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8713/Blogger' Conspiracy Against Republicans

8713/high-thinker" in DC will bring up "flag-burning" or "prayer in the schools" or "family values-If al Qaeda wants to kill the embassy personnel, they can kill them at home or on the way to work or later in the embassies when the alert passes, the presstitute media in order to ascertain whether my current estimate of their prostitution for Washington is accurate. Possibly I missed some expression of skepticism about the latest terrorist threat. But I did hear NPR's account. Back in the Reagan years, NPR was an independent voice. Today it is part of the presstitute media. NPR lies for Washington with the best of them aibafs/target of 288 monologue jokes, according to an analysis Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University, Anthony Weiner, at 120. 2012, Mitt was the butt of more than twice as many jokes as Obama, and Republicans were similarly the target of more than double the jokes that were made on Democrats-So you and they have the right to identify people by calling them a cesspool and part of your fantasy "The Territory" and you are on an inside track with those on the board that banned * and have been told why. Do you then carry information from this board to them?-They are a Nazi branded, communist driven board over there. And yes, they have their 3-4 ID's here that run back to their 8 person board to talk amongst themselves about what's happening over here. They claimed to not to want to have anything to do with this board, yet create other ID's to hang out here and spew their Nazi propaganda-aibafs/Assad is laying out the welcome mat to the jihadi with free hashish and porn-“It is long overdue for the US government to relocate our embassy to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem,” said Congressman Brad Sherman. “Congress overwhelmingly passed legislation to move the US embassy to Jerusalem in 1995. It is time to follow through on our commitment.” “For historical, biblical and moral reasons, we are committed to the unity of Jerusalem as Israel's undivided capital with no waivers and no caveats," said Congressman Doug Lamborn. "Our unflinching support is especially crucial at this critical hour" “I am proud to be an original co-sponsor of the Recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of the State of Israel Act. I voted for the Jerusalem Embassy Act in 1995, which called for the American Embassy to be moved to Jerusalem, and this new legislation will assure that the intent of the 1995 law is finally fulfilled," Congressman Gene Green." transferring our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem will reaffirm our commitment to the state of Israel,” said Congressman Juan Vargas. “As a continuation of over 3,000 years of Jewish history, Jerusalem must remain the undivided and eternal capital of Israel." Clinton,Bush and Obama have repeatedly used the presidential waiver to delay moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, in accordance with a 1995 law which authorized the embassy's relocation but which gave the president the power to postpone its implementation every six months. ynet-f President Obama can admit that he might have misjudged the terror situation, this episode might lead to some constructive rethinking of his policies on terror-Constitutional Insurgent sez bo is weak and a coward. He lacks any leadership ability or even a direction for his people. Never, in American history, has a president led from behind like this chickenshit-O will veto that faster than you can say 'peace in our time-You got that RIGHT-Yet, Hispanic Americans are not just supportive of Israel. They also have a positive perception of the Jewish people in general. For example, 78 percent of Hispanic Americans believe that Jews have a strong commitment to family life, a trait which is very important in familial societies. Two thirds of Hispanic Americans think that Jews have a strong religious faith; 61 percent believe that American Jews make a strong contribution to American society; and 53 percent proclaim that they think that Jews support civil rights- iapb/Started To Smell Fishy In Washington ie; Who Did We Sell The Cruise Missles Too Again?. Obama Called It Liars Loans. Too bad Obama Is Trying To Convince The U.S. Taxpayers That Current Illegal's Are Going To Be The Answer & Save Our Country By Buying Homes That Will Cost More Under Private Backing. How Can a New American Establish Credit For Home Purchase and Most US Born Are Still Trying. What Is Obama Not Telling Us. Every Other American That Has Already Lost There Job & House and Cannot Payback There Debt Is NOW Out of The New Obama Housing Reform Program He Announced, There Not Responsible People Anymore, I Though We Had a President With Some Brains & Balls-It's starting, Seeking Alpha ("Playing with fire") is already changing their tune about the "reform" of the mortgage industry. I keep saying that anything Obama is for, everyone else is going to be against it and that's a good thing for this company-a dividend of $59.4 billion to the Treasury. Fannie has paid back roughly $95 billion of the $116 billion it received yfmn/republican males - entitled, lazy, spoiled momma's boys by punch a hillbilly for jesus ygs-expect Brotha Barack to be a lowlife. The lowlifes elected him. The country is in decline. When a nation's culture is garbage, it's leaders will be garbage-Great Example of repubtardism-13% w bush Proved to America that business experience, political experience and generations of family political insider experience were helpless in preventing george "the Loser" bush from Creating the Largest Economic Downturn since The Great Depression POS-barry penuswhipped the gop, if you don't like America, get the f'k out-bigumsmoochie gone to the freeloaders and Socialists who want to bring down our nation. We have become a o-BANA third world nation-Facts are facts. We have a lowlife President because the culture is regressing and we have a lot of trash in this country, now-the fact that you were visited by secret service for threats pretty much suggests you need to get the f'k out of America and stay out- yhal/pjmedia, Rachel Maddow Calls Obama a Liar, Congress Gets Its Own Obamacare Waiver, Let’s Put These Two NSA Surveillance Stories Together, If McDonald’s Strikers Don’t Get What They Want, They May Contaminate the Food, Obama Admits that He’s Just Not Up to the Job/Talent is God-given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful, John Wooden-bo cancels Putin meeting amid Snowden tensions-Macon County Jail in Tennessee To Sell Inmates E-Cigarettes tw/mccstain sez, alciada are smart people, gmo frankenfoods, snooze resident terror(ist), on imus/king of trolls, monica lewinsky lead, cap lock stuck, on stephanie/ national defence and usa cares run mc run in detroit, on dennis/
8613/poll conducted by the Israel Project (UnitedwithIsrael, 48 percent of Hispanic Americans support the State of Israel, while only 9 percent support the Palestinians. Similarly, 44 percent of Hispanic Americans believe that the US should support Israel, while only 6 percent say that the US should support the Palestinians, not just supportive of Israel. 78 percent of Hispanic Americans believe that Jews have a strong commitment to family life, a trait which is very important in familial societies. Two thirds of Hispanic Americans think that Jews have a strong religious faith; 61 percent believe that American Jews make a strong contribution to American society; and 53 percent proclaim that they think that Jews support civil rights. some Hispanic Americans carry Jewish DNA. A 2003 genetic test of men living in New Mexico, Southern Texas and Northern Mexico claims that about 10 to 15 percent of Hispanics living there might have had Sephardic Jewish ancestors. Attesting to this claim, a friend of this author that grew up in Texas who is of Hispanic origin claimed that her grandmother’s church in Mexico had Jewish symbols hidden inside. Indeed, people with Hispanic family names such as Alvarez, Lopez, and Mendez have found that they have Sephardic Jewish ancestors that were forcefully converted to Catholicism during the times of the Spanish Inquisition. All of this shared history serves as the basis for the Hispanic-Jewish friendship-Stupid fat bitch, the faux Mexican ain't gonna like that!-Like I said, I have Jewish friends. That article sounds "nice," and it certainly does not seem to reflect the views of the Jews on this MB-Jew friends I have are Americans FIRST, Jews second, mildly Zionist at most, even less Israeli, and even much less Haredi. They are happy to be Americans and to be accepted as fellow Americans; not agents for an evil foreign entity-Greek Sephardim. Those Jews' ancestors came from Spain, Sefarad-Repugnant Ideology in action: BBC Claims Tamerlan Tsarnaev Just A “Muslim Of Convenience”, Real Problem Was He Was Right Wing-iapb/ rightwingersarevictims Hoping to get Sally Struthers as spokesperson for the Foundation for Right wing Victims yc/deafening... the "shock and surprise" from certain members of Congress and all the. civil liberties groups is duly noted. Libertarians are supposed to be the protectors of Liberty and Freedom... of the Constitution... but all the hand wringing is poorly staged Kabuki, now you see it, now you don't; now we want our Freedoms, now we'll give some up. Exactly WHAT do you think the Feds, the NSA in particular, have been doing since 1952 (and military Intel before that)? Basket weaving? Even funnier... do you think that this revelation begins and ends with Verizon? Hint: no, it's all