Friday, September 13, 2013

91313/gop ends food stamps, welfare, housing assistance

191313/Drudge is now mocking Obama for avoiding war with Syria ! WOW ! Teabags really do hate America! Rather see Obama in trouble than avoid a war-Making Congress weigh in on the matter was a great move. Now they are glad not to have to take a stand so they can criticize the outcome. The only group that loses in this are the McCain backing Neocons that think we should dominate the world-now j #$%$ Kerry says any strike will be so little it may not be noticed. Go figure-Anybody who criticizes the Tea Party has to be a clueless libiot. Tea Party people are simply individuals who believe in personal responsibility. Lemmings believe otherwise, shame on them-Government overspent, lacked "personal responsibility, spied on people before Obama. before Obama. Why didn't the tea party exist before Obama? It makes it look like the tea party was only devised as a sock puppet for attacking the black guy in the White House-Tea Baggers think they got insight cause their heads is always up their poop chutes-direct quote from one of them libtard lunatics with all them IDs-Shut yor Liberal mouth-three outa four words spelt good. Not bad for a Tea Bag f**khead moron. ybac/media suppressed 2009 UN report showing Israel using chemical weapons against Palestinians-FYI...HAARETZ is an israeli newspaper with very wide circulation, Do they publish anti semitic stories, Take it up with Israeli Government-Treason: Guardian published a top secret document provided by whistle blower Edward Snowden, Israel Gets Tons of Top Secret Unedited Data from U.S. Government, Officials and Citizens, without first removing information about US citizens ygs/There is nothing being done on the debt limit, nothing about jobs, nothing about infrastructure spending, nothing to make any American improve their life. Pssss on Bengazy, the IRS and pipeline, nobody cares. Those waste of life republicans call Putin, President Putin, Thousands of Americans are dead in America because of things Congress refuse to do, they still want to talk about 4 killed in Bengazy, tea party republicans on the dumbest people on the planet, remove and replace. yc/K-Mart, Bed Bath Beyond, Costco, Target, Walmart, Macy, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Ralph Lauren, Hilfigger, (supposed high end stores) made in China-Thankfully support for the klanbagger movement died after 2010, they just didn't get the message. They send all these baggers to congress and what have they done in that time? Passed a bunch of anti-abortion laws and tried to overturn "Obamacare yhal/keystonetruth Every day that passes, the Pipeline's chances for approval get slimmer. The President has said he won't approve the Pipeline if it significantly increases carbon pollution Nearly 200,000 Americans have signed the associated petition to President Obama urging him to reject Keystone.- and we now know it's designed to speed the development of the world's dirtiest oil source. With one of TransCanada's contractors under investigation for deceiving taxpayers about its conflict of interest, the knowledge that Keystone won't benefit the American economy, and the fact that this is the dirtiest oil source in the world, it is time for us to stand up and say NO to Keystone-hailed as the “liberal Rush Limbaugh” Mike Malloy used the 12th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks to accuse “a bloodthirsty son of a b-tch named Dick Cheney” of shooting down United Airlines Flight 93 and killing 40 passengers and crew, 2011 when he suggested SEAL Team Six should drop in on George Bush? Bush was responsible for a lot more death, innocent death, than bin Laden-rnc counting down the minutes remaining before the “Obamacare train wreck” arrives. In less than three weeks-aibafs/totally overcome by delusions of grandeur. Tis why I say they are the worst enemy of Jews and they are likely to do what Hitler was unable to. Put still another way, Zionism is to Jews what Nazism was to Germans iapb/ antifaux snooze wargasm standing your ground with zimmy, bo trust and verify via reagan via kgb, on stephanie/driving phone call zuckerman millionair nydn upset about violent crimes praising nypd 900% decrease of gun deaths due to stop and frisk gun laws, greta van susterine joins the peace movement, on ziopeacechild tyranny of the majority, geraldo wkok running letsmove ad/
