Thursday, November 14, 2013

111413/bo want's your guns

111413/calls our insurance "garbage" but he has no idea what coverge we have or what he considers garbage. just an unpaid mouth piece making excuses for the failed Obozocare scam, coverage mamograms and pap smears for men by fdr banged his cousins-you have poor white trash red state insurance! yhal/ IMO, the good doctor is just a fuckin' troll who sullies the board with juvenile attacks devoid of wit or content. And he's the worst kind. The kind who changes his alias every few days so we can't be done with him. I don't know the history, and I don't care, the present speaks for itself-he is a troll but why is he picking on that particular poster? They have a long history together and the lack of wit and content is two way IMO- They don't come more progressive than Jesus. All that helping the poor stuff and turning over the money changing tables (the only time he revealed some true heated anger, And the GOP? Ayn (Paul) Ryan and GOP want to crush the poor with 40 billion in cuts for food for needy hungry poor children and elderly and crippled. And the GOP wants to give unregulated free reign to wallstreet to yet again give all the money to the 1%, not tax them, and let them blow up the economy again as "money changers" always do. Yup, the GOP is proof satan is at work here on earth, throw in a little bigotry for good measure-rbg/the negative PERCEPTION surrounding ObomneyCare is what it is Because of the influence from millions of dollars worth of advertising and content LIES told about it by the detractors, the conservative media like FOX and pathetic political enemies of progress like the Republicans... LYING TO, deceiving people in order to try and achieve their long standing goal of repealing the ACA even after THE AMERICAN PEOPLE voted for it in the last election and elected Obama a SECOND TIME with that as the major issue, EVEN THOUGH the Supreme court upheld it's constitutionality, EVEN THOUGH RePOS voted over 40 times to try and kill it, it is nothing more than that, deceit and lies from the right wing that have scared people and confused them with lies, Consider for instance the concept put forth by the republicans trying to talk young people out of purchasing medical insurance, instead, they promote issues, Don't buy Medical Insurance, BUY GUNS INSTEAD, that typifies the message sent by the Republican Party of the unUS of A to the people of this nation rbh/ stepanie esplodes/bohner sez whitehouse has no credibility, l&m to layoff 40k, on wkok/bernie emerges from prison, on geraldo
111313/Who would want to keep their JUNK INSURANCE anyway? even with low premiums it isn't worth it, One big medical procedure and you are done, you plan won't do much to help you-We're supposed to take Obozos word for it. Besides what if you liked your "junk insurance?" Why did the states certify "junk insurance " in the first place? You've been asked a dozen times but you never answer-what if you liked eating paint chips? should the government leave you alone on that?-What would you know? You've never owned a health insurance policy-non sequitur noted- yhal/Garbage Trucks Waking Up Zionists Brooklynites who prize their early morning sleep, have claimed 'Noise persecution',. Now they are forbidden in the Jewish neighborhood between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. Zionist Flunky Letitia James said she discussed it, but the rescheduling won't change, Blacks Get The loud garbage trucks. Obviously the route change costs tens of thousands route change forces the trucks to roar through the black neighborhoods, as early as 6 a.m. ygs/ elderly gop whining in a feminine way about obamacare, the law of the land and will be fore decades and decades to come-When Barry leave office he'll get a lot of offers from big companies to run their business-Democratic agenda: Help me help you, Republican agenda: Help me "eff" you. Gee I wonder who more people will vote for?, anything more hilarious than Republicans who have been lying about ACA for FOUR years complaining that someone else might have lied about ACA? Death panels. Boo!, Key Factor in Virginia. two things about the just concluded bitter campaign: that the federal government shutdown was a critical factor in Cuccinelli's defeat, and that political fact checking has become so prevalent it is in danger of become irrelevant USAt, Elijah Cummings, Nobody in this room, nobody in this country, believes Republicans want to fix the website', O'Keefe, Need we say more? Fake, doctored nonsense. Moving on, The right always seems to finds a way to kick the poor and make people's lives worse....PERHAPS that is a big part of the reason the Republican party's appeal continues to shrink, 77% of undecided voters give him a negative job performance rating. When asked if they want to replace or reelect McConnell, 43% of respondents want to replace him and just 27% want to reelect him. McConnell’s favorability is drowning in the negative (52%-42%), and 68% of Kentucky voters gave him a negative job performance rating-Colbert on 60 Minutes and Benghazi-Fox News has been working this story for a year, having definitively proven that tragedy something, Hillary Clinton-White Trash Will Be Bringing Up Kosovo Soon!, (What think tank hired Junior Bush?) George W. Bush Institute, a public policy think tank, has been active and growing since Nov 2009-Biggest irony of all? when that slimy pos clinton calls you out for being a liar its all over-marijuana use typically precedes the initiation of other illicit drug use, it is indeed a “gateway” drug. by anidiot like me-w hasn't been in office for almost 5 years, oblunder campaigned "tax the rich" it hasn't happened, was jfk an idiot pushing for a tax cut in 63 before oswald shot him? Bottom line is the workign class is burdened with more cost of the parasitic gvt- yhal/How about Texas withholds its oil for itself and other red states. Embargo the leftard states and make them start drilling, do it now.