Sunday, March 2, 2014

3214/bo, America's Most Famous Hypocrite!

3214/America's Most Famous dick!, World's Most Hated Hypocrite!-Pukes Are Stupid!-FIRST LIBYA, THEN SYRIA, THEN IRAN, & NOW UKRAINE FOX NEWS CLAIMS IS THE REAL TEST OF OBAMAS PRESIDENCY-America now knows the stench has been emanating from Crawford Texas for decades-so romeny would: 1. invade ukraine? 2. launch icbms? 3. go on fox news?-Greenspan Is Just Another Republican Mistake! yhal/ Marissa Mayer's honeymoon period at Yahoo ends-likely because yahoo has become a home of right wing nutjobs and spammers-You have it completely backwards. Lay off the the cool aid. It can cause permanent brain damage-Good thing we can all have opinions because I think Patrick is right. The question is why go for Couric? Why start a news,finance, sports, et al? Then destroy it. She/They contribute heavily to Obama and campaign for liberal causes. That's OK but do something constructive for the investment. Ain't buying them much so far. get back to work- dumb democrats voting for more of the same ol' garbage wrapped in a different suit-Sandberg becomes a billionaire. Yoohoo is dead meat. Has been for years-surprised nobody mentioned the 150 million dollar hiring error she made where she had to fire the person she brought in because he sucked at the job and yahoo lost a 150 million dollar severance package he was guaranteed/
3114/modernfarmer It was a major drug bust with more than 1,600 arrests and the confiscation of 11,000 pounds of a highly addictive substance. No, this wasn’t a DEA raid of a major meth operation. It was the year 1839 and the Chinese government was cracking down on British importation of opium g+/We'll pay for you to go to war, but we won't take care of you when or if you come back. It's a one way ticket.-Canadian government isn't telling the truth about tar sands pollution. Dr. O'Connor takes care of people made sick by the tar sands, and he will tell you the truth fb/The Dark Money Man: How Sean Noble Moved the Kochs’ Cash into Politics and Made Millions ybac/ Predator Banks Enter Brave New World of Epic Scams; Public Hasn’t Got a ClueWall Street watchers concerned about the monopolizing trend among big banks buying spree in which megabanks have been gobbling up physical assets AlterNet/Man on Dog" Santorum Plans 2016 Run on "Save the Unborn, Damn the Living Poor" Platform-Apparently, the boss of the biggest natural gas producer in the country is worried about how fracking related noise and traffic could impact the value of his property-Swiss Banking Giant Helped US 1% Evade Taxes on Billions of Dollars, but Justice Department Hasn't Prosecuted-the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy-Texas Size Hypocrisy: Exxon Mobil CEO Opposes Fracking Related Water Tower Near His Home BuzzFlash/surely one of the most hypocritical examples on record of the attitude known as "NIMBY- Army payroll infiltrated the anti-war activists in Olympia to gather intelligence, shared with police departments, the FBI, Washington. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled the Army and law enforcement agencies can be sued for damages-Obamacare Bad News for the It's Hard to Find Good Help Crowd?-Keystone XL, fracking, coal oriented water disasters, serial poison spills, oil train derailments and the practice of allowing the fossil fuels industry to write its own regulations, it all adds up to a suicide pact-The World Clown Association is, I think, drastically under-reporting its numbers. The planet, by my lights, is swarming with clowns: Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell, Chris Matthews, Chris Christie, Sarah Palin, Bill O'Reilly, Michele Bachmann, Rush Limbaugh, Ted Yoho, Ted Nugent, Sean Hannity, Rand Paul and fa chrissakes Louie Gohmert are all available for recruitment. Measure them for the big floppy feet and stuff them into the clown car. They're already doing the work to/Post Crisis Crackdown at Big Banks, long anticipated rule will require domestic and international banks with assets above $50 billion to hold more capital in case things go bad wb/TomDispatch: The inhabitants of our secret state have been moving in dark and disturbing ways, Documenting Darkness: How a Thug State Operates/LAPD Goes to Israel, Falls in Love With Drones and Mass Surveillance, It's likely that the grant that paid for the trip came from the Department of Homeland Security/New Neocon Push for Syrian War Consortium/I Lost My Dad to Fox News: How a Generation Was Captured by Thrashing Hysteria Salon/Clapper is often the guy who has to call newspaper editors to tell them not to print stories that they usually publish anyway, This process of pre publication notice to the government of NSA stories has been wildly misreported in some places. I’ve long expressed contempt for this process where it results in the suppression of information that should be public; where it essentially elevates U.S. officials into publication partners by engaging in protracted negotiations with them over what can and cannot be published; and especially where it means news organizations knowingly allow government officials to lie by withholding the actual facts, Rand Paul, the libertarian Republican from Kentucky, said if Snowden was to face justice, he should “share a jail cell with James Clapper” for lying to Congress, Paul says I should get to know [Snowden] by being in the same prison cell with him, which I don’t think is a good idea,” Clapper told The Daily Beast last week. “Probably wouldn’t be in Mr. Snowden’s best interest-more revealing of the nefarious deeds committed in the name of “we the people” by the sociopaths in charge. Clapper should be indicted for his clearly felonious actions, including lying to Congress many times over, and then after he is convicted, he should be locked up in one of those Military Prisons, he is so fond of putting