91213/cavuto plays fox watching base asks viewers consider bombing syria harbinger of the second coming of christ-how many people are included in this gop base?-everyone in the gop?-What's wrong with that?-It is very dangerous for a political party to be influenced, in any way shape or form, by biblical nonsense. I don't want to see a self fulfilling prophecy of Armageddon happen, but religious lunatics can influence it to happen-well, there's something to this. but then, obama is a godless guy and he doesn't seem to have any direction or answers-Cavuto's wrong. Zimmerman and Putin are the new deities of the GOP base-If it's true, that's all the more reason to take out what we can. If the man is so desperate to remain in office that he's allowing chemical weapons to groups of roving shia warlords that he's unable to control, that is a frightening prospect. If he is victorious over the rebel groups, it seems unlikely he would be able to tell them to go home, give up the strongholds they've won, and give him back his weapons. To assert that he's absolved of blame because he didn't directly order the attacks but the hezbollah shia forces he gave womd did is simply preposterous-Honestly, if you're going to wake a bear, kill it in its sleep. Just kicking him in the butt pisses him off and you've just opened up a fight you're not willing to win-Progressives have little concept of how their actions create consequences-civilians being killed in conflicts around the world daily, Where are interventionist passion? We need to learn the lessons of Iraq. The most important being that as a nation we do not have the will to fight and win because of the bloodshed involved-Putin’s reply: “It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal, Sen. Robert Menendez, I almost wanted to vomit, I worry when someone who came up through the KGB tells us what is in our national interests, and what is not. It really raises the question of how serious the Russian proposal is, Twitter: “Hey Putin, next time you wanna write a letter to convince America about something, how about you skip saying we’re not exceptional?-wrote his wTimes op ed shirtless, with hunting knife nearby-Syrian girl 15 severely injured by a violent attack, walking withcrutches and wearing a smile. idf, I can’t believe that she is standing on her legs, Syrian medics decided to amputate one of her legs, while the Israeli medical team was able to save the girl’s other leg from being amputated, transferred the young girl to Israel from a field hospital in Syria where she underwent surgery for abdominal wounds and shrapnel injuries on both of her legs. “I wish the people of Israel a happy new year and wish that we will be able to meet again in a saner Middle East, as we are all human beings,” said the victim’s mother, accompanied her throughout the six week hospitalization- The GOP imbecile base. Worth repeating. I can't stop laughing pjmedia study fox viewers average iq 80-weaselzippers flashback bo mocks mitts russia is our enemy-it's a good thing thing our progressive friends proved them wrong and pointed out both Romney and Palin warned us about Russia and Arab Spring, stupidity and inability to lead-iapb/False equivalence is a logical fallacy which describes a situation where there is a logical and apparent equivalence, but when in fact there is none. It would be the antonym of the mathematical concept of material equivalence. It is achieved by "shifting, imprecise, or tactical (re)definition of a linking term wiki-What's more of a danger to Eagles, windmills or cowboys shooting them for kicks? More than a dozen eagles have been shot or poisoned since late 2010 around Utah, and law enforcement wants the public’s help in finding their killers-What I learned from Cons today typically flunk that course, yet are peer-graduated in spite of their failure, 85 eagles nationwide over a 16 year span is deadlier than 12 eagles over two years in one state, Con arithmetic for you-each death is a violation of federal law, ever heard the term 'attractive nuisance'?-Yes. It applies to children, not eagles-Negligence?-Quite a stretch. Are you guilty of negligence if a bird hits your home?