carriers, easy to feign outrage... but it isn't really something new-Lindsey Graham says if you are not a terrorist you have nothing to worry about, whose definition of a terrorist is he talking about fb/Since January 2009 the country has added a net total of 270,000 full-time jobs, but it has added 1.9 million part-time jobs, according to the House Ways and Means Committee nanosecondinv/ The bottom line is we’re not broke, there’s plenty of money, it’s just the government doesn’t have it,” said Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), “The government has a right, the government and the people of the United States have a right to run the programs of the United States. Health, welfare, housing, all these things swyw/bo will for the first time insist that any future housing system in the United States makes 30-year mortgages widely available to borrowers, senior administration officials said, preserving a linchpin of the American economy wp/Despite booming sales of new vehicles in the past year, the average age of America's auto fleet new oldest on record has hit another record USAT/Dubai: Emirates, Etihad Airways and Gulf Air experienced delays after their passenger check in and reservation system crashed gulfnews/Headache for airlines as booking system crashes CNBC/Several airlines experience delays from computer outage fn/ politicians who have benefited the most from Cohen's... generosity, were Eric Cantor (R-VA), Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), Dave Camp (R-MI) and Pat Toomey (R-PA), three sleazy characters with reputations for taking bribes from Wall Street crooks in return for furthering narrow special interests and personal agendas. He has also been a major financier to Eric Cantor's own PAC, Every Republican Is Crucial (EricPAC). Ironically, Cohen, on the board of the Robin Hood Foundation, lives in a 35,000 square on 14 acres in Greenwich, Connecticut, draws a billion dollars a year from his company as a personal salary, one of America's biggest private spenders on art and fake art (with his own personal art museum)-They steal to their heart's content, and always ready to incur anti-semitism when called to account-Cohen's mother wanted him to be a respectable doctor, instead he becomes a sleazy thief operating in the darkness ygs The Concise dictionary has "only" 240,000 entries and tries to eliminate words no longer in current usage. In this edition, words that were shown the linguistic door included S-VHS, script kiddie, and brabble (a noisy quarrel). Words that were welcomed include the following: Retweeting: resending somebody's tweet using Twitter Mankini: a one- piece bathing suit for men, with a T-back (think Borat) Jeggings: tight trousers for women that look like denim jeans. Woot: (typically spelled "w00t") an on-line way to say "hooray," typically in a celebratory manner ("w00t! I fragged your n00b butt!") Upcycle: to recycle into something worth more that the original. Masonberry - More common vernacular currently in use - previously "Dingleberry". din·gle·ber·ry (dnggl-br)n. Vulgar Slang 1. A piece of dried feces caught in the hair around the #$%$. 2. An incompetent, foolish, or stupid person-Vick spent 548 days in prison for fighting dogs. Zimmerman is aquitted for shooting an unarmed man like a dog-yahoo finance dow will base in the 9000 to 10000 once the dust settles-Teabaggers = Dixiecrat without the hoods-Where were the fiscally conservative Teabaggers when G W Bush doubled national debt from 5 to 10 trillion dollars? they come out of the woodwork as soon as the black man got elected-Conservatives have excellent credentials to speak about human rights. By our efforts, and with precious little help from self-styled liberals, we were largely responsible for securing liberty for a substantial share of the world's population and defending it for most of the rest." Margaret Thatcher- ybac/twitter Regarded by a number of individuals on Twitter as a troll, *only does seem to employ a classic troll tactic, of throwing back claims of harassment by claiming that he is the one being harassed, even by the IRA, apparently. While he may or may not have mental issues himself,*_only follows, and is followed by many people who suffer from depression, and his behaviour, whether he realises this or not, may have dangerously negative effects on some of those people. *_only blocks tweeters who try to engage him in rational discussion, but seems happy to leave the people he claims are harassing him unblocked, as he apparently believes they are still reading his tweets. Generally, someone to ignore/block when he becomes too abusive, which doesn't take long trollhunterx/w Hospitalized After Heart Procedure-Is This the Best Way to Spend Time?' Chris Wallace Presses Cantor on GOP Agenda fns/Two young children in Pennsylvania were