With 'More Aggressive' Actions-Palin on 'Hannity': 'Putin Doesn't Change His Stripes-O'Reilly on Putin: 'Long Past Time to Deal With This Thug-Anti gay house attempts 50th wingnut bill, on stephanie/
3314/Friday Citigroup discovered at least $400 million in fraudulent loans in its Banamex subsidiary in Mexico and said employees might have been involved in the apparent crime-r-what is more "disrepectful"? Refering to the president as a talking monkey not wearing tie when his listeners are republicans, Move along folks just move along, do not panic folks looks at Urkaine. That is what the media is blaming your problems on. And of course when Urkaine sees peice you can of course jump back in and buy some more, the real crisis Obama has destroyed America Russia no more fabricated war to get Obama off the hook for destriying America than God fabricated snow to get the retailers off the hool for dismall failures. THEY ARE EXPLOITING THESE EVENTS TO COVER THEIR REAL PROBLEMS. If Citi closes below $49 it will trigger a world wide crash, Tomorrow should be the day the Dow fall over a thousand by dogcrap007 yc/heckler Friday, it’s after five o’ clock, so this is officially happy hour with the Democratic party. I can do that as an executive action- Tell us about your plans for nuclear war with Russia!-I’m sorry, who’s that back there? What the heck are you talking about? don’t worry about it. We’re okay. Have a seat. I don’t know anything about that plan, I don’t know what you’ve been reading. See, he thought happy hour started earlier, The problem isn’t how they talk about their policies, it’s their policies! Republicans are patriots; they love this country just like we do. They love their kids, they love their communities, but they just keep on offering a theory of the economy that time and again has failed America. They think we should give more tax breaks to those at the top, and invest less in things like education and research. I’m not making that up. Go on their website. That’s what they think-aibafs/Glick disputed Obama’s claims vigorously. When he talks about a permanent occupation, we speak of a permanent liberation. We are not ‘occupying’ the West Bank of the Jordan. These areas are part of the sovereign territory allocated to the Jewish people by the international community as far back as 1922. They were never granted to anyone else in a legally binding way, More than three quarters of the Jews of Israel believe in incorporating all or parts of the West Bank into Israel on a permanent basis,” she added. “We know the two state peace plan is a lie, We know the PLO wants to destroy Israel more than it wants a Palestinian state. And we know that we will not lose our Jewish majority if we incorporate the West Bank into Israel, He says, beware and we say, ‘Bring it on. We aren’t afraid of you canada freepress-iapb/sean is stupid, rush is confused, on savage/
3214/3.5 million homeless, 18,600,000 vacant homes in the United States. Enough for every homeless person to have six! people in the U.S. are, many of them veterans themindunleashed-weeks ago, some republicans said they admired putin, maybe a few months ago. some american christians actually supported his efforts against the gay community. now they have the nerve to critisize obauma from "caving in to putin". fucking morons!-1000's of young people from over 200 universities handcuffing themselves to the White House gates! Hundreds of arrests, Do we need our children to go to jail so that President Obama & John Kerry will hear them, help protect their futures & make the decision to reject the Keystone XL?-northeast Texas, and one right by Port Arthur. This Tar Sands oil is causing people to be sick. In the port Arthur area more people are already developing cancer. Where are the studies on the damage to the health to the communities?“ If this pipeline is built we will be risking this nation's water supply. Water is already scarce. This pipeline is not worth damage-Uganda Anti Homosexuality bill. Death opposed but life imprisonment just fine, gay person burned alive by anti gay mobfb/Advocates Trying to Save the Planet Prosecuted While the Plunderers Walk Free? BuzzFlash/Koch Says He's Trying "To Save the Country Salon/West Virginians Raise Alarm as Research Links Coal Mining to Cancer, Birth Defects coal mining affects the health of everyone who lives nearby, not just those who work in the mines YesMagazine/Roundup Found in 75% of Air and Rain Samples EcoWatch/ Obama Destroys Heckler-a conservative heckling Obama, nuclear war with Russia, Cruz is that you again?-As we've seen many times before RWNJ's Delusional disorder Paranoids are always the most afraid, Boo!-2016 Favorites: Follow The Money- Koch Oil Bros Walker? Lmao! Even Wisconsin only polls prove Walker is a loser. 1. Jeb Bush 38% vs H. Clinton45 58% 4% Undecided, Walker 42%-Two Women Shot By Accident At Prayer Meeting-Another dumbazz gun owner was planning to put a loaded 12-gauge shotgun away when it fired!-House Continues To Waste Time-GOP's Claim That House Passed 30 Jobs Bills? That's Bull Shlt! In 2010 Keystone began pumping to Cushing, OK's US pipeline intersection to TX

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