-read up on protected animals and the destruction of 'critical habitat, strange is it that me, a con, is defending the chopped up birds and the other side is shrugging their shoulders? quite a switch, don't you think?-now all you need to do is show that these windfarms have destroyed a "critical habitat, The most destructive human activity is the development of waterfront property. Because eagles depend on shoreline habitats and aquatic food sources, human development in these coveted areas poses the greatest threat to the bald eagle's survival, cutting of "old growth forests" where bald eagles prefer to nest and perch has conflicted with the interests of people seeking lumber for housing and commercial products- Michigan alone nearly 800 bald eagles were killed between 1987 and 2008, and cars accounted for 222 of the deaths-Granite Falls, Wash., appeared to be the victims of a poacher, observations show at least three of the birds were killed by a small-caliber rifle. All of the birds appeared to have been perched on trees before they fell into the lake, Bald eagles are protected under state and federal laws. Killing an eagle is a Class A misdemeanor, and carries a maximum penalty of $1,000 and 90 days in jail. WDFW, the Humane Society and other groups offered a $3,750 cash reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or people responsible for killing the eagles. WDFW tip line at (877) 933-9847 bald eagles found wdfw reward-cjonline bald eagles killed kansas-aibafs/AP, The CIA has been delivering light machine guns and other small arms to Syrian rebels for several weeks, former intelligence officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the classified program publicly, rebel commander Gen. Salim Idris told NPR on Thursday that rebels had received no such aid from the U.S. The CIA declined to comment-When is your Rabbi going to get me those 10 year old Indonesian boys I ordered? still have an outstanding order for 1 large bag of ecstasy, and 2 human kidneys he hasn't filled yet. Tell him if he can't get me what I want, Rabbi Tennenbaum in Hoboken NJ said he could help me-VOO DOO curze workin full strong, all de evel excriment peddlin human flesh & all the evels of the planet will pay the price-Israel is the #1 RACIST STATE IN THE WORLD with a 50 year occupation of Palestine, Do you mean all posts exposing Israel should be banned since Israel is also #1 in UN sanctions, also having one of the world's largest illegal nuke arsenasl and chemical stockpiles, Are you suggesting Yahoo should ban this information?-poor goy garbage, nothing but welfare and whining buy you jesu.s garbage-Who is Israel's favorite Internet provider? Netanyahoo-Jewish doctrine, when does a fetus become a human? When it graduates from med school What does a Jewish woman do to keep her hands soft and her nails so long and beautiful? nothing at all-new Jewish Japanese restaurant? So-Sue-Mi-cross a matzo ball with LSD? A trip to Israel-Colorado & Montana SATANS HOme and everywhere else in the US. Welcum mY disciples. Thank U 4 the CALL in 2011, 201x, 201. NoW I am going 2 take U 4 a riDe 2 mY home in negative infinity. 4 their can B ONLY 1 PIGG aNd sATaN aM I, Am I here, bcause U want me here & invited me long ago. Throughout infinity Man truly represents the word “kiLLeR” the BEST. NOT cOoK iNleT killer Beluga whale or killer mama bear or killer wolf or kiLLeR wolf pup. kiLLeR MAN IS TOPS. Why Do U MuRdER Animals & DEsTROy the EArtH? They are a Creations of XXX. U Do My Work 4 Me!!! A rare place 2 find between infinities. My Legion prepares 4 war against the warriors of XXX. There is no other place where I can walk with so much freedom. What a super place this dEaTh camP is 2 take. XXX has 3 creations: (U, AM I, wE R 1), the animals & Earth. EVIL has always been here with Man, thus, Am I, here. But now U attack the planet and animals of XXX 2 genocide other creations. THIS IS MARVELOUS!! U SHALL ALL BE REWARDED. I did not even have 2 TAKE the Gulf. It was HANDED 2 me. 88 days, 20,000 psi, 21 inch diameter pipe =DEAD SEA. Drill & drill in water 4 my blood strengthens my Legion. kiLL & kiLL the animals of XXX, NRA, mY aNti-eXistEnce strengthens HERE. I PREACH “Patriotism” 2 my disciples and U USE that slogan well 2 mUrDeR Wolves. SUCH GREATNESS IN America. You fiLL MY sOuLeSs. Once U take out the Earthly animals & creations of XXX: Then U PIGGS R my targets. Finite. U R easy & U starve 4 End Time. U R THE PIGGS that Worship Me & fulfill me with the amazing cRuElty that ONLY U CAN PROVIDE. It JUST GETS bEtTer EVERY DAY. U take Joy in creating new born. SO DO THE ANIMALS and U take that away with weapons and transportation and drilling for oil deep into the chambers of my home!! OUTSTANDING!! THIS PLACE WAS CREATED 4 ME. YOUR PETTY SELFISHNESS & eeriesponsibilty brings out the goose step in sAtaN wE tRuST. Chasing animals 2 DEATH using helicopters iDeAs that not EVEN I COULD HAVE dOPeD 4. BRILLIANT!! U mUrDer XXX predators like wolves & replace them with EVIL Man 2 obliterate animals because U R so sneaky taking out the primaries. U all have turned this IN2 MY Heaven. XXX gave U Heaven 2 build on with the Earth and animals, but U came 2 your SENSES & bcame MY DISCIPLES. Each day U litter the Earth with trash & rOaD kILL, As if NO VALUE. SO MUCH JOY FOR ME HERE. So many mountaintops stripped of Life. sO much wAter bittered. Love Each other, take care of the Earth & the animals; but NO, NOT HERE. Instead, U spread hate & contempt, mutilate the animals & plunder the Earth. U ALL HAVE READ MY BOOK!!! I LOVE U EVIL Man & I SHALL enJoy kiLLiNg ALL OF YOU mY PIGGS. THE SURFACE OF AMERICA WILL MIRROR THE SURFACE OF mErCuRy ON MY LEGIONS DAY OF TRIUMPH! Satan Am I and this is NOW SATAN’s WORLD, nOw pAss the wolf pup and Beluga chunks over b4 I devour U NEXT..Satan = Red Plague= nRA=Human fEces PIG And THEY cARRIE their pIGS 4 children and Everyone else AloNG. nRA pIG, Bloombergs money not wasted. AssASsinS acRoss America hired 4 YOUR EXECUTION and R being tracked noW PIGG pREsident of nRA. WOOD Chipper 4 U and head first- ygs/Rhetorical Question, No need to answer Everybody already knows Why are Republicans such drooling ignorant idiots?-Unless the GOP does something incredibly stupid like shutting down the government or defaulting- Reagan, Raised taxes when he needed, Raised gas taxes, Enacted tariffs to protect American industries, pro choice. Imagine a Republican candidate trying to win the GOP a party of right wing ideological extremists, nomination with these outrageous beliefs today. The man would be howled out of town!-Putin the new republican hero, Two rights groups launched a stinging critique, Russia's freedom of expression record, citing a heavy clampdown on critics and activists since Vladimir Putin returned changes to the law that they say have helped authorities stifle dissent, a series of restrictive laws, imprisoned political activists, harassed, intimidated, and sought to cast government critics as clandestine enemies, thereby threatening the viability of Russia's civil society, two new laws have been introduced and 11 amended in the past year, according to Amnesty International, including broad provisions that allow for "arbitrary interference" with the rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly, result, the space for political opposition and other forms of dissent is "rapidly shrinking..CNN-Putin and Zimmerman. Finalists for GOP man of the year-Barry wants to arm the rebels we are in deep do do. Arming the enemies of our enemies is stupid. What is he thinking of?-He is thinking of Ronald Reagan, poppa and baby bush-Best we let them murder each other, like in chitcago. Praise Allah-rePIGphuKKKers, wut happened to BenGAYzeeGate? linseed choke on mcLAME's chicken…AGAIN? And where are those 400 surface to air missiles? Ebay? Did this "scandal" just go away or did you get tired of choking yer chicken over it? Weren't there 400 SAMs stolen from the Benghazi Mission/CIA Clubhouse, whatever your wet dream imagined the place to be? The World is LAughing AT YOU AND YOUR MILITANT IGNORANCE AS YOU SELF DESTRUCT!