banned from talking about fracking for the rest of their lives under a gag order imposed under a settlement reached by their parents with a leading oil and gas company sweeping gag order was imposed under a $750,000 settlement between the Hallowich family and Range Resources Corp, a leading oil and gas driller. reached in 2011 but unsealed only last week, barred the Hallowichs' son and daughter, who were then aged 10 and seven, from ever discussing fracking or the Marcellus Shale gardian/101b=700m bostonglobe, gold wheelbarrow full of gold 3m$, reverse morgage ripoffs, occupy python, sammy davis jr eye 4 eye, zelot ashton? reserection inverseration inuendo historical accuracy, on imus/gay nyc bars boycotting russian vodka, raven comes out, bo faces az gov goldfinger, nsa assists dea war on americans, santorum surge, charlie brewer sock face ottis wine drinker on stephie/barnabe shocking laptops jack turns up dead, cracker teabaggers ancestory traced to jim crow law backers and civil right fighters including fred charlie koch, House Republicans plan to seek a $40 billion cut in food stamps for the poor, Virginia residents say that they are purchasing a plot of land and intend to use it to fly a 15-foot Confederate battle flag in the view of motorists driving on Interstate 95 near Richmond, on progressive radio/chris attempts to question cantor's lies, on faux snooze sunday/trying to debunk contrails while pumping iron, on joe rogan
8513/This is not a recession it's a robbery with Max Keiser criticalbelievers/ in a position to speak authoritatively on Bush’s strengths, weaknesses and character. I have no doubt that Bush is smarter than he let on, but I have to wonder why he didn’t let on. It is one thing to cause your opponents to underestimate or misunderestimate you (I guess making the joke here is obligatory, or something. the glaring contradiction between (a) the assertion that Bush was a terrible president and Barack Obama is a vast improvement; and (b) the incontrovertible fact that on a host of very important issues, Barack Obama is serving out George W. Bush’s third and fourth terms.43s intellectual abilities-Dubya just wanted to appear stupid to fool his opponents into thinking he was a moron. He did a great job-W. ap Easy to underestimate- aibafs/Vegas has long been associated with the sex industry, but today's street trade has a much darker underbelly, as a recent shooting on the Strip reveals-A WASHINGTON RIDDLE What Is 'Top Secret'? still not heeded two decades of warnings that the best way to protect America’s biggest secrets is to have far fewer of them and to recognize that much of what is stamped “secret” today is widely available on the Internet-THE NEW TIME LORD The New Dr. Who Revealed the new Dr. Who-Limbaugh Reveals Vast 'Tech Blogger' Conspiracy Against Apple, Republicans 'NINE OUT OF 10 BLOGGERS digg/iSRAEL PARASITE , AND PARIAH, CHAMPIONED BY STEVIE Cohen-I will not go to prison the flag of Israel will fly over the USA before I go to prison-white-degenerates like you continue to be desperate!-ISRAEL IS OUR FRONT LINE PROTECTOR AGAINST THE ISLAMIST HORDE" bpm-I AM A ZIONIST" My whole family is Zionist. Israel is an amazing country that is sure to flourish and beat back all challengers in the coming decades. All Americans can identify with Israel and I urge solidarity with the founders of our very civilization. jfk 1961-that worked well no?-ISRAEL Versus The A-rabs, HOW IS IT THAT THE ZIONISTS HAVE STOMPED ON 1 BILLION ISLAMI-SAVAGES FOR OVER 70 YEARS?-hey goy ask jesu.s which hand he uses-schmegegge what are you doing in Naples Fla. Don't you feel out mannered and out classed and out of place among decent folks. Join your lying, mooching, sniffling bumbling tribe in Boca where you will feel at home, look for something to base your own opinion about the j??s upon, then you really have to study j??s for yourself as gingerly as you would study rats or vampire bats. This is because the quality test of any religion is not how true it is but what kinds of people it produces. And once you study the kinds of people that are produced by dajudaism, then you will know that you should have spent your time studying something more wholesome and pleasant such as rats and vampire bats instead of studying j??ss. Oy Gevalt! How does this relate to the "holy and pious" j??s who so loudly proclaim themselves to be "holier than the angels" and the "very apple of God's eye"? Again, it doesn't matter what the j??s claim; all that's important is what the j??s do. Whether dajudaism is true or false matters less than what the effects of dajudaism have upon the j??s. Good fruit grows on healthy trees. Rotten fruit grows on diseased trees, just as rotten j??s grow out of a diseased religion-goys busy at work , i know you low lifes work for yahoo and your welfare-goy hater-mirror, mirror on the wall when will Israel finally fall- ygs/Wendy Davis Hints At Gubernatorial Run-Washington Times Sent Public Notice About Obama ID Fraud To Over Two Million Readers: CNN And Speaker John Boehner Called Out On The Carpet-All men are created equal" has been called an "immortal declaration", and "perhaps [the] single phrase" and popularized as "theory of prediction" of the United States Revolutionary period with the greatest "continuing importance".