Monday, November 11, 2013

111113/bo Explodes Train Carrying 2.7 Million Gallons of Crude Oil

111113/Four Signs That Regular Folks Can Still Win (and One That Shows the Power of Money) Yes! Magazine/War Is a Crime: After the end of World War II, the Japanese constitution rejected war as a solution for conflict. Now the US wants Japan to "modify" Article 9, and end its renunciation of war/modern Congressional GOP, Greedy, Obstructionistic, and Petty, degenerated into a tea chugging coven political contrarianism-To wit, if the POTUS is for “it”, then conservatives will be vehemently against “it”, no matter what “it” happens to be … even if “it” is a program or policy position that they once championed-Only when it might have made Obama look good, did it become evil, the messenger is more important than the messageThe origin of many of the ideas, however, comes from the Health Equity and Access Reform Today Act of 1993, the Republican proposal based on the Heritage Foundation’s paper Assuring Affordable Health Care For All Americans, written in 1989, the ancestry of the ACA is well documented. Obamacare, Republican ideas brought to life. This is, of course, just reuse of existing legal language. But it was not clear how much of Obamacare’s language came from the Republicans until now. The final law consists of huge portions of not only GOP ideas, but the actual words they wrote over the years. So when the GOP complains about Obamacare it is fine to remind them that they wrote over a third of it. addictionginfo/Aid Efforts Begin After Typhoon Haiyan Kills 10,000 in Philippines Guardian/Wage Theft Outstrips Bank, Gas Station and Convenience Store Robberies DailyKos/Train Carrying 2.7 Million Gallons of Crude Oil Explodes, Spills Into Alabama Wetlands lax/Written 100 Years Before Zuccotti Park Affluenza author John de Graaf investigates the origins of the slogan "Bread and Roses" and discovers a little-known American classic and a history that should repeat itself-the culture of privilege in Israel; the way communities of color have often been at the forefront of surveillance efforts by the government; and the first drone victims to ever address Congress. Truthout/a true pleasure it was watching "America's Team," get dismantled by "Katrina's Team, eighteen years, the Cowboys have been stinking up the NFL while taxpayers thrown down billions in charity to oil men for stadiums. Great theater-Tea Party’s Apocalyptic Politics Are Destroying the Republican Party, willing to wreck the Republican Party, the government, and the economy to prove that Obama is evil and God is on their side, continues to cause heartburn for establishment Republicans. Consider the results of last week’s elections, which offer clues to the internecine GOP battles that lie ahead. Although it’s much too early to draw hard conclusions, willing to defy overwhelming negative public opinion, wreck the government, risk plunging the world economy into chaos and invite political defeat. The driving force behind this destructive strategy is that Tea Party zealots answer to a “higher calling and believe America teeters on the brink of destruction, and hold as an article of faith that liberals, gays, Democrats, atheists and the United Nations are to blame. This “end times” world view is a foundational precept of the evangelical movement, Scholars call it apocalypticism, counterintuitive: its leaders view themselves as modern prophets of the apocalypse. by Joe McLean-GOP’s refusal to fully implement the Affordable Care Act will leave more than half of the nation’s uninsured working poor without access to health insurance and will also disadvantage military veterans, According to a 2012 analysis from the Urban Institute, 48 percent of uninsured veterans are estimated to have incomes below the Medicaid eligibility threshold, Unfortunately, the states that have failed to grow Medicaid are home to higher rates of uninsured veterans than the states that expanded their programs ThinkProgress-I would never put my faith and hope in any one politician, Cruz, saying his tough stance against aca was in keeping with promises he made as a candidate. Palin believes "there is no Ronald Reagan on the scene today-my turn pukes. I like to insult pukes, states, rivers, mountains, streams, hills, gullies, trees, tree stumps, buildings, people, in Red States. My question of the day, bo's pe.nis size. I'd still give long, sloppy #$%$. Anytime. Anywhere hmmmm 10 inches I'll polish his balls with my tongue. I'll suck the farts out of his A&&HOLE! Carville said bo must be back on the crack pipe. That snake! Things are going badly, I like to play "Show my PeePee to the young puke nurses who work in the mental hospital, But, I think my act has lost its punch. I'm trying to come up with some new stuff, a slow witted gay man who posts all day long in message boards. Sometimes, I wonder if I'm MENTALLY UNBALANCED. Now, where's that gerbil?