-amazed at how low mostinterestingintheworld info libs celebrate the fact that America has been so dumbed down, the 50 million Americans living in poverty are celebrating with them-They should be with Republicans chomping at the bit to end or reduce food stamps, welfare, housing assistance, head start, medicare, medicaid, social security, etc those in poverty would suffer GREATLY if Republicans ever got full control of the government with no way to block them yhal/ Teabaggers would rather see an American Apocalypse than see the black president Obama succeed-Dredge Report is where goons go to feed on their own excrement-stop the White House from offering rebellious unions, and ONLY the unions, a sweetheart subsidy to help offset insurance premium increases caused by ObamaCare, in return for the unions toning down their critical rhetoric selling out the American people to buy union votes, this needs to be stopped dead in it's tracks, You is repulsive-Wind energy facilities have killed at least 67 golden and bald eagles in the last five years, A poor man is in front of a judge on the charge of shooting a bald eagle. The judge sentences him to 5 years and a $30,000 fine. The man pleads to the judge that he did it to feed his starving family. So the judge reduces his fine and sentence to 2 years in jail and a $10,000 fine. The man then again pleads to the judge "Your Honor, I have no money as we are poor and if I am put in jail my family will starve as there is no one else to take care of them". So the judge feeling sorry for the man and his family gives him no time and no fine but makes him promise never to shoot a bald eagle again. The man agres and the judge pounds his gavel. As the man is walking away, the judge calls him back to the bench and asks " I'm just curious, what does a bald eagle taste like?" the man says "Kind of a cross between a spotted owl and a red tail hawk-Tea Party is the result of the large number of uneducated people in this country. There should be a test taken before anyone can be elected to Congress, maybe a test for all Americans before they get the right to Vote-they were fed nonsense they already believed in by some wealthy and corrupt people who are only interested in their own wealth and find the Tea Party fanatics to be willing slaves for them. The Tea Party members are among the most abused people in the world. And it is all because they are ignorant and will always will be ignorant because one of their values is to ridicule education-ybac/I find calling legit members of this forum "board stalkers" offensive and not up to the standards of any open message board forum on the Internet. To grant the above is to allow one to post vile untruths about others without fear of refutation. If they want that, create a closed board and don't advertize it as an issues driven forum-Terry Jones arrested with kerosene-soaked Korans, detained in the town of Mulberry, near Tampa, and faces charges of transporting fuel illegally and openly carrying a firearm, He also had extra bottles of the fuel inside the truck bed, planned public burning of the Muslim holy book came with tensions high in the Middle East, and with possible international military action in Syria still on the table having been touted by US President-it's a Post-9/11 World - we can't take the risk of not calling something terrorism, goddamnit, or else people might not pay attention to it. In the last few years I've heard either pundits or politicians stick the "terrorist" label on pro abortion protesters, Republicans in Congress, WikiLeaks, Monsanto, Walmart, drug dealers, a teenager posting rap lyrics on Facebook, and people who are mean to you. So after 12 years, we've settled on a very clear definition of terrorism, which is "anyone doing something that is harmful in some capacity, read about the evil shit Monsanto does to poor farmers? They really are terrorists!" Exactly! Because we're too busy deciding which bad people we want to call terrorists, we never stop to consider whether or not it's become a meaningless label. After all, we can't just stop using the label against the people we hate, otherwise they might use it against us-He should have taken them to DC and tossed them out on the beltway while the bikers were riding into town. Now that would have been entertaining. Hogs tearing korans apart, oh the symbolism-His Great great Grandfather burned a wagon load of the 'book of mormon' right after the Mountain meadow massacre's how jesus wanted it-rbg/dailymail Bestselling author Jude Deveraux testifies scammed fortune tellers/rebels did NOT get the chemicals from thin air. They were supplied them by Saudia and its backers in the West. NO question that the Saudis are behind the FAKE rebels, but they are not in this alone. The USA, UK, "israhell/wusa9 911 bikers fueled by patriotism anger/lizzy correctly assumes wingnutz talking out of their putins, on stephanie/fn judge not effecting national security sez making sense kgb wingnut hero dastardly putin saves bo, after micky d's drops ammonia treated pink slime moss visits after receiving pulitzer, ed denies anti liberal rant happy dawn is breaking in americans minds, on geraldo correctly guessing religion and unregulated guns can be a problem, and saud isn't such a good friend, bloomberg helped recalled antigun legislators vs outofstate nra?/
