Friday, January 3, 2014

1314/Support Israel

1314/How is "Support Israel" a hate mongering? Or "Defeat jihad, granted that jihad is, by all practical purpose, the Muslim terror against humanity?-The ad just shows you how many Jews today are raised to hate, instructed to hate, from childhood iapb/ False Debate, Janeane Garafalo, a well known hater of all things right wing and Republican is now calling the Tea Party protestors ‘functionally retarded, adds that anyone of these functional retards that shows up at a rally or Town Hall meeting and shouts, “I want my country back” is just speaking in code. What they really mean is, “I want my white guy back”- presumably because they can’t handle the reality of dealing with a black president, It would be comforting to think she is alone in her mind reading quackery but it turns out to be a crowded field unitedliberty aibafs/
1214/Of course he is he's a antisemite odd how you almost never see any colleagues call him out for his blatant antisemitism, joo haters abound, one on this board who has used biblical references to show why the joo is doomed, hard to believe but it's true, a plan to deal with the current situation in the "holy" land, Israel is to annihilate the mooslim fundies who lob rockets into Israel just like we would do if the Mexicans or Canadians fired rockets into the US, even if they need to be dragged by their prayer shawls, Shalom, pietro-the jig is up, everyone knows everything, no secrets ergo truff-just the tip of the iceberg, we really don't know very much. That's because the "most transparent administration in history" is actually the most secretive in history and what they do tell us is almost always a LIE. Criminals are like cockroaches, they run from any bright light shining on them. The only thing we do know for sure is that everything government does is for the benefit of those who control it (the .001%) at the cost of everyone else, We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. We must remember always that accusation is not proof and that conviction depends upon evidence and due process of law Edward R. Murrow-Sure, let's jail and maybe even execute whistle blowers who expose criminal acts by the US government. We wouldn't want to be informed about that and need to make sure that everyone sees the example made for those who do expose the criminals. I guess you'd rather everyone remain ignorant (including yourself) in order to help protect the real criminals. Sure, and let's let anyone and everyone who has sworn an oath and been granted a top secret security clearance free reign to disclose whatever information THEY feel is important to America's enemies!-SHANGHAI r savage little country Wal Mart Stores Inc, the world's largest retailer, has recalled donkey meat sold at some outlets in China after tests showed the product contained the DNA of other animals, will reimburse customers who bought the tainted "Five Spice" donkey meat and is helping local food and industry agencies in eastern Shandong province investigate its Chinese supplier, it said late on Wednesday in official posts on China's Twitter-like Weibo. The Shandong Food and Drug Administration earlier said the product contained fox meat scandal could dent Wal-Mart's reputation for quality in China's $1 trillion food and grocery market where it plans to open 110 new stores in the next few years. China is the largest grocery market in the world and is set to grow to $1.5 trillion by 2016, according to the Institute of Grocery Distribution,, meaning wealthy shoppers will start to lose the trust they had before aibafs/ aca says 2.1 million have enrolled in private health coverage, 3.9 million Medicaid, 3 million on parents' insurance plans, Twenty five states declined. That leaves 4.8 million people in those states without the health care coverage that their peers elsewhere are getting through the expansion of Medicaid-Denver Airport installed new signs warning visitors their weed can't legally go home with them yhal/So legal weed turns out to be MORE expensive than the good old contraband stuff? ROTFLMAO those UMass econ majors were always full of theories but never could do the math. Thank goodness the Law Of Unintended Consequences is still hard at work. Although the boutiques are charging (and apparently getting) upwards of $400 an ounce for their TAXED offerings, the price of untaxed Colorado boo has fallen from around $300 an ounce to a bit over $100. This steep price differential will probably amount to destructive testing of your average Rocky Mountain hippie's patriotism. However, these numbers also suggest that implementation of the Affordable Care Act will drive Dr. Nick to lower his rates. As long as he maintains his current quality of care, though, how can anyone say it's a bad thing?