Tuesday, December 31, 2013

123113/The problem in America

123113/The problem in America is that we have to many #$%$-f you get rid of rednecks, who ever will smoke all the meth? What about other undeserving parasitic libs who want too much disclosure, like this ahole "kooper" who attempts to Post here. Who would you want covering your azz in a firefight, some lib fa66ott or a #$%$". We will always take the #$%$. Tough and reliable, unlike the blacks who refused to leave their barracks in some areas of Nam. All they did was smoke crack, use "h" and call it, "the White man's war". Fact. Some of these pieces of squat did get the GI Bill subsequent, taking the benefits fro the deceased. Ask anyone who was in command there, including senior NCO's. bAC is way too slow in PPS appreciation. Plenty of cash, but too often shorted for pennies every day ybac/The Four Freedoms: 75 Years of Liberal Betrayal, the second half of the 2000s liberals did a fine job of blaming Bush for everything that went wrong in the US. His "neo-con" supporters, they asserted, were just as bad. Now that President Obama and his signature legislation are a twin disaster the same opportunity beckons for conservatives. It's not just Obama, it's the whole liberal project that created this mess. So the road to 2016 involves discrediting Obama, fdr freedoms were: Speech, Worship, from Want, from Fear-Go for it dingelberry. Remove Social Security and Medicare and end unemployment assistance and food stamps, destroy all the Unions and undermine the nations teachers. This be very popular and I am sure you will win many elections with this agenda- a victim of the knockout game no wonder his posts are so "punchy-Will The Ayatollah Phil Robertson Include Readings From The Kloran Next Season?- Please Dear god Make Every Puke A Victim Of A Knockout Game!, Shut These Ignorant Demented White Supremacist Filth Up!-If that happens expect 1000s of more Trayvons, to give the people the ability to defend themselves when the police are overwhelmed-Why are you so frightened Willie?-Tree Huggers Stranded In 10' Of Ice, the 6th lowest ice level ever recorded in the arctic despite the rebound from RECORD LOWS recorded last year. Season to season variability is the nature of climate stupid. It does not alter the trend. 2013 was the 4th warmest year ever recorded on planet earth. Learn to shut up when you are stupid Fundamentally Changing America, with Lies If you like your current insurance plan, you can keep it yhal/ Sandy Hook Police Report Contains No Evidence That Mass Shooting Took Place And Strengthens Notion That Event Was A Fabricated Hoax-Putin out witted the schw*artza in the White House (who wanted to bomb Syria into the stone age) by having Assad agree to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons. Due to Putin out-maneuvering the moron in the White House he has become the ipso facto leader of the free world. SO WHAT IF THE JE*WS despise, trash, and demonize Putin? (They actually fear him.) Putin’s got the better of them and foils them at every turn. And now with the Jews destroying the Western World with their homosexual agenda, only Putin is defending conservative traditions and speaking out for Christian values. Finally, there’s a leader in this world who’s dealing a death blow to international Je*wry. God Bless…God Guide…God Protect…Vladimir Putin! -U DONT C CONNECTION? yc/
123013/Why Is Socialism Doing So Darn Well in Deep-Red North Dakota? North Dakota's thriving state bank makes a mockery of Wall Street's casino banking system's, why financial elites want to crush it-After Proffiting $1 Billion From Madoff Scheme-occupywallstreet/JP Morgan Refuses to Cooperate With Investigation occupydemocrats/Official documents obtained by Newsweek show that the Justice Department denied a request for enforcement of a subpoena, presented by federal banking regulators. The subpoena was meant to force JP Morgan Chase to disclose information conservatives full blown freakout spending christmas with troops not at church-Conservatives in Full-Blown Freak Out Mode Over Obama Spending Christmas with Troops, Not at Church aattp.