-yhal/ Black players are out in full force on the pregame shows lying, playing the race card, claiming victimization and nagging about-Oh yeah being called a nagger is much worse than threatening to kill your family. Where's the outrage from these racist purple suit wearing monkeys who play the race card at the drop of a word without having all of the facts? There's more racism now under an incompetent black than there ever was 30 years ago-All economic metrics for blacks are worse now than they were under the Republicans, the party that freed the slaves, but 90% of blacks will vote for whatever Democrat the tards will lie for and prop up for election-The big Banks want Forex Traders to stop using Instant Messaging. However, if traders are required to use instant messaging there will be a record forcing traders to be honest-oBAMA NEEDS A Third term-you're very stupid- yc/USA must defend Israel It is in the agreement USA signed and sealed Veterans Day-Jerry Seinfeld, Sacha Baron Cohen, and Joe Lieberman are among the Jews who've volunteered on kibbutzim-As a veteran of working on a kibbutz to avoid the Vietnam war I know where you are coming from Let us blame the Arabs-interesting they remember unwritten history of thousands years ago" of promised land, not documented 10th-12th century history, still don't understand how why ashkes have "promised land" in palestine can fully understand the sephardic mizrahi claim as they are arabs too ygs/Cruz said, “Our veterans should be above political games. Veterans have proven they are not timid. And we will not be timid in calling out anybody that uses the military as pawns.” Obviously, Cruz is not about to call out his own party, or condemn their political games that have kept the unemployment rate for recent Veterans serving from 2001 to the present at 10.1% in September 2013, or decried Republicans’ harsh cuts to SNAP (food stamps) that affect 57% of Vets under the age of 30 or the 9% who are over 60 years old. The idea of keeping Veterans hungry must be appealing to Republicans, but it pales in their drive to block any attempt to assist returning Veterans find employment ( Tea-publicans Voted against 8 Bills to Help Veterans since Obama took office-I’ve hated the Affordable Care Act from the beginning. I was the one who said it would make people suffer and die,” Gohmert explained, “but that was for domestic reasons—also been a failure internationally- fb/ critical thinking'...hilarious, Too funny, Kerry goes there and gives the pals $75 million...and then goes off on Israel as the source of all the problems. And you think he did all this without Obama having a clue as to what he was up to-If you want to go after the administration, fine, but you go after Obama personally like you are an IMBECILE. You can not be taken seriously except by other IMBECILES-Everyone you disagree with is an imbecile. Everyone. You say that you truly don't really care for Obama one way or the other, but you are usually defending him. I admit my bias against Obama; and I believe he's earned it-1980, and in that case the Carter administration subsequently announced that the vote had been cast in error. Two US Ambassadors to the UN have stated that Israeli settlements are illegal: William Scranton and former President George Bush. Secretary of State Cyrus Vance also said the settlements were illegal- iapb/stupid fucking OP, in those cities, it's Liberals that are getting divorced- Prove it-Tell us, HufferGlue monkey boy. What is the purpose of this thread? Other than to make you look even MORE stupid? We know, loser. All you post is "red state/blue state" shit, and this this just another one of those threads. You're a douchebag idiot, we all know that already. No need to keep reminding us on a daily basis leading divorce cities/hume being a fereed people should be able to decide not to purchase insurance, rude nra shakeout of procontrol, lace panties sarah audio symphony christmas book attacks atheist with jesusisms, on stephanie/gnrbbpv correctly attacks reds, laughing/citicorp bill creating red problems jhpv/