-Me and my #$%$ butt buddy is gonna dye our hair orange and take our AR 15s to the movies! We is gonna have us one helleva Tea Party, When I ain't plannin' mass shootin's, I loves to post whatever Rush sez on message boards Rush is my hero. So is Tim McVeigh- Right Wingnuts MUST be Executed for DESTROYING Obamacare-Socialism is just the boogie man of the radical conservatives and Tea Party crazies-Why execute them? That is so 19th century. Just beat them on ideas or join them if your ideas are not working-People have to be really stupid to believe that you are a liberal. You are just another fanatical right wing extremist who believes that violence is the answer to everything. Anyway, ObamaCare has not and will not be destroyed by anyone. Go whimper somewhere else, you conservative turkey! ybac/Pavlich reacted to the situation on Fox and Friends this morning, arguing that ATF has a very "loose" definition of what it means to take responsibility, Eric Holder admits that we're going to see more murders be linked to Fast and Furious weapons, with some 1,400 of them still out there fni/pothead jokes a plenty, on sushie runs stephanie/
1114/fox-new-years-interview awkward suck dynasty stars fizzle-Hasselbeck is proof positive that you don't need intelligence on Fox...just good gag reflexes-Hemmer and hasselbeck. Of course, with a mouthful of Duck Dynasty Dyck in their throat, I guess they did ok rawstory/The relationship between blacks and Jews has been portrayed in film, stand- up comedy and in books such as Jews and Blacks, the Color of Water and Black, White and Jewish, to name a few. Now, new scientific research shows that African Americans and Jewish people have more in common than a history of oppression. According to the research, Jews across the board-the Ashkenazim from northern Europe, the Sephardim from Italy, Turkey and Greece, and the Mizrahim from Syria, Iraq and Iran, have between 3 to 5 percent of sub Saharan African ancestry. DNA markers across the entire genomes of people from seven diverse Jewish populations, compared the genetic data with DNA from 15 sub Saharan African populations, the Bible mentions that Moses married a woman, who like Queen Sheba, also hailed from Ethiopia, Jews and blacks may not have just come into contact between 950 B.C.E. and 600 B.C.E., but also during the Hellenistic period 320 to 30 B.C.E when Jews lived along the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea and plausibly encountered Africans to the south. The finding that Jews have African ancestry is not only significant because it further connects two minority groups who've overcome long periods of oppression but also because it indicates that the Jewish people do indeed share a common heritage. Priya Moorjani, a Harvard doctoral student who led the research, told Forward she was "surprised that the degree of African DNA was so consistent across the various Jewish populations-ybac/Liar Obama Promised To Cut The Deficit In Half AND now we Know he lied-The boy is nothing short of a pathological liar. If you read what he has said over the last 20 years, you can see this very clearly. The most astounding thing about this is, he does it smiling. You know... bend over, it is coming-Looked Like a Few of the Big Boys on WS already celebrating a stellar year for C. Happy New Year Gals and Guys-How is OBOBO going to CUT something he can not spell. First of all, BOBO has ZERO knowledge or experience in the Business world. Deficit is an alien word for BOBOBAMA yc/GOP continues to surprise in just how pathetic it really is yhal/Starting on Wednesday, health insurance companies can't turn away anyone because of their medical histories or pre-existing conditions. Prices can't be higher for people with chronic ailments, or for women, and older individuals can't be charged more than three times what younger customers pay. Basic benefits like hospitalizations, prescription drugs and mental health care must be covered. Annual and lifetime limits to essential coverage are gone. And nearly everyone must obtain health coverage or face a tax penalty under the law's individual mandate. More than 2.1 million Americans have enrolled in private health insurance plans using the health insurance exchange marketplaces through Dec. 28 hp/Former General Calls For Citizen's Arrest Of Obama, Only a few dozen showed up with Palin, Cruz, Rubio, Lee & Rand Paul outside the White House gates to wave their Dixie swastika while still reeling from Romney's slapdown alan/Actually, black ppl don't support anyone going around punching innocent ppl in the says alot that most white ppl automatically assume we support them, On the other hand, it seems most whites have no issues supporting cops who shoot innocent long as the innocent victim is black, personally think the ANIMALS are the ones shooting up schools, serial killers, cannibalistic kidnappers, blowing up buildings, that sort of stuff, the ones the white devilish monkeys love to partake in-Palin and the Duck Dynasty 'clan bringing in the New Year on Fox News, celebrating the values of hate that bring them together-bad news for Rick Scott's wife who owns the company that makes the drug testing kits, Scott’s Welfare Drug Testing Law Struck Down By Federal Judge! fb/no April fools’ joke when Israel brought it to the world’s attention that Syria was using chemical weapons against its own people. However it was more convenient to brush off Israel as a word windbag than to deal with the Etch-a-Sketch red line. Plus, President Bashir Assad really cleared things up with his words: "We have not said that we possess chemical weapons, nor have we said that we do not possess them, Putin “saved” the day with a bear hug and arranged a little Troika between Obama, Assad and himself. And only now, mid December 2013, after approximately 100,000 people have died since the onset of the Syrian civil war, a United Nations report concludes that Syria used chemical weapons against its own people. Bravo, UN, Bravo!