[1][2] Thomas Jefferson first used the phrase in the Declaration of Independence. It was thereafter quoted or incorporated into speeches by a wide array of substantial figures in American political and social life in the United States. The final form of the phrase was stylized by Benjamin Franklin.-unless one has a gun-don't blame Christians, blame Stupid. Which sadly is a much more popular religion these days-AGAINST raising the minimum wage and against living wage legislation as well...if you think this is an issue that needs to be fixed stop voting for Republican-governors' are worried but more pragmatic than the tea party loons, just causes too much disruption, and people don’t understand,” Gov. Terry E. Branstad of Iowa, a Republican said about using the threat of a government shutdown as leverage. “People want problems solved. They’re tired of the gridlock. They’re tired of the fighting-Worried about the potential impact on the fragile economies in their states, Republican governors this weekend warned their counterparts in Congress not to shut down the federal government as part of an effort to block financing for President Obama’s health care law. Gov. Jack Dalrymple of North Dakota said a government shutdown would invariably be blamed on the legislative branch, I don’t see what it accomplishes. Asked if Republicans would pay a political price for a shutdown, Mr. Dalrymple said, “Yeah, well, you do,Many of the members of this party do not want to fund Obamacare, but what we have to do as governors who work with our legislators is realize the reality of being able to get something passed, Gov. Phil Bryant of Mississippi said. How much blood are we going to leave on the floor over this? Many Republicans, including high-profile conservatives like Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, fear that Mr. Obama and the Democrats will only benefit in the 2014 elections from a doomed effort to block spending on the new law because Congressional Republicans would bear the blame for the subsequent shutdown of the government-Boehner golfs 100 rounds a years, every 3 days, he is friends with the golf legend Jack Nicklaus. He has also played with Tiger Woods, bo's Martha’s Vineyard Vacation Costs Less Than One Bush Flight To Crawford w spent more taxpayer money on a single flight to Crawford ($805,000-hot, dry weather in Alaska is wreaking havoc on fisheries, as thousands of fish perish in overheated waters, 1,100 king salmon of the 1,800 died on their way up to the Crystal Lake hatchery due to water temperatures around 80º Fahrenheit and lack of oxygen. Wildfires raged through subarctic forests, Thawing permafrost is also sinking villages, threatening fish stocks and water supplies that the communities rely on to survive. Alaska’s heat wave broke records last week, with 14 days straight above 70º in Anchorage and 31 days of 80º in Fairbanks-Tamerlan Tsarnaev, possessed material asserting that 9/11 and the Oklahoma City were government conspiracies. One article dealt in his possession dealt with the "rape of our gun rights," while another suggested that "Hitler had a point-Hillary Clinton has not even publicly addressed whether she will run or not, but the idea of it apparently scares the #$%$ out of the RNC-The idea of a government in chaos is the reason S&P gave for downgrading the nation’s credit, and they laid the blame solely at the feet of Republicans for obstructing governance. Let’s be clear, Republicans know what it takes to govern, grow the economy, and create jobs, but it means having the integrity to tell their supporters that the Affordable Care Act is the law of the land, the sequester is killing jobs, the bible is not the Constitution, and that their entire economic policy is an utter failure. Instead they will pursue their current course and create a nation that is, for all intents and purposes, ungovernable and in chaos-RNC debate plan. Held in hermetically sealed Fox studio. Avoid exposing swing voters to Crazy S*#t My Nominee Says-Frankly with the last set of clown show debates the Republicans would be better off just nominating someone and skipping the debates yhal/Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, ERLC told the Supreme Court that prohibiting Christian pastors from delivering a prayer to start official town meetings would effectively impose Unitarianism on