others in-As a psychotherapist, I have come to understand that many in our government are not only pathological liars, but are functioning sociopaths. In our general population one in ten are functioning sociopaths, however, numbers are higher in government, because functioning sociopaths are attracted to high lever careers. They will say and do anything to get their way with total disregard for whomever or whatever gets in their way-They show no understanding why people might be upset about what they are engaging in and certainly show very little compassion or mercy for anybody, They are willing to slander people and claim they are nuts and have no standing to state the obvious and they throw around claims of people being traitors-firstlook/Why Are Starfish Melting? EcoWatch/HAZING WAS BRUTAL, Archaeologists have mapped an ancient gladiator school, where the famed warriors lived, trained, and fought nationalgeographic/ Sixth: JPMorgan Exec Jumps RSy
22814/ walker recall, on bill press/
22714/Alberta doctor tells U.S. Senators that the oil sands pollution is behind a huge spike in cancer rates, that is 400 times the normal rate in one community vo/The End of Humanity. Category 7 Fukushima disaster keeps rising. 3 more continuing meltdowns may still make it worse-$3B USS Reagan suit is nothing to worry about, 70+ USS Reagan & other soldiers cancers More US sailors claim cancer from helping at Fukushima. Here's FNC trying to deal-ukushima melted 3 reactors & a spent fuel Plutonium BREEDER reactor! Your whitewash reads like Tepco's bankruptcy statement; 'everything is just fine except our wiped out shareholders-jan brewer veto-there are the constant harangues against FOX News when all they do is report the truth. Everytime I hear a news report on FOX that sounds impossible it turns out to be the absolute truth and the LWNJs are already on this board calling them liars. No one on the Left has any right to call foul for anything- Teabaggers were more fun when they were opposing Sharia Law instead of trying to implement it-wt intolerant left, The left’s intimidation campaign shows no respect for our First Amendment right to free speech, or for the rights of all Americans. They want to gag anyone who rises in the public square to speak against sexual immorality (or even to criticize liberal fiscal policy). Whether it’s reciting biblical injunctions against homosexual behavior or encouraging parents to teach their children traditional moral views, or arguing the morality of record spending deficits, it’s all got to go, -Denying people rights, services, or opportunity is not religious freedom-When a state government feels free to pass legislation which clearly sanctions discrimination it is obvious that the legislators are confident that class lines are well enough established there and the poor and minority populations are too despondent to complain. The country club gays wouldn't have been affected and likely share the same class superiority status as straights-wt a full court press to impose gay marriage on America. Proponents of gay marriage have been masterful in their presentation. To the artsy, left wing types, they have marketed gay marriage as the right to marry anyone you love. To the libertarians, they have marketed it as getting the government out of the marriage business. To the uninformed, ignorant or those who watch Sister Wives, it has been pitched as tolerance, it is none of those things. It is an all out assault on liberty-This bill would not give the NFL the right to ban gay people from playing because that would not be a substantial burden on their religious beliefs. This bill did not allow business owners the right to deny service to interracial couples, graven image makers, seafood lovers, witches, psychics, and Newt Gingrich, This bill, as the authors made perfectly clear, was meant to amend the current law to make it even harder to someone to do that and still protect our constitutionally guaranteed right to freely exercise our religion-designed to prevent someone from being sued because they refused to participate by photographing a gay marriage. The fact that right now one can be sued for such a thing, and lose, is a clear violation of our civil rights-The business did not have its rights violated, Businesses that choose to be public accommodations, hundreds of years old. It goes back to English common law and has been part of American law since the dawn of the Republic, like the wedding photographer) must comply with the law-Not forcing someone to violate their religious beliefs is not discrimination, this isn't about protected classes-Maybe the Fundamentalists have painted themselves into a corner by using their busninesses to parade their self righteous condemnation at a group who currently carry a great deal of the public's sentiment behind them. It's a battle for the right to say I TOLD YOU SO. Kinda like this forum aibafs/Christie aides joked about creating traffic jam in front of rabbi’s house; 'Bridgegate' 911 calls released fnig+/Somebody should ask for a DNA test. Jeffrey Nugent said "My advice to him over the years has been 'Please, tone it down.'" And that was just during family Thanksgiving! I’m sure that if Ted didn't the gravy boat fast enough, somebody was going to get called a Nazi-when someone already has everything, wanting more doesn't make them needy. The 1 percent are the most wanty among us-Arizona lawmakers’re having the opposite of a "come to Jesus moment." Maybe what they’re having is a "come to what Jesus actually taught moment-thinks that the NFL has become a "gigantic propaganda opportunity for the left to advance their agenda-Wow. And here I thought it was just a gigantic propaganda opportunity for Budweiser to advance its agenda. The last time Rush Limbaugh talked about the NFL, he got fired-rr

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