-Why no disrepect to Mandela?-inn/gives me goosebumps just thinking about it, I bet Obama will try to ram through gun control, if the republicans retain the house and take the Senate, Obamacare has already made him a lame duck he will be really screwed if that and it's not that Republicans are any better it's just someone needs to keep this dictator in check, Republicans will pass budgets and spending caps increases that will defund Obamacare and the Adolf Obama will veto it then the Republicans can call him an obstructionist and tell the democrats "if they won elections-Adolf Obama knows he can't take people's guns without an armed revolt but he's going to try to pass bans and regulations that will make hard to get ammo and guns, Also Adolf Obama doesn't mind violating people's constitutional rights-aibafs/Obama To Give PA $440 Million in 2014, US financial aid designated for the Palestinian Authority (PA) is set to grow considerably in 2014 to $440 million, up from $426 million in 2013, The PA recently declared the talks have failed, and threatened diplomatic action against Israel, most of the US aid will be used for building and development projects, adding that $70 million will be directly transferred to the PA Finance Ministry. PA gave at least $50,000 as a grant to each terrorist released in "gestures" to the peace talks. The released terrorists were also given monthly salaries ranging from 10,000 shekels ($2,800) to 14,000 shekels ($4,000). Additionally, a former PLO official recently acknowledged PA support for the Nazis during World War II inn iapb/
123113/a disappointing year for President Obama and the Democrats. One would think that a year that featured a medley of Republican self-inflicted wounds culminating in the pointless government shutdown would end bgk/Issa Attacks New York Times Report-thief Issa's covering up for his Terrorist pals! Where's Darrell's alibi regarding his involvement with the California producer of the video that killed many around the world?-molester Phil Robertson began dating "Miss Kay" when she was only 14 and he was 18! Their shotgun wedding was because Alan Merritt Robertson was about to be born-Cruz To Renounce His Canadian Citizenship- Cruz eye shadow. He refuses to go anywhere without his makeup applique hiding his Cubanique features alan/Caught on Camera: The Five Most Unbelievable Videos of 2013-EMT Punished for Breaking the Rules to Save a Sick Child?-Costly ObamaCare Mandate Sticks Its Hand in the Vending Machine Business- King: New York Times Report on Benghazi Is 'Entirely Misleading-Twin Terror Attacks in Russia Raise Safety Concerns Ahead of Winter Olympics- ABC Grills Cruz on Government Shutdown, Cruz Stands Firm-Plus Sized Barbie Sparks Debate: Does the Image Promote Obesity? fni/Inside Info: Alaska Air’s Been Fuked! Cancellations Due To Fukushima Radiation, hundreds of Alaska Air flight attendants were struck with mysterious illnesses causing them to lose their hair and sustain unusual rashes, each of those symptoms being signs of radiation poisoning Rather Than The Flu? Will Be 10 Times Bigger than All previous beforeitsnews/ FUKUSHIMA RADIATION DETECTED ON BEACH, SAN FRANCISCO, CA FREEDOM FIGHTERS FOR AMERICA FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM AND LIBERTY TO THE NON BELIEVERS DAMAGE fffa/The Catholic conservative Ryan lectures the pope, who insists he cares about the poor says Pope Francis doesn’t understand capitalism tw/why US Marines are being deployed to South Sudan: armed rebels were said to be in control days earlier of some of South Sudan's oil fields, which have historically been a target for rebel movements, 'endangering' the country's economic lifeblood, production has fallen by 45,000 barrels per day to 200,000 bpd after oil fields in Unity state were shut down due to fighting clg/security barrier was built by Israel following the outbreak of the horrific terror war known as “the Second Intifada,” which killed 1,178 Israelis in 2000 2009, 70% of them civilians, in over 20,000 attacks that included 144 suicide bombings inn-airo speech, the first American president raised in a Muslim land came to offer a bold promise: "I have come here to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world; one based upon mutual interest and mutual respect." Four and a half years later, Arab leaders like al Ibrahim say that "mutual interest" is sundered and "mutual respect squandered, Exit question: When you stab both the Israelis and the world's wealthiest Arabs in the back, what happens next? saudis lament been stabbed in back by obama/ foxnews- iapb/

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