-fb/ Why bother to respond to a racist "knee grow". They mostly all have only contempt for Whites in their animal blood. Just read Michelle Obama's "paper" at the Princeton Review, comic relief however, so maybe have fun with it. After all, if it were not for the blacks there would have been no "Bojangles". LOL. BTW;..they also caused the Civil war. Anyone who doubts this needs only to read ,Davis's," What Everyone Needs To Know About The Civil War-their experience in 2014 is poor, we might see a second round of rate shock. Only this time, it won’t have been caused by Obamacare’s costly changes to the design of the insurance plan, but by the fact that the law incentivized healthy people to drop out of the market. It’s good news that the administration has improved the ability of Americans to sign up for coverage on Healthcare.gov. But if you ever want to know the real story with Obocare, you have to pay attention to what the administration isn’t telling you-Cancelled my NY Times Subscription, over ludicrous Benghazi story, Hope everyone else does...It is a gov't sponsored propaganda arm like Pravda and Izvestia in Russia- truth is offensive to republicans, because it usually doesn't treat them very favorably. That is why they created the myth of the "liberal media-simply incredible how ignorant you libs are. There is no use in trying to educate your "ilk, BTW: We know a lawyer who works at Firm that reps The NYT. He LOL at this as He admits having to defend lib bias there-everyone on the ground" LOL. Too funny when republican chicken hawks try to talk all military. In reality, you got thousands of American troops killed FOR NOTHING. ybac/Pukes approach to alleviating economic hard ship by cutting food stamps and unemployment benefits, doesn't make much sense. And there approach to cutting the deficit without any revenue doesn't seem logical either. And their constant harping on settled social issues is just ridiculous, what is it they are offering America besides a few throw backs to the 19th Century?-You know why none of their ideas make sense? It's simple. They're all based on emotion and not experience or logic. That emotion is usual quite basic. Since hatred comes easy, it is perhaps easiest to hate those who can least resist. But, instead of thinking of the economy in a logical, mathematical, strategic way, they just think how much they hate those poor people and how they wish they didn't exist, Then they get up on Sunday mornings go to church and go around calling themselves Christians, Yes, indeed, it would be funny, were it not so tragic-Wait just a minute, tard. Either your Messiah has saved us and we don't need anymore help or it's a phacking mess. Which is it?-Our economy, our nation is an ongoing operation- Its high time the TRUTH was simply stated, even though is obvious, But liberals, you know-Whoa!!! Someone's been smoking their own dope, I'd say. Next think you'll be telling me to "say hello to your little friend/yhal/It could be argued that certainly most of the royal Arabian families do have Jewish ancestry as there was a sizable Jewish population living in the peninsula prior to the Mohommedan conquests. Most all were forced to convert to Islam or face certain death. Many of these Jewish families were wealthy merchants who had intimate ties to Byzantium, Kazaria and the very lucrative Silk Routes to the Orient.The royal Arabian families/clans had much to gain from inter-marrying with these Jewish families. Pope Leo was actually A Byzantine Jewish Pope whose family came from Kazaria and had many financial dealings with Arabia, Saudi Family members know perfectly well the Muslims all over the world have already known their real Jewish Origin. Muslims have now known all their bloody past, which was, and still is stuck in the same mire of Brutal Despotism and Atrocity. Presently, they exert their utmost efforts to conceal their Jewish Origin by covering themselves with the cloak of the Islamic Religion, so as to try to keep their real Jewish Ancestry hidden in the dark by connecting their family tree with the Holy Prophet Muhammad-King Faisal Al-Saud at that time could not deny his family’s kindred with the Je*ws We, The Saudi family, are cousins of the Jews: we entirely disagree with any Arab or Muslem Authority which shows any antagonism to the Je*ws; but we must live together with them in peace wt 1969-yc/ Budget Again Favors the Right Wing, as Pentagon Benefits While People Suffer-relationship between racism and gun ownership has been as old as the Republic in America. FOX News keeps providing ammunition to those arming themselves against "the other-Budweiser Buys Naming Rights to Christmas as Drones Hover Over Creche -Santa Claus Acquired by Koch Brothers in Hostile Takeover, Sleigh Runs on Tar Sands Oil- Holder Is Protecting JPMorgan Chase NYC From Criminal Investigation-Solar Energy Halted by Hawaii Utility Because Sun Produces Too Much Power!- BuzzFlash/ GOP Rep. Cites "Pluralism" to Push "Save Christmas" Bill That Excludes All Other Religions Raw Story/Dirtiest Oil: Why In Situ Bitumen Extraction Is Dangerous for Canada, the World-gnored by mainstream media and in the midst of protests of inaction, our leaders meeting in Warsaw have ensured that, at a time of colossal urgency. will be at least one more year before the world stands together at the UN Climate Change conference to possibly do something about the Earth's greatest threat to date.