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9813/generals, media tycoons sponsored by weapons dealers

9813/ American marines were extremely friendly and happy to talk about almost anything other than the topic at hand: Syria. The few men who did respond to the question said they are eager to strike in Syria. "Of course we want to strike in Syria and are waiting for the order to do so, Many sailors arrived at the After Dark pub and restaurant in the Carmel Center. They celebrated their leave with beer, dressed in plain clothes. When we insisted whether they are going to Syria, responded with a smile, saying, I hope so. A friend of his who would not identify himself was interested if the American military would see any signs of the IDF in the case of Syria strike, I actually would want to see if I can serve in the IDF, I've heard from friends of mine who have trained with it that it's the best army in the world, the most professional, with the best operations, spent considerable time corresponding with their relatives and friends in the US using laptops. "They told me they've been deployed for 10 months and that they really miss their families, We weren't set for how many of them turned up, but we made do. It was a pleasure to have them. driven back to the warship by 11:00 pm, the USS San Antonio undocked and left the Haifa port. The destination: unknown ynetnews -ispb/Experts on arms control policy, confirmed by multiple independent sources, indicate that Syria has been hit, in recent days, by at least four tactical nuclear weapons-IDF Military Intelligence told their American counterparts that Russia had delivered eight nuclear weapons to Syria as a deterrent to further WMD attacks by Israel-a car bomb killed 18 outside Damascus. Al Nusra, the Al Qaeda affiliate trying to topple the governments of Iraq and Syria is credited. However, all intelligence estimates now clearly recognize that Al Nusra is, increasingly, Israeli controlled, particularly after bouts of infighting between factions fighting the government of Syria-Israel is desperate, under pressure by the US to come up with a peace plan with the Palestinians who, themselves, now “smell blood” and are unwilling to settle for a smile, handshake and knife in the back as they had before-I just wonder if there are any REAL HUMANS remaining in the Chain of Command of the US Reich and its military. Rumsfeld's Transformation did some REAL DAMAGE to the US and its military. Obomba continues the work of Rummy and Darth Chaney, turning the US into a third world dictatorship. The proof is there for all to see. As far as "Game Theory" goes, those who have taken the time to study said insanity, KNEW all to well the "real risks-Chutzpah will be the death of Israel. They have no common sense-humorous) Unified Field Theory of all these events: a small zionist provoked nuclear war will earthquake Israel into the sea causing a big tsunami that will wipe out DC no matter which side of the coup wins. I don't think either of these sides deserves to rule and I don't see Americans taking their land back at this time. A small nuclear war might cool our planet enough to handle the Sun going berserk when Nibiru returns, so we see, our fearless leaders are totally looking out for us and have our best interests at heart-Oliver Stone's son says that 9/11 was an insider's job. He said Hezbollah is not a terrorist group as US government considers it. Holy Quran he says is very descent book that explains a lot. And Israel he said is Crusader front of US and Western power. Hope this helps lighten mood here, a little-Nibiru/Planet X/Wormwood' a brown dwarf star that is the sun's twin. Almost all star systems are binary systems or have more than two suns. Many across planet Earth have seen what appears as a second sun due to be clearly visible in August/September 2013 and go between the Sun and Earth to cause three days of darkness and global damage on its 3,600 year orbit with seven of its own planets. Major Ed Dames (US Retired) mentioned this as have others on the internet. It's one reason for chemtrails. This story is far more important than any nuclear conflict and with far greater consequences for all life on planet Earth- jews and the zionnazi led US government are the world's worst threat of state terrorism. Lets hope China and Russia step up to the plate and give Netanyahu his comeuppance! India is another Zionist puppet of the banksters. Putin has oil and natural resources, why would he be bribedby US phony paper money?-Israel orders to Saudi Arabia to pay one trillion from people’s money to Russia to stop supporting Syria and cooperation with Iran. Zionist plan is to swallow the World and want to destroy Russia and other powerful countries. They have placed missiles around of Russia and trying to build bases near China. They want to destroy the Syria then attack to Iran and to Russia and China but this never happens. It is the end of their miserable life American ordinary people and entire world are awakening and know what is the planning of Zionist. Zionists succeed in the past because they planned in secret and hided from the people but now it is too late because everybody knows-The party who would gain from this are the zionists as mentioned and the easy to manipulate seperatist faction. The usual zionist devide, deceive and get others to allow you to conquer!