91113/Syrian anarchist activist Nader Atassi explores the non fundamentalist and truly democratic resistance to the Assad regime-Flow Chart Exposes Common Core's Myriad Corporate Connections in a chart that illustrates the corporate takeover of public education-language and framing of the Syrian crisis and argues that we need to keep track of the metaphors and scenarios that lead to real-world consequences-We Spend More Than $50 Billion a Year on Pets, but Aid to the Poor Keeps Getting Cut, While discussion of poverty has been nil since President Reagan railed that the poor were responsible for their own plight, new signs of concern and fresh thinking have emerged, according to author Sasha Abramsky, who offers possible solutions in The American Way of Poverty: How the Other Half Still Lives-Where we are now in a potential war with Syria; why entering a war would be illegal, immoral and imprudent-Could Online Giant Avaaz Help Us, The NAYS are multiplying, but the YAYS are pulling out their big guns. Could online organizing giant Avaaz help us stop the US bombing of Syria?-California’s mass prison hunger strike ended on Day 60 after two state legislators issued statements of public support for reform of conditions that have had hundreds locked in solitary confinement for more than a decade-A Call to Be Treated "Justly and Humanely" deconstructs and lambastes California Department of Corrections Secretary Jeffrey Beard's contentions that the hunger strike (which ended, is gang instigated and enforced- TARP during the financial bailout did not stop the US economy from heading into a second depression; without it we would have seen the end of big banks and possibly the rebirth of our economy-NSA should shame us as a nation and are the result of a neoliberal politics of refusal to understand issues within broader contexts, which is central to the success of the right-wing counter-revolution and which must be stopped- Truthout/Plans are already fully underway for long term Pentagon involvement in the Syrian civil war-Fukushima, Climate Change and War: Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse-Republicans Are Torn Between Their Racist Hatred of Obama and Eternal Love of Bombing the Crap Out of the Middle East-Big Lies Need Big Liars-di Blasio appears on track to become the next mayor of New York-BuzzFlash/The Bush Burden nyt/Kansas, Sam Brownback is reinstating work requirements for those who receive food stamps, despite the fact that many recipients still can't find work; Researchers at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine may be on the way to find a cure for Down Syndrome-since 2005, investors have seized almost 200 homes in low income areas in Washington DC, and about one out of every three were debts under $1,000; Sen. Elizabeth Warren denounced the United States Supreme Court as "an instrument of the wealthy-Cantor said Republicans will not raise the debt ceiling unless President Obama delays Obamacare for another year- hartmann/ another 9 11. In 1973, a military coup backed by the United States, overthrew the Chilean government and ushered in seventeen years of brutal dictatorship. That day marked the end of one of Latin America's longest democratic traditions, and brought on almost two decades of murder, disappearances, repression, and fear/Consortium News: While seeking authority for a limited war with Syria, amid assurances that Congress got all the secret details. But that doesn't appear to be true/The 1% Played the Tea Party for Suckers Salon/Irony Alert: GOP State Officials Blame Republican Obstructionism for Blocking Voting Restrictions tpm/in Fracking Paradise RT/Public Universities Ramp Up Aid for the Wealthy, Leaving the Poor Behind-ProPublica/Colorado Becomes First State to Finalize Recreational Pot ap/It Takes Longer To Compose Texts That Have A Lie In Them gizmodo/cavutto report botox gets fda green light, on fn/

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