-Truthout/ Disgraced Former Members of Bush Justice Department Challenge Order Denying 'True the Vote' Intervention in Texas Photo ID Case- BradBlog/When the Right to Bear Arms Includes the Mentally Ill-Government Buys $1.5 Billion of Clothes Possibly Made in Exploitative Factories Abroad nyt/Electronic Intifada: Activists have launched a new campaign to challenge Israeli laws which prevent many Palestinians from marrying each other. Launched in March this year, the campaign is called "Love in a Time of Apartheid/Krugman The Fear Economy/Judge Grants Injunction in Oklahoma Birth Control Lawsuit tpm/How to Beat GOP on Inequality: Key Reforms That Don't Involve Congress Salon/Feinstein to Obama: Move Without Congress on GMOs TheHill/Chauffeurs to the Political Establishment Say They've Been Taken for a Ride hp/Jesus was a Palestinian Par for the course-Mayor of Ramallah: “Because ‘Jesus the Palestinian’s’ burial place is in Jerusalem, this proves ‘Palestinians’ have been the rightful owners of the land for thousands of years, I wonder if he is aware that Jesus was born a Jew and he was still a Jew when he died and was buried in the Israeli capital of Jerusalem?-a refugee, born in Palestine. Almost could say he was a Palestinian refugee-Jesus was a Semite, as were most Jews of his day, and Arabs, and Palestinians, and Muhammedans. Semites are Caucasians, the WHITE race. Therefore, Jesus was white. rbh/ PHOENIX (AP, Secret Service: Robbery suspect arrested in 2010, linked to a three state bank robbery spree, the killing of one Mississippi police officer and the wounding of another was arrested in 2010 after being accused of making online threats against the president-Happy New Year? Not so fast, if you're in Israel, where the somber, soul-searching and autumnal new year of the lunar Jewish calendar overshadows the Gregorian's Jan. 1./Reuters) - One third of Americans reject the idea of evolution and Republicans have grown more skeptical about it, Sixty percent of Americans say that "humans and other living things have evolved over time/md goes green, on stephanie/
122913/White Man Charged With Hate Crime For Assaulting Elderly Black Man In Knockout Game-hate criminal incriminated himself to law enforcement as a self confessed criminal racist. He's now eligible for life in prison or the death penalty via "filming himself-conversation Anti-Obamacare Ads Not Telling The Truth-Koch's TP AFP zombies still can't find anyone injured by the ACA eliminating preexisting exclusions, lifetime care caps, or adding HC portability-Reid's reinstating 51 votes to confirm Presidential appointees is a major breakthrough clearing 5 years of GOP obstructionism. As opposed to Boehner's manufactured crisis de jour- alan/ Chomsky said. no longer a functioning democracy, we’re really a plutocracy, two major dark shadows that hover over everything, one is the continuing threat of nuclear war that has not ended, another is the crisis of ecological, environmental catastrophe, which is serious, getting more serious-Arab nations see the US & Israel as the worlds gravest threats to peace, NOT IRAN- whatever fits their agenda is considered news. what's with you haters?, so eager to believe in the worst, half truths, mis truths and untruths, too lazy to look, too intellectually dishonest to investigate- Are you SICK of BIG Government??? Well, PERFECT place to start paring back, Corporate welfare, For Profit Prisons, Excess Military Spending-Wine is strong. The emperor is stronger, Women are the strongest, above all things, truth bears the victory Zerubabbel rbh/American Abducted By Al Qaeda Makes Plea to Obama-Snowden Says 'Mission Accomplished-fni/Those nations that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it's tragedies Aristotle-Make up a Marxist slogan and everything will be OK-Who Picked Up The Tab For The Illegal Immigrants In 1989?-Filth! For The First Time In 50yrs. We've Seen A Net Immigration Rate Of Zero!, 1,300,000 Came & 1,300,000 Left! yhal/ McCarthy's Communist witch hunt of the 1950s had fear become so palpable in the land of the free and the home of the brave, some Americans are not so frightened of our enemies as Rumsfeld that they would trade liberty for safety, economytech figure of-the-yearlet's thank Edward Snowden for moving that debate into the public arena usat-Feels sorry for illegals or you're racist, feel sorry for the poor or you're greedy-rushing to his defense. Stupid is as stupid does, as you two Ph. D.s prove over and over, jobless taker on the board says "As long as there are more takers than makers-They believed the same BS you did. Are you still a believer?

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