-countries are run by Neo colonial corrupt wackos where politicians, army generals and media tycoons are sponsored by western weapons dealers whose foremost concern is to promote war and earn profit of the multinational (zionist) companies while keeping the people divided in the name of religion and ethnicity. While farmers in India are commiting suicide, american junk companies siphon off billions in profit from the produce of same poor farmers. Instead of spending on welfare, all the funds are spent on purchasing weapons from west who control both sides of India Pak war-NWO Global government failed when Putin kicked out Rothschids bakers and stood up to them and they didn't expect Iraq and Syria putting up such a fight it has bankrupt them. They took a chance and it failed-difficult to comprehend is why is there not a team of Special operatives 'taking out' the Movers and shakers who advise the Israeli, Al Qaeda U.S Saudi Turkey Qatari forces. Must be lots of high value targets sat in cafes in New York, Jeddah etc. Why waste time with meeting their military head on when eliminating top players more conducive. The think tanks and sponsors should be targetted-A combination of evil extreme capitalism, a war on Islam, and a plan by the ruling elites, illuminati and other secret societies to establish a NWO are causing chaos around the world, killing millions and enslaving others. This cannot be allowed to continue and any independent sovereign nation that tries to resist becomes a target-After everything we have seen come out of the israelis in the past few decades.. I think your statement was a little to optimistic. I see the israelis as being insulated by some invisible, masonic, blanket that has prevented any & all fair balance of karma from hitting them squarely where it belongs. They have committed every atrocity, blockade, genocide, u.n resolution violation, Geneva Convention violations, international law violations, human rights violations etc, etc, etc, for 65yrs, never once have they felt any invasion or deaths of their children or women -like what they do to others. Not once has any other nations come to the physical aid of Palestine, Lebanon, & others that israel has illegally attacked while targeting mainly unarmed civilians. The world sees it, Russia sees it.. but it has gone on for over a half a century. Now Syria- presstv/ rove begazitis accuses bo of everything, chris agrees with juan, good slapdown on carl, it lives in bretts head baby, on fns/newt has an interesting limited strike version
9713/ruling provided a peek into the shrouded world of the Viagra-spam industry, a multimillion-dollar illegal enterprise with tentacles stretching from Russia to India. Around the world every day, millions of people open their e-mail to find invitations to buy Viagra or some other drug, potion or device to enhance sexual performance. The court put names and faces to a shadowy global network of infected computers known outside Russia as Festi and inside the country as Topol-Mailer, named after an intercontinental ballistic missile, the Topol M. It was powerful enough to generate, at times, up to a third of all spam e mail messages circulating globally. Artimovich was one of two principal programmers who controlled the network of infected computers in a group that included a former signals intelligence officer in the Federal Security Service, or F.S.B., the successor agency to the K.G.B. working on code under contract with ChronoPay, but for an antivirus program, not a virus. police planted evidence on his laptop hard drive after his arrest, Vrublevsky, denied any role in creating Festi and noted that in court a witness testified that the F.S.B., which investigated the case, had forged evidence nyt/Derivatives have almost quadrupled since QE started. Derivatives went from about $60 Trillion to $240 Trillion (15 times the US economy). The big risk is that the 5 largest banks control 90% of the estimated $240 Trillion derivatives market. ygs/Forbes, USA Today, OMB, University of Virginia, Kaiser Foundation, BBC, are all liars according to the right wing nut Obama haters because they don't want to accept the facts. ybac/
9613/ Buzzfeed reporter Michael Hastings died today in a car crash?-Michele Bachmann May Go From Congress to Prison as DOJ Launches Investigation politicususa-WATCH: Fox News Host Dana Perino, who suggested that if atheists don't like having "under God, Is 'Tired Of Atheists' in the Pledge of Allegiance, well, "they don't have to live here-fb/Beware America, keep an eye your winger neighbors, you never know what the crazies might do with commands from limbaugh beck savage hannity. praying for an attack, hoping that would help them win the senate and the white house, treason is the path they're taking, So what will be on their agenda today?-So the world's largest spy agency is paying companies, coercing companies, stealing from companies, and or altering the software of companies to get the access to Internet data what Google collects, the NSA grabs from them, Because strong encryption can be so effective, classified N.S.A. documents make clear, the agency’s success depends on working with Internet companies — by getting their voluntary collaboration, forcing their cooperation with court orders or surreptitiously stealing their encryption keys or altering their software or hardware. yhal/The reason Netenyahu has a PR arm in his government, (as does every other gov't on the planet) is to counteract garbage contantly put out there about Israel from bigots like you. Equating paid students to post on the social networks with Pollard is height of idiocy-got us into this mess with his red line comment 8/20. So now it is a case of put up or shut up and we all know he won't shut up. Realizing his dilemma, he deftly punts the ball to Congress. What a leader, Further we didn't "establish a perpetual war" there. Sectarian violence between the Kurds, Sunnis and Shia has been going on for decades. And finally, Iran may "obliterate" Israel, but Tehran will look like Hiroshima before it is over, some half baked limited strike to salve our moral conscience will be uttlerly futile-ybac/clearly a foreigner, And got caught with Obama's smart play, BIG MOUTH, SMALL STICK, Congress will say NO-Especially his own party-from Europe and an victim of GS ABACUS who bankruptcy my bank and i sold just in time my shares. But after the massive tripple A subprime Europe get it very hard economical, i know that the Je##ws of wallstreet are the boss in the US and the war in Irak, Afganistan and now Syria is coming from the Je$$ws-IF THERE IS SO MUCH OIL IN THE WORLD WHY ARE WE DRILLING UNDER THE FRIGGIN' OCEAN! How much oil do those old oil wells in saudia arabia have left?-If you believe a CONfrontation between the U.S. and Syria is over the use of chemical weapons pull your head out of your #$%$ This criminal act of war is strategically based on global dominance. OIL and the currency in which that resource is purchased, the petrodollar ( US dollar) and its status as the Worlds Reserve Currency. Remember Russia is the second leading producer and exporter of oil next to Saudi Arabia and has opened many gas and mineral projects throughout the ME. The Asians and the Russians are both are slowly dumping the U.S. dollar (hence the massive buying of Precious Metals in the last year or so) thereby un-pegging their currencies from a U.S.dollar that is no longer seen as safe currency with a weakening economy and an endless supply of paper that is becoming more worthless everyday. The ramifications of these events will cause a collapse of US markets and the Real Economies throughout the western economies without firing a shot. The elietests and the CON men they buy are between a rock and a hard place. They have raped and pillaged the middle class for decades with propaganda, greed and corruption. Keep pumping your make believe Markets and phoney jobs numbers CONS-YOU FOOL, oil rich arabs, namely saudi, kuwait, qatar, uae, etc, SUNNIS are NOT backing Russia and China, They are backing us, Syria is about Sunni Arabs versus Shi ite Iran, Russia wants a voice in the mide-east, China got had by the US in Libya, understanding of global politics beyond oil, the NEW and IMPROVED COLD WAR-who cares who they back moron. Putin is laughinmg in US presidents face and silly wall street rallies like a bunch of brain deads-ygs/Will the Saudis then pay for the aftermath? And what is the aftermath? Has the president even considered what happens after Assad is toppled? Who secures the chemical weapons? Who will neurralize Al Qaeda, the Salafists, the various radical militants? Who will protect the minorities? Christians, Alawites, Shiites, Kurds. We've seen how the Saudis deal with their opposition and with their minorities, and you want to make alliance with them and do their bidding? What kind of people would we be if we followed the Saudis?-When did we ever bomb some country for using WMD? The answer to that is NEVER. In fact, the last foreign government to use WMDs was in Iraq, WITH THE FULL SUPPORT AND SUPPLY FROM THE US AND WESTERN ALLIES. So don't pretend you give a s**t now, Personally, I think the Syrian government is guilty, but I also believe the US can't be the world's cop. I find it rather amusing that after all the complaining about Bush and Iraq, those same folks, including you, are jumping on the bandwagon to do almost the same thing with Syria. Shame on you and letting yourself be so blinded by politics that you can't see past the tip of your own nose-Oil line pipe leaks, three mile island, train wrecks , or own world trade center, What disaster have the conspiracy nuts not tried to blame as deliberate actions by the trilateral commission , the bilderburgers, or the Free Masons? We can just read romanwarrior to hear all about it-a few hard targets that have been cleared of personnel and weapons for over a week are blown up. Syria announces that they have taken America's best shot and are ready to strike back at the Great Satan. The world is either laughing or cursing at America. This is the cost of incompetent, arrogant leadership-There are three power groups, Sunni, #$%$ and Kurds they are going to fight unless there is a very dominate and brutal power that keeps them at bay. We removed that power and we have just what anyone should have expected. A perpetual civil tribal war. It was no better when we were there except Americans were getting killed alongside the rest-five men built two facilities in Baghdad to produce sarin and mustard gas, using instructions from another al Qaeda group, members were producing sarin nerve gas, Iraq's defence ministry claimed r The members of the cell were preparing to launch attacks domestically, and also had a network to smuggle the toxins to neighbouring countries and to Europe, Canada and the US, the men were planning to spray chemical weapons during the Shia commemoration of the death of Imam Kadhum at a shrine later this week, by using remote controlled toy aeroplanes. ybac/here that we see a public split by the Blankfein Led Wall Street Banks from the Federal Reserve. Why? Because the Plan called for Recap to the Elite and Bankruptcy to every other American. Does the Second Circuit have the full facts in view or is its vision narrow and restricted? This should Not even be in question as Political Governnental Influence and Pressure should show the Courts to nor only see the Fraud which they see but Adjudicate with out considering the Macro Consequences there of. They should Adjudicate Justice in the plane light of truth not in the Shadows of Executive Orders and Emergency Powers as yet un recinded by an Administration which ran on a platform of holding the Wall Street Banks accountable. .What appeared as a Promise to We The People which We The Investors of We The People were relying upon was in fact a Lie yfnma/ This is some ‘pathic, psychopathic, He drew the red line, then he said he didn’t, then he said his credibility [isn't] on the line, it’s Congress’ fault because they’re the ones who passed a resolution decades ago against the use of chemical weapons. So yeah, it’s the Republicans fault. dangerous” and “not cool, not brilliant politics, it’s not Obama cleverly outwitting his opponents, He’s president of the United States, he’s not up to it. He doesn’t want the job. He doesn’t want the responsibility, not with something like this. He’ll be glad to raise your taxes and control your life with health care, he doesn’t want all this. It’s too messy-Rush is a sociopath-Limbaugh got busted with Viagra coming back from a country notorious for child prostitution.Limbaugh got busted with Viagra coming back from a country notorious for child prostitution- just a coinkydink don't you think?-lower than pond scum but that is so unfair to pond scum-rbg/penn phd Professor Bashing Republicans: They've Raped This Country-bo's Red Line' Comment Left Donald Rumsfeld Stunned-Weiner's Shouting Match With Voter Who Called Him a 'Scumbag-As protests spread across major U.S. cities, would a union victory do employees more harm than good? Wage Outrage at Walmart!- Ingraham Invading Iraq was a must, but we should stay away from Syria?-fni/Those methods include covert measures to ensure NSA control over setting of international encryption standards, the use of supercomputers to break encryption with "brute force", the most closely guarded secret of all, collaboration with technology companies and internet service providers themselves- Iran's president, Hassan Rouhani, tweeted: "As the sun is about to set here in #Tehran I wish all Jews, especially Iranian Jews, a blessed Rosh Hashanah5774. picture Iranian Jew praying Tehran, fewer than 9,000 Jews among Iran's population of about 75 million-Tell him to PUBLICLY renounce in Farsi, the regular Holocaust denial claims of his monkey predecessor, Ahmadinjad, before any dialogue can ever begin with Jews or Israelis or even Eurinals or Americans-a felicitation message to the world Jews on Rosh Hashanah, the new Jewish year, underlining that the Iranian president has no official tweeter account farsnews-Christiane Amanpour, spoke with Iranian FM @jzarif, confirms he IS tweeting and wishes Jews in Iran & around the world a happy new year!- constant calls for protecting Obama's credibility are really demands that Congress enlist in the media's spin brigade by protecting his image for the sake of national security. But the only people being fooled by this show are other Americans. The spin corps isn't protecting American credibility abroad; it's promoting America credulity at home, political palace corps still insists on selling Americans on the myth of his competence. That is the confidence trick they want to pull off with the help of Congress. It is a trick that will not be played on Assad or Putin or the rest of the world, instead it will once again be played on the American people-Propaganda Alert: now Kyocera copier salesman, Peter Morici former imf argues, failure to attack Peace Syria will destroy the American economy, liberals and Tea Party, who are very reluctant to support military force unless U.S. security