111013/We are not committing incest, but are victims of GSA," Lawrence told the paper. "It's no different than if I met Penny in a bar. I'd have fallen for her as I have now. It doesn't feel [like] we are doing anything wrong-Society frowns on this for good reason, genetic problems are passed on in humans the same as with inbreeding among animals. Inbreeding among animals is discouraged for this reason and so should be with humans. But having said that I wish them the best and it can not create a serious problem unless this becomes common accepted practice and I do not think there is any danger of that so good luck, be happy-incredibly vile and disturbing, and these days, that's REALLy saying something. WTF is WRONG with people?, It's one thing if they meet, not knowing that they are related. Given adoption, egg/sperm donation, adultery, divorce/remarriage, etc., that probably happens a lot more than anyone wants to consider. But knowing ahead of time and doing it anyway especially trying to slap a label on it to make it sound more acceptable that just leads to problems down the road. It's a way for pedophiles with children to justify their perverse behavior-Old Testament times the chosen people were required to marry relatives so as not to dilute the pure blood line. Times change, eh?-daughter is kinda cute, wonder if he spanks her bare ass while yelling "Who's your daddy!?!?" as she blows him? grandpadaddy might be greatgrandpadaddy if its a girl-Do you have any more stories like this?-Trickle Down or the Piss on America Republican Party Policy-Mind-blowing. Changing every religion to Christianity, change agents, trying to take over government, business, media, in order to push their cult... Why am I suddenly thinking about nazis?-look up "manifest destiny" too while you're at it. this is nothing new, although they didn't want the world to end, so much as kill off everyone but the elite, who will go underground in one of their MANY gigantic bunkers-GodsOwnParty-David Barton throwing his hat into the ring.. the leader of Seven Mountains. We're in trouble-amazing how easy it is to sucker a certain segment of voters by merely putting angry words into the mouth of God.-Maddow cast a critical eye toward former President George Maddow: George W. Bush really was trying to bring about the end of the world W. Bush’s decision to speak at the Messianic Bible Institute, the headquarters of the apocalyptic cult Jews for Jesus.rawstory-A lot of these neo conservatives are like that. They need to the Jews to be in Israel to use them to get back to heaven. It's totally out there, but that's why a lot of right wingers support Israel. It's not because they like Jews, they need to use them to get to heaven. It's awful. These people should not be in government. Thanks Rachel for exposing this. It's worse than Reagan.-The family of a kidnapped woman in Duson, La., Bethany Arceneaux, took justice into their own hands Friday when they rescued Arceneaux from her captor, Scott Thomas, killing Thomas in the scuffle opposingviews-fb/dave corrects kerry with an ap article, on mtp/perry wants to lay the wood to bocare, on abc
11913/Welcome To The End Of TV's Golden Era TV EATS ITSELF grantland/ lAX Shooting, Domestic Terrorism and the NRA-Truthdig/Abominable Horror: Slavery Lingers On in Neo Confederate Hate for Non Whites-How the Koch Brothers Organized the Federal Shutdown-BuzzFlash/Packing 200 MPH Winds, Massive Superstorm Crushes the Philippines, Death Toll Unclear Slate/JFK Assassination: CIA and The New York Times Are Still Lying to Us-Virginia Is a Big F*ing Deal Salon/Al Gore: Snowden "Revealed Evidence" of Crimes Against US Constitution Guardian/Billionaires Received US Farm Subsidies nyt/an economic update on big banks' manipulation of the foreign exchange market, Ireland paying for bank bailouts, Big Pharma being guilty of “recklessly endangering health Truthout/bill maher religious hypocrites don't even understand the myth they believe in won't admit they are hypocrites-state of Israel was re-established in '48 you fucking ignorant moron. Kristalnacht took place in November '38 Anti-Semites tend to be very stupid. Thanks for proving us right-demonstrating the stupidity I have alleged half or more Jews exhibit by their support for Zionism and Israel. The pretext for Kristallnacht was the assassination of German diplomat Ernst vom Rath, in Paris, by Herschel Grynszpan, a German-born Polish Jew resident in Paris. When already less than popular with the Nazis, the assassination of one of their political officials was about as stupid as stupid gets. Let a Palestinian kill an Israel diplomat and see how severely they would pay. You wouldn't be a descendant of Grynszpan by any chance? half or more Jews want to be clannish and clannishness (tribalism) has always been hated regardless of the quarter from whence it comes- repeatedly disappointed by seeing only the "Beevis and Butthead" palaver from the Pharr Reight. I have previously posted my opinion that the extremely adolescent vulgarity of several posters turn away most adults who might drop in here. But maybe the Pharr Reight posters don't want anyone interfering with their position as TOP DOG of the trash heap. Maybe this forum can be stormfront Jr, A grand menagerie of arrogant LOSERS-iapb/Cruz tried to say, “Listen, Jay, Throughout this whole thing, I ’m one of the many people who was not a fan of shutting down the government. Leno interrupted, “Well you looked like a big fan from where I was standing fb/

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