-DemocRATS leaving the sinking ship in hordes. Listen to their squeaks. Hear their little claws scrape along the deck, just a month ago when the leftards were gloating about how BOBO had "won" the big shutdown battle, while we, knowing what was coming, laughed. Bobo is now the tird in the punchbowl-USAA INSURANCE, MY OPINION Worst insurance company in the history of the world. my daughter was almost killed and is permanently disabled. robles and usaa gave her 2k and the lawyers 47k on a 500k policy. then they wouldn't talk to me. robles and disgraceful co. Should be fired and elitest generals and admirals on the board that take all the members money and give nothing, You pay for the generals and admirals at top to live like millionaires-Sorry, but your story does not have the ring of truth to it. If an insurance company welshes on a valid claim, there plenty of plaintiff's lawyers who would be eager to sue on behalf of the insured. You should be out hiring one instead of ranting about it on the Citi message board-LAWYERS are worthless and insurance companies ALWAYS look out for themselves. It's just a FACT OF LIFE-all companies are out to make money. If they don't make money they go out of business-Do you grow your own food? Make your own clothes? Build your own home, make your own cars, computers, TV sets, kitchen appliances? If not, you are buying all those things from companies that are "out to make money-get a clue Bozo! When AIG was in RUINS, they called out of his retirement in Schweitzerland a guy named Ariel Ben Moshe. Moshe was paid $80mm to glue the AIG back into something that resembles nothing more than a pyramid scheme. Moshe was the ONLY guy on the planet who visualize the interlocking tendrils of Frankenstein's Mega Monster! Hint: They COLLECT, They do not PAY!-what all insurance companies do. They should all be outlawed. Obamacare just helps them out-not all insurance companies "do" such things. Assuming this guy's story is true, which I doubt. I have been with Liberty Mutual for more than 40 years for auto and HO coverage and never had a problem on a claim. Always prompt service and always fair payments-Zionists Live By Their Self Made Mystique, peppered the Bible with fables of Abraham, lost tribes, Solomon's Temple, Masada, Samson, etc. Now, move to the Twentieth Century and 21st Century, and you have the Freuds, Einsteins, Chess Champions, 135 average IQ, the Holocaust, Dell computer, their business wizards, what happens when the world stops believing 4,000,000 Auschwitz Jews died in a two car garage from bug spray? What if people talked about the 50 million killed by Bolsheviks?-This should take down some of Citi executives. IRS Issues John Doe Summonses To Citibank, Chase, BoA, Mellon, HSBC, Tax Prosecutions Coming yc/The Jew freely insults the nations of the world ... including many a great nation. "Freedom of expression, But when the great nations turn their backs on his sorry ass, he whines, he laments, amid cries of "anti-Semitism, Freedom to be a Jew?-God bless Israel and deliver it from the hand of the wicked-servant of the Lord, The Lord knows who is wicked and who is good- whatever a Jew says, merits consideration-The right of Jews to settle in the Land of Israel was also recognised in the League of Nations ‘Mandate for Palestine’ which stressed ‘the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and … the grounds for reconstituting’ - I repeat, reconstituting ‘their national home in that countryJews are not foreigners anywhere in the Land of Israel. Anyone who asserts that it is illegal for a Jew to live in Judea and Samaria just because he is a Jew, is in fact advocating a concept that is disturbingly reminiscent of the ‘Judenrein’ policies of Nazi Germany banning Jews from certain spheres of life for no other reason than that they were Jews. Mandatory Power was also entrusted with the duty to encourage ‘close settlement by Jews on the land, including state lands and waste lands not required for public purposes, "The Jewish villages in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza district are there as of right and are there to stay-iapb/us? Trying to intimidate you? With our automatic weapons? Here in the parking lot outside your lunch meeting? Nah-I would bet you $100 that not ONE of those weapons was "automatic-whether semi or full is still automatic. Or don't you know what .45 acp means? Sure you do. You're gun expurtswhere is the proof these people are "nuts" or they were there to "intimidate-They showed up brandishing weapons when they didn't need to. Pretty much proof aibafs/congress falls to 9%, liarisms, on s/super typhon, national calamity 1800 dead 190mph winds ddbbpv/jew ambassador accuses iran of smile and charm offensive, on geraldo/

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