is directly threatened, should consider the longer-term consequences of U.S. inaction on the economy and jobs-iapb/Rumsfeld: Obama is the weakest, worst, most power hungry. president of my lifetime. CEO of G. D. Searle & Company introduced aspartame, Equal, and released it onto the market, Kerrys, the Nancy Pelosis, the Hillary Clintons, the Barack Obamas and everybody associated with them tried to destroy Donald Rumsfeld. For eight years, both terms of w, secretary of defense, tried to destroy him, along with trying to destroy Dick Cheney and Scooter Libby and Karl Rove, tried to destroy him. Not just disagreed with him. Tried to destroy him. It was infuriating, and it’s not uncommon. The left uses this as their modus operandi. Greta Van Susteren said to Rumsfeld, “What’s the worst-case scenario? What do we have to worry about?-districts are rejecting this henious woman's efforts, she comes out with this self inflating spew, her anti obesity program with bringing about a "cultural shift" in the way Americans eat, takes credit, our efforts are having an impact on our children's lives, her signature initiative, she couldn't imagine a time when fast food commercials advertised for breakfast sandwiches made with egg whites. And she praised restaurants like Red Lobster and Olive Garden for offering healthy choices, But the first lady warned there was a still a "long way to go-CARVILLE: You know, what I would say and maybe a little bit of a different view here. I think what really is freaking people out is the incompetence of the Bush administration in Iraq. O'REILLY: You're going to blame Bush? CARVILLE: Of course, the Iraq thing is why people have so much trepidation about going into Syria. They said the last time we went over there, look what happened. I really think this has something to do with it-Dubya has been reduced to go into hiding drawing pictures of dogs and blowing spit bubbles-aibafs/mypillow blitz, dr dredle, on imus/toomy not sure about syria, on wkok/
9513/Fox News cheering on Russia against the USA. Screw them and anyone who follows them-OBL said "there is a second wave" of attacks on America - Barak HUSSEIN Obama IS that attack! Good for Putin! He knows EXACTLY the kind of weak, incompetent, inept individual he is dealing with in Obama, doing a service to the free world in his attempt to stifle the ambitions of this foreign occupier to the US presidency and his ambitions as a radical mohammedan in radicalizing as many middle eastern countries as he can-can't face the fact that this President he thought to be the second coming has turned out to be the disciple of Lucifer instead-Clinton compared the issues of guns and voting rights. “A great democracy,” said the former president, “does not make it harder to vote than to buy an assault weapon-If only that were true. In many jurisdictions, it’s far too difficult for the honest to buy a gun (liberals will call any ordinary gun an “assault weapon” if it has a scary appearance). Our Washington Times colleague Emily Miller just published a 280-page book documenting how difficult it is to obtain a legally registered gun in Washington, D.C., titled “Emily Gets Her Gun … But Obama Wants to Take Yours.” States like Illinois won’t let anyone buy a gun unless they first obtain a special photo-ID card. All states require potential buyers to produce identification and submit to a background check to weed out those ineligible to buy a gun. No such care is taken over the selection of America’s leaders. The lack of an ID requirement makes it a piece of cake for the dishonest to vote multiple times or engage in other forms of electoral shenanigans. Think “Landslide” Lyndon Johnson’s Texas Democratic Senate primary win in 1948, JFK in West Virginia and Illinois in 1960, or more recently, Sen. Al Franken’s hotly contested “win” in Minnesota in 2008. Mr. Clinton wasn’t the only one at last week’s event affixing the “racist” label to any attempt to limit voter fraud. “Today, there are no white sheets,” said Melanie Campbell, CEO of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation, “but there are judges in black robes in the U.S. Supreme Court who struck down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act, opening the floodgates in many states to pass more voter-ID laws to block people of color and young people from voting.” She then darkly ascribed the motive for such laws, which are in effect in 34 states, as being aimed at “ensuring we never see another black man elected president, a driver’s license is a prerequisite for boarding an airplane, applying for most any sort of permit, opening a bank account, cashing a check, buying a six-pack, driving a car or even purchasing certain types of cough syrup. Go ahead and try to enter the Justice Department headquarters, the White House or any other federal building without displaying an ID. None of the speakers at the event would ever call Obama or Eric Holder racist for imposing such a requirement. Perhaps the solution that would please all sides is to allow voting only inside federal buildings-aibafs

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