the nation-Officials with a Kentucky super PAC supporting Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) blame a computer error for a $153,000 contribution that appeared more than a month after Dead man, Raymond Groves Burrington, donates $100K. Meanwhile, the Libertarian Party filed a federal lawsuit to lift limits on posthumous donations-Republicans Against Reality, For a long time the Republican establishment got its way by playing a con game with the base. Voters would be mobilized as soldiers in an ideological crusade, fired up by warnings that liberals were going to turn the country over to gay married terrorists, not to mention taking your hard earned dollars and giving them to Those People. Then, once the election was over, the establishment would get on with its real priorities, deregulation and lower taxes on the wealthy. KRUGMAN-secretive U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration unit is funneling information from intelligence intercepts, wiretaps, informants and a massive database of telephone records to authorities across the nation to help them launch criminal investigations of Americans, The special ops div, SOD also recently coordinated Project Synergy, a crackdown against manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of synthetic designer drugs that spanned 35 states and resulted in 227 arrests.r-WhiteTrash Miss UT Kendra Gill contestant charged with making and throwing homemade bombs, after admitting to helping make explosive devices and throwing them at houses and residents of her Salt Lake City suburb KUTV TV-Water privatization by the richest rich is happening now ("hydraulic empire") Citigroup are a large player in this; including the Bush family have since the mid 2000s owned the world's largest aquifer, Nestle are the 27th largest corporation in the world and the largest "foodstuff,(2005) CEO clearly stating that water is not a human right, that it should be owned and sold-Most of the posters here have no fucrcking lives off/away from this board. The only thing most of them care about is having enough moronic dialogue here each day to keep them busy between diaper changes and drool cup dumps-Wingers have poisoned the world-older of two brothers who allegedly bombed the Boston Marathon had Some articles that were in his possession asserted that the government was behind both the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, and right wing extremist literature including information about gun rights and white supremacy, also discovered articles about the how U.S. drone attacks kill civilians and the suffering of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. But people who attended mosque with Tamerlan in Cambridge said that he had only turned to Islam out of frustration after his boxing career and attempts to becoming a U.S. citizen failed bbc- "Contrary to news reports, lt col Gibson was ordered to remain in Tripoli to defend Americans there in anticipation of possible additional attacks, and to assist the survivors as they returned from Benghazi. Gibson acknowledged that had he deployed to Benghazi he would have left Americans in Tripoli undefended. He also stated that in hindsight, he would not have been able to get to Benghazi in time to make a difference, and as it turned out his medic was needed to provide urgent assistance to survivors once they arrived in Tripoli, Fox News was absolutely relentless in hyping the story of how U.S. forces had been ordered to "stand down" by a faithless, gutless administration, allowing Ambassador Chris Stevens and others to die. Secret sources, special reports, screaming headlines and screaming pundits got the full Faux treatment. Gibson's clear statement to the contrary, Armed Services Committee apparently accepts as truth, is contained in a four paragraph version of an AP story buried deep in Fox's website-rbg/BRAD BLOG: Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Justice is working to "bail-in" the state of Texas underneath preclearance legislation previously gutted by the dismantling of the 1964 Voting Rights Act/One Prisoner Dead, Will California Listen to the Hunger Strikers? The Nation/If knowledge from books is power, then the predominantly white status quo doesn't have to worry about young people in Ford Heights, Illinois, empowering themselves at the library anytime soon BuzzFlash/Hartmann Republicans pledged to shut down the government before it lets Obamacare pass. This is just one of many offenses that only place American lives in danger/ progressive voices, on tunein wabq ktrc/hannity show coulter labels christy rand bitch fight, mitch and linsey on teabagger hit list, on stephanie/cid joins defending arod, biogenesis, on geraldo/realizing